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Friday, November 30, 2018

#9 Archive Section for the Rest of the Story

"I stopped the motor cart to watch it. It walked on the track about 25 feet then turned around and came back towards me, looking down towards the river (Cow Creek). Not noticing me it crouched down and picked up what looked to be a fish. As it stood back up it saw me and let out a howl that you could hear over the countryside. Then it very quickly walked up a near vertical bank that no man could ever get up." (Archive Section, right column)

Thursday, November 29, 2018

A Message

One can't say it too many times, and that is STAY SAFE IN THE FORESTS AND WOODS! Stay on the trails. I've been reminded a time or two about wandering off through the brush. Animal traps could be out there and oh so many other dangers. Thanks for visiting this site and remember to tell us your experience  bigfooting. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


TO hear Linda Newton-Perry read this story, go to YouTube and type in A TALE OF THE ANIMAL BIGFOOT.  The video is 30 minutes long. You may wish to download it on your computer or a thumb drive and let your child listen to it at his own  pace.  REMEMBER when one flies in his dreams, it is not a good way of getting around.  And young Beau must get away from some bigfoots! Enjoy. ... P.S. Good News, this book is now available to buy, just e book, ( right column down).


Anonymous said...
Most BLM roads are now marked in western Oregon. This is a new pilot program. A solid red dot on a small sign below the BLM road number sign means Sasquatch has been sighted on that road in the last two years.

This comes from a very trusted source working for forestry. Motorist can or will be fined for passing this dot and going into the area.
Anonymous said...
It is true indeed. I live in Myrtle Point and some of the roads in the woods are marked with a single red dot below the road number sign. I'm told they will fine a person big time if caught in these areas.More government overreach.
The red dot may mean to stay out, but does it mean a Sasquatch has been seen on that road?

Al said...
Well I believe it. I was up above on Jimmie Creek near Scottsburg hunting Nov 4th and seen that red dot on a sign. I didn't know what it meant. I drove on only to have a BLM official in a BLM pickup stop me a tell me to leave this area.All he would say is the area is off limits to hunting and trespassing. He told me to go to the nearest Fish and Wildlife office in Reedsport and buy the map. It shows all the areas closed off.
Anonymous said...
It is true indeed. I live in Myrtle Point and some of the roads in the woods are marked with a single red dot below the road number sign. I'm told they will fine a person big time if caught in these areas.More government overreach.

Burt said...
The red dot on the sign post is a warning the land is closed to all traffic foot or vehicle. Timber companies have bought up large chunks of land from B.L.M. and other state agencies and they don't want people on the property.I'm not aware that Sasquatch has anything to do with the closures.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Read the Rest of the Story Number 4 Archive Section

"Whatever it was would stop and start. The smashing of the ground sound it made, made me believe it was something rather large. Then it happened, this hairy black thing crossed the road right in back of my car on two legs. It was very large and tall. My god, I panicked and jumped in the car and locked the doors."

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Saturday, November 24, 2018


Charley said...
Thinking about Thanksgiving and turkey reminds me of my aunt and uncles story from 1950. They owned a weekend cabin up the Rogue River Near Mariel. Aunt Bette had bought a 15 lb turkey for Thanksgiving dinner and they took it to the cabin with them the day before Thanksgiving 1950.

There was about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of snow on the ground. Aunt Bette put the turkey out on the front porch/deck about 7 pm to let it thaw out the rest of the way on Weds night. When they got up on Thanksgiving at 7 am they found the turkey was gone.

 Inspection of the area showed large manlike footprints going from the porch down to the river and back up the mountain behind the cabin. They were   the only animal tracks found. No cat or animal tracks except for a few deer tracks and they knew a deer didn't take the turkey.

Uncle Jim didn't know about Bigfoot then but later in the 70s we always laughed about a Bigfoot family having a free turkey dinner on Jim and Bette.

Thursday, November 22, 2018


JUST BELOW ARE DOCUMENTS OF DR. MILLER AND BIOLOGIST WENTSWORTH (They each examined and studied dead bigfoot-like animals.)

We love hearing what you have to say!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Regarding 108 Below

Robert said...
I absolutely agree with this sighting. If I was to have shot the animal I encountered I would have never been able to live with myself. Even though these animals are wild creatures they should not be killed unless it is either you or them that will survive. Though the animal has been known to be deadly when shot or approached by humans they still need to have a chance to live in peace. These creatures have to be very smart to have eluded humans for hundreds of years.Even though the Bigfoot I saw was frightening because of it size it very quietly walked away from me. There I was with rifle in hand ready to shoot and it merely turned back into the tree line.

#108 in Archive Section for the Rest of the Story

"When I first saw what it looked like I quietly grabbed my rifle next to me in case it came at me. It was something like a big wildman but not really human. It looked over my camp very good and seemed to be after food. It licked a skillet I had left on the table with bacon grease covered with foil. It seemed to be fascinated with the foil because it held it up several times looking at the light from the lantern shine on it. The creature was covered in black hair or fur except around its eyes and inside of its hands. It walked erect like a human only with long and glide like steps. Before it left the camp it looked through my can goods but never took any. I was sure if I would have fired at it I could have killed it but something inside me said no because it’s not after me. It seemed to act like it was part ape or primitive human. I don't think I could ever have lived with myself if I had killed or injured it."


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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

#105 Archive Section For the Rest of the Story

"In 1960 I was chased by a yellowish colored one and darn near got it. I had accidentally got in between her and a
youngster. She chased me, through a huge chunk of wood, and literally raised all hell until I finally got out of there by running over a mile from the sighting area."

Monday, November 19, 2018


BUT ... No one will believe you or us! Please comment an opinion . I've noticed that several women write the sightings of couples. I'd like to get more input from the women on this subject. I suspect the women are interested in bigfoot because their husband's are. What do you think?..LNP


Shayla said...
In 1986 my husband and I were cutting winter firewood on public land some 20 miles from Riddle,Oregon. We had a permit for 5 cords of firewood so we left the house before daylight. We arrived after 7am. My husband started the chainsaw and began cutting up the logs we were after. I stacked the wood in the truck.As I was stacking the chainsaw quit and my husband yelled at me to look over into this small open meadow across the canyon from us.

 As I did I spotted two large beings covered with black hair or fur walk across this meadow. By that time my husband had joined me at the truck. We watched these creatures walk on two legs like humans but they certainly weren't human at all. They were both seven to eight feet tall and very heavily built.My husband said "Lets get out of here". Even though they were over across the canyon (maybe three hundred feet away) it scared both of us.I think what my husband was afraid of was he had found tracks over where the firewood was laying but didn't look at them in detail.

We reported the sighting to the local BLM office only to get strange looks from the office help.We have never [been] so humiliated before. We both know for a fact that Bigfoot's are real animals not just myth.

Saturday, November 17, 2018


"When they reached the bottom of the canyon they 
noticed large footprints on both sides of the small stream called Purple Mountain Creek. George had his tape in hand and measured some of the tracks at 18 inches and some at 15 inches and yet another set at only 5 inches. 

As they were discussing what the tracks might be rocks began hitting the ground all around them. The rocks were coming from the other side of the stream and up quite a ways on the mountainside. Some of the rocks were as big as footballs. They took off running back up the steep trail as fast as they could from both fright and surprise."

Friday, November 16, 2018


Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I don't believe he singled me out at all, and to the gentleman that my statements were directed, I truly apologize to you!

I guess it is a sore spot when someone tells me I saw a bear or animal, stump, or some other object! You can't make a mistake when you are looking at this creature and your mind is telling you it does not exist and it is a hoax, then you hear it growl and let out this yell or roar that makes you want to run, but you know better!

Anyway! I did agree with a lot of what he said in his comments and want to see a lot more from folks, that is what makes this the best website out there for bigfoot!

Please people send in those great stories that your older relatives told you. These stories are history.

I love them and can't get enough! I know it's hunting season out there now and someone has to have a sighting or something!

My apologies to all and please don't let me be the reason you don't comment. I do honor all comments, really! Great job Linda!


IF you have had a bigfoot sighting, please tell us about it. If you have an opinion on bigfoot, we are happy to hear about it. The only way this site works is if viewers participate. SO PARTICIPATE AWAY ...LNP


"It seemed to me that something wasn't right but I walked on. As I reached the fork in the trail it was apparent that something was coming up the trail right behind me. I started to turn when a deep sense of danger rushed me, within 15 feet stood a massive shape of an animal. The only thing I thought of was to run."

Thursday, November 15, 2018


Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Anonymous Anonymous said...
I've read all the comments on this site and don't think the commenter was talking about your guest editor at all. He/she just pointed out many people believe they have seen Bigfoot when it was just a stump or some natural animal in the forest.
No one can say for positive but the person that sees what they saw. Discussions on sighting are healthy and everyone deserves an opinion.
November 14, 2018 at 5:32 PM
Thanks for taking time to comment. Opinions are always welcome. Yes I believe the commenter was talking about sightings in general. ... LNP


You know at this point, I'd be happy with an uncontested good clear photo of bigfoot. What do you viewers think? ...LNP

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

For the rest of the story go to Archive Section Number 113

"As it walked up the steep mountain it reached out with it large arms grabbing limbs to help pull itself up the incline. We took note the figure had large hands not paws. About this time it let out a loud whistle sound."

Monday, November 12, 2018

Hi Viewers

My view on bigfoot and his 'discovery' is HE HAS BEEN DISCOVERED.  I believe most government agencies that have anything at all to do with our forests know that this animal exists in them. For many reasons these agencies can not, will not admit the existence of this great ape like being.

I've been writing about bigfoot/sasquatch for almost ten years now, starting with a newspaper column. The column brought me in contact with interesting people, ones believing in bigfoot, business owners, school teachers, doctors and the like.

I was given the Miller and Wentsworth documents (go to Archive Section, and read first two articles). The bodies of these animals have been examined by these two people. The 1962 Columbus Day Storm animal is another body examined and documented.  Mt. St. Helen's volcano eruption produced bodies that were examined.

All that is left is a proclamation by government that these animals exist.

Forest areas in Oregon have already been set aside to protect animals that live there.

This is my opinion, my view. Please comment yours. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, November 11, 2018


Anonymous said...
I think several things must change before we ever get to the bottom of this Bigfoot question and mystery. First people need to get away from the idea that Bigfoot is some paranormal monster. Second we need to root out all these hoaxes that people report as sightings. So many people want their five minutes of fame they come forward with sightings that are completely erroneous.

People are claiming they see Bigfoot in every state and near cities when we can't even find them in the deep wilderness without chance. This is absolutely impossible because we do know the Bigfoot is a very rare animal and probably only number near a thousand or so. One only needs to watch YouTube to see the crazies claim they have seen them near major cities,behind Walmart stores and such.They claim they have seen them near UFOs and they disappear in thin air.It seems every state wants its fair share of the Bigfoot sightings.Bigfoot sightings are now driven by promises of money and worldwide stature.

Just maybe if people started to be truthful about seeing some other animal in the forest, not Bigfoot we just might get somewhere in solving this fascinating mystery.
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very truly spoken.
November 11, 2018 at 4:25 PM


 Anonymous said...
I agree with what you say in a lot of ways and I don't agree with the last statement made about being truthful in what you saw! I do agree that you tube has turned it into a joke with the stupid videos made by the non believing people who like yourself think that what I saw was a bear, or another animal that lives in the woods, and I wanted it to be a Bigfoot, so that is what I saw!

There could be nothing farther from the truth of that statement, I was doing a job that I have done for 50 years, hunting mushrooms for resale,and not thinking of anything but getting as many as I could to survive! I was a true nonbeliever, but open minded enough that I thought maybe these people were seeing something! My first statement to these people was show me proof, prints, clear picture, something!

When I came into a clearing and got down on my knees to pick mushrooms and looking ahead into a tree line and having one step out, staring me down, an 8 foot man/ape, huge, covered in hair, and my mind telling me that this doesn't exist, watching its eyes and its curled lip, telling me to go away right now, in these actions! It then saw I wasn't moving as fast as it thought I should be, and let out this low growl of a scream that seemed to reverb on my chest!

I had 3 people with me watching from the truck, thinking I was going to be killed as well as myself and armed only with a 9 mm pistol that would be like a bee sting to this creature! I started backing up real slow, and when he went back into the trees, I turned and ran, thinking he was behind me ,every step of the way!

Now please my dear sir, I know what it was I saw, nothing to lie about, or mistaken for a bear or another animal I have seen in the woods my whole life, and shook me up so bad that I have not been in the woods for 5 years now!

I also believe that the numbers are more like 5,000 from what I have read from researchers, but dwindling fast! The bigfoot shows that are on TV just make a joke of it for the nonbelievers and makes anything Bigfoot a true money maker and commercialized.There are those people that want the attention and claim to have seen one, but I can tell in the way they tell the story, the way they talk and the way they look me in the eyes, if they are telling the truth or not!

We all all have our own opinions, and sir, I do honor yours, so please believe me when I tell you, I know what it was I saw!
November 13, 2018 at 6:58 PM
Thank you for your opinions and sighting.  ...LNP


Saturday, November 10, 2018


Sru Lake, Oregon campsite a few years ago

Percy Layton said...

The history of Squaw Lake Now SRU. The campground was created in 1939 and briefly used for a logging camp by Coos Bay Lumber Co.. It was commissioned in 1942 by The Siskiyou National Forest as a public campground. The lake area is about four acres and has rainbow trout in it.The campground is in a very remote part of the Eden valley along with Bald Knob Lookout and Coquille River Falls. Three sides of the lake is up again steep mountains and a stream feeds the lake most of the year. Though there was talk about a "wild-man" in that region there are no written reports of anything Bigfoot related till 1973.

In 1973 Several loggers working in that area reported strange occurrences at the campground where they were camped during the week. The sounds of screaming and whistling in the late night and early morning hours.In the later years some people complained of strange and frightful sounds coming from the surrounding mountains.In 1994 a family named Fults reported they had a tent and cook stove destroyed while they were away hiking. Large footprints were found and collected near the camp in the soft soil. Then later on the Hamilton family incident became well know to the public.


No, I've never been to Sru Lake. I've been in the area several times but  not to Sru. I remember when they changed the name from Squaw Lake to Sru. It is a rough area and I'd advise readers not to go there. Staying safe in our Oregon Forests requires sound thinking. Bigfoot has been seen in much easier areas to travel. Check out this sighting map. Some of the spots you don't even have to get out of your car. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Click map to make larger. 

New Comment

Anonymous said...
Have you ever been there Linda? It is so creepy up there,and I always get a feeling that I'm being watched by someone, even when you are the only one there! I feel the same way you do and believe that Sru Lake will be closed real soon to the public! Do you or anyone else remember it when it was Squaw lake and was it as bad a spot then as it is right now! It will be snowing up there real soon and we won't have to worry about it for 6 months or so, but would love to be there for the first couple snowfalls and the tracks that it would show!

What would be great is if they had a camp host in a central location to all the small campgrounds, to maintain a presence of order to any one or anything that may want to disrupt things up there!

Friday, November 9, 2018


My experience tells me if too much is made of Sru Lake THE AREA MAY BE SHUT DOWN TO THE PUBLIC.  IT HAPPENS AND CAN HAPPEN  at SRU. ...Linda Newton-Perry, Editor of this site
Anonymous said...
I agree, not the place to play around at.The road is a narrow one lane and it takes lots of gas to even get there (not even talking about getting back out).


Anonymous said...
I understand that the USFS doesn't have any obligations to a camper in a rural campground such as SRU Lake, but with the history that it has had for many years for strange things going on, and patrol officers showing up a couple times a day , when you never used to ever see them up there, asking strange questions about if any thing has been destroyed or stolen, or hear anything that seems out of the ordinary, do you feel they believe that there must be something up there that should be watched or eliminated?

 I am not talking about a cougar or bear that comes into your campsite, but something like a fire fighter that sees a creature that is unknown to him and terrifies him to the point he flees a campsite, a gentleman that knows bears from Alaska, goes into the USFS office to be told it's a bear and belittled like they have all of us at one point?

That's why this case in California that the woman is taking to court is so important for everyone to pay attention to.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
TD, Thank you for the great reply and never knew any of this information! Let me ask you this just for a example or scenario! Let's just use for an example, The gentleman that was a firefighter from Alaska that felt like he was going to be approached and possibly attacked by a Bigfoot at SRU Lake. 
If he was to have videotaped the whole incident and he was approached and the Bigfoot was going to do bodily harm and tore the camp up and destroyed everything, how can they take away evidence that could be used in a court of law,for like say,retribution for items that were destroyed or personal injuries for a Bigfoot attack that happened on their land for a animal they claim doesn't exist!
 The campgrounds are not posted with signs telling people that a wild animal was seen here in the past and camping here is done at your own risk!
November 9, 2018 at 12:08 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
USFS doesn't  have a obligation to inform campers if a campground is safe or unsafe. Many things can happen while in the forest and USFS is not liable for anything that happens. It just stands to reason if you are in the forest you're probably going to see wild animals. If you want total safety then stay at a KOA facility or  Motel. People get injured every day on the street of cities, so camping in a wilderness camp brings danger of it own.
November 9, 2018 at 5:35 AM
Anonymous Richard said...
It's common sense that dangers are present in rural and remote campgrounds. I am liable for my own safety when I'm hiking and camping in mountainous areas. State Parks are a different situation. There security are always near and patrolling the camp area. In the wild this isn't possible.
November 9, 2018 at 8:00 AM

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Thank you TD

TD said...
Seeing photos of Bigfoot on YouTube doesn't much bother the government. YouTube videos can be hoaxed or not, but NOT PROVED. Most if not all of the videos are blurry and may depict animals other that Sasquatch.

Now, when you've taken a documented picture of Bigfoot IN A DOCUMENTED PLACE such as SRU Lake or The Siskiyou National Forest OR OTHER GOVERNMENT OWNED LAND Where one CAN PROVE WHERE THE PHOTO WAS TAKEN, by present witnesses or documentation, then it becomes a whole new problem.

The US government has sole authority over the land it manages in trust for the people. (I know the people are suppose to be the government per say) but it just doesn't work that way. 

If the picture, photo or video shows something that the government doesn't want to be released or they can't manage then they can and will in many cases sue the holder of the said property for legal ownership.

I have worked many years as a attorney trying to get private citizens out of jeopardy with government lawsuits over unlawful photos of government property. Know the law before you snap that camera.