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Friday, August 31, 2018




5. Bear Creek, Above MelroseOregon
(A Douglas County Cop Report)
(January 4, 2010)

I was called to a report of a disturbance at Bear Creek up above Melrose. When I arrived a man reported that somebody was in this field scaring the cattle. I shinned my spotlight into the area where the cattle was running and saw a hairy, giant ape-man like thing walking across the field. I reached in the car for a microphone to try to scare it off. It just walked right through a three board fence and disappeared into the woods.
I made out the report only to get time off with pay to see the state doctor before returning to work.

Thursday, August 30, 2018





 BR said...
If a person thinks about it the federal government has done an excellent job concealing Bigfoot. Even with the 1962 body and maybe other bodies that have been found,the feds covered up all the evidence with amazing success.
As a former employee of the California Forestry department I have known about Bigfoot beginning in 1952.It was always TABOO to talk openly about the creature inside the agency. I don't believe the feds will ever come forward and say it a living being.
August 30, 2018 at 11:43 AM
Thank you BR for a great comment. Have you read the Miller document? It talks about bigfoots found after the explosion of Mt St Helens and examined by DR Miller. You can find it in Archive Section on this site, right column down, and first thing. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

New Comment

I enjoyed your page and the account of Dr. H. A. Miller's account/personal testimony. Am fascinated by the unusual, unknown or rediscovery of supposed extinct creature or long forgotten location, civilization, culture and/or its people. It is truly amazing what we are beginning to uncover in this day and age! on The Original Post from Sophia about Dr. H.A. Miller

Thank you Kevin C for your well thought out comment. ... LNP

Tuesday, August 28, 2018




 The  USFS and the DOI is recognizing now that the natural resource industry is not the economic center as it once was. So a final decision has been made to finalize the class 1 identification of the species. There is a 20 year plan to incorporate all wildlife protection areas throughout many areas of the United States to ensure federal land protection for Cebidatelidae starting with California, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

To find this paragraph go just below highlighted section of DR Millers document. ...LNP

Monday, August 27, 2018


Saturday, August 25, 2018



Enjoy, read info through the Years, scroll down to older posts


(Regarding the Miller Document)

Anonymous said...
Since we were tiny we've been told by parents, teachers, the TV, movies and religious institutions what the world is and isn't. During over 50 years on this planet, I've learned that the REAL world is much more vast and diverse than the “tiny box” society would have you believe it is. I applaud people like you who have the courage to bring the truth to light.

Friday, August 24, 2018


Linda I enjoy your articles in the Coquille Valley paper and wanted to tell you to go to oregonbigfoot.com and look under Coos County and Curry County. There are several recent sightings along with  older ones listed there. Back in 1911-12, my grandfather lived up on the Rouge River near Lobster Creek. He swore he and another hunter saw a giant ape-man like thing on Wild Horse Mountain in June of these years.  They saw three different ones in size and they left huge foot tracks behind.
Thank you for your time.
Dale Saxton (now the late Dale Saxton)

Anonymous said...
This is a sighting Dale Saxton received from a Gold Beach man in 1978. It must be a typo because the grandpa was the Gold Beach mans family not Saxton's
August 24, 2018 at 6:21 PM
I wish Saxton had made his comment clearer if this is true. We aren't always clear when we write....Linda Newton-Perry



Look Under #1 Sightings ARCHIVE SECTION For the Rest of the STory

Back in 1911-12, my grandfather lived up on the Rouge River near Lobster Creek. He swore he and another hunter saw a giant ape-man like thing on Wild Horse Mountain in June of these years.

They saw three different ones in size and they left huge foot tracks behind.
Thank you for your time.

Dale Saxton (now the late Dale Saxton)

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Linda Newton-Perry in abstract!

Visiting With Linda Newton-Perry on Her Research

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Sunday, August 19, 2018

Illustration for Post Below


Anonymous said...
My Grandparents owned a gorgeous log cabin in the in the upper peninsula of Michigan and the family would all go there every year for family reunions, deer camp,etc. When I was small, I remember my Grandfather coming in and mentioning to my father and brothers that he swore he saw a werewolf or man dog looking creature while deer hunting a couple of days prior to when we all got there and was visibly very upset by the sighting. My father and his brothers all laughed and he got angry and with a very serious look on his face preceded to tell them that while out hunting, he came upon a dead moose that had been brought down by it's throat and nothing was gone from it but the entrails. He said that it was a new kill and with all the black bear in the area, he knew better than to stay there and went to his tree stand and look for some deer.He had been there about a hour when he said something ran past him in his tree stand on four legs and was extremely fast, and the big thing about it, was how quietly and stealthy it was! He thought it was a bear, but as anyone knows, bears are not the quietest things in the woods.He just sat there waiting when this thing came back dragging a huge piece of the moose behind it, not knowing of him being there,because his tree stand was so high in the tree. He said it was big on all fours and was not a bear, he was sure of that! It stopped about 25 feet from his tree stand and started smelling the air like a dog would do! 
It then preceded to stand up on two legs looking around like he knew my Grandfather was there but he couldn't see him. He said it was about 7 feet tall when standing and was covered from head to toe with a dark fur. He said it was smelling and looking around for the human he knew was there, and walked around on two legs scanning the area, and when he put a shell in the gun to protect himself from whatever this thing was, he noticed the nose was large and looked like a muzzle on a dog, and had ears and face like a huge dog or a wolf.
He heard something else coming up through the woods and was looking for what it was, and looked away from this thing, and when he turned back around he noticed that this thing had seen where he was and was staring right at him with the smallest red eyes that he ever saw, like dog eyes and it's mouth was open showing huge canine teeth and growling at him! It cocked it's head back and let out a howl that he said he could honestly feel in his chest and picked up the moose meat that he had and ran off on two legs so quiet he could barely hear it move out of the area. He said that the howl was so frightening he pee'd his pants and was afraid to try to make it to his truck and considered sleeping there all night, but after a hour of silence he climbed down and ran as fast as he could to his truck, knowing he was safe, and when he unlocked the door and got in he noticed that on the hood of the truck, there was that big piece of moose meat on the hood!
He started the truck and got out of there vowing not to ever go into the woods to hunt ever again! He never went out into the woods again, and about 4 years later they sold the camp, because it was so hard keeping up the maintenance and getting back to it! A neighbor stopped by the cabin a few days after the sighting and told my grandfather and my father that a animal had been attacking his calves, not eating them but was just tearing them to pieces, and asked for volunteers to look for it, my father and brother went but found nothing, and my Grandfather never went into the woods again, while he was alive.
When I was older, I went back to see the old place,but what was strange was all around the cabin was plywood on the ground with huge nails and screws protruding out like a trap! They were covered with leaves I felt so uneasy out there I got in my car and got out of there! Not a word of what he said that evening was ever spoke again, which to this day still raises the hair on my neck, hearing how serious and scared my Grandfather was that evening!

Saturday, August 18, 2018


Friday, August 17, 2018


129 Archive Section
Coast Highway 101 below Bandon: 
(Look on Google Earth)

Anonymous said...

My friend was called to an area just south of Humbug State Park to investigate a report of 2 people MAYBE stranded on the beach along US 101. This is what he told me. Once he arrived the reporting party pointed out the two people near the water. This area has NO access to the beach. The cliff along the highway is nearly a hundred foot drop vertically down to the water. He used the command speaker to yell at them to see if they were in trouble. It was then he noticed both of the people were very large compared to a normal male or female human. They both looked up at the highway, then took off running at a unbelievable speed down the shoreline till they were out of sight.
He was able to eyeglass both of the figures and they certainly weren't humans at all. Both were covered with dark brown fur and ALMOST twice the size of a normal human would be. He COULDN'T BELIEVE WHAT HE HAD JUST WITNESSED. The area they were standing in was littered with clam shells all over the beach and shoreline. He could see the shell from the eyeglass. He is positive they were more apelike than human acting. He called the incident in to dispatch and we'll see what happens now its official.
Thank you Anonymous for the great sighting. Please tell us how the report goes. I hope he didn't use the word 'bigfoots.' Often the police  get into difficulty, for example, having to see a head doctor and losing time from work for reporting a bigfoot sighting. ... LNP


I use my oil paintings for illustrations on this site and YouTube videos. When I'm through with them I may sell them through our local visitors center. I'll give the money to the center. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Yes I Love to Paint

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Dear Viewers, 
Chris and I live in a small town in southern Oregon. Over the years we have had so many animals show up in our backyard. This morning a pretty brown rabbit hopped across the deck and into the side yard. When we witness these animals we joke that one morning it wouldn't surprise us to see a bigfoot resting under a plant before taking up his journey to who knows where! 

Yesterday I stopped at the local Visitors Center to check if they needed more bigfoot literature. The volunteer was happy to relate an experience she'd just had. An older couple from the east coast  noticed the bigfoot sculpture and asked to have their picture taken with it. The volunteer snapped the photo and listened as the couple explained that their grandson back home just loves anything bigfoot. They bought a booklet of local sightings that I supply the center. They both were excited to get back home and give the booklet to their grandson. 

It is good to know that my interest in bigfoot gives others pleasure. 

Have a great summer day and do comment your interest in, and sightings of bigfoot.
... Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, August 14, 2018



I have a friend that observed a dogman in the Midwest years ago. HAVE YOU SEEN ONE?...Linda Newton-Perry


Regarding comment below:

Thank You Paul for the Great Comment

Anonymous said...
Paul, Thank you for the history of the area that concerns the Bigfoot animal, because in Oregon, for some reason, people don't like to discuss their encounters for some reason. The sad part about that is when people get older and their memory sometimes fades or they pass, their encounter goes with them. This hurts because someone like myself could pinpoint on a map where the sighting are, and see if there is a pattern to prove my belief that they are migratory, except for the old or sick one, always in search of food.Plus sometimes a person can tell you about their encounter and it feels like you are there!
Paul, did these people who were searching for this family, see one to come to this conclusion, or just the prints brought them to it! How come I can find nothing on this family disappearance in old paper clippings or nothing!
Once again Paul Thank you for writing and hurry and write again with more stories or history! Love it!

Monday, August 13, 2018

This site is a place to TALK BIGFOOT so Comment please.

Saturday, August 11, 2018


Thank You Paul for the Great Comment

Paul said...

The story of the Sasquatch and the loggers up the Chetco River appeared in 1933 FIELD and STREAM and again in 1942 in Oregon Wild Outdoors.
Also in 1952 a family of three disappeared up the Chetco near Opal Creek. When searchers started looking for them they found huge manlike tracks along the riverbank at Opal Creek.I actually got to talk with one of the search members in 1955 and he told me that they believed the family was taken by giant sized creatures covered in hair.The family was never found or heard from again.
August 11, 2018 at 11:38 AM

So You Will Know...

I have a smart phone a tablet, laptop, and a desktop. I design this site on the desktop. I am sorry that most viewers of this site  have to view it on such small devices. YOU ARE MISSING SO MUCH. I would suggest you view the site on a desktop whenever you can. It makes such a difference, especially in the photos and drawings. ... Have a happy day and do comment. I love hearing what you have to say on the subject of bigfoot. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Where officer shot over the head of a bigfoot in post below.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018


IN 2010 An Oregon Curry County Deputy shot over the head of a bigfoot after a logging crew of six called in a report. Read the account #120 Archive Section.  ENJOY... Linda Newton-Perry

Great Comment

"Judging from bloodstains, their bodies had been slammed against tree trunks and torn to pieces. A trail of blood-smeared footprints led off into the forest."(See below for full story.)


The Chetco, Oregon Monster

1870 - The Chetco Monster - sometimes called the Chetco Indian Devil
Location is about 60 miles North of Willow Creek, California
and approx 6 miles north of the Cal-Oregon border.

There is some confusion about the word 'county' in this story. As best be can determine, Chetco refers to Oregon's Chetco River and the 1870s location would have been most likely there, nearer Brookings, Oregon which is in Curry County, Oregon.
There is no Chetco County now, whether or not there was more than a hundred years ago
I do not know, but Brookings is approximately 6 miles N of the California-Oregon Border
nearer the coast than the relationship of Willow Creek to the coast in California.
There is a notation by an Oregon Newspaper
to what may be the same
ill-tempered Sasquatch, in the same time frame near Thompson Flats, Oregon.
Thompson Flats is in the upper reaches of the south fork of the Sixes River near Star Mountain in Coos County.

"The logging operation was a small one, employing a dozen men whose families lived in tents alongside the river. For several weeks nothing unusual happened. Occasionally garbage cans were overturned at night my marauding bears. Sometimes the beasts were so troublesome that an armed guard stood by while the loggers felled the big trees. At the campsite mothers watched their young children closely and forbade older boys and girls to play hide-and-seek in the forest. Even when they swam in the shallow river, an adult kept a sharp lookout for bears."

"Then one morning enormously large human footprints were discovered along the riverbanks. The loggers laughingly accused one another of having feet as big as chopping blocks. Everyone, from the oldest to the youngest in camp, measured his footprints against those of the unknown visitor. Since no one's feet were that large, one question was bandied about repeatedly: if those weren't a bear's tracks, whose were they?"
August 8, 2018 at 9:47 AM
Anonymous Mike said...
part 2. "Someone said there was a "wild" man living way up the river. He was an irritable old devil who threatened to shoot anyone who approached his cabin. No matter how bad the weather was he never wore a hat or boots. He was always bareheaded and barefooted."

"Barefooted? Then the tracks were his! With the mystery of the tracks happily solved, the people promptly forgot them. But several nights later the sound of eerie whistling and angry shrieks wakened them. In every tent men bounded out of bed and grabbed their guns, assuming there was a wounded bear nearby. No one lighted a lamp for fear of attracting the beast, and frightened children were warned not to cry. The spine-chilling noises went on and on. Sometimes they seemed close by, other times from the direction of the road or the river. But finally the sounds faded into the distance, and quiet returned to the dark campsite. "At daybreak the men gathered to talk. They debated whether it was a bear or mountain lion.

To satisfy themselves and ease their families' worries, a half dozen men searched about for bear or mountain lion tracks. They found no mountain lion spoor at all and no fresh bear tracks. However, at the edge of the clearing beyond the first stand of trees and dense undergrowth they came upon more of the giant-sized human footprints. The men debated whether it was the old recluse.

They agreed they had to catch the demented man before he killed someone. So, as quietly as possible the search party backtracked along the line of footprints. These led them out to the road several hundred yards above the camp and up the road to the logging site. Here they found where the wild man had emerged from the forest into the open area and had prowled around tree stumps, piles of bushes and the machinery used in loading the logs onto wagons.

Then the men had a nasty shock. Massive unwieldy tree limbs, far too heavy for one man to handle, had been pulled out of the tangled waste piles and either tossed aside like match sticks or used to beat on the machinery.

"The searchers followed the tracks back down the road into the forest. For the first time they noticed shrubs torn to pieces and saplings uprooted and whacked to shreds. This explained the thudding and snapping sounds heard during the night. The footprints circled the camp, went down the well-beaten path to the river turning back to the road, went down it a half mile and turned off into the forest. The men pressed on as far as they dared. However, when the tracks plunged down into a steep ravine, they stopped. The gloomy depths provided too many hiding places for a demented killer.

"The Chetco Indians believed there were man-animals in the woods, one logger informed his friends. He had heard the story from a white man whom the Indians trusted enough to take into their confidence. They claimed that for generations they had shared their hunting grounds with fierce-looking hairy creatures that walked upright like men. The strange beings were not human, nor animal, neither friendly nor hostile. They were simply there, like every other man or wild creature, so the Indians left them alone.

"But very late on the third night the frightening sounds were once again heard faintly from far off in the woods. People jerked upright in bed. As the whistling and screaming grew louder; in every tent men pulled on their trousers and boots, and readied their guns. Obviously the night howler was coming closer and closer. "When he seemed only fifty feet away, one man took desperate action. Hastily fashioning a torch of oily rags and kindling, he set fire to it. Torch in one hand and rifle in the other, he raced into the woods.
August 8, 2018 at 9:50 AM
Anonymous Mike said...
Part 3 "Meantime the man's wife called for help. Within minutes several men stumbled toward her in the darkness. They groaned when they learned that their comrade had gone into the woods alone. None hesitated to follow, but minutes passed while one dashed off to fetch a lantern and others supplied themselves with extra cartridges. Finally the party headed into the forest in the direction from which the awful sounds were heard. They had covered only a short distance when the whistling and shrieking stopped.

The men halted, and listened. There was a long silence, then an outburst of bestial yowling followed by human screams. Thinking their friend was being attacked; the men fought through the undergrowth, the man with the lantern in the lead. Moments later their comrade appeared and collapsed in their arms. At first he was too terrified to speak. His companions fired their guns to drive off the howler and then waited patiently for the poor man to gasp out the details. He said that by torchlight he had followed the line of giant-sized footprints and suddenly came upon a huge creature covered with hair.

"A bear? " No, an ape! A monstrous ape, seven or eight feet tall, two axe-handles wide across the shoulders, (one axe handle measures 25 inches in length= 50 inch wide shoulders or approximate) with beady yellow eyes and bared teeth. The torchlight must have blinded it because it stood stock-still, one hand shading its eyes. Then it let out a tremendous roar. The man hurled his torch into its face, but instead of shooting at it, the frightened man ran screaming toward camp.

"While his companions did not doubt his word, they asked anxiously if he was sure the beast was an ape. " Yes, he was positive. "It really looked like an ape? "Yes. An ape. "Did it have fangs? " You bet! "Claws? "The man said sarcastically that he hadn't stayed around long enough to study the brute. But after thinking it over, he said it had hands like a man, only twice as large and covered with hair right down to the fingernails.

"After that they all decided to return to camp. After much discussion the loggers agreed to take turns standing guard day and night until the ape was captured or shot. Two men would patrol the campsite on two-hour watches while the rest worked or slept. Since women present knew how to handle a gun, their assistance during the daylight hours was welcomed. The older boys and girls offered to gather firewood so that large fires could be kept blazing all night. "Nothing unusual happened during the day or the early night hours. But the two whose turn came about 2 A.M. asked the men they were to relieve to stand by. They wanted to slip into the woods and really search for the ape. "Reluctantly the one patrol agreed to stand by while their relief party set out on their ape hunt. The hunters carried a small lantern because without some light they could not follow any tracks. But they were careful to keep the light at ground level. Their rifles were loaded, and the safety catches thumbed back. Not long after, they came upon bits of charred cloth amidst a welter of huge footprints. This must be where their friend had thrown his torch at the monster.

August 8, 2018 at 9:53 AM
Anonymous Mike said...
Part 4 Yes, there were his boot marks. After examining the area closely they found where the ape had turned deeper into the forest, instead of backtracking to the road. They followed gingerly step by step, over and around ferns, shrubs, outcroppings and rocks and massive tree trunks.

"What happened next could only be guessed. Apparently the apelike creature loomed before them. One man started shooting while the other put down the lantern and shot, too. "The patrol on guard at the campsite heard the volley of shots. They pounded each other happily. The hunters had killed the beast! But then they listened in mounting horror to frantic cries for help, which were drowned out by horrendous shrieks and roaring. The awful noises continued for some moments and then faded out. The silence was even more frightening to the guards.

They shouted for help and soon were surrounded by armed loggers and their wives. After a hasty explanation, all the men plunged into the woods, leaving the women to build up the fires and protect the children. The searchers shouted, swung lanterns and fired their guns so that their friends would know help was on the way. After advancing some distance they stopped briefly and called to the men. When neither responded, they fired shots. No answering shots were heard. Once more the party advanced. Before long they came upon a gruesome sight. Their friends were dead.

Judging from bloodstains, their bodies had been slammed against tree trunks and torn to pieces. A trail of blood-smeared footprints led off into the forest. The beast obviously had been wounded but no man present was willing to track it through the dark forest. Some did volunteer to gather up the remains of their unfortunate comrades while others returned to camp for blankets, and to break the sad news.

"Within twenty-four hours the campsite was deserted. The logging operation was moved to another location.

A professional hunter with trained hounds was hired to assist hunters in tracking down the savage beast. It was never found. PS. It was said the same type man-animals were living in the Upper Sixes River Area some 40 miles north of this incident in the same time period
August 8, 2018 at 9:54 AM


 Anonymous said...
Wow what a terrible outcome to the loggers.
August 10, 2018 at 6:53 AM
Anonymous Allen said...
This is a good example what happens when people shot at a Sasquatch.
August 10, 2018 at 12:38 PM

Monday, August 6, 2018

An Invitation

 Anonymous said...
Linda, I work as a xxxxx for the forest service here in Oregon. We have received a sharp up tick in sightings of Sasquatches fleeing the smokey areas near the wildfires in southern Oregon.
August 6, 2018 at 4:27 PM
Thank you. I hope some good photos are taken, and some good stories to be told. 
Hi everyone. I just wanted to share a surprise I got this weekend. One of my friends of almost 50 years let me know that he'd seen a bigfoot about thirty years ago. He told me when he found out I enjoyed the subject. You just never know. I guess we should 'talk bigfoot' a little more often. Have a happy day and comment please. 

Friday, August 3, 2018


HI, I just want to tell you to SCROLL down, down, down back to 2009 or 2008. I never can remember the earliest posts on this site. Anyway this site is one of the longest running Bigfoot sites, so enjoy. 

I do appreciate comments as long as they are civil, etc. 

I look forward to hearing what you have to say on the subject of bigfoot. 

Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Blackberries and Bigfoot

Bigfoot has been spotted often gathering blackberries.
So if you are off the beaten path watch for him.