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Tuesday, July 31, 2018




Sunday, July 29, 2018

NEW SIGHTING: Thank you Ben for the Sighting

 Ben said...
Though my only sighting of Bigfoot happened in 1959 it is still clear in my mind.In 59 I was age 27 and was employed by The Oregon State Highway Department. I was working with some other guys over near Remote on Oregon 42. In those year the little grocery store was open in Remote next to the highway. It was 9.am when I decided I had to answer a nature call down a old game trail that was next to the road. I got my business done and just happened to look off the side of the trail because of some noise.
There it was. Some kind of being I had never seen before. The being was looking at me over a sapling fir tree about 6 ft high.I had no idea what I was looking at was Bigfoot. This being towered over the tree by at least 4 feet and was enormous in build.It let out a deep growl and then a whoop. As it turned and began to leave, I noticed this beast was walking on two legs like humans do.The beast was covered with a short crop of black hair. Then It stopped and turned around to look at me again. When it did I took off up the trail like my backside was on fire.
I was so shook up over this creature I shook for over an hour. I never said a thing to the other guys because they would only have laughed. Days later a motorist stopped there too and reported to the police that he had found several fresh footprints of 19". I read about in the Myrtle Point Herald newspaper about 2 weeks later. I wish now I would of reported the sighting.
July 29, 2018 at 8:05 PM
I'm glad you told us! Thanks again. How exciting. ... LNP

Saturday, July 28, 2018


Comments lead to more comments. So if you want to continue to enjoy a lively place to 'talk bigfoot' then comment as often as you can and encourage others to do so as well. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Explaining Below Post

BIGFOOT IS REAL BECAUSE: DR. MILLER and biologist Wentsworth examined these fuzzy beings before they were labeled BIGFOOT. And one wasn't dead! (Go to Archive Section on this site and read about it.)

The ESP Team  observed early one morning a bigfoot and their trail cam  took photos of it, 2010. Use search tool and type in ESP Team, Bill Emery, Cole Saxton or Hank Parchell, the late Parchell. 

In 1962 a bigfoot was found under a fallen tree after the Columbus Day Storm of that year. And by the way Dr. Miller also examined this animal. 

Enjoy and Comment. We enjoy hearing what you have to say about this interesting topic. ... LNP

Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Tuesday, July 24, 2018



Barry said...
Roads to Coast from Galice,Bear Camp Road is closed. Graves Creek Access Road is closed. (Along Rogue River)
July 24, 2018 at 2:08 PM

Thank you Barry for this timely 

information. ... LNP


HERE we are on the Rogue River. You can see the smoke in the air in the top photo; a fire was raging off in the distance.  I would think bigfoots would know to get away from fires. Some, however, have been reported to have been killed in them. ... Linda Newton-Perry (What are your thoughts on this subject.)


Anonymous said...
Oregon has a forest fire out of control near Galice. The Graves Creek Complex is burning in the Rogue Wilderness area. This is a prime area for Bigfoot. The fire was started by lighting and is spreading into the scenic Rogue River rafting areas.
July 24, 2018 at 9:22 AM

Monday, July 23, 2018


Archive Section Sightings Number 81 for the Rest of the Story

Another thing that makes me certain is that it was shedding.  It looked like the huge tufts you would see on a wolf in the wild. The tufts of hair were lighter in color and that is what stood out in my headlights. Its body hair was much darker.  In comparison to my surrounding, it was at least 9 or even 10 feet tall.
It had a hair covered body with wide shoulders and very muscular. It ran upright at a full sprint across the road in front of me. It was as big as a full size elk standing up. But it was not an elk nor a cougar nor anything I have ever seen in my life.

Sunday, July 22, 2018


Anonymous said...
I wish they would have put in their comments whether they had gotten any pictures with the trail cam and what the old fella had to say when shown the pictures of bigfoot at the dump.
Does he still believe it to be humans tearing up the trash?
I have always said that they are opportunist and will take a easy meal like at campgrounds, orchards, gardens, everything we thought to be a bear growing up. Why work at getting food when people leave it right out in the open while camping, picnics, open trash cans,food left in back of trucks!
I hope they write back and let us know and leave us hanging! Where about in North Carolina are they located?
July 22, 2018 at 12:24 PM
Thank you for your comment and questions. I hope he writes back as well. ... LNP


I live in the mountains of North Carolina. We moved in a house fairly close to a city dump and as soon as we got here we started hearing weird sounds. We figured out what it was.
My wife said I bet they're eating out of the dump and so we drove to the dumpster [office] and asked if we could put up a trail cam.  The old man was adamant we were only gonna get pictures of humans. He went on to tell us of people climbing his fences and going trough the trash bags.
They're [bigfoot] fairly easy to find when you know their routine. Their vocal at night mimicking owls, coyotes and such.  
 I hope that's what kind of comment you wanted. Sorry for the auto spell I don't have time to go over it, gotta get to church

Friday, July 20, 2018

Archive Section Sighting #3 for the rest of the story.

Somewhere along the trail , something took place that most men can only imagine. One of the miners returned to Galice to tell of his friends being attacked by giant forest monsters. The miner insisted that three of his comrades had been killed by two giant ape-men looking creatures.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Excerpt of #65 Archive, BELOW

THE family had gone to bed about eleven pm and at one am small rocks and fir cones were hitting the tent. The family inside listened for over an hour to gibbering-type sounds from near the tent. I guess around 2:30 am the wife wanted her husband to go outside the tent to see what was making the ruckus. HE DID.

The husband could see from the dim light of the coals in the fire that all together there were three creatures. One of them was only around 4 foot tall with the other two over eight feet in height. 

(Read the rest of the story by going to Archive Section, #65. And please do leave a comment. ... LNP)

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Monday, July 16, 2018

Older Post #87 Archive Section

All of a sudden a whistle rang out somewhere off in the distance. I watched the creature throw its head back and let out a whistle back. After the whistle it looked over in my direction like it had spotted me. It let out a deep whoop,whoop sound and took off into the cover of the timber.

I jumped up and took off at a full run back towards my car. It took me 30 minutes to get back to the car, the whole time huffing and puffing and looking back to see if that thing was after me. I will never go deer hunting alone ever again.

(Go to Archive Section to read full sighting.)

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Here Perry is hiking and looking for bigfoot.


I'VE NEVER SEEN A BIGFOOT. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE ONE. What are some of the things my husband, Chris, and I do in this beautiful state of Oregon? 

"I love to hike, always watching for bigfoot but my real goal is to keep from  tripping and plunging off the trail!" 

So you know a little about me. What's your bigfoot story!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Read More Sightings on our Archive Section

13. Dewey Station Comments
(January 16, 2010)

Sally, thank you for recalling the camp happening. As a logger that worked there from 1945 through 50 I certainly remember those awful creatures up there. I had four run ends with them myself. Those things were big as a coffee barrel around and as tall as two men standing one on top the other. The female one the men nicknamed “Blondie” because of its white and yellowish hair. She was a mean one. She threw  rocks and limbs at a lot of us. Cutter, Dan Milton was spotted twice by us completely wild and seemingly crazy. We always thought the creatures got his partner Tim Dean and killed him. Sally your mom made the best stew I ever ate. As I’m 88 now, I still remember.

Bigfoot Lives Green!

All my bigfoot paintings have a lot of green in them. ...


Friday, July 13, 2018


My Name is KS

I wish to make my sighting part of your record of Sasquatch experiences.

Your site has given me courage. I am shy about sharing my experience. It is a relief to see more and more from USFS posting the truth.

I spent time as an archaeological assistant several semesters each year while in graduate and post-graduate school. We definitely knew about the bigfoots. We were given a reference card, which included the accepted scientific taxa accepted by the USFS. I kept it to this day-


Wednesday, July 11, 2018



Anonymous said...

I stand corrected and as a man will totally apologize to Linda for being out of line with comments made. I have been a big fan of Bigfoot Ballyhoo since day one, and will continue to be.
I just [want]everyone to know how hard it is to see something like this not once ,but twice, and the harassment that a person gets when they need someone to discuss this with.
I am a very educated person who was taught this was a non existent creature, like the monster under your bed. To have this huge beast 50 yards from you knowing if it got hold of you, you would be either injured badly or killed, looking at it eye to eye,knowing you have a weapon that if you get lucky might be able to give you time to get away, not wanting to kill something that needs studied and documented, but also knowing that the only way I can prove its existence is to kill it and bring it in to a university or group that wants to document its existence so it can be saved from the small percentage that think they need to be extinct.
I hum loudly while out picking mushrooms to let the bears and cougars know I'm there and they will normally move on, or move so you know they are there, and wonder if that is not what draws these creatures to me. 
I wish I had never seen these creatures because of what it has done to my life.  Trust me there are a lot of people out there, that have had a encounter and will tell no one, holding it in so no one will make fun of them, say they saw a bear or stump, which I know happens, but I know what it is I saw and have photos to prove it on one occasion, but I have to prove nothing to anyone.
It is your choice to believe me or not and I have the option of listening to all the harassment I receive or not!I know I used to spend every day of my life in the woods, hunting mushrooms, fishing, camping, just loving the beauty of it, but haven't spent one day in the last seven years out in a place that used to be home to me!
Sorry Linda !! Please accept my apologies, it is just so hard sometimes, please understand!
July 10, 2018 at 11:09 PM
Thank you for the apology. I'm just happy you are still a reader of this site. You know, most of my friends can not believe that I write and research this animal. Again thanks for taking the time to put this comment together. ...LNP

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Just for fun ...

"Now you got bigfoot wondering if he exists!"


Lewis said...
Yes, Bigfoot Ballyhoo should post all comments if they are fit to read because it the right thing to do.
As long as the comment is civil, I see no harm in hearing other points of interest.
When I was in the war in Korea I seen many things that were not there.It can be from lack of sleep or anything. All humans make mistakes from time to time. Just like Bigfoots do when they walk out in front of humans!

New Comment

Frank said...
Don't blame Linda. Comments are the thoughts of individual people. Everyone has their own ideas. Ballyhoo should post all thoughts on the Bigfoot mystery if no profanity is present. Its healthy to discuss. Not posting someones comment shows a lack of honesty.
I didn't see where the comment said anyone was not telling their encounter honestly. Like it or not,it is proven that the brain can trick you when your frightened.
Years ago I was positive I saw a Bigfoot standing under a big spruce tree. My brother took me back to the spot a week later and it was a tree stump that looked like a upright person. The brain can make mistakes when in difficult situations.Any good investigator will ask the questions in that comment.

Monday, July 9, 2018

New Comment

Kelli Ross said...
Yep, I guess I would probably have a problem with multiple encounters too, but it happened to me. I really don't care if no one believes me...
My first encounter was in Louisiana. I never saw it, and didn't even think about it until later when I saw a documentary on Toledo Bend... It smelled like death, had been in a trash can and made a mess, left footprints and when we got too close, it let out a scream that sounded half big cat and screaming woman. I never saw it though... But when I heard the scream on the documentary some years later, that's when it dawned on me that I had probably come too close, because it was that scream... I never even heard of anything like that in Louisiana!

I did finally end up seeing one in Oregon some 10 years later... I wrote about that one on here somewhere...
Anyway, believe or not... doesn't change the fact that I have come close three times.. One of those times so close and easy to view out in the open. Clear as day. No going back after you see it that close. 

New Comment

Kelli Ross said...
Hello Linda,
I wrote in last week explaining that I had come close to this animal 3 times... Let me clarify. I have come close to it three times, but have only seen it once.

I think there are more here in the north west than what anyone thinks... I think people probably come close to them more often than they know. It was only on my third encounter that I actually saw it.
I was in southern Oregon coming from Nevada into Oregon headed for Grants Pass. I was coming up on a large curve that went around some pasture that had cows and a small group of trees... I saw what at first my brain thought must be a large blackish brown cow walking on its hind legs. It was no cow. I was the only one on the road, so I slowed down to about 30 mph. It was about 7:00 pm in mid June, so plenty of light.
I could see it from about 200 yards away. I was on a curve, so I basically drove around it as it was walking away from the cows and towards the trees. It was big... About 9 ft tall. It was dark blackish brown, but the sun was making the tips of its hair glow reddish... It was graceful as it moved. It wasn't running, but covered ground fast in a gliding motion... My mom was with me and saw it as well.
I am military and have lived all over this country to include Alaska where I have come face to face with moose and bear...

Bigfoot Oil on Canvas by Linda Newton-Perry


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Linda, I can't believe you would make a comment like that or even agree with the comment made that a person who see's Bigfoot 3 or more times, has their brain wired to see Bigfoot, no matter what!

I have had two encounters, while collecting mushrooms commercially in some forest and back roads that I know have not seen a person for many,many years. I have spent many days in the woods by myself and with others and Bigfoot was never a thought on my mind. I was a complete non believer,who made fun of people who told stories of seeing this mythical beast, even though they did sound convincing! 

The first time I saw it, we were out picking mushrooms, and was heading up a mountain and upon reaching the top, heard what sounded like someone shooting a gun in the distance, and when we started going over the side downhill, practically ran face first into one coming uphill, I believe trying to get away from the gunshots! He saw us and went crazy, screaming, throwing big limbs out of a slag pile, stomping his feet, throwing rocks at us,but didn't know whether we had guns or not and stayed hidden when he could to avoid getting shot or killed 

I believe!First thing was trying to convince my brain that this thing did not exist and trying to figure out what it was, and a way out of this situation!I never wanted to see this beast then or ever as it changed my life forever trying to get the truth out of our government employees of its existence,not knowing that our government threatens people with loss of jobs if they would tell the truth and tell you that they do!

I have a lot of pics on a cell phone that clearly shows it and have a plaster cast from a footprint I found days later a couple of miles from where we first saw it and it measures 17 1/2 x 5 inches.
The second encounter was down in Ash Valley, and once again collecting mushrooms with a crew of 6 people picking for me and we must have gotten too close to his territory or family maybe, when out of a tree line about 50 yards from me it burst out aggressively showing it's blocked teeth and screaming, howling and making this monkey, bird, dog sound, very loudly that was answered by another about 100 yards up on top of this huge hill we were on. My help started running for the van screaming and crying and since it was my job to get them home safely, I pulled out my 9mm pistol with hollow points for cougars and even though it would not do much to this huge monster and that is exactly what it was to me at that point, and shot it into the air as a warning shot. It growled so loud I swear I felt the reverberation off my chest, but it turned around and went back into the woods where it came from! I ran to that van and swore I was not going into the woods again unless I was armed to the hilt, and that was 8 years ago and have never set one foot into the woods since and neither has one person in that van that day! I never wanted to see it neither time as it has totally changed my life forever,and now am one of the biggest advocates trying to get this government to address the subject of its existence and trying to get them to at least post in campgrounds near where it is seen to post a notice at least telling the public that a unidentified animal has been spotted in the area and to watch your children, and stay alert!

My mind has never been wired to see this beast, and never gave it a thought until it happened, and always liked your open mind when people would report they saw something, but by agreeing with this yahoo with comments like his, I will never tell you of any encounters again to be made fun of behind our backs, and as of today will never read Bigfoot Ballyhoo website again!
July 9, 2018 at 12:38 AM
I'm sorry you feel this way, but I do think some people see, for example, bigfoot faces, oh say in the design of tree barks and the like. Many people have different ideas as to the type of life form  bigfoot is. I'm not saying I agree with any of that sort of thinking. I believe bigfoot is a real live being. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, July 8, 2018

New Comment

Anonymous said...
I have a problem when I hear people say they've had multiple encounters with Bigfoot.The creature is so elusive that most outdoor people never see one. When a person said they had three or more encounters it makes me believe their brain is wired to see Bigfoot no matter what.

Saturday, July 7, 2018


Wednesday, July 4, 2018


"BIGFOOT SHOT BY AIR FORCE CAPT IN 1960" (Published by Bob Gymlan)

(One line on the video: "...are we wasting our lives [researching bigfoot]?"
Click link to go to this interesting video.


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

New Comment

Hi Linda,

I have come close to this animal on three separate occasions... Twice in Oregon and once in Louisiana. 
Anyhow, now I am the host at one of our county parks and fully expect to see one again in the fall. When i have more time, i will relate my experiences here. 
Once you see one, there is no doubt. I have become slightly obsessed with documenting its existence. I tell people that if they were to see a 9' tall ape man walking upright on two legs, that they would be believers too! More research needs to be done! He's out there. No doubt in my mind...

Monday, July 2, 2018




Bigfoot Eats Skunk Cabbage


Bigfoot/Fecal Matter

 Cole Saxton said...
The fecal matter on the Sedan Creek sample is as follows. As per request fecal matter from Dale D Saxton* of Myrtle Point,Oregon was analyzed by HESA Labs of Los Angeles,California.
The matter in which stated was analyzed to be of no known animal,that is indigenous to the the Pacific Northwest. The fecal matter included three parts outdoor rodents .Two parts soil and five parts water plant which is closest to be of the Rooken plant (Skunk Cabbage). It is our finding that the fecal type is unidentified. The fecal matter is badly degraded. two to three week Est.by @Palled Study 
(late Dale D Saxton)*

Dr.TC Farnworth.
20943 Griffin AV SW.
Los Angeles, CA
32043-1003 cc/ d saxton
cc/ oregonstateoffishandgame//
December 28, 2009 at 9:25 AM