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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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One of my bigfoot faces, that I've made. It hangs on my office wall. Please comment. 

Area Where Bigfoot Track/Foot Print Observed

 On the Oregon Coast, east of hwy 101

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

An Outing

Viewer Sharing Information on ESP Team

 Chuck Wilson said...

I can tell you some things about the ESP team. After some phone calls to people that know them I've been told they are no longer looking for Bigfoots.

I was told that Emery retired from his logging business and does not investigate Bigfoot sightings anymore.

Also Saxton has given up his hunt. Hank P is deceased. A friend of Saxton's told me they no longer talk at schools about Bigfoot.

I guess they got tired of all the BS that goes on with fellow researchers and the Internet.

Thank you Chuck Wilson for this information. We appreciate it. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Anonymous said...

I don't blame them, they were doing a wonderful job looking into the Hamilton Bigfoot and look what they got. Being called fakes,lairs, non people by the Bigfoots so called experts. Even called Dale S a fake. Hope those folks have it happen to them one day. Most of them are arm chair investigators with a mean spirit..

February 27, 2018 at 5:58 PM
Reply, by Linda Newton-Perry
I didn't know that they had difficulty with the Hamilton sighting. 

Anonymous said...
What I was referring to is that ESP was looking into the Clyde Bigfoot in the lake area. It was that Bigfoot that the Hamilton girl saw wasn't it?

February 28, 2018 at 5:59 PM

I don't believe that was ever suggested. I know they, the team, had a great lot of trouble over the animal their trail cam snapped photos of. And I was... Oh well, I'll not talk about all the trouble this blog was given. ... Thank you for the comment. ...LNP

 Cathy said...

Just to clear this up. The Hamilton girl saw a Bigfoot watching her from behind a tree. I don't think ESP ruled Clyde in or out as that Bigfoot.

Monday, February 26, 2018

ESP Team Animal

The only trail cam photo  that was given to us to share. Photo taken by the ESP Team, 2010. There are two or three more photos that are very clear, but the team was told not to share them with the public. A lawsuit was threatened if they did....LNP

Sunday, February 25, 2018

The ESP Team

I blacked out eyes. I don't wish to give the team additional trouble. 

Use the search tool to read about this team's "discovery of bigfoot" one early morning on an Oregon deer trail. Two of the team, Emery and the late Parchell, hid all night waiting for the bigfoot they knew was in the area. They had for some time been leaving it food to draw it in. 

This team's trail cam captured photos of the animal. Much information was gathered, but in the end they were threatened by a state agency with a lawsuit if they shared the photos with the public. To read more type in ESP Team, Bill Emery, Hank Parchell or Cole Saxton.

Attention ESP Team: Please tell us more about what has happened since the discovery of this animal.
Linda Newton-Perry

Read comment to find out more about the Team.

Bigfoot Walks Away

Some ask, Isn't bigfoot a gentle soul? From what I've read, some of them are, but others NOT! In my opinion it is dangerous not knowing how to behave if we should come upon one of these beings while hiking and camping. I'd like to see one. However that would require that I sneak up on one before he knows I'm in the area. That's probably not going to happen. It would be wonderful if those that see bigfoots in the same area  all the time would share this information so we can all have a look at him. Just a thought. Please share with a comment. We would love to hear what you have to say. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, February 24, 2018


BIGFOOTS have been seen jumping out of trees onto the backs of  deer. And it is s good place to observe hikers and hunters.  Another thought: if you  see the top of a tree moving and there is no breeze you might examine it for a bigfoot. (Watch out that he doesn't jump on you!) Please comment. We here at BALLYHOO enjoy  great comments.

Friday, February 23, 2018

You are Invited and

welcome to share your view on the subject of bigfoot, and you do not have to give your name. To leave comment click on NO COMMENTS  below and if there is a comment it will say how many.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Name of This Site


"...but the proof will be brought out of the woods with me!"

Anonymous said...
James and Linda, With all the timber being cut foolishly and sent overseas and the large forest fires that we have had year after year, their habitat is being lost more and more, as well as their food sources.This is one reason they are being seen more by the public in urban areas and campgrounds around the country. Where there are people there is food, they know that campers have food in their vehicles or tents, or they will go through garbage cans and dumpsters to get what they need to survive. They know through history and watching the Native American tribes being eliminated by the settlers using firearms and diseases they brought with them, that we are a threat to their existence, but they also are very curious about us. The government is hoping that they will go extinct, so they don't have to admit to the public that they knew they existed all along and could have protected them, but the big lobbyist of the timber companies won't let them do this, because they are afraid it would be a reaction like they received about the spotted owl and ruin the timber industry. 

I have had 2 encounters in my life and it has changed my life forever, I know what it is I saw and it was no man in a suit, a fraud of any kind, nor a animal! I never wanted to see it at no time in my life and enjoyed the forest my whole 60 years on earth, and yet now I will not go in to the woods ever again, and if I do will be heavily armed, and I hate to ever say this, but the proof will be brought out of the woods with me!

Just remember they, the government, will snatch it from you. I think I'd dump the thing at a busy mall, where many people can see and photograph it,  after alerting the local TV station what you have. Anyway, I've learned these things from writing this blog since 2008/9. Thanks for the great comment.... Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bigfoot Body Found After A Forest Fire


DID you know that late summer, Oregon,  when the blackberries are ripe the air on hiking trails can smell like a blackberry pie BAKING! OH, it is so true. And it's common knowledge that bigfoot's love these berries, and some say require them for good health. 


Another View by Reader, James, of BALLYHOO

Linda. I've been wondering for years just how bigfoot will be able to survive with the growing population and urban sprawl. Humans are branching out into wilderness areas to live and the forest is shrinking fast. Humans must out populate the bigfoot by millions to one. I thinks the population of bigfoots are very small and I also believe a large majority of the sightings are known animals. Most likely 80% of sighting are fabrications and hoaxes.I too believe bigfoot has no chance to survive in this world. They certainly cant sustain a population large enough to remain here. on Some say,


My reply to James, above:

James, just being practical bigfoot may simply die out as many animals have, dinosaurs for example. I've read many times that some animals are going extinct before they are discovered. MY main point in this whole bigfoot subject is that, perhaps you've read this before, NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO KEEP EARTH'S ANIMALS FROM US, NO ONE! There must be a sane and commonsense way of handling the discovery of bigfoot. Thank you for taking time to comment and voice your concerns. ... LNP on Some say,

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Just a thought...

Some believe that bigfoots are great apes.  On this planet we still have gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans and others. So how can we be certain that bigfoots are on the decline?  How can we know, when as far as we know, they are not being studied  in great detail.  What do you think?  Opinions are welcome. ...LNP 

Some say,

"Leave them alone--They are dieing anyway!"


Anonymous said:
Bigfoot/Sasquatch will remain just a myth. Government has held tight restrictions to make sure nothing about the primate is on paper so FOIA Requests will show no data for Sasquatch. Government will not face another spotted owl fiasco over a species that is well on its way to extinction. Why would we close down huge tracks of land and exclude the land from timber harvest. Small towns all across the Northwest never recovered from the owl.
Do you think the Feds are stupid?
(February 20, 2018 at 12:31 PM)

I totally agree with you Anonymous on About Video Below:
Queen Bee's Reply to Above Comment


To answer the question of Feds being stupid. Of course I, Linda Newton-Perry, do not believe anyone filling a post in the Federal Government is 'stupid.'

I do however believe we forest users deserve to know about all the animals that are in the forest, especially those that are large and un researched such as bigfoot. 

So ideally  I believe those that hold positions in the various agencies of the Federal Government that have to do with animal life, should put their heads together and find a way to be truthful with the American public about this animal.  

Thank you for your well-thought out comment. 


Comment by clicking on NO COMMENTS below.

Thank you for all the comments. We are ALL entitled to our views on this subject of BIGFOOT.  ... LNP



Sharon said...

I don't believe your interest in Sasquatch is healthy. I know you desperately want the species to be recognized as real but believe me it's not going to happen. The government believes these primates will be gone in a period of the next 50 years. 
Linda Newton-Perry said...
Well, goodness! Are you aware how I became interested in this animal? In short I'll tell you. I and my husband owned part interest in our local paper. It was sold and I wanted to contribute a column. I was slightly interested in bigfoot, but by the time I'd written a column for about six months I WAS SURE THAT IT WAS A REAL ANIMAL! My interest began as my work and now it is a glorified hobby. It has gone no where as far as work/career. I've been left with a blog, and on that blog much proof that bigfoot exists.

I will keep with my belief that No one has the right to keep earth's animals from us. NO ONE! The subject takes up way too much of my time, but some aspects I enjoy. Thank you for the comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, February 19, 2018



Sunday, February 18, 2018

A New Comment

Anonymous said...
I also agree with Gary, leave the human/creature alone and pass laws to protect it from all the people seeking fortune and fame, by killing one and parading it's dead body around the country in a trailer! You remember that fiasco and fraud pulling stunt? I just want the government to acknowledge their existence to protect the innocent people out in the woods, doing recreational activities and to keep our children safe! We sure don't need another Sru Lake incident, ruining one child's life was one too many to ruin, and then making her parents and her look like liars, that they were stalked by a pervert, knowing exactly what it was that confronted them. Every one of those employees in that Forest Service office knew the truth, and yet lied and said the incident never even happened! I know it has changed my life entirely,a person that grew up in the woods their whole life, until 4 years ago, and have not been near the woods since! Protect the creature as well as the humans and admit it lives!

(To read Gary's comment go to About Video, scroll down)

Thank you so much Anon for your thoughtful comment. I believe as you do, or some as you do. I hate it that some of my friends wonder about my interest in bigfoot and whether it is healthy or not. If you feel comfortable with sharing your sighting we'd love to hear about it. ... LNP

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Searching for Bigfoot by Air

Another Name to Research

Attention Thomas Parker:  Please let us know how we can contact you in order to learn more about the 1962 Columbus Day Animal and perhaps more about Dr. Miller. This doctor is supposed to have examined the dead bigfoot found under a fallen tree after the Columbus Day Storm swept through Oregon. 


Guest Editor:Blogger on Columbus Day Animal

Thomas Parker, Baltimore has left a new comment on your post "Another Newspaper Article '62 Animal": 

It has become very apparent that the forest service has been hoodwinking the public for decades about the truth on this matter. 
According to head supervisor of USFS in Oregon in 1971 a gorilla was found dead in southern Oregon in the early sixties.

This statement was a flat out lie because he knew as did others at that time of the discovery of the remains it certainly was not any species of gorilla or primate known to date.

The estimated time of death was around 10/12/62 and even with severe degradation of the body the animal still topped the scales at 648 lbs. and 7.3 in total length.

The autopsy showed the animal had sustained massive damage by crushing weight. Death was thought to be instantaneous.

With no DNA in those years it was only possible to type match in which no BT was determined.

It was checked for human and known animal type and nothing was ever matched.

Though it been many years since I last checked the remains were sent to Smithsonian Institute for later research.

The skeletal remains were positively there in 1997.

After 2001 the feds removed thousands of files or skeletal remains of anything there prior to 2000.
I asked him how he knew about this information and I didn't get a reply. ...LNP

About Video Below

I change my view/feelings from day to day on how I feel about the 'discovery' of bigfoot. My feelings one day will be, we must at all costs pull the kicking and screaming animal from the woods and the next day I'll feel we should just let him be. How do you feel about this subject. You know this site was made to have a place to come and talk bigfoot without giving a name. So please comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry
Gary said...

Leave the animal alone. Humans destroy everything they see and touch. Bigfoot has no need to be recognized by the world. They have been here much longer than the white people and don't have any need for help from us. By recognizing them as a living animal we will open the doors to every nut in the world claiming they were assaulted or chased by the animal. Eventually someone will kill one or be killed while trying to collect a prize.
February 17, 2018 at 11:18 AM
Great comment Gary, we appreciate it. I feel there is much wisdom in your words. ... LNP

Let Hiim Be

Friday, February 16, 2018

Bigfoot Spotted

Near Glide Oregon and not far from this area a bigfoot was spotted. Christopher Perry at the falls.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

I believe a good  private investigator could use his skills to get to the bottom of the Miller and Wentsworth documents. Services/work would have to be free. If you know of one that would be willing, let me know. Thanks you and do comment. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


To Find: Miller and Wentsworth Docs

VIEWERS: Miller and Wentsworth Documents can be found in the Archive Section, scroll down and on right.

Children's Stories read on YouTube: scroll down to children playing, right column. Click to go and find the stories at the bottom of page to read or print and read later to your children.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Enjoy an Older Sighting

47. Two Bigfoots Throwing Rocks
(March 21, 2011)
(B Geel)

A strange 12 hrs for Ralph Welburn: Ralph Welburn has fished the Illinois River in southwestern Oregon for 32 years and last week had a most upsetting experience on that river. At 2 pm on Tuesday the 15th Ralph and a fishing friend were drifting the river 13 miles from the mouth when medium size rocks started hitting the river near them.

They could not see where these rocks were coming from until they went to shore from the fear of being hit.  Ralph and his friend claim two very large creatures stood on a steep rock outcrop some forty to fifty feet above them and watched the fishermen for nearly five minutes.

In his field glasses he claimed the creatures were neither human or animal as far as he knows. The creatures were standing on two legs and had great body size. His friend tried to use his camera to get pictures of them but only caught blurry and unrecognizable figures.

As they stood upright watching the men on the riverbank the larger one on the left would pick up and throw a rock into the river. After a bit the creatures walked off and out of sight.

Both men claimed the creatures were covered in hair, one black and one a light brown or almost yellow like. Ralph wanted the sighting told so I’m sending it to you. Thanks for a place to let people know of sightings without giving personal info out.

Searching for Bigfoot Tracks

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Friday, February 9, 2018


It is a pleasure living in bigfoot country. I wish that people knew this. I wish the government agencies would tell people that this animal exists. Love to hear what you think. PLEASE COMMENT.

Bigfoot Country, ENJOY!

Thursday, February 8, 2018


YOU are always welcome and the door is always open. 

Dead Bigfoot

In 1962 a dead bigfoot was found under a tree that was blown down during the Columbus Day Storm in Oregon.  Read the account of  a doctor that examined the body. Go to the Archive Section of this site, right column down, and read about a Dr. Miller's examination and a biologist, Wentsworth's examination (two documents). 

Sunday, February 4, 2018


 hiker Dave N.E. on YouTube made a video today and was wondering why in the world doesn't EVERYONE know about the 1962 Columbus Day animal. It is my opinion that not enough advertising is going on. Much can be accomplished if TV's and newspaper's could be used. If you have the money why not buy a 30 second TV ad. Buy a newspaper ad, half page or so, ADVERTISE! ADVERTISE! I was in real estate sales for years and it is all about the advertising. If an outdoor equipment show is scheduled for the local fair ground, think of some way to work a bigfoot ad into the marketing mix. Perhaps you could set up a table and 'talk bigfoot.' It has always been my mantra that NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO KEEP EARTH'S ANIMALS FROM US--NO ONE! ...Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, February 3, 2018

See my hair has grown white...

It's okay. I find the subject of bigfoot interesting. Again, I want to remind you viewers that I don't want to run into this animal on a hiking trail. WHY? Well, no one can tell us what the proper thing to do is. For example to get a way safe do we stare him down? RUN and Yell?   Anyway if I have a small part in helping with the 'discovery' of bigfoot through this site, I will be satisfied. Please comment.  Have a grand day.
Click on NO COMMENTS to comment.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Be Careful Out There

Anonymous said...
I live in eastern Washington. I deer hunt up north near the Canadian border. When I'm out in the woods, I hear wood knocks and whistles regularly. It's one of the things I like about that area. One morning, after sitting in my stand for a few hours, I decided to still hunt on the ground. I was slowly moving though the woods and looked into a small depression. When I turned around there was a flurry of movement behind me. A mountain lion had stalked up behind me. When I turned back from the depression he took off like his tail was on fire. To everyone out there: be careful in the woods. There are plenty of dangers out there.

Bigfoot's World-Very Short Video