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Saturday, December 30, 2017


THIS SITE can HELP prove that bigfoot is a real life animal. Several bodies of the animal have been examined by a Dr. Miller and biologist Wentsworth. (Go to Archive Section and Read first two articles.)

Debbie the lawyer worked on getting DOI files of the Columbus Day dead animal opened to the public. She moved on to a new job and left the project in another's care. Since that time DOI has claimed the files have gone missing. (Use search tool: Debbie, Columbus Day Storm animal.) 

2010 the ESP Team laid in wait all night to catch a glimpse of a bigfoot in Oregon. And they saw one, and their trail cam took several great, clear photos. The team was threatened that if they shared the photos with the public, they could face a lawsuit. (Look up ESP Team using search tool.) 

I've done all I can to bring recognition to the information on this site. All I can do is post comments of sightings and read them on YouTube. I don't want recognition. Many TV stations interview people that have interests like bigfoot, perhaps you can get on one of the shows and talk about Dr. Miller, etc. Newspaper ads, half page or so could help.  If you have the means, know people, etc. then please get this information into the hands of people that can help. 

This information was given to me, so I give it to those that can promote it. If you use my illustrations of bigfoot please put my name on it. And of course I retain my books and illustrations for t-shirts, etc. 

Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Save illustration to your computer and print out to give to your favorite bigfoot lover. 

In the Woods ...

In the woods live lions and bears
AND you'd be surprised at what else lives there!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

No need to knock ...

You are always welcome. Search our Archive section of over one hundred sightings. And go to the children's story link, copy and save to your computer and printout a bigfoot children's story. These kid's stories have some elements of  reported bigfoot sightings. Enjoy and Comment please. 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

That's me below the bridge.

Here I am on the Oregon Coast looking for bigfoot prints. I think I may have found one about three hundred feet to the left of where I'm standing below the bridge. 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

I Just Wonder...

How many times have we seen what we thought was a human hiking in the far distance,  or far behind us and it was really a bigfoot.  From a distance the two can look a lot a like. What do you think?

This Map Will Help

Red dots is where a bigfoot has been seen. If you have  a question COMMENT IT (click on no comments below). HAPPY TIMES TO YOU
Click on Map to Enlarge

Places Bigfoot Has Been Spotted Oregon

An Older Sighting April, 2010
This from Vance: This might explain what's going on with my livestock lately. My cows have been edgy and the dogs have been a yapping for over a week. I own a farm at Scottsburg and was told by a neighbor this morning of this animal that has been seen. My farm is located on the north side of the bridge area. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I know you've seen this photo before ....

but I like it. Anyway if you're up to doing a little reading on bigfoot, go to the Archive Section and check out over one hundred sightings. And if you need a story for the kids at bedtime go to the children's story section, right column down.  Look for the kids tumbling about. Save a story to your computer and print it out to read. It's a good idea to explain that these animals live in our forests and woods. Oh, by the way the sightings start after the Miller and Wentsworth documents, Archive Section.


Monday, December 18, 2017

How to find info on Debbie's work to get

DOI files opened on the dead Columbus Day Storm Animal of 1962. Use the search tool and type in 'Debbie Columbus Day  storm animal.' Debbie is a lawyer that worked on the DOI files for this site. She passed the work onto another lawyer when she changed jobs. The new lawyer came to a dead end when he was told the files were lost. (Isn't that the way?)...LNP


Saturday, December 16, 2017




Guest Editor-Blogger, Dr. Issac S has this to say:

The Old Days of Bigfoot

Back in 1958 Bigfoot was just another legend that was talked about around the Indian community. Then in 1958 Gerry Crew found large footprints on a new timber access road in Northern California.

Back then most people had never heard of Sasquatch/Bigfoot. All of a sudden people saw newscasts about Bigfoot and the craze was on. But the actual hunt for this elusive creature goes back to the early 18 hundreds.

In 1844 David Hamlin a railroad employee for the Oregon Pacific Railway found himself embroiled in a mystery.

Three employees had been found dead by Hamlin near what is now Glendale, Oregon of an apparent animal of unusual size and strength. The men were found torn to pieces from some unknown beast. Workers reported they found barefoot tracks of 19 inches and more all around the bodies.

Hamlin then hired trackers to track this beast down and kill it, but to no avail. Trackers reported that they followed the big tracks for over four days only to lose them in a heavy rain storm.

The beast was never found and Hamlin was fired by the railroad. One year later the Chetco Monster began a rampage.

The Chetco and Glendale sites were only 120 miles apart. Could it have been the same ill tempered beast?who knows, but it's food for thought.


Thank you so much for this information. This is one of the things that worries me, when the police do not take these sightings seriously: What if a diseased animal causes a death or property damage? Isn't it best that a record of the sighting be available?

Where Bigfoot Has Been Seen

Sutherlin Oregon to the Coast

Friday, December 15, 2017

Bigfoot Made of Wood

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Where Did I find This Wood Carving?

Click link above to take you to a short, short, short video of where I went to snap a photo of this wood carving. I left the house early to take photos of the mountains, trees in the fog. Enjoy and comment please. ... LNP (As far as I know it can be purchased. Ask, and I'll find out the price.)

Bigfoot Wood Carving

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Us Search Tool to read THE RAYBURN ANIMAL.

Linda Newton-Perry HIKING and ...

watching for bigfoot and its footprints. So far she's had to settle for the footprints! You see she is on a hiking trail. It takes a brave soul to go off the trail. Perry says she's done it, but not far off and not often!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Did You Know...

that bigfoots have often been seen on Oregon beaches digging for clams? ...IT IS TRUE! Clams can be found in the sand on  our beaches all year long.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


You know, viewers,  each day many people come to this site. I do wish more of you would comment. It gives me great pleasure to read what you have to say about this subject bigfoot. At the bottom of each post it reads NO COMMENTS, that is if there isn't any; and if there are comments it will say how many.   Click on it, to comment. Thanks. Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

You Can Buy a T Shirt With This Design

Look in right column for Buy a Shirt, Click to Order

Monday, December 4, 2017



If this animal so boldly walks the earth, WHY NOT BIGFOOTS?

Has Bigfoot Bathed Here?

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Bigfoot of Cedar Swamp Oregon

From Nancy Pierce, April 2010

Can anyone here give me information on cedar Swamp, a lake about 5 miles from Sru? We were there in November 2009, and found large footprints 18 inches long and 7 inches wide. The footprints went from east to west and then switched directions. The area was Eden Ridge (?). We think. 

Anyway that night a commotion in the forest was frightening. The screams echoed through the forest of something with great power. We have been told that this lake is very close to Sru Lake. 

We had firearms with us but never saw anything. The sound of wood snapping was nerve-racking. The very next morning we found more fresh tracks by a spur road next to the lake. This animal had apparently been watching us from this road as it clearly showed our camp. We think this could be the same animal as over at Sru. If it is, this thing is not scared of people. 

We sat by the fire all night because we felt any time this animal would come into camp. We put the kids inside the camper and told them not to open it for anybody. They were 15 and 16 so we thought them safe because our sons both knew how to use guns to protect themselves. This animal had to be huge in build because of the racket it made. We read a lot about Sru but nothing on Cedar Swamp.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Ah, Beautiful Oregon


Read More on the COLUMBUS DAY ANIMAL OF 1962

USE SEARCH TOOL: Columbus Day Storm Animal

Bigfoot Shot Dead Now What DO YOU DO


Over the last few days rumors of a bigfoot investigator that might have a body part of the Sasquatch turned out to be bogus. The rumor made me start thinking about what the federal and state governments would do if such a thing came to pass. Would they want to find the person responsible for the demise of the creature or even charge the person or persons with a serious crime. 

We live in a world where the laws are conflicting. If an unknown species of animal or sub human were discovered by an accidental shooting would the feds and state try to prosecute. I turned to a law professor in Washington state for my answer. She told me the second a bigfoot body is discovered a person would be required to notify state authorities. Any unknown type of animal by law must be catalogued by the experts with the state and federal governments. 

The professor believes the feds would no doubt prosecute. There is overwhelming evidence that some strange creature was found in 1962 in Oregon. This creature disappeared while in the possession of the feds. If a person finds the body of a bigfoot, they absolutely are required to turn it over and risk another blunder or cover up from the authorities.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Sculpture Made by Linda Newton-Perry