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Saturday, December 30, 2017


THIS SITE can HELP prove that bigfoot is a real life animal. Several bodies of the animal have been examined by a Dr. Miller and biologist Wentsworth. (Go to Archive Section and Read first two articles.)

Debbie the lawyer worked on getting DOI files of the Columbus Day dead animal opened to the public. She moved on to a new job and left the project in another's care. Since that time DOI has claimed the files have gone missing. (Use search tool: Debbie, Columbus Day Storm animal.) 

2010 the ESP Team laid in wait all night to catch a glimpse of a bigfoot in Oregon. And they saw one, and their trail cam took several great, clear photos. The team was threatened that if they shared the photos with the public, they could face a lawsuit. (Look up ESP Team using search tool.) 

I've done all I can to bring recognition to the information on this site. All I can do is post comments of sightings and read them on YouTube. I don't want recognition. Many TV stations interview people that have interests like bigfoot, perhaps you can get on one of the shows and talk about Dr. Miller, etc. Newspaper ads, half page or so could help.  If you have the means, know people, etc. then please get this information into the hands of people that can help. 

This information was given to me, so I give it to those that can promote it. If you use my illustrations of bigfoot please put my name on it. And of course I retain my books and illustrations for t-shirts, etc. 

Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Save illustration to your computer and print out to give to your favorite bigfoot lover. 

In the Woods ...

In the woods live lions and bears
AND you'd be surprised at what else lives there!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

No need to knock ...

You are always welcome. Search our Archive section of over one hundred sightings. And go to the children's story link, copy and save to your computer and printout a bigfoot children's story. These kid's stories have some elements of  reported bigfoot sightings. Enjoy and Comment please. 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

That's me below the bridge.

Here I am on the Oregon Coast looking for bigfoot prints. I think I may have found one about three hundred feet to the left of where I'm standing below the bridge. 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

I Just Wonder...

How many times have we seen what we thought was a human hiking in the far distance,  or far behind us and it was really a bigfoot.  From a distance the two can look a lot a like. What do you think?

This Map Will Help

Red dots is where a bigfoot has been seen. If you have  a question COMMENT IT (click on no comments below). HAPPY TIMES TO YOU
Click on Map to Enlarge

Places Bigfoot Has Been Spotted Oregon

An Older Sighting April, 2010
This from Vance: This might explain what's going on with my livestock lately. My cows have been edgy and the dogs have been a yapping for over a week. I own a farm at Scottsburg and was told by a neighbor this morning of this animal that has been seen. My farm is located on the north side of the bridge area. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I know you've seen this photo before ....

but I like it. Anyway if you're up to doing a little reading on bigfoot, go to the Archive Section and check out over one hundred sightings. And if you need a story for the kids at bedtime go to the children's story section, right column down.  Look for the kids tumbling about. Save a story to your computer and print it out to read. It's a good idea to explain that these animals live in our forests and woods. Oh, by the way the sightings start after the Miller and Wentsworth documents, Archive Section.


Monday, December 18, 2017

How to find info on Debbie's work to get

DOI files opened on the dead Columbus Day Storm Animal of 1962. Use the search tool and type in 'Debbie Columbus Day  storm animal.' Debbie is a lawyer that worked on the DOI files for this site. She passed the work onto another lawyer when she changed jobs. The new lawyer came to a dead end when he was told the files were lost. (Isn't that the way?)...LNP


Saturday, December 16, 2017




Guest Editor-Blogger, Dr. Issac S has this to say:

The Old Days of Bigfoot

Back in 1958 Bigfoot was just another legend that was talked about around the Indian community. Then in 1958 Gerry Crew found large footprints on a new timber access road in Northern California.

Back then most people had never heard of Sasquatch/Bigfoot. All of a sudden people saw newscasts about Bigfoot and the craze was on. But the actual hunt for this elusive creature goes back to the early 18 hundreds.

In 1844 David Hamlin a railroad employee for the Oregon Pacific Railway found himself embroiled in a mystery.

Three employees had been found dead by Hamlin near what is now Glendale, Oregon of an apparent animal of unusual size and strength. The men were found torn to pieces from some unknown beast. Workers reported they found barefoot tracks of 19 inches and more all around the bodies.

Hamlin then hired trackers to track this beast down and kill it, but to no avail. Trackers reported that they followed the big tracks for over four days only to lose them in a heavy rain storm.

The beast was never found and Hamlin was fired by the railroad. One year later the Chetco Monster began a rampage.

The Chetco and Glendale sites were only 120 miles apart. Could it have been the same ill tempered beast?who knows, but it's food for thought.


Thank you so much for this information. This is one of the things that worries me, when the police do not take these sightings seriously: What if a diseased animal causes a death or property damage? Isn't it best that a record of the sighting be available?

Where Bigfoot Has Been Seen

Sutherlin Oregon to the Coast

Friday, December 15, 2017

Bigfoot Made of Wood

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Where Did I find This Wood Carving?

Click link above to take you to a short, short, short video of where I went to snap a photo of this wood carving. I left the house early to take photos of the mountains, trees in the fog. Enjoy and comment please. ... LNP (As far as I know it can be purchased. Ask, and I'll find out the price.)

Bigfoot Wood Carving

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Us Search Tool to read THE RAYBURN ANIMAL.

Linda Newton-Perry HIKING and ...

watching for bigfoot and its footprints. So far she's had to settle for the footprints! You see she is on a hiking trail. It takes a brave soul to go off the trail. Perry says she's done it, but not far off and not often!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Did You Know...

that bigfoots have often been seen on Oregon beaches digging for clams? ...IT IS TRUE! Clams can be found in the sand on  our beaches all year long.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


You know, viewers,  each day many people come to this site. I do wish more of you would comment. It gives me great pleasure to read what you have to say about this subject bigfoot. At the bottom of each post it reads NO COMMENTS, that is if there isn't any; and if there are comments it will say how many.   Click on it, to comment. Thanks. Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

You Can Buy a T Shirt With This Design

Look in right column for Buy a Shirt, Click to Order

Monday, December 4, 2017



If this animal so boldly walks the earth, WHY NOT BIGFOOTS?

Has Bigfoot Bathed Here?

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Bigfoot of Cedar Swamp Oregon

From Nancy Pierce, April 2010

Can anyone here give me information on cedar Swamp, a lake about 5 miles from Sru? We were there in November 2009, and found large footprints 18 inches long and 7 inches wide. The footprints went from east to west and then switched directions. The area was Eden Ridge (?). We think. 

Anyway that night a commotion in the forest was frightening. The screams echoed through the forest of something with great power. We have been told that this lake is very close to Sru Lake. 

We had firearms with us but never saw anything. The sound of wood snapping was nerve-racking. The very next morning we found more fresh tracks by a spur road next to the lake. This animal had apparently been watching us from this road as it clearly showed our camp. We think this could be the same animal as over at Sru. If it is, this thing is not scared of people. 

We sat by the fire all night because we felt any time this animal would come into camp. We put the kids inside the camper and told them not to open it for anybody. They were 15 and 16 so we thought them safe because our sons both knew how to use guns to protect themselves. This animal had to be huge in build because of the racket it made. We read a lot about Sru but nothing on Cedar Swamp.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Ah, Beautiful Oregon


Read More on the COLUMBUS DAY ANIMAL OF 1962

USE SEARCH TOOL: Columbus Day Storm Animal

Bigfoot Shot Dead Now What DO YOU DO


Over the last few days rumors of a bigfoot investigator that might have a body part of the Sasquatch turned out to be bogus. The rumor made me start thinking about what the federal and state governments would do if such a thing came to pass. Would they want to find the person responsible for the demise of the creature or even charge the person or persons with a serious crime. 

We live in a world where the laws are conflicting. If an unknown species of animal or sub human were discovered by an accidental shooting would the feds and state try to prosecute. I turned to a law professor in Washington state for my answer. She told me the second a bigfoot body is discovered a person would be required to notify state authorities. Any unknown type of animal by law must be catalogued by the experts with the state and federal governments. 

The professor believes the feds would no doubt prosecute. There is overwhelming evidence that some strange creature was found in 1962 in Oregon. This creature disappeared while in the possession of the feds. If a person finds the body of a bigfoot, they absolutely are required to turn it over and risk another blunder or cover up from the authorities.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Sculpture Made by Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Photo of Abe Videl and his Cabin

From the Past a Sighting

By Abe Videl (First posted March 2010)

When I started my quest for the truth about bigfoot in 1961 I was one of just a very few that was active in the search for the real proof needed to substantiate the existence of this animal. I've seen many turns and even roadblocks erected by many  government and non government entities while I was active in bigfoot hunting.

Over the years I've seen many people called bigfoot investigators come and go. Most had a motive for profit only.  Bigfoot research can be very time consuming and takes a good deal of money to accomplish. I have never used this animal for my own profits and never would. Once I talked with a man who told me about  a sighting and then wanted to sell the location to me. This was unacceptable then and now. 

I have had two encounters with bigfoot since 1961 and both times were by complete accident. All the years I searched for bigfoot I never knew if this was the time or not to see it. In 1971 I hiked into the back country of Mt. Adams and camped in a remote valley for two weeks. I never saw one sign of the animal. Then as I was returning to my truck, I spotted one off in the distance walking down this old miner's path. The short of it is the people that see this animal are extremely lucky and should remember they are one of a very few. Be proud you saw it!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017



Sunday, November 26, 2017

Oh Yes


wE BeLieVe!

It is true we here at BALLYHOO believe that these animals are real. We also believe that not many exist. We believe in a Creator as well, and good sense makes us think that these animals were created  for the deep woods and forests of this earth--far away from man. The fact is these beings scare us, so we don't want them going through our trash cans every night as we sleep. What is your opinion? ... LNP

Saturday, November 25, 2017


One More Place to Watch for Bigfoot

IN THE TREES: Look up and if there is movement in just one spot in the treetops--IT MAY BE A BIGFOOT!


Friday, November 24, 2017


My friends, The illustrations below are for fun, but we do have a problem in the 'discovery' of bigfoot. What would that be you ask? Well, most of the time animals RUN when humans are around (often bigfoots do not run!). BUT, because this animal has not yet been stamped real by science or government we humans have not been officially instructed  what to do if we should come across one, in the woods, on our porch! You get the idea. You know, do we back up slowly, avoid eye contact, scream to the top of our lungs and run? WHAT, WHAT, WHAT  DO WE DO?

Thursday, November 23, 2017


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Just for fun!

Bigfoot is saying "Birdie, a human run!!!!! Er a FLY."

YouTube Video

"I found this video very interesting!" Linda Newton-Perry Click link to take you to a YouTube video titled Vet Tends to a Bigfoot That was Hit by a Snow Plow. Video is 35:27 mins. long and by Monsters in the Woods.  


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Illustration for Sighting Below


Wilfred Jan 2010

Those things were literally all over the mountains in the earlier years. A Howard Coomes log truck driver was staying at Windy creek on Bear Camp Road because it was closer to the job.

His wife and son were scared to pieces one day in 1873 (should be 1973!). She was cooking on an open fire pit when this hairy thing, like a giant ape came into camp and grabbed a slab of bacon from the table and took off.

It came back several times in the next few days and tore their camp apart looking for food. She told my wife that they all knew when it was coming by the howl and smell it made.

After a week of that they moved to another more populated camp. She had told all the truckers up there that this thing was as big as three men put together. 

Additional information from reader:
I would think the sighting on bear Camp was in 1973 not 1873. It says & quot; one of Howard Coomes drivers" I worked for Howard from 1968 thru 1975 I remember the talk about something coming into the Weller's campsite and messing it up on several occasions.
Thank you for your comment.


Saturday, November 18, 2017


Frank said...
I was watching U Tube and watched your story of the Columbus day animal. Wow, that is interesting and I believe too the Feds have known all along the Bigfoots are out there. 

My interest started in 1948 after my dad saw one while hunting in the Tiller/Drew area on a stormy and windy day. He never would talk about it till after the Patterson film came out in 67.

People really need to know the animal is out there for safety reasons. Dad said the animal he came across was gigantic compared to dads size at 6.2 and 220 lbs._______


Friday, November 17, 2017

An Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry

A couple of bigfoots poking around a truck at night


My newspaper column was titled, Bigfoot A Matter of Time. I believed in 2008 that it wouldn't be but a short while before bigfoot/sasquatch would be discovered.  Here we are and no bigfoot discovery. It is difficult to believe.

When I started this site there was already many sites about bigfoot/sasquatch. I decided to go with the catchy (I thought catchy anyway ) name, BIGFOOT BALLYHOO. I thought it would be easy to remember and a standout. 

I could do another weekly bigfoot column in a Oregon weekly newspaper, but I don't believe I will. I don't like the idea of being tied down to a constant commitment each week. 

Anyway, just thought I'd write a few words to you viewers. I do wish more of you would talk to me by way of the comment section. I will comment back. 

The best to you all,
Linda Newton-Perry


Do bigfoots come down out of the high mountains in winter?


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Female Bigfoot

Click link to take you to a YouTube video where Linda Newton-Perry answers the question about how she'd like to see a female bigfoot, or thinks of a female bigfoot. Enjoy and do comment.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Not a real photo of sighting in Kalmiopsis Wilderness Read Sighting Below

Sighting 9/27/09 Oregon

From Brandy

September of last year I was witness to a truly strange ordeal. I was working for the forest service out of Murphy, OR on a lookout for fires after a bad lightning storm. I was west of Grants Pass, Oregon at a lookout site on Keely Mountain near the Kalmiopsis Wilderness. It was  a two hour drive from the lookout to Williams, Oregon where I live.

I got to the lookout at four or so. I began glassing the area for any signs of smoke. It was then I felt something was looking at me. My hair on my neck stood up for seemingly no reason. I quickly learned what was watching me. About 25 feet or 30 feet from my pickup stood this queer looking thing on two legs. Its eyes seemed to have a reddish glow to them and also it was standing upright on two legs and had the appearance of a man ape cross. As I watched this thing it let out a deep sound like wwooooaaa.

I made the mistake of turning my headlights back on. It let out a growling type sound and turned and walked on two legs back into the forest. I was sure it was ten feet tall but now think eight and a half or nine. It had short black hair all over its body. I don't think I was in any danger of attack from it but I told the boss what I'd seen and he just shrugged his head and said "You wouldn't be the first one to see one of those things."

Monday, November 13, 2017


Sunday, November 12, 2017

Ah,,, Beautiful Oregon

...Ah Bigfoot's World  

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Very Good Bigfoot History YouTube

 I found this video very interesting. Much research went into it and great illustrations. You are sure to learn from this well presented video. It is 19:45 minutes long and is by Bob Gymlan, Bigfoot the Corpse of 1847. Click LINK BELOW to go...


Friday, November 10, 2017

Illustration for Sighting Below

Not the area but an Oregon road.

Sithting from 1970


Back in 1970 I drove log truck for RB Slagle out of Grants Pass. During that year four other drivers saw these things you talk about on this blog. We was hauling in the Bear Camp area and many of the loggers and truckers back then reported these bigfoot things. 

I remember one instance where a timber hauler's truck actually bumped one of these things. He said at the time it ran out on Graves Creek Road right in front of the truck. He locked it up only to brush the thing. He claimed it was as tall as his door on the truck, 9 feet. I never did see one but sure saw the tracks they left behind. Back then if you reported something like that all that happened was a question about how much Blitz beer you'd had.


Tell us about it.  Comment your sighting. Thanks, LNP

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Love to hear from you.