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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bigfoots Information

Bigfoot should come down from the high mountains this time of year. Watch for them. Talk about them. Tell your local TV station/reporter. Get the word out! ... LNP

Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Message

I do keep up with many of the bigfoot sightings on Youtube. I've always enjoyed the subject. I check this site several times a day for comments. Please comment once in a while. Have a grand day.... Linda Newton-Perry

Friday, October 21, 2016

Dr. Miller Document

 To view Dr. Miller's Document go to Archive Section (located right column ). The document is at beginning of sightings. Thank you and enjoy. ... LNP

Thursday, October 20, 2016

1962 Dead Bigfoot

Jerry Lustin's Experience When the 1962 Creature was Found

Jerry Lustin has left a new comment on your post "Bill Emery comments on 1962 Bones":

Hello, I'm Jerry Lustin and was among the guys who found the giant creature in November of 1962. Bill emery has asked me to write a short comment on this site. I have never wrote anything in my life so bare with me.

It was in the early hours of November 9th when me and several other men were working the Dew Ridge area clearing wind falls from the roads in the area. If memory serves me it was 8:30 am or so when we saw what we thought to be a dead bear under a big old growth tree on Dew. As we approached the bear it became plain to us that it was not a bear.

The animal was something in between ape and human in looks only larger than any thing I've seen ever before or since. The animal was laying under the tree face down and dead. We all looked at it and to our surprise this animal had hands and feet not paws. It was covered in a short crop of black hair and obviously not anything ever seen by us before.

We needed a forest service foreman to come to the site right away to look at it because, we were not to remove any fatalities from wind storm damage trees without forest service being on site. We had well understood protocol to go through in case we came across a car with people in it under a tree. Ranger Guy Adams from Cave Junction arrived and took photos from both sides of the tree. Then more people came up to do the same. As the site filled with forest service and unknown people we were directed to cut a 10 section out above the creature for removal.

It was after we removed the tree off the animal that they got branch poles out and turned the animal over onto its back. The animal's eyes ware open and dried blood was all over the mouth and ears of the animal. The eyes were black in color. Teeth were jagged and yellowish. It had breasts on it like a female only dropped and small in shape. It was female of course. Everybody was told to stay away from the animal at this point. By noon a truck had showed up and they used block and tackle to pick the animal up and swing it into the back of the flatbed.

At that point the big wig from Medford came and they told us to leave that road and go to Glary Creek some 5 mile away to work for the rest of the week. They started acting like squirrels to many of us, nervous and snappy. It was three days later when Guy told us that animal was a ape escaped from a home in O'Brien. We knew it was bull, because who keeps a 8 ft ape for a pet. We knew when we uncovered the animal, it wasn't no ape. We didn't know about bigfoot then but thought it was some kind of wild man-gal.

For some time after many stories came out on the animal as to what it was. My brother- in- law took 3 pictures of it and I hope to give copies to Emery if Stan can locate them.

Thank you, Jerry. How exciting that day must have been. We loo



Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Photo from PhotoExpress

Have You Seen a Bigfoot?

Where Bigfoot Has Been Spotted

We intend to visit these areas in the near future searching for bigfoot. We may only see a couple of footprints, but that's just fine. It's enough to know the animal has been seen in these areas. And while we search he's probably folded in a ball sleeping. On the most part bigfoots/Sasquatches are thought to be night animals. Please comment....Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

This site has been published since 2009. If a person had the means and know how he could prove bigfoot exists just by some of its content: For example the Columbus Day animal of 1962. Debbie the lawyer working for this site did get the Smithsonian File containing bones and more from this animal opened to one person for a set time. The file was located in Colorado, and we had no one in place to view the file. We, along with Debbie, decided to go for a full public viewing. Soon after the Smithsonian claimed to have lost the file!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

For much more on the Columbus Day animal type in the search tool Columbus Day animal.

Enjoy. I read this, below, aloud on Youtube just a day or so ago.

Reprint of Columbus Day Storm Articles

The Three Newspaper Articles About the '62 Columbus Day Animal

(1st Newspaper article)

As of yesterday there is still no identification on the strange animal found on Dew Ridge in Southern Oregon on November 8th. The creature is something still unidentified but is said to be some kind of a mutant human gorilla type. It was found deceased by a crew of men who were clearing debris from nearby roads. It was apparently killed by a Douglas Fir tree in the massive windstorm of October 12th . Officials from Unites States Forest Service are not commenting on the find. A unnamed source said the creature was covered in dark hair and was not any known animal to any of the people present at the site. People nearby in Cave Junction claim it is the creature in indian legend known as "SASQUATCH". Indians claim for hundreds of year these creatures roamed the deep forest of America. The name for the creature means "Wildman of the Woods according to Johnny Duncan a Klamath Indian. The animal was removed by Forest Service officials and was sent to a lab in California according to the locals in town. The Forest Service spokesman wound not confirm or deny the animal. Story by Clayton Lewis chief reporter for The Independent Daily

2nd Newspaper article

Amity News Source November 14,1962. CREWS FIND LEGENDARY BIGFOOT. A logging crew contracted through the US Forest Service found what some say is the legendary bigfoot. The being is a large manlike hominid according to local wildlife biologist Kirk Hansen. The name bigfoot gained popularity in 1958-59 when a contractor in Northern California found large prints of a unknown animal on a narrow dirt logging road. The bigfoot found by the crew is said to be female in sex and very heavy in build. The animal was badly decomposed state but was still in tact enough to identify as a species not known. A call today to the ranger station produced no information on what the being or animal might be. Though several pictures of the animal are circulating about in the surrounding area the forest service said no information nor identification has been made.

3rd Newspaper article

On a clear and cold November day of last last year the crew of Griffy and Laird Company were looking for trees blocking the road from O'Brien to Greyback on the Oregon California border. What they found was nothing short of astonishment when approaching a large downed tree. At first it appeared that a very large black bear had fallen victim to the windstorm of October 12th. Upon closer examination of the animal the crew saw a foot and a left arm and hand protruding from under the tree. No known species of animal could explain the body as any known animal that is native to the Pacific Northwest. It was like a large hair covered man only with features somewhat like a prehistoric human or neanderthal but larger than any known to exist. Apparently the animal had been crushed by a large tree blown over in the storm. The proper authorities were quickly dispatched to the scene and took the animal away for further examination by forensic experts. No further word on what the examination found but in a curious turn about face the Forest Service said is now saying no such animal was found,removed or shipped anywhere. In the meantime many of the people in the area have seen pictures of the dead animal and are accusing the Forest Service of trying to hide the animal from the public .

This article from March 1963 from The Valley Times. All the names from the district office of USFS were blacked out from this article.


Thank you for this "gift" of information. It was very generous of you to share the articles since it was quite a bit of expense to you. ...Linda Newton-Perry

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Friday, October 7, 2016


I don't get it. Why can't people snap a photo of this animal and get it to a local TV station to be shown to the WORLD? This is what I believe one should do if they have a photo. What do you think?

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sharing Beauty

Oregon, Bigfoot Country

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Save to Your Desktop

Let the kids enjoy this page to color. And remember there is a section of children's bigfoot stories on this site by Linda Newton-Perry. The stories are not scary with children in mind. Look in right column, children playing. Reading bigfoot stories to children makes for a fine time to explain that scientists believe that many animals on this beautiful planet haven't been 'discovered' yet.  AND BIGFOOT IS OBVIOUSLY ONE OF THEM!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Balancing on a fallen steep log ...

Please comment. I love to TALK bigfoot.
Here I am in bigfoot country. We didn't see an animal, but I did see a footprint that may have been a small bigfoot's.