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Monday, November 30, 2015

Archive Section

Number 74.
Linton, Oregon
May 2, 2013 (Given to Ballyhoo)
Craig Phillips 40 Years in the Past

I remember that I was about ten years old; I was always kind of a loner.  I spent a great deal of time in the woods near my home in Linton, Oregon. I was heading down a trail near a step canyon. It wasn't really a canyon but it was like a valley that the creek ran through. I smelled something really bad; I thought maybe a dead animal of some kind. That is when I heard a grunt, and looked to my right. I saw a large apelike creature with light grayish hair. It ran down the ravine and leaped from one side to the other. It was amazing how far it jumped. After that it ran into the woods where I could not see it or hear it any more. To this day I still remember how big it was. It was a least 7 feet tall and wide.  I mean really wide.
Well of course, I told my mom, and my brothers, but no one ever believed me. As an adult, I'm 50 now, people just laugh and say yeah right. I was so hoping that Mr. Dyer would produce a body. I don’t know why he couldn't have just darted him instead of killing him, butoh well. When you listen to people talk about killing Bigfoot, like that Jason and I know I'll spell this wrong, Smeja , you have to wonder what they are thinking.
And what is with this day and age and no one can seem to get a get a good picture, I mean if it would have been me where those Provo Canyon kids got the video, I would have tried to get a closer shot and not run away. I know it could be dangerous, but I guess I'm a true and passionate cameraman. You know like standing my ground to get the best possible shot as a Rhino is charging. Lol yeah that's me.
Any way, I managed to get on Rick’s talk show for a moment the night of the showing, and I asked why we had to wait until the 15 of August to see the body. I heard someone on his staff say  to mute him. They muted me, so I never got my answer. 
Hey thanks for listening to my story.  Craig

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Friday, November 27, 2015

From Our Archive Section

Number 73
Douglas County Oregon
April, 2013 (Date given to Ballyhoo. Sighting two years earlier.)

We had a sighting in Douglas County two years ago in late summer at the far end of Ash Valley while picking mushrooms on I believe to be Weyerhauser land that was recently being logged.

My partners headed one way and I headed the opposite direction. I was down in a crevice below the ground picking mushrooms when I  heard someone walk very heavily up to the area I was at.

I thought it was my partners coming back and were looking for me. My sighting was blocked by branches and tall weeds and I was yelling for them to go farther up the mountain and see what was ahead and I would join them.

I smelled something that smelled dead or rancid and saw a huge shadow walk past my spot toward the top of the hill. I have had a sighting before and wanted to see this creature and was scrambling up the ravine I was in to see it and when I came out it was moving faster than any bear or human could ever move.

 It stopped and turned at the top when I screamed at it to stop. It was huge, about 7 foot tall, dark but not what I would call black, maybe a dark brown.  It didn't seem to have a neck.

Its head was conical shaped and the eyes seemed to burn a hole right through me. It stood and stared at me for what seemed like a eternity, but only minutes and turned and went into the treeline at the top.

When I could stop my body from shaking and could get my legs to move, I went back to the truck at the bottom of the hill and blew my horn to bring in my partners. They asked what that smell was when they got back to the vehicle.

No one would go to the top of the hill with me to check for prints or gather data and I wasn't going to go by myself with out a weapon.

We left and have never been back since, nor do I care to.  It was a very scary experience and one I never in a million years would want  happen to me again.

I have been in the woods all my life and I know bears very well and it was not a bear.  And why would a seven foot person be in a suit made of hair on a hot summer's  day as a prank?

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Where Bigfoot Spotted

Puzzle Answers From Above
3-3 snowflakes
1-hat on chicken
1-heart on chicken
1-glasses on dog
1-cup of cocoa/dog
1-star in sky

From Archive Section

Number 72
Douglas County Oregon April, 2013 (Sighting date and date info. given to Ballyhoo)

Hi my name is Wade. I'm a commercial timber faller and my partner and I saw what we believe was a baby bigfoot. It was in Douglas County off Cow Creek drainage, last week. We had rocks the size of my head thrown at us and growls. I would like your opinion. Please call xxxx.

Thanks Wade.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

From Our Archive Section

Number 71 Archive
 China Flat, Oregon
March 18, 2013 (Sighting Date)

Linda Perry, I’ve had the most unsettling experience happen. I find myself looking for an answer elsewhere. My story will start on Monday, March 18, 2013 at 6 am.
I would first like to say that I enjoy good health and I'm not influenced by rumors or unseen fears. Well on with it!
That morning I was stopped and just sitting in my pickup at China Flats, south of Powers, waiting for a person from the Roseburg area to meet me so we could go up the mountain together to look at a select timber sale on Barlow Mountain.
It had just become light enough to see without the headlights. I had the door to my truck open drinking a cup of coffee and I was enjoying a few moments of silence in the forest. I spotted something large move in the distance across the old campsite clearing.
Thinking it was a black bear, I watched to see if it had cubs with it. The problem is it wasn't a bear. It walked out into the clearing and then apparently spotted me. It quickly turned towards the river and walked off on two legs. This was something completely unknown to me and most others I’ve talked with.
After it walked off, I was filled with a strange panic feeling and felt that it was watching me from the hillside above the river. I have to admit this thing filled me with uncontrollable panic. I could hear it snapping brush as it walked up the steep hillside.
I started up the pickup and tore out of there heading for Powers. Down the road I met the person I was waiting for. I pulled off the road as he stopped and came over to my truck. I told him what happened and he said, "JESUS!”
I told him I wanted to go to Powers to get someone to return up there with us to look for sign of this animal. When we reached Powers, we pulled into the district ranger station and waited for someone to come open it up. At 8 am the first guy pulled in and I blurted out the sighting at him.
We went in and made a report out in his office. To my amazement, he already knew what I thought I saw of this animal. He asked me, "Was it a large manlike creature, covered in dark hair and walking upright with two legs and two massive arms?”
“Yes,” I replied.
“OK, thanks for coming in,” he remarked. I have never in my life been so upset over the way he merely told me what I saw. Well I guess, I’m just anther person that claims to have seen this mysterious creature─Bigfoot

If you know these two please...

have them comment on this site information that can prove Dr. Miller existed. The information on his schooling and employment is sketchy and doesn't prove that he indeed lived and examined bigfoots. Thanks, Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "From Our Archive Section":

We've been hashing this Bigfoot thing over for 60 years. People want to know why the animal or primate is being kept from public. It's all about the welfare of this nation. Public access is very important to millions of people that love to venture out in nature. If Bigfoot is known to wonder in these areas you have a big problem.

People are what they are. It just a matter of time before some nut tries to bring one in after shooting it. Then the government would need to place regulations on land that would prohibit people from their activity in nature. YOU CAN'T HAVE BOTH. Some people can't leave anything alone once they know it there. It would turn out to be a race to kill one for trophy or money.

From Our Archive Section

Number 70
60’s  (Near Mehama, Oregon)

March 2013
The first one is from an old friend of mine who lives in Mehama, Oregon. Mehama is not that far from Detroit Lake. He has lived at the same place since the early 60's.

I was at his house visiting a couple years ago. I knew he used to be an avid hunter in his younger years; so I asked him if he had ever heard about bigfoot or believed in such a thing.

Well to my surprise he said yes. He told me that he used to have hounds and hunted bear and cougar with them. One evening he loaded up his hounds in his truck and headed to an area to hunt. He parked the truck and let out his hounds. I believe he had two of them with him. They started out and were coming to an open area in the woods when the hounds started acting very upset. They seemed scared and kept close to him. They didn't want to leave his side.

He couldn't figure out what could be wrong with them. They weren't afraid of anything as they had hunted bear and cougar. He thought their actions were very strange. About that time, they came to the edge of a clearing. The dogs growled and stared across to the other side of the open space. My friend looked to see what the dogs were seeing.

He saw what could only be described as some type of gorilla. It was standing upright. The first thing that came to mind was that it must be a gorilla that had escaped from a circus or something.  He said it turned and went into the brush and trees. And it was gone.

By this time, he said, he was scared himself; so took his gun and dogs and laid down under a big spruce tree, in the ready, just in case it came back. He said the dogs were so scared they hunkered down right beside him and were shaking.

He stayed put for awhile to make sure it was all clear. Finally, he got up and headed in a hurry back to where his truck was parked; when the hounds saw the truck, they took off and jumped into the back of it as fast as they could. He got in the truck and set for awhile before heading back home. He said he’d never forget the experience. And he’s never seen anything like that since.
He also told me of another person he knew who was out hunting with hounds and saw something much like what he’d seen. This all took place back in the sixties.
After my friend told me about this sighting, it made me a believer and that there must be something out there yet to be discovered. My friend is now in his late 70's, a Christian and I believe what he told me was a fact. I hope you find this of interest....

More Bigfoot Country

Drones and Night Vision Equipment

Shouldn't Bigfoot/Sasquatch hunters be using drones and night vision equipment to find where these animals are? What's your thought? ... Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, November 23, 2015

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Sighting from Arkansas 1972":

Can you give exact spot you camped at? We're heading to Beaver Lake this week and want to go there. 

I contacted the person that had the sighting. I will let you know if she decides to give out that information. Some don't mind giving out sighting locations and some do. Watch here for instructions if they are given.

It was so long ago, but it was a rustic campsite on the outside SE edge of the park area. We were about 12-14 miles from Rogers AR. It was during the opening of the park, and there were no signs to identify the exact site. It was the farthest site though, chosen so we could keep the little ones from waking other campers. Hope this helps, hope you avoid that area! on Sighting from Arkansas 1972

When you are in Oregon watch for Bigfoot

You will NOT see one on this short video, but enjoy the beauty of our state.

From Our Archive Section

Number 69
Glendale-Wolf Creek Oregon Area Sighting (1983)

 Back around 1983 or so, I was setting up a business in Ashland and had to make a trip to Glendale and the Wolf Creek area. My partner and I were driving there.  We were in the area of Jump Off Joe Creek and I saw something right off the road (I-5).

It was odd, tall, and I could smell musk coming in the window. I then got a good look as we passed. It was what I would say was a large animal walking on two feet about 10 feet tall.

I told my partner to stop and we got out of the car and walked back about 100 yards. We could smell musk and then saw a a big hairy animal take off and run up the creek. It took the animal, or what I thought was a bigfoot, no time to run up the hill. I clearly saw and smelled what I believe to be Bigfoot there.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Have you NEWS ...

 Tell us again why Bill Emery can't share with the public his photos, the best photos, taken of the animal he and Hank Parchell observed a few years ago. If you will remember they laid in wait all night for the animal. It worked the animal showed up and the trail cam snapped some photos. The photo ABOVE  is one of them, but the other three or four are much clearer. If you know anything about the situation or current news then please let us know. Comment your reply, please.

Reply: From Guest Editor-Blogger:CS

Being a former employee of USFS I can surmise that USFS has threatened to cut off any new contracts with Emery. This is a most effective tool used to stop unwanted behavior deemed unhelpful or hurtful to the agency.

If I understand all of this, Emery is or was a contractor in Oregon for timber management. Though logging has been greatly reduced on USFS land timber thinning is still very much active. This is used to reduce fire potential in our forest. It is very easy for top officials to threaten to cut ties with certain bidders for reasons other than actual work related mistakes, accidents, etc.

When you start messing with a persons livelihood in witch they may have huge amounts of money invested in equipment it becomes very serious situation for the contractor. During my 27 years I had seen this used on several companies to keep then from talking about potential hazards that should have been addressed like road failures and landslide resulting in death for citizens just using the public forest for hunting hiking, etc. USFS will do anything possible to stop any talk or evidence of Bigfoot.

We know Bigfoot and humans cannot coexist together so Bigfoot has to be hidden from public scrutiny. In my estimation the discovery of such a large primate would surely shut down vast amounts of public land from future harvest and access for the public.

Thank you CS for this great comment. ... LNP

Elkton Tunnel Oregon

Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "About My Fiction Bigfoot Stories":

Wanna know how to get Bigfootage? Get a relatively quiet vehicle, mount a dash cam in it and a light bar on it and go cruising the backroads and logging roads of Oregon or Washington in the wee hours…..Lots a reports along the Dora Sitkum hwy in Coos/Douglas countys

If You Are Going...

to Reedsport, Oregon, stop at the Sugar Shack and get a bigfoot pastry. It's filled with whipped cream.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

About My Fiction Bigfoot Stories

Many of the bigfoot fiction stories I write are influenced by sighting reports I've heard of, read, or are on this site. Enjoy. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Fiction Story Bigfoot



“%#!#! (curse word). What is that smell, John?”
     Long pause. “Stepped in something, I guess.”
     "%#!#!, it’s all over your boots."   She purses her lips, shakes her fists and pantomimes a scream. Very long pause.  “Do you know how hard I work to keep this carpet clean?”
     “Course, Baby, I know. I know,” said in kinder voice than usual.  He couldn’t believe the stench; and worse, he couldn’t believe he didn’t notice before entering the trailer.
     “John, something’s moving. Something’s crawling off your boot. Oh, #!%&!! Oh #!%&!!”
     As the two scrambled to remove the six-foot-five’s slimy, smelly footwear, the noisy forest around their camp trailer fell silent. They easily determined the strong-smelling mess was scat of some sort. Bev’s eyes filled with hot tears. She dashed them away before John noticed.  The big man felt helpless when she wept and so he hated it.
      She worked to keep the trailer as clean as the day it rolled off the sales lot. And now the green carpet was probably permanently stained with foul-smelling #@%!.
      “#$%!,” she said, loudly. She stamped her bare foot, making not a sound.
      “Bev, Baby, now stop it.” He laughed, while scraping the scat and  shiny beetle into a pile with a sharp-edged flat stone that he’d just retrieved from the ground outside in stocking feet.
     “Yuk! Yuk! It stinks.” She was now also laughing as she handed him a  sloshing bowl of soapy hot water, with a tattered  rag to scrub the dirty spots, on his boots and carpet.
     “@#$&!. Great, I need to level the jacks. Why’s the  trailer shaking so much?” 
     “Something’s out there, John! Look! Something’s at the window. Lock the door! John, lock the door!”
     The thick glass broke and flew inward as a hairy black  hand pushed through the opening. A stream of blood ran down the inside wall from a deep gash on the hairy forearm.
      “Hit it with the frying pan Bev!”
     “No, you do it. Here.” She threw a large black iron pan at him.  Warm bacon grease left a line of dark drops across the light-green velvet couch that was under the broken window. “Oh, the couch. %#!#!,” she whimpered. Bev would often look back on this frightening experience and wonder why she bemoaned the ruined couch when a monster was breaking into their trailer.
     Cursing nonstop, John hammered the grimy hand and hairy arm, breaking bones. The animal made no sound that they could determine.
      Again and again, the iron skillet clanged down on the narrow metal window sill and thudded softly when contacting with the animal’s flesh.  Finally, whatever it was withdrew its arm, caught the edge of the window opening and rocked the trailer.  Fearing the trailer would tip over, John drew back and heaved the pan at the grayish manlike face. They ducked below the window, thinking the pan could be hurled back at them.
      No noise came from outside for a time. The married pair rose cautiously. From the jagged glass-edged window opening, they watched in disbelief as a bigfoot, on all fours, dashed into the deep shadowed forest. Thick drops of blood trailed behind the animal. That evening, they both several times asked the same question: “Think it’ll bleed out?”
    Pointing to the blood on the wall, John said, “Lot of blood, Bev. We’ve got enough to have it DNA tested. Might be some flesh here on the glass.” He examined the sharp shards still sticking from the window opening.  
    Later, when the moon came out John said, “Come here, Baby. Look.” He pointed to the edge of the forest. There stood two adult bigfoots, one holding the hand of a much smaller one. Bev grabbed their camera and filled the memory card to its limit.
     With scat, with blood and skin, and with numerous photos of the bigfoot family, the Rayburns became well known the world around for their part in “finding bigfoot.”  John Rayburn now allows his wife the luxury of a good cry once in a while, for she’s the one that snapped all those great bigfoot photos. If she hadn’t had the presence of mind to grab the camera and snap the photos, for a certainty he’d now be the one with the weeping habit. As it is, both Rayburns laugh easily these days. The photos made them wealthy. And unlike before, they are now bigfoot believers. 
The End

For Fun

How did the yeti feel when he had the flu? ... ABOMINABLE!

Friday, November 20, 2015

No Night Drive For Me

I forgot, I can't 'discover' bigfoot in Oregon. For that reason I will have to turn down my own invitation to go driving the mountain  roads in the middle of the night looking for bigfoot. ... LNP

From Our Archive Section

Number 68
Alpine-Monroe Sighting
(Novemeber 2012)
Linda, I have had two encounters right here in the valley near Alpine-Monroe area and one while I lived in Ohio while in a tent camping at the Salt Fork state park area that you see on the Finding bigfoot show.

Each time it is a very scary time as I know each one has got to have a different personality and the belief that they will never hurt you should never be reported to the John Q public, like these shows you see on Television.

The last encounter was the worst as far as scared because I was hunting mushrooms and wasn't even giving it a thought that it was possible to see one again. I was just coming over the top of the hill and was just about to go over  and go down, when I got this feeling something was looking at me; the hair stood on the back of my neck.

I know this feeling and if you are ever in the woods and you get this feeling, don't ignore it and start looking around. I looked down the hill and there he stood about 50 yards away, coming uphill. He hid behind a slag pile and was stomping his feet for some reason and let out a roar that to this day, still will wake me up at night.

He then started making a noise like a chattering sound and it sounded like a person behind me was trying to say something in words but I could not understand it, nor saw anything. He could have come up that hill in three steps if he had wanted to and do me physical damage.

I did not want to be between him and his family, so I went down the right side of the hill on a newly made logging trail. I was shaking so bad when I got to the truck that I swore I would never go into the woods again, at least by myself, but have been out there many times since.

I love your site and try to read it everyday if possible. Wish more people would comment and wish I could see the one at
Sru Lake. I would love to hear from others that would like to go camping there to see if we could lure that mean, not scared of people damaging sucker out. We'd have proof then.

Thanks again Linda and have a great

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Comment Please

Archive Section

Number 67 from Archive Section
Bigfoot Gathering Mushrooms?
(Missy Cabic)
(September 24, 2012)

I had two experiences. And I don’t think they are the “same ole, same ole” like the other ones you were talking about the other day. LOL! I think it was in the spring of about 1998-99. My ex-husband woke me up at about three in the morning. We lived in Atlanta, Michigan at the time, which is about half way between Gaylord and Alpena. He woke me up and was visibly shaken. He told me, “Come here to the back porch, gotta hear this.”

I went with him to the sliding glass door on the back porch and heard the most Good-awful sound I have ever heard in my life. We had 40 acres on a corner lot and this was coming from the state-owned woods to our southwest. It sounded like someone or something was dying. It was terrible and it went on every 30 seconds or so for almost an hour. I have heard the other animals in the area before, bobcat, coyote, fox, birds, etc. This was nothing like that! It was very eerie and haunting. Whatever was making that howl/scream/noise had to have a HUGE lung capacity!

Also, that following summer when I was coming home from work, I was coming down one of the many dirt “back roads” to get home and I saw, what at first I thought might be a horse, running very fast through some VERY THICK  swamp. I turned to look at it and I saw that it was not a horse, but something on two legs and about 8 or 9 feet tall.

I have never seen anything move that fast! Especially through a cedar swamp! I glanced at the road to make sure I was not going to crash and when I looked back, it was out of sight. I don’t know if it had run out of my field of vision or had stopped and was hiding. I think it might have decided to squat down and hide.

In hindsight, I wonder if it was running to protect or hide a juvenile...? I had to continue on my way home and the whole way, I was terrified that it would come running out of the woods and cut me off on the road. I was in a little GEO Tracker with a soft-top and as big, tall, fast and muscular as this thing was, it could have opened my car like it was tin foil and there wouldn’t have been a thing I could have done to prevent it!

I did in fact make it home and I never saw the creature again. Here’s another thing that happened, that I think (now that I look back on it) that may have been bigfoot related: I was staying at my Dad’s cabin in Munising in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This cabin is WAY out in the woods with no electricity or running water. We went for a walk out in the woods surrounding the cabin (there are NO trails or anything, just thick hardwoods) and at one point we felt like we were being watched. 

Talk about a creepy feeling! And then we came upon this log where it looked like someone had been sitting on the log collecting mushrooms. There was a very neat pile of mushroom caps on the log and all the stems of the mushrooms were on the ground by the log. At the time, I didn’t think too much of it. But looking back at how remote the area is and how there are NO people up there around this cabin for miles. I am thinking that this could have been a bigfoot out gathering mushrooms and we came along and interrupted it.

Listen to a Children's Bigfoot Story


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Let's Talk Bigfoot

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Few Questions

Why make the animal up? Why pretend he exists?
click to make larger, Oregon

Monday, November 16, 2015

Guest Editor-Blogger

No it is not real. I seen this clip over a year ago.It was on VEDA entertainment as WHAT a Bigfoot might do inside a cage. on Guest Editor-Blogger

Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Has Bigfoot Been Captured":

Thanks for sharing Linda. My first take is that it's a production....yet a good one! I don't think a caged Squatch would be that calm. and even when it got rowdy, you don't get the true primal scream that everyone describes. So I have a questions for the readers that HAVE come face to face with a Bigfoot....."Is this what you saw?" Thanks again for the site.

Has Bigfoot Been Captured

 We don't know what the story is on this video, but
it is just as we'd expect a bigfoot capture to look like.
Click links below to go...



Sunday, November 15, 2015

Bigfoot's Cotton Candy?

Archive Section

Number 66 
Sitkum Report
(July 15, 2012)
  The best report and physical evidence I personally handled throughout the years was the (Sitkum) report from eastern Coos County.
This report was filed in 1993 by a very reputable couple that got very close up details of the creature. A camera was used and if my memory serves me right 5 excellent photos were turned over to us. It was my thoughts then and now that no such photos could have been hoaxed.
It depicted a very husky apelike creature on a dirt logging trail dragging a fresh killed deer by the horns into the timberline. The creature in the pictures was male in gender and had a very dark brown coat of hair on it. Very large dark eyes were also apparent. By examination of the tree line we estimated the creature at 9 feet 2 inches. Several details clearly showed its face; chest, torso area and legs were moving in a manor not used by man.
The movements were much like movements that might be made with larger strides on a larger scale. The report was forwarded along with the pictures to the Portland office. Again like many bigfoot reports this report contained vital evidence that was never filed or cataloged for further investigation. We simply were not allowed to ever catalog these reports and sightings.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Always Sketching Bigfoot

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, November 12, 2015

From Our Archive Section

Number 65
Sighting: Mountains Between Grants Pass and Gold Beach
(Gloria Stinnitt)
(July 8, 2012)

My husband and I were talking to an ex ODF&W gentleman in a coffee shop last week. He was telling my husband and I about one of the strangest bigfoot stories I’ve ever heard of. It seems this family was camping in the high mountains between Grants Pass and Gold Beach, Oregon, when this occurred in 2009.

The family had gone to bed about eleven pm and at one am small rocks and fir cones were hitting the tent. The family inside listened for over an hour to gibbering type sounds from near the tent. I guess around 2:30 am the wife wanted her husband to go outside the tent to see what was making the ruckus. He did.

According to the ODF&W man the husband walked out the entrance of the tent right into a giant hairy manlike thing standing near the tent. He said the bigfoot creature shoved the husband into the side of the tent then turned and walked off on two legs like a man.

The husband could see from the dim light of the coals in the fire that all together there were three creatures. One of them was only around 4 foot tall with the other two over eight feet in height.

They went to the nearest place to report the night action. The man that was telling us this story was the one who went to the camp and found over 23 footprints of enormous size and 14 smaller ones. The prints were of a human like bare foot with five toes. Also the tent had been ripped apart and all the food in the camp had been eaten or carried off.

The man took pictures of the camp site, cast the prints and collected a large amount of scat and turned it over to the OSP for further examination. He said as far as he knew nothing was ever found to match either the prints or scat. The man said he absolutely believes these creatures were a family of sasquatches.

If You Wil be in Oregon...

take a side trip. These are the places bigfoot has been seen in Douglas County. Click illustration for bigger version.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Poem

What ever roads we take
What ever friends we make
What ever words we say
Think first--And sweeter will be the day
... Linda Newton-Perry

For Fun

This photo is from PhotoXpress

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Regarding 'What is Ahora?"

 Guest Editor-Blogger: Anon

Ahora is Spanish for "now". I happen to know a little bit about this topic. Actually, I know someone who is quite informed on the Dr. Miller topic. He told me that Sophia's Ahora is actually a place. She is using it as a noun, not an adverb. The place is Juan Ahora, a street in Xalapa, Mexico. Sophia AND her grandmother are from Mexico. That is where you will find this document! 

I have no way of proving it but I was thinking Sophia was from Venezuela. ... LNP
 Top Post is in Regard to This Introduction to the Dr. Miller Document:
Dear Linda,
I am not clear as to the best way to handle a manuscript written by my grandmother's half - brother. He died in 2005. He had no children or relatives who live, except my grandmother. Apparently, he sent a box and left it in the box ... Without my knowledge or my mother .... - It was in the attic of my grandmother since 2005. Amazing age of 92, my grandmother recently passed away and my mother and I were going through his things, found this manuscript. I do not know if it's authentic, but I wanted to share with anyone who might know what to do with it. English is a second language. So I look to you, Linda, to be the nicest person on the internet now, when it comes to bigfoot, then I'll send it to you. Written original manuscript is by hand and it has been neglected. So a friend transcribed it to write to you. I do not know what to do with the original, so we have sealed it by Ahora

If you know ...

Alcaster or Sophia please have them comment how we can get in touch with them. 

Pam W has left a new comment:
Thanks Linda.
I might add, if any are relatives of these folks listed
below, and have info they can send you it would be appreciated. 
Gordon Paison,
restaurant owner in So. OR that had photos of a bigfoot in their restaurant;
loggers from Columbus Day storm era-working O'Brien- Dew Ridge area
Thanks all!

Pam, I'm not sure how the above should be punctuated.