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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Bigfoot Jumping on a Deer

Friday, October 30, 2015

Guest Editor-Blogger

 These creatures knew where you were the minute they heard your vehicle coming up the log roads, toward your camping spot. They were communicating with each other, whistling, chatting, wood beats on tree stumps. These creatures are like any other wild animals, they are opportunistic animals and having keen smell, eyesight at night superior to none. 

[Question:] Would you rather have to jump on a back of a elk or deer and drag it down and kill it, taking a chance of injury, or smelling something that is being cooked, the smell filtering through the forest?

So here they come looking to get a easy meal like a bear does. They move in slowly, but with stealth, and wait for you to go to sleep. And then move in for any leftovers, coolers left outside, any wild game that has been killed while hunting, and any food bags hung from trees as a bear precaution.

While you are out hunting away from camp, during the day, they send the females or young ones in to steal anything that is available. Just how many times did you blame the poor bear for tossing your camp when you were away?

Thursday, October 29, 2015

From Our Archives

Number 59 Archive Section
 Panther Mountain Sighting

(March 22, 2012)
I want to tell of a sighting that occurred in 1993. My dad was a log truck owner and operator all his life. He never believed the stories of the bigfoot because he claimed he would have found tracks in all the years he traveled the mountains of southwestern Oregon.

In April of ’93, he was working in the Ten Mile Creek area just west of Camas Valley. It was 7 am when he stopped on a gravel turnout on the Panther Mountain to tend to nature. As he let himself down out of the truck he noticed across the road something had just went up the hillside because small rocks and dirt were falling into the ditch. At that same time he heard a chatter of some sort from the trees lining the road. He then noticed a small figure of black moving through the tree line. He thought “bear” right away but was shocked nearly to pieces at a very large and heavy “manlike ape creature” of some sort grab up the small one and take off at lightening speed up the mountainside.

He could see it from time to time when it hit thin places in the brush as it walked on two legs. Dad was never one to tell stories. He believed to the day he passed the “apelike man or woman” was most likely a bigfoot. He never talked about it again. Nor did he ever tell his friends. He told Mom about it but told her to never talk about it.
He left his diary to me when he passed in 2000 at age 83 and I found 4 pages in the diary where he wrote down the experience.

Bigfoots and Smell

If bigfoot is anything like dogs they can smell you and your picnic basket from a LONG way off. Be careful and take these animals seriously!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lots of Places for ...


Guest Editor-Blogger

Kent has left a new comment on your post "A Past Outing":

I think your right. Bigfoot once in a while gets contact with humans but for the most part they are able to stay hidden.Charlie's
encounter below was most likely a family pod close to where he was working. Food is the main reason campers hear bigfoot. The creature must have excellent smell thus smelling the food nearby. If the bigfoot is having trouble finding enough food then campers have the face to face encounters.

A Past Outing

When we camp, hike, picnic, we search for bigfoot prints.  It is my belief that when a bigfoot is sighted it is a big misjudgement on the side of the bigfoot. These animals, healthy animals, do not seek to deliberately have human encounters! What do you think?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Guest Editor-Blogger:

Charlie Prantson , Boise Idaho

These accounts of feeling that someone is watching you is what I encountered many years ago east of Coquille in Oregon. 1970 I was employed by a tree planting contractor to survey lines in this one area in the coast range. I had been working running a line when I came upon some unusual tracks that appeared to be human shape but much much larger than normal.

The tracks were running both ways from east to west and back again. The depth of the tracks were quite alarming to me because my tracks barley left a shape on the ground. As the afternoon progressed I got a feeling someone was watching my movements.

On three occasions I heard what appeared to be somebody beating wood against wood. It must have been about 4 pm when this awful scream came blasting out of the timberline next to me. It absolutely unnerved me. I know all the sounds animals make in the Pacific Northwest and this wasn't any animal I had ever heard before.

I never did see what made this scream but can say it had to be big. I've thought often about that day many times in my mind and truly believe I was very near a Sasquatch or a couple of them. In 1970 I had never even heard of the Bigfoot film nor did I ever read anything on Bigfoot. 


Thank you so much for your comment. ... LNP

From Our Archives

Number 58
Iron Mountain Near Agness, Oregon
(February 04, 2012)

I would like to tell of a strange ordeal my brother and wife went through Oct. 15, 2011. They camped in an area of southwestern Oregon known as Iron Mountain near Agness, Oregon. This campsite was at an old abandoned cabin left by someone many years in the past. The evening of the 15th was just like any other night they had spent there.

After supper they walked to the creek to get 2 gallons of water in milk jugs. My brother was bent down collecting water when his wife said “look over there.” He raised his eyes to the trees across the creek and watched a huge black upright figure walk from behind one tree to another like a human would.

My brother wasn’t sure what he had really seen. They gathered up the jugs and went back to camp. After a discussion about whether to leave the site or not they decided to stay that night. At 9 pm they heard the sound of someone or something coming through the brush next to the far end of the camp. It was at that moment they noticed a pungent smell in the air.

They got in the pickup and left the camp and all the gear behind. After about 1 hour they drove back into the camp. Nothing was disturbed except something had taken the bacon and a box of Hostess Cherry Pies out of the cooler and turned it over on the ground. As they gathered up the gear they said something seemed to be near the camp because the smell was still strong in the air.

My brother and his wife believe bigfoot was responsible for the smell and the lost groceries. The day before this happened they found limbs broken on a tree like someone tall had reached up and pulled them off.

He didn’t believe in bigfoot but does now. Unfortunately the figure was too quick and the forest too dim to really get a good look at what it really was. They know no other humans were camped around them for several miles.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Just to say HI

Archive Section

Number 57
Oregon Coast, Behind Canary Sighting

(October 26, 2011)
Talking about the country behind Canary brings back memories to me. For 32 years I drove log truck for the Murphy Co. Many days in those years I hauled logs out of the mountains behind Canary. As many of my fellow drivers knew, this was a weird place to work. On many occasions while driving the deep backwoods, I had seen big cats, elk, deer and a host of other critters; but on this one morning I saw some weird hair-covered animals that looked like human and ape mixed (2 of them).
That dark and windy morning around 4am I was heading up to the landing to load when I made a sharp bend on this road and something large, dark and walking on two legs crossed in front of my lights and then a smaller one. I was dumbfounded on what they were so I started asking other drivers if they had ever seen these two-legged walking beings before up there.
I was surprised that several of them had seen what they thought were wild big apes or wild men. A while back a person had written on this site about the Weller-Glenn rock pit. That sparked some interest with me because my brother Albert had worked up there till ’78 when they shut it down. He had been telling people for over 10 years that a number of giant hair-covered wild men lived in the upper reaches of that area.
Through the years many of the loggers talked about the large tracks these beings made during the night on soft dirt logging roads. Several of the tracks were caste and showed to different people without a final conclusion on what they were made by. The forest is just that a forest. Nobody can know for sure what lives in the mountains and valleys of this country.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Much to Read on This Site

Go back to the beginning of this blog to read sightings etc. I started this blog to get information for my newspaper column on bigfoot. I quit the column but stuck with this site because from time to time I get a new sighting. In the right column, bottom, you will find an Archive Outline. Click on a year and month to enjoy the site from day one. This site is one of the largest bigfoot sites on the Internet. I do appreciate your comments. Have a happy weekend and keep talking bigfoot! ... Linda Newton-Perry

Friday, October 23, 2015

From Archive Section

Number 56
Foster Bar Near Agness

(September 03, 2011)
This sighting in your article about the policeman sighting bigfoot was I believe August 23 near Foster Bar on the Agness side of Powers. If it’s the same one, the officer was watching people drifting the river when he caught out of the corner of his eye a dark man-like large animal walk from one tree to behind another one on the opposite side of the river where there was no roads or trails.
It was my understanding the officer did not report it as a bigfoot but something unknown to him and not a bear. He watched the animal for some time looking at the drifters on the river. As far as I know he didn’t lose any time over the sighting. Maybe because he reported it as “an unknown animal” not saying the word bigfoot.


Do you feel
The sting of autumn in the air?
The brisk coolness and the slight dampness to your hair?

Will bigfoot be traveling down from the cold mountain tops? If you're out and about hiking and hunting be sure to watch for him. AND TALK ABOUT IT! THE MORE WE TALK ABOUT BIGFOOT THE MORE THE PUBLIC WILL KNOW HE EXISTS. DON'T YOU BELIEVE THIS?

Thursday, October 22, 2015

From Our Archive Section

Number 55
Sighting at The Craggies, Oregon
(Shawna G)
(July 31, 2011)
Linda, just letting you know many of us over in Eastern Oregon read your blog. I live in Rome, Oregon now but came from Port Orford. While taking a walk one day in 2005 with my hubby and our dog Champ we saw a bigfoot.
We never believed in them and we weren’t looking to ever see one. It was deer season and we were camped near the small hamlet of Agness, Oregon in a place called “The Craggies.” My hubby had been hunting by driving the primitive roads in this area for 3 days. On this day we decided to take a walk with our dog down this old trail overlooking the Illinois River.

Well it seems something wasn’t quite right as Champ was making a fuss and did not want to lead like he always did. After a while we ate our lunch next to this old fir tree. It was then we heard something to the right side of us make some kind of grunt or cough sound. Then a most foul smell encompassed the air.
We didn’t know what to make of this smell and Champ was really getting out of control wanting to go back towards camp. We started back up the trail towards camp and stopped because we both saw something black behind a tree just off the trail. To our surprise this black upright creature or animal walked from that tree quickly to another one and was looking at us from behind it. It looked like something between a human and ape but was much larger than either. It was something wild and did indeed walk upright like a man but with a long sway to its arms.

Then after a few seconds it turned and walked off into the deep forest. The sighting scared both of us half to death because we didn’t know what it was. As we walked back to camp we watched both sides of the trail but didn’t see it again. Back at camp Champ was back to normal again.

My husband had his rifle with him but never would have shot this thing without provocation from the creature. It was just checking us out, we think, and it never planned to harm us

It would be good if you were to ...

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

From Our Archive Section

Number 54
Sighting Near Barklow Mountain 1994

(Sam Akins)
(July 17, 2011)
A story from Elmo Fry of Gold Beach, [Oregon]: September 1994, logging owner and operator Elmo Fry reported to USFS that late on the evening of the 6th of September he and two crew members spotted a monstrous size creature on two legs run across the road near Barklow Mountain.
The men described the creature as some mix between man and ape covered in a black with silver coat of hair. Fry and his crew had just left the job site on a spur road to Johnson Mountain, heading for Elk River Road, when the creature appeared ahead of them running across the road. The men reported the sighting when they reached Port Orford. The apelike creature was described as over 9 feet in height and very heavy in build.
This is one of many stories to come out of this region near Squaw-Sru Lake and the China Flats area in the 90s.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


 Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous

A very great deal of respect should be afforded these creatures when encountered....while fishing the Sukunka river in northern BC..I heard knocking and experienced rock throwing....as I fished the migratory grayling....I left two nice fish on the river bank as I made my way back to my vehicle..but if I tell anyone they will say I'm crazy

Here's a Thought

Look to the tops of the trees because If one is moving while the rest of the tree tops are still IT COULD BE A BIGFOOT MOVING FROM TREE TO TREE.

Just So You Will Know...

This post below does not reflect how we here at Bigfoot Ballyhoo feel about this subject of bigfoot. Everyone has the right to his own views and this is just one. ... Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry

Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger": 

I am so glad that a former Forestry Service worker finally told someone what we all know. Bigfoot exists! I know what I have seen 3 times in 2 states and no matter what some non believer says to me or calls me, I have been within 50 yards of one charging out of the woods because It must have felt I was intruding or maybe had a child near. 

The government has had 3 bodies in their possession, Columbus Day bigfoot, Mt. Helen's bigfoot, Battle Mountain bigfoot, so what more proof do they need? The loss of jobs in the timber industry is no longer a fact but a threat, these creatures migrate from spring to fall following the food source. They don't burrow in the ground like the spotted owl or live in the trees like the mouse like vole. If there are no trees because of logging, they move on.This is why so many people have never seen one, they are on the move constantly, maybe in a area for a couple of weeks, but not forever like the spotted owl in the same area.This is to keep people quiet, the threat of job loss.

We might find out the truth that these creatures are something our government has produced, think about it a moment, they are huge, stealthy,can live on nothing, don't need weapons or clothing, or supplies, or vehicles. These would be the perfect soldiers of the future, for our government. The sight of them alone would make men run, it did me and I was armed. All I want is the government to admit they exist and if a family with children go camping, a sign can be posted that a bigfoot was seen in the area, and give them the option of staying or going to a place where they know is safe. They are afraid of the lawsuits that would come into play if they did by the parents of hundreds of missing children that have disappeared in our National parks, or by the parents of the children that have been traumatized like the little girl at Sru lake, because they couldn't control a wild beast in their jurisdiction. They know of one in that area that is so aggressive that wildlife biologist have told them that it is a threat to people and should be destroyed, have they no! There you go, if there is a rogue mountain lion out there, they send in government trappers and kill it, eliminating the threat to humans. Have they eliminated this threat to the human race, a very aggressive bigfoot, no! It's easier to say they don't exist and issue threats that the logging industry would come to a halt, throwing the country into depression.

The lumber and wood industry have more lobbyist in Washington, shoving money into politicians pockets, that it would be impossible to close it down. Now what is going to happen when someone does shoot one and bring the proof in, shouldn't they have planned for this to happen a long time ago and came up with plans for when it happens, instead of waiting like they did on the spotted owl which hurt this economy for years,but no this government which is supposed to protect the American jobs and people, have better places to waste and drain our economy, THE MIDDLE EAST! I believe we should protect the human people from the unpredictable bigfoot, and the unpredictable bigfoot from the human beings, but it needs to be addressed in the very near future, like it or believe in them or not it needs done right away.

Monday, October 19, 2015

From Our Archive Section

Number 53
Sasquatch Sighting Near Glendale, Oregon

(Sheryl Amen)
(June 16, 2011)
I’d like to relay a bigfoot sighting to the readers of Ballyhoo. This sighting occurred in 1999 near Glendale, Oregon on the night of August 24. My family and friends from college had all went camping west of Glendale for a weekend of church meeting activities
After dinner we decided to sit outside the tents because of the heat. Around 10 pm we heard something on the hillside make a knocking like sound. The knocking sounds repeated every few minutes seemingly from different areas around the camp. We all thought “woodpecker” of course.
At 1 am we were awakened by a loud noise in the camp. Several in the group got up to see what was happening outside. When they emerged from the tents a foul smell filled the air and became very pronounced.
Several in my group sighted a very large manlike animal  walking off with only the cooking grill part of the barbecue from the now cold barbecue outfit.
They all watched with flashlights as this thing walked off on 2 legs covered with blackish-brown hair all over it. Several guys shouted at the thing as it disappeared into the forest. After a moment all was again quiet. The odor of this animal was such that it made some sick to their stomachs.
We contacted the local camp host and the men explained what they had encountered. To their surprise the host had had other reports a week earlier on the same thing. In that case the animal had made off with a loaf of bread and a bag of apples. The host told the men that this animal had been seen inside and around the campground since June.
The host had called the local law agency and each time the police came by the animal was never around. The host called the animal a sasquatch. I was never a person to believe in sasquatch or bigfoot until I read more information in books about them. I still think of that night and believe bigfoot was the animal that visited our camp.

I Know That Bigfoot is Not Very Important Compared to ...

actually compared to many things. Bigfoot just happens to be a subject that has captured my attention. It would surprise me, beyond belief, if this animal did not exist. I BELIEVE IT DOES EXIST. And I believe "discovering"  bigfoot requires  careful planning so not to ruin state economies. It might also interest some of you, that I WISH I HAD NEVER GOTTEN INVOLVED WITH THIS SUBJECT. However, this blog has become a place to submit sightings, and comment freely on the subject without using a name. People still kid, make fun of, etc. of any that claim to have seen a bigfoot or even believe in bigfoot. WHAT A WORLD WE LIVE IN! Please try to make it a better world by what you say and how you act. I like "nice" people myself. Maybe NICE will catch on. What do you say? Give NICE  a whirl and maybe it will make a difference in your life. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Guest Editor-Blogger

Clair Roberts has left a new comment on your post "Can You See The Bigfoot?":

I would like to tell of a conversation my husband and I had while eating dinner last week at a local restaurant. We were discussing the bigfoot mystery or legend . Across from us was another couple eating and they overheard us talking. The man came over to the table and ask us if he and his wife could join us at our table because he wanted to educate us on bigfoot. As they moved to our table my husband proclaimed he doesn't see how such a creature could escape capture or being killed if it were real. Duane introduced himself and explained he had retired from the forest service in 2012 and knew for a fact the bigfoot was real. He told us of countless reports the had investigated through the years in the forest and found them to be very believable. He told us of at least two bodies of the creatures had been documented inside that agency.

He explained that the forest service knows these creatures migrate from place to place in southwestern Oregon in the fall. He claimed to have viewed recent pictures of one male bigfoot. He was called in to look at photos taken of a bigfoot sometime in 2010 in the Siskiyou range . He again explained that there was NO WAY the photos had been hoaxed because they had sent them to an expert in filming and they came back as 100% genuine.

Well our question was, who is keeping these creatures a secret from public eyes? He said YOUR GOVENMENT IS. We ask why this is. He said they believe these creatures can possibly pose harm to humans but the main factor is our lumber economy would take a hit so severe it would throw the entire country into depression from lost production and jobs. He said for the last twenty years the forest service has not had any timber sales in areas where they believe they bigfoot's are present in.

 His last word was " humans and bigfoot's don't mix and sure as .... the two will clash and when is does the secrets going be out of the bag" The . www.bigfootballyhoo website was given to us by the waiter that has read sighting here. Thank you for your service to people who need to talk of their encounter.


A Few Years Back

Ms Kathy at one time was our Director of the Children's Portion of this blog. I, Linda Newton-Perry took along the mask that makes Ms Kathy and when we wanted to take a photo of her I took the mask out of my backpack and took the shot.  This hiking trail was where Dr. Matthew Johnson observed a bigfoot watching his family. Do comment, please.

Can You See The Bigfoot?

This photo was taken a couple years ago. We are having lunch on the edge of the Rogue River. It is behind me about twelve feet and 200 or so feet straight down. We were in the area searching for bigfoot and places he has been seen. Try the sandwich recipe. It is a favorite of my husband, Chris Perry.

Thursday, October 15, 2015


France, Germany, Guyana, Philippines, China and Poland. Viewers from these countries were on line today at 3:35 P.M. Pacific Time, USA. Thank you for coming to this blog. Love to read a comment from each of you and do say which country you are from, please. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Know Something About Bigfoot? THEN ...

From Our Archive Section

Number 52
Sasquatch Seen Near Steamboat
(June 02, 2011)
Holiday Weekend: Sasquatch Seen Near Steamboat, (Oregon)
For the second time in a month, a couple camping near Steamboat reported seeing an upright hair-covered being walking near the Twenty Two Camp on Oregon 138. The couple reported the sighting to the manager of the campground and then to local National Forest officials.
The being is said to be over 9 ft in height and several hundred pounds in weight. Some men fishing near that area reported the same type being three weeks ago. The men were fishing the North Umpqua in the earlier sighting in the same general area and reported the same type features that the couple described.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

If this animal exists ...

why not bigfoots?

This is the place for ...


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

  Number 51 of our Archive Section
 Oregon Forest Sighting
(Tom Krewson)
(May 27, 2011)

In 1982, I was working in the Elliot and found large footprints of something shaped like a man’s foot only much larger. It was a rainy and windy morning in November when I came across a line of prints in a meadow near Elk Wallow Camp.

The tracks were still muddy and had just been made within a couple hours of my finding them. This was the strangest experience I’ve ever had. The area was void of any wildlife and had a strong odor in the air of terrible musky smell.
As I looked around in the surrounding meadow I caught sight of something moving into the forest on the east side of the meadow’s campground. There was no mistake that what I saw was walking on two legs and was some kind of a huge wild man or ape-type creature mostly covered in black hair and well over eight feet tall. It took one step to another step in long strides. It had long swinging arms as it walked. The arms reached just below its knees.

I reported this creature to the Oregon State Police by my company radio and a game officer, Kent Brandon, came up and photographed the trail of prints and talked with me about the creature I had seen walking off. He was as perplexed as I was on what it was for sure.

A couple years later I saw what a bigfoot is supposed to look like and this thing definitely matched it. It’s been years since I saw that creature, but I’ll remember that day for the rest of my days.

A Short Message

Monday, October 12, 2015

From Our Archive Section

Number 50
Above Loon Lake a Sighting
(Shane J)
(May 26, 2011)

Yesterday we went cutting firewood up above the Loon Lake area and saw a bigfoot-like animal. We were up on a back road in the Elliot State Forest when we stopped to watch a very tall and heavy creature walking down an old logged off area on two feet.

This thing was a dark-brown and silver or grey in color and was walking on a deer or elk trail. It stopped several times and turned over some rotted old logs looking for something under them.

It was several hundred yards from us but we could clearly see that it was a bigfoot and not a bear. We watched it for around ten minutes walk and then turn over a small log on the ground and dig under it. Of course we had no camera with us (STUPID) to get a picture of it. Then finally it got out of sight into a stand of trees along this same logged off area.

I was shocked to see one of these things for real. Glenn, my friend told me about this site when I returned to Reedsport. I called the Oregon State Game Department and told them where it was and gave them our names and phone numbers.

I do not think this was the old bigfoot you’ve talked about here because it didn’t have a limp when it walked. I really don’t think the state believed me about the bigfoot because the lady was almost laughing on the phone. But, I felt reporting it was the right thing to do, so I did it.

A Thought

 The Rogue River: Photo


Here is why I say this:

I’ve walked right off the trail and into the Rogue River. And that is after being warned by my husband to “...slow down!” The sad thing is I said, “I see it.” He’d told me the trail turned a sharp right at water’s edge. Next thing I knew I was up to my waist in the Rogue. I blame the plunge on inertia/gravity. AND, the trail was downhill all the way to the scary waters of one of Oregon’s most famous rivers (my excuses).  It will be a while before I forget this incident. Why? You ask.  Well a whole boatload of people was on hand to watch me, several I knew personally.

What do I believe one can learn from this experience? Well, for one,  listen to good advice from a loved one and, second,  don’t fool with gravity/inertia because there will be consequences! I’ll let you do your own thinking here. Have a grand day and stay out of the water! ...Linda Newton-Perry

Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger": 
(Regarding Mike's Comment Below)
Wow, what a great article! Did you happen to get any photos with a cell phone or camera, did you report this to the Forestry Dept. or anyone? If you did what was their response? They must be coming down from the high elevations after the heat we had and the forest fires, following the elk and deer. Plus they know that hunters mean a easy meal with coolers and food cooked outside, keep your ears and eyes open out there guys and you will be amazed at what you will see. To think that all those years we blamed the poor bears for getting into our stuff and it was those non existent bigfoots the whole time. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Did You Know ...

that getting no comments on a site such as this one is like throwing a party and no one comes? SO...

You Can be a Guest Editor-Blogger: HOW?

Comment and If Linda Newton-Perry finds it interesting she will publish it as a Post.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

An Older Youtube Video

 You might enjoy this older video: Shooting The Bigfoot-Paranormal documentary
Click to go ...


Friday, October 9, 2015



We spent most of our day, today, watching TV and the sky for the President's planes, etc. They flew over our house on their way to Roseburg and back to Eugene. Talk to you Monday.  ... Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Near Agness, Oregon

Guest Editor-Blogger

See map above for this post.
OCT 3 2015. Over the weekend we went deer hunting in the Rogue Siskiyou Forest just north of Agness. The hunting was terrible because of the ongoing dry conditions in the woods. In the late hours of OCT 3, we heard what can only be described as a bad fight between unknown animals. 

What I mean is we don't know for sure what animals were fighting. In the night we heard a burst of loud screaming and sounds of some animal attacking another one. At dawn on the 4th we left camp at daybreak and walked towards where we thought the sounds we had heard in the night were coming from. After walking about a mile, we came on a coyote that had literally been ripped to pieces by another animal. We saw where something had beat this coyote against tree trunks leaving blood all over them. Then the coyote had apparently had been thrown or placed over a low hanging limb on a tree. Its body still hanging there when we arrived.

Something strange was found. The limb was at the lowest point was ten feet off the ground making it impossible for a black bear to put it there. Also from the amount of blood stains it was plain this coyote had been beaten against several tree trunks at the time of death. We found part of some large tracks but they were on hard rocky ground and we couldn't identify them as anything other than large. Coyote's generally run in packs not alone and whatever killed it had immense strength.


Thank you for taking the time to write your experience. It sure sounds as if it could have been a bigfoot. ... LNP

Bet You Haven't Heard This Before ...

Click link below to go to Youtube video: Bigfoot Mimics Woman Outside Bedroom Window (Southern bigfoot tales). 4:40 minutes long and by Bigfoot Evidence.