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Miller and Wentsworth Documents in ARCHIVE SECTION

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Original Post from Sophia about Dr. H.A. Miller

An Older Post You May Enjoy

Guest Editor-Blogger: Sophia

Dear Linda,
I am not clear as to the best way to handle a manuscript written by my grandmother's half - brother. He died in 2005. He had no children or relatives who live, except my grandmother. Apparently, he sent a box and left it in the box ... Without my knowledge or my mother .... - It was in the attic of my grandmother since 2005. Amazing age of 92, my grandmother recently passed away and my mother and I were going through his things, found this manuscript. I do not know if it's authentic, but I wanted to share with anyone who might know what to do with it. English is a second language. So I look to you, Linda, to be the nicest person on the internet now, when it comes to bigfoot, then I'll send it to you. Written original manuscript is by hand and it has been neglected. So a friend transcribed it to write to you. I do not know what to do with the original, so we have sealed it by Ahora

You have full permission to read the manuscript below titled "The Following was written by Dr. H. A. Miller" on your you tube blog

The Following was written by Dr. H.A. Miller
  (Now deceased)
Born in New England, December 12th, 1909… I was the first and only child of Christiana and Arthur Miller. My mother died in child birth and I was subsequently raised by my father until re-married to a French woman when I was 12 or 13 years of age. Soon after their marriage she bore a baby girl. I finished my high school education while living with my father, step-mother, and half-sister.
[There is an entire section here that I could not transcribe- Handwriting was illegible]
I remained in New England for my undergraduate work. I thoroughly enjoyed the outdoors, the ocean and forestry. My under-graduate studies focused on forestry and land management. While in my junior and senior year, I was employed by the Federal Government.

I worked at Lockwood Farm (part of The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station). I learned about hybridization in agricultural and enjoyed the hard outdoor work in the corn fields. I began to find great interest in the scientific workings happening with corn seed at the time.

I completed an additional year in Forestry science and graduated in 1930 with an A.B. from Yale University and an M.F. in 1931 (M.F. is a Master of Science in Forestry).

I labored at Lockwood Farm for a few years and gained great interest in science and medicine; by this time and I did hope to attend Medical School and become a physician. I expeditiously applied for Medical School and was accepted to Harvard and began my medical training in 1938.

Graduating from Harvard medical school (Harvard) in the early 1940s and I completed residency and fellowship at Harvard and began a very specialized career at the time in Orthopedic Forensic Surgery Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston.  

Because of my previous work with the USDA, I was quickly employed by the federal government. My early years as a physician related mostly to providing medical support to various employee types (fire fighters, etc.) within the USDA/FS.

I also became the forensic expert and anatomist for the USDA and was called to examine most major accidental deaths of USDA/FS servicemen. Due to my interest in genetics and early experiences in agricultural hybridization, I was assigned to scientific teams, which investigated the physical nature of genetics.

Our early experiments determined that DNA is the component of the chromosomes where genetics should be studied; this, along with the efforts of several other scientists, lead to the discovery of the double helix structure in early 1950s.

It was at this same time that several of our team members were called to Bandera County, TX where the forestry scientists/biologists assigned to Edwards Plateau reported the dead bodies of a strange type of human. The first reports I received were speculating that they were feral humans from the local Comanche Indian tribes. The bodies were supposedly found in or around one of the massive caves within the Edwards Plateau area.

When I arrived in Texas, I was surprised to find 3 bodies; one adult female and two female juveniles. I examined them as I typically would any human subject. But to my dismay--one of these creatures still seemed to be alive. I became quite upset with the local scientists--but they reassured me that they confirmed all 3 were deceased.

After further investigation, I found that these creatures were not human. They, in fact, had a remarkable rapid reparative process (hence the reason one of the creatures seemed dead--but in fact was regenerating to a degree). Unfortunately the restorative abilities of the creature were not enough to keep it alive. They were massive in size and distinctly a new primate species unknown to science at the time.

I spent years studying these creatures (which are scientifically known as Cebidatelidae), confirming that they were most certainly not human; they were definitely of Primate origin, but with traits seen in various species of primate – most of which were New World monkey.

Cebidatelidae found in the San Antonio Texas area very much “howl” like a howler monkey (quite frightening to hear at night).  At one point early in my analysis, I found a great deal of similarity between these bigfoot creatures and the Howler Monkey- that was until 1962…..

In late 1962 early ’63 I was notified of a large human like creature by the Redding forest service folks in California. I arranged for transport of the body to my primary location in Colorado. It was reported to me that the body was found under a large tree that had been violently struck by lightning and blown to the ground, apparently killing this large creature.

During my investigation- I found the animal to be very similar to those I had studied in the Bandera County area of Texas, with some marked differences. This northern version of Cebidatelidae seemed to have the same new world monkey attributes I notated in the Texas animals (known today as Cebidatelidae texicanus or C. texicanus).

However, there were unique traits found in this Pacific Northwest animal (known today as Cebidatelidae nerteros pacificus or C. nerteros pacificus) including thumbs that are not entirely opposable, as we see in modern humans. C. nerteros pacificus entire hand was truly designed for grip, including proximal pads; making the hand somewhat hooked like, having flattened nails resulting in my theory that these northern creatures developed an evolutionary arboreal nature while the Texas sub-family developed a trogloxene nature. 

This Pacific Northwest (PNW) creature found in 1962-63 also had scent glands on her forearms. This is more evidence that C. nerteros pacificus is arboreal to some extent, leaving sent marks up and down the tree while climbing.  Not only was this creature smashed by the large tree, but she was also badly burned with areas of lightning prints on exposed skin. I notated in my Medical Examination report of the body that it seemed as though lightning struck the animal passing through the body and into the tree; subsequently weakening the tree and causing it to fall to the ground. 

It did seem as though the animal had fallen to the ground first, with the tree falling on top of her afterward- but the evidence as to whether the animal fell first or with the tree is inconclusive. However, it is clear lightning struck the tree at a decent height of over 20 feet; therefore this animal must have been clinging to the tree at the time of the lightning strike…. more evidence of the arboreal nature of C. nerteros pacificus.

 C. nerteros pacificus also has additional medial padding on the feet, which it would use to climb trees by clinging to the tree with its hands and support its weight.

Both the C. nerteros pacificus and C. texicanus have oversized lower jaws, including massive sternocleidomastoid musculature. This must have been due to their rugged diet and, moreover, their need to crush bones. Their lower dentum at first looked as a second row of molars. But after years of research and examining the dead bodies of these animals, I have found that the lower molars are simply oversized or fused resulting in massive, bone crushing tools. 

Due to their jaw size and bone crushing dentum, it is also clear that all sub-family of this creature are omnivorous, predacious and opportunistic.  We did find that the female killed during the Columbus Day storm was pregnant with monozygotic embryos. All female Cebidatelidae bodies I have investigated throughout my career that have been pregnant have monozygotic embryos; this again, incorporating additional evidence of a new world monkey relationship.

 Due to my investigations of the 1950s bodies in Texas and the 1960s PNW Columbus day storm body- I submitted to the Department of Agriculture that this is a new Platyrrhini species and that a new family under the parvorder should be created. Fellow scientists of mine disagreed given the fact that the creatures we examined in both cases were obviously bipedal and catarrhini in terms of their nostrils facing downward (old world monkeys). 

However, the juveniles we have examined are much more platyrrhini in terms of nostril breadth and position. I won the debate in the end due to the fact that no evidence thus far demonstrates that these creatures crossed over from the old world- but are simply new world monkeys adapting to their various staged areas within North and South America*.

I have since retired and I know of some new University of Utah based scientists and Idaho who understand the genetics a bit better. Their findings are only supporting my original theorems, or at least I am told. These molecular biologists will soon understand the similarities with humans- once the human genome project is completed. As a result, I still refer to the Sasquatch species as Cebidatelidae with the following subfamilies:
Cebidatelidae arktos
Cebidatelidae nerteros pacificus
Cebidatelidae somphos
Cebidatelidae americanus
Cebidatelidae texicanus
Cebidatelidae amazonia

*Any of these species found outside the New World must have originated from and migrated out of the new world.
All of my experience with this primate has been post-mortem, save a few unique experiences in the wild. To my knowledge a live specimen has never been captured except for once in Northern Research station in California. However, the animal did not survive in captivity and died after only several days. 

I, of course, examined the body. There were many rumors that this captured “Sasquatch” was somehow magical and could shape shift and that is why it couldn’t be found. The truth is… the folks at Northern Research station were very devastated and embarrassed that this live specimen died so quickly after being in captivity. So no, they are not magical. They are highly intelligent primates. 

Having one die in captivity is a very difficult to witness due to the human nature and feeling about the species. In reality, captivity will never be realistic for Cebidatelidae because of their size and complex brains. Similar to captive white sharks, the species cannot thrive in captivity and quickly die as a protective mechanism.

I have spent a great deal of my career as an expert for the federal government concerning Cebidatelidae and throughout the world, including the bodies recovered in the 80s due to Mount Saint Helen eruption. We made many recommendations to protect the species, but the DOI has constant concern regarding the impact of such a decision due to the vast number of areas this species inhabits. Such a decision would have potential negative impacts on the natural resource industry. The USFS is now working more toward creating protective wildlife refuges for Cebidatelidae.
[There is an entire section here that I could not transcribe- Handwriting was illegible]
…others on the team focused on molecular genetics….
[There is an entire section here that I could not transcribe- Handwriting was illegible]
…. the USFS and the DOI is recognizing now that the natural resource industry is not the economic center as it once was. So a final decision has been made to finalize the class 1 identification of the species. There is a 20 year plan to incorporate all wildlife protection areas throughout many areas of the United States to ensure federal land protection for Cebidatelidae starting with California, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

I was upset by this decision because the first location the species was identified scientifically was Texas. I petitioned and as a result, the Government Canyon State Natural Area will be protected, opened to the public and expanded in Bexar County, TX. The long-term plan will be to open each of these designated “Natural Areas” to the public. Once all of the designated Cebidatelidae “Natural Areas” are open to the public, the DOI will announce the species as an endangered New World Primate. I am not sure if this will happen, and the Government Canyon State Natural Area will not be open to the public until 2005 and then expanded later in 2009, and then again in 2012. This will all happen long after I am dead I’m afraid.

I am currently still living in Colorado and I have attempted to journal my experience with the discovery of this new massive primate. The species is amazing, powerful, and deadly if angered. Like any animal, it will protect itself, its food source and its young at all cost. Artiodactyla are Cebidatelidaes’ primary food source. It is imperative that the federal government continue to designate “Natural Areas”. Otherwise, a scarce food resource available to Cebidatelidae will result in more opportunistic feeding behavior and closer interaction between Humans and Cebidatelidae. These creatures and human beings simply do not co-exist.
H.A. Miller, MD, PhD (Now deceased) 
Influenced by the writings of Anatomist Dr. Thomas Dwight among which includes: "Frozen Sections of a Child" (1872); "Clinical Atlas of Variations of the Bones of the Hands and Feet" (1907); "Thoughts of a Catholic Anatomist" (1911)


Anonymous said...

Since we were tiny we’ve been told by parents, teachers, the TV, movies and religious institutions what the world is and isn’t. During over 50 years on this planet, I’ve learned that the REAL world is much more vast and diverse than the “tiny box” society would have you believe it is. I applaud people like you who have the courage to bring the truth to light.

Kevin C said...

I enjoyed your page and the account of Dr. H. A. Miller's account/personal testimony.

Am fascinated by the unusual, unknown or rediscovery of supposed extinct creature or long forgotten location, civilization, culture and/or its people. It is truly amazing what we are beginning to uncover in this day and age!

Anonymous said...

Yeah,, Great stuff .I'm from Tn,, Part Tsalga and know all the legends. Iv not been blessed to see a single sign in my many years spent in the woods and Mtns,, but who knows,, Tomorrow is another day!! Peace to all!

Linda Newton-Perry said...

Thank you viewer from Tn. I appreciate your comment and I do hope you get to glimpse one of these animals. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Dr. Timothy A. Hart said...

Hi, Linda! Love your page. I'm coming to the party late; I have been watching Justin Chernipeski's Mountain Beast Mysteries videos on youtube and jumped on the link to you. The Bigfoot phenomenon has always fascinated me, so I plan on being more involved in my own searches. Your page is a wonderful source of valuable information and insight. Keep it up.

Kimber Haas said...

Hi, Linda! Love your page. I have been watching Justin Chernipeski's Mountain Beast Mysteries videos on youtube and jumped on the link to you. The Bigfoot phenomenon has always fascinated me. We love hearing the stories, and watching "valid" videos, which leaves you wondering most times what is true/real. Look forward to reading bmore stories. Thank you for collecting them and taking the time to share them.

Big Red said...

While this document in and of itself proves nothing, I am keen to see the documents that describe the anatomical features of these animals. The reasons for the use of specific nomenclature are at best mis-guided, as the mention of how old world monkeys actually got to the new world to become the diversity of extant New World monkeys is not given enough coverage here in. Where are the research reports, where are the dissection/autopsy reports? What are the features of each sub species that differentiate the individuals examined, that resulted in the sub family categorization? Why didn't Miller write his discoveries into a research paper, as there should be one for each of the sub species he classified. How did they get the classification and has the classification been revised to better reflect what they are by taxonomists which (HA Miller was not)? Where are the descriptions of the type specimens? I fear, unless corroborating evidence surfaces to support this autobiographical piece, then the jury should still be out on its validity. Is it just a Government fit up, that would be found to be a hoax to discredit bona fide Bigfoot research? So many questions and few answers.

Linda Newton-Perry said...

Big Red, I can only say that this is all the information that I was given. If Dr Miller is real I'm sure he did all that was needed to record his findings. His research is somewhere or it has been discarded. Thanks for the comment. ... LNP

Unknown said...

Very fascinating Linda!
Thank you so much for sharing the readable text from this document.

I enjoyed learning the delineations of Sasquatch species as 'Cebidatelidae', especially with the subfamily of 'Cebidatelidae nerteros pacificus' (and several others), as I am from the Pacific Northwestern here in the USA.

When "Sophia" said the original document was sealed by now (or sealed by Ahora), I hope one day she might open it up and take professional photos and share those, allowing others an attempt to interpret the missing sections. Yet, I am sure they did as well as most anyone else could have done. It would just be fun to see it.

Again, thank you Linda Newton-Perry for your work and sharing it with us, and thank you to Sophia for preserving it and sharing this work by H.A. Miller, MD, Ph.

Best regards,
Timothy Oldfield

Kevin C said...

Even though I enjoyed this page and what Miller showed, it still leaves alot left unproven and unknown... which in turn leaves many questions unanswered. More systematic documentation is needed to prove the actual existence of these creatures, and other things bizarre.

We live in a world that was turned upside down during the great deluge of Noah. Many creatures which are thought to be extinct are coming to the surface as it were from many years of isolation and man's encroaching upon their territory by what is known as the PROGRESS hype.

REAL credible evidence will surface if the person collecting such will know what to look for. Any person who knows how to gather such evidence will operate as a Forensic Scientist would, whether by vocation or by experience. They needs to be thorough & systematic... without bias thus letting the evidence lead to a sensible conclusion as it proves itself.

Timo said...

It amazes me that some people just don't get it that when they say something is UNPROVEN, they are NOT speaking for everyone. They are only saying it is yet UNPROVEN OR UNKNOWN TO THEM (and perhaps most others). And that is very valid. It still does not mean such is not true to the experiencer!

In general, repeated THOUGHTS form BELIEFS (which do not need to be based on proven or known data).
That is where most people hold their stance on most subjects. While they may THINK they "know", they have no proof to stand on and admittedly not had the EXPERIENCE which would allow them the experiential level of truly KNOWING, which is another level entirely! ;)

I prefer giving at least equal weight to the EXPERIENCERS accounts while remaining open to personally KNOWING/EXPERIENCING for myself.