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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

More on Dr. D. S. Gould

 I couldn't find the article on my site but using Google Search I found this article you may enjoy.  Plus, there is much information on the Internet about Dr. D.  S. Gould who autopsied the Columbus Day Oregon Storm animal of 1962. Enjoy and comment, please.
 (The search tool on Ballyhoo just isn't very consistent.)
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Comment by LNP

Thank you Wes for the comment. I believe there is an autopsy, or at least part of one, on this site by a Dr. Gould. I'll look for it.

Guest Editor-Blogger:

Wes has left a new comment on your post "An Older Post":

Many people just want to "jump" ahead of science on this Bigfoot thing. In science if we don't have control factor then we have nothing to start with. In the case of the 1962 body apparently no samples were collected to preserve leaving only bone.. Thus the body if bones still existed to this day could only be categorized as primate or human. It would bring us no closer to calling it a specific kind of primate.As I understand the body of this creature was badly decomposed so again you gain little from testing. What it will take is a complete skeletal remains of a Gigantopithecus or other primate evidence to for forward with listing this creature as alive. Some of my colleges think this body was something other than primate. DOI/DOA generally doesn't file such remains under unknown status but here again we would need a sample control of a KNOWN Gigantopithecus to be sure. Many in science believe it remotely possible a branch off still undiscovered from Gigantopithecus still could be present. 

To Debbie, the lawyer, and

Anyone that cares to comment:

What do you think of the reasoning of  the doctor below on the subject of the Columbus Day Storm Animal's bones?

An Older Post

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Comment

DR SELLTON has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot Ballyhoo Report":

A very simple answer to the questions about why the so-called Bigfoot of 1962 has not been classified as a Sasquatch. In 1962 there was no control sample of a known Sasquatch.

In 2012 we do not have a category for Sasquatch because we have no evidence that the beings people claim to see or the bones from 1962 are in fact a Sasquatch. We cannot merely give something a category until we have sufficient evidence that can hold up to science.

DNA samples are worthless because of no control sample. Saying it came from a Sasquatch doesn't cut the mustard. The sample may have been degraded or mixed with something else. No mentions of the source and who collected it makes me very suspect of any findings.I realize some people want to cut past science to get the Sasquatch/Bigfoot classified anyway possible but it doesn't work like that.

 First we need a body for intense examination of body fluids, bone structure and a battery of nuclear tests and then complete documentation of the entire body mass. Nothing short of this will be excepted. The bones from 62 would only leave more questions than answers. Medical forensics in 62 was far below the threshold now required

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Got Bigfoot News?

Don't worry, this guy is NOW in the trash! I like to keep things interesting. SOOOO, once in a while this sort of thing happens. (Do you get it? Bigfoot here is  made of newspaper?)


Hiker Followed by Bigfoot
(March 10, 2011)
Some members of my hiking club recently was asked what they would do if approached or confronted by bigfoot. The answers might surprise a person if they think it’s not a no-brainer.
In 2010 an older member of this club came almost face to face with what he said was a giant ape man or bigfoot. He had been hiking the deep woods for 30+ years and had never seen this beast or one like it.
The large being was standing behind a big fir tree watching the man walk the trail. The first site of it brought complete panic to the hiker. The sheer size of the beast was overwhelming to him. The hiker turned quickly and ran back along the trail and the bigfoot followed him. The hiker ran as fast as possible and he said the bigfoot wasn’t even winded. The beast followed him for three miles or so before breaking off down a vertical incline.
The hiker told us that the bigfoot made several deep grunting sounds but never actually tried to catch him. He was so unnerved by the supposed mystery being that it took him several months before returning with other hikers to the place he sighted it. It was his belief that bigfoot was not a real creature. The sighting was in southwestern Oregon in the summer months but I do not want the location of the sighting to be published. The sighting was reported to the United States Forest Service but no follow up was ever done with the hiker.


Click on Archive Section in right column, top, to go to over 100 bigfoot sightings.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Question ...

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Guest Editor-Blogger: Ryan

Hunting season is here. More sightings in Oct than all others combined I hear. More folks in the forest and also Sasquatch starts moving from high ground to the lower regions following the food supply. Primary food is berries so they need to keep moving for more food sources. Watched a tube documentary about the biologist John Mionczynski about that Bigfoot that fell on his tent in the 70s and he was talking about finding deer with the hide ripped off. Maybe some form of cover for Bigfoot in the cold.

Thank you Ryan for the great comment. ... LNP


we want 
NEWS of bigfoot. Comment Please.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Note to Dr. Westler,


Dr. Westler,

Is there more information on Dr. H. A. Miller that you can share with us? Thank you. ... Linda Newton-Perry

For The Kids

 Linda Sings With Her Puppet, Punch
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Friday, September 25, 2015

Comment Please

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Please Send More Information, Aly

 (An older post)
Dear Mrs Perry,
Mother brought to me some old notes from mormor. I have typed as best I can for your YouTube magazine. I hope it makes sense to you. It makes no sense to me.
I have more notes. I will work on them if this is helpful to you and your science.
Dear Aly, Please send more  information on notes by your grandmother, Evely N. Wentsworth. It would good to give information that we can substantiate her existence and work. 
Thank you,
Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


The Original Post from Sophia about Dr. H.A. Miller

An Older Post You May Enjoy

Guest Editor-Blogger: Sophia

Dear Linda,
I am not clear as to the best way to handle a manuscript written by my grandmother's half - brother. He died in 2005. He had no children or relatives who live, except my grandmother. Apparently, he sent a box and left it in the box ... Without my knowledge or my mother .... - It was in the attic of my grandmother since 2005. Amazing age of 92, my grandmother recently passed away and my mother and I were going through his things, found this manuscript. I do not know if it's authentic, but I wanted to share with anyone who might know what to do with it. English is a second language. So I look to you, Linda, to be the nicest person on the internet now, when it comes to bigfoot, then I'll send it to you. Written original manuscript is by hand and it has been neglected. So a friend transcribed it to write to you. I do not know what to do with the original, so we have sealed it by Ahora

You have full permission to read the manuscript below titled "The Following was written by Dr. H. A. Miller" on your you tube blog

The Following was written by Dr. H.A. Miller
  (Now deceased)
Born in New England, December 12th, 1909… I was the first and only child of Christiana and Arthur Miller. My mother died in child birth and I was subsequently raised by my father until re-married to a French woman when I was 12 or 13 years of age. Soon after their marriage she bore a baby girl. I finished my high school education while living with my father, step-mother, and half-sister.
[There is an entire section here that I could not transcribe- Handwriting was illegible]
I remained in New England for my undergraduate work. I thoroughly enjoyed the outdoors, the ocean and forestry. My under-graduate studies focused on forestry and land management. While in my junior and senior year, I was employed by the Federal Government.

I worked at Lockwood Farm (part of The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station). I learned about hybridization in agricultural and enjoyed the hard outdoor work in the corn fields. I began to find great interest in the scientific workings happening with corn seed at the time.

I completed an additional year in Forestry science and graduated in 1930 with an A.B. from Yale University and an M.F. in 1931 (M.F. is a Master of Science in Forestry).

I labored at Lockwood Farm for a few years and gained great interest in science and medicine; by this time and I did hope to attend Medical School and become a physician. I expeditiously applied for Medical School and was accepted to Harvard and began my medical training in 1938.

Graduating from Harvard medical school (Harvard) in the early 1940s and I completed residency and fellowship at Harvard and began a very specialized career at the time in Orthopedic Forensic Surgery Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston.  

Because of my previous work with the USDA, I was quickly employed by the federal government. My early years as a physician related mostly to providing medical support to various employee types (fire fighters, etc.) within the USDA/FS.

I also became the forensic expert and anatomist for the USDA and was called to examine most major accidental deaths of USDA/FS servicemen. Due to my interest in genetics and early experiences in agricultural hybridization, I was assigned to scientific teams, which investigated the physical nature of genetics.

Our early experiments determined that DNA is the component of the chromosomes where genetics should be studied; this, along with the efforts of several other scientists, lead to the discovery of the double helix structure in early 1950s.

It was at this same time that several of our team members were called to Bandera County, TX where the forestry scientists/biologists assigned to Edwards Plateau reported the dead bodies of a strange type of human. The first reports I received were speculating that they were feral humans from the local Comanche Indian tribes. The bodies were supposedly found in or around one of the massive caves within the Edwards Plateau area.

When I arrived in Texas, I was surprised to find 3 bodies; one adult female and two female juveniles. I examined them as I typically would any human subject. But to my dismay--one of these creatures still seemed to be alive. I became quite upset with the local scientists--but they reassured me that they confirmed all 3 were deceased.

After further investigation, I found that these creatures were not human. They, in fact, had a remarkable rapid reparative process (hence the reason one of the creatures seemed dead--but in fact was regenerating to a degree). Unfortunately the restorative abilities of the creature were not enough to keep it alive. They were massive in size and distinctly a new primate species unknown to science at the time.

I spent years studying these creatures (which are scientifically known as Cebidatelidae), confirming that they were most certainly not human; they were definitely of Primate origin, but with traits seen in various species of primate – most of which were New World monkey.

Cebidatelidae found in the San Antonio Texas area very much “howl” like a howler monkey (quite frightening to hear at night).  At one point early in my analysis, I found a great deal of similarity between these bigfoot creatures and the Howler Monkey- that was until 1962…..

In late 1962 early ’63 I was notified of a large human like creature by the Redding forest service folks in California. I arranged for transport of the body to my primary location in Colorado. It was reported to me that the body was found under a large tree that had been violently struck by lightning and blown to the ground, apparently killing this large creature.

During my investigation- I found the animal to be very similar to those I had studied in the Bandera County area of Texas, with some marked differences. This northern version of Cebidatelidae seemed to have the same new world monkey attributes I notated in the Texas animals (known today as Cebidatelidae texicanus or C. texicanus).

However, there were unique traits found in this Pacific Northwest animal (known today as Cebidatelidae nerteros pacificus or C. nerteros pacificus) including thumbs that are not entirely opposable, as we see in modern humans. C. nerteros pacificus entire hand was truly designed for grip, including proximal pads; making the hand somewhat hooked like, having flattened nails resulting in my theory that these northern creatures developed an evolutionary arboreal nature while the Texas sub-family developed a trogloxene nature. 

This Pacific Northwest (PNW) creature found in 1962-63 also had scent glands on her forearms. This is more evidence that C. nerteros pacificus is arboreal to some extent, leaving sent marks up and down the tree while climbing.  Not only was this creature smashed by the large tree, but she was also badly burned with areas of lightning prints on exposed skin. I notated in my Medical Examination report of the body that it seemed as though lightning struck the animal passing through the body and into the tree; subsequently weakening the tree and causing it to fall to the ground. 

It did seem as though the animal had fallen to the ground first, with the tree falling on top of her afterward- but the evidence as to whether the animal fell first or with the tree is inconclusive. However, it is clear lightning struck the tree at a decent height of over 20 feet; therefore this animal must have been clinging to the tree at the time of the lightning strike…. more evidence of the arboreal nature of C. nerteros pacificus.

 C. nerteros pacificus also has additional medial padding on the feet, which it would use to climb trees by clinging to the tree with its hands and support its weight.

Both the C. nerteros pacificus and C. texicanus have oversized lower jaws, including massive sternocleidomastoid musculature. This must have been due to their rugged diet and, moreover, their need to crush bones. Their lower dentum at first looked as a second row of molars. But after years of research and examining the dead bodies of these animals, I have found that the lower molars are simply oversized or fused resulting in massive, bone crushing tools. 

Due to their jaw size and bone crushing dentum, it is also clear that all sub-family of this creature are omnivorous, predacious and opportunistic.  We did find that the female killed during the Columbus Day storm was pregnant with monozygotic embryos. All female Cebidatelidae bodies I have investigated throughout my career that have been pregnant have monozygotic embryos; this again, incorporating additional evidence of a new world monkey relationship.

 Due to my investigations of the 1950s bodies in Texas and the 1960s PNW Columbus day storm body- I submitted to the Department of Agriculture that this is a new Platyrrhini species and that a new family under the parvorder should be created. Fellow scientists of mine disagreed given the fact that the creatures we examined in both cases were obviously bipedal and catarrhini in terms of their nostrils facing downward (old world monkeys). 

However, the juveniles we have examined are much more platyrrhini in terms of nostril breadth and position. I won the debate in the end due to the fact that no evidence thus far demonstrates that these creatures crossed over from the old world- but are simply new world monkeys adapting to their various staged areas within North and South America*.

I have since retired and I know of some new University of Utah based scientists and Idaho who understand the genetics a bit better. Their findings are only supporting my original theorems, or at least I am told. These molecular biologists will soon understand the similarities with humans- once the human genome project is completed. As a result, I still refer to the Sasquatch species as Cebidatelidae with the following subfamilies:
Cebidatelidae arktos
Cebidatelidae nerteros pacificus
Cebidatelidae somphos
Cebidatelidae americanus
Cebidatelidae texicanus
Cebidatelidae amazonia

*Any of these species found outside the New World must have originated from and migrated out of the new world.
All of my experience with this primate has been post-mortem, save a few unique experiences in the wild. To my knowledge a live specimen has never been captured except for once in Northern Research station in California. However, the animal did not survive in captivity and died after only several days. 

I, of course, examined the body. There were many rumors that this captured “Sasquatch” was somehow magical and could shape shift and that is why it couldn’t be found. The truth is… the folks at Northern Research station were very devastated and embarrassed that this live specimen died so quickly after being in captivity. So no, they are not magical. They are highly intelligent primates. 

Having one die in captivity is a very difficult to witness due to the human nature and feeling about the species. In reality, captivity will never be realistic for Cebidatelidae because of their size and complex brains. Similar to captive white sharks, the species cannot thrive in captivity and quickly die as a protective mechanism.

I have spent a great deal of my career as an expert for the federal government concerning Cebidatelidae and throughout the world, including the bodies recovered in the 80s due to Mount Saint Helen eruption. We made many recommendations to protect the species, but the DOI has constant concern regarding the impact of such a decision due to the vast number of areas this species inhabits. Such a decision would have potential negative impacts on the natural resource industry. The USFS is now working more toward creating protective wildlife refuges for Cebidatelidae.
[There is an entire section here that I could not transcribe- Handwriting was illegible]
…others on the team focused on molecular genetics….
[There is an entire section here that I could not transcribe- Handwriting was illegible]
…. the USFS and the DOI is recognizing now that the natural resource industry is not the economic center as it once was. So a final decision has been made to finalize the class 1 identification of the species. There is a 20 year plan to incorporate all wildlife protection areas throughout many areas of the United States to ensure federal land protection for Cebidatelidae starting with California, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

I was upset by this decision because the first location the species was identified scientifically was Texas. I petitioned and as a result, the Government Canyon State Natural Area will be protected, opened to the public and expanded in Bexar County, TX. The long-term plan will be to open each of these designated “Natural Areas” to the public. Once all of the designated Cebidatelidae “Natural Areas” are open to the public, the DOI will announce the species as an endangered New World Primate. I am not sure if this will happen, and the Government Canyon State Natural Area will not be open to the public until 2005 and then expanded later in 2009, and then again in 2012. This will all happen long after I am dead I’m afraid.

I am currently still living in Colorado and I have attempted to journal my experience with the discovery of this new massive primate. The species is amazing, powerful, and deadly if angered. Like any animal, it will protect itself, its food source and its young at all cost. Artiodactyla are Cebidatelidaes’ primary food source. It is imperative that the federal government continue to designate “Natural Areas”. Otherwise, a scarce food resource available to Cebidatelidae will result in more opportunistic feeding behavior and closer interaction between Humans and Cebidatelidae. These creatures and human beings simply do not co-exist.
H.A. Miller, MD, PhD (Now deceased) 
Influenced by the writings of Anatomist Dr. Thomas Dwight among which includes: "Frozen Sections of a Child" (1872); "Clinical Atlas of Variations of the Bones of the Hands and Feet" (1907); "Thoughts of a Catholic Anatomist" (1911)

More from Dr. Westler:

Dr. Westler has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger: Sophia": 

I must admit that I am flabbergasted by this document. The person that wrote this has advanced medical training far beyond my scope. He certainly lays out a excellent case of time of events and reasoning for his conclusions.

I might be wrong but I truly believe this is part 2. of the missing files from 1962. I wish my memory was better but I believe I reviewed this same document and finding in 1966 while working in Golden, Co for the army.

OLDER POST: Information on Dr. H.A. Miller

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Additional Information from Dr. Westler

Dr. Westler has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor:Blogger":

Yes I think so. Dr Miller was one of four forensic doctors contracted by DOA-DOI. A. Harles Miller was Chief of pathology at Golden CO from 1956 to 1967. His name is listed in my directory as A Harles Miller MD/ME . His place of residence was Connecticut. As it states he was working in Golden at the time mentioned.


Monday, September 21, 2015

From Our Archive Section

Number 47

Two Bigfoots Throwing Rocks

(March 21, 2011)
(B Geel)
A strange 12 hrs for Ralph Welburn: Ralph Welburn has fished the Illinois River in southwestern Oregon for 32 years and last week had a most upsetting experience on that river. At 2 pm on Tuesday the 15th Ralph and a fishing friend were drifting the river 13 miles from the mouth when medium size rocks started hitting the river near them.

They couldn’t see where these rocks were coming from until they went to shore from the fear of being hit.  Ralph and his friend claim two very large creatures stood on a steep rock outcrop some forty to fifty feet above them and watched the fishermen for nearly five minutes.

In his eye glasses he claimed the creatures were neither human or animal as far as he knows. The creatures were standing on two legs and had great body size. His friend tried to use his camera to get pictures of them but only caught blurry and unrecognizable figures.

As they stood upright watching the men on the riverbank the larger one on the left would pick up and throw a rock into the river. After a bit the creatures walked off and out of sight.
Both men claimed the creatures were covered in hair, one black and one a light brown or almost yellow like. Ralph wanted the sighting told so I’m sending it to you. Thanks for a place to let people know of sightings without giving personal info out.

You may ...

wish to pick up an October copy of National Geographic.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Read also our Archive Section, right column.

A Youtube Video

One of my favorite stories I've written: THE HAIRY MEN OF THE HIGH MOUNTAIN FORESTS. Hope you enjoy it... Linda Newton-Perry
(To copy story go to Read Them a Bigfoot Story, right column down or up. It will be the last story.)
Perry reads a bigfoot story for older children adults. Enjoy
 Click link below to go.


A Youtube You Will Enjoy

Bigfoot Chases Man Riding on Mule (Southern Bigfoot Tales)
 5:21 minutes long and by Bigfoot Evidence
 Young man goes courting ...
Click link to go.

Friday, September 18, 2015

If you enjoy the bigfoot topic ...

then talk about it here by commenting.

A Thank You

to JC PC. I appreciate your thoughtful comment. ... LNP

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fall Loon Lake

Loon Lake in the Fall

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anon

Loon Lake, Oregon

Linda and Jim, just a thought, and a great one for believers and non believers alike. Why not get all the bigfoot websites to get together or get a non profit organization together and raise funds to purchase this forest and have the very first bigfoot sanctuary in the world, where a conference building could be built for bigfoot symposiums, and research rooms where bigfoot researchers could have places to work and study the evidence found out in the forest around the Loon Lake and Elliott State Forest areas.

Make this area a green area with electric golf carts, bicycles, rentals included to help maintain park, or hiking past a certain point. Have horseback camping spots with a corral for public use, rentals will pay to maintain park also, and electric motors only on Loon Lake. People would come from everywhere to camp and have a remote chance of even catching a glimpse of a bigfoot. Build a amphitheater and have movies about bigfoot or have popular researchers speak and answer questions about the animal.You could have a place to sell books on the subject, sound good Linda, and t-shirts and some proceeds to maintain the park included. You could limit the amount of people in there on days so the forest is not beaten down and rundown and would give the researchers working in a area the privacy needed to do their work in studying these animals.

I also would build a memorial to honor the people that gave their lives or their dedication in saving this forest old growth as well as the brave people who looked danger in the face in the disputes that led to helping to save it. The very first research facility and bigfoot sanctuary right here in Oregon, a dream come true! Think about it!


Good thought. I can't take it on but perhaps someone may. ... LNP

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Thank you, Jim.

Answer to 'fix sentence below'

Land Board must obey the law

More than a year ago — Dec. 12, 2013, to be exact — we reluctantly endorsed the preliminary recommendation of the State Land Board to sell the Elliott State Forest and finally get this burden off the state’s back.
August 23, 2015 2:50 pm To read the whole story go to www.theworldlink.com and search for Elliott State Forest.
The State of Oregon is looking for a buyer for the Elliott State Forest. The state wants to sell it to a private land Company that will use it for public recreation because the timber money was to be used for schools (O&C Act of 1937). Over the last twenty years lawsuits have made it impossible for the state to sell any timber because the forest is considered a natural habitat for the Owl and marbled murrlet. .

Guest Editor-Blogger: Jim

Jim has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous":

Some interesting things about the Elliott State Forest: All logging has ceased because of northern spotted owl. The State is looking for a private land co. to but it though it will can never be logged again. Weyco has logged some areas over in the Ash Valley area but most of the forest on the west side of Loon lake is now closed off to logging.

That woman's incident happened up behind Allegeny on the 2000 line near Crystal Creek. My dad saw the bigfoot near Elk Wallow.

Thanks Jim. Can you rewrite the highlighted sentence above. I don't know how to fix it. ... Linda (New comment will do. Thanks)

The Sighting Below to Jim

is on Youtube. Click link to go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gk8wGYp6JfE

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous

(Number 116 in our Archive Section)
Jim, I do believe that a couple of years ago before all the logging in the Ash Valley section where you go across the bridge on the left, Weyerhauser land, that this area was home to a clan of bigfoot. I was mushroom picking and kept seeing something the color of a bear, standing behind a tree on two legs, swaying back and forth, just watching me.

My partner who was down the road from me came running up to me in a near panic saying he had seen a huge gorilla man type beast walking up a hillside on two legs and was scared to death. He wanted to leave then and there, and just wanted to sit in the van with the doors locked until I was ready to go.

I just kept picking all along for about another 30 minutes, watching this juvenile creature. It was tall but not muscular and huge, go to tree to tree, watching every move I made. I was scared not knowing what it was going to do, but was so mesmerized by just seeing this with my own eyes, just wanted to know how long it would watch.

I had my radio playing and I think that and the way I acted like nothing was there, had its curiosity peaking. I got done, put the mushrooms in the van, and called my partner out to help. When he came out, I told him right where to look and when he saw it, back into the van he leaped and demanded we leave now!

When I got into the van, something let out a scream that to this day I have never heard again in the woods where my buddy was picking, and was answered by the one that was watching me, with a dog monkey bird call that I know that I have heard many times without a thought.

I felt something was telling me to leave, which I did and looked to see if the one watching me was there. He was gone and I dropped some candy bars on the road with intentions to sit and watch, but my buddy wanted to go right now.

I haven't been back since, but will get there this year to see all the logging someone says has happened, probably putting them on the run. My buddy has never been in the woods since that day. I know they exist there! Thanks for commenting, and please keep it up!


Thank you, Anon, for the great sighting/experience. ... LNP

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What do you know about the animal?

Two Bigfoots Found in Grave

 Click link to go to Ed Hale confesses to Art Bell Bigfoot call.

 Hale tells of two bigfoots dug up by government men.

Bear Attack

According to AP Associated Press : Man in serious condition after attack by bear in Alaska. Please be careful,  headlines could read Unknown Animal (bigfoot) Attacks Man. The man was alone with no gun or bear spray.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Guest Editor-Blogger: Jim

Jim has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger: Gloria": 

If my memory serves me right five other people were there when this incident occurred. Where does the police get the 'dream" thing? Do they think all of them there had the same dream? Over the years many sightings have come from the Elliott. My dad and his hunting partner watched a bigfoot kill a deer in the Elliott in 1941. Dad said the bigfoot jumped from behind a tree and broke the neck of a deer with one blow.They fired three shots at it but it was already gone with the deer. Dad said it was the strangest thing he's ever seen. Black hair, broad shoulders and walked on two legs. It had a large bulge in the back up next to the neck they thought was a muscle bulge. Tho they were one yards or more from it they said it was massive in height and weight. At the time they thought is was some type of wild man. 

Let's Make it a Good Week

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Guest Editor-Blogger: Gloria

(Number 115 in our Archive Section)
This is a true account of a terrifying encounter with Bigfoot. My name is Gloria and have lived in Medford Oregon all my life. I'm now 75 and have retired from teaching for 28 years. When this happened I was 40.

My husband, and three family friends went camping over in Coos County near a place that had the name "Elliott Forest." It was our third night there when things began to happen, loud screams and the sounds of large branches being whipped against something. I was assured by the group it was a cougar off in the distance. 

Something didn't feel right to me. A constant feeling of being watched kept me in high alert mode all day and night. Late this night I was awakened by the loud sound of some gibberish I couldn't understand and the loud sound of footsteps. It was about this time I saw something walk in front of my tent and bend over to look inside. I was beyond terrified at the figure of this massive apelike creature looking at me. I tried to scream but was frozen with fear. It reached inside the tent and grabbed my sleeping bag and started to pull me out of the tent.

My husband woke up and saw the figure outside. He said later it was the horrific smell that woke him up. He yelled "What do you want?" It let go of my bag and turned and walked off while letting out a loud whistling sound. Everyone was now awake and outside looking out into the forest. We could hear this creature breaking branches and raising all hell off in the forest.

It was decided we would all stay close together and keep the fire blazing till dawn. When it was light enough to see we broke camp and left this area. We went to the nearest town called Lakeside. The police didn't  take me or any of the camp party serious even though one was a active policeman. They claimed it had to been a dream. I have never been able to get over this incident. Little doubt in my mind about what this creature was after, Me!


Thank you for this great bigfoot experience. ... LNP 

Check out the comments below on this post. Click 2 Comments


 Hey Kids, Can You See the Face in the Dead Trunk Above?

For Children Linda Sings Well Sort Of

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous

Carla, Excellent post and something I never thought about when thinking of bigfoot. Like any animal, when you run and scream, it shows a weakness and will cause this animal to give chase and Lord knows what would happen if it ever did catch you. Children, and I know this would be so hard for them to do, should be taught these small tricks to save their lives, or save them from being abducted. Since reading the book, Missing 411, I had no idea how many people are missing from our National parks and I can almost believe bigfoot has a small part in some of these, especially the female hikers and campers. Anyway, great comment and I hope everyone will remember this when and if they ever have a encounter.

Linda, this is the most comments on this web site in a while and it's great, come on people, chime in!

Thank you for your comment. ...LNP

Friday, September 11, 2015

The subject of bigfoot...

makes a person crazy. Don't you think? 

Guest Editor-Blogger: Carla


This is how a Bigfoot sighting happens. You accidentally get inside their territory. Believe me it's a terrifying experience to have one follow you. These large beasts can be very unpredictable in their response. A lot depends on a person's demeanor on the actions taken. If you can "keep your cool" you have better chance to come out alive. Panic will always bring on dangerous behavior from Bigfoot.

Human females are more likely to be approached by Bigfoot because of hormones that Bigfoot can smell. Don't ever use pepper spray on one because it doesn't work. It will certainly bring on a violent attack. Try not to make eye contact with one. Very carefully leave the area with normal movement not running of screaming.


Thank you Carla for your great comment. ... LNP

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Where Bigfoot Has Been Seen

From Our Archives

45. Mills Creek Bridge One Man Two Women See Bigfoot

(March 8, 2011)
Ms Perry, while stopping at Bob’s in Scottsburg I learned of your website. Last Tuesday on Oregon 38 at the Mills Creek bridge a man and two women reported to the police that they nearly hit a strange upright creature crossing the highway.
The couple was in route to the coast when at 5:30 pm a strange looking grayish haired creature walked out onto the highway while apparently trying to cross the highway. When the couple slowed they noticed the creature was injured or diseased by the type of limp it displayed while walking.
When I heard of this I thought of the crippled bigfoot seen there before. The police are aware that something is being seen by passersby in that area. So far nobody has come forward with any good photos of it though several cell phone shots have been looked at by police.
I work in a position where I cannot give my name out but find this most interesting to say the least. I can say that over the last four months three other reports came in on the same creature. Police don’t want to alarm residents about the reports. I was told they believe the thing is not a danger to nearby residents but are concerned about near misses with automobiles on the highway.
I find it strange and unacceptable for them not to at least post a sigh to inform people that it MAY be present near the road.