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Friday, July 31, 2015

So, Are You Going to the Forest This Weekend?

Watch for bigfoot and be careful. Let us know if you see anything.

Thursday, July 30, 2015


For the Kids: Punch the Puppet has a New Dress
Linda talks to her puppet punch. Punch has been thrown away but these old videos are still on Youtube. Type in Punch the Bigfoot Puppet for lots more videos. Click link below to go to Youtube to view this video. Hope you like it. COMMENT PLEASE

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Go Ahead...":

I respect the opinion of all people on this subject and yet , there has to be another argument that can be used in the debate. I have had three legit sightings and have had rocks thrown at me, have been charged , when I got to close to their territory and have been trailed through the woods by these mammals, and each time I didn't know what to expect from them. The reason we don't have a body or skeleton is they hide all signs of existence upon death, so it is not found to prevent humans from watching,or wanting to study them, or kill them to prove they exist or like every other strange or unusual creature that ever existed on this planet, it is not like us, therefor it must be bad or alien and needs killed. They saw what happened when the white settlers moved right on in on the Native Americans, moving them and taking everything they had, and bringing in diseases like chicken pox or measles, wiping out entire tribes. There have been many bodies turned over to science and this government and they still deny it's existence,all because of the almighty dollar and greed of the big timber companies, which has led to the extinction of many animals and fish, plus the destruction of homes, roads and railroad lines from landslides caused by clear cuts and erosion. They want to be left alone and not harassed by the general population, but do you think that will be possible with all the reality shows on television that encourages people to go out and find them, of course in the name of science, yeah right! In the name of the almighty dollar to the first person to bring in a body to prove they exist.

 They, for a fact exist and will called a crazy nut case, liar, until it is proven that they do, and there will be many a person eating crow and the saying that says " He who laughs last, will be in their glory, laughing at all the A-holes who made life so miserable on the ones who have seen these creatures and respect their territory, leaving them alone and looking to our scientist and government for closure in a part of my life, that I never asked to be opened, and was quite happy in my Bigfoot doesn't exist days because that is what I have been taught by my government and they would never lie to me as a American!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Comment on Go Ahead ...

We have given the science world plenty of hard evidence in Sasquatch. Bodies, one for sure from 1962. If the body evidence is not enough they will never tell us the truth. People keeps saying, "we need teeth or bones." Well they have them and have had them for 50 plus years. It's all about economics and the lumber industry. I don't want to see people lose jobs but this may be the only way to really know about an animal that is very dangerous to humans. Emery found that out the hard way. He believed both could coexist. on Go Ahead...

Go Ahead...

Tell us why you believe or do not believe in bigfoot. We are listening! ... Linda
Start the comments on this subject by clicking on 'No Comments' just below. (Smiles to you.)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Isn't it SAD that some people think that those of us that believe in bigfoot are crazy? I noticed a Youtube video today that said something like, "I know you're going to think I'm crazy." Anyway the person I guess, I didn't watch the video,  had had a sighting or experience of some kind. I for one believe it is an awful state of affairs when we are put down because we've seen a bigfoot or had an experience. I have not seen one, myself. I, however believe these animals exist. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, July 27, 2015

From Our Archive Section

Number 34
Sasquatch Near Bald Knob, Oregon
(September 13, 2010) This date is when Ballyhoo got report.

Over the weekend came a new report of a very large Sasquatch on a slide-out road near Bald Knob. This road used to go through and then came out near the top of Agness on the NAT FOR DEV 33. I am very hesitant to give out the road number because of the amount of thrill seekers lately looking for Sasquatch after the Emery story broke.

As it happens these people want to remain anonymous saw what sounds a lot like Emery’s reported Sasquatch. This thing was big according to the person reporting the incident.

As it was told to me, the Sasquatch came up behind the pickup which was parked at the end of the old slide. The driver was in another truck about 150 feet from the Ford.

Both of the people claimed the creature was over 9 feet with a massive build. They had left the pickup there the prior evening to go to Powers to get fuel for it. Both gentlemen refused to file a written report with us but did give us an oral report on the sighting. This would be #2 since Sept 1st.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Can you guess what this is?

It is a shallow pool of water near the bank of the Main Umpqua. The same area as video below. Enjoy! And do feel free to use any of my photos. It is always good to give me, Linda Newton-Perry, credit, but if you forget that is just fine. Click on photo to make larger and better to enjoy.
The water in the Umpqua, below. near the bank is so clear you can watch a fish take the bait! It's true! So, of course bigfoot would enjoy a long cool drink or swim this time of year.

Bigfoot Country Enjoy!

A Bigfoot Trail

Oregon has a Bigfoot Trail. Click link to find out all about it. 


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Guest Editor-Blogger: A.G.

Theories in the scientific world believe Bigfoot is a primate. Primates always stay close to water in the summer months. Plus many flora /foods grow near water such a berries.Our incident maps show many sighting near water between June and October. Just for info we had 71 reported cases last year. This year to date we have 22. We believe the lack of rain last winter have drove the Bigfoot up into more remote areas with plenty of natural springs and food. The peak of the sighting usually is in September to November and then fall off till spring. These are also hunting months where more people are in the forest. 


Thank you A.G.

Above Photo

The Header photo was taken by Linda Newton-Perry on the beautiful Main Umpqua River, Oregon. Several years ago a bigfoot was spotted less than a mile from this spot.

Just a thought:  In the heat of  summer, bigfoot, you would think, would spend his time high in the cooler mountains.  What's your opinion? ... LNP


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Comment on a Youtube Video of Mine

A Charly claimed I wasn't making sense today. Why?  Well, I published a short video with the topic that Bigfoot shouldn't be 'discovered' in Oregon.  Sure I want the animal 'discovered.' I believe we have the right to know about any animal that walks the earth. The forests in Oregon provide many jobs and if bigfoot should be 'discovered' here many of those jobs could be lost.

My husband retired from a forest industry job. One of the reasons he doesn't take more of an interest in this site is  that he knows what will happen if this animal is 'discovered'  in Oregon.

So I may come across as 'not making sense' on certain posts/videos. Now you know why. I want the animal 'discovered' but not in Oregon. It would be good if it were 'discovered' in a state that doesn't depend on its forests for jobs and so on. ...

The best to you all,
Linda Newton-Perry

Much Will be Lost if This Animal is "Discovered" in Oregon

What do you know about this subject?

Monday, July 20, 2015

Search Youtube for Videos of Columbus Day Story, Oregon, 1962

From Our Archive Section

33. Columbus Day Storm Animal
(Gordon Paison)
(September 16, 2010)

Yes, I can recall all of that day. As you know we had a major windstorm that hit on October 12, 1962. This windstorm had wreaked havoc on standing timber from Northern California to southern Washington. Contracts were awarded to many logging companies to help with the massive cleanup of the roads under USFS jurisdictions. By November we had over 30 million feet of timber on the ground from wind damage.

Greyback was a major artery used from O’Brien to Happy Camp. This area was contracted by Griffy and Laird Co.  On a November day we were called to assist in the removal of the deceased remains of a victim of the windstorm from Greyback Road.

The body had been discovered by the clearing crew and reported to our field office in Medford. What the recovery team was soon to learn was the remains were not of a human. It was quite apparent that whatever this animal was it was not human or animal as we describe animals.

The body of this thing was in advanced decomposition but clearly showed it had two arms with hands and five fingers along with two legs and feet with five toes on each foot that were something of an apelike human-ape type.

Nobody in our group had ever seen such a thing before. As for the reported photos they were not supposed to ever be shown as we did not give permission for the thing to be photographed. But apparently before our arrival some pictures were taken by the crew and some local people.

These pictures were to be collected if possible because the case had not been classified as natural death yet. Though some photos were not found much of them were collected as ordered by the district manager of this region.

Like I said the thing was never classified as any known animal. It was thought that it was some type of unusual primate but was never classified as such. My memory is quite clear of that thing and when that film of the ’67 bigfoot came out I remembered this thing was very near it in looks. So my idea is it was a bigfoot not a ape-human.

Columbus Day Storm Bigfoot Under a Log

1962 Bigfoot Found Under a Tree, Oregon

Paula Wilson has left a new comment on your post "var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.pro...": 

Many people might question why the tree fell on the female Bigfoot in 1962. Here is a brief video on just how bad it was. That year I lived in Grants Pass and remembered the pictures of the the hairy beast found in November dead under a huge tree. The picture hung on the wall of The Galice Tavern and Store for several months till some forest service people came in and seen it and removed it with a order from the state or government. Olive Lieberman owned the store and told them to leave but they confiscated it anyway.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwespN1e8oA 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Copy Paste and Print for

your child to color. Have fun!

A Little Fun for the Children

Click Link to Go

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Boy, "Bigfoot?"
Man, "No, Pluto."



Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Guest Editor-Blogger

Easy Clay has left a new comment on your post "Come on, TALK TO US!": 

Years ago I had heard about some story of giant ape men attacking some miners up in the southern part of Washington. I believed for years these miners were lying to keep others out of the area. Other stories came out of Oregon that in the 1800s several miners were killed by some wild man. My skepticism was that no large animal could hide from humans. Then I got educated on just how much land is still basically unexplored in the west. I don't mean that no one has ever walked there just that no one spends much time in these areas.

One morning in 2003 I picked up a man that had run out onto the road I was driving on in the Siskiyous. He was in bad shape and had been scared by something in the forest.

At first he wouldn't tell me what he had seen. After a while he calmed down enough to explain that he had been hunting and something walked up behind him. He said it was a giant wild man that has come up behind him. He believed the animal was some sort of huge ape-human. By the way he was shaking and the way he told me the story I am 100% positive he was telling me the truth. I still remember the look of complete terror on that mans face.


Thank you for the great experience. ... Linda Newton-Perry 

Come on, TALK TO US!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


From Our Archive Section

27. Cow Creek Road Oregon
(Joe Daniels)
(December 1, 2010)
Back in the spring of 1972, I had a very strange encounter with an animal much like they say the bigfoot looks like. It was a cold morning as I remember, and I was en-route to work on Cow Creek Road west of Riddle, Oregon. This road is a two lane road that spans between Riddle and Glendale.
After daybreak I had stopped in a turnout to visit nature when I caught sight of something large and brown near the creek’s edge.
My thoughts were a bear but something wasn’t right. This animal was upright and slowly walking along the creek’s bank and turning over large rocks and digging at something. I watched it walk a few feet then stop and turn over one rock and scoop up something into its mouth. Then it slowly went a few steps then again repeated the rock turning.
I could make out it was no bear. The animal was covered in hair and had a head and large broad shoulders along with long arms and two legs.
After a few moments, I called out with a simple “Hey there!” The animal turned and ran with incredible speed into cover along the creek. I never forgot that morning and suspect that this animal was a bigfoot or something close to it.


Thanks Joe Daniels for this sighting experience. ... LNP

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Guest Editor-Blogger:

Paul has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger": 
Absolutely right. Bears and many wild animals take running as a sign of weakness, and will bring on a charge or attack. Grizzly bears will in most cases charge if you try to flee. Your best chance is to make lots of noise but do not make eye contact.

Thank you for the great advice. ... LNP 

Guest Editor-Blogger

Wes has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger:": 
I don"t know where anon got his or her info but it seems sound. Apes see running as a sign of fear. Most of the primate world seem to see running away as a act of aggression. What I don't understand is if the government knows these giant primates are out in the forest and apparently they do, why then don't they put up signs stating that running from any wild animal can be construed as weakness.


Good question. Thanks, Wes, for the thoughtful comment. ... LNP 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Guest Editor-Blogger:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Watch Out!": 

The subject of human/Sasquatch encounters has been discussed many time behind government doors. I cannot speak for the Bureau of Land Management but as a private citizen I feel I have the right to speak and inform people for knowledge and safety. Though I am employed by BLM I am not permitted to use any documentation to provide information on 'what we know." However as a citizen of the United States I feel everyone needs to be aware of the dangers posed by these primates.

The Bigfoot or Sasquatch is certainly very territorial and will attack in some cases with little or NO warning. It has been determined that each Sasquatch is as different in temperament as humans. The female seems to be less aggressive than the males (in most cases). In some cases we have had reports of males chasing human females and a marked interest on young females. For some unknown reason the west coast seems to have the larger group of aggressive males.

This may be because of geographical factors but it is not very well understood. Some inside have theorized that the primate is under increased stress due to the outcropping of cities into their natural habitats. The males without a family pod seem to be far more dangerous. These males seem to occupy very remote regions with little or no contact with humans. I’m very afraid that the silence in government will result in a deadly attack inside one or more of our national forests. It most likely will happen when a single innocent citizen is hiking without a companion. The person will make a quick decision to flee bringing on an attack from the aggressive male which may see running as a sign of fear.

Thank you for the informative comment. ... LNP

Watch Out!

These animals can be dangerous. How do we know? Many bigfoot experiences have been recorded where these animals have thrown rocks, branches, etc. and chased hikers and hunters. Be wise stay aware of your surroundings. We are at a disadvantage because 'Science' will not take this subject seriously. Because of this we forest users are left without the facts on how to protect ourselves against these great unpredictable beasts.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

From Our Archive Section

Number 26
Thrown Over Embankment
(Clarence Bosch)
May 5, 2010)
What the Ellisons went through is what lots of people talk of. Many reports have a very aggressive creature making it perfectly clear people are not wanted in certain areas of the forest.
I found myself in the target of one of these animals in 2008. My ordeal was in Northern California, twenty miles from the Oregon border. I was assigned to do a survey for the California Department of Forestry.
In the late afternoon, I was packing up the pickup with the survey tools when I heard a low grunt somewhere behind me. As I kept on with my packing I found myself being picked up and thrown over the steep embankment beside the truck.  After being dazed a moment or two I went into shock.
I could hear some thing above me literally tearing the equipment apart in the truck bed. I remained very still hoping this animal would not attack me again.  As I became more conscious I realized I was bleeding from a bad cut on my arm. It finally became silent up above at the truck so I slowly crawled up the bank to the pickup.
It was then I saw a huge upright male bigfoot eating three oranges, peelings and all out of the destroyed cooler in the back. Then this giant animal let out a cry or scream that I will never ever forget. It was so loud it seemed to shake the trees.
He soon left taking huge strides with each step. I was able to crawl into the pickup and go down the mountain calling for help on my cell phone. The dispatcher told me the EMTs would meet me at Lower Tandy Creek Campground. It was about a half hour when I came across a couple coming up the road. They took me to the EMTs and I went to the hospital in Crescent City.

Right away the BS started about what had attacked me. After some discussion the forestry people announced that I had been attacked by a black bear. I was told under no circumstances was I to repeat to anybody that a huge bigfoot was really to blame if I desired to keep my job.

This is why people do not tell the authorities about dangerous encounters with bigfoot.

This is the Emery Team Photo

I outlined the animal. I've been told the protrusion in front of the arm is a small tree. ... Linda Newton-Perry

How Did Linda Newton-Perry Get Involved With BIGFOOT?

Just by ACCIDENT ... "How is that," you ask. I started writing a bigfoot newspaper column. Dale Saxton noticed, commented and started keeping me informed on his bigfoot activities. He died and his friend Bill Emery took up Saxton's work. At one time Emery communicated regularly with me/this site. If you recall, Bill Emery and friend one morning actually witnessed a bigfoot. Their trail cam snapped photos of it. These photos were shown around with hair and blood samples to universities, etc. He was finally threatened with a potential lawsuit if he shared the photos with the world. Now I keep the site up because I keep getting sightings and experiences. My Archive Section contains over 100 sightings. Enjoy the site and do comment.   

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Comment Regarding Law Enforcement

SA has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger": 

If a person wants to keep their credibility in law enforcement you don't want to tell anyone about a sighting. Even though Oregon has now quit making persons see the shrink they still hold it against you in many other forms. If a defense lawyer gets wind of such a occasion they WILL use it in court to discredit you as not being truthful.I know of one case in the 1990s when the state actually pulled the certificate of a fellow officer just because he reported a Bigfoot running down a narrow dirt road in the night.He had been called to the scene because of a report of a man that had been charged off by some big animal. His career was destroyed because he put down on paper the animal seemed more apelike than animal. The incident happened south of Florence. My experience was 25 miles south of Siletz. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Guest Editor-Blogger

SA has left a new comment on your post "Just Talking": 

One day in November of 2009 I was Elk camping with my husband when I walked down this old game trail as my husband was hunting in a steep canyon below me. We had seen a small herd of Elk run down into this canyon from the road. He was aware that I was to walk down the trail making noise to maybe get the Elk to start moving again. As I walked down this trail I was beating a stick against the brush and trees. As I approached the tree I somehow became aware something or somebody was near me.

All I remember is this mammoth arms covered in hair and a huge hand reaching out from behind the tree and grabbing my hair. 

It pulled me down against the tree trunk so hard apparently knocking me out. When I came too there was no sign of anything there. BUT the hair was filled with a terrible odor of feces and nasty musky odor. I turned back up the trail and ran back to the road.

My husband said when he came out of the canyon something had spooked the herd and they had ran into the timber opposite the clear cut. I told him what had happened down on the trail. He took his gun and went down it to see if it was still there against my wishes. 
He returned to the truck telling me something had defecated all over the tree trunk and apparently walked off in the direction of the Elk. We talked about it all day and both decided it was in our interest not to report the incident to anyone. We are both involved in law enforcement and didn't want the remarks one gets when reporting something we don't understand. Though I didn't see the body of the animal it still leaves very little doubt on what it was. 


Thank you for your great experience. I've had a few policemen saw that they have had to take a leave and take medical tests when they've reported seeing a bigfoot-like creature. One said he had to lie to return to work. What have you heard on these cases? ... Linda Newton-Perry

Firefox Seems to be Playing the Videos Now.

From Our Archive Section

Number 25 
Illinois River Attack, Oregon

(Derik Wheeler)
(May 04, 2010)

The story goes like this: Gary and Sondra Ellison were living in an old campground on Sanders Creek, a tributary to the Illinois River around 25 miles from AgnessOregon. The couple had been living around the area because of a recent downturn in their income.

One day in Dec. of 2009 they were given a gift of Salmon from a local person in Agness. That afternoon they began cooking the fish in a skillet on an open fire at the camp. It was then the couple claims to have had a very large creature walking upright on two legs come into camp and started throwing very large rocks at them.

They retreated into the motor home to watch the hairy monster take the cooked Salmon off a plate and eat it. Then they reported the creature turned on the motor home and began shaking it. The creature then broke out a side window at the door while Gary and Sondra were on the floor in the back bed area.

Then the creature walked around the motor home looking into the camper. After ten minutes or so the two legged creature walked back into the heavy woods. The couple waited for some time to make sure it was gone before gathering up their belongings outside and then leaving the campground.

Sondra sustained a broken shoulder blade from one of the large rocks thrown. The couple reported the attack to the XXX only to be ridiculed and laughed at. It was noted by XXX that large rocks and broken glass were found at the site along with some big footprints.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Nature's Art

Isn't Bigfoot's World Amazing?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Guest Editor-Blogger

Guest Editor-Blogger: Larry

First things first. We need to have laws in place that PREVENT supervisors from threatening employees who want to talk. Far too long we have been silenced by supervisors within USFS and any federal job. People need to know these creatures are real and out in the wild. Nothing needs to change as far a land closures and such. Paranoid supervisors don't want the public to gain knowledge of the creatures because they think the public is unequipped to handle the truth. 


Thank you, Larry, for your comment. I believe that no one has the right to keep earth's animals from us--NO ONE! ... Linda Newton-Perry

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anon

This might be the year someone finds a dead Bigfoot. Forest fires are going to breakout all over western states and hopefully someone will find a dead one that died from smoke and fire BEFORE the authorities get their grubby hands on it to hide it from us AGAIN. on I Require a Little Help Here .


Thank you for the comment. While watching the news I was thinking a bigfoot might be found or at least observed fleeing the fire. ... Linda Newton-Perry