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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I Require a Little Help Here ...

Monday, June 29, 2015

From Our Archive Section

#24 of 113
 Diamond Lake, Oregon Sighting
(Ben Rechart)
(May 03, 2010)

I have read where people say that they’d love to see bigfoot. Well, let me tell the ones that say this something.  I too was one of them who used to say that. Then on Sept 11, 2005, I got my wish. I was working near Diamond Lake when I turned around and there it was staring at me. This beast was 3 times my size and burned fear into me. I stand 6.5 and weigh 260.

I have never gotten over the way this beast snuck up on me from behind. It has changed my life on how I think about the outdoors. I no longer feel safe walking or hiking in the woods. So people do be careful what you wish for.

Enjoy! and Comment Please

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Where We Camped and Watched for Bigfoot

Were these shells what was left of bigfoot's dinner?

Taken by Christopher Perry

Christopher charmed this beauty into being still so he could get this shot. Isn't it beautiful?
(Click photo for larger view)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

What You Will Find For Children on This Site, Scroll Through Older Posts

The Last Few Days ...

Chris and I spent a few days on the Main Umpqua River.  We were about one half mile away from where several years ago a bigfoot crossed the road, hwy 138. I watched for the animal since we were fishing early morning, but observed nothing. And I looked for footprints. I saw none. We camped (we are new campers) and enjoyed the experience. Thanks for coming to this site. I have more photos and videos from this outing that I will share with you soon. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, June 22, 2015

Area Bigfoot Spotted Sighting Below Oregon

This is a Google Earth Map Dallied With by BeFunky

Click link to take you to a Youtube Video Reading of the Sighting Below


Thank You

Thank you, Barb and Cherry for the great sighting. I know it is work putting together a written report and done so well. ... Linda Newton-Perry
Cherry's Reply

Cherry has left a new comment on your post "Thank You": 
Dad never has seen one. He has talked with people in Dora that have though. He thinks he might have smelled one in 1952 but cant be sure. The population of Dora is 34 today but at one time it was a community of 200 most from logging. The road we seen the Bigfoot from is listed as "The Coos Bay Wagon Road" which runs from Hwy 42 through Sumner, Oregon to Melrose over at Roseburg. I'm told many people through out the years have seen these giant creatures along that road.


Again, thank you for your participation in this subject. ... LNP 

A New Sighting

Guest Editor-Blogger: Barb and Cherry  
(#113 in Archive Section) Father's Day 2015
Over the weekend my extended family all traveled over to Coos County to visit Dad. Dad lives out in a small community called Dora. He has lived there for 33 years. Early Sunday morning at 5am my sister-in-law and I decided to take the dogs on a early morning walk. The weather was clear and the sun was beginning to rise. We walked along the narrow 2 lane road towards Sitkum. This road follows the East fork of the Coquille River. After walking about 2 miles we noticed the dogs looking over across the river. As we looked over across we caught sight of a dark large manlike figure walking away from the river to behind a tree then up through a patch of ferns into the tree line. On that side of the river the tall tree line comes almost down to the rivers edge and the mountainside is very steep without any roads for access. 

Very quickly we noticed the figure was not human or a bear. It was very large compared to a normal human being and covered with dark black hair except for a thin spot on its right leg. As it walked up the steep mountain it reached out with it large arms grabbing limbs to help pull itself up the incline. We took note the figure had large hands not paws. About this time it let out a loud whistle sound. From somewhere above it began this sound like something beating rocks together. My sister -in-law wanted to run back down the road but I talked her into watching this thing for a while to see if it would turn to look at us.

It paid off. The creature walked some distance then turned to look back at us and the dogs barking. The face of this thing was somewhat human and animal mixed. The skin around its eyes and forehead was dark brown, its face covered with hair except around the eyes and mouth. It had a very large jaws and slightly sloped forehead like a gorilla would have. Right away we knew it had to be a Bigfoot. We noticed no smell but that might be because the breeze was blowing down the river and not at us. W decided we would not call the police and try to explain what we had seen. We did tell Dad and he said the area use to have a family of these animals living up in the forest but he had thought they were all gone by now. We know one is still there maybe more.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Illustration Credits

Most of the illustrations and photos on this site have been altered in some way by the BeFunky program. ... LNP

Of Interest to Children

Children of all ages seem to enjoy the subject of bigfoot. I don't completely know why. When I was a child these beings would have scared the living daylights out of me. For a time on the weekends I posted articles, pages to color and stories for children. I became worried that young children would go searching for this being without an adult along. So I stopped publishing for children on Ballyhoo. In the end it is the children's parents or those that watch over them that must be responsible. So from time to time I'll post new material that children may enjoy. 

Use the search tool to find material of interest to children, type Punch Bigfoot, Kathy Bigfoot, Ms Sparkles. Scroll down through years of posts to find children's bigfoot stories. And remember there is a whole section on children's stories. These stories are found in the right column where the children are playing. You may print these stories and read them to your children. The stories are meant to be read to younger children. Enjoy and do comment.

Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Oh Come On ...

It is getting difficult to stay positive on the subject of bigfoot!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Searching For Bigfoot

A Question

Do bigfoots leave for the high mountains this time of the year? What have you heard?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Where Bigfoot Has Been Seen, Oregon

Places bigfoot has been spotted in post below.

From Our Archive Section

23. The Gray Bigfoot Near Scottsburg and Loon Lake Turnoff
(North Western Oregon Research )
(April 30, 2010)
The animal that has been seen at Scottsburg is anything but skinny. It is a full grown male with a lot of gray in its coat of hair. The bigfoot walks with a limp but not as bad as it did near Elkton (if it’s the same one). This makes us think the animal was freshly wounded at Elkton when seen there.
The description of the bigfoot is identical to the one given by the lady at Elkton tunnel sighting. Over the last 2 months people have seen the same one in and around Loon Lake Road, Weatherly CR Rd and the Scottsburg Park area at night (going through trash cans). It is described as very tall approaching 9 feet and very heavy through the chest area. Also people speak of a creature that is not that scared of vehicles. It seems to take its time after someone sees it to leave the spot. The animal is no doubt older and the face is something in between prehistoric man and ape. The arms are long compared to a human and very muscular.

Monday, June 15, 2015

From Our Archive Section

22. Deputy sighting Tyee Rd. Douglas County
(April 27, 2010)
The deputy was called to investigate a disturbance that was supposedly going on a remote logging road out of Tyee. The officer was at the 8 mile marker on this road and saw what he described as bigfoot crossing the road in his lights. He called it in to the dispatch. He was joined by other officers that went to find no persons at the location called in.  On what they found I don’t know at the site of the bigfoot. The road was a logging spur at 16092 Tyee Rd.

Bigfoots? How Many?

Of course there can't be many of these beings! Some great apes don't have offspring each year but every several years (seven comes to mind).

Enjoy This Youtube Video

 Click link to take you to the video: Woman Spots Two Bigfoot on Coast Orick California. The video is 5:46 minutes long by Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Where Bigfoot Was Spotted in Sighting Below

Near Where Chris Stands Bigfoot Sighted

From Our Archive Section, Enjoy

21. Scottsburg Bridge, Oregon, sighting
(James R)
(April 23, 3010)
After getting the thrill of our lives last night I was very surprised to find on the Internet search where bigfoot has been seen near Loon Lake turnoff before. I googled bigfoot and Oregon 38 and your site came up. Last night at 7:00 we saw what people describe as bigfoot near the Scottsburg Bridge on the west side of it on Oregon 38.
We were driving east very slow because the deer had been crossing the road in several places when we saw this dark brown creature very slowly walk onto the shoulder of the road where the old IP truck shop used to be.
We slowed even more to see it walk upright across this wide spot and climb the bank and disappear. The creature was tall and built very heavy in the upper chest area and covered with a fine coat of dark brown hair. The bigfoot was around 7 to 8 ft tall.
When we got to Scottsburg store, we stopped and told the clerk what we had seen. She was not surprised at all, saying several people have seen this bigfoot near Loon Lake turnoff and near the Scottsburg Park. She asked us if it was still near the road. We told her it wasn’t. She said the night before a lumber truck driver told one of the employees inside the store he had seen it cross the road in the same area as we did.
We are surprised this creature has not been hit by somebody yet. This was witnessed by my son and our preacher from our church.

Don't You Want Proof He's Out There?

It may not happen! Will we forever have to be laughed at for our interest in this being? I've always believed THE MORE TALK about it THE LESS LAUGHING! What do you think? COMMENT YOUR OPINION, PLEASE

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


SAY... About why does bigfoot/sasquatch live on this planet? If you have such questions, THEN, you should ALSO ask why elephants and all the other huge animals  live on planet Earth. I believe that each animal was created with a job to do to keep this Earth balanced. It's a big planet and so many animals, insects, fish, etc. may do the same job. That's what I think. Now what do you think. Comments appreciated. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Guest Editor-Blogger

Hello Linda, love your channel, BB.  That's interesting news.  I hope u don't mind if I give my 2 cents input here?   That's an Interesting possibility that the Indigenous 1st Nations People would  "discover"  BF.  However, I see an inherent problem with that.   As I know u are aware, they have known & have been living with the Sasquatch for thousands of years. He's already been discovered.  To them, he is "The BOSS" of the mountains.  Spiritual in nature to them as well. I personally don't think they would want to let's say, "find" them, and let the white man (us) in on it.  I think it would be a "possible" death sentence for BF, Imho (in my humble opinion).  He is also a sort of  "'Protector of The Forest" type creature for them. That might bring the whole tribe "Bad Mojo" ???   Probably not worth it for them.  It's my guess that they have 'Other" commercial interests, in some way or another, for this land. Or "maybe"  preservation  / Recreational interests?  However, I am not at all  familiar with their plans, so I can't say for sure.  Purely speculation here.  That would be very cool if they announced that Bigfoot was the reason for the purchase!  Anyway, we'll wait and see. Interesting topic as always Linda!   Keep up the great work & "Keep On Squatchin!"  -DREW
(This comment taken from one of Bigfoot Ballyhoo's Youtube Videos.)

Monday, June 8, 2015

Comment on the Video Below, Please

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Bigfoot, Come on Out!

Guest Editor-Blogger

transientdreams 5 hours ago · LINKED COMMENT
 (This comment from one of my Youtube Videos)
Linda, I absolutely thought for the longest time, that if 'proven real', the mines and forestry industries nationwide would suffer, as would they might. BUT, after reading about SO many disappearances nation-wide, and even globally, there might just be a multi-tiered reason for keeping the Sas. Peoples a well guarded secret. As David Paulides writes about, there are "many" offices all over Oregon, as well as other states that have endless rooms filled with human bones that were found by various hikers and rangers, or whomever. 
My point is simply that no one alive knows who, or what is taking the peoples whose bones are always being found, and among MANY other specific instances of aggression upon humans, and a host of others issues involving non-Bigfoot creatures who have caused havoc for us over the many decades. Because of this, I feel reasonably sure their agenda is for complete control of ANY disclosure EVER. It simply can NOT happen. Human speculation, greed and exploitation of fear are FAR stronger than ANY industry, as well as their own governments. So, if the very clear picture of hundreds of tribes/families of Sasquatch was ever released to the public, and they accepted it as such, then the likelihood of the national parks sustainability would suffer the utmost decline in revenues possibly. OR, imagine America becoming the 'Bluff Creek of the world'. America would become the BF hot-spot for every international millionaire who wants to suddenly hunt, or find one. These fake "Safaris" would likely be led by the same folks who who used cut down the trees. Possible? Not all bad perhaps. 
The other problem there is, that ALL the craziest stories about BF would suddenly be believed of both good and bad instances, and unfortunately by many who would risk everything to hunt one here at home. The woods would be suddenly teeming with crazies, and avoided by families, and the average camper. The law suits by families with loved ones missing in the woods(combined with a whole new industry for personal-injury lawyers) would sky-rocket with simply what Paulides has shown as impossibly repeated, if not circumstantial evidence, Ad-nausea. Those are just a few possible examples. It's a Pandora's Box that I am still pondering the potential, social repercussions of, and I am very certain our land management people have already gone FAR beyond my very small, pee-brain to consider the same possibilities...Love your hair, by the way. Stunning as always. Cheers.

Guest Editor-Blogger

D.M.Z. has left a new comment on your post "Cole Saxton is a Member of the ESP Team": 

Imagine the fear when a person stands face to face(chest?) with the Sasquatch. I'll bet any dough that it is a life changer for sure. I always wanted to see a Sasquatch with my own eyes up close. I just don't know if that is true anymore though. That has to be a scary experience. I guess it's something that has too play out when it/if it does happen. But thinking about it I would assume that the Sasquatch and I would smell the same after the close encounter though. If you catch my smelly drift? 


Thanks for the comment. And yes we get your drift.  Have a grand day. Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Just 'Talking Bigfoot'

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Much work goes into this site. I require your comments to KEEP MOTIVATED!

Friday, June 5, 2015

That is what it read on the

T O M B S T O N E !  Read post below for information.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Header Illustration

The above header illustration is by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied much with the program BeFunky.

Monday, June 1, 2015