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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Guest Editor-Blogger

 Guest Editor-Blogger: Lewis Canton

During my 66th year of life I went back in history through written documents and researched the "Sixes Wildman"stories and actually went to Huckleberry Knoll where the 4 men are buried. They were all said to be victims of the Sixes Wildman rampage around the 1870 -1927 time frame. It is now believed that a large population of these upright creatures were about in the area.Through my research I found and visited the area where the Chetco Bigfoot story comes from at Opal Creek. I found the graves of the miners killed by the Bigfoot in 1873.

On the old plaque still visible reads "Killed By Apes".Holland Boardman 1841-1873. Second one reads Samuel Ording 1847-1873. My interest in these Bigfoot stories  is  because I am a Native American of the Coquille Tribe.

Thank you Lewis Canton. What an informative comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Considering the post below this one ...

More to the point will this community be ALLOWED to discover this animal. It is painful to admit that the US government will not allow the animal to be pronounced AN ACTUAL SPECIES, but will a Native American community finally be able to do it? What do you think?

Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot!":

COOS BAY, Ore. (AP) — The Coquille (KOH'-kwel) Indian Tribe has purchased thousands of acres of culturally-rich land in Curry County and regained a piece of its ancestral heritage.

The Indian affairs group reports a deal between the tribe and USFS-Ecotrust Forest Management after six months of negotiations was finalized last week.

The tribe has acquired 3,200 acres of land, previously known as "the Sixes." It has been renamed Sek-wet-se by the tribe, which refers to the shape of the river at its mouth.

The land was once part of the tribe's ancestral homeland and contains a mix of timber, salmon, and hunting and foraging habitat. During a period from 1870 to 1960 gold miners reported a population of giant upright man-ape creatures that was thought to be responsible for several deaths in the upper reaches of the South fork of Sixes River in Coos County and Chetco River in Curry County. The stories of the Sasquisk (SAS'- Q'-whisk) go back hundreds of years.
Coquille Tribal Chief Don Ivy says the property allows the tribe to explore cultural traditions.
He says the land will partially be used to generate revenue from timber sales along with historical education.

From the Indian affairs report May 28,2015

Friday, May 29, 2015

Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Dear Deloris,":

I'm never going back to Sru lake. It creeped me out spending just on night. My husband thought it would be cool to maybe hear a scream. It wasn't cool, it sounded like something tearing the ...... out of the trees. He's not so quick to see bigfoot now!

By the way ...

About Cole Saxton, he is the son of the man this site is dedicated. He also was a member of Bill Emery's ESP Team that got a few good photos of a bigfoot that could not be shared with the public. The team was threatened with a lawsuit if they were to share the photos. (This information from a family member.)

Cole Saxton is a Member of the ESP Team

20. Remote, Oregon sighting
(Cole Saxton)
(April 14, 2010)
Last night at 11:30 my phone rang and I answered to find out it was a 58 year old man from Remote, Oregon that had seen a bigfoot standing on a logging landing on Upper Rock Creek Road. He told me he had been working up on the mountain welding a logging yarder housing when he turned to get a wrench off the truck and came face to face with a bigfoot looking at him.
He said the bigfoot was 8 to 9 feet in height. The bigfoot let out a garbled wooooaaa sound and backed up two to three steps and then whirled around and went into the dark forest beside the landing. He sounded like he had seen something so I told him I would meet him at the old Remote Store at 12:30 AM to go back and look for tracks. As we headed up the snowy mountain he told me he felt this bigfoot was watching him for some time because he didn’t feel right (like hair standing up on his neck).
We looked the landing area over good with lights and found several scuff marks where something had come up the hillside. The ground was covered with acouple inches of frozen snow. I could hear a woooaaa off in the distance but couldn’t locate the direction.
This sound has been connected with bigfoot for years and is mentioned in many sightings. The logging company is closed down until the snow leaves, so I went back this morning to look for more. I found nothing except more scuff marks along the road and hillside. His description was of a heavy upright very tall being, covered in black hair with red glowing eyes.

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Bigfooting is becoming tiresome. You've come to this site. Don't you have anything worth talking about? Anything worth commenting about? Tell us what you've heard. What you believe. Oh, anything that might be interesting. Just keep it clean and respectful. Thanks, Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Could These Be Bigfoot Tracks?

Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Comment

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous

According to the Siskiyou/Rogue Forest information for 2016 Laird Lake campground will be discontinued in late 2016-17. They say because of low user and other things have made it to high to maintain (Oregon)

 Guest editor-Blogger: Anonymous 

We have a forest fire burning near the Douglas/Coos County Line on Sandy Creek. Be careful when out in the forest, things are dry as if were August. Strong winds have pushed the fire from a CAMPGROUND ON SANDY CREEK INTO WILD-LAND FOREST

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Guest Editor-Blogger: Beth

Beth has left a new comment on your post "Thank You Deloris":

I've camped at Laird and SRU and in both cases we heard noises in the night. SRU is the one I was most aware that something was near and watching me. Over at Laird Lake I found some tracks in 2014 that were bigfoot tracks probably from a female and young one. This area around both lakes is prime for bigfoot (Oregon).


Thank you Beth. ... LNP

Dear Deloris,

Would this be the same area the ESP Team was working in 2008?
Yes it was SRU Lake sometimes called Squaw by the locals

This lake is very remote and takes a long time and a lot of gas to get there. The roads can be dangerous. Please do no venture there in hopes of having an experience or sighting of this animal. People have been hurt by it. It throws things! ... LNP

Friday, May 22, 2015

Thank You Deloris

The Lake
Guest Editor-Blogger: Deloris

As Memorial Day nears I’d like to write out my sighting. In 2008, Memorial Day weekend, my extended family gathered in southwestern Oregon for the long holiday. We chose to camp in a forest service campground mentioned many times on this site. The lake had been freshly planted with trout and the weather was warm and clear. We arrived on Friday night before dark. We all setup  the camp gear and built a fire for the evening. We all sat around the fire talking until 11pm.

Sometime around midnight some of us were awakened by a loud scream that seemed to come from across the lake where there are no campsites or roads. Some in the family thought it was a cougar screaming, so after being assured by the men that the cat would not venture nearer we went  back to bed. Then close to 2am we again wakened to the loud sound of something thrashing around in the trees on the other side of the lake. This time the men didn't pass it off on a cat. We could here something literally tearing branches off of trees and throwing them in the water.

After some time the noises quit. The time was about 4:30am. At 7:30am two members of the family went for a walk around the lake on a narrow trail to fish and look around. They returned to camp saying they had seen some giant footprints over on the other side of the lake. Also they had found where someone had ripped large limbs off trees

Several of us went over to look at the prints. They were there as plain as day. Big five toed manlike prints 19" by 7" with deep impressions. The tracks came down to the lake then turned and went horizontal to the trail then back up the mountain, far too many tracks to have been planted there by someone looking for fun.

As the morning progressed a ranger from the district came into the campground looked around then began to drive out again. My husband and a cousin flagged him down and told him about the noise and tracks. The ranger didn't say anything other than wild animals sometimes come down to the lake to drink. He left without going over to inspect the tracks and tree limbs.

Saturday night it all began again just like Friday but with one difference. This time the scream was so loud it was nearly ear shattering. Everyone agreed we needed to leave and right away. So we packed up and left the campsite. We all wondered why the campground was empty on a weekend. We think we got the answer. In 2008 a monster of a Bigfoot was near the lake and surrounding mountains.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Share Your Knowledge

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

From Bigfoot Ballyhoo's Archive Section

19. Abe Videl writes of his sightings
(March 16, 2010)

When I started my quest for the truth about bigfoot in 1961, I was one of just a very few that was active in the search for the real proof needed to substantiate the existence of this animal. I’ve seen many turns and even roadblocks erected by many government and non government entities while I was active in bigfoot hunting.
Over the years I’ve seen many people called bigfoot investigators come and go. Most had a motive for profit only. Bigfoot research can be very time consuming and takes a good deal of money to accomplish. I have never used this animal for my own profits and never would.
Once I talked with a man who told me about a sighting and then wanted to sell the location to me. This was unacceptable then and now. I have had two encounters with Bigfoot since 1961 and both times were by complete accident. All the years I searched for bigfoot I never knew if this was the time or not to see it.
In 1971, I hiked into the back country of Mt. Adams and camped in a remote valley for two weeks. I never saw one sign of the animal. Then as I was returning to my truck, I spotted one off in the distance walking down this old miner’s path. The short of it is the people that see this animal are extremely lucky and should remember they are one of a very few. Be proud you saw it!


A few years back promoting our Viking Age Book, Forced Blood The Norseman. I did, however, talk about bigfoot and my newspaper column that I was doing on that subject at the time. Click photo to make larger. ... LNP

Monday, May 18, 2015

A Youtube Video

 Feel like going for a hike. Then enjoy TheSquatchmaster's 12:24 minute Youtube video. 
The title is Ohio's Ultimate Bigfoot Location. Enjoy.
 Click below to go ...

Now Here's The Deal ...

I've not seen a bigfoot. So if this illustration doesn't look like one of the fellows, it's not my fault! (Just kidding.) So, what do you think bigfoot looks like?

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Bigfoot Experience

Click link to take you to a Youtube video. A truck driver believes he saw a truck hit a bigfoot. The video is 8 plus minutes long and by Sasquatch Central.


Bigfoot's World

From Our Archive Section

18. Oregon Indian Reservation Sighting
(March 13, 2010)
In the last three days we received a report of a giant animal near the old dump site here on the reservation. We have found that this animal has been in the area for some time. It is described as hair covered, brown and very large in build. I will say we are in central Oregon and reporting an animal to our reservation police does not carry any baggage with it. This same animal was seen on two other occasions ten miles from the dump site. We take these sightings every once in a while and treat the people with complete respect.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Guest Editor-Blogger

Everyone seems to have a story about a strange occurrence in the forest. I'm no different. In 1996 I was employed by the state of Oregon to do a two month field study on vegetation inside the southwestern corner of Oregon. This study was funded by The Oregon Board of Forestry . While down in Coos and Curry Counties I came upon a area to which I had a feeling something wasn't right. I had found where a large area of evergreen ferns had been pulled up and piled in small piles along a game trail. I know of no animal that would do this. I had seen some marking on the ground that resembled human tracks but larger.
I eventually found where some animal had made an apparent bedding area some 10 by 20. Inside this bedding area I collected twelve samples of what looked to be dark brown hair about 5 inches in length. Five samples of a lighter reddish color and five sampled of dark black hairs.This bedding area stunk so bad I nearly couldn't take it. I never came across what made this bedding  ...

 The rest of the comment:

area and smell. I did feel I might be followed on two occasions. I never did see anything other than some tree damage most likely done by deer or black bear.After extensive lab work on the samples they came back as some type of primate not animal. Upon a call from the director of the forestry I was ask to accompany some anthropologist from UCLA to the bed. What I learned from one of the people was they suspected this was a family Pod bed. The person said it was very close to others they had seen. I told the person I thought the Bigfoot thing was myth. "No its not just myth, it's real" was the reply. I was astonished at the answer. Now now after self educating myself on the Bigfoot evidence and sightings I now believe

Thank you for such a great comment. I've not seen a bigfoot but because of this site I believe they exist. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Just for Fun

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The children's books, below and on video, are written to be read to your young children.

Bigfoot Books for Children, Fiction

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

More Comments Please

It is a lot of work keeping this site up. I would appreciate more participation by way of comments, sightings, opinions, etc. ... Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, May 2, 2015

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