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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Yes, I write and Read Bigfoot ...

children's stories.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Guest Editor-Blogger: Bob TheSkeptic

Bigfoot Encounters

"Sasquatch Believers vs. The Skeptics"
by the late Dr. Grover S. Krantz, Ph.D.

Krantz discusses in this paper the view of scientists and non-scientists. He reproaches the former for refusing to be interested in the Sasquatch phenomenon, while at the same time he argues against the latter, and true believers for not examining the stories and data with a more rigorous method.
There are many people who believe there is a species of giant, hairy hominid living wild in the forested mountains of western North America. There are also many who are equally convinced that no such animal exists except in some people's imaginations. I am here going to alienate almost everybody by attacking both positions. With only a few exceptions, those who hold a firm opinion on this matter, either for or against the existence of this animal, are doing so without adequate knowledge.

For the rest of the paper, go to:


Changes Over the Years

I've been reading about myself on the Internet. I typed in Linda Newton-Perry to find the information. I noticed that I've changed my mind on things from time to time. 

For one, I decided not to write or tell  children's bigfoot stories. But, I've gone back to it. I can't seem to stay away from storytelling for children. I enjoy illustrating as well. It did bother me that I would see Youtube videos of children going alone into the woods/forests searching for bigfoot. I hated that they would do this and especially if it were after watching or listening to one of my videos. Anyway, I'm back to writing children's stories. 

I try not to reply in kind to ill mannered people who comment on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. It doesn't do any good to be just as ill mannered. I try to be good at heart and kind to everyone.

I'm still distressed that a certain person keeps the information on line that he claims I'm a hoaxer (well two individuals). None of it is true. Information has been published that has proved to be false. We corrected the information, sometimes taking it off or explaining what happened. 

We no longer post photos we get unless we know the people sending them. Often, it is difficult to know who is sending the information, so if it sounds unbelievable to our ears, we say so or just don't publish it. 

Talk to you Later and Do Comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry


Why the Title Bigfoot Ballyhoo? "Just being funny at first ..."

I wanted a name that people would remember and I was not sure if the animal was real or not when I first started writing my newspaper column A MATTER OF TIME.  It wasn't long until I became a believer/knower that this animal is real. I didn't wish to change the name of the site because I'd built up a following and didn't want to rebuild. So there you have it. You now know why this site is named BIGFOOT BALLYHOO.

In The Trees?

Bigfoot/Sasquatch has been seen in trees. If we can believe what people tell us.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

What Do Bigfoots Look Like?

The computer repairman that fixed my computer said the drawings of bigfoot on my site were not what he saw when he had his sighting.

His sighting was from a campfire looking into the dark. He
said the animal had more of a human face than the illustrations
on Ballyhoo. 

Some think there are two types, if  not more, bigfoots, human appearing and strongly animal appearing. 

Again, what do you think?

Linda Newton-Perry
Photo courtesy of the Bill Emery Team

Friday, December 26, 2014

What Did Your Bigfoot Look Like That You Saw in the Woods?


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Guest Blogger-Editor:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot Does Not LURK in Our Forests ...":

Yes Linda, in the thinking of the season, there is a bigfoot! Yes and since the word lurking is so sinister and dark sounding, it lives and survives in the woods, gathering foodstuffs and other materials needed to survive, not bothering anyone, just trying like every other mammal on this planet trying to survive.

I know for a fact they are out there, but this year was really weird in a way, because not one time this year while collecting wild mushrooms in parts of the state where no other human has been for years, did I ever get the feeling I was being watched or heard that distinctive whistle or call. Even the spots where I can almost can bet there will be some kind of sound or action to let me know that there was something out there living among us, nothing!

I know there is more logging going on out there in the woods than I have ever seen in 10 years of collecting mushrooms, something the government and the logging industry deny everyday in the media, so they don't have to pay restitution to our counties for funds needed to keep our social services running. I don't know if that is the reason why sightings this year was at a all time low, but the woods felt dead this year.

Do any other mushroom hunters or hunters feel the same way out there? Maybe it was me and my crew that pick for me, but it was really quiet in the woods this year, not a lot of wildlife being seen or heard, very few birds, and no bigfoot whistles or sounds. Any way Linda, Happy Holidays, and love the glasses and the website, keep up the great work, and maybe this will be the year of the bigfoot, and can't wait for people to open up and tell their stories of sightings, past and present, and make this the #1 bigfoot website on the internet.

Come on Oregonians, comment and let’s get talking about our special creature we have here in Oregon, BIGFOOT!

Thank you for the thoughtful comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bigfoot Does Not LURK in Our Forests ...

A Comment

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "New Comment on Columbus Day Bigfoot":

I've developed a hunch of late that by allowing NOT Finding Bigfoot, Killing Bigfoot, Willow Creek, Exists, and all these websites, the gov't. is trying to ease the public into it. I wouldn't have said that just a few months ago, but there is so much out now, and they could put the kibosh on it if they wanted to, that I think they're loosening up a little. Love your site and love your glasses.


Thank you for the comment. These great comments keep me going. ... The best to you, Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Friday, December 19, 2014

Yes these men have examined bigfoot bodies.

Type in search tool Dr. Gould, Dr. Miller and Evelyn N. Wentsworth; they have all examined dead bigfoot bodies.


PS. The results appear the same, but click on
each title for different info.

The search tool I have here is a real train wreck, but it's all
I have.

Bigfoot Bodies Examined See Above Post

Thursday, December 18, 2014

New Comment on Columbus Day Bigfoot

Burt has left a new comment on your post "var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.pro...":

Absolutely amazing on what our government can do. They hid the find of the century because of fear that Darwin's theory wont hold up. If and when we ever get the whole story on Bigfoot we will find they the feds knew about it for years and years.

As a small child I remember mom and dad talking several times about this strange looking animal under a blow down tree. This was in 1965 when they told me and my cousins about it. Apparently mom had seen the pictures that were circulating in 62 or early 63. 

Of course dad knew all about it because he was working for the forest service till 1978. He told me somewhere around 1975 or so that he had been sent up to the area in 1962 to stop the flow of residents from Cave Junction from coming up for more pictures. 

According to him the being was something he had never seen before and that many inside the FS were warned not to speak of it. He told me the being was somewhat human like but not human or gorilla. Dad said that some of the workers close to it threw up from the smell. It was very big compared to humans and covered with a coat of either dark brown hair or fur.

He also told me when they cut the tree to remove her they measured her body at 8 foot 4 inches. She must have been heavy because they used cable and winch to pick her up and place her in a flatbed truck for removal. One thing that isn't mentioned in any news articles is that the coroner thought she had been pregnant at the time of death. I don't know just how they determined because dad said she was badly crushed and partially decomposed.

The medical examiner was named Morris Bentley fromJackson/Josephine County dad recalled. Dad didn't know why the FS hid the body and truth from the public other than because they could do it. Dads theory was if one was out there more must be and the government doesn't want people to know they are.

I don't think this could happen today like it did in 1962 with so people with better communication and the new photo equipment offered to the public. Back in 63 TV was not as available as today especially in remote parts of Oregon like Cave Junction . People depended on radio and word of mouth..

As far as happening today, one only needs to ask Bill Emery from Oregon about the right to release photos of bigfoot!

I've read that the animal had been pregnant, on this site to be exact. Thanks for the great information.
...Linda Newton-Perry 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

This Animal Sent to the Smithsonian

The animal found under the log was eventually sent to the Smithsonian. Debbie the lawyer working to get the file opened to the public had to give up her work due to a job change. You can read about her work by typing in the search tool Debbie on this site. Much information is available. She worked for long weeks to get the information available to the public. Thank you Debbie.

Old Information but Perhaps You Haven't Read it:

Reprint of Columbus Day Storm Articles

The Three Newspaper Articles About the '62 Columbus Day Animal

(1st Newspaper article)

As of yesterday there is still no identification on the strange animal found on Dew Ridge in Southern Oregon on November 8th. The creature is something still unidentified but is said to be some kind of a mutant human gorilla type. It was found deceased by a crew of men who were clearing debris from nearby roads. It was apparently killed by a Douglas Fir tree in the massive windstorm of October 12th . Officials from Unites States Forest Service are not commenting on the find. A unnamed source said the creature was covered in dark hair and was not any known animal to any of the people present at the site. People nearby in Cave Junction claim it is the creature in indian legend known as "SASQUATCH". Indians claim for hundreds of year these creatures roamed the deep forest of America. The name for the creature means "Wildman of the Woods according to Johnny Duncan a Klamath Indian. The animal was removed by Forest Service officials and was sent to a lab in California according to the locals in town. The Forest Service spokesman wound not confirm or deny the animal. Story by Clayton Lewis chief reporter for The Independent Daily

2nd Newspaper article

Amity News Source November 14,1962. CREWS FIND LEGENDARY BIGFOOT. A logging crew contracted through the US Forest Service found what some say is the legendary bigfoot. The being is a large manlike hominid according to local wildlife biologist Kirk Hansen. The name bigfoot gained popularity in 1958-59 when a contractor in Northern California found large prints of a unknown animal on a narrow dirt logging road. The bigfoot found by the crew is said to be female in sex and very heavy in build. The animal was badly decomposed state but was still in tact enough to identify as a species not known. A call today to the ranger station produced no information on what the being or animal might be. Though several pictures of the animal are circulating about in the surrounding area the forest service said no information nor identification has been made.

3rd Newspaper article

On a clear and cold November day of last last year the crew of Griffy and Laird Company were looking for trees blocking the road from O'Brien to Greyback on the Oregon California border. What they found was nothing short of astonishment when approaching a large downed tree. At first it appeared that a very large black bear had fallen victim to the windstorm of October 12th. Upon closer examination of the animal the crew saw a foot and a left arm and hand protruding from under the tree. No known species of animal could explain the body as any known animal that is native to the Pacific Northwest. It was like a large hair covered man only with features somewhat like a prehistoric human or neanderthal but larger than any known to exist. Apparently the animal had been crushed by a large tree blown over in the storm. The proper authorities were quickly dispatched to the scene and took the animal away for further examination by forensic experts. No further word on what the examination found but in a curious turn about face the Forest Service said is now saying no such animal was found,removed or shipped anywhere. In the meantime many of the people in the area have seen pictures of the dead animal and are accusing the Forest Service of trying to hide the animal from the public .

This article from March 1963 from The Valley Times. All the names from the district office of USFS were blacked out from this article.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Photo Taken Near Sru Lake, Oregon

Bigfoot BallyhooThis photo  was loaned to us before Dale Saxton died. So, the credit should
read "the late Dale Saxton."

Photo Sru Lake, Oregon

Guest Editor-Blogger:

R B has left a new comment on your post "Dear Nancy,":
# 111 Archive Section

No bickering from me. I have seen the sites that claim hoaxes were on ballyhoo. In each story on these sites you see where the site owner has doctored the pictures he/she claims is false. Also it might be permissible to some to believe claims from people that clearly have a strong dislike for Linda Perry. Unfortunately this is the "NORM" in the world of Internet. People use others success to help them bring in readers. This may be the case in this situation. There are many things about Bigfoot Ballyhoo that appeals to me and many others.

You do not require people give their life history to you. You do not ask people to sign document like legal testimony papers. When people see bigfoot they are traumatized by the shock of the unknown beast. The last thing they need is for the investigator to run them into the ground with multiple questions.

In my many years as a therapist I know people can actually see several different things after they think about the incident for a while. It doesn't mean they are lying it means it takes time to sort out the shock and disbelief of what they experienced. Even though I am a trained therapist when I had my sighting I completely fell apart.

 My sighting was back in 1999 several miles outside Glendale on Cow Creek Road.. I was taking a morning walk before work on this day and happened to look down near the Creek and there it was standing knee deep in the water and staring at me. It was very dark in color (black) and had long arms hanging down past its knees. The creature was somewhere around 8 to 9 feet tall and very husky with a massive chest. As I just stood there in disbelief the creature let out a sharp loud whistle sound and then a growling sound.

I took off back toward my car looking back several times to see if it was after me. Thank God it didn't follow me. It took me years to come to terms with the sighting.

Thanks for the opportunity to tell about my sighting on your sit


Thank you for your kind words and sighting. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, December 15, 2014

Dear Nancy,

Nancy, I believe that the animal you are speaking
about in the newspaper article could be from the same
family group that Bill Emery’s trail cam snapped
a photo of a few years back. You can read about
it by typing into the search tool Bill Emery, ESP Team, or Big Clyde.

Don’t let all the bickering that came about by hoaxed
photos etc. sent to us and published put you off. We now
do not allow photos to be published unless we can
trust the source.

A  photo of the animal  is in the right column, of this site, near the photos of the
ESP Team.

Best regards,
Linda Newton-Perry

Guest Editor-Blogger:

Oh my gosh, this is the first time I've read about the Hamilton family. What a terrible thing to happen to a young girl. Did they ever go back to that lake? That must be the small lake (Squaw Lake) where back in the 1950s three people were fishing there for trout saw a massive size Bigfoot on the other side of the lake and it threw a big chunk of wood at them when they yelled at it. It was in the Eugene Register Guard paper even though it was a small article.


I don't think they went back. The little girl required a doctor's care for some time, maybe still. She did comment on this site. Again to read her comment type in Hamilton and read through all the comments. 

Thank you for the comment and information about the Register Guard article. 

Best regards,
Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sru Lake Encounter

The middle, lower header photo is a photo of Sru Lake, Oregon.

A bigfoot was seen there watching a little girl. Read about it by going to the search tool and typing in Hamilton.

This Site is For Talking Bigfoot

Friday, December 12, 2014

Photo Credit

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Comment, Be a

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Use Search Tool

Bigfoot Has Been Found!

A bigfoot body was found under a log after the Columbus Day Storm, Oregon, 1962.

The body/parts of the body, test results, etc. ended up in the Smithsonian. Debbie, a lawyer, was working for this site to
get the file open to the public. Debbie turned the case over
to another lawyer that didn't get anywhere. The Smithsonian
claimed the file was lost. 

Type in Debbie, Columbus Day Storm, Smithsonian for this subject
and Bill Emery for his sighting, Dr. Miller who examined dead bigfoots, on and on.

Check out the Archive Section for many sightings.

Have a grand day and please do comment.

Linda Newton-Perry  

For more on this animal use search tool on this site

A article from November 24, 1962, The Cave Daily. The strange body of animal of unknown origin was sent to San Diego, California by the United States Forest Service for identification Monday . The animal is said to be a cross between a bear or gorilla type. Loggers were clearing Dew Ridge Access Road on Greyback near O'Brien when they discovered the animal crushed under a large Douglas Fir tree that had fell in the wind storm last month.

Medical examiner officials said they never have seen such a animal before. The forensic lab in California will make a determination on what the carcass is. It is rumored the animal might be the legendary "Sasquatch" a name derived from Indian folklore meaning "Wild Man of the Woods".

Six years ago a crew on Bluff Creek in Humboldt County, California found large tracks on a logging road construction site. Bluff Creek is only forty miles from Dew Ridge.


Many people saw this animal under the log, dead. To read more type in Columbus Day Animal in the search tool, right column, top. There is much on this site about it.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Note From Linda Newton-Perry

Editor of this Site

Here's the thing about bigfoot's "discovery": 

I know bigfoot exists. Many people know bigfoot exists. Many people in the government know bigfoot exists. 

I admit I know bigfoot exists. Many people will admit bigfoot exists. But, very few people in the government will admit bigfoot exists. 

So, what's going on? Do these people in the government that know bigfoot exists claim not to know because they believe they are protecting us? protecting our jobs? etc.?

Okay, maybe we citizens are being protected. But, shouldn't we be told about the animal so that we can protect ourselves by watching for the animal while we ENJOY the forests? 

What do you think? Do you have anything more to add to this line of thinking? 


Check out the comments just below. 

Illustrations for the story ...

The Hairy Men of the High Mountain Forests

Is This the Reason Men, Women and Children go Missing in Our Forests?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Illustrations for Post Below

Bigfoot Sighting from 1932, Oregon

Guest Editor-Blogger: Vivian

Grandma's diary talks of  a  bigfoot encounter in 1932. Grandma died in 1973 at the age of 93. She had come to Oregon in a covered wagon with Grandpa and two of my older brothers in 1899.They moved onto a homestead near Ekley. I've just now started to read her writing from her diary book. Some of the entries are personal but this one caught my eye.

August 7 1933: This day I caught some strange human eating carrots out of the garden. I asked the person if she was hungry. She never answered. She was completely of a wild animal and human type, no clothes and covered in hair with pieces of moss on her back.

She was much larger than me and looked like she may be not just a wild human being. As I came around the barn near the garden she scared me and then she stood upright very still and watched me. She had been eating carrots by pulling them up and eating them one by one. She very quickly ran of into the dense forest behind the barn.

I told Sam about her and he said he had found bare footprints around the barn that were more than 13 inches long.

 September 26, 1934: Again the strange wild woman was seen by Sam near the barn and she again ran off into the forest.


Thank you Vivian for sharing this information with us. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

No Bigfoot but this dog...

Comment Please

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Today in Bigfoot's World

Comment Please
(Snapped these just this morning.)

Bigfoot Country

Yes, we take to the air once in a while searching the areas where bigfoot has been spotted.

Monday, December 1, 2014

A Short Poem

Bigfoot Spotted on This Bridge by a

police officer! Use search tool to find out the whole story. Type  in Chetco River.