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Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Reading From Blood Ribbons

Illustration in Children's Bigfoot Book ...

Blood Ribbons

Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Bigfoot Has Been Seen Here...

Sru Lake, south of Powers, Oregon

Look up on search tool, Hamilton.
This family had a bigfoot scare
their young daughter. 

Please don't go to this area
this time of year. The area
could be dangerous and
far off the beaten path.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Dr. Miller Information

Click Photo for Larger View
 Just type in Dr. Miller in the search tool, top right. I get all sorts of comments about him. Please try again. Enjoy. ... LNP

Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Place in Oregon Where Bigfoot has Been Spotted

Road to Loon Lake off hwy 38

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How to read about Dr. Miller on this site.

To read about Dr. Miller scroll down to bottom of right column (Older Posts). Click on Guest Editor-Blogger: Sophia. The post will come up. This doctor examined bigfoots. 

And you can use the search tool top right column. 

A Note to Clayton

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A Comment CLAYTON DOES NOT BELIEVE BIGFOOTS EXIST!...":

Clayton, I really do believe that everyone is entitled to their opinions and I respect yours, so please respect mine when I tell you for a fact that they exist and if you have spent as much time in the forest as I have, gathering wild mushrooms commercially, in places where no person has been in years, your whole attitude would change on this opinion you seem to have that they do not exist.

 I have had encounters with black bears and carry pepper spray that seems to work and drive them off on the same four legs that they came in on, yes four legs on the ground. Now in my three encounters with the bigfoot creatures, they walked into each encounter on two legs, the same way I was walking trying to get away from them with a 45mm pistol on my hip in case of a aggressive encounter which I had on one occasion that was witnessed by 8 people who were employed by me at the time picking mushroms.
I have never been back in the woods since. Even in Alaska an 8 foot kodiak bear would be a world record, and since we have no kodiaks in Oregon, an 8 foot black bear on 2 legs walking at me in a very high rate of speed, would have made me an overnight sensation in all the hunting magazines, had I had shot such a bear.

I have never seen any scientist or any scientific equipment in any of the spots I collect mushrooms. And matter of fact, have never seen any park rangers in the vicinity either to tell what I have seen. But maybe they were back at the ranger station telling people what does not exist instead of doing their job and looking out for the safety of the innocent people out hiking with their family,like the highly educated doctor and family, who by the way is a psychologist,a person who studies nut cases like myself and obviously can't tell a bear from a 8 foot creature who walks like a man, has a face like a man, and a body like a body builder. This doctor gave up his practice to study this creature so I would have to say it exists or is this highly educated psychologist a nut case like me?

I know what it is I saw and welcome the opinions of people like yourself to keep the drive inside to prove their existence and educate people on the dangers of just going out camping with small children with no protection and to keep a eye on them for their safety.

Oh yeah, by the way, when was the last time you saw a black bear pick up a rock and throw it? I've had grapefruit-size rocks thrown at me from out of nowhere on many occasions. Is this what the scientists that say they don't exist are doing in the labs, teaching our black bears to throw rocks at people for self defense.

I know what it is I saw, and could care less who says otherwise, as everyone is entitled to their opinions and I respect that.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Drawing of Columbus Day Animal Discovery


Guest Editor-Blogger: Clayton
Reading your comments and sightings is interesting but I don't believe any of these people have seen Bigfoot. In all likelihood they have had a scary encounter with some known animal like bears. I say this because of a common belief that if the animal were real they could not stay hid from science.

Though the Bigfoot stories go back hundreds of years not one shred of evidence has ever been collected in favor of the beast being real. It would be impossible for a animal or being that size to find enough food to live and reproduce.

I am in no way saying these people are lying I'm just saying they have honestly mistaken the real identity of the animal sighted. Like the ranger said after the Oregon Caves sighting (the biology just doesn't add up for a real flesh and blood creature).Though this website doesn't do it, most all the Bigfoot sites are trying to sell their goods.

I have studied the science and nothing has ever been presented that suggest Sasquatch is anything other than old Indian legend. It would be fantastic is they were real because it would turn the scientific world upside down but I don't believe that will ever happen. Thanks for letting me comment my views.


Clayton, many people feel and believe the way that you do. On this site is much information on the Columbus Day bigfoot/type animal that was found dead under a large tree after a storm. Many people saw the animal, took photos, etc. It ended up in the Smithsonian. The records were never opened to the public. We had a lawyer who was working on just that. Anyway, thanks for your comment. 
Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry 


Guest Editor-Blogger:Anonymous
Have you read the Dr. Miller case studies? I don't think that was a case of mistaken identity. Maybe you've missed those. Linda - are the miller documents still on your blog?


Comment Please on the Subject of

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Answers to Sighting Number One Hundred Ten

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A Few Questions About Sighting # 110":

Answer to questions: the Bigfoot was on my side of the stream about 30 feet behind me. Yes I felt he was going to attack me by the glazing burning look in his eyes. He was a giant compared to me. His chest and shoulders and arms looked to be super built. As he glared me down I noticed a terrible smell like skunk but worse. Yes I was in complete panic because I knew he was going to come at me.

Yes I reported the Bigfoot to the forest service and the Oregon department of fish and wildlife. No they didn't believe it was a Bigfoot. They said it just had to be a black bear. In 1976 we had a cold spring with late snow in May so the river was running high and fast still in July from some high remaining snow melt.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Again, a Bigfoot in a Tree

Click link to take you to the Youtube video
Sasquatch Thermal Image.
How Technology Will End the Bigfoot
Debate. It is 5 plus minutes long and is by
Sylvanie Bigfoot.


Bigfoot Has Been Seen Along This Oregon Creek

A Few Questions About Sighting 110

Guest Editor-Blogger: Larry

It's very easy for me to understand because I've been at the falls many times. Back in those years the trail was steep and difficult to get down to the river. Now they have made a nice trail that zigzags down the cliff.

The falls are located on the USFS 3348 south of Powers. Did he/she think the Sasquatch was going to attack or did he just panic from fear?

Did he report this animal to the authorities? Maybe the animal was after food/fish. He /she didn't say if the animal was on his/her side of the stream or the other. Sorry for all the questions but I'm just wondering if the animal was intent on harm.


Anon, of Sighting 110, please don't feel pressured to answer these questions. But only if you feel that you want to. Thanks, Linda Newton-Perry

Guest Editor-Blogger

 An Encounter from 1976, Oregon
 Archive Section # 110

 Anyone that says "I want to see a bigfoot up close" isn't really thinking the whole thing out. For many years I had wondered why so many people that claimed to see bigfoot out in the wild always told of the bigfoot staring them down then leaving as quickly as it appeared. For years I wondered if my encounter in 1976 was more violent because of the actions I chose to take. I guess Ill never know for sure.

One early morning, I had left to go fly fishing at a remote stream that I've fished for many years. The stream is located in a deep gorge by which you have to walk down this trail to access. The trail is probably two miles long. When I reached the stream below the falls I began fly fishing. Within a few minutes I began to feel that someone was watching me from across the stream. This didn't make sense to me because there's no trail access on that side at all.

The feeling just seemed to be getting stronger as I fished. I had just landed a nice cutthroat trout and I happen to catch some movement out of the corner of my eye. As I looked up I dropped my fly rod. I was absolutely shocked and terrified at the creature standing not 30 feet away downstream. There it was just swaying back and forth from side to side.

What is wasn't is what's the kicker. Something that appeared to be a gigantic apelike wildman, covered in a dark brown to black crop of hair. [Could this read: Here's the kicker: What 
"Is" wasn't suppose to be, but here stood a gigantic apelike wildman, covered in a dark brown to black crop of hair.]

This creature absolutely was double my build. It must have been over several hundred pounds and over eight feet tall. Its black eyes seemed to burn right into to me. I still don't know how much time passed as it stood there staring but  all I could think of is "this is it for me." I was too scared to run or even breath. Finally panic set in and I jumped into the stream thinking the deep fast moving water would carry me swiftly downstream and away from the frightful creature. I didn't care where I ended up just away from this monster.

As the water rushed me past the creature I could see it was now running along the edge of the stream at a speed no human could run. This seemed to go on till the stream made a turn.

I was nearly drowned but thankfully happened to catch the limb of a log that had fell across the stream. I must have blanked out because the next thing I know I was crawling up a steep cliff to a road.

After what seemed to be hours a pickup truck came by with one man in it. I told him I had fallen into the river because I didn't want to try to explain the bigfoot to him. He took me back up the road to my pickup which was about 5 miles upstream from where I jumped in.

I left my fly rod, creel and fish at the stream and had no intentions of going back down there. I have never went back to that fishing hole. Stream: South Fork Coquille River, Place: Coquille River Falls July 18 1976.

Thank you for this great encounter/sighting. As you can see, Anon, I made a few changes in sentence form to make it easier and clearer to read/understand. I hope it is what you meant. ... Linda Newton-Perry


Friday, November 21, 2014

Help protect campers, hikers, etc. COMMENT!

Many people have claimed to have been chased by this animal/being. Rocks have been thrown at people by bigfoots and more. 

Got a story? Know of an incident worth telling?
Those using our forests must demand to know 
about this animal. 

SO "TALK BIGFOOT!" Start now by commenting.  

Afraid of Bigfoot/Sasquatch?

Yes! Yes! Yes!   

Bigfoot Encounter in Texas

Enjoy this Youtube Video by Havoscar, 4 minutes long. 
The title is Billy Willard Encounters Bigfoot in Texas.
Click link below to go ...
 While two men sleep in a tent something approaches and ...


Gives me shivers ...

Yesterday, I shouldn't have been in the woods alone.
Cougars are everywhere in our part of

I didn't even have a big stick to protect myself. 
(I just thought of this, this morning! Careless, 
careless, careless!)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Searching for Bigfoot Tracks on a Foggy Day

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sasquatch jumps onto the back of a deer...

 "The deer ran through an open grove. It seemed like out of no-where when a large bigfoot (O. nerteros pacificus) jumped from the tree line and landed on top of a large blacktail. It nearly straddled the deer and flung its huge muscular arm around the neck of the deer, pulling it to the ground. Once the deer was to the ground- the bigfoot clamped its huge jaws onto the neck of the deer and shook it violently. I was terrified- especially when it looked up at me and stared momentarily. Then it grabbed the deer by its neck and dragged it off."

Go to Archives #80 to read the complete post. 
(Archives top right, click and go.)

Sighting on the South Fork of the Coquille. MORE

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

It was definitely the South fork of the Coquille.  I have questioned them one more time, and I know these 4 people have grown up in the woods and have hunted every animal in Oregon.

They've camped in the wilderness while hunting mushrooms and nothing has ever scared them, these people are spooked and I have every reason to believe them.

I may be making a road trip this weekend and have asked a couple of these friends to show me the exact spot. I will take a hike out into the woods to find some proof or evidence.

I asked why no one took any photos. They do have a cell phone picture which is about worthless at a distance, you can see something dark standing there but grainy as usual.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bigfoot Country

Time to Look Up to Spot a Bigfoot!

Bigfoot in the Trees

 Bigfoot Spotted Jumping From Tree to Tree

 Guest Editor-Blogger: Wishes not to be Known
#109 in Archive Section
In August of 2014, a team of researchers spent over a month along Garage Creek and Lost Creek deep in the forests east of Coquille. There was a team of five of us and we camped throughout the forest in order to attempt establishing observation points. Our intent was to observe and record any evidence of Sasquatch. We spent over 6 weeks in the forest and established our observation points, which we will keep confidential at this point.

We recorded no evidence until September, at the very end of our time in the forest. We were breaking down camp early in the morning, preparing to leave the area with the intent to return in the spring of 2015. We were camping around extremely large trees and something kept shaking the trees from a high location. We looked up and tried to determine what was causing the trees to shake from such a high location. The wind was not blowing and the air was calm. 

Finally, one of our researchers saw the cause of the shaking through her binoculars. “I see it! There are 2 high up in the trees! We found them! We found them!” she shouted in a whisper, trying to contain her excitement. High up in the trees were two very large sasquatchs swaying and staring down at us.

It was if we were watching them in slow motion-the experience was so surreal. We observed them as quietly as we could. They both stayed very still for what seemed like an hour, glaring at us. Finally they leaped effortless to nearby trees. They leaped from massive tree to massive tree and escaped our view. We attempted to follow them, but we very quickly lost track of them. We have members of our group who have theorized these animals spend time in the trees, but we can now confirm their theories correct.

We will be returning to our observation points in 2015 with a new mode of research, given this new information about this majestic animal.


Again thank you for sharing this information. ... LNP

Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Sighting New, Current":

Linda, There is probably some fact to this sighting as I have some very good friends who were in this exact area, give or take, heading out to mushroom pick, and all four came home and were telling me they saw something that was dark colored,that they thought was a bear, standing on the shoreline of the south fork of the Coquille.

All 4 of these people told me almost the exact same story when questioned that when they saw it, the creature stood up on 2 legs and glared at them when they saw it and ran into the trees lining the river. They turned around and went back and was using binoculars to "glass" the area; it was then they saw a 7 to 8 foot creature and a smaller one about 6 foot tall, walking through the trees on two legs at a very high rate of speed to get out of the area.

This may be where you just might want to look and investigate as they are 100% sure that what they saw was bigfoot and a possible female mate.

The female that was present at the time, told me she doesn't think she cares to go out to the woods for a while and appeared to be in a small case of shock and was trembling as she told me her side of the story. This area seems to be a hotspot for bigfoot sightings and I know someone else has seen something.

Please ask readers to respond, and they can be kept confidential, but this area needs checked out. Keep up the good work Linda, and ignore Williams and Kullen as there websites are suffering loss of viewers, so what a better way to get viewers than to print lies and cause controversy. They are a pitiful bunch to stoop so low, and that is what I like about this website, strictly bigfoot.

Come on hunters we know you have seen signs or even one of these creatures, so write and let us all know.


Thanks for the great information. It would have been good if some one had taken a photo. ... LNP

Monday, November 17, 2014

Two Bigfoots Fighting

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "All Fall Down... Well, I fell down!":
# 108 in Archive Section

In 2005, a group of us spent many months researching in Oregon’s remote southeast expanses. We spent time in various areas researching wildlife, both plant and animal life. We eventually began researching the Siskiyou Mountain area.

One evening, we found a brushy area along the mountainside. We heard some aggressive sounds and paused to take a closer look. Within the brush we could see several caves that were fairly well hidden from view. The noises were coming from these caves. We noticed, about 40 feet away, something large glaring in our direction.

We were not sure what this thing was, but it was most definitely standing on two legs. The animal held its gaze for a moment, then charged. It was a very frightening moment for us all until we realized the animal wasn’t charging at us. It barreled through the brush into the back of another, similar animal, knocking it onto the ground. Both animals rolled out of the brush and we could see them both more clearly. They had black fur like a chimpanzee. They were chimpanzee like, and human like, but much larger than either. 

The larger of the two animals locked its jaws around the thumb of the other animal’s left hand ferociously. The smaller animal grabbed the larger one with its free right arm in a half-bear hug. In an attempt to free itself, the small animal chomped onto the face of the larger animal. We were far too worried about our own safety to remain. We quickly retreated to safety, all the while hearing the most horrific screams of the two animals in the distance.

I never thought such a creature as Sasquatch exists. But I know they exist after that experience. I think they may be like other great apes, like chimpanzees. They seem docile, but can be very dangerous.


Thank you for sharing your encounter. ... Linda Newton-Perry

All Fall Down... Well, I fell down!

 pLeASe cLiCk to go to a Youtube video. We think we hear
a bigfoot at the Oregon Caves. I fell many times during the
Big Tree Trail hike. Enjoy.

From a newspaper journal 1883

Many new settlers of the Logan Canyon area declared to have seen a beast similar to a man, but with the monstrous size of a giant.

In 1883, N. C. Allen and Thomas James were riding along near White Pine Lake at the base of Mt. Naomi. They saw something out in the lake-side, which they thought was the body of a man. As they got closer, they saw its head and body as though there was no neck. The beast was covered in dark fur with lighter grey fur around the face and across the shoulders.

The monster was standing in the lake about up to its knees. It seemed to be eating grass reeds from the shallows. The next day, three women and a man saw a monstrous animal in the lake near the same place, but this time it was squatting near the shallows and drinking by cupping its hands and bringing water up to its mouth. The creature then stood up and walked away on two legs, just like a man. The women screamed in horror at this strange site. The witnesses contacted Dr. Collings Slate and his colleagues Thomas Sleight and James Davis from Paris.

The company of men set out to Mt. Naomi to investigate further. Dr. Slate had worked with professional physicians from Yale, a Dr. Savage and others, who knew something about undiscovered species. The investigating men spent many days at the base of Mt. Naomi and witnessed no living man-like monster creatures. Dr. Slate did find fossil remains of a skull that were disturbingly human in nature, but much thicker and more robust. Dr. Slate commented that these remains were similar to those discovered 30 to 40 years earlier by Dr. Savage.

Dr. Slate reported to the Provo Enquirer that, “…. we had discovered an unknown troglodyte in an area impossible to find such fossil remains.” The remains were removed from Utah at the direction of the division of forestry and subsequently sent to Union College, Western Reserve.


Thanks for this interesting post. The sender wishes to remain anonymous. (I fixed what I thought were grammar errors.)

So You Will Know...

Still Not Back to Old Self

Now, the below sighting is the sort I'd like to have,
from across a wide river!

As you can see I'm still not back to myself. I'm still

working to learn all the changes to my "repaired"
computer. (Hate it! Hate it!)

Sighting New, Current

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot's World is ...":

A New Sighting of Three Bigfoots. 

Sunday morning the 9th of November we had a call from a elderly couple that were on a early morning drive on Lee Valley road 13 miles east of Coquille. Lee Valley starts between Myrtle Point and Coquille at Norway and ends at McKinley east of Fairview.

The couple said as they were driving the road they saw three dark objects in a open meadow across the south fork of the Coquille River. They explained they believed it was a mother bear and two cubs at first. The larger one was sitting on a crop of rocks and the little ones were playing by rolling over each other. It wasn't till the big one stood up when they noticed she was not a bear. Then the two little ones quickly stopped their play and ran to the larger one. Then all three walked off very quickly into the forest.

The couple insisted the animals walked off on two legs and feet like humans would. They described them as covered in dark hair and somewhat human-like but not human. They said the two little ones were no more that 4 feet in height while the big one was near 7 or 8 feet. Even though the meadow was across the river and slightly up the hillside they still got a good look at all three.

These people have lived since they married in 1960s in this same area and are well known to be very honest and friendly people. Their families are some of the first pioneers to own property on Lee Valley. Sorry I cannot give my name because of current policy inside the office. 


Thank you for sharing this recent sighting....Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Bigfoot's World is ...


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bigfoot Country

It Has Been One of Those Days ...


I'm learning new programs on my computer. I hate it! Every time I get my computer worked on I have to relearn all the programs. 

The man that worked on my computer said he saw a bigfoot when he was a young man, and he knows an ex cop that saw five of them at the same time. I asked the computer man if I could tell his story and use his photo. He said no. I understand. 

He did a great job on my computer. One day I'll be back to normal. I HOPE! 


Bigfoot Explorer/Writer. Linda Newton-Perry

1. Why do you believe in Bigfoot/all other names for the animal?
     Answer: Many people of good reputation have seen the animal, so why shouldn't I believe?
2. How did you come to write about this animal?
     Answer: I wanted to keep writing for our local paper after selling our share and came up with Bigfoot.
3. Have you seen one?
     Answer: No

Older Sighting

 Enjoy the information about this bigfoot-like creature found along a railroad track in Canada many years ago. If you've been following bigfoot/sasquatch you know that this story is very old and often spoken of.
A Short Youtube video... Click link below to go.

Thursday, November 13, 2014



Wednesday, November 12, 2014

More photos from hike...

Looking for bigfoot tracks ...

Nov. 11, I and my husband  took the time while hiking a small lake on the Oregon Coast to look for signs of bigfoot. We saw none, but it was a beautiful area.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Yes, we write ...

One of our books. See list, right column bottom to read more.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Please Rem...

Saturday, November 8, 2014

It's Best to Keep Talking Bigfoot

By 'talking bigfoot' we let people know these animals exist! A comment would be appreciated. Click on No Comments, line below. Thanks

Thursday, November 6, 2014

More Info on Bigfoot

I, Linda Newton-Perry, found this site very informative: 

Click link below to go...


Still Great Bigfoot News

Bill Emery, Parchell Bigfoot Sighting

(Bill Emery)

(August 8, 2010)

Linda and Chris, we had great success last night and early this morning.

Bigfoot came within 25 feet of me and Hank. We put out salt licks last night to see if the animal would try to take it and he did.

I am enclosing a snap of #6 camera. DO NOT put it on the site yet. We don’t want another thing like last week. You may tell your readers of it though. All together we got 4 shots. They will have to all be enhanced but we believe all are very good.

This shot was at 6 AM, Sunday Aug. 8, 2010. The image in the background is an old rotten cedar stump. Thanks for your support!

P.S. Emery finally said it was okay to put the photo on Ballyhoo.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

This is a REAL bigfoot

Big Clyde: Emery Photo
This photo was taken by
Bill Emery's trail cam
early one morning, several
years ago.
typing his name in the
search tool.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Where Bigfoot has Been Sighted in Oregon

Traveling up or down I 5
in Oregon? Take a little
time to visit a few places
bigfoot has been spotted
over the last few years.

Reported Dangerous

Talk Bigfoot keep our hikers and campers safe. Let
people know these beings are REAL!

Copy and Paste

Download and enlarge this drawing for
your favorite child to color. Enjoy!

Comment Please

Please comment to get "bigfoot talk" going. Click on the No Comments words just below. Thanks... Linda Newton-Perry