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Saturday, May 17, 2014

PC Tyler Offers Help

Guest Editor-Blogger: Regarding Post Just Below This One

Ms Perry, the story of the loggers cutting snags at MT Jefferson apparently is true. I live in
Bend and went in to talk with XXXX XXXX the female USFS in this area at Culver. She spoke with me off the record but did tell me the crew had reported the bigfoots when they claimed they did. She was the female ranger that went out to talk with them. She admits she was under great pressure from the supervising district ranger XXX XXXX in Jefferson County at Culver, Oregon.

It was also true that some police from the government did spook the men into signing nondisclosure pledges. If the men were to break the agreement they were subject to fines and jail time. That pledge became void in 2002 and I would like to help the guys with legal action if they would come forward and discuss this outrageous event with me. Boise Cascade has turned me down cold. They won’t even respond to my letters asking about the employment statistics of the men and if they ever cut logs for Boise Cascade after that. XXXX is also refusing to give me any information on the sightings.

I did talk with the widow of  XXXX XXXX who was on that crew at MT. Jefferson. Her husband committed suicide in 2007 after a lengthy illness. I’m sorry I cannot share this information with your readers because of possible legal action I might take for the crew members that are still alive. I have offered my service free to Mrs. XXXX and all other crew members. Thank you for getting this out to the readers and myself. James Tyler, PC


Guest Editor-Blogger:  Name withheld by Linda Newton-Perry
Number 98 in the Archive Section

Better believe anon. Several years ago my outfit took a contract with Boise Cascade cutting timber in Jefferson County in Oregon. This was a snag removal operation from the Mt.Jefferson Wilderness area. We had been working only two days when the first encounter with the bigfoot happened. One of the members of our crew saw a massive sized animal walking across a small creek covered with black hair and apparently some sort of huge apelike man.

We had found tracks of something leaving 19 inch tracks all over the area along with many smaller ones from 16 inches to 6 inches. We had notified the USFS and the timber owner of the tracks. The USFS came out and talked with us. The female ranger and a another guy told us not to worry or pay any attention to the tracks or the animal and she said "they knew about it and it will not come close to humans". Yes that was her exact words.

We ask her if there was more of them in this area and she stated "I don't know and really don't care " Well that remark kind of set me back on my heels. She stated that we was there to do a job so do it and no more questions. A fellow worker ask her if she would guarantee the animal would not attack us. This is where it gets criminal in my book. "We have done a extensive study and found the animals are afraid of humans and will not come close to people" she replied.

"What in the hell are they"  I ask? She said there just a leftover from early times. Why don't more people know about them? She said the discussion is over and they drove off in the USFS pickup. Over the next three weeks we were followed and rocks thrown at us on two different occasions.

The male was around nine feet with a massive chest,  shoulders and long arms. The female was at least seven feet tall and very husky built for a female. The two little ones were only around 5 feet and they never got to close to us . If one of the adults thought they were to close they would whistle at them and once the female even scooped up the small female in her arms.

These animals were frightening to look at. In the daytime we would see the big male watching us cut snags from behind a tree. At night they would wonder into our work area and turn over the gas and oil cans. Though we were camped some miles away we still felt we could be in danger. After three weeks went by we were very close to finishing the job. The snags were to be left in place where they fell . No trucks or roads to take them out. Finally we got done and headed back to Redmond.

When we got back to home here the USFS came and ask us to sign pledges not to discuss these animals with anyone. Along with my crew I told them to shove the pledges. Well the next day here they come again only this time they had government type police with them and their id said Department of Agriculture enforcement.

They threatened us with jail, fines and a host of other stuff if we didn't sign the paper. Facing jail was not in my lifestyle so I signed the damn paper and didn't talk about the bigfoot till a lawyer told me they had no authority to harass us. Even so they told us that we would never get another contract without the false and untrue paper we signed. 2002/June/05 


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Clint said...

Mr. Tyler I wish you all the luck. The USFS is immune from legal action because of the fact Bigfoot has never been proved real. They are fully aware these creatures are out there BUT till science classifies them as a real animal or primate they are nothing but ghost. Mr. Tyler you might have a case with the pledges. They had no right to threaten the men with fine and or jail. I might be wrong on this too. Everything changed when congress passed the Patriot Act in 2001 giving unlimited powers and authority to government employed police .