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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Where Tracks Were Observed

Blue dot  near location, left side of the road, from post below.

Owner of Ranch Thinks He Might Have a Bigfoot Visiting

While out and about today, I spoke to a local
 about bigfoot. He showed me photo of 
a trail of tracks in the snow taken on his ranch
west of Sutherlin, Oregon (138 west).

This photo is west of Eugene not of the track 
trail above.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Howard Sterns: Does anyone know what the deal was on this
man having my story as the title of his youtube video below, click to go.

Bigfoot Story The Mountains Facing the Sea


Sharing a Bigfoot Country Photo

Photo by the online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo

Saturday, April 26, 2014

This Animal Exists!

Photo is by Photoxpress


Comment on Bigfoot Sighting Just Below

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot Sighting Comment":

I might be able to answer some questions about the ranger. She was no doubt briefed on what was in that area before they started the operation of removal. The tree snags need to come down because of the lighting danger they pose if struck. I'm thinking they had you men sign a nondisclosure pledge. This gives the agency a legal way out if you were to say "They knew about them." Also it gives Boise Cascade the tool to say you never reported anything to them. We have used the pledges in several cases where the person came forward afterwards and started talking to newspapers and such.

As some have suggested we just can't go through another lumber downturn in America. She probably could have handled the questions a bit better but she was no doubt getting flack from her superior.

Yes sometimes the DOA does get involved if and when they believe you will discuss operational details inside the agency or with others about this subject. Anyone with any time with USFS knows you just don't talk about these things. It can and will result in termination of employment.

Umpqua River and not far from where a bigfoot has been seen.

Bigfoot Sighting Comment

Guest Editor-Blogger:  Name with held by Linda Newton-Perry
Number 98 in the Archive Section

Better believe anon. Several years ago my outfit took a contract with Boise Cascade cutting timber in Jefferson County in Oregon. This was a snag removal operation from the Mt.Jefferson Wilderness area. We had been working only two days when the first encounter with the bigfoot happened. One of the members of our crew saw a massive sized animal walking across a small creek covered with black hair and apparently some sort of huge apelike man.

We had found tracks of something leaving 19 inch tracks all over the area along with many smaller ones from 16 inches to 6 inches. We had notified the USFS and the timber owner of the tracks. The USFS came out and talked with us. The female ranger and a another guy told us not to worry or pay any attention to the tracks or the animal and she said "they knew about it and it will not come close to humans". Yes that was her exact words.

We ask her if there was more of them in this area and she stated "I don't know and really don't care " Well that remark kind of set me back on my heels. She stated that we was there to do a job so do it and no more questions. A fellow worker ask her if she would guarantee the animal would not attack us. This is where it gets criminal in my book. "We have done a extensive study and found the animals are afraid of humans and will not come close to people" she replied.

"What in the hell are they"  I ask? She said there just a leftover from early times. Why don't more people know about them? She said the discussion is over and they drove off in the USFS pickup. Over the next three weeks we were followed and rocks thrown at us on two different occasions.

The male was around nine feet with a massive chest,  shoulders and long arms. The female was at least seven feet tall and very husky built for a female. The two little ones were only around 5 feet and they never got to close to us . If one of the adults thought they were to close they would whistle at them and once the female even scooped up the small female in her arms.

These animals were frightening to look at. In the daytime we would see the big male watching us cut snags from behind a tree. At night they would wonder into our work area and turn over the gas and oil cans. Though we were camped some miles away we still felt we could be in danger. After three weeks went by we were very close to finishing the job. The snags were to be left in place where they fell . No trucks or roads to take them out. Finally we got done and headed back to Redmond.

When we got back to home here the USFS came and ask us to sign pledges not to discuss these animals with anyone. Along with my crew I told them to shove the pledges. Well the next day here they come again only this time they had government type police with them and their id said Department of Agriculture enforcement.

They threatened us with jail, fines and a host of other stuff if we didn't sign the paper. Facing jail was not in my lifestyle so I signed the damn paper and didn't talk about the bigfoot till a lawyer told me they had no authority to harass us. Even so they told us that we would never get another contract without the false and untrue paper we signed. 2002/June/05 


Thank you for taking the time to share this information. ... Linda Newton-Perry. I didn't put the name above in case the comment was to make trouble for the sender. You just never know!

Friday, April 25, 2014


Anon below:

Can you tell us about your sightings? Thanks... Linda Newton-Perry

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anon


I was a logger in Clatsop County Oregon. The truth will never come out. The government and the timber industry won’t let it happen─ too many jobs and too much money at stake!  I know I've seen it [bigfoot] twice.

They will put it on the endangered list and shut down logging [resulting in] thousands out of work. It would be like the spotted owl only ten times worse!

Youtube Video; Bigfoot Drawings

Doctor Bindernagel lectures on drawings of bigfoot from eye-witnesses. 
Click link to take you to this Youtube video which is 10:29 minutes long.

Part 2 


Part 3


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Illustration from new children's bigfoot fiction book, BLOOD RIBBONS

BLOOD RIBBONS soon available on Lulu.com.

Bigfoot Dead in the Road

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry

Did you know that bigfoots have been seen injured or
dead on roads after a vehicle hit them?

Have you heard of such an event?


Wednesday, April 23, 2014


To get information on a Orgon Live KGW program in 2013 on License Suspensions after reporting a bigfoot or UFO sighting to the police, click link below. I talked to someone at the site and he said it would cost about $150.00 for him to do the research and  deliver some sort of product, video, etc. (I wasn't clear what I'd get since I cut him off after he stated the price.) But if you'd like some sort of proof that in Oregon drivers have had their licenses suspended after reporting a bigfoot to the police, then, this would be the place to go.

I don't need such proof since I trust those that told me about the practice in the first place. It is good to remember it isn't a law but a 'practice.'  We hope it no longer happens to people. BUT IF YOU REPORT A HOAXED SIGHTING THEN, IN MY OPINION, YOU DESERVE TO HAVE YOUR LICENSE SUSPENDED!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Illustrations from new bigfoot children's book.

Illustrations by Linda Newton Perry and dallied with by BeFunky

Still working on this children's bigfoot book. Click illustration to view it larger.

Youtube Video

Truck Driver Observes Bigfoot. 
Very short video 2;15 minutes long by GeorgeandWendyShow


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Speak Up! Please

Friday, April 18, 2014

Help Please

I need proof of licenses being suspended in the state of Oregon for reporting a bigfoot sighting to the police, the sighting while driving a vehicle.

It is claimed this no longer happens.

I know on the paperwork it will not say ‘license suspended for reporting a bigfoot sighting to the police.’

We know the real words would be more like ‘suspended for filing a false report’ since the state doesn't recognize bigfoot.

If after you have filed a bigfoot sighting report, no matter what is written on the paperwork, and you had your license suspended, would you be willing to show proof  of it─so once and for all it can be proved. Just copies of paperwork and your written statement, perhaps notified, would probably work.

  These claims of license suspension have not been proved to some as factual. We need your help.

Thank you,
Linda Newton-Perry

Regarding Above Post

Sally has left a new comment on your post "Help Please":

Aren't you kind of late with that information? Last year Oregon Live KGW did a special on people getting suspended for reporting UFO and Bigfoot. The director of the department of motor vehicles claimed it was just a one time thing till the reporter checked up on it. Then she came back on the special and apologized and said she didn't know it was happening. They supposedly stopped it but beware! Even Governer John Kitzhaber didn't know about it according to his aides.


It would have been good if one of my readers had told me about the program! Thank you for the post now anyway. I'm trying to get a link to that video. ... LNP

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Guest Editor-Blogger: Susan

Susan has left a new comment on your post "Youtube Bigfoot Video":

My name is Susan Hanson and this letter is to my father in 1950 from a professor in Oregon.

1950 (Ophir,Oregon) The accounts of the apelike giants that inhabit the upper reaches of Iron Mountain seem to date back to as early as 1823 according to DJ Stinnit (anthropologist) of the Oregon State University.

The sightings of the giant apes called Omah or Saswish resurfaced after the stories of loggers being harassed and attacked started coming out of the remote Azalea Lake area some 30 miles south of Powers, Oregon in the Siskiyou Forest. The actual attacks were reported between 1939-47 by scores of loggers working at the remote logging camp now known as Camp 2. The camp had been used by Coos Bay Lumber Company until it was abandoned in 1949.

The apes were a mixture of wildman and ape standing over 8 feet tall and covered with hair. The apes were said to be of immense build and strength. I had personally talked with a guard (Steve Wilson) at the camp and was told these apes are very much like the creatures that a report said killed some miners up in the Chetco River area in 1866. Also the upper Sixes River area had accounts of the same type creature somewhere around the 1880-1908 timeline. 

As in our last discussion I believe the possibility of a unclassified primate living in the Pacific Northwest is very good. All the documentation from the incidents seems to point in this direction. This merits more examination and field study. Sincerely, Wesley Hanson UOC 


Should the name after Sincerely, be Wesley Hanson ? I thought the letter was to your dad, not from him?

Okay, we will go with that. Thank you for the great post. ... LNP

Searching for Bigfoot Older Outing

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Available Soon

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry, dallied with by Befunky

Just a word from Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We believe in bigfoot ...

We don't have ads on this site. Our payment?
Your comments, your input, so we appreciate
what you have to say.Yes, we sell books but
we do value your comments. ... Linda Newton

Monday, April 14, 2014

If This Animal Exists ...

Photo: PhotoXpress

And it does, so why not bigfoots?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Youtube Video Bigfoot Shot?

A Hunter Shots Bigfoot! (The Bigfoot Case Files)
by Yeti Verse and 5:13 minutes long. 

tAlKiNg bIGFooT

If you love the subject of bigfoot as Chris and I do, you will be watching for all the latest news about the animal. Why not share
what you have learned? We look forward to reading your comment. Just below the body of this post are the words, no comments or 1 comment or how many there are. This is where you click and type in your comment.

Youtube Bigfoot Video

Encounter With Screaming Erratic Sasquatch
"These things are real!"
Click link to go to 8:17 minute video by Bigfoot Project
(Some profanity) 


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Guest Editor-Blogger

Guest Editor-Blogger: Chuck

It takes me a very long time to write my thoughts out. I keep thinking about the day Emery and his friend waited for the bigfoot to appear. I remember Hank saying he thought he was going to have a heart attack because of the size and the fact the bigfoot was very close to them. Hiding in a patch of ferns looking up at a giant isn't my idea of a good morning

We can all agree this bigfoot is dangerous to humans. According to the published reports the bigfoot is a very large male. How did they know the bigfoot wouldn't find them or smell them and attack? They didn't. Using bait to lure an animal is dangerous by itself. I read where they used smoked fish and apples I believe. The fact is both men were armed I guess but at that short distance you better be hoping for a head shot because if the shot doesn't take the animal down right away then it’s another story.


Many people have seen this animal?
Have you? 

This is a real photo of a bigfoot.

Top photo: I outlined the bigfoot. The photo was from a trail camera. Three additional photos of this animal exist. They are clear photos, but Bill Emery of Oregon can not let them be shown to the public. Why? It was explained to us that the animal was photographed on government land and for that reason he can not share them. Learn more about Bill Emery by using Bigfoot Ballyhoo’s search tool and typing in Bill Emery. 

Ms Sparkles Baking a Pie

Bigfoot Children's Story Read by Linda Newton-Perry, Ms Sparkles

Pile of books beside my bed ...

So you are a reader? So am I. And so is my
husband. Now, please, write a little about
bigfoot. Most people that read can write. We
want to hear from you on the subject of

Friday, April 11, 2014


To the anonymous teacher that stated that he/she recommends Bigfoot Ballyhoo to his students that believe in bigfoot: Thank you. We go out of our way to put together an interesting as well
as dignified site.   

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Enjoy the Mehl Creek Road Video

Go to Youtube production of this Video by clicking link. It is a better video, clearer etc.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Searching for Bigfoot

Photo by Linda Newton-Perry

Mehl Creek Road, Oregon

Mehl Creek Road

Photos by Christopher Perry

Bigfoot was seen in this area, this side of the road,
a couple of years ago. Near Elkton, Oregon

Youtube Video Bigfoot

Dr. Jane Goodall Says She Is Sure Bigfoot Exists on National ...

2:22 minutes long. Enjoy!
Click link to go ...


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Enjoy a minute on the beautiful Umpqua River, Oregon

Across this river is the Mehl Creek Road. A couple of years ago a policeman observed a bigfoot  while on a call to check out a teen beer party late one night. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Working Bigfoot Illustration by

Linda Newton-Perry

We 'talk bigfoot' here on Bigfoot Ballyhoo.

Sunday, April 6, 2014



PORT ORFORD — Several road slides have occurred along Elk River Road (Forest Road 5325) southeast of Port Orford.

A road slide at Milepost 6 (above the Elk River Fish Hatchery) has made the Elk River Road impassable.

Although road slides are not uncommon along coastal routes this time of year, there has been an increase in the number of slides along the road.

Forest visitors are advised to be cautious when traveling on forest roads, and to be prepared in the event a road becomes impassable by packing extra provisions.

With forecasts for additional precipitation to occur in the next several days, the Agness Construction Company is scheduled to remove the debris on Elk River Road early next week.

It is anticipated the road may be passable by mid-week. For current status on local forest roads, contact the Powers Ranger Station at 541-439-6200 or the nearest Forest Service office.


Thank you. We want our readers to be safe on their forest outings. 

Wish Info on Dyer?

Type in Rick Dyer in search slot on
your search engine.

Share info if you find anything
worth sharing.... LNP

Sharing Beauty

 Oregon Lake

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Youtube Video

Click link to take you to the video, Police Dash Cam Bigfoot by pete bertino.
The video is 5:03 mins long. 

New Sighting Report Below This Illustration

A great opinion/comment by Mike. Click
the 2 comments below. Thank you Mike.

Bigfoot Sighting From the Past, OREGON

Guest Editor-Blogger: KB
#97 in our Archive Section

I've always been hesitant to talk about my one and only Bigfoot experience. I guess I need to start at the beginning and tell everyone that reads this story that I was an Oregon State Police (OSP) trooper for 30 years. During 18 years of that time I was active as a fish and game trooper. It was in October of 2005 when I was on patrol in the
Elk River County [country?] on USFS land. It was one of my normal runs up at Butler Bar Campground to stop and talk with campers to make sure everything was OK. On this day, I was actually flagged down by a couple of hunters near the campground as they were coming down from the Iron Mountain area.

 I asked them if they had any luck hunting and they said no. It was then the passenger in the truck told the driver that "We better tell him what we seen this morning." I asked them what they were referring too. It was told to me that at around 6: am they spotted a very large animal standing upright and seemingly covered with hair near the Laird Lake Campground entrance. I asked them for a general description of the person or animal because they weren't sure just what it actually was.

I took down their information and then headed up for Laird Lake which is around 7 miles from Butler Bar Campground. Laird Lake is also a USFS campground with a small lake on the southeast side of the campground. When I arrived, I noticed no campers there. Near the primitive outhouse I found some unusually large tracks in the soft dirt that looked to be human shaped but much larger than normal. I measured these footprints at 17 inches by 7 inch wide, not just one track but several very well defined footprints and a line of them heading off towards the water.

I did cast two of the footprints, a left and right print. I took photos of them and the line of prints. Something wasn't right because the prints were about 5.5 feet apart. A stride like this couldn't be made by a human. I also noticed the trash cans had been emptied out on the ground. As I pick the trash up, I noticed more prints of the same type and shape all around the cans. Again, I photographed the trash cans and prints. After picking up the trash, I began to notice a strong stench in the air. As I turned and looked towards the lake, I saw some kind of human-like animal walk behind some trees.

What I mean by human-like is that it walked on two legs. It was of very large build and tall and covered with black fur or hair. Its face seemed to be a mixture of human-ape. Guessing the height would be somewhere around 8+. Then it took off up the mountain faster than any human could ever walk. After just a few seconds it was out of sight. What animal it actually was is a mystery though I believe it was a Bigfoot.

Even though I believed it was a Bigfoot, I never put anything in my report naming it Bigfoot. I had already been warned in 1975 by another trooper in the field not to ever write that name BIGFOOT in a report because it would cause some unwanted action from the top brass. The prints were never identified as any known animal. The casts were sent to several different anthropologist but they couldn't match them with anything known. 


Thank you KB for such an in-depth sighting report. I will put it in our archive section. ... Linda Newton-Perry


Friday, April 4, 2014

We wish you'd comment!

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by BeFunky

Ms Sparkle Reads a Bigfoot Story on Youtube

Click link to go ...
I've read many of my stories on Youtube as
Ms Sparkle. Search Youtube using my name
Linda Newton-Perry. Happy viewing.

Could be a bigfoot!

Click link below to take you to a youtube video: Elk Hunters Film Bigfoot! Explicit Language. 1:09 minutes long. Enjoy

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bennie Bigfoot and the Barnyard Cats

All illustrations by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by Befunky

Add caption

Children's Fiction Bigfoot Available Now

To be read to children up to eleven or so. Older children will enjoy reading the book by themselves. The story gives a fine opportunity
to discuss bigfoot and where little bigfoots come from. That is only if you
decide to take that course!

Bennie bigfoot decides to go looking for
a girl companion and allows a couple of
cats to tag along. 

Order a copy at www.Lulu.com 

Sharing Beauty

View from our frontdoor


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Umpqua River, Oregon

This is bigfoot country!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Aren't you tired of all the stupid news from the Dyer camp? What to do?
What to do? I haven't a clue! I'm wearing out. For sure, you can see it
on my face! Right?

A bigfoot was observed on this bridge by several people ...

including a law enforcement officer. 

Southwest, Oregon