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Monday, March 31, 2014

Rick Dyer News

Youtube Video
Rick Dyer tells his story on this 4:54 minutes long video.

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Click link to read the latest ...


More on hoax: Click link to go ...


Sunday, March 30, 2014

The tunnel is being worked on.

Bigfoot Sighting Site

Elkton Tunnel just out of Elkton, Oregon Hwy 38

Pink dots show route bigfoot took.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Talking Bigfoot

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by BeFunky

Youtube Announcement Video

Jeff Meldrum's new Radio Show: 
Bigfoot North with Todd Standing

1:13 minutes long and by Sylvanic Bigfoot
Click link to go ...


Photo: Bigfoot Country

Photo by Linda Newton-Perry

Bigfoot Encounter

Man tells of an encounter with bigfoot as a child. Click link to go ...
The title: Face to Face With A Bigfoot. The video is 6:34 minutes


Friday, March 28, 2014

Youtube Video White Bigfoot

Click link to take you to the youtube video Encounter with a White Bigfoot America's Oddities Promo
The video is 3:11 minutes and by Bigfoot Project


The Truth

Rick Dyer admits that the bigfoot in the trailer that he's been touring is a hoax.
He still claims he shot a bigoot Sept. 2012.
Go to Rick Dyer Facebook for information. 

The Green Hills of Oregon

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Youtube Video Bigfoot Sighting

One Man's Unforgettable Bigfoot Encounter
2:17 minutes long and by Bigfoot Project. 
Click link below to go ...

Do you speak 'Bigfoot'?

I never had a chance to cast a bigfoot print but

I know how to bake  one!
(Just for fun.)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Youtube video

Missing 411 Cocumentary (Bigfoot)
41:26 minutes long, by Adam Bird
Click to go ...


Youtube Video

Shooting Bigfoot- Enhanced Scenes
The last minutes of the film and much clearer. 
Wow, could this be true? It looks real. 
What do you viewers think?
Click link to go... 2:09 minutes long


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Youtube Bigfoot Video

Shooting Bigfoot by Scott Johnson 
The Morgan Matthew's Bigfoot Footage
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Wise Words

Where a Bigfoot was Spotted


Link to Youtube Video

The Morgan Matthews Bigfoot Footage (When Rick Dyer shot the Bigfoot. If it's true.)
Click link to go ...


Monday, March 24, 2014

A Place to "Talk Bigfoot"

Short Poem

In the far off hills, and the mountains tall
                      Live all God’s animals, great and small
        One that’s hard to see, and little told in books
        Is the massive animal, called by many, bigfoot                                

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Where Bigfoot Has Been Seen

Where Chris is standing, or thereabouts, a
bigfoot was observed a couple years ago.

And mind you, this is the main road to the
Oregon Coast, hwy 38.

Enjoy and remember Bigfoot Ballyhoo is
for 'talking bigfoot.' ... Linda Newton-Perry

Another Opinion

John has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger: G. Adams":

Will fully agree with Walt on this bigfoot question. We think bigfoot is probably a leftover from prehistoric days. We just can't protect something that very well might be near extinction right now. And I know or believe Walt is correct when he said the depression from listing such a thing would be worse than anyone has ever seen. Really he makes sense because we know just how extreme everything is nowadays. I’m not willing to go through another economic depression because of an apelike animal.

 I know bigfoot is real and I don't care who laughs.

Guest Editor-Blogger: G. Adams

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger: Walt":

I think you hit the Nail on the Head Walt. If it’s discovered that this being is part Human, the Religious World might have a lot of questions as far as Evolution vs Creationism. Yes, there would be  an uproar for protection of the Species which would jeopardize the Economy. I guess for now the people who know that the [being] exists will probably be alone in their thoughts. Best thing??? Probably....But, I still want to know for sure myself...

G. Adams

Last Summer 2013

The Rogue River is straight behind me and 200 feet down.

Not far from this area, late one night, a bigfoot was seen
running across the road. And it was about the time we
were there. Happy Days to you and Comment Please.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Guest Editor-Blogger: Walt

Walt has left a new comment on your post "Re Posting of a Comment":

As a former USFS field ranger and wildlife biologist, I'll explain what a person would be up against if they got pictures from federal land. First off, as we know through the PG film and Freeman Film it’s not even close─to call such an animal real through pictures. As far as a dead body, I believe they already have a couple of them. When a person starts calling evolution into question the science people get real shook up.

Also we need to address the money part of this. As you know, the endangered species act is in place for any animal that needs protection. Bigfoot would certainly fall under the EDA because they would be considered a prehistoric primate as in Gigantopithecus or offspring.

With current figures just released in 2010, the bigfoot would need a very large mass of land in order to reproduce. The current estimates of the loss of federal land would exceed 3.8 billion a year in lost productivity. That would be a conservative estimate. It’s been talked about with different administrations and congress back to at least 1920; all agree the loss of land would throw the U.S. into a depression never seen before. We’re not talking just about the Pacific Northwest; were talking all the Rocky Mountain States and eastern national forest clear to Vermont.

Even if the bigfoot were found to be dangerous to humans the environmentalist would go bananas if government decided to kill or let them die out naturally. Humans and bigfoot just can not live together. As more urban areas open for housing the bigfoot would be forced into even smaller masses of land.

I've tried to make the case here for not recognizing bigfoot as real. If people want to proceed with proof and then listing the animal [endangered] they better know what will be the consequences. We can not have it both ways. Look at the Spotted Owl and other small birds that have devastated the local economies of the West Coast and states and ask "Is it worth it?" This is not to scare anyone, it's just the facts as I understand them.


Thank you Walt for your comment. We do appreciate it. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Is Bigfoot a Silly Subject a Waste of Time?

A Question

Just a comment concerning the post below this one by M.R.

I just want to make a comment on searching for bigfoots on Federal Forest Lands. So, if we should get a great photo on these lands and post it on the Internet, or have a TV station do a news segment on it, does that mean we also will be threatened by a lawsuit? Does this mean we have to make sure we are on private property when we snap that photo that proves this animal exists?

I can remember several years ago, I wanted to publish a photo of the Columbus Day animal found dead under a fallen tree. Several people told me, just sending the photo by email was breaking the law. So we didn’t publish the photo, and
didn’t have the family send it to Ballyhoo.

It seems a shame considering all the time and expense so many of us go to just to snap a photo of this animal,  and then to be threatened by a lawsuit just because we were on Federal lands and  the photos are published.

Keep Safe, keep your money safe─Search for bigfoot in your fenced backyard! (Best advice!) ... Linda Newton-Perry

Re Posting of a Comment

Linda Newton-Perry 

Mary R (Older Post)

Hello Linda. I'm glad to see your still in there with Bigfoot information. Let me comment on this ongoing controversy on my dad and Bill Emery. First let me say that most hunters are into finding bigfoot for personal gain. It has become a huge moneymaker with all the TV shows, movies and radio programs. Dad started looking into bigfoot because he found tracks of a large upright being back in the 70s while constructing an access road for timber removal. The road was not accessible to anyone other than the small crew dad had working on this project. He knew it was impossible for anyone to reach the area where he found the tracks because of locked gate and two watchmen on the site. Dad caste the tracks and sent then to Grover Krantz in
Washington to determine if they could have been faked. Dr. Krantz reported that in his opinion the ridges on the bottom of the tracks could not be faked and he was sure they were the real thing. This sparked a long interest in finding out how such a large being could remain hidden from the world.

When dad passed away people sent hate mail along with phone calls to mother claiming dad was a fraud. It nearly caused her to breakdown because she was mourning the loss of her husband of 53 years. The hate mail was mostly from two individuals, one in Oregon and another from New York. I hope they never have to endure what they did to our family. This got Bill Emery very mad because he knew dad well and knew dad never did anything to these people. Dad was a laid back kind of person while Bill is a more matter of fact kind. I talked with Bill last week and he told me the Internet is nothing but an unregulated wild west show in his opinion. He doesn't do interviews or radio because of the current state of people when they don't agree with a decision. Bill was told that nothing less than a dead body would be required to identify bigfoot as a flesh and blood animal. He was told that his photos would never satisfy science as proof and most likely would start another round of attacks by the same people as with dad.

Also there was discussion about the lawsuit over making public the photos because they were taken on forest service land and that the agency would strongly deny such an animal, creature ever lived on federal lands. Bill is very sorry he brought your family unjust hate mail and said when the pictures are legally unsealed you will receive the three remaining photos he promised you.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Native American Names for Bigfoot

 I was surprised to learn how many tribes (groups) of Native Americans exist, now and in the past, in the United States. I was also surprised to find that each tribe or group that believes in the being has its own name for it. OMAH from
the post below is just one of those names. Do you know more of these names? ... Linda Newton-Perry


Gary Artty has left a new comment on your post "Native American Names for Bigfoot":

Rogue River tribe = Siquish. Coquille tribe =Omah Klamath tribe = Omah or Sisquatch. Silitz tribe Omah,devil,Wild Siswish. Chectco tribe Sasih


Thank you Gary Artty for the fine reply. ... Linda Newton-Perry
NEW COMMENT May 3, 2018

Chad Mckee said...

My grandpa was Cherokee, couple names Cherokee Indian
"Hairy Savage"
Cherokee Indian
Nun Yunu Wi
"The Stone Man"
Hope these help.

Thank you Chad

Death Blamed on OMAH

Guest Editor-Blogger: Jim Slate 

A perfect example of  how different bigfoots can act. We hear people all the time tell of docile acting bigfoots. No they're not all that way. Here's a sighting from 1907 from the Coquille Indian Tribes archives. This encounter took place somewhere near Reedsport on the Oregon Coast. A woman with here two children were digging clams in an isolated inlet of the Umpqua River. One child returned home some 2 miles away to tell an older sister of a great hairy ape monster grabbing the woman and bounding off with her. After the child told her sister of the encounter a group of men went to the place where the woman had last been seen. There they found the other child sitting on driftwood in shock and unable to talk.

Searching the area, they soon came upon the woman dead in the forest near a small creek running into the bay. Her neck was broken and she’d been apparently rolled on several times by the beast. The ground was soft and had many large manlike prints. The prints were somewhat human only larger than human.

All around the woman's body were limbs that had been pulled off nearby trees and used to hit her. The men tracked the killer as far as Scofield (3 miles from the body) only to lose daylight and have to give up their search.

The animal was never found. The incident was blamed on OMAH or Sasquatch.


Thank you for the very informative comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Couple Weeks Ago ...

First Day of Spring

"Blue looks good on everyone!"
Pretty first day of spring
Photo by Linda Newton-Perry

Ballyhoo is a 'Talking Bigfoot' Sight

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "More Opinions":

Linda what is this sharon_buck talking about. Sasquatches coming to visit her/him. Please! A 9' footer and a unseen smaller one.Please! No wonder people are laughing about sightings.


I understand your feelings on this. Perhaps the person will elaborate on her experience. The above comment is in regard to the 9 foot bigfoot following home the person that commented just below. Remember Bigfoot Ballyhoo is for 'talking bigfoot.'

I was just laughed at when I presented my card to a local business owner just a few minutes ago. Until science stamps the animal real we will have to endure the laughing, I'm afraid.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More Opinions

sharon _buck has left a new comment on your post "Randy of Merlin, Oregon, Comments":

Is there any proof that he is aggressive? I went into an area I knew sasquatch had been in and vocalized hooooo hoooo and received two answering screams. When a 9' plus male and a smaller unseen sasquatch showed up a mile away at my home that same night I was afraid. Later I thought "Well, I went to their home so what was wrong with them checking out mine? I am always alone out there. I am a woman, unarmed and non threatening. I have gotten nothing but positive interaction from them. I would just hate to see an over curious sasquatch label them all. white people tend to label the whole for the mistakes of the one.

sharon_buck has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot: Another Man's Opinion":

I have hiked and camped alone in the wilderness of PA, SC, GA, NH, MT and WA since I was a small girl. I ask why not grab me? I have an extremely large male over 9' tall with 18-22" footprints along with a smaller unseen sasquatch with 12-15" prints coming to my home after I went into their home territory .I continue to go alone and have never been chased, never screamed at, never had rocks thrown not even a scary escort out. As I said in another post the sins of one doesn't mean all of them are bad. Just like in humans.


Please be careful. There is always a first time for one of these beings to act out. Thanks for the comments ... Linda Newton-Perry

Sru Lake Photos

Click  to make larger and double click to make even larger.

More on Hamilton Family Sighting

Use the search tool and type in Buck Hamilton for more information on this sighting. 

Another Opinion

Sru Lake where the Hamilton girl
was watched by a bigfoot.

Guest Editor-Blogger: Sandy 

It’s a big country and people go missing every day in our forest. Most of the time they are found later by hikers and they died of exposure. No evidence ever existed that bigfoot ever kidnapped people. As for the remark "The little
Hamilton girl overreacted" is just stupid, Andy.

Who wouldn't get scared when a hairy 9 foot monster (the police say doesn't exist) is looking at you. As far as the 1924 attack at Ape Canyon, yes Beck did kill a bigfoot the day before by shooting it in the back. Men back in that time shot before thinking. John Green recently said he believes most of the sightings are becoming more violent because of the loss of territory for the bigfoot. Never before has bigfoot been so hunted and talked about because there's money in it now.

People with no IQ are out there pointing guns at everything in the forest. We would all like to see bigfoot recognized as a real being but it’s not that simple. People always feel more laws need to be passed to protect them. Then the government gets involved and closes millions of acres of land for nothing─as  with the owl. I don't believe there can be all that many of the bigfoot out there to warrant closing land for. As the population of the Earth grows the bigfoot will become extinct anyway. They can't live side by side with humans and humans always win.

Bigfoot: Another Man's Opinion

Paul Holland

That's your opinion and you're entitled to it. I think you're wrong. If someone was fatally attacked in the forest hundreds of years ago chances are it wouldn't have been reported, let alone as a Sasquatch attack. You are definitely right about guns being involved in attacks by Bigfoot. It's not a good idea to point a gun at one of those things; they get pissed off! I know I would.

 Now as far as modern day disappearances in the wilderness, can you think of a more likely suspect? If it's not an animal or human involvement─then what? Both county/city law enforcement and the federal agencies involved have a real good idea of what goes on out there and what kind of animals are in that particular area. Whether they want to admit it or not, they do not report fatal bigfoot attacks; this would frighten the sheepleI. Unfortunately, our government thinks we're all frighten children and treat us accordingly! I know this to be a fact.

In short, if you think the Sasquatch people are tree huggers, dress up like a tree and go hug one and see what happens! And that is my opinion! I have had an encounter and I have studied Bigfoot/Sasquatch for several years! Thank you Bigfoot Ballyhoo for allowing us to be posted!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Guest Editor-Blogger:

Andy has left a new comment on your post "One Man's Opinion on Bigfoot":

Bigfoot stories go back for hundreds of years. Only a few stories tell of bigfoot attacking people. In almost all of those stories you will find guns being used on the bigfoot. The Fred Beck story in its entirety tells of Beck killing one the day before the attack. And again in the Bauman case of 1850 guns were used; and most people believe now that Jessip, Bauman's friend, was most likely killed by a big bear anyway and not a sasquatch. The only person that knows for sure is Jessip and he isn't talking anymore.

There are documented cases where bigfoot has acted hostile but they are few. I do believe that some of Sasquatches will hurt people if they feel threatened as in the Chetco and Sixes stories. But here again we know nothing of the whole facts.

I have read the Hamilton family account and thou this might make some mad I feel the little girl overreacted. I know she was terrified but as far as I can tell the bigfoot never came towards her. He was simply watching the children throw rocks at the water.

These types of encounters have lasting effects. USFS and the fish and game are no longer stocking the Sru Lake with trout because of the incident. Generally in May they stock it but no more.

I also noticed they now want people to check in at the main office before camping up there. If it’s such a bad place then why haven't they closed it down? It’s never been a money maker anyway. Then we get these stories about missing people in the forest and right away the bigfoot is guilty. People go missing every day but when it’s in the forest then something is wrong!

Linda Just Talking

Just wait a few seconds. It will play. Please comment.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Here is Saturday's Bigfoot Outing

Beautiful Oregon Sky, U.S.A.

Simply Sharing Beauty

Not far from our home.

Was it a child on the bigfoot's shoulder?

Boy Seen Kidnapped by a Bigfoot! Government Covers it Up
Very interesting video. Click link to go ...


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bigfoot Color Page

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by Befunky

Save to Your Computer and
have the BIGFOOT DISCUSSION with your child!
(Never leave a child unattended in the forest!
Search Buck Hamilton to read about his family's experience.)

Friday, March 14, 2014

In Response

lewis has left a new comment on your post "One Man's Opinion on Bigfoot":

Don't think the spotted owl hurt things Randy? How about the 33,000 family wage jobs at the mills that no longer are there. How about the thousands of loggers put out of business? How about the counties not being protected by local sheriffs patrols because of lack of money. How about all the smaller schools that had to close because no more timber money for them? How about all the drugs and domestic violence because of no jobs? How about the enviros declaring that the spotted owl was just a ploy and tool to stop logging? Gee Randy where have you been. Bigfoot needs no protection from humans. What we need is to leave it alone and manage our own affairs.

Bigfoot Ballyhoo is for "Talking Bigfoot"

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by BeFunky

We do reserve the right to rewrite
comments that are highlighted on
main page of this site. The rewrite is
to only correct errors in grammar, spelling, etc.

New Children's Book by Perrys

Order Soon on Lulu.com

Bennie Bigfoot and the Barnyard Cats

In Regard to Randy's Comment Second Post Below

I appreciate your comment, Randy. I do wish to say that these are Randy's opinions and may not be exactly what Christopher and I believe. Keep the great opinions/comments coming. This site represents much work and we look forward to comments. ... Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry

One Man's Opinion on Bigfoot

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Randy of Merlin, Oregon, Comments":

To put someone’s life and safety before the value of the dollar is not what this country’s moral values were built on. This government knows that this creature exists; and also knows that aggressive ones are out there, ones that are capable of injuring or killing innocent people out for a hike, fishing and camping. The government has the moral responsibility to protect its citizens from this danger.

I'm not saying kill them all off, but if you are aware of a dangerous or aggressive bigfoot, deal with the problem. There doesn’t seem to be a problem dealing with a mountain lion that may come near a school or jogging trail that may injure someone; so, deal with this issue

At least a sign should be posted that this creature has been seen in the area, a sign with instructions on what to do in case of an encounter: do not run, do not look at it directly in the eyes as a act of aggression, and do not let children wander away from camp alone. If such a sign is posted at least people have the choice to stay or go to another area where the chance of sighting one is less.

The spotted owl was supposed to devastate the timber industry, and for a while it hurt the economy, but the solution to give all nesting burrows a buffer zone in timber harvest, has not hurt this business in any way, as seen from all the logging going on in our state.

Find a way, through studies of this great creature, to buffer their migration routes and learn how to co-exist with it in our woods. First in importance, the government should admit these animals existence; once these things are done─then, pass laws to protect it. It is easier to say it doesn't exist and risk innocent human lives than to lose lobbyist money from the timber industry. Is there any wonder why people have no trust in this government anymore?

What else exists out there that they know about and yet will not admit it? I know for a fact that they exist and the aggressive one that came within 30 feet of me, let me know who the king of the woods was. I thought I was a dead man, even armed with a 9mm revolver that would have been like shooting an elephant with a 22 rifle. It was so stealthy and fast when it shot out of the woods at me while hunting mushrooms that I never had a chance to draw my weapon. In stead of me, what if that had been a innocent family, unarmed out on a hike and they had ran or threw something at it to protect themselves? Would the family be the new missing hikers in the woods, never to be seen again? I really believe a petition should be started, stating the government needs to admit the existence of this creature to save innocent peoples’ lives.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Where a Bigfoot Has Been Seen

Where Bigfoot Has Been Seen

I like to tell people where bigfoot has been spotted
in my part of the country. I believe everyone deserves
a chance to see the animal. I've never seen a bigfoot.
... Linda Newton-Perry 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

News Rick Dyer

BREAKING NEWS! Check this information out! Evidently a couple
of people tore open Rick Dyer's home made case where Hank rests and
determined the whole body a fake. Click link to take you to a very
informative article. What do you think? Please return to this site and comment.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

An Opinion, Ah.. Several Opinions

A comment from sassy squatch,

Linda, you are too smart to fall for this. I still can't believe the possibility of this Dyer fiasco is crossing your mind as being believable. Let's look at it from this angle, Think about all the articles you have read over the years where eyewitnesses have had sightings that caught the attention of the press or the public, and it causes a stir, The next thing you know, they are getting a knock at the door from some unknown person telling them that they need to stop talking about what they saw; this has happened many times.

Let's take the forestry service, or game wardens, who have been told to keep hush on the subject and not to talk to the press or report anything they may have found or seen. Over the last couple of years this bigfoot phenomenon has peeked the interest of the general public to unbelievable levels, as a result of the exposure and the possibility of it being a living, breathing animal.

Have you noticed the number of retired government and state employees coming forward and admitting to having sightings or investigating sightings over the years while they were employed? The numbers are incredible. My point is, the government goes to great lengths, and has for years, to keep this under wraps.

Do you think for one minute that if Dyer had a real honest to god sasquatch, they would not have paid him a visit and put a stop to this? I mean honestly, think about that, with all the effort that has been put into this by the government to keep this all hush, hush, if it were true, do you think they would allow Dyer to just do whatever he wanted? No way!

The only reason they do is because they know what he is and know what he's done in the past. If anything, the government would like to see more people like Rick Dyer doing this. It only helps in there quest to try and make everyone believe the whole bigfoot thing is a fallacy. That's just one of many reasons why this is not to be believed.

Another reason and I will make this one short: I have interviewed many eyewitnesses and have re-contacted a few recently to verify what I suspected. Everyone that I called or emailed who has seen this, whatever it is that Dyer has in that glass case, has said that this thing looks nothing like what they saw.

Thank you, sassy squatch, for your comment and opinions. As you may have guessed, I've thought of all these reasons that Rick Dyer could be hoaxing again. But just on the off chance, I like to keep up with  what's going on with him. Happy Days to you, Linda Newton-Perry

Randy of Merlin, Oregon, Comments

Talking with a young forest ranger the other day gave me some information that I would like to pass on to you. Evidently the forest service has secretly been keeping records of bigfoot encounters in the
Siskiyou National Forest since 1994.

He told me that the bigfoot seen by the little kid up at a lake [Sru] has been seen as far south as Northern California (Hwy 199). Powers, Oregon seems to be its most northern place to be near. He said the animal is an adult male and very aggressive towards people.

Though it has not been published the bigfoot we are talking about was seen at Oregon Caves looking into the visitors building at around midnight of November 5th 2013. A park ranger noticed the animal looking through a window while he was working on the computer inside the building.

And then again it was seen by some people in the Kalmiopsis (spelling?) Wilderness area .The reason they know it's the same bigfoot is the eye was missing and looks like milky film on the socket. This description is the same as the one given by the Hamiltons [little girl, above]. The ranger said the animal is very large even for a male and isn't afraid of people like most others are. I asked him why they don't tell the public about it and the response was "We can't." Even select members of congress know these animals are out there but the dollar is mightier than the truth. The truth is the economy of the lumber states is more important than safety for people. I live in Merlin .Oregon and believe I might have smelled one in 1986 west of Galice Oregon.


Thank you, Randy for the fine comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, March 10, 2014

Going Bigfooting

Click link to go to our outing, a youtube video 

Video From Our Outing


Christopher took the  video below while we were out searching for bigfoot prints. I, several times thought I saw a dark shadow in the forest move. But in the end, I think it was only my eyes playing tricks on me. I did whistle. whoop, and hit a small log on a tree trunk. We didn't smell or hear bigfoot. I might have found
a bigfoot print, but can't be sure. I'm working on a video of the day's search. I'll release it soon. One
thing is for sure, forest air is divine. I hope you get to enjoy it in your area. ... Have a grand day, Linda

Oregon's Umpqua River March 2014

Sunday, March 9, 2014

What Kind of Print?

Photo by Christopher Perry

Is this a raccoon print?
From our last outing.

I've since looked the print up
and I'm sure it is a raccoon.

Beauty in the Forest

Photo by Linda Newton-Perry

A flower found in bigfoot's world.

Just a Thought

I'm like everyone else. I am getting
tired of Rick Dyer. 

I recognize he is holding us hostage,
so to speak, where the discovery of
bigfoot is concerned.

I would guess he is aware enough to
admit in his private time that liars and
hoaxers are not to be admired. 

We do not admire his qualities and his
way about presenting bigfoot to the 

Just a thought. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, March 8, 2014

I'll share more tomorrow on our Oregon Outing.

Observed several footprints today, mostly human boot prints

Back from Searching for Bigfoot--Tracks


It's been raining in Oregon. It should be
dry most of the day today, so we decided
to go looking for bigfoot tracks. 

I've never seen a bigfoot and don't expect I
ever will in the wild, although one never knows.

I'm taking my bear spray as you can see from
the above photo. 

Have a grand day and we will share photos of 
today soon. Comment please. 

Linda Newton-Perry