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Friday, February 28, 2014

Guest Editor-Blogger

JC News

Feb. 28, 2014

Landslides Force Forest Road Closures:
Two Bureau of Land Management forest roads are now closed by landslides that occurred after recent wet weather. The East Fork Brummet Road (#27-09-21.0) is closed indefinitely at milepost 3.5. This road failure blocks vehicle access to the Doerner Fir trailhead. Those visitors still wishing to hike to the Doerner Fir can park their vehicles on the road before the slide and hike approximately one mile to the trailhead. Forest road engineers are still evaluating the damage and a time frame for repair is not available at this time. 

Weaver Road (#28-08-18.0) is closed at milepost 7.5 by a complete road failure. This road suffered additional damage in the 2012 winter storms and is scheduled for repair during the summers of 2014 and 2015. BLM road crews continue to assess roads for damage and updates on forest road conditions are available by calling the Coos Bay District Office at 541-756-0100. Those traveling in the woods should use caution, as downed trees and rocks may be on roadways

Thank you for keeping us safe. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, February 27, 2014

We're Out Looking for Bigfoot

Check out video below. We spent an afternoon searching for bigfoot prints.
The area was about  15 to 20 miles south west  of the London Tracks, south
of Cottage Grove, Oregon.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bigfoot Outing

You may enjoy this Youtube Video. It's not long.
Click to go ...


Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Looking for bigfoot prints
Mary Rondeu Comments (the daughter of Dale Saxton):

Hello Linda. I'm glad to see your still in there with Bigfoot information. Let me comment on this ongoing controversy on my dad and Bill Emery. First let me say that most hunters are into finding bigfoot for personal gain. It has become a huge moneymaker with all the TV shows,movies and radio programs.

Dad started looking into bigfoot because he found tracks of a large upright being back in the 70s while constructing a access road for timber removal. The road was not accessible to anyone other than the small crew dad had working on this project. He knew it was impossible for anyone to reach the area where he found the tracks because of locked gate and two watchman on the site. Dad casted the tracks and sent then to Grover Krantz in Washington to determine if they could have been faked. Dr. Krantz reported that in his opinion the ridges on the bottom of the tracks could not be faked and he was sure they were the real thing. 

This sparked a long interest in finding out how such a large being could remain hidden from the world. When dad passed away people sent hate mail along with phone calls to mother claiming dad was a fraud. It nearly caused her to breakdown because she was mourning the loss of her husband of 53 years. The hate mail was mostly from two individuals one in Oregon and another from New York. I hope they never have to endure what they did to our family. This got Bill Emery very mad because he knew dad well and knew dad never did anything to these people. Dad was a laid back kind of person while Bill is a more matter of fact kind. I talked with Bill last week and he told me the Internet is nothing but a unregulated wild west show in his opinion

He doesn't do interviews or radio because of the current state of people when they don't agree with a decision. Bill was told that nothing less than a dead body would be required to identify bigfoot as a flesh and blood animal. He was told that his photos would never satisfy science as proof and most likely would start another round of attacks by the same people as with dad. Also there was discussion about the lawsuit over making public the photos because they were taken on forest service land and that the agency would strongly deny such a animal,creature ever lived on federal lands.

Bill is very sorry he brought your family unjust hate mail and said when the pictures are legally unsealed you will receive the three remaining photos he promised you. Take care . Mary 

Thank you Mary. I look forward to getting the photos. Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, February 24, 2014

Linda Newton-Perry Talking Bigfoot

Friday, February 21, 2014

A Note to Sassy Squatch

Attention Sassy Squatch:
I understand your questioning my keeping up with Rick Dyer in behalf of the readers of this blog.
(I don't know if he has a real dead bigfoot or  not. I have no way to know.) 

However, not everyone thinks alike. We all process information slightly differently. I would certainly present the bigfoot to the world differently than Dyer if I were in his place and it's true.  If there is any truth to it, I wish to be on top of the information. If he is found to be hoaxing, I wish to know that as well. 

Thank you for your comment. Have a grand day, Linda Newton-Perry

SS, regarding your reply to the above:

I don't require names or email addresses and so I don't have a way to contact the person who gave information on the arm being torn off incident. Most people, including myself, have a difficult time believing that story. If it is true, it is all the more reason that we need science to research this being. ... Linda Newton-Perry 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

What "TRUTHS" do you think you know about bigfoot?


Great comment submitted.
Click 1 comment just below to
read one man's opinion on the
subject of bigfoot.

June Bigfoot Event

We may have a Sutherlin, Oregon Bigfoot Event in June.
If we do, it will be casual: ties not required! Ask about it?

Bigfoot Youtube Video

You might find this Youtube video interesting. An
eye-witness claims to have seen this same animal
that RD calls Hank twenty plus years ago in the
same area it was shot.
Click to go ...


Bigfoot RK

A Youtube Video on Rick Dyer (a local TV station reports).
Click link to go ...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bigfoot Serious or a Joke?

We here at Ballyhoo think the subject is very

Did you notice the news woman today
quoted Rick Dyer as saying that the subject is
  "All for Entertainment."

Attention Altheia:

I am glad you are interested in the bigfoot event this June. If you will email me on my hot mail account, I will give you the number of the person that is interested in camping out with a few people looking for bigfoot etc. In addition, I wouldn't mind having a few tables put up in Sutherlin's city park and getting together a group to 'talk bigfoot.' My hot mail address is lnewtonperry@hotmail.com
Have a grand day, Linda Newton-Perry

Rick Dyer Latest

Latest on Rick Dyer: A TV Video
(We here at Ballyhoo must keep up with this story, just
in case it is real.)
Click link to go ...


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bigfoot Believer

Bigfoot Event

Would you like to attend a small bigfoot event in or around Sutherlin, Oregon in June? Comment and I'll give you more information. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Canadian Rangers Free to 'Talk Bigfoot'

Guest Editor-Blogger:Shayla

I was kind of surprised when the forest ranger told of the dog attack. Seems like more officials are becoming more willing to talk bigfoot now. I know here in the state of Washington many of our forest workers personally are coming forward with stories on being threatened with job loss if they speak. This has to change. It is one thing to have to hold information on jobs, but when it concerns all people then it needs to be told. Canadian rangers are free to express their concerns about bigfoot. At a meeting for natural resources I attended, the ranger from Banff, Canada said that every report is taken seriously because too many reports have come in for them to be a hoax.

He told us of a passenger train that was heading west through the Frazier River Tunnel and on the side of the track was 3 Sasquatches in a little field eating apples. He said the train stopped on the west end of the tunnel and many people took pictures. It was in 1977.

He told us of the Sasquatch in Oregon that was killed by a falling tree in the 60s. He also said at least 5 bigfoot bodies were recovered after the 1980 eruption of Mt.St Helens.

So really science doesn't need a body because they have several now. Like the ranger said it all about big money and logging timber issues that keep the governments playing dumb.

Thank you Shayla for this great comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, February 17, 2014

Bigfoot Country

Please Comment

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Here is the Dog Article

SEE MAP BELOW: The area is between Eugene and Florence Oregon.

Thank you, fe2234,  for this amazing account of a possible bigfoot attack.

Sometimes people experience things in life that have long lasting effects on them. This is my story. I grew up in Washington State near Spokane. I was what most people call a normal person with responsibilities with and a wonderful wife and three small children ranging from 15 months to 8 years old. I met my wife in the army and we married soon after discharge. We moved to Mapleton Oregon where I got a job with the forest service. I rose up thru the ranks by working hard at my job.

After years I was promoted to ranger supervisor for the district. One day in 2012 I was called into the district office to interview a couple that had a bad experience while camping several miles above Deadwood. The couple lived at Swisshome and had come in to show the office manager some film they had shot near the remote campground.

First they told us about their German Shepard dog being killed the day before by what they believed was a large bear. They explained around 2.30AM they were awakened by terrible screams near the camp. They explained when the man opened the tent flap the dog ran into the forest. After a few seconds they heard the sound of their dog being attacked by something. The man raced off into the forest to try to help his dog. He was too late. The dog had been mutilated by being smashed against a tree trunk.

(He had the video and still pictures of the dog and the tree with him at interview.) Almost immediately I spotted something on the video that was not explainable. The large blood spatter from the dog was at apparently 6 1/2 feet up the trunk not near the ground. The video they shot clearly showed the dog had been picked up and smashed against the tree with great force. The man had found footprints near the base of the tree leading off up a steep ravine.

On the video they appeared to be human shape but larger than any foot I've ever seen. I made a copy of the video with his consent. The next morning three field rangers and I met the couple at Deadwood and went to the camp. He took us to the tree some 150 yards from the campsite. As he had said the blood was very much visible on the tree. I ordered some blood samples.

We noticed some large human type prints about the tree in which we casted. I was at a loss for words to say the least. I told the man we would pay for all testing of the dog including an autopsy. When the staff veterinarian finished he called me with more bad news. He had found that nearly every bone in the carcass was crushed. The neck was crushed and one hind leg was nearly detached from the body. No teeth marks were found. ( Mrs Perry I will finish this up tomorrow) I wish to be as accurate as possible.

The staff vets conclusion was that no known animal native to Oregon could have inflicted this type of destruction on the dog. The height of the blood stains were not consistent with any northwest animal. Also the dog at the time of death had apparently pulled some fur/hair of the animal that attacked it. The samples show primate traits but not in sequence with any known primates alive. The striation (?) of hair shafts closely resembled human hair but with 2 major markers non human.

I was notified by phone the following day that no further action [would] be taken on this case. I was ordered to seal the case file.
A sub file from Powers Ranger District had a case much like this one in 1981 where large primate-like hair was found in the
Buck Creek drainage by field rangers after a group of Boy Scouts reported a huge hair covered apelike beast near the creek. Orders came from headquarters not to classify these samples as unknown, Bigfoot (Sasquatch) related.

[And so,] virtually no good explanation on what the hair/blood samples belong too). I believe some type of unknown primate was responsible for the death of the dog. I was forbidden to use the name Bigfoot as a possible suspect.

A Comment by Anon on above article:
This article must be in reference to the Balingor case. That dog was killed by a bigfoot. Why didn't he state in his comment that hunters went out the camp and found small tree destruction all over the mountainside. I no longer believe USFS on anything they say. This farce about bigfoot not being real is dangerous to the public. I noticed he also failed to say the camp has been closed every since that day. I know some inside the USFS are honest but they continue to let politics in DC rule.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Perhaps This Scripture is a Good One for Dyer!

Dog Killed Was it Bigfoot?

Photo by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by BeFunky
Christopher Perry pointing out the ten feet mark.


Please do comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Friday, February 14, 2014

Bigfoot Event

Would you be interested in a bigfoot
event for June of this year in Douglas
County Oregon?

Email me your phone number. I'll
give it to the person putting the event together. Use
this email address lnewtonperry@hotmail.com

Rick Dyer's Bigfoot: He Explains

A Youtube Video
Click link to take you to the video The Bigfoot Body Uncut and Explained
9:45 minutes long. Rick Dyer's own words.


Thursday, February 13, 2014


Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by Befunky

Thank you viewers from China
to Africa, Italy and more.

United States
United Kingdom
Czech Republic
Please comment.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bigfoot Sighting from the Past, Oregon

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Archive Section Bigfoot Sightings":

#95 in Archive Section

While driving on a steep narrow logging road just at dawn in heavy rain and wind, I saw some kind of unknown animal. The morning was very dark and stormy. The road was Panther Creek on the Coos/Douglas Border.

It was November 1st 1971 when I saw bigfoot. It was in a crouching position and apparently vomiting up something it had eaten. The sighting was between the 12 and 13 mile markers of this road.

I was up there to check on new road conditions for a Roseburg based logging company to see if trucks could make it in to load. As I approached the creature stood up and walked off into the timber on two legs.

I got out of the truck and saw where it had thrown up a large amount of raw meat and leaves on the road. There was also a bad stench in the air. Walking back to the truck I saw where it had come off the steep bank and onto the road.

The tracks were human shaped, only much larger than human. The creature looked to be in the range of 600 + pounds and mostly covered with brown reddish hair. It was hard to tell the height because it never stood up completely straight.

I never discussed this creature with anyone other than the owner of the Logging Co. He quietly ask his cutting crew if they had seen any tracks and in fact they had seen a few in September when they were cutting trees up there.


Thank you for the great sighting. (I'm sure tired of only news of Rick Dyer.) ... Linda Newton-Perry

My Opinion: Rick Dyer

One news source reported that Dyer wasn't
having much success in displaying his bigfoot

It seems to me he is putting the 'cart before the 
horse' in that he really needs to get his display
authenticated as a real, dead, bigfoot.

It makes sense to me that more people will be 
willing to pay to see an authenticated bigfoot
body. ... Linda Newton-Perry

What do you think?

Archive Section Bigfoot Sightings

In the Archive Section you will find many sightings to read.
Click illustration at right, top, column. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Where Bigfoot Has Been Seen Red Dot

Top: White dot where (about)
the dog was killed, 2012
(Read about in comments below)

A limping bigfoot a year or two ago
was spotted on Wheatherly Creek Road,
Elkton, Oregon, red dot above.


By Anon
Is the old limping bigfoot gone? As a resident of Scottsburg [Oregon]. I am wondering what happened to the old bigfoot. As far as I know nobody has seen him this year. My neighbors saw him in late June of last year by Weatherly Creek in a field. No new reports that I'm aware of for this year.

Some here have suggested he might have died or been hit on the highway but I'm not aware of any reports on 38. Its very possible he simply moved on to another area. Another theory is he's moved away from the small population here.

My husband is now retired from Oregon DOT and a biologist told him the creature was most likely of advanced age. How he knew that is a mystery to me.

My husband believes ODF&W are very much aware that Sasquatches are migratory animals. Here's the funny thing: the state does not recognize bigfoot as real but at monthly safety meetings for Oregon DOT employees they instruct them not to report a any sighting by mobile radio open to public scanners. 


Thanks for the great comment. I've wondered about the limping bigfoot myself. Please tell us more about policies and info you've heard about  bigfoot. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Question

Photo by Linda Newton-Perry

My husband asked me which of the three
teams left on the ten million dollar bigfoot
show would I want to join in the forest for
an outing. I'll not tell you. We did, however,
pick the same team.


Friday, February 7, 2014

Yip, Bigfoot is Hard to Find

Photo by Linda Newton-Perry

A bigfoot could be leaning against several  of the
 trees in this photo and it would be difficult to spot him. 

Wouldn't you agree?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I'm illustrating a new bigfoot children's book.

I took off the children's story The Wild Woods
because I've made several changes. I am now
illustrating it. It will be made into a book.

What do you viewers think of the Dyer situation?

I can say that I'm sick at heart that he will not verify
the truthfulness of the animal, whether it is a real corpse
or just a rubber suit. 

Sometimes I am just ashamed to believe in bigfoot. What
do you, reader, think? Do you feel the same way?

Linda Newton-Perry 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

You Are Welcome to Join the 'TALK'


Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry


Youtube Video WJTV News

A TV reporter talks to a couple of people about their bigfoot sightings.
The video is 2:10 minutes long. 
Click link to go... Enjoy


Monday, February 3, 2014

Guest Editor-Blogger

 Hello, first off let me say I enjoy your website! Second, I have submitted these incidents to two other websites, www.bfro.net and www.bigfootencounters.com. It has been awhile and I’ve never heard anything back as far as opinions, so I looked around on YouTube, and came upon your video posts which led me to your webpage. 

There are actually two separate incidents which took place last year (2013) where I live in Raleigh County, West Virginia, one in October and the other in December. 

I will begin with the first: I was leaving my parent’s house right at dusk, which is just next door to my house. As I began walking down the steps I heard a couple of extremely heavy footsteps in the woods just behind the tree line about 70 yards away. I stopped for a moment, looked in the direction of the footsteps and they stopped. So took a couple of more steps and so did the person/animal. I stopped again and it stopped as if to mimic me. I then took one step and so did it. The odd thing about it was it seems to be deliberately snapping large branches or pieces of wood whenever it took a step.

Whatever it was, it sounded heavy and very large. A few minutes passed and I decided I should get back to my house. The large animals we've noticed in the area include, bear, deer, boar and mountain lion. All of which are usually quiet, so I didn't think it was one of them. To me it seemed to be a very large heavy person or some other kind of animal walking on two legs following my movements.

The second incident took place the week of December 8th, 2013. I had just gotten home from work around 2 am and had pulled into the driveway. I got out of the car and began walking towards the front door. However, I stopped for a moment and looked up at the stars. It was a very clear night plus I enjoy watching the sky whenever I can. A few minutes passed and, I walked up the steps, entered the house and shut the door. I took off my shoes, put up my coat and lunch box. Then I remember I left my cell phone in the car, so I put my shoes and coat back on. I walk back to the car, retrieve my cell phone and shut the car 
door. As soon as I shut the car door, the entire driveway area is filled with a horrible extremely strong rotting fish type odor. Then about 5 seconds later I hear a loud clap. Almost like someone knocking two pieces of wood together. The sound came from the very same area were I heard the heavy footsteps and branch breaking mentioned above. Once I heard that knock noise, the hairs stood up on my neck and a strong sense of fear came over me, so I hurried back into the house.

I've smelled plenty of skunks and it wasn't quite like that, but it was similar in the way as if it was just released. I also think it was released because there was a steady calm breeze blowing in the same direction when I first arrived home and when I went back to get my cell phone. Plus when I was looking at the stars for several minutes before, I did not smell 

I also wanted to mention that a very good friend of mine had actually seen a tall hairy being cross the road in front of his vehicle one night about a year ago on his way home. He said that if it was someone in a costume, it was so large it would have had to be at least two people in the costume and that the thing he most remembered was the long hair hanging from its arms as they swung. He also mentioned that once it entered the brush it just seemed to blend in or kind of disappear. 

My friend's sighting above is less than 5 miles from my home.


Thank you for the above information. It sure sounds like it could have been a bigfoot. But since you didn't see it, it is only a guess.  Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry Oh yes, have you seen a bigfoot? If so tell us about it. At least tell us why you are interested in bigfoot. Again, thanks.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chickens Carried Off by a Bigfoot a Past Sighting

Click to make larger.

General area of sighting  below.
nonymous has left a new comment on your post "Chickens Missing?":

In 2008 or 2009, AN article was in the newspaper about a woman looking out her kitchen window at Sitkum, Oregon and watching a huge manlike beast walking back into the forest with a chicken in each hand. I believe I read it here also. Dale Saxton talked with the woman and found 17 inch prints at the edge of the forest. It happened on the old Laird Ranch. Over the years many people have seen a dark brown ape like animal standing in the field where all the Elk used to graze.Police have always dismissed the reports as a bear not bigfoot. I would like to see a bear walking off on its back legs packing chickens off. It ain't a gonna happen that way. The first known sighting up there was in 1877 by Lou Harris a settler. Reports flooded out of the area when the wagon road was built in 1908 that giant ape like creatures were watching the stages stop at Deadhorse to water the horses. Loggers that cut the trees for the bridges routinely seen one or more of them near the new road bed.


Thank you for the great sighting. Dale Saxton, the late,  above is the same Saxton that this site is dedicated. ... Linda Newton-Perry