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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Youtube video of Rick Dyer allowing people to view the bigfoot body.
The title of the video is Peoples Reactions Seeing a Real Bigfoot and is 6:23 minutes long. What are we to believe?
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Bigfoot Information since 2009

Monday, December 30, 2013

What are your thoughts on this question?

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bigfoot and Dr. Matthew Johnson

Here's a new video on Youtube you may enjoy. Dr. Johnson
gives his opinion on 'bigfoot experts.' In 2000 Johnson observed
a bigfoot watching his family on the Big Tree Loop Trail at the Caves.

He has been keenly interested in the subject since then. Enjoy. The video is 2:15 minutes long and is by Sasquatch Canada.

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Bigfoot! What are your thoughts?

Comment no matter
the language you speak!

Last word on illustration is

Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Youtube Video

Listen to Linda Newton-Perry read a bigfoot children's story on

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Hi Guys,

Please remember there is much material
on this site for children. Use the search
tool and type in children's story or go
to the blog, right column, to find stories
to read to your children about bigfoot(Read
Them a Bigfoot Story). 
And check out the children's books below
that you can order. Enjoy. And do 

Sharing Beauty

I'm sorry readers, I don't know how this new comment program works.
If you have suggestions, let fly!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Second Time Posting This Sighting (Regarding Checking Shops etc.)

Here is the post/comment that the recent comments are addressing. 

Regarding: Check (Car) Body Shops

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous
Linda, I have some information that needs to be looked into. On 12-13-13 a friend and I came across a most strange site. While driving on GPS_42o49'36.93'' West Fork Road off Cow Creek Road at 1:00 PM we came upon several pickups, SUVs and a Douglas County sheriff pickup. The deputy came running down the road flagging us to stop. I asked him what the problem is and he said "You need to turn around and go back the way you came.” As he was talking to us, we saw they had something large under a blue tarp alongside the road. Also there was a SUV that looked like it was completely totaled at the front end. I asked him if there was a wreck and he replied "No questions just leave please."

No humans were hurt or killed in that area according to Oregon Sate Police out of Roseburg. If it was a deer, bear or whatever why did they cover it and make us leave so fast. What did the SUV hit? If anyone can give more information on this please do it.

Youtube Interview

Enjoy this Youtube video by Sasquatch Canada. The video is 13:05 minutes long and is titled Rhettman Mullis Interviews Dr. Meldrum FB/FB

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A Bigfoot Sighting from the Past

Alferd Hale, Langlois Oregon has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot Feels What?":

All my life I've been interested in wildmen or bigfoot. My fascination started in 1930 when an older brother of mine told me of a horrible looking wildman in the remote
Sixes River Mountains. The story went like this: In 1922 my brother Rolland was working on a mining claim at Star Mountain. Star Mountain is up in the headwaters of Sixes River. As it goes he and another man had filed a claim in 1918 on an older mine from back in the 1800s that had reverted back to the state or government. They believed the old mine was still holding a rich vane of oar. They worked the old mine for months pulling out a small amount of gold along with some other oar. One particular morning they found some large five-toed footprints near the mine. Right away they thought the men from the next claim about three miles away had made them to scare them off. Rolland had always believed the old stories about the ugly wildman back in the 1880s was fabricated to get the miners back then to vacate their claims.

A month later some more prints were found at their camp and on a trail leading to the mine. He said they had never been bothered by anything out of the ordinary. Late one night they were awakened by terrible shrieking and the sound of someone throwing heavy limbs at the cabin. They rush outside to confront the person making the racket. It was then they caught a glimpse of some kind of wildman or beast standing behind the small cabin.

When the wildman saw them, it bounded off on two legs making a high pitched scream or howl. The next morning at light, they decided enough was enough. Again they blamed the nearest claim owner some three miles to the east of them. They hiked over the mountain to set the miner straight on their displeasure and the scare tactics they believed he was using. As they cleared the top of the ridge from their claim they saw a light colored beast covered in hair watching them from behind a tree. They yelled out for the weird looking man to come out and talk to them. Then as it began to run off they noticed the wildman was about twice the weight of both of them and much taller.

Rolland told me it was something more like an ape than human. He said it ran like the dickens compared to humans. He knew no normal person could run that speed over such steep terrain. He had never heard of sasquatch/bigfoot or anything close to what they saw. It was years after he died in 1953 that I heard of bigfoot from Bluff Creek and the Patterson film in the 60s. As it turned out they had several run-ins with this same wildman over a period of months but never fired a shot at it because they believed it was some kind of a human gone wild. No doubt from what he told me it was actually a bigfoot. And no they never found the gold!

Comment on Check Body Shops

DMV lady has left a new comment on your post "Check Body Shops":

If it was totaled it won't be at a body shop. Also if it was a government vehicle it won't be at a body shop. A
Josephine County sheriff’s officer responded to a BLM vehicle accident on that day, location and at the time as the witness claimed. No information on what was hit or if anyone was injured. Being the tarp was seen over something tells me it surly wasn't known wildlife. They wouldn't tarp deer or elk in this remote part of Douglas/Josephine. It is common when a agency wants to cover up an accident they will ask a nearby county to respond so they have no record in (Douglas) County of the incident. The fact the deputy told the people to turn around and leave tells me they didn't want anyone seeing the tarp or vehicle. When I was employed by Oregon in the DMV department I saw all kinds of this type of thing. Once a well known Oregon circuit court judge was arrested for DUI/hit and run and they moved the time and place from one department to another till the charges were eventually dropped because of irreversible errors in the case. I know this type of thing is sickening to all honest law abiding citizens but it does happen on a regular basis. It will be nearly impossible to track down that vehicle for testing


Comment on above post:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Comment on Check Body Shops":

I agree to your point that if it is a State, County or City vehicle, that the SUV will not be found. But if it is a private SUV, it's sitting somewhere and chances are it's at a shop or impound lot waiting for the adjuster etc. To the original poster.....it's worth a ride. If it turns up at a private shop, check the scrap pile after a day or two and see if the parts show up. You just never know....it could be a detail that "they" miss for once. But then again...it may be too late to find something already. Thanks for the reply DMV Lady! Are there any other ideas out there to try to look into this further? 

Thank you for the comment and suggestions. ... LNP

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Check Body Shops

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Does Anyone Know More About the Following":

What kind of SUV and what color was it? My reasoning is, find the SUV and you may find your answer as to what happened. If the SUV were to have hit an 800 lb animal, it is more than likely it was totaled or close to totaled. Cruise the body shops in the area and see if you can find it. If it hit a bigfoot and killed the animal, there will be a lot of DNA (fir, tissue, blood etc.) in the front body works of the SUV. A quick Google search showed 10 or so Body Shops near that area. Just a thought. 

Check below for this post. And thank you Anonymous for your suggestions.

Thank you for the comment, Mr. Hale

I'll put your great comment on tomorrow. Thank you so much for sharing it. ...LNP

Bigfoot Feels What?

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

No wonder that bigfoots smell us coming! See information below.

Smell Cells

Dogs have 220 million smell-sensing cells; doesn’t it make sense that bigfoot/sasquatch also have plenty, probably more than human’s have, to make his living in the wild?

(Humans have five million smell-sensing cells.) This information is according to the book The True-Or-False Book of Dogs by Patricia Lauber. www.scholastic.com

This is a real bigfoot!

This is a real bigfoot. Bill Emery's trail cam snapped this photo a few years
back. Many people have seen three much better photos taken at the same
time as this one. But for some reason Bill Emery of Oregon will not let
everyone see them. It would be great if he would.

I do trust that this is a real bigfoot. I drew around it so you could see it.

Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry

P.S. Learn more about Emery by using the search tool, clicking in Bill Emery.

Bigfoot Illustration

Enjoy, Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry

Sharing Beauty

We would like to hear from you.

Well, we mean we would like to read what you have to say about
bigfoot/sasquatch. Do you think you've seen one? Do you think
it is right that certain government agencies seem to be keeping
this animal's existence from us? Please do write a short comment.
Let us know what you are thinking.  Best regards, Linda

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bigfoot "Lives Green"

Sharing Beauty

Foster Bar, Oregon, Bigfoot Sighting

Click illustration to make larger. This bigfoot, in sighting below,
was observed not many miles south of Powers, Oregon. This
 is in the general area of Bill Emery's sighting of Big Clyde. 

Bigfoot Sighting

 Kirk has left a new comment on your post "Searching for Bigfoot Tracks":

Two people see a large sasquatch swim across the Rogue River. The two elderly people reported that on Monday they watched a large dark manlike creature covered in hair swim across the Rogue River near Foster Bar. They were eating lunch at Foster Bar at the time of the sighting. They reported the sasquatch came out of the forest and into the river then walked off on the other side on two legs. They described the creature as heavy in build at the chest and nearly nine feet tall. 

(Monday would be Dec. 23, 2013)

Kirk is from the Southern Oregon Bigfoot

Monday, December 23, 2013

Searching for Bigfoot Tracks

I'm on a muddy road that goes to the top of a mountain. This outing was a few
weeks ago, before the snow. I'm just a few feet from the Umpqua River.  

We'd love hearing about your outings to search for bigfoot or just to enjoy
our beautiful earth. 

Places Bigfoot has been Seen in Douglas County, Oregon

If you go looking for bigfoot these
places should be safe.  You shouldn't
get stuck if you are careful.
Have Fun!

A Comment!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Searching for Bigfoot":

Linda, Glad to see you getting out and about! My advice is to look at the plants, trees, wildlife and try not to even think about bigfoot as you are walking and let them come to you. Try shutting off your cell phone as I'm kinda convinced that they can detect electronic devices such as trail cams, cameras,and anything like that.

The three occurrences that we have had, we couldn't get reception and had our cell phones off. What do other people think as far as do they detect electronic devices and think they are a threat?

Has anyone heard anything more of the accident with the SUV reported last week and the huge tarp? We haven't found a sign of any kind in our neck of the woods and have not heard of any sightings of weird things for a while.

I just wonder if they migrate like the Indians used to do in search of food and travel the North/South route, where it is warmer and there is wildlife still moving about. What do your readers think about this?

Come on Bigfoot Ballyhoo website lovers, let's get some bigfoot chatter going!

Love Ya Linda and Chris and will get down to Sutherlin soon to see whats up in your neck of the woods and maybe look in Ash Valley for tracks or sign.

Mark and Lorie

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bigfoot Youtube Videos

Youtube video you may enjoy. This video may show many real bigfoots.
Click link to go...

"Mink Creek Idaho Bigfoot-FB/FB by Sasquatch Canada"  and is 
7:38 minutes long.



Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by Befunky

"Talk to Me! Comment!"

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Searching for Bigfoot

Linda Newton-Perry hiking and searching for bigfoot. "Oh, I don't expect
to see a bigfoot, but I do look for its tracks and have found one, maybe two!"

We here at Bigfoot Ballyhoo would love to hear from you by way of comments.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Comment Please!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Roaming the Countryside ...

Photo by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by BeFunky

I can't resist fog and the photos that
result if one can get close enough to
capture its beauty. So off I ventured
today to see what I could snap of
bigfoot's world. The photos below
not much but do


Bigfoot's Home

Monday, December 16, 2013

Does Anyone Know More About the Following

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous

Linda, I have some information that needs to be looked into. On 12-13-13 a friend and I came across a most strange site. While driving on GPS_42o49'36.93'' West Fork Road off Cow Creek Road at 1:00 PM we came upon several pickups, SUVs and a Douglas County sheriff pickup. The deputy came running down the road flagging us to stop. I asked him what the problem is and he said "You need to turn around and go back the way you came.” As he was talking to us, we saw they had something large under a blue tarp alongside the road. Also there was a SUV that looked like it was completely totaled at the front end. I asked him if there was a wreck and he replied "No questions just leave please."

No humans were hurt or killed in that area according to Oregon Sate Police out of Roseburg. If it was a deer, bear or whatever why did they cover it and make us leave so fast. What did the SUV hit? If anyone can give more information on this please do it.

Interesting Youtube: Interview

Bigfoot Benefactor "Uncle Wally" (Wally Hersom) says bigfoot will
be 'discovered' by science in his lifetime. He will not
give up. Click link to go ...


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bigfoot Illustration

Illustration by Linda Perry and dallied with by Befunky

Okay, yesterday I went into the country looking for
a photo for Ballyhoo. It was foggy and I couldn't
resist. But I could never catch up with the fog
and when I did see a great scene I couldn't
park for the narrow shoulders. I went up a hill
and down a hill, but no photos. At least I returned
home safe. Have a grand day and do 'talk bigfoot'
by commenting. Please

Bigfoot Eyes Illustration

So Finding Bigfoot the TV program will
be from Texas this week. I look forward 
to seeing it tonight. 

A Dr. Miller, and others, claims to have examined
a bigfoot or two from Texas years ago. 
You can type in Dr. Miller on the search
tool on this site and read about it. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Youtube Video to Enjoy

Title: Bigfoot spotted Near Cliff Dwellings by SusanFarns.
The video is 3:19 minutes long. 

When traveling between California and Kansas, as a k id, my family always noticed the Indian rock dwellings snug 
in the  hills along the way. I always wondered about them. I think they would make a great place for
bigfoots to live. What do you think? ... LNP

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Youtube Bigfoot Sighting

"I asked myself, Did I see what I thought I saw?"

(More or less what witness said.)
Blonde bigfoot sighting on this 8 plus minute video.
The video is by Barbara Shupe and is titled  
Blonde Bigfoot Sighting Account with Barb & Gabby.
Click link to take you to the video.


Thursday, December 12, 2013


Photo by Christopher Perry


Winter Beauty Just Sharing

Photo: Photoxpress

Bigfoot Experience Oregon 2013

Guest Editor-Blogger:Larry

Hi readers, I was in a situation this last summer that scared me to the bones. I'm an avid hiker, spending most days looking for and photographing wildlife. August I was in Curry County and camping up Elk River at Butler Bar for 10 days. On 8-6-13 I had left camp after daylight to hike up the forest service road 2705.

A couple of hours later I came upon three deer running down the gravel road directly at me. This is not normal by any means. I lifted my camera and got excellent shots of them. When they finally saw me they went off the road into the forest. As I walked on up the road I began to wonder why the deer were running. First off, I thought a cougar might be after them. Then the strangest feeling came over me that I can’t explain. A wave of fear hit me telling me I was in danger.

I have never had this happen before. I stopped and sat down on the bank of the road and listened to the forest. It was deathly quiet, no sounds of any type. Then somewhere off in the distance I heard this strange WOOOAAAPP, WOOOAAAPPvery low and deep sounding.

I knew whatever it was had to be of good size. As I sat there, I heard the WOOOAAAPP two more times. I got this very uneasy feeling that someone was watching me. I couldn't see anything out of the ordinary. This feeling got so intense I stood up and started back towards camp. As I did the sound of something snapping, what sounded like tree branches, became very noticeable. I got to tell you I was scared. I did have my pistol on me but thought whatever this has to be big. I never caught a glimpse of it but I'm sure it was a Sasquatch trailing me.

The sound of branchs snapping lasted for several minutes and then died out. I told a forest ranger about it that afternoon when he drove through the campground. He said many people have seen or heard strange things up there through the years. Then he told me he had found large footprints inside the campground near the river bank in March of 2011. I asked him what he thought they were from and he replied, "I think there's something out here we just don't know about." I told him “I believe that!”


Thank you, Larry, for the great experience. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Forest Roads in Winter are Dangerous

The roads are not safe!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger: Leon":

Everyone would like to see bigfoot. The problem is most of us will never see one in the wild. Is it good policy to tell people the exact area one was seen? Maybe if its a general direction of an area. When we see names of roads and certain places it puts danger to people that think they can go there and maybe see bigfoot too. The Oregon mountains are no place to be fooling around in winter looking for bigfoot. The roads in these areas are steep, narrow and slick and can pose extreme danger to a family that doesn't know about off road driving. These roads were mostly constructed in the 50s, 60s to haul timber out of the mountains. They can be tricky in the best conditions. Driving these roads in the late fall through spring is not advised. 

Coos and Douglas counties have already had to rescue several motorists from snowbound areas during this recent cold snap. Think before you act.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Guest Editor-Blogger: Leon

Guess what, I was on
Upper West Camas Creek Loop Road yesterday and saw several people stopped along that road looking into a field. I didn't know what was going on. I wish now I would have pulled over and asked them. Maybe they were looking for Bigfoot. I can tell you something: I was welding on an old D6 bulldozer yesterday and had a heck of a time getting up the mountain even with four wheel drive. It was only about one half of a mile from the bottom of the mountain going up to Weaver Ridge (Camas Creek). There were frozen snow and ice up there and bittier cold.  It’s no wonder Bigfoot is moving down into the lower farm lands. That's where most of the deer I've seen over the last two weeks have been─down low in the fields.

Be Careful When Searching for Bigfoot

Photo: Photoxpress

Please be careful in the forest while searching for bigfoot.
The forest roads in Oregon have been known to
simply fall or slide off the mountainside, especially
this time of the year.

Where Bigfoot Sighted: Oregon

Area bigfoot was spotted eating apples, Dec. 2013

Bigfoot Sighting

Guest Editor-Blogger: SOB
#93 in Archive Section
A Camas Valley rancher tells of a strange creature walking in a field. A well known rancher in the Camas Valley, Oregon, area reported he observed a very large manlike creature walk across his field and disappear into woods on Sunday December 8, [2013.] The creature was seen near a apple orchard in his north field at 9.20 am. At first the rancher thought the animal was a large bear standing on its hind legs near the trunk of an apple tree.

Then the rancher saw the creature walk off on two legs into an nearby forest. He reported the creature was covered in a dark brown coat of fur or hair and standing on two legs. He was too far away to get a good look at the face but is sure it wasn't a bear.

He wishes his name to be withheld. His theory is recent snow and ice along with extreme cold weather brought the creature down into the lowlands looking for food. The apple tree still has apples on it from the fall.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Youtube Video of a Possible Bigfoot

A Closer Look at Provo Canyon Encounter 
6:26 minutes long and is by ThinkerThunker

Click link to go.

Bigfoot Sighting a Youtube Video Link

Bigfoot Proof-Seeing is Believing-Eyewitness A ... . The video is by edge psychotic and is 5:10 minutes long. Did he really see a bigfoot? The eye witness asks himself. Was his mind playing tricks on him? Enjoy and comment. 
Click link to go ...


Monday, December 9, 2013

Bigfoot Sighting from a Youtube Video

Enjoy this 8:25 minute Youtube video by Sasquatch
Canada. The title is A Bigfoot Kendall's Side of the Story 
(more details)

Click link to go ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJh2FA85emQ

Sunday, December 8, 2013

China's Wild-Man

I just watched the TV program
Finding Bigfoot from last week.
What amazes me is the
Chinese government researches their
wild-man, Yeren.

I will be glad when our country, USA,
does the same. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Little Bigfoot You May Like --For the Kids

This little guy is Joey the bigfoot. Often he is grouchy, but
most of the time he is easy to get along with. There is much
about him on this site. Type in Joey on the search tool and
you will find much to keep you occupied on a snowy day.

Bigfoot to Color

Kids, here is a bigfoot for you to color. Copy
and paste the illustration onto your
computer and print. Happy coloring to you.
Linda Newton-Perry

Friday, December 6, 2013

Youtube Video Bigfoot Sighting 90's

Click link to take you to the video titled North Ogden Divide Bigfoot Sighting by baby sitter, in the late 90's. The video is 3:35 minutes long by Rocky Mountains Sasquatch Organization. 
"... a real long hairy arm reaching for the doorknob ...."


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Click link to take you to a Youtube Video by Linda Newton-Perry.
Have a grand day and do comment, please. 


Some Believe...

Dear Mr. John Holmes,
     I'm sorry that you feel this site is one of the biggest jokes on the Internet. I fail to see where one could consider it in any way FUNNY. Many people KNOW that Mr. Bill Emery is a real man. He is easy enough found. I will not badger the man. He has his reasons for not showing the WORLD the remaining three clear photos of the bigfoot he's named Big Clyde. 
... Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Youtube Bigfoot Video

A Youtube Video: 
Family Attacked by Bigfoot in South Carolina
by Bigfoot Evidence The video is 7:40 minutes long.

A family spends time in a rented cabin in the woods when ...


Why lie about the existence of bigfoot?

Most people that have seen a bigfoot and talk about it deal
with ridicule. So why would one want to make up a sighting?

Can you imagine what I have to deal with? I have friends that
can't believe that I BELIEVE in bigfoot.

Crazy world! ... Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Youtube Video

Man stuck in snow gets a bigfoot visit during the night. 
The name of the video is Bear Lake, Utah, Late 90s Police Officer Bigfoot Sighting Report
The video is by Rocky Mountain Sasquatch organization and is 4:06 minutes long.
Interesting twist to the encounter that I've (LNP) never read or heard before. Enjoy

Photo: photoxpress

Click photo to enjoy larger view

Snow! Be Careful Searching for Bigfoot

 Guest Editor: Quinn

Readers of Ballyhoo: The first snows are falling in bigfoot country. BLM is reporting snow levels have fallen below coast range passes; mountain roads will be impassible soon. Most of the back roads in Oregon have shaded spots where snow can build up and get travelers in trouble. I remember a few years ago we were driving in Coos County up by Sitkum and got ourselves stuck. The road was bare till we came to a shaded portion and we barely got through it. On up the road snow buried it, so we turned around and went back the same way we came in. It was now completely snowed in too. Be careful out there when looking for the bigfoot.

A Bear Attacks Woman

A Woman Walking Dogs Attacked by Bear in Florida
The article tells us how to act when a bear attacks. We
have no such information for when a bigfoot attacks. The
Public needs that information. Click link to take you to article.

Monday, December 2, 2013


Remember you may use any of my art work or photos. Some
photos on this site do not belong to me. The photoxpress photos
are not mine.  Please do not use them. 

A Bigfoot Youtube Video

A Bigfoot Song on Youtube
Bigfoot Boogie Official Music Video by Jeremy Schwarze. 
The video is 3:35 and is very entertaining. Enjoy!


Sunday, December 1, 2013

My Opinion: Bigfoot Discovery

All around the world there are those that enjoy the subject of bigfoot. Many of them spend much of their time and resources 
writing about and searching for the animal.

It galls me that this subject is not taken seriously by Science, government agencies, etc. After all, there is enough evidence to warrant opening this subject up to serious study.

Shouldn't we know, for our safety, that this being walks the forests and woods of this world? Who exactly has the right to keep earth's animals from us, especially a potentially dangerous one? If a 
dangerous animal escaped a zoo, wouldn't we expect the authorities
in charge to tell us about the escape? Of course we would!

There is a man that claims to have shot a bigfoot and is preparing to tour the body across the states. He calls himself a great tracker. But isn't it true he just lured the animal into his camp with ribs tacked to several trees? Why does he call himself a tracker when he knew exactly where this being hung out?

Please comment your feelings on these subjects. ... Linda Newton-Perry 
(Sorry the lines above are chopped. I don't have the patience to 
figure out why it posts this way.) 

Bigfoot Interest

Click Illustration for larger view