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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Youtube Video

Another Rick Dyer Video: He shows you a box he claims is being fitted for bigfoot.
Click link to go



I'm always drawing bigfoots. Have you news to share on the subject?

Rick Dyer is Still Promoting his Bigfoot Body Business

Who knows what to believe about this man, but he is still promoting himself. I'm telling you this because Bigfoot Ballyhoo is a site to 'talk bigfoot.' If the man has a dead bigfoot body, then he HAS A DEAD BIGFOOT BODY! If he doesn't he DOESN'T!

Let us know if you information on this subject. Have a grand day. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Click link to go to latest video.

Guest Editor-Blogger, Bigfoot Sighting

(In response to my question about where this viewer had his sightings.)
#92 in Archive Section

One was in Ash Valley, [Oregon] area out of Loon Lake. It was within 30 yards of me and my fiancĂ©e, and it was the most terrifying one [of my sightings]. This creature was about 8 foot tall and 4 foot wide and snarled at us, as well as staring us down for about 3 minuets─which seemed like an hour. I feared for our lives. I now carry a hand gun of significant power when in the woods. He made several advances at us and I didn't think I would be sitting here today writing this.

 The other 2 [sightings] were in the area west of Monroe near Alpine, which is on the way to Corvallis. These were almost kind of tranquil in a way and that is how I have come to the conclusion that the red-eyed creatures are a different hybrid type animal and are very aggressive. I hope our luck continues and we have more encounters as now we leave treats behind when we leave an area and check it the next day for any sign. So far we’ve only had a small stack of flat rocks that were stacked in a very strange way, and were not there the day before; and some bird feathers that were placed on the ground where we placed some apples and snickers bars the day before.

 Would love to have you come out one day and we will go enjoy the day walking the woods, and the night at one of our local wineries at dinner, which would be our treat.

Have a great Thanksgiving and keep up the good work. Please don't say you never want to see a bigfoot again as I want everyone that has seen one to come forward. I want to go there and investigate if it is within days of the sighting with respect to the area and the creature.

Mark and Lorie 


Thank you Mark and Lorie for sharing your sightings. Please leave your telephone number in an email and we will meet with you here in Sutherlin, if you like. I'll call you for details. ... Linda Newton-Perry lnewtonperry@hotmail.com

Kids, Make Cookies

Ms Kathy bigfoot, busy making these cookies.

Cookie Recipe

1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 cup peanut butter
(Anything else you like, oats, chocolate chips, etc.)

Stir all together, drop by tablespoons onto non greased
baking sheet, bake 350 degrees for 12-14 minutes. I tell
if they are ready when I see a little brown line around the

Kids, please have an adult or teen help you with the oven
and removing the cookies from the oven.

Wait a bit after taking the cookies from the oven. They
need to firm up and cool off.

Yum, they are goooood!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Just to Remind You...

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by BeFunky

This site is a place to "talk bigfoot."
Please do keep us informed on what
you are learning about this amazing
life form.

A Bigfoot Youtube Video

Little boy rescued by a bigfoot? Listen to the video by Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization by clicking on link. The video, titled Saint Charles Canyon  Bigfoot Sighting 2004, is 4:25 minutes long. Enjoy and comment.


Searching for bigfoot tracks ...

Click illustration for larger view.

Looking for bigfoot tracks, target practice and a little lunch makes for a fine Oregon fall day. 

We didn't see a track or a bigfoot!

But that's fine, 'cause the company was the best part. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Searching for Bigfoot Tracks

Didn't find one bigfoot track!

Click photo for larger view.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Punch the Bigfoot Puppet and Ms Kathy Bigfoot, News

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Oregon Caves

Here is the former children's editor, Ms Kathy Bigfoot, of the online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo. She is enjoying herself at the big tree on the Big Tree Trail at the Oregon Caves.This trail may be closed this time of the year because of the snow.

A Safe Place to Search for Bigfoot in Oregon, USA

Bigfoot has been seen on the hiking trails of the Oregon Caves.

Some of the Oregon Caves hiking trails are open this time of the year. They are safe as long as you do not get into the snow.

So if you are looking for a great place, a safe place, to search for bigfoot, the Oregon Caves trails are ideal. The road to the caves is paved and safe to drive. 

Scientist Searching for Bigfoot

Photo: Photoxpress

A Shout Out to Scientists/ Biologists

Is there not one of you that would like to take up the study of bigfoot, the undiscovered animal? In the state of Oregon, USA, bigfoot has been seen often. We know where those places are. Why not take an interest and let us bigfoot believers help you find where they hang out. Perhaps you may be the one to "discover” bigfoot. I would keep your interest quiet as you work toward finding Scientific proof.  Contact me if you are interested. ... Linda Newton-Perry

A Real Bigfoot

This is a photo of a real bigfoot. It is the Bill Emery Team bigfoot. Emery says he has three more photos that are much sharper than this one. I just wanted you readers to know that on this site is a photo of a REAL bigfoot and this is it.

We don't know all the reasons Emery will not release the photos. It would be wonderful if he would. ... Read more about the Emery Team by using the search tool on this site. Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry

Sharing Beauty

Photo by Photoxpress

Monday, November 25, 2013

Bigfoot Sighting

Edward Pauhls has left a new comment on your post "A Fact ...":
(Number 91 in Archive Section)

I just got this report from a couple: The sighting was at Rock Creek in the Siskiyou Mountains in Southwestern Oregon on November 23, 2013. The couple, their names I’ll not publish, had been camping at Daphine Grove on the #33 mainline for two days.

On Friday they moved the camp trailer to Rock Creek Campground some 5 miles south. Friday night they sat around the campfire and talked till around midnight. They went to bed only to be awakened at 3 AM by the family dog barking near the trailer door. The dog would not settle down and was very agitated. First thing they remembered was that they were in the campground alone. No other campers around to suspect being the cause.

The husband opened the door after around 15 minutes to have a look outside at the camp. He saw nothing so they went back to bed and nothing happened for the remainder of the night. The next morning after breakfast they hiked the old trail up to Azalea Lake. The husband told me the lake was nearly impossible to walk around because downed snags were thick along the lake shore.

They spent a good deal of the morning looking over the lake and surrounding land. They went back to camp at 11 AM. When they returned to the campground they noticed someone had torn the small woodpile apart and scattered the wood all around.

The husband believed it to be a black bear because the coffee grounds from the pot near the fire pit had been emptied and bears do like coffee grounds. They stacked the wood back up near the fire and ate lunch. About 2 PM they noticed a loud knocking sound coming from up on the mountain somewhere. It was a loud wood knocking with periods of silence then more knocking. This went on for over an hour. They discussed what the sound might be and the husband thought it could be a buck deer hitting its horns against a tree. Finally the sound quit and they settled in for the evening.

At 4 PM they were sitting around the fire having coffee when the wife saw movement behind a tree in the next campsite. It was really just a quick flash of something dark in color she explained. She asked her husband if bears come close to people on purpose. He told her they don't as a habit. She was explaining to the husband where she saw the dark shadow. When she pointed over to the tree they both noticed a large head looking from behind the tree at them. They both bolted for the trailer because the head was not a bear’s but something somewhat human shaped.

He looked out the trailer window and saw the outline of something very large walk on two legs from the tree to another large tree. He explained it was covered in dark hair and massive in size compared to a normal human. After that they waited for some time with nothing moving outside. They threw their few outside belongings into the pickup bed and left the campground. They didn't return to the camp till the next morning. Nothing had been disturbed expect once again the coffee pot was empty of grounds and the small pile of wood was again scattered.

They are convinced they saw a bigfoot, not a bear. He walked to the tree the next morning and approximately measured the height of the head from the ground and he believes it was 9 feet 2 inches from the base of the tree.


Thank you for the sighting information. ... LNP

A Fact ...

Would you really want to come face to face with one of these animals while out for a quiet hike? Not me! ... But I do want to know if they exist or not. And, by the way,  I do believe they exist.

On an Oregon Hiking Trail

We didn't see any sign of bigfoot on our hike last month on the Oregon Coast, but I would say bigfoot would have been very comfortable sitting with his back against the middle tree. The moss looks very soft. Click photo to get closer look. 
Have a grand day, Linda Newton-Perry

More on RD

Rick Dyer is still making claims that he killed a bigfoot. I hate talking about the man, but just thought you viewers of Bigfoot Ballyhoo would like to know. Click link to go to Youtube for his latest video. Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry


Safe Places to Look for Bigfoot in Douglas County Oregon

You can find a good safe place to park off
the road at these bigfoot sighting areas.

Click on illustration to make larger

Bigfoot Talk Happens Here at

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by Befunky



Saturday, November 23, 2013

Question for Christopher Perry, Logging and Bigfoot

Shorty Brimhaul has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot Believer Christopher Perry": 

A question for Chris Perry: You state you have worked in the lumber industry for 40 some years. If bigfoot is found to be a real live primate or maybe part human would you be in favor of closing the forest to logging? You know what a devastating blow the spotted owl was, can you image what bigfoot would be like? I believe this is the reason the feds donut tell us bigfoot is out there. Millions of acres of land would be closed. Federal and private land would be under a endangered species act. I own only 20 acres of land and I can't even thin the timber because its within 5 miles of a known Marbled Murrelet nest. Though I have to pay high taxes on the timber and land I can't manage it because of state imposed rules. Would like to know how you stand on this. Thanks

Chris' Answer


This is an important question; Linda and I have had several discussions about it. I believe it would be a mistake to close forest lands to logging and other human activities once bigfoot is pronounced real.

Large areas of land have already been set aside for the Spotted Owl, Marbled Murrelet, National Parks (including your 20 acres). It would be extremely unfair to take away the livelihood of thousands of men and women, and their families in Oregon alone.  

The timber industry is one of the Northwest’s great resources, already highly regulated, nearly waste free and renewable.

Very little is actually known about bigfoot. Most of the current information comes from sightings, footprints, hair and feces samples. Much more study is needed before rash, far-reaching decisions are made.

As a believer, however, I think protection against hunting should be afforded to Sasquatch, not only in this state, but nationally.

Chris Perry

Linda Newton-Perry Reads a Bigfoot Sighting From Oregon's Past

Click link to take you to a reading of sighting #12 in the Bigfoot Ballyhoo Archive Section. Read it for yourself by going to our Archive File, right column and scroll down. 

Two men go missing and one of them is later seen with four bigfoots. True or not, it is still an interesting story. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanks for Commenting

Attention Shorty Brimhaul: Christopher will answer your questions first thing tomorrow. Thank you for commenting. Christopher and I  discuss this matter all the time. He does have opinions! Best regards,
Linda Newton-Perry

Guest Editor-Blogger

Coos Bay RD BLM has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot/Sasquatch Illustration":

I'm very glad you talked about road conditions here in Oregon . Hundreds of miles of roads are in disrepair and need major repair construction on them. We have had no funding since 2009 to repair the access roads in Oregon and elsewhere. Just because a road used to be passable doesn't mean it is now. We are currently in a operating phase of closing hundreds of miles of timber access roads in Oregon because they have been deemed a danger to the public. Some of these roads are mainlines that go from point A to Point B. The Sierra Club along with other environmental groups successfully blocked funding to repair portions of the most frequently used. Some of our counties are working with skeleton budgets in law enforcement and search and rescue. The weather in Oregon is very temperamental and can turn from fair to stormy in hours. Most of the roads in my district are on steep untrustworthy ground. The funds from timber harvest no longer go back into the roads as in the 1980s. Roads have been gated off without success. Four wheelers and other ATVs can find a way around the gates causing even more damage to a already dangerous road. We have seen a rise in serious injury and death because people choose not to obey the signs and gates. Please use extreme caution when driving BLM/USFS roads this winter.

 Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A Question":

Readers please take this (above) warning to heart. My name is Mark and I've lived with the terrible knowledge that my brother, my sister in law and cousin could be alive today if we had obeyed a warning from the forest service not to use a road. It happened in 1988 when we were driving the back roads in the Siskiyou Mountains. We had been drinking beer most of that day and goofing off,  looking for deer (DUMB).

Thinking wasn't in our nature that day. It had been raining hard for two days with periods of snow showers. We came to an area where the road was partly slid out. A sign said the road was closed. We did anyway and drove around the sign laughing. When we drove through the slide the road gave out under us. I was able to get out on the passenger side to hook the winch line up to pull us back up on the road. My brother engaged the winch and the jeep started to move. It was then the whole mountainside collapsed under the jeep pulling the tree over the cliff. The road completely slid out and my brother, sister in law and cousin rolled several hundred feet down the mountain to the bottom. Then a second slide buried them under thousands of yards of mud, trees and rocks. I just couldn't believe what had just happened. I walked for seven hours until a pickup came by and picked me up

When the police arrived at the site they found no trace of the jeep. It was only after digging for hours they finally located the bodies of my family. They had been crushed. I’ve never gotten over that day. You don’t have to live with something like this. I do. The police said if I had been under the wheel and survived I would have faced three counts of manslaughter. Please take my warning and don’t goof off in the mountains. And please don’t drink while hunting anything.


Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience. We appreciate it. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Have you seen a bigfoot?

Don't keep it to yourself where you
have seen a bigfoot. Give everyone
the chance to have a bigfoot sighting.

Youtube Bigfoot Sighting a Reading

Click link to take you to a Youtube Video. Linda Newton-Perry reads a bigfoot sighting from Ballyhoo's Archive Section. The sighting took place in Oregon, Brummett, Carl's Creek. Enjoy. 


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Why Doesn't the World Know About This Animal?


Big Clyde
Just thinking: Is there anyone that can explain why Bill Emery does not wish to present his clear photos of Big Clyde to the public? He has the means to prove to the world bigfoots exist. I feel strongly that we have the right to know about All of earth’s animals. We need to know how to react/act when we come upon a bigfoot. Do we face him down? Do we run? Since I know about the Emery, Saxton, and Parchell animal, I would like to know why the world does not know. Anyone?
Parchell (late)
This man saw Big Clyde along with Bill Emery


Answer to above question: Anyone?

Amber Clay OSU has left a new comment on your post "Why Doesn't the World Know About This Animal?":

As a member of the original study, I can most likely explain why Emery never published the photos. Emery brought the photos along with hair and feces samples to us for possible use in classification of that creature.

We could not classify it because the forest service would not release information on the exact locale, older reports, witnesses, and the lack of hands on evidence, etc.  Though the photos were startling to say the least they gave us no reference on what the creature was as far as biology or its origin.

It was noted that the forest service had a seen a marked increase of hunters in the area after Emery's photos were taken, looking to bag them a Sasquatch. It was told to Emery that his photos were indeed interesting but in no way proof of a new primate.

He said he didn't want the photos to end up like the Patterson film being still in doubt by many after 50 years. It was our conclusion that Emery's photos were an excellent start but fell short of the required science to ask for a classification or for protection. Such a classification can only be done through science not photography. 

A classification of a new or unknown primate would have major effects on lumber production and recreation in that region. It would be utterly irresponsible to even consider protection without proper documentation from science.


Thank you Amber Clay for the information. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Christopher Perry

You will see and read more of him, here on Ballyhoo.

Bigfoot Believer Christopher Perry

I’m Christopher Perry and have recently retired from a 44 year career in the wood products industry. Along with my wife, Linda, I've been a resident of Douglas County, Oregon since 1969. From 2004 onward I have had the privilege of working with Linda on our Viking Age Novel and her many bigfoot stories for children and adults.

Before the beginning of her newspaper column years ago, my only interest in Sasquatch was of a general information nature. I knew of the animal only in the contest of the many Native American stories and had not decided on a personal view as to its existence.

However, after the founding of Bigfoot Ballyhoo, I began to take a more serious interest. After reading the many credible sighting reports and meeting with other enthusiasts, I have come to be a solid believer.

With retirement and at my wife’s request, I will be taking a larger part in Ballyhoo. We hope to take many more field trips together resulting in an increased number of videos with detailed written reports. I also plan on commenting, when appropriate, on a more regular basis.

You may address questions to me if you like and I’ll be happy to answer.

If ...

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by

You may use this illustration free of charge.

Now, if bigfoot is a human-type why doesn't he come forward with hand extended and ask to  talk?

Guest Editor-Blogger

Guest Editor-Blogger: Sherri
Good morning Linda,

I was watching your Ballyhoo videos yesterday about Bigfoot.  I watched a few this morning and decided to write you about what happened to my husband and me a few miles south of Junction Texas.  This happened two Easters ago on a fishing trip.

We had camped at the Good Sams RV Park, and then went later to fish at one of our two favorite fishing spots.  This is on the highway going out south of Junction TX.  There are two places where the river goes under a concrete bridge.  The second bridge is where we catch our perch during the day so that we can fish for yellow catfish at the first concrete bridge at night.

(Just got a heat flash just thinking about this!) Ok. So anyway, it was evening and we were catching our perch at the second bridge about 50 ft from the bridge on the llano River when something threw a rock that landed between us. This is in broad daylight.  It was pretty open because a fire had burned through the area a year or so before and we didn't see anything that could have thrown it.  But since it was daylight we still felt safe and continued to catch our perch. As the sun was going down, we took our catch of perch, loaded up and went to the first bridge just a ways up the road and tied our basket of perch off.  Here's where it gets more interesting.  And I will say we go fishing at this bridge a couple times a year and have never even seen a game warden much less have one stop. So, anyway, here comes a game warden to check our fishing licenses, (on a creek on the side of a road, really???!!).  He checks my license but the bugs were bugging him so bad he skips checking my husband’s license. Then he asked us how long we will be fishing there. Really??!! Huh? I was thinking, “Ok this is weird.” So we said we’d be there for awhile and he says ok and leaves.   About 30 minutes later two 20 yr olds or so come up and talk to us and say something about their dad used to fish in this area and had strange things happen to him. They really didn't elaborate. Wow, never had people even approach us there before but this was getting stranger.  They had some story though about their dad was driving and someone was lying in the road. Weird so anyway...

No one else came and we settled into fishing. No bites really and we just kept fishing and relaxing.  It was really dark and my husband said "When the moon comes up, the river comes to life.  That's when all the wildlife comes out. The fish will start biting then."  Well up to now, I hadn't seen the usual herds of deer that are usually teaming in that area. But, I thought it was due to the fire that had burned out a lot of the vegetation. 

About 2:30 a.m. or so, I got cold and tired and walked up the concrete embankment to the truck. I was sitting in there (the moon had been up about 15 minutes or so I think). I was sitting there using my Iphone looking at Ebay.  I had been sitting there about 30 minutes or so. My husband was still fishing on the concrete slab. Then it happened. I was facing north and something to the southeast of me let off this extremely loud kind of upward howl roar scream like nothing I had ever heard before.  And when I say loud I mean like concert loudness. I'm looking around and it goes off again. I looked out to the left at my husband down there; he gets up and comes towards the truck. When his head is high enough for that thing to see him, well, it lets off the third howl-roar-scream. I mean it just echoed off the canyons and down the river bank. I was in the truck with the windows rolled up and it was that loud. My husband said it sounded like it was running at us on the 3rd roar and like it was trying to knock him down with the sound. My husband, who has hunted all his life and walked out in Colorado by himself hunting, got in the truck and locked the doors (never saw him do that before!!!!). We set there and I know this sounds suspicious but I'm being completely truthful here-my husband took a short nap! So I'm sitting here the only one awake wandering if I'm going to see this thing. I saw a couple cars drive by and over the bridge and I was sure wishing I was in one of them. So about 15 minutes later, he wakes up; we go down and get our fishing gear and left.
Back at the camper, I set there with my Iphone and Google and listened to every imaginable sound trying to figure out what we heard. The only thing anywhere close was the Sierra Whoop. The sound had an upswing to it, not a downswing like most animals.
I sent a report to the Texas Bigfoot Conservatory and never heard from them. I had the Game wardens name that stopped that night but I have since forgotten it, but it was in the report that I sent them.

We are firm believers now and I get aggravated when people dismiss it.  We fished and camped in that area last Easter with our family and nothing happened. The deer and wildlife were back too.
So anyway, that's what happened and I would gladly take a lie detector test on it.

I can say now that the people on Finding Bigfoot are so far off on their bigfoot sounds. They need an amplifier, lol.

Anyway, the bridges are about 3 miles or so south of Junction Texas.

Thanks for listening
Sherri O 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Youtube Video Rick Dyer

Rick Dyer explains the bigfoot body that he claims to have shot was ceased by the government. 
Click link to go



Original photo by Photoxpress

Where Rick Dyer is concerned, I'm
leaning toward not believing a
word he says. How do you readers
feel? ... Linda Newton-Perry

Rick Dyer says no body.

Rick Dyer says bigfoot body has been confiscated. Watch video
by clicking on Youtube link. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bigfoot Information

Guest Editor-Blogger: DR

Linda, as a bigfoot researcher I watch different websites and magazines for bigfoot sightings. A bigfoot sighting that caught my eye was a recent sighting on Weaver Ridge in Oregon.

The person reporting the sighting seemed to have had a very good look at the bigfoot. Actually it was the "threw its head back and whistled" part that got my attention.

So I got to work and with some luck I located a report from this person that was on record with the BLM district mentioned. I was able to interview the person face to face with assurance from me that I would withhold any personal info.

First off, we talked at his home and I found the man creditable. Second, he took me to the place he had the sighting. There I found many saplings with twisted off tops, multiple prints and hair on the bark of a large hemlock.

He was very apprehensive about revisiting this area; these things show a person that clearly saw something out of the ordinary. We walked and he talked about the day he had the encounter. I interviewed him over a period of several days and he is telling the truth about his sighting.

In fact, the person that took the report at the district office told me that some other sightings of this kind happened in the area in and around the first week of deer season.

I've actually been fairly sure for a number of years that the bigfoots use this area to migrate into the Siskiyous and coast range. 


Thank you so much for this great comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry


Why Not?

Because the animal scares me!

Monday, November 18, 2013

A Sighting on the Rogue River

Photo taken by Christopher Perry on the Rogue River, Oregon
(Not the couples in the sighting report)

Click link to take you to a Youtube video.
Linda Newton-Perry reads a sighting report
from Bigfoot Ballyhoo's Archives. A sighting
on the beautiful Rogue River.


Youtube Video Bigfoot Chasing two Couples in Alaska

Yes, Bigfoots Chase People! There have been many sightings where this has happened. Bigfoots are animals; they may do about anything! So be careful out there. This is a Youtube video by Sasquatch Canada and is 5:39 minutes long. You will enjoy it. I did. Linda Newton-Perry
Click link, below


We Would Love to Hear What You Have to Say ...

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ballyhoo's Stand on Rick Dyer

Photo by Photoxpress

Jut to remind everyone that Bigfoot Ballyhoo is on the fence where Rick Dyer is concerned.

We will stay on the fence until the truth is brought out one way or the other. 

Did Rick Dyer shot and kill a bigfoot? Will he tour a real bigfoot dead body next year?

We have no way to know. We will just have to wait and SEE!

Comment your opinion, please.

lBigfoot Ballyhoo will stay on the fence until...

A Rick Dyer Youtube Video. Click to go.


Bigfoot Chili

A Youtube Video. Click to go. 


Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Youtube Video of a Bigfoot Sighting

Click link to take you to a Youtube Video titled Bigfoot Eyewitness From Chautauqua, County, NY. The video is 4:30 minutes long and by Peter Wiemer. 

A woman tells of her sightings of bigfoot not far from her home. You will enjoy it. Please comment.


Friday, November 15, 2013

Sharing Beauty

Our Oregon Forest

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Today is Christopher Perry's last day of work at the company where he's worked for 42 years. And it is our anniversary. I will not tell you how many years that is. I wouldn't want you to be able to figure out how old I am. You know how women are  about telling their age! I will say that I am not a young woman. AND in my way of thinking I'm not an old one.

Just thought I would tell you about what's going on with us. We are very excited for this new phase of our lives. Perhaps we will get out in the forest more often looking for bigfoot tracks and maybe see the animal. Who knows! I hope your day is going as great as mine.  Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Older Video But Still Good Information

The animal was found in Oregon, USA.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Comments on the Sixes River Clear Cuts

This photo not of Sixes River Cut
Photo by Christopher Perry

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Gue...":

The Rules are this: Plum Creek Timberlands bought 7,000 acres from USFS in 1990. They did log most of that land under a clear cut plan. No, Plum Creek did not replant the forest. The land reverted back to USFS. The Sixes River District has NOT been replanted because of natural reforestation rules and studies. As far as the cougar they are thick everywhere in the coast range. If you smell a rat you might look in another direction. Plum Creek ─Georgia Pacific: Same company people.

Jim BLM has left a new comment on your post "Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Gue...":

Private timber companies do not have to replant if they hold a lease on the forest. Your commenter that said everything must be replanted is dead wrong. Private timber holders do not replant at the cost of the timber company. If they replant the cost is transferred from DOA funds as of 2004. They can file for a 954 exemption that states if the USFS wants to use the NAT FOR DEV action they let the forest go back to a natural state taking up to 100 years. In the Sixes River Drainage this practice is now in effect. Look at Google Earth for Sixes River and you see clear cuts on both side of the road from mile post 3 on USFS 2705 to Salmon creek, a distance of 24 miles. And you will see the whole area is under NAT FOR DEV so Mark and Glenda are correct. As far as the cats this is nothing new. Sense outlawing the use of hounds to control cougar populations the area has been overrun with cats. This is very common all thru Oregon now with cats in the subs.

Bob from Riverton has left a new comment on your post "Comments on the Sixes River Clear Cuts":
Got that right. Over in the Coquille Valley we have a huge cougar problem. The cougars are seen around the town, near the city park and even in the parking lot of the hospital. Racoons are a main food source for the big cats and the lord knows we have coons everywhere. In fact a cougar was killed 1 mile outside Coquille last month. The cat was killed by a man who saw the cat following two women walking along the road. I found this on the web about Plum Creek. Type in Maine Plum Creek destruction of public lands.

As far as the Sixes mess it's heading to court after 5 years of delays. They in fact never replanted one inch of the 74,500 acres of the clear cut. 

Thank you Bob for the informative comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Deer Video

Photo: Photoxpress
This photo is not from the video.

A Youtube video of snow and deer. Do yourself a favor by watching it. It is soooo beautiful. 
The title of the video is in the Snow 2013Beautiful Boulder Junction WI-Ghost Deer . The
video is by mnnorthwoods and is 4:04 minutes long. Enjoy!

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