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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sightings Told Around a Fire a Youtube Video

A Youtube video you will enjoy. The title is 'Bigfoot is Watching You' by olinselot and is 13:07 minutes long. One man reports there was a 'shoot to kill' order by the police, when several sightings took place in the area.

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Take the 'SMILE' out of the subject 'bigfoot' Comment

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by BeFunky

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Youtube Video For You to Enjoy

This video may be a real bigfoot. It is too far away to be sure, but whatever it is tears pieces of a tree off and throws it into the water. It appears to be near or in water. At one point it looked to me that it placed a hand to the trunk and then brought the hand to his mouth as if licking it. I think this could be a bigfoot, unless of course ...
The title of the video is Real Skunk Ape Sighting and is 2:17 minutes long, by Sasquatch Canada.

Sykes Youtube Video

Dr Brian Sykes Youtube Video for you to enjoy. It is 9:26 mins long. 
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We Talk 'Bigfoot' Here--Would you like to add your voice?

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous

Please just keep posting. I like reading everything, though I'm not someone who is comfortable making comments.. I think most are like me, just want to glean... Thank you for your site. I however, feel that several years ago I may have encountered a Sasquatch, though I just heard something that left me knowing we were being followed, just prior we heard wood knocks. It keeps me always craving hearing someone else's experience. 


Thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it. ... LNP

Roseburg, Oregon, Logging Museum has Casts of Bigfoot?

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anon 
(Regarding Post Just Below This One)
This is a good story. The "CABIN CREEK FIRE" was in 1988. I hauled logs out of that area after the fire. He's right the timber was huge in this area. While we were logging the area in 1990 some tracks were found by Basco Logging out of Southerlin and Brink Bros out of Roseburg. They described them as huge barefoot human-like tracks. Casts were taken and the 18 inch casts were in the Roseburg Logging Museum as of 1996 when we saw them in a glass display. The caption under the prints called them Cabin Creek Wildman. 


I would like to know where the museum in Roseburg is located. Would you know, Anon? And thanks for the informative comment.
... Linda Newton-Perry

Bigfoot Sighting

Guest Editor-Blogger: Utah Glen
#90 in Archive Section (right column down)

To me bigfoot was nothing more than children stories until Oct 2003. That year I was invited to
Oregon to hunt elk with my cousin from Myrtle Creek. We had planned a hunting trip for years, but never seemed to get it done until we were both over 65. I had arrived at my cousin’s house on Oct 30th just days before elk season was to open.

Our tags were for the Tioga area In Coos County near Burnt Ridge just some 23 miles Northwest of Tenmile. We were camped at a place called Elk Wallow on Burnt Mountain Ridge Road. On this morning the weather was cold and windy. We decided that we would walk some of the older roads not open to traffic. I decided to try a road called Cabin Creek.

The road was dirt (muddy) and not passable by 4 wheelers. As I walked this road I became aware of a feeling that someone was watching me. This feeling was intensified by a faint odor of dead animal. I had smelled this in Vietnam in the 60s from dead goats. The feeling and smell stayed with me the further I walked.

Then finally I reached a place where I decided to stop and watch and scope out this logged off area. I noticed the area had been burnt by a wildfire some years before. Most of the giant sized timber was still standing with black bark around the base of the trees. As I was watching the timber for elk, I happened to notice some movement just inside the tree line near the creek in the bottom. Thinking elk had been lying down and were starting to move I got the shock of my life.

As I watched through my glasses I saw a heavy built man stand up and start walking towards the creek. Right away I realized this was no man. The shape was human-like but covered in dark hair. As it walked to the creek I could see the back of it. It was completely covered with fur about 4 inches except what looked to be a strip down its head and back which was somewhat longer 5 or 6 inches.

 It stopped at the creek, bent down and scooped up water with its big hands. Then it stood up and turned towards me. At that time I got a great look at its face. The face was a dirty gray look. The nose was flat and eyes were large and solid black. It looked to be a mixture of human and ape. It looked around and I could see its head basically set on its massive shoulders without a normal neck. The head was slanted back into a dome shape on the crown. It had huge powerful jaws like an ape. It looked to be over eight feet tall judging by the brush height dotting the creek.

For some reason I started to get very nauseous and became dizzy. It was most likely my nerves and the stench this thing gave off in the wind. I got a sense that I was in danger thou I don't understand why. It never did see me. After a while it crossed the creek and disappeared into the vast stand of timber. I remained still and could hear it breaking twigs as it walked off.

It remained there for 20 minutes or so until the sick feeling started to leave. As I walked back the dirt/old gravel road, I noticed several large footprints on the road I had not seen on my way in.

When I returned to camp I told my cousin what had happened. He really didn't know what to believe. Actually if I were him I would have most likely been the same. No one wants to realize that the world we live in isn't just as we were told as kids.


Thank you for a great sighting. ... LNP

If they don't exist ...

If bigfoot does not exist, shouldn't the
sightings have stopped long ago?

Monday, October 28, 2013

My Interest in Bigfoot Linda Newton-Perry

How did I become interested in bigfoot?

I was looking for a subject for a newspaper column. I was mildly interested in bigfoot and so decided that would be the subject. Each time I’d talk about bigfoot the editor of the local paper would roll her eyes and smile. So, I went with it and before long I was a firm believer in the animal.

 I DO NOT FIND ANYTHING FUNNY ABOUT THE SUBJECT. I find it very serious. After all these are wild animals and wild animals often hurt people. It does disappoint me that Dr. Brian Sykes would make fun of us bigfoot researchers and believers. But until the animal is proved real, we will just have to put up with it. ... Linda Newton-Perry 


Attention Gary,
I've replied to your comment in the comments section. Thanks, LNP

Dr Sykes' TV Show from UK

Here is a link to a video that reports on the last Sykes' TV program. I understand there was some  'making fun' of bigfoot believers in the TV program. Of course, I don't care for this behavior, but until the world has proof, we can expect it. The title of the video is Bigfoot Files P+ 2 USA Bigfoot Results, Dead Bigfoot Preview.

I found the video informative. I think you will as well. Enjoy and comment. Linda Newton-Perry
Click to go.

Hi Visitor

You've stopped by Bigfoot Ballyhoo, so, you must be interested in the animal. It would be good if you told us what you think. How did you get interested in it and so on. Have a grand day. ... Linda Newton-Perry

A Youtube Video For You to Enjoy

The title of this 5:05 minute lone video is Bigfoot in the Adirondacks NBC 2 Whitehall NY 10-28-2013.
The video is by The Bigfoot Canundrum. I believe you will enjoy it. Sightings in this area have been going on since the '70s. Enjoy and come back to Ballyhoo and comment. Please.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Youtube Video You May Enjoy

The video's title is Bigfoot; Why are They Surpressing Evidence. And it is 19:38 minutes long by ConspiracyInfoTV. Enjoy and comment.

Click link to go.

Who Will 'Discover' Bigfoot?

Bigfoot: Who Will 'Discover' and Present Proof the Animal Exists?

Who will set the lineage of bigfoot straight for us? Who will take the information that is available, examine it and tell the world that bigfoots, the world over, exist?  I believe Oxford’s Dr. Brian Sykes will. The world of bigfoot requires a solid practitioner, well known, well thought of and an expert in his/her field to stamp bigfoot a real species.

When exactly this will happen? Who knows? Dr. Sykes’ TV series is airing now, but has he discovered bigfoot? If you will remember in 2012, Sykes said that he would DNA test samples sent to him, and if one turned out to be from an unknown animal, he would publish the results.

Well, in October, 2013, he was still gathering hair samples of supposed bigfoot. How do I know? He stopped by my hometown and was given some hair from a local woman who had kept it for decades. Why did Sykes want this particular hair? He said he wished to have it because those that collected it actually observed the animal it came from. This, he said was the only organic (my word)  sample that this was the case.

So, to reiterate, in October, 2013, he was still working on bigfoot DNA. It could be that he has a sample of hair, skin, etc. that has come back from DNA testing as an unknown animal, and wished this Oregon sample to add weight to his research. Whatever his reason for collecting the Oregon hair sample, I believe Dr. Brian Sykes will be the one to collect and test solid  information on bigfoot and in the end proclaim  it a real species.

What are your opinions on this? ... Linda Newton-Perry

Since Science Doesn't Know What These Beings Are ...

While you are asleep in your bed, who is going through your trashcans, picking through your garden?

And, by the way, you don't have to live in the country
for these unknowns to visit.

There are reports of town/city visits. One report was of a bigfoot hunched down between the truck and car under a carport, observed when the woman of the house left for work one misty morning.

And it wasn't in the quiet country!

Check out Ballyhoo's Archive Section, scroll down, right column.

A Youtube Video Link for you to Enjoy

Here is a Youtube video you may enjoy. I sure did. A young man from Alabama shot a bigfoot while deer hunting. If it had been shot dead this mystery of bigfoot would  now be over. The title of the video is Young Hunter Shoots Bigfoot (The Bigfoot Case Files) and is 5:23 minutes long, by Bigfoot Evidence.
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

A question for Walt

Walt, how did you find the roads on Weaver Ridge?
Were they muddy, narrow, etc.? And could you tell us how to get to this area, please? I like to tell people where they might catch a glimpse of this  animal. And thank you for such a great comment. 


Yes I can. Go to Remote, Oregon Turn on Sandy Creek and follow the road to the very top where the old rock pit is. There you see signs saying Weaver Ridge. Follow the paved narrow road about 7 miles and you'll see a old dirt road winding up a mountain. The road is dirt but dry as of now. Follow the road up to an old landing on foot about (5 miles to the end). If you wish to use Camas Creek road go to Camas Valley and turn right and follow the 2 lane road to Upper Camas Creek Road. You want to use a pickup truck because the country up there is too rough for a car. Look for any old road closed by down trees or slides. Have fun!  


The following two comments by two different Anonymous Blogger-Editors:

Weaver Ridge can be accessed by all of these roads: (Lookinglass) Old Wagon Road; (Camas Valley) Signal Tree Road, Camas Creek Upper Loop; (Remote) Upper Rock Creek, Sandy Creek. and (Myrtle Point) Sitkum Lane .


Anyone going up on Weaver needs to know of ongoing Cougar problems up there. BE CAREFUL 

Guest Editor-Blogger: Walt

Walt has left a new comment on your post "Not Much Happening Today to Report":

After reading on this blog about the recent sighting in the Weaver Ridge area, I wanted to do a non-professional search of the area. Monday I was walking on a old logging road looking for prints. After a hard walk up the road about 3 mile, I came upon a place where something had apparently turned over a very old rotted log in the road and pulled strips of mushrooms loose. The log had no claw marks on it just remains of small pieces of chanterelle mushrooms

 I looked around the log looking for some sign of a track, prints or whatever. I found a track of one bare human shape print, 14 inches long by 6 inches at the ball.

I noticed that someone had walked along the road pulling leaves off  the new trees lining the sides. I found a pile of shells of what looked to be some kind of acorns. The road and country looked to have been logged back in the late 70s

 As I walked further up the road I came to a spot where a doe had been slaughtered out. For several reasons, I came to the conclusion that hunters didn't do it. First of, the deer had not been skinned. The flesh had been eaten from the inside out, leaving only hide and bones. No sign of any organs left from cleaning out the deer.

 Though a number of different animals can do this they generally drag off pieces of the deer. All the bones were left in a pile some 50 yards up the road and near another big tree laying across the road. There again were bare human prints 14 inches and two were 18 inches long.

It looked like something had sat down on the log and ate the deer meat tossing the bones on the ground. Only the head and small bones (ribs) were in tact. I can’t prove it but I think bigfoot was what ate the deer because I can't think of any known animals that would pile bones up in that manner.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Not Much Happening Today to Report

If you want to hear me, Linda Newton-Perry, read sighting reports, etc., please go to Youtube and type in my name. I have many videos on  Youtube about bigfoot. Thank you for visiting this site. We will keep working to bring you information on the 'discovery of bigfoot.' Tell us anything you have heard or read by commenting. To comment, click No Comments or Comments, with a number, at the end of this post. Have a grand day. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, October 24, 2013

For Fun

Photo by Photoxpress
Mouse's words Linda Newton-Perry

A Youtube TV News Report on Bigfoot

Bigfoot T.V. News Report and a Youtube Video 
Click link to take you to the video Bigfoot is Living in My BackyardThe video is 2:32 minutes long and by Sasquatch Canada. I enjoyed it anI think you will too.

Has Bigfoot Been Stamped Real by Science

I thank you for sharing the information with us. ... (I hope it is true.) Linda Newton-Perry

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "We 'Talk' Bigfoot Here":

Great news-
I can hardly believe it!!!
But Science has "stamped the animal real".
The Sasquatch has finally been given a scientific name and it is officially documented in Zoobank.
Go to ZooBank and type in the phrase:
Homo sapiens cognatus

Congratulations. Now we can get on with studying this animal.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Youtube Bigfoot Sighting Video

Bigfoot Sighting: A Youtube Video by BigfootSongs04. The video is 24: minutes long.
The title is Bigfoot Sighting-Sierra Mountains, Sept. 19, 2013.

(I enjoyed this sighting very much. I think you will also. Linda Newton-Perry.)
Click link below.

Comment Please

Link to a Youtube Video

Well known people are beginning to take notice that yetis, sasquatches and bigfoots may very well exist! How exciting.  

 Click link to take you to a Youtube video by Sasquatch Canada: Attenborough Believes in the Yeti. It is just 3:12 minutes long. 

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anon

Paul, bigfoot comes in all colors. And descriptions vary, reddish, white, black, brown, silver, and blue looking. As for the fangs they have been reported with and without fangs. The black glaring eyes are common and bulging eyes are also fairly common. Sometimes people report red eyes that "burn into you" and this is very common in all animals at night. It's actually blood flow people see inside the eye that looks red.

 I have researched the Sixes River Wildman along with the Chetco Monster and no doubt remains in my mind they were describing bigfoot. In both cases guns were fired at the creatures, provoking deadly attacks. This is a link to an excellent story from Sixes River:

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Paul Has a Few Questions About Bigfoot

Guest Editor-Blogger: Paul

I would guess almost everyone that reads bigfoot stories has heard of the Sixes Wildman between 1880-1935. I was talking to a history buff the other day and he told me that the "Wildman" killed a number of gold seeking miners in those years. My first thought was did they make up the Wildman story to keep others out of the area. Then I read about the description of it: hairy, broad-shouldered, long arms and very husky in the chest area.

It seemed to me that they were describing a bigfoot.  Now I’m not sure. Most of the old sightings reported a yellowish-colored manlike beast. I’ve never heard of a yellowish one, black, brown and sometimes reddish, yes, but yellow? Other features they described were huge black bulging eyes and fangs like a cat.

This certainly doesn’t seem to be a feature of a bigfoot─does it? I’ve been into that country (Star Mountain) and it certainly is rugged beyond belief. The history buff said people look different so why wouldn't bigfoots? The story from the Chetco Killing has the bigfoot as a dark, monstrous apelike being, again with fangs.

The reason I’m thinking about these stories is when I encountered a grizzly years ago in OREGON, I was told grizzlies don’t live in Oregon. Well, it turned out one did because they shot and killed it two days later in the cattle field here in Lapine in 1989. It was yellowish in color!

Almost 1,000 people visited this site today. Please Comment!

I just realized I didn't put a link to our China Creek Forest Hike on the Oregon Coast from last week. 
It isn't very long, just three or so minutes. Enjoy and do comment. 


Sharing Beauty

This photo is from the web site Photoxpress
For a larger view of this beautiful photo click it.

We 'Talk' Bigfoot Here

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by BeFunky

Let Your Voice be Heard! 

Bigfoots in Old History Book

Jack has left a new comment on your post "A State Forest employee tells us what to do if we ...":

I read an old history book on the history of the Oregon Northwest and it stated that these huge manlike beings were seen in 1768 by trappers and settlers eating shellfish near the mouth of the Siletz river along with many other rivers.

They described them as hairy apelike creatures with massive black eyes and monstrous in size. I can't believe the government doesn't tell people these creatures were here before we were and get on with life.

Lying about Oregon history and sasquatch makes no sense.


Thank you, Jack, for sharing this information and your opinion. I certainly agree with you. ... Linda Newton-Perry 

Monday, October 21, 2013

A State Forest employee tells us what to do if we run upon a bigfoot (?)

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The State Knows What to Tell Us if We Encounter A ...":

As  a state forest employee this is what we've been told:

 1. If you are within close range to your vehicle walk slowly to it and leave the area

 2. DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT with the creature because it can bring on aggressive action.

3. Only under extreme conditions try pepper spray but not at the creature only in the air then slowly back out of the area

4. Never travel alone in the forest. 

Those working as a single employee must beware of the danger these creatures may pose. Females tend to be far less aggressive than males.

 (Believe it or not this is what the state wants its employees to do)


Thank you very much for taking the time to give us some advice on what to do if we run upon a bigfoot in our forests. ... Linda Newton-Perry

The State Knows What to Tell Us if We Encounter A Cougar, but ...

What are we to do if we encounter a bigfoot? Some state employees claim they have seen a bigfoot. What would they recommend in case of a bigfoot encounter? 

What would you do if you walked around a bend in the trail and there stood a  bigfoot?

I put together the bigfoot sign using the cougar sign as a model. Linda Newton-Perry

Bigfoot Peeks Through Window 60 Years Ago

Click link to take you to a Youtube video. Louise Albright tells her  encounter with bigfoot 60 years ago. Also, she tells about her mother's encounter around the same time. The video is by liz imhoff and is 5:52 minutes long. Albright does a great job telling her story, very believable! 


How to Comment on this site.

On all published posts this is the format. Click where it says NO COMMENTS or the number of comments as 1 Comment.

We look forward to what you have to say. ...
Linda Newton-Perry

Link to Timbergiantbigfoot's Youtube Video of Bigfoot (?)

Click link to take you to Timbergiantbigfoot's video. It may be a real bigfoot! See for yourself. Comment please.  


Saturday, October 19, 2013

 In case you can't read the above, see below first pg.

"Dr Brian Sykes, left, made a stop in Sutherlin, Oregon, last week to pick up a sample of bigfoot hair from Betty Klopp." 

Betty called me, Linda Newton-Perry, and said she didn't know who Sykes was until after he left and she looked him up on the Internet.  

He is an Oxford Professor working on bigfoot, yeti, DNA. And
starting this Sunday, Oct. 20th, he has a  three-part bigfoot-type program airing in the UK. 

Betty said of all the bigfoot hair samples hers was the only sample that he knew where it had come from  and the collector of the sample actually saw the bigfoot. 

Betty didn't see the bigfoot, but her brother did. Betty's family was moving, pulling a trailer that hit a bigfoot. Next day hair was collected from the trailer where it hit the animal.

 Betty has kept the hair and tiny bit of skin stored for decades. You can read more about Klopp by typing in Betty Klopp in the search tool on this site.

Betty's photo above is from a KPIC News program and Sykes' photo is from the Internet.

More on 1962 Columbus Day Bigfoot Bones Files etc.

We look forward to hearing more from you, James.

Guest Editor-Blogger: James

Linda, I was contacted by Debbie Milton XXXXXXby email last year. As a 3rd year law student she asked me to follow up on the 1962 bones.

I have been in contact with Grace from the Smithsonian. After doing a search through the old papers and micro films, she wrote me to say the bones, files and AR are no longer at the institute. She is not sure just what, when or where they went to.

She gave me a number to call and found out the bones had been removed from inventory in 2010. She doesn't have any documentation on where they ended up

I will keep working on my spare time to bring this mystery to a conclusion. Debbie has forwarded copies of all her files pertaining to this. I will keep in contact as it warrants.

As for myself I believe something isn't right with the handling of the files from 1962. I can't promise anything but will give it my best. 

Searching for Bigfoot Tracks or ...

Hiking Trail Cougar Warning

Cougar Warning Sign
We saw the prints just off the hiking trail.
China Creek Hiking Trail Hwy 101 Oregon Coast
Located a dozen miles or so north of Florence, Oregon

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cougar Warning

Bottom photo is a warning that a cougar has been seen
in the area. On the sign it tells hikers what to do when one comes upon a cougar.

Christopher Perry and Linda Newton-Perry enjoying dinner after searching for bigfoot...

 Working away!
Searching for bigfoot and whales today!

At the Oregon Coast for a while, doing a little research.We didn't see a whale or a bigfoot! Comment Please. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bigfoot Experience (?) Near Glide, Oregon

Guest Editor-Blogger: Rich

Linda I have a story that I believe is bigfoot related. This happened to a very close friend with his two kids and wife.They were over in the Steamboat area camping over the weekend on 10-5-13. They had left the campground to walk up to an area thick with Salmon berries. They walked up this old gravel road that was closed because several trees had fell across it during the winter. They reached a good patch of berries and picked a coffee can full. As they started back down the road they heard sounds of something below them pounding on what sounded like rocks. They stopped but didn't see anything. As soon as they started walking again a sound of brush snapping became very loud. Along with this snapping they heard a very deep whoop whoop whoop sound. They stopped again and the snapping quit. As they again started walking the whoops and snapping started once again. It seemed to them something was following them as they walked. Vic said what ever it was stayed out of sight but paralleled them for several minutes off in the trees and brush. They never did see anything but reading about the whoop sounds Cory and Dr. Johnson's bigfoot made has me believing they disturbed a bigfoot in the area of the berries.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

COMMENT: Bigfoot

Sykes says they, bigfoot, are out there.

Clink above link to take you to the Youtube video by Sasquatch Canada, "Breaking News! Bigfoot Files Airs this Sunday in the UK"

 Dr.Brian Sykes says they are out there! This is  what I've been waiting for. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, October 14, 2013

Bigfoot Sighting

 Guest Editor-Blogger: must be anon
#89 in Archive Section

You know people like Cory telling about his encounter helps others that are afraid to tell about a sighting they've had. I'm no exception to the rule.

 In August 2013, I was doing a timber line survey on Upper Rock Creek near Remote,Oregon. I have been employed by BLM for 22 years as a surveyor on timber sales. I never really thought one way or the other about sasquatch or bigfoot. I certainly never thought I would ever see one.

On this August morning the fog had just lifted off a mountainside I was to run a line on. This was an area where I had done some other pre-sale work. I had left the pickup on a turnout and followed a game trail down to the bottom of the canyon where a small creek runs water year around. I wasn't really paying attention to the surroundings because I had already been down this trail twice that week.

When I reached the creek, I noticed the water was very muddy looking. At about that same time I heard the sounds of water splashing just up around the bend in the creek. I walked up the side of the creek to see what was going on. Well, what I saw was unbelievable. Two upright beings covered in hair one dark brown and one a light brown were laying in the creek rolling themselves over and over apparently cooling off in the creek.

The water wasn't deep enough to completely cover them. The light brown being was a female because it had visible breasts on it, the other darker one was a male. I will not comment on why I know he was male. They bathed or washed themselves for a few more minutes then the male stood up on his legs.

At that time I was froze in place behind the brush on the bank. He was enormous in size. Then the female stood up and she was somewhat smaller but in no way my size. I'm 6' 3 and 205 and these beings were much larger than me.

They slowly started to walk up the creek and I noticed both of these things had very muscular arms and torsos. The arms were longer than human. The faces were somewhat apelike with features not ape like but somewhat human. Both faces were a deep dark brown weathered look. After a few minutes more, they disappeared from site by walking up the opposite side of the canyon into the timber

I remained still for what seemed at least 30 minutes then went back to the pickup. All the way back to the office I thought about how I was going to report this.

I never did say a word because I had remembered what happened to a colleague that reported seeing one last year.He was retired by force. The sale has since been pulled because of water quality concerns over logging it. I still feel guilty that I had to remain silent.


Thank you for such a great sighting. I'd love to see something like this. ... LNP

Bigfoot Illustration

Drawing by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by BeFunky

This illustration just to remind you that you are viewing a bigfoot
news magazine. So, my question to you is, Do you have any bigfoot

Sunday, October 13, 2013

You may use the art and drawings as you wish.

Art by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by BeFunky

Any photo, drawing or illustration, done by the Perrys, you may use on this site, free of charge. I'd love it if you
would give me or us credit, but if you can't bring yourself,
that's all right too.

The point is, people, to TALK BIGFOOT, okay maybe illustrate bigfoot! ...
Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, October 12, 2013

MORE ON Dr. Bryan Sykes and Bigfoot DNA Results

Click link to take you to information on Dr. Sykes on the site Bigfoot Buzz: Dr. Bryan Sykes to air Bigfoot DNA Results, Oct. 20th BBC TV.

Why Would People Make Up Bigfoot?

What do you think?

What's This Animal Called in Your Country?

Sharing Beauty