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Monday, September 30, 2013

Bigfoot Sighting

Photo by Photoxpress and dallied with by BeFunky
Guest Editor-Blogger: Sandra

#87 in Archives Section

People in general don't think about what happens to people who see bigfoot. My sighting was so frightening that I've never got over it fully.

The sighting happened on Burnt Mountain near Skeeter Camp a few years ago. My husband and I were camping here with another couple from Roseburg during Elk season. The guys had left in the pickup to go look at a clearing where they had seen Elk the week before.

It was a sunny morning so my friend and I decided to hike a old trail nearby. On this trail were many mushrooms and areas of wild Azalea plants. We started up the trail and walked about a mile when we noticed a bad smell and strange knocking sounds coming from somewhere close. I thought the sounds were of a woodpecker but my friend didn't.

We would walk then stop and listen to the knocking and sounds of underbrush snapping. After just a few minutes we decided to return to the trailers. We started back down the trail only to see a very tall and husky black hair covered creature walk out onto the trail. We froze in place.

The creature looked at us with huge black eyes and its yellowish block like teeth showing in its mouth. We were petrified. I told my friend to turn around and follow me because it seemed the creature was locked in a stare down with us. We couldn't move. We were both too scared to move.

Then the creature walked off the trail after a few minutes. We stood in place for what seemed to be a hour. Afraid to go down the trail and maybe meet it again. After a while we made our way back down the trail still hearing the knocking sound. About half way back we saw it again just inside the trees off the trail. It was following us.

We started running and finally came out on the road next to the camp. We hurried to the my trailer and locked ourselves inside. I had a rifle inside and was scared enough to use it if it came close to the trailer. It never did and as soon a our husbands got back we packed up and moved to another area.

The guys went back and found tracks of a large human shape almost 19 inches long. My husband came back to the trailer and told me what they had found and that we just cant report this because we'll be the laughing stock of Roseburg.

So I let it remain inside me for a couple years. Finally I got so bad with panic attacks I had to seek help. So talk about your sighting don't let it fester inside you. It can ruin your health to hold stress inside you. Talk to someone you trust. 


Thank you for your sighting. We appreciate it. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bigfoot Drawing

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by BeFunky

The Illustration? Just so that you will remember that this site is about bigfoots and
talking bigfoot. 
Be quick deer hunters! Did you know that bigfoots have been known to grab  hunters kill before the hunter can retrieve it? Have you heard the saying that a gun shot to a bigfoot is a ringing dinner bell? 

Let us know if you've had such an experience. Oh say, like you can't find your deer after shooting it. Keep talking bigfoot and do comment. ... LNP

One of Those Days in Bigfooting

It seems that Tim Fasano a bigfoot field
researcher believes timbergiantbigfoot also
a bigfoot field researcher has used one of
his videos, claiming it as his own.

Boy do I know how that can happen! I was
sent a photo of a bigfoot print/track. The photo
came with information of where it was found, etc.
Turned out the photo of the track belonged to Tim
Fasano. The sender of the photo simply wanted
to make trouble. And he/she did.

That photo was the last photo we accepted from
readers on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. We will now on rare

occasion accept a photo if we  know personally
the submitter.

I enjoy both these men's work. I hope they can settle
their problem quickly and get back to what they do
best--searching for bigfoot.

Comment please. ...
Linda Newton-Perry

Columbus Day Animal Illustration

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by BeFunky
Click photo for larger view and back arrow to return.

Friday, September 27, 2013

More on Columbus Day Animal Photo

Don has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

The photo was a large old growth fir laying on a hairy ape-man like thing. It's left hand was very viable and had five fingers on it. The face was covered with hair expect around the eyes and mouth which in guessing dry blood was all over it. The body was covered in blackish hair and was matted looking. It also shows a man hold a logging tape on the tree and shows the creature was well over 7 ft. That's about it. 

Thank you Don. ... LNP

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Could it be a bigfoot?

Click link to take you to timbergiantbigfoot's video of what he thinks is a bigfoot.. Sure looks like it could be one. This video is all the buzz among bigfoot enthusiasts. Enjoy and comment. 


Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

Don- Will you describe for us what the creature looked like in the photo hanging up in Junction Cafe? Do you remember any details?

Guest Editor-Blogger

Don has left a new comment on your post "Linda Newton-Perry's Experience on the Oregon Cave...":

You know, it's almost a certainty that a large population of Sasquatch lived in the mountains around Oregon Caves. I have found sightings as far back as 1887 doing research on the 1962 animal.

In Kerby Oregon lived a man who was on the original crew in 1962. I talked with him in 1979 and found out that when they came across the body there  were many other tracks, meaning some others had been with the female when the tree blew over.

 (I knew about the dead Sasquatch long before it was ever published on the web because of the picture at the Junction Cafe. I worked at the cafe from 1958 till 1964.)

Then I learned that in 1951 a forest service employee was attacked near Oregon Caves by two male creatures. The employee was seriously hurt but did survive. The official report was that two black bears had attacked the man. But the employee and another worker said it was two large apes that was responsible. It is amazing to me that someone hasn't had a real bad encounter on Big Tree Loop.

Though they will not admit it, but several tourists have seen Sasquatch on that trail and over at Mt. Elijah.


Thank you for such a great comment. I sure wish we could get hold of a copy of that dead bigfoot photo tacked to the Junction Cafe door. Again thanks, Linda Newton-Perry editor/owner of Ballyhoo

Linda Newton-Perry's Experience on the Oregon Cave's Trail

You can read more about the Oregon Caves by typing in Oregon Caves in search tool. You will find the search tool in right column, top.

More on Oregon Caves and Bigfoot

Pattsy has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot Sighting from the Past": Below

I love sightings like this one. Oregon Caves has a long history of Bigfoot sightings from that era. In 1987 my family took a trip to the caves and walked the "Big Tree Loop Trail." I don't know if the trail is still there but my dad found some large prints on that trail.

An old miner that still lived in a log cabin somewhere along the road going up to the caves told dad that years ago the mountain had several families of the hairy creatures living in the back country up there. 

Thank you for the comment. And yes the big tree trail is still there. I and my son hiked it a year and a half ago. We think we heard  a bigfoot. Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bigfoot Sighting from the Past

Hi Ballyhoo,

My name is Susan Wills from Redding. During the early years of my life my father told me about an encounter my grandpa had at Oregon Caves in 1922. His name was Holland Wills and lived in the mountains near Selma Oregon.

He built a small cabin and married a woman from the Klamath Falls area in 1914. Dad said the fall of 1918 was one of the coldest autumns Grandpa had ever seen there.This occurred long before the caves were added to the monument class.

It seemed a homesteader from ten miles away was having trouble with some animal killing off his hounds. He had found the remains of the hounds beaten against a tree trunk. Gramps and the old homesteader were good friends so Gramps loaded up his mule with a week of food and headed off to the friend's cabin.

The cabin was up the mountain on the same side of the cave entrance. Dad told me that Gramps and the man called Jim left the cabin in the next few days to hunt down the large bear that killed the dogs.

On the third day out, they came upon a monster apelike looking beast walking on two legs covered in brown hair that put both men into fear. Dad said the beast was of such strength it tossed a large rock at them.

It was snowing very hard and they could not get a shot at it because it moved off so quickly. The mules got wild and they had a time getting them to settled down. The beast had left tracks in the snow of a human shape but much larger.

They returned to the cabin to wait for a break in the weather. After a couple days passed they again set out to go back where they had seen the huge beast appear. Dad said they saw the hairy apelike thing over on a ridge but again too far to shoot.

Gramps told Dad the beast let out horrible shrieking sounds that filled the mountainside. It then walked off again on two legs. They got a better look at it this time. It was some sort of a ape-man like mixture, very husky and standing over eight feet or more.

They were sure the beast had killed the dogs not a bear. As the story goes Gramps went back home and Jim moved off the mountain in the spring. Far as we know the ape beast "bigfoot" (?) was never seen again by Gramps. Gramps died in 1937 and Grandma moved back to Klamath Falls. 


Thank you Susan Wills for this great bigfoot sighting and experience. ... Linda Newton-Perry

No Pink Bigfoots But Red Bigfoots Have Been Seen

Oregon Lake

I took this photo from a video of the lake near our home. In a small cove the water was turquoise. So beautiful.  Comment please. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Forest Service and Disclosure Clause in Employment Contract

OS has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

This person ( which is an information official ) is intimidating workers by the disclosure in the contract. The disclosure says no employee shall take it on themselves to inform citizens about inside activity. BUT, they cannot use a persons PERSONAL knowledge about Bigfoot to justify dismissal.

It is well known inside government agencies that Bigfoot is out in the forest and DOES pose a threat to humans under certain conditions. What the USFS ranger wrote was in the interest of all that visit our forest. The last survey 2009  showed as people encroach on remote areas the chances of a attack go up dramatically.

If you plan to hike into remote areas of your forest be aware of your surroundings. If you feel uneasy and feel that something is watching you the best action is to turn around and walk out of the area slowly. Do no run and shout. This can bring on aggressive behaviors from any forest animal. Do not make long eye contact with the Bigfoot. This is a challenge signal to them. Females will usually retreat from you but males tend to be more territorial.

Do not use pepper spray as this is not effective and only will bring on unwanted actions. Listen to you built in feeling. If your not comfortable going into certain areas don't go. Remember Bigfoot will move from food source to water so avoid areas with heavy vegetation and small streams during dusk and early morning hours.

Thank you for the informative comment. ... LNP 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Guest Editor-Blogger

Linda, so since this person from the Forest Service has not seen a sasquatch, therefore they must not exist.

So this 8 foot hair covered, acorn shaped head, walking on two feet "MYTH" that took my supper not 15 yards from me and raised his lip with a snarl so to tell me to back off, never existed either I suppose!

I know what it was I saw no matter what anyone in the government offices cares to believe. I do know they had better acknowledge that there is something out there to eliminate any liability from aggressive behavior on federal property. If this creature would have attacked me unprovoked and I would have lived, I would have taken legal action against this agency for the uncaring attitude that it gives the public people who just want answers to what they have seen and for years was told never existed and are afraid to come forward because of public ridicule or in the case of the forestry employees that did speak out, the loss of their jobs.

I want anyone that has had a legitimate sighting to come forward and tell this website and get it off your mind and chest, so we can get good numbers to force these agencies to do their jobs and do studies and surveys on this animal and to protect it and the people that use this federal land for recreation.

To just say we haven't seen it so it does not exist is just not good enough anymore!Report your sightings here anonymously, and let this website work for the safety of the people and the protection of this animal. 


I must stay neutral where the government is concerned. But, anyone may use information on this site as they wish. Protecting people is an honorable endeavor so feel free to compile the information for good, for public safety, etc. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Second Comment from Forest Service Employee (?)

Well like I said before, people working inside this agency sign nondisclosure contracts.

We have had the Dyer claim looked into and found a complete hoax. No body is on display. No body will ever be on display because the story was fabricated. 

Texas authorities investigated the claim and found it to be completely untrue. Searches were executed on the location Dyer claimed to be holding the remains and the results were negative on any animals/primates at that location.

This is all public record. The official response to Sasquatch is that it is a myth. I have never seen anything to the contrary. The ranger broke the disclosure contract when he/she took it on themselves to comment on Sasquatch.

I will admit that a few reports about Sasquatch we can't explain but that doesn't mean it was a Sasquatch.

The Powers /Rogue along with the Mt Hood districts had a couple of rangers that seem to think they could talk when off duty and the result was not in the best interest of their employment.


Thank you for your comment. It is always good to get both sides of a situation/story.... Linda Newton-Perry

Is Bigfoot only Indian Lore?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tell us about your sighting, or tell some one!

You are invited to talk bigfoot on this site. 

If you've had a sighting, we'd love to hear about

it. And if you don't wish to tell us, many great sites

on the internet exist. 

Have a grand day. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, September 21, 2013


I don't know if Rick Dyer has a bigfoot body or not!

If he does, he does. I would think, that if everyone thought he really had a body, he'd be able to sell his $100.plus video more quickly.

And this threatening buyers with a lawsuit, if they do this or that,  doesn't seem to be a brilliant selling tool to me. Personally I wish the man would buy a book on business etiquette and read it.

These are my opinions. What do you think? 

Oh, PS: Why do I care about how Rick Dyer comes across to the public? If it is true and he has a body, he will represent all of us that have an interest in bigfoot. I would rather have a little more dignified representative. Wouldn't you?

It is raining in Oregon ...

Photo by PhotoXpress

It is raining in Oregon. That means it is a fine time to search for bigfoot tracks. Tell us if you find one. Please. 

Texas Bigfoots

Click link to take you to an article and bigfoot illustration. The article is about  the bigfoot clan that lives in Texas. The title of the article is 'Hank the Bigfoot Revealed' by David Claerr. 

If you will remember a Dr. Miller, articles on this site, examined three bigfoots found dead in a cave in Texas, in the past. One of the animals was not dead, just appeared to be, but later died. Use the search tool to read information. Type in Dr. Miller to go to articles. Do comment.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Map of Bigfoot Sightings

Click link to take you to news article: "Looking for Bigfoot? Follow this map--others have seen 'em there"
The article is by Marc Lallanilla. Enjoy and comment. 


Share Your Bigfoot Sighting

This photo from the online site Photoxpress.

Youtube Bigfoot Sighting

Photo dallied with by BeFunky
Photo taken from Youtube video mentioned below.

A bigfoot field researcher from Florida, Mkspeaks1, talks about his second and third sighting. Interesting information. He said he "got a side view." And this was not long ago. Enjoy and comment. 


More on Rick Dyer

We here at Ballyhoo will stay firmly 'on the fence' where Rick Dyer is concerned. If you haven't heard, he claims to have shot a bigfoot, Sept. 2012. He claims, also, that the body will be on tour across the U.S. soon. You can read more about the subject by clicking the link. 


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bigfoot Encounter

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous

Still having to be very quiet about my encounters; I will tell you about an encounter where a huge older male with one eye it seems, came right into my camp like he was a long lost friend and stole my dinner of trout that was cooling down on my map table where I plan the next days surveys, within 30 feet of where I was sitting.

I stood up, out of shock of what was happening, and he came within 15 feet of me, very quickly I must say and stared me down whiffing the air like something was behind me in the woods and showed me a set of teeth that I will never forget as long as I live.

He let out a roar that still wakes me up at night and I know he would have killed me if any aggression was shown to him. I love my job, and will never be afraid to go into the woods by myself and camp for 14 days at a time in desolate areas, but I have a great new respect for who I know has the top of the woods food chain.

I now carry equalizers to remain near the top if ever threatened. 

Thank you for a great sighting. Your experience with these animals can be of great help to all of us. Again thank you. ... LNP

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Guest Editor-Blogger

As a current employee of Unites States Forest service working in northern Oregon I feel the right and need to tell folks out there about what this agency knows about Sasquatch. When I started here 18 years ago Sasquatch was a no-no to discuss with fellow employees.

Now we talk about them openly to each other. USFS did a study on Sasquatch in Southwestern Oregon in 2007. What they discovered was shocking. It was found that Sasquatch can be very dangerous to humans. They can and will attack if the Sasquatch feels threatened. 

They also found that the male Sasquatch is far more aggressive than females. The ones we call Rogue males are especially dangerous. Dr. Johnson's experience at Oregon Caves could have turned out very bad. No doubt the Sasquatch didn't come closer because of Johnson's and his families quick retreat.

We know of two instances where the people weren't that lucky. I cannot give you the names but can give you a brief account. Number 1 was in 1998 near Three Fingered Jack in the Cascades. That person was badly injured according to witnesses by a large male Sasquatch.

Then in 2003 a person was seriously injured at a remote campground in southwestern Oregon. Again three witnesses passed polygraphs claiming Bigfoot attacked the camp without any warning.

The agency knows the Sasquatch can be dangerous but still feels the need to control the media stories about these Bigfoot. Now, I've been told by a colleague that USFS is tracking one male Bigfoot and can alert campers and hikers if necessary.

As far as Bigfoot population we believe only around 350 are actually now documented. Many of the reports we receive are false identification of bears. If a bear is standing beside a tree scratching the back they can be mistaken for bigfoot. Many reports are hoaxes, people wanting TV time and various other reasons. About 10 percent are probably actual but can't be documented.


Thank you for the comment. I do wish we could verify this information. My readers will say that the information is fine and dandy but prove it is true. Do you have any ideas for doing this without crossing guidelines of the USFS? ... LNP

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bigfoot Sighting From the Past in Oregon

Guest Editor-Blogger:DS and KS 

#85 in our Archive Section (Soon to be added.)

Our sighting began on a hiking trip on Snout Creek in November 1980. Snout Creek is now called Bear Camp Road #23 and is over in southwestern Oregon near the tiny village of Agness.

I had just returned from a tour of duty in Germany. I was born in Northern California in 1952. My wife was a naturalist for the forest service in California and born in 1961. We had went up to Oregon to a friends wedding at Gold Beach and planned to stay for a week camping along the Rogue River.

On this morning we decided to hike up a narrow steep trail from Snout Creek to Shasta Costa Creek some four miles south. Packed with plenty of food and water we started up the old trail at daylight. We had walked somewhere around 2 miles when the trouble began. At 7:30 am my wife complained of a feeling someone was watching us.

I looked around and found nobody near. Then when a very faint sound of something in the brush just off the trail and to our right became louder I began to notice a smell of what I thought was a dead animal. My wife said to me "Something's not right here."

We walked on watching back down the trail and to our sides. The sound of branches snapping got louder and closer. I told her we can't turn back because whatever it was had to be behind us and off the trail. We walked slowly on up to a large rock right beside the trail where we stood for some time.

I had my pistol in hand and thought this would be the best place to defend ourselves. Suddenly a dark, hair-covered manlike creature walking on two legs slowly walked out onto the trail some thirty feet behind us.

It looked at us with its large dark eyes for what seemed to be several minutes. My wife was completely in full panic mode and I wasn't much better. Even though I've been trained for dangerous situations the very sight of the giant creature had fear overtaking me. I didn't know if the creature would attack or retreat.

I shouted if you come any closer I'll shoot. The creature didn't respond and said nothing. After looking at us for what seemed like minutes it walked on across the trail and down a very steep incline. 

Soon the feeling of fear lifted and we carefully went back down the trail and back to camp. We went to the Cougar Lane Store and reported the sighting by phone to the police. The lady on the phone took the report and told us that one of the patrols would stop by our camp later that day. When he arrived he asked me about the creature.

When I told him the estimated height and build he smiled and said OK. I know when a person is scared things get bigger than they really are but I'm telling you this creature was over nine feet tall and near one thousand pounds.


My husband and I have been to the Cougar Lane Store a few times. My husband Christopher really enjoyed your sighting report. Thank you. ... LNP

Yes we Search for Bigfoot and Its Tracks Quite Often

This trail around the lake is used by the public. But, Wild Bigfoot Country is, bottom photo, to my left, over the mountain.
Bigfoots are sure to know where humans are that food is close by.

Bigfoot Country

Enjoy a video of our hike we enjoyed yesterday in Bigfoot Country.

Click to go to Youtube.


Friday, September 13, 2013

Guest Editor-Blogger

Lou has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

I recently attended a summit on lumber production in the 48 lower states and Alaska. Most of the truly productive lands are shut off from timber harvest. It was noted that such listing of any new animal would tip the scale on production to the point where lumber would be so costly that only the richest American could afford wood.

 It was also noted that some inside government want to shut down the entire lumber market and import lumber from the Asia rim. The regional manager from the forest service was at the meeting and talked about the danger our forest are in from too much fuel buildup.

This is a direct result from listing of endangered list. He noted that if and when bigfoot's were added over 85% of the land they inhabit would be off limits to harvest. This in turn would wipe out many states, cities and rural land from logging, farming and hunting.

Al Gore believed bigfoot was real and wanted Clinton to use executive power to list the bigfoot. Clinton declined because like many in congress he believed that the economy could not survive the listing and plunge us into another great depression.

 Only the very far left and extreme groups like Earth First would want to take the chanc. .And because the spotted owl closures are so widespread the bigfoot don't need additional lands. The very small owl closed millions of acres of land. How about a race of 800 lb. apes? No way

And thank you for your comment. It gives us all something to think about. ... LNP

Guest Editor-Blogger

Aaron James BLM- Ret has left a new comment on your post

I'll try again. Science will not deem Sasquatch real for this main reason: Work studies have shown that Sasquatch need a large amount of land for food and cover. Government decided in 1995 after the northern spotted owl and the marbled murlett that the cost from putting them on the endangered spices list is far too costly to our economy. The listing would totally destroy our lumber industry. 

If you think bigfoot is more important than thousands of jobs,families and small towns, OK. Senators from the western states along with many from southern lumber producing states will not be forced into killing their states economy. The USFS, BLM and the DOA believe only a small number of Sasquatch exist. Studies show as the US and other countries expand the Sasquatch will die out. 

Being the Sasquatch is a remnant of gigantic apes from northern Europe they already are far past the point of surviving the human population expanding into the wild lands. 


Other than our Creator and His Son, I believe humans are the most important of all His creation. I do not believe bigfoot is more important than humans. I believe the government should make a fair and balanced ruling on this subject. I just believe NO ONE has a right to keep any of this world's animals from us. Can't there be BALANCE? 

Than you Aaron James for your thoughtful comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bigfoot Fiction Story by Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry

The Mountains Facing the Sea

On the black mailbox, the names Mark and Mary Devine stood out in bright yellow-green. Mary Devine had painted the address, numbers and names on it herself using car touch-up paint, a Q-tip and nail polish remover. The nail polish remover she used to clean up the smudged edges of the artsy, scrawled script.  Mary was proud of her work.

She shoved in the envelopes containing paid bills and yanked up the red flag. She walked in quick steps up the short driveway to the back of the house. The screen door stood ajar, letting in biting flies; she mumbled raw obscenities. The large screened-in back porch, where she stood now, smelled of apples.

Ramsey, Mary’s smoke-gray cat, rose slowly, stretched and meowed that he was ready for breakfast. As was his habit he rubbed against Mary’s ankles until he was allowed to go ahead of his mistress into the brightly lit kitchen. And as always when Mary let loose the doorknob a draft from inside the big house sucked the door tight into its frame, rattling the old yellowed glass.

Mark and Mary Devine had lived in the two-story farmhouse long enough not to worry over every draft, every leak. But mainly they didn’t worry because they had plans to eventually knock the rickety place down and build their dream home. In the loft of the barn, they’d built a studio apartment, ready for the time they’d need it while the new house was being built.

Six months ago, Mark had been killed while attending to a herd of cattle on a nearby ranch. Mark had been the only vet in Bain County. So he reasoned that he had no choice but to answer the call in the middle of the night, even though dangerous coastal-winds whipped the tops of the forest trees. On his way home a heavy limb had broken from an ancient oak and crushed the cab of his truck, killing him instantly.

Mary had objected to Mark’s going out that evening. He, however, felt strongly that he should attend the animals. Several of them had been attacked by a bear, the ranch couple reported when they phoned. One of the animals was dead and two young bulls had deep wounds that wouldn’t stop bleeding even with the constant attention of the rancher and his wife. 

A movement outside the bedroom window caught Mary’s attention while she wiggled her hips, allowing a full slip to fall just short of her knees. It wasn't her habit to close the blinds because of living so far out.  The morning sun almost blinded her as she peered through the white slats. There stood a man she didn’t recognize at the mailbox. What did he want? Who is he? She grumbled as she straightened the sleeveless dress around her slim hips.

By the time she’d reached the front door and opened it, he was gone. She looked out, nothing. Again, movement or a flash came from the thicket of trees and blackberry bushes directly behind the mailbox. She slammed the door shut and grabbed up the pump shotgun kept behind the door.

All right, all right, settle down! she ordered herself while grabbing her purse from the bed.   She fled to her car with the Winchester Model 12 still tight in hand. While checking for cars at the road, before backing out, the vanishing man appeared. He stepped quickly, right to left, behind her car, with both gloved hands held up, indicating Mary stop.

     “Mrs. Devine, dear, stop.” It wasn’t a man, but a woman; it was her neighbor, Mrs. Connor, Mrs. Bess Connor. ...

With a great sigh of relief, Mary opened her car door and got out. “Bess, it’s you.” Mary said while taking the few steps to meet the older woman. “I had no idea. Why are you dressed like that?” A floppy, white straw hat almost covered her face. An oversized, blue washed-denim shirt hung mid-thigh and drab-green rubber boots stopped just short of her knees.

“Oh, did I frighten you, dear?” The older woman didn’t wait for an answer, but in tortured voice asked, “Mary can you give me a ride home? I’ve turned my ankle.”

Bess Connor knew that Mary had seen her at the mailbox. She’d seen the bedroom blinds part.  So, she quickly cobbled together a reasonable explanation for her costume. Mary Devine bought the story. At least her questions didn’t indicate suspicion.

In the car now, Bess Connor’s eyes kept swinging to the side mirror. Her breath hitched. There it was standing in the middle of the road. It must have been watching her the entire time she was in the field near the Devine mailbox.  She placed a gloved hand to her heart and told herself to breath normally. Her whole point was not to worry Mary, not to frighten her. At that moment Bess noticed the shotgun next to Mary’s purse.

“Oh, I’m sorry Mary; I’ve scarred you with my old-lady shenanigans.” Bess tapped a finger on the shotgun, indicating the reason for the statement.

“Just being careful, Bess.”

Bess Connor was by anyone’s reckoning an old lady. But, no one could accuse this serious-minded woman of ‘old-lady shenanigans.’  The reason she was at Mary Devine’s mailbox was that she was watching for a prowler, or animal that she’d seen several times, including this morning,  in the foggy meadow behind the Devine property and her own.  The Devine’s mailbox afforded just the perfect view of both properties. The boots, long sleeves, and gloves were to protect her from poison oak that grew thick off the country road.

Bess Connor felt Mary had enough on her mind with the recent death of her husband. She would not until absolutely necessary, tell Mary. She was, however, having doubts. This girl was the nervous type. Several times over the years when her husband Mark had been out on a vet call, she’d called the Connor’s home asking if they’d heard anything out of the ordinary. At least twice Bess and her husband pulled themselves out of bed and slogged across foggy, icy fields looking for who knows what. But to settle ‘their girl down’ they did it.

 Bess’ eyes swung back to the side mirror. Still the dark figure stood in the road. Was it near Mary’s mailbox? What was she going to do? What was the right way to handle this situation, this prowler in the area?  The reasonable solution, she decided, was to call the sheriff’s department and get them out to look into it. She suspected that ‘thing’ standing in the middle of the road was not human, but an animal of some sort. How long do bear’s stand on their back legs, anyway? She grumbled just short of out loud. Again she watched the side mirror.

“What is it Bess? What do you see?”  The gravel of the Connor’s driveway crunched loudly under the car’s tires. Bess shook her head indicating she saw nothing. Finally, she explained she was thinking about her bucket of blackberries left behind when she hurt her ankle. She just couldn’t handle the weight with the injured ankle (lies all).

“I’ll have hubby fetch it later. Wait a minute okay? Got some fresh blackberry jam I’ll give you.” Bess faked a limp to the front door of her pretty, white two-story farm house. The front porch had no less than six hanging and thriving pots of red geraniums.

Mary glanced at her watch. She bit her lip, remembering that her husband had given it to her for one of their anniversaries. Her hand found the shotgun at her side. She stroked the smooth wood of the stock. I wish you were here, Mark. I was never afraid when you were with me.  


Just as Bess Connor places the jam in Mary’s hand two police cars, lights flashing, sirens blasting, speed by. Bess forgets her fake limp and jogs to the end of the drive, fast walking really.  Mary turns the car around and follows.

Well, all that racket will scare the animal back into the mountains, if anything will, Bess thinks to herself.

“What a weird morning, huh?” Mary shouts to Bess. “Get in and we’ll follow.”
“Won’t you be late for work?”
“Yeah, but this doesn’t happen every day! Think it’s a murder?”
“I haven’t a clue, Mary. Come on, give it the gas!” Both women were laughing now─like school girls and having just as much fun.

Chunks of semi-dried mud, crumble off Bess’s green boots onto the immaculately clean carpet of Mary’s car. And making it worse, Bess had to keep moving her arthritic knee. The boot heel ground the mud into the plush fibers of the powder-blue carpet.  “Sorry Mary, I have to keep moving this knee. I’ll have the mat cleaned ...”

“Bess look! The TV News Truck! How’d they get here without us seeing them?”
“Over Stump Hill, I’d guess.”
“Bess this is the Black’s place.”
“I know dear. Go on to work if you want. You don’t have to put yourself through this. I’ll get a ride back.”

The Black’s place was the ranch Mary’s husband attended the day he died. “I’m okay. Go on, I’ll catch up.” She quietly said to Bess. “I’ll put this shotgun and my purse in the trunk.”  

Just as Mary finds a spot to stand so that she could see over the news people and policemen, Beth Black waves to her to move through the group and join her. Beth watches as two policemen stop Mary.  Beth joins Mary. They hug.

“Big deal out of nothing, Mary.” Beth laughs.
“What’s going on?”
“Another dead bull.” Beth paused, and then continued. “Gary saw the animal that did it this time.... Want a come in?”

“I have a friend with me. I better not.”

“Mary, Gary says he saw a bigfoot. He was real close to it. There was no doubt in his mind.”

Mary furrowed her brow. She held her face somber, fighting not to laugh.

“I haven’t told anyone but... I saw it too!” Beth pulled Mary away from the group of policemen. “It was a bigfoot. I know it was a bigfoot, Mary.” She took a deep breath, wrung her hands and continued, “Right now three very opinionated forest service men, or some service,  are working on Gary not to  use the word bigfoot. Be a lot of trouble if he did, they say.”

Mary couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Beth Black claiming to have seen a bigfoot. “Let me look for my friend, Beth.” Mary said. She had to get away from Beth for a moment or she would have laughed. And that, she was positive would ruin their neighborly relationship.

Mary found Bess. They stood shoulder to shoulder as the news people quieted everyone down and thrust a microphone at the onsite government agent. Before the man spoke one of the TV newsmen announced the story would be on the six o’clock news and maybe the noon news─if they make the deadline.

Beth Black’s shoulders dropped as she listened to the interview with her husband. He’d been convinced to report what he’d seen was an unidentified large animal, probably a bear come down from the mountains. He’d waved his arm several times in the direction of the mountains facing the sea, rubbed his mouth long and hard before saying “Thank you. I’m sorry we had to get you all out here, for just a bear. You would have thought all this ruckus would have least been for a wolf or cougar.” He laughed a silly unmanly laugh, in Beth’s estimation; waved, turned and took the stairs to the back porch two at a time. He was escaping Beth thought.

In twenty minutes, the only thing left of the news crew, of the police, and of the government men was the crushed grass on the edge of the lawn from their rigs.

Back at Bess’ when the older woman got out of Mary’s car, she removed the soiled mat and said, “I’ll get this back to you. It’ll be all cleaned up.”

The End 


I know posting this story in print form is redundant. But I said I'd do it. And so here it is. The story was meant to be much longer, but I'm having a difficult time with finding time for my husband to proof the work. So enjoy. Please comment. LNP

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Illustrations for Story

Story is read below.
The Mountains Facing the Sea

Bigfoot Story Read by Author Linda Newton-Perry

Ape Cranium

Rare Fossil Ape Cranium Discovered in China
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Read News of Dr. Brian Sykes and his Bigfoot DNA Research

Dr. Brian Sykes from Web Site Bigfoot Lunch Club
If you've been wondering what is going on with Sykes research here is a link to take you to several articles. If you will remember Sykes was going to take DNA samples sent to him and if just one came back as unknown he would publish it in a science journal. And of course this publication would add much needed credibility to the 'search for bigfoot.'

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Bigfooting on the Weekend

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