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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Link to Interesting Bigfoot Information

Do you  feel like reading a few opinions/articles that make sense on the subject bigfoot and the 'man from Nevada'? Then, you will enjoy the following. Click link to go. Return to Ballyhoo and comment, please.

Beyond Highbrow--Robert Lindsay

Friday, August 30, 2013

'Talking Bigfoot'

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by BeFunky

Bigfoot Keeps up with Sled

Attention KG of Grants Pass, Oregon. This link will take you to a sighting report where bigfoot runs very fast. It keeps up with a couple of women (?) in a snow sled of some sort. I'm sure the rest of you readers will enjoy the sighting as well. Have a grand day and comment, please. 


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "More on Evelyn N. Wentsworth and her Bigfoot Resea...": 

I recognize the name. I remember her publishing something in Journal of Infectious Disease about primates in the 80's.
Looks like the brain child behind all of the 20th century bigfoot discoveries was a woman after all. Good for us!!! :-)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More on Evelyn N. Wentsworth and her Bigfoot Research

The following is more information about a biologist who worked at times with Dr. Miller. Miller has been mentioned in earlier posts on this site. He examined the dead Columbus Day animal's body, three bigfoot-like animals found in a Texas cave in the past and bigfoot's from the Mt. St. Helen's eruption. Actually Aly's grandmother, Evelyn N. Wentsworth, called Dr. Miller in to look at the three bigfoot animals from the Texas cave. Scroll down to find the first information received on Wentsworth. Enjoy and comment.

Dear Mrs Perry,
Mother brought to me some old notes from mormor. I have typed as best I can for your YouTube magazine. I hope it makes sense to you. It makes no sense to me.
I have more notes. I will work on them if this is helpful to you and your science.
Journaling notes: 1960
Notes regarding the New World Ape: evolution from Monkey to Apes to the bipedal higher order.
What connection in North America to such an anomaly? Notharctus venticolus?
Must contact Harrup. Examination at Yale – Natural history
Ms. Leakey discovery seemingly indicates a creature that may be bipedal. In contacting Mary, I found her very open to such similar evolutionary history in the Americas. Hopefully she will visit with us, though she very much dislikes Dr. Miller. She has requested to examine the skeletal anatomy. This meeting has been too difficult to sally forth and may never happen, unfortunately.
Questions and Concerns:
Dental Formula (Diphyodont.)
Adaptation to Open Habitats in the American landscape. Seemingly American transition approximately 3 million years ago from monkey to APE and onto a higher order of bipedal ape similar to Zinjanthropus boisei. Climate changes in the Americas 3 million years ago forced the arboreal nature of new world monkeys to a terrestrial habitat. Did this event result in a new ape evolutionary pattern in the Americas? The species utilize tools (stones) for food gathering and processing, meat eaters as well as plant and fruits. Migratory in nature.
To support Dr. Miller theorums, we examine Rusconi’s work. Homunculus was discovered in the new world with traits that demonstrate parallel evolution (potentially) due to a change in olfactory usage and increase binocular reliance. Dr. Miller uses this example as a similar evoluationary pattern in the new world to those primates in the old world. However, my question is to whether the changes in Homunculus is due to transitions from nocturnal living.
For my own journaling, I will not refer to this new species as Cebidatelidae due to insufficient data provided. I do, however, agree this new world ape species is remarkably divergent and maintains features from all primate suborders. For my own purposes, I reference the species as Primus. Dr. Miller maintains his approach, of which I cannot ascribe. I will adopt my own. Primus arktos has now been discovered. First encounter as I have written about previously occurred two years ago when fossil remains were obtained in Nunavut of an early Primus specimen. Our dating of the specimen indicates 70,000 years ago indicating continued support of the great American ape theory. If this fossil evidence is confirmed as existing earlier than the land bridge, we know Primus did not migrate from Asia. The legends of Yeti in nepal are most likely sightings of P. arktos, which would have migrated out of North America and into Asia. P. arktos is very large, and is in fact the largest know of the Primus species. It is larger than P. nerteros pacificus, P. somphos, P. amazonia, and P. texicanus. It is most similar to P. americanus. The species outer coat is very white- similar to arctic foxes and polar bears. P. arktos seemingly feeds on large arctic mammals including arctic cetaceans, pinnipeds, but mostly Caribou. Like all Primus species, the arktos particularly hunt deer, such as caribou.
Primus arktos, and americanus subtype maintain (unusually so) some prosimian traits (rhinarium in americanus). 
Biochemically closer to Prosimians
-arktos and americanus more reliant on smell than vision
- nerteros pacificus maintains forearm scent glads
-somphos, texicanus, and amazonia have significant arm pit scent glads (extremely pungent smell)
All Primus species are similarly American monkey in the following two ways a) twin births; b) paternal involvement in infant rearing


Thank you so much, Aly, for this information. ... LNP

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Got Something to Say About Bigfoot? SPILL IT!

Youtube Video Is This a Bigfoot?

Click link to take you to a Youtube video of what looks like a bigfoot. The title of the video is Bigfoot Creature Caught on Camera in Virginia? and is by Bigfoot Evidence, 1:38 minutes long. Enjoy


Observation and Fun

Or bigfoot could say "Out of the way, Lady! I can't stop!" (I know bigfoots don't speak our language. Thought I'd just say, in case you wanted to call me on this.)

You can see where the animal may have routinely grabbed the tree branch to slow his decent.   

Sunday, August 25, 2013


I love these trees. They seem to be dancing. ... Linda Newton-Perry (Click photo to enlarge.)

How do you further the cause for bigoots?

A Youtube Video You May Enjoy

Photo from video

Click link to take you to a 6:34 minute video by Sasquatch Canada. The title is Man's Terrifying Encounter with 2 Angry Sasquatches. 


A hike on the Oregon Coast. We might have found a tree that had limbs broken and twisted by a bigfoot. Enjoy and keep 'talking bigfoot.' 

A HUGE Bigfoot Pastry

Of course a pastry in the form of a bigfoot is not NEWS! Bigfoot Ballyhoo is not an online bigfoot NEWS magazine! WE TALK BIGFOOT HERE! We've got to have a little fun and this pastry was funnnnnn!

We stopped by The Sugar Shack in Reedsport, Oregon and bought breakfast, a bigfoot pastry. It is full of whipped cream. Yummmm! Tomorrow I will tell you about our hike where we ran upon broken and twisted tree limbs. They were much to high for a human to have broken them.

Friday, August 23, 2013

We Were Near KG's Sighting Area in Post Below With Map

Tree near track

Giving you an idea where the track was found
At the bottom of this picture a stream flowed

A few weeks ago we were on the same road and in the same area that KG had her May, 2013, sighting of bigfoot. The above area was on a short dead end dirt road very near the area KG mentioned. If we had only known we could have looked for a tuft of hair from the animal. 

If you've had a sighting please talk about it. Tell anyone, just talk about it. We want to make 'talking bigfoot' commonplace. You will find many sites on the Internet to talk about your sighting. You can also tell us. You do not have to give your name. People come here from all over the world  so that they can read about bigfoot. So please comment. Have a grand day. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, August 22, 2013

More on Dr. Miller

Hello there my friend Ms. Newton Perry.

My name is Alcaster. I live in Sweden and was raised here by wonderful parents. Father is Swedish and met my mother in the United States - big state of Texas.

I am a woman of great interest in the arts- but always was intrigued by my mormor’s (grandmother’s and name, Evelyn N. Wentsworth) stories of the "bigfoots." I don't believe in these creatures- but I am surprised to hear from my friend, who is a bigfoots enthusiast about your website and the letters you post about Dr. Miller. 

Mormor always told me stories about her studies as a United States’ biologist for the department of forests or something along that line (I am not familiar with American governments). We would visit mormor each Christmas while I was growing up. She would occasionally tell stories to us about three giant monkey-like creatures she found in Texas when she was a young scientist of 25 or so years old. I recall her talking about finding these monsters in some caves in the Texas forests. A fire had burned some of these giant monkeys.

I always thought her stories were so crazy, but how strange to read another story on your website about Dr. Miller. When I was older and could understand her stories better, I did question mormor about these details. She would answer by telling me she contacted an expert who flew to Texas to help her examine these dead monkeys and his name was Dr. Miller. She would tell us how angry he was at her and the others because one of the monkeys was not dead.

She always told me that the real reason he was angry was because she was a female scientist and he thought women could not be highly intelligent scientists. But over time Dr. Miller warmed to my mormor and included her on his future studies.

Mormor always would tell me that I could accomplish whatever I set my mind to as a woman. She would then boast that the first person to ever discover bigfoots was a woman even though Dr. Miller would take such credit. She did refer to these monkeys as something other than bigfoot. The first ones discovered by her in Texas she called something like texacanus. 

She would tell me stories of the different species like the somphos in the swamps of the United States southeast and the times she spent in Belize and South America studying the Amazonian-type bigfoot. She even told stories about the arctic types with pure white furs. She seemed to know Dr. Miller well.

Do you think the Dr. Miller she would reference in her stories could be the same as the Dr. Miller you have mentioned in your youtube?

Use search tool (right column, second down) to find more information on this site about Dr. Miller. Type in Dr. Miller. Thank you... LNP

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Bigfoot Sighting Oregon 2013

Click map for larger view
Illustration From KG
Number 82 in Archive Section

HI LInda,
 I am glad to have reached you. I have tried for two days now. I have a sighting to report. I found you on YouTube while looking into a few things after the occurrence (I Googled Bigfoot sightings in Oregon first). And to my surprise there were many. I watched several videos, and then I found yours.

I think the first one was in another State then the next I watched caught my attention: Bigfoot Sighting on the Rogue River. I was just as much shocked as I was relieved after seeing these readings, I have watched many since. I am very thankful for you and your site. I have many questions for you. But First let me explain what I saw if I can.

It was Sat. May 4 2013. I was on a date. My Brother in-law has a band that was playing at Romar’s in Merlin, and so since my date was new to this area I drove us out to Merlin. After a few sets with the band we were ready to get going. I suggested we take a drive down to where I wanted to take him hiking, Renie Falls.

It was dark out but we drove down to the Graves Creek Boat Landing. I can’t remember the time exactly. It was well past 11 when we left the bar and with the drive time I’m guessing about 12:30 or 1 am. I defiantly did not look at the time of the occurrence in fact I spent a couple of weeks trying to forget about it.

What I saw driving us back that night was so incredible I can’t put into words the intensity of the shock. I immediately told myself after it happened, that it didn't. It was too intense. It took weeks for it to sink in that what I saw that night was a Bigfoot.

Unfortunately my date had nodded off while we were driving back and saw nothing; I said nothing to him about it because I was unsure of how he would react. As I barley new him and I was having trouble believing it myself.

These are the words I use to describe what occurred. I was driving from Graves Creek Boat Landing. It was 12:30 or 1 am Sat. 5-4-13. Just past where the road changes back to two lanes but before The Lodge. It was so fast. Unbelievably fast, ninja fast and I can’t stress that enough. A flash more than anything is what I saw from the left side of the road to the right. It took only two leaps for it to clear the road completely; by the third leap it went straight up the cliff on my right side.

 Another thing that makes me certain is that it was shedding.  It looked like the huge tufts you would see on a wolf in the wild. The tufts of hair were lighter in color and that is what stood out in my headlights. Its body hair was much darker.  In comparison to my surrounding, it was at least 9 or even 10 feet tall.

It had a hair covered body with wide shoulders and very muscular. It ran upright at a full sprint across the road in front of me. It was as big as a full size elk standing up. But it was not an elk nor a cougar nor anything I have ever seen in my life.

I am a second generation native Oregonian. I was born in Josephine County and raised in Merlin till we moved when I was 15 years old to Grants Pass. But I have lived here in this area all my life. I have camped and rafted the river with my family weekend after weekend, summer after summer just in that same location where I saw it.

I hike down to Renie Falls twice a year and have routinely for the last 3 years. I sometimes go alone but have my two dogs along. Now I think I may be too scared to go at all. I want to thank you again for your time. You have an incredible blog site that I feel comfortable enough to share my experience with.

I am 100% relieved to be able to share this with you. I am only confused about one thing and that was how fast it was. I couldn't find it mentioned much in other sightings. I am certain now after much time to think that I was just very lucky to be in that place at that time, and I got to see a bigfoot!


Sharing Something Important I've Learned

Did You Know ...

Photo by PhotoXpress

Well, there is so much to learn, but here is something I've learned and I’ll share it with you. The earth was designed to give us pleasure forever. And that means that we would never learn all its secrets, always there would be something new to discover.

How do I know this? If our first parents hadn't lost God’s favor, they would still be here, alive, learning, living life to its full. Remember God told them if they ate of the certain tree they would die. They died and they passed death to us. If Satan had kept to his place and not influenced the first human pair, he’d still have God’s favor.

Since we were to live on this earth forever, it stands to reason that the earth, the universe, would always be a source for learning new things.  

Bigfoot is just one of those things that we have yet to ‘discover.’

(Don’t worry, God has a plan for fixing the earth, fixing man and one day we will live forever upon it, learning forever.)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Video to Enjoy a Link

You will enjoy this 46:03 minute video by Bryce Holland, The Town That Bigfoot Built, Honobia, Oklahoma. Click link to go to video. Enjoy.


a Youtube Video You May Enjoy

Click link to take you to a Youtube video about an older sighting of a 'wildman.' The video is titled Arkansas Bigfoot Attack by D.L. Soucy and is 24:44 minutes long. Enjoy.


Monday, August 19, 2013

I Hate to Think Bigfoot News is all About the Man From Nevada

Are we all holding our collective breath, waiting for 'you know who' to come through on his claimed bigfoot body. Do none of you have anything to say? With all the dishonesty in this world, I'd think someone took a photo of the animal, stretched out dead on the table. I wouldn't be surprised. Would you be?

Do you know of a photo? Did the world finally become an honest one where dead bigfoots are concerned? I think not. So where are the photos? 

How Will We Ever Prove Bigfoot Exists?

What is it going to take to PROVE bigfoot exists?

These haven’t worked:

People seeing and photographing the animal

Foot prints photographed and cast

Hair and skin samples DNA tested

What will work considering not one of the above works?

A BODY! No way around it.

(We do not encourage anyone to kill a bigfoot. But we are wondering why the 'government' doesn't hire a professional to put an end to this mystery by hiring one. What do you think?)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Click to Go to Article

Click link to take you to the article Bigfoot Devours Olinguito by Joe Archenbach. The article is about the newly discovered animal and how big TV is on anything  Crypto.


Thank you reader, Anon, for suggesting this link. We appreciate it. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Friday, August 16, 2013

Read Bigfoot Stories to Your Child in Your Own Language

Photo of children by PhotXpress

Right Column 8th Down, Enjoy

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Thank You

Drawing by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by BeFunky

Thank you BP for sharing your bigfoot tracking experiences with us. And thank you Mr. Facts Only. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Guest Editor-Blogger

BP retired government tracker has left a new comment on your post "Don't Read English?":

Something that happened in 1974 on November 3rd.

I was called by the district ranger of the Powers USFS. He told me that two calves on a ranch had been killed in a ranchers field 3 miles south of Powers on the USFS 33 mainline. He said police had found prints of some size and they needed me to track the animal. 

On the 3rd I arrived at the location and found the remains of a fresh killed calf with the left back quarter gone.The leg and quarter had been ripped off the calf by force. Apparently whatever killed the calf was returning at different times for meat.

It wasn't hard to find the tracks of something human shaped but much larger than normal. The line of track went up through a deep ravine where the animal had eaten the back quarter of the calf. I found bones and hide from the calf all around the site.

I reported back to the ranger that I didn't believe this was humans nor any common predator responsible. He told me the police had come to the same conclusion ruling out crime. The next morning still another full grown steer was found, neck broken and missing parts.

It was perfectly clear that some large bare footed person had again been the culprit. I never did find the person or animal that attacked the cattle.Then a week passed and the rancher called me and told me the strangest story. He said a month before three people claimed to have seen a large bigfoot near the field while driving back to Gold Beach from Powers.

I laughed at the rancher because I didn't believe any bigfoot tales. Then something I had seen while up on the mountain came back to mind. I had found twisted limbs all around the ravine and creek bed. I couldn't think of any known animal that does this. I went back and went up the ravine and found tracks human shaped 18 inches by 7 wide at the heel. I wasn't so quick to dismiss the bigfoot story now.

I never found the bigfoot . While its possible someone was using fake tracks to hide a crime I dismiss that. All of the tracks I found never went close to the road. They all went back into the deep forest. If people were killing the cattle they would remove the whole steer to hide the crime I would believe.


Part 2. As I explained in the first account of the of the dead cattle and tracks, I never found the person or animal responsible. Later on that month the killings started again on the 17th. I knew It was going to be a difficult job to identify the person or animal that was killing the young calves.

I asked for and received help from another tracker from a different county because I felt this was not just another animal and he was known as one of the best trackers in Oregon.

He was certain right away after inspecting the tracks and area where I found all the twisted and uprooted limbs that this was no doubt something very strange and of great strength killing these cattle. I was really shocked at his belief.

He told me of a case he worked on near Silverton, Oregon in 1959 where he tracked a giant hairy beast into the back country for miles only to lose the trail of the creature due to stormy weather. He never again saw the giant. The tracks were much like the tracks I had found near Powers.

No matter what was doing the killing I had to track it down and stop this expensive destruction of the rancher's cattle. We headed into the ravine with five hounds and soon found they were useless to us because they scattered in all directions once they smelled the area where the bones had been left.

Later that night we found three of them huddled next to our trucks.With no success, we decided one of us (meaning me) would stay in the field over night to watch for the perpetrator. I saw nothing all night but heard some brush snapping in the far off distance.

The next morning the 2 missing hounds had not returned to the truck as trained. We again set out into the ravine without the hounds. After a very long and difficult climb we came on the hound named Pence. He had been torn to pieces. We could find no tracks of anything near the body. Thinking he might have been tossed down over a sheer bluff we made our way to the top of the bluff with much work and time. Sure enough the hound had been killed on the top of the ridge. The amount of blood and fur showed the hound had no chance with the attacker.

Again the tracks were very visible. Very large human shaped prints with five toes on each foot. (Stop: I know I'm taking too much of your time and space up but I need to tell it all as it happened. I will write more tomorrow. Please bare with me.)

Part 3. After finding the tracks on the bluff where the hound was killed we walked a couple more miles looking for sign of Barton the last missing hound. We followed a game trail up and around Coal Creek. Sometimes the tracks were visible and then on hard and rocky ground they disappeared.

At one point we found where something had used a tree to scratch itself leaving black hair on the bark. It certainly was not bear. Black bears don't stand seven feet tall and that was the height of the hairs on the tree.

It was getting close to dusk so we headed down the mountain returning to the truck after dark. We talked about asking the rancher if it was possible to move the herd until we could find this beast, animal or whatever.He agreed after some talking to him. 

Then the rancher told us a old story of some loggers killed in the 40s by upright hairy giants near a lake on Rock Creek up the road some 15 miles. I didn't think it had any bearing on this case but my colleague disagreed saying it was possible "some of those things might have survived or had young ones." 

My partner stayed in the field that night with again no sign of the cattle killer. The next morning I met with the manager of Powers ranger dist. He said no records were available on the missing men at the lake. I got the feeling he wasn't telling it straight.

The remaining cattle were moved to a field north of Powers that afternoon. We got permission to bait the field with meat laced with poison. Each day after--the bait had not been touched. It was impossible for us to track down the killer because it could move much quicker in the steep terrain than we could.

We never found the last hound. I felt I let the rancher down because I was helpless to find the perpetrator. After one week the bait was removed and in one month the cattle were placed back in the field. No more cattle were killed there.

I prided myself on being able to track down any animal that was destructive but I failed badly on this one. I never again saw tracks, prints like the ones near Powers. We never sighted the animal but everything pointed to a bigfoot type creature. I quit tracking in 1993. BP


One of the Good Guys in the Bigfoot World

Click link to take you to a twenty minute video on Michael Rugg. The video is by the musesanta cruz. Enjoy

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Don't Read English?

Photo by PhotoXpress

If you don't read English, check out our Translate Tool, column, top right.

Guest Editor

From Anon:
I thought this was interesting:
The Blue Deacons | Mystic Researchers from the Deep
Click Link to Go


Thank you for this interesting link. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Comment or this site will dry up into NOTHING!

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by BeFunky

We talk bigfoot here on this site. Tell us what you have read or heard about the animal. 
Have an experience? Tell us about it. People from all over the world come to this site
to read about bigfoot. So TALK, TALK, TALK and COMMENT, Please.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Youtube Video You May Enjoy on Giants and Their Skeletons

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with BeFunky

Click link to take you to the Youtube video "Giant Skeletons  Discovered ... 2013" by goforitrandy. In Mexico, the video reports, 200 skeletons over 8 feet tall were found in a cave. Wow! Enjoy and comment. KEEP TALKING BIGFOOT!

Looking for Bigfoot from the Sky

Photo by Christopher Perry

Bigfoot has been seen in this area, between Florence and Eugene Oregon.  Every once in a while we take to the sky to search for bigfoot. Comment. We enjoy hearing what you have to say. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Places to Hide

Photo by PhotoXpress
There are places no man has walked on this earth. But,perhaps bigfoot has! What do you think?

What do you think they think?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Thank You

Thank You to Guest Editor Bigfoot from BC

Bigfoot from BC has left a new comment on your post "Let's Talk Bigfoot":

If the readers of this blog have any say about getting behind Kulls! and supporting him I vote NO. That man tried everything he could to ruin this site. He called Perry a liar and worse. He damaged the name Bill Emery and ESP. He wrote the Saxtons were fictional . He was asked by many that read this blog to stop his attack on it and he refused. When he's in the news it great for him.................. It's my feeling this man is a self absorbed wannabe cop.

Let's Talk Bigfoot

Friday, August 9, 2013

Go to Youtube and type in bigfoot. Look for Dyer's latest video.

What's Rick Dyer up To?

Photo by PhotoXpress (Not Linda Newton-Perry : ) )

If you view Youtube videos or watch the Rick Dyer blog, you know that today, Friday the 9th of August, Dyer has invited several people to view a claimed live bigfoot. When we will see videos of this happening is anyone’s guess. Rick Dyer has developed a keen talent for keeping those interested in his saga hanging to hear news. So here we wait. Will several people get to see a real live bigfoot? What do you think?

I must admit I’m solidly on the fence on this one. I do hope it is true. But you just never know with Mr. Rick Dyer who claims to be  “the best bigfoot tracker in the world.”

Dr. Meldrum Speaks: Enjoy this Youtube Video

Yes, Yes, Yes, government agencies know about bigfoot. Enjoy this talk by Dr. Meldrum. The title is Dr. Meldrum Q & A Part 4 8/2/13 The length is 19:40 and by MNBRT.


Thursday, August 8, 2013


Guest Editor-Blogger

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by BeFunky

Grant Lewis has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

After the comment from Debbie, I wondered if the state of Texas and Nevada really would let Dyer skip on killing a bigfoot. Well it seems the answer is NO.

Texas public affairs inside the Texas department of Game say Dyer never killed any animal in that state. I asked the man talking on the phone with me from TDG if he could guarantee that Dyer didn't kill one. He said "Dyer's claim is just a hoax. No such animal was killed." Nevada says no animal or primate is being held by Dyer or anyone with any known links to him.

One last call to the department of Agriculture and she said and I quote, "Dyer is hoaxing the story. If one had been killed the federal government would have arrested Dyer."

Department of A said they can't believe anyone would buy anything the man says or listen to a proven pathological liar. FREEZER HOAX 


Thank you, Grant Lewis. It is difficult for me to believe any of this Dyer story, but on the off chance that it is true, I must keep up with it. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Guest Editor-Blogger

Xavier VanFossen has left a new comment on your post "OKAY ANOTHER HARD TO BELIEVE VIDEO":

Dyer constantly changes his story as his web traffic begins to fall off. Did you know that the original video of him describing the baby bf was for "Platinum Members" of his club only? It was "accidentally" set to public and has never been made private. 

Hmmmm peculiar...without this little "accident" we wouldn't be having this conversation. I want you to put yourself in the shoes of a couple of people....1. Morgan Mathews. Here's a film maker making a documentary of bigfoot and just so happens to film one being shot. At the films debut he only puts 3 seconds of quick, grainy footage in the film? He would have become a mega millionaire over night!

2. Rick Dyer. He shot a bigfoot and as yet to release it to the world? Again, mega millionaire. People say his investors have control of the body which leads me to number three...The Investors. First of all, if you were an investor...you would be plugging the release of the body constantly to build up hype. This is the discovery of a lifetime! None of it makes sense. EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF THIS BODY HIDES BEHIND SOME UNNAMED SOURCE.

 Unnamed investors, unnamed storage location, un named reporters, unnamed car wrap guy, unnamed witnesses, etc etc.....incredible claims require incredible proof. He hasn't shown one single shred of evidence. He didn't even put his name on the original tent video until it started to get substantial traffic AND after he did tell everyone it was his, HE NEVER mentioned that he shot a bigfoot until the interest in the tent video started to fall off. See a pattern here?


Great observations. Thank you for the comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Let's Talk Bigfoot

Photo from PhotXpress and dallied with by BeFunky

Someone must comment for 'talk' to be going on. So please give it a go. Say something by commenting. Click No Comments at end of this post. You can be the first to comment. 

Forest Fires in Oregon

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by BeFunky

Some say Oregon's fires will not be completely extinguished until October, 2013. Watch for bigfoots fleeing the fires. And if you see bigfoot tracks tell us about them. Remember this site is all about 'talking bigfoot.'