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Friday, May 31, 2013

A great video by Henry May you will enjoy. The name of the video is News on the Bigfoot World and is 14:54 mins. long. Click to go.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

The woman's first name is Kari. Sorry Kari. Leave your number at lnewtonperry@hotmail.com if you would like to talk to Kari.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I received this photo in an email. The photographer's name was not included. Can't you imagine that this is our "Old Man of the Woods, Bigfoot?"

Gary Adams found some great chainsaw art in Arkansas and shared it.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A New Sighting from the Past

My First Encounter with the Sasquatch People

 It was Memorial weekend 1969 and we were camping on the Clackamas River at the east end of North Fork Res. I was only 9 at the time when this encounter took place.
By this short time in my life, I had seen almost every critter that roams the beautiful Pacific North West. That is but one─the Sasquatch! I had never heard of such a thing.

On that early Saturday morning, I would see something that would stick with me for the rest of my life─like it just happened yesterday. So here's how the story goes.

We were camping like we always did, when we found time to get to    the hills. And as usual I was off checking to see if there was anyone to play with in camp.  There was and so it was time to go exploring, which is always more fun when you have someone with you. I always liked that campground.

 Off we went, hiking the trails and checking out the creek, and down to the river where this old dock was. Now, this was a great place to fish bobbers and worms. And I had a plan: we'd get up early and go down there and catch us some nice big trout for breakfast.

Dawn the next morning we headed down to the river to catch us some breakfast. On the trail it was still dark in the forest.  We made it to the dock and started fishing when all of a sudden there was this large splash in the water about 35-40 yards down stream from us. 

As I watched this head pops up and starts moving across the river. At first I thought it was a bear because I didn't see any arm or legs. 

“But wait,” I thought to myself, “it has no snout! If that's a man, he must be crazy since the water's freezing.” He made it to the other side and climbed up the bank. That's when I realized “it” was not a
 man or a bear.

It stood up. I thought, “OMG that's the biggest and hairiest
manlike thing I've ever seen. This is when the boy that was with me freaked.  He screamed, dropped his pole and ran for camp.

This of course got the attention of the creature that I was now staring at. I wondered what it was. And it was now staring at me. After what seemed like an hour, but was only a minute, it turned away and walked into the forest.

I can still remember just standing there for probably the next five minutes trying to process in my little brain what had just happened. I then gathered up our gear and walked back to camp.

And of course, no one believes young boys who tell crazy stories about giant apelike men that swims in the river.  Like all good parents they tried to tell me that it must have been a large black bear. The only thing is─they knew that I had seen plenty of black bears by this time. So I just went along and didn't speak of it again. That is until the PG film.

The Sasquatch I saw that day was a male; I would have
to say it was around 8.5-9 ft tall and 450-500 lbs. It was a young
 adult but built like a bodybuilder. His hair was black and his face very light-gray with a thin beard.

His eyes were very dark looking from the distance I was at. All's I can say about his nose was it kind of looked like a boxer’s (fighter not dog), but the thing that I remembered most was the feeling I had: and that was that I had nothing to fear from him. And that is something I will never forget.

Sat. May 25, 2013 marks the 44th anniversary of this encounter/event in my life. I hope you enjoyed reading this and thank you for your support.

 Ken Bowlsby

Thank you Ken Bowlsby for your childhood bigfoot encounter. ... Linda Newton-Perry      

Monday, May 27, 2013

I'm Back

Hi, please add as comment any new information you have of bigfoot.  It's important to keep talking bigfoot if we are to make it commonplace. ... Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Can Humans Eat Bigfoot?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Youtube video you may enjoy.

Click link to take you to a Sasquatch Ontario video. Many huge prints in the snow. And he claims things are being left by sasquatch for person filming video. Very Interesting! The name of the Youtube video is Apes Don't Weave .


Enjoyed our time away.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

News About the Limping Bigfoot in Oregon

Guest Editor-Blogger: Leona

No reports from Scottsburg anymore and none from Mill Creek. Nancy XXXXX of Elkton did say she heard of a new sighting of the old limping bigfoot east 12 miles west from Elkton on 1/19/2013 down near the river. The berries and other fruit are coming on and I think he moves up and down that area in search for food.

Could you describe the sighting distance a little better. Nancy is from Elkton and says there was a sighting east 12 miles. And then you have west from Elkton. I don't understand. Thanks, Linda Newton-Perry.

Leona has left a new comment on your post "News About the Limping Bigfoot in Oregon":

Do you know where the bad corner is west of Elkton with all the yellow slow signs? There is a pull off park near the river. There.


Leona, you should go looking for prints after it rains this week and tell us if you find some. Thanks, Linda

Searching for Bigfoot Tracks

It is easier to find tracks if the ground is wet. Have you seen the limping bigfoot?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Have you seen a bigfoot?

Not many people have seen a bigfoot. If you've seen one, please tell us about it.  Comment your experience! PLEASE.

Elkton Tunnel, Oregon, Bigfoot Print (we think)

This print was found in dried mud. There was no indication that it was a man's boot print. We know that a bigfoot has been seen in this area. This was the first time that we've been to this site. The creek was full of huge boulders and long wavy, green creek grass.  If bigfoot visits this location, I'm sure his life is sweeter for it. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Top: Perry in area of bigfoot sighting, looking for tracks.

Bottom: Oregon Coast Sunset, May 16, 2013

Both photos by Christopher Perry

Do you have news on turkey hunter story?

Drawing by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by BeFunky program

Have you more information on turkey hunter killing a fellow hunter thinking he was a bigfoot?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Has Another Bigfoot Been Killed?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Has a bigfoot body been found? Not Dyer's!

Youtube video by traitorsbeware and is 2:17 mins. long. Comment please.

A bigfoot body has been recovered. Go to link for more information.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oregon Coast Hike

We didn't see bigfoot tracks or bigfoot but I think I might have stepped on a snake! It was a little one and he slithered off. Must not have hurt him too badly. Oregon Coast weather was beautiful, just a little coolness to the air. Please comment. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Sharing Beauty

Photo: Photoxpress

Enjoy. A bigfoot may live here.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Announcement: This week is the last newspaper column for Douglas County News

There is no problem. I just don't have time for the column these days. I'll be writing here on Ballyhoo and I do hope you will continue to comment. The comments are what keep me going--with the writing anyway. 

P.S. I quit the newspaper column so that I would have more time for  private and bigfoot pursuits.

Newspaper Column

Do you know someone that thinks he has seen a bigfoot? You may be surprised at how many people have and just do not want to talk about it. Once a person is laughed at, he may choose not to talk about it again. I’m not an expert on human behavior. But, this I know:  Most of us do not like being laughed at.

We can expect that once this species is “discovered” the laughter will stop. And finally, each and every person interested in bigfoot will be able to, with much pride, hold his head high and share information. We bigfoot enthusiasts look forward to that day.

Where in Oregon might you see a bigfoot? The Oregon Caves may be a good place to begin. Someone said the people running the establishment are telling visitors that the animal has been seen on four different occasions.

He’s not been seen in the caves but on the mountainside from the trails. When I was there in 2012, I asked at the desk about any recent sightings. No one knew a thing. When I mentioned Dr. Matthew’s sighting in 2000, I was offered written information which I took. But not a soul offered information on recent sightings. 

The “deny” policy must have changed. I’m glad for it. Please remember the Oregon Cave trails may be closed until late June or early July. It is best to call and ask if they will be open for the time you plan to visit.

A little more on the Oregon Cave bigfoot: someone there is telling people not to panic and not to approach the animal if they should see it. (That is if one can believe this information. Untruths abound where bigfoot is concerned.)  You might not have to worry about the Cave’s bigfoot, but there are rumors and often reports of these animals hurting and at the very least scaring people. It is good to remember they've been known to throw things such as rocks and tree branches.

And what is more, there are reports of ones having been hit by the rocks or branches. Some of these reports have been filed with the Forest Service and other agencies.  It, however, may be difficult to get a written copy if you were to sally forth and demand one from a local government office.

The Perrys have been bigfoot enthusiasts for almost six years. On their online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com, an archive of sightings is available. Please enjoy the site and do talk about your sighting. Be proud that you have seen one of these majestic animals. Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry

Friday, May 10, 2013

Bigfoots in Douglas County, Oregon

Drawing by Linda Newton-Perry dallied with by BeFunky

We would like to know of places where bigfoot has been seen in Douglas County, Oregon. If you have private property where this animal has been seen and wouldn't mind research conducted, please let us know. Email lnewtonperry@hotmail.com. And do share a sighting you've had. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Need Your Help

We would like to find a place to return often  in order to catch a glimpse of bigfoot and photograph it. Do you know such a place? Email Perrys at lnewtonperry@hotmail.com.

Guest Editor-Blogger

Guest Editor-Blogger:XXXXX

If we need to wait for a body from a Sasquatch, we will wait a very long time. There is no good records of anyone every killing the beast.

If you read the entire Ape Canyon account, you will read where the day before the cabin attack Fred Beck claimed to have killed a giant apelike creature. His account of the incident tells of the Sasquatch falling over a steep ravine after Beck shot it in the upper back.This might explain why the miners were attacked during the night with rocks.

Also, the 1850 Bauman account on the Upper Salmon/Wisdom River area again the beast was shot at by Bauman in the night. The death of his partner was probably provoked by rifle fire. Again the story is nearly the same with the Chetco and Sixes River incidents.

In both cases rifles were used against the beast. However, there are some accounts of the beast being quite aggressive without any firearm use. As a biologist I have to look at the beast with the assumption that not all of them act the same.

I have been doing a study on the Sasquatch habits of one individual male in Southwestern Oregon for two years. It's my opinion that this male might pose a threat to hikers or campers in his domain without warning. My opinion is based on known movements and demeanor of this male and eyewitness accounts.

Dr. Matthew Johnson's sighting in 2000 wasn't the Sasquatch I have been studying but I believe the one he sighted is part of a family group that inhabit the area in the Siskiyous National Forest. My opinion is the Sasquatch is really a small remaining population of Gigantopithecus that have survived extinction.

Thank you for your comment. Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, May 6, 2013

Guest Editor-Blogger

Guest Editor-Blogger: Jerry Nathens
I was watching a old interview with Grover Krantz yesterday. It got  me thinking about the chances of anyone actually killing a Bigfoot. Well its not good. Krantz said in the interview that back in the 1800s as a general rule nearly everybody packed rifles with them in the wild.

Now fast forward to 2000. Still no body. In the very hard to travel ares on North America the Bigfoot can smell us long before we can see them. The number one threat to their survival is humans. They must know we a humans are a danger to them.

Now my point is this: the Sasquatches have to be very rare and in small numbers because of the amount of developed land in the world. So finding one dead from natural causes is far too remote to even consider.

The latest numbers I have read is probably a population around 1000 to 2000 in the US. 

Krantz said it and I believe it's true that only one out of one hundred sightings is actually a Bigfoot.

I'm not saying people are hoaxing every sightings but I believe they want the animal they see to be a Sasquatch so their mind says I'm seeing a Sasquatch not another known forest animal.

As for the sounds people hear in the wood most of them are forest dwelling animals. On YouTube I watched several videos where people said the sound was a Sasquatch when it was plainly a Elk,Screech Owl or some other identified wildlife. 


Thank you Jerry Nathens for such an informative comment. I understand your reasoning all right. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Friday, May 3, 2013

Newspaper Reading

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bigfoot Sighting from the Past

Guest Editor-Blogger: Craig Philips
I remember that I was about ten years old; I was always kind of a loner.  I spent a great deal of time in the woods near my home in Linton, Oregon. I was heading down a trail near a step canyon. It wasn't really a canyon but it was like a valley that the creek ran through. I smelled something really bad; I thought maybe a dead animal of some kind. That is when I heard a grunt, and looked to my right. I saw a large apelike creature with light grayish hair. It ran down the ravine and leaped from one side to the other. It was amazing how far it jumped. After that it ran into the woods where I could not see it or hear it any more. To this day I still remember how big it was. It was a least 7 feet tall and wide.  I mean really wide.
Well of course, I told my mom, and my brothers, but no one ever believed me. As an adult, I'm 50 now, people just laugh and say yeah right. I was so hoping that Mr. Dyer would produce a body. I don’t know why he couldn't have just darted him instead of killing him, butoh well. When you listen to people talk about killing Bigfoot, like that Jason and I know I'll spell this wrong, Smeja , you have to wonder what they are thinking.
And what is with this day and age and no one can seem to get a get a good picture, I mean if it would have been me where those Provo Canyon kids got the video, I would have tried to get a closer shot and not run away. I know it could be dangerous, but I guess I'm a true and passionate cameraman. You know like standing my ground to get the best possible shot as a Rhino is charging. Lol yeah that's me.
Any way, I managed to get on Rick’s talk show for a moment the night of the showing, and I asked why we had to wait until the 15 of August to see the body. I heard someone on his staff say  to mute him. They muted me, so I never got my answer. 
Hey thanks for listening to my story.  Craig

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Now What as Far as The Dyer Revelation?

Rick Dyer Talks About the Documentary

Click to hear Rick Dyer talk about the Documentary Shooting Bigfoot. This video was made after he talked to  Morgan Mathews this morning, May 1, 2013. The video is around 3-4 minutes and is by Rick Dyer.

About SHOOTING BIGFOOT the Documentary

Everyone claims that a bigfoot at the end of the doc was a man in a suit. The "bigfoot" attacks the director. Rick still claims he has a dead bigfoot and it will be released to the public the 15th of August. And rumor has it the body has been sold to a casino for a half million dollars. Dyer says he has the rights to the animal for a full year and will tour it around the states. So there you have it. Are we really any more informed on this subject than before the airing of this doc. I don't think so, in my opinion. What do you think?