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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Preview of Shooting Bigfoot Doc

Click to go to review of the doc. It appears we will learn nothing from this documentary. What do you guys think?



The documentary Shooting Bigfoot will air at 8:29 PM Toronto Time, 5:29 PM Pacific Time. It is 90 minutes long. 

If you are on your way to see the documentary please email information. Take photos and send them to me at lnewtonperry@hotmail.com. Let's tell the whole story here on Ballyhoo.
Thank you. Tell your friends that are going. I'm also going to put photos up on Youtube. Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Next Week's Newspaper Column by Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry

By the time you read this newspaper column, much news should be available about the Nevada man’s claims of shooting and killing a bigfoot. (The first sentence for newspaper readers.)

 The man, Rick Dyer, has made a career of lying. He lies to get attention and to make money. Many of us that follow the “discovery” of bigfoot feel that we will for a long period of time, after the documentary, be guessing the truthfulness of these claims. 

Rumors have been launched that Dyer has talked about buying a high-quality bigfoot costume; and even,  possibly, purchasing the body of the Minnesota Ice Man. Whether Dyer has in some way launched these rumors or not, the rumors will certainly cause us to always be questioning his story. And of course, the longer it takes for proof of it, true or false, the more money he can generate.

Why do I keep up with Rick Dyer and his bigfoot escapades? Well, what if it is true? I believe the animal bigfoot is a real live animal. Notice, I said animal. What “science” decides to label it is on “science’s” head.

It will not surprise me if bigfoot is categorized as some sort of missing link or primitive man. “Science” has been hoodwinked away from the powerful proof of an all-wise Creator of men, beasts, this world, space and the invisible spirit world, which is the Creator’s home.

The Bible, the Creator’s letter to mankind, has been maligned from the early days of man’s creation. How so you ask? A very powerful spirit creature decided he wanted admiration, worship, from the first human pair. He lied to them. He keeps lying to this day, making mankind believe it is simpleminded to believe in a Creator. 

The existence of such a Being is so compelling that the Bible says that it is inexcusable not to recognize the fact. How do we recognize it? That would be the creation itself: nature, the universe, the animals, humans, and how we all coexist so beautifully.

Again, if this Nevada man, this showman, has indeed killed a bigfoot, the world of bigfoot discovery will take a serious turn. Science will jump on board this exciting train of discovery, and soon there will be no more laughter at the mention of bigfoot. And the few people in this world that have seen this animal will be, at last, happy to talk about their sighting. Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry

Friday, April 26, 2013

Is Proof of Bigfoot Near?

Photo dallied with by BeFunky

Tuesday, April 30, 2013, the documentary Shooting Bigfoot will be aired at a film festival in Canada. Rick Dyer claims it will show him shooting and killing a bigfoot.

 If he has killed a bigfoot, how will it alter the discovery of  bigfoot? What will it mean to you? Comment please.

Have you watched the trailer/clip of Shooting Bigfoot?

What do you think?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Please Help

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Shooting Bigfoot" a Documentary Trailer/ Clip

Click link to go to a Youtube video, a trailer/clip of the Shooting Bigfoot documentary to be shown April 30, 2013. The title of the video is Breaking News Shooting Bigfoot Trailer by Rick Dyer.  Watch clip and comment, please.


Have You Had a Bigfoot Sighting in Douglas County Oregon?

If you've seen a bigfoot in Douglas County , Oregon , and wouldn't mind talking about it , please email Linda Newton-Perry at this email www.lnewtonperry@hotmail.com. Thank you. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Eight Days Until SHOOTING BIGFOOT Documentary will be Shown

The trailer/clip of the documentary Shooting Bigfoot is out. Click link to take you to it. 

I'm still on the fence as far as Rick Dyer's claim to have killed a bigfoot in Texas. It could be true. One never knows with this man. He makes it a point to not tell the truth. He says it is to keep people talking about him. If it is true "bigfoot discovery" will take a serious turn. You can go to Youtube and watch his radio programs. I watch some of them. He doesn't bother to clean up his language. He swears constantly.
Comment, please. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Interview with David Holley

Photo from video

Click link to take you to a Youtube video. The title is Around the Campfire with David Holley. It is 14:57 minutes and very enjoyable. He talks about Texas/Oklahoma region and sightings from there.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Great Sighting Report

Photo from video
Great sighting report from the past. Click link to go.
"Got my handgun out ..."


Newspaper Bigfoot Column

Many of my friends do not know that I believe in bigfoot. And I’m sure it would surprise them that I write a newspaper column about the animal. And probably the thing that would most surprise them is that I choose to spend the minutes and the hours of my precious life-allotted time in this way. They may even feel I’m wasting my time on such a subject. Well, it surprises me as well. But I’m caught up in it and I’ll stay the course for now anyway.

Thousands of people have seen bigfoot around the world for centuries. But do you think “science” gives any weight to this fact? Well it does not. None whatsoever! And over the years a few believable photos and film footage have been gathered and documented; so, do these along with the eye-witness sightings convince “science” of anything, concerning the animal?  Not a whit!

A body of the animal will be necessary to prove bigfoot exists. For years now this has been espoused by “science” and believers alike as the only way the animal will be stamped real and studied seriously.

In case you haven’t heard, a Nevada man claims he’s shot and killed a bigfoot. That should convince “science” right? In the end, it may. It may, if the claim is true. This Nevada man is a rogue showman, known hoaxer, liar and we could go on. And what is alarming he’s proud of it.

You know that there are people of good reputation have seen this animal but will not talk about it. There are people of good reputation who have photos of the animal, but will not share them.  If you are one of these, why not stand up and proclaim loudly that you have good evidence that bigfoot exists. Do it before the world has to acknowledge that a man of questionable reputation has “discovered” bigfoot. After April 30th, it may be too late. If it is true that Rick Dyer has killed a bigfoot, a documentary will be shown on this date. Dyer claims it will prove bigfoot exists and show him killing it.

Many believe Dyer does not have a body, that he did not kill a bigfoot. We can not be sure what to believe. I hope he’s killed one. My husband, Christopher Perry, hopes he has not killed one.  Until next week, Linda and Christopher PerryAdd caption

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Feel Like a Hike?

Just  an amazing  hike. You will love it.

Click link to enjoy a nine minute hike. It is just beautiful. It reminds me of the Big Tree Loop Trail at the Oregon Caves. Enjoy. The name of the Youtube video is "2013-04-17 Barnes Creek Trail-plus an interesting climb onto a moss-co...  It is by Joe Hendricks. Photo from video.


Ten Days More

Today is April 20, 2013 and it is just 10 days more until we find out if Rick Dyer has killed a real live, ah, now dead, bigfoot.

Easy Million Catch a Bigfoot Alive

Drawing by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by BeFunky

A million dollars offered to anyone taking a bigfoot alive. Click link for details.
The video is titled Coast to Coast AM Rick Dyer Update. It is by Larry Lnn and 2:15 seconds long. Enjoy!


Friday, April 19, 2013

Looking for Bigfoot Prints

Dyer and Bigfoot Kill

Days left until what? 
Shooting Bigfoot the documentary will be shown at the HotDocs  Canadian International Documentary Festival, Toronto. Rick Dyer claims the doc will show him killing a bigfoot/sasquatch. 
If Rick Dyer killed a bigfoot, the discovery of bigfoot will take a serious turn:  Science should kick into high gear and stamp the animal real; people will no longer laugh when bigfoot/sasquatch is mentioned; and, last but not least, people should be happy to talk about their sightings. 

Soon, I hope, we will learn where to go to have a sighting. What do you think? 

Enjoy Nature's Music

Need a little nature, river flowing in particular?
Click link to take you to 10 minuets of relaxing river sounds. The site is oKanoKumo. Enjoy.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bigfoot Country, Oregon

Photo by Linda Newton-Perry

Sharing Beauty

Go Bigfooting with Don Monroe and MK Davis

Photo from Video of Monroe

Have 15 minutes to go bigfooting? Enjoy this video from last year as these two men explore Bluff Creek, California. This is where the 1967 Gimlin Patterson film of Patty, the bigfoot was filmed. You will enjoy it.
The name of the video is "Don Monrow falls from cliff at Bluff Creek ca. part 1. wmv Click link below to go to Youtube video.

Video by Greenwave 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Douglas County Oregon

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by BeFunky

In just the last couple of weeks two men saw what they thought was a baby bigfoot (four feet tall). It was throwing large rocks at them and making all sorts of loud noises. They will not be going back to the area any time soon.  This was in south Douglas County, Oregon. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Guest Editor: Harley Sanders

Harley Sanders Houston TX said...
I believe you are going to be extremely disappointed when it’s revealed this is just another in a long line of lies from Rick. If in fact he was to kill a Bigfoot in Texas he would be charged with serious crimes for killing a non-game animal (killing of a primate). If it turned out the Bigfoot are some part manlike then it’s going to be some form of intentional homicide. If such a thing had taken place the world would already know about it. Texas law says anyone removing a non- game animal over state lines without the proper papers will be prosecuted for felony theft. In the case of a Bigfoot body it would also be a criminal conspiracy (felony) because he did not alert state law enforcement agencies of the kill in a timely matter.

What am I counting down?

A 90 minute documentary will be shown at a Canadian Film Festival, fifteen days from today, April 30, 2013. It according to Rick Dyer will show him killing a bigfoot. If this is true, and it is difficult to believe since the man is a known hoaxer and liar, the    discovery of bigfoot will change. It will change in more ways than we can possibly guess at this time. Please comment your feelings on this subject. Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Count Down

16 Days and then what?

The Nevada man's film Shooting Bigfoot will  be shown. At this point I believe Rick Dyer has shot and killed a bigfoot. We will find out, Dyer says, at the HotDocs Canadian International Documentary Festival, Toronto, Canada, April 30th.

Dyer has said the body will be toured for viewing across the states. I'm glad. I didn't want to travel to Vegas to see it.

So we count down. I don't think we will be satisfied with the showing of this film. I think it will be a teaser, so that we will have to hang on every word coming from Dyer. Just my guess. We will just have to wait and see.

Readers, I'd appreciate more comments. Thanks, Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sharing Beauty

Newspaper Bigfoot Column

When a bigfoot body is finally presented as proof of this species’ existence, will those that have seen the animal be willing to talk about it more openly than they do now? We certainly hope so.


The public is skeptical of the claim, since this same man in 2008 claimed a similar story. He, Rick Dyer, claimed he had a dead bigfoot that he and his partner, Matt Whitten, found in the woods. They stored the body in a freezer. The story was found to be a hoax, but not until after the two told their story on the well-known news, CNN

Could a similar hoax be taking place again? Yes, it is possible. Dyer continues to lie, according to him “to keep the public’s interest.” But, readers, there is a chance he’s telling the truth this time. I keep up with the news on Dyer just in case it is true. One day I believe him and the next I have my doubts.

What’s his story this time? He says he killed a bigfoot by luring the animal with ribs nailed to a tree close to his tent. He shot the animal dead after chasing it around a bit. Dyer was camping in a homeless campsite in San Antonio, Texas, with the Minnow movie crew. The movie crew did not know that Dyer’s aim was to kill the bigfoot reported to be in the area.

That’s the story. And now we wait until the movie’s release date, April 30, 2013, to find out if the story is true. Dyer says after the movie airs at the HotDocs Film Festival in Toronto, Canada, photos will be released and then the body.

For those of us that enjoy this subject of bigfoot, the time we have to wait seems forever. If there is a dead bigfoot, discovering bigfoot will take a very serious turn. We will finally know that the animal exists. The laughter will stop when those that have seen bigfoot tell their stories.

 Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry

Friday, April 12, 2013

Please email

If you know of someone that has seen a bigfoot in Douglas County Oregon and wouldn't mind talking about it on a local news program, please email at the above address. Remember Rick Dyer may have a dead bigfoot in storage. SOON the mystery may be gone. Thanks, LNP

Puppets Fun Eating Peanut Butter and Singing

by Tina M Neely 4:13 minutes

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Turning the big fellow over.

My version of the Dyer kill. Rolling him over. What do you think?  Remember I want the Dyer kill to be real. I want the "discovery" of bigfoot to be over... Linda Newton-Perry Comment please.

Talking Rick Dyer in this video and more. I will not be posting videos to Youtube until the movie Shooting Bigfoot is aired.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Believe Rick Dyer

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Elkton Tunnel Sighting

Attention Bill Emery: Would you know which entrance to the tunnel this is? This is where the school teacher saw the limping bigfoot. I can't remember, if I ever knew, which end of the tunnel the bigfoot was sighted. Please reply. Thank you.

Shooting Bigfoot Internet Information

This photo from Internet Site

Above dark blue box: A fascinating and touching portrait of men who are obsessed with monsters and their adventures to find them.

In dark blue box: Statement
We are aware there has been a lot of speculation about this documentary. We will not be releasing any further information about the film prior to its screening at Hot Docs in Canada at the end of April. However, we can confirm it includes Rick Dyer, Tom Biscardi, Dallas and Wayne, and it contains some fairly dramatic scenes filmed in the woods.
This information is word for word from this page. This is the documentary that Rick Dyer claims proves he shot and killed a bigfoot. He's also said there will be more recorded material, including photos, released prior to releasing proof of body, and or body itself.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Next Week's Bigfoot Newspaper Column

With the anticipated release of Rick Dyer’s movie, fueled by money, he labors without letup at perfecting a knife-edge-sharp showmanship quality. But for most of us, doubt prevails. From what can easily be determined from the Internet, this film seems to be a spoof.

Dyer himself, however, claims that at the very end movie goers will be shocked by actually seeing a bigfoot shot dead; thereby ending a silly, hooky bigfoot film in a blaze of realization that bigfoots do exist, because the world’s “best tracker,” just in front of their eyes, shot one dead. What are we to believe?

I mention showmanship because the man has many of us bigfoot enthusiasts caught tight by the neck. In order to be kept up on the latest information from Dyer’s own mouth, I’m forced to listen to his radio programs as he spews filthy words constantly. I don’t routinely listen but will if some point is being made and I need it from Dyer himself.

Okay, maybe the showmanship quality is not knife-edge-sharp, but if Dyer were asked as to quality he’d probably shout, “!#%& man, of course it’s knife-edge-sharp.”

The doubt that surrounds this Dyer adventure is as thick as an early-morning mountain fog. The fact is, Dyer hoaxed a dead body in 2008. He’s proud of it. He claims the hoax has gotten him where he is now; if he hadn’t hoaxed, no one would even know his name. That statement is probably true.

I certainly wouldn’t be writing about the man if it were not for covering the possibility that he has a body. I must be kept up to date, just in case it is true. I try to stay neutral.

The money seems to be there. And if there is a body, Dyer has said he’d get a portion, if and when it’s sold. At the end of April the movie is to be released. The body will be released soon after, if there is one. Dyer claims to have backers that pay him well. A TV program is scheduled, he says. He takes people out to search for bigfoot. I wondered why he’d do this if he’s making plenty of money. I then realized, because he made a slip on his radio program, these expeditions will probably be filmed for the TV program. Anyway, intrigue of this sort, the waiting kind, unnerves me. I lose much enthusiasm when loose ends flap in the breeze. Has Rick Dyer shot dead a bigfoot or not?

Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry

Friday, April 5, 2013

Bigfoot Took Little Boy Back to His Parents in the Woods

Drawing by Linda Newton-Perry

This information, the radio program, taken from Bigfoot Encounters Online Newsletter #272. If you'd like to get the newsletter, here is the email bobbieshort@yahoo.com.

David Weverka shares bigfoot story of when he was a kid; a female bigfoot took him by the hand back to his parents. He was lost. Click link to go.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Youtube Video

Episode 217-Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show by MigfootMuseum. Video is 11:40 minutes long. Here is a hint: It's about young bigfoots. Click Link to go.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013

Race of Giants After The Flood

This doesn't have much to do with bigfoot, as far as I'm concerned. Some think bigfoots are offspring of the angels and women before Noah's Flood.  The angels and their offspring died in the flood. The giants in the Bible were just another race or races of men and not bigfoot. Man does not have thick hair all over the body and  he speaks very clearly to be understood. He doesn't just make grunting sounds. These are my opinions.

What do you think? Comment please.

Youtube Video Looking for Bigfoot

Click link to take you to a Youtube video of places bigfoot have been seen in Douglas County.