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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Attention Clifford Milton

Could you please email me how to contact you. Our local TV news person would like to talk to anyone that has seen a bigfoot in Douglas County. She wants to know what they think of bigfoot and whether he is dangerous or  not. Anyone that's seen a bigfoot is welcome to comment. Thanks. (lnewtonperry@hotmail.com)

(Mr. Bill Emery would you know of a name you can give us?)

Newspaper Column

Readers, it could still be true: Rick Dyer could have shot and killed a bigfoot in Texas. He lives in Nevada and that is where the body is claimed to be stored. If this is a hoax, it has not been found out yet.

I do hope you do not get tired of this claim or my writing about it. But if it is true, the “discovery” of bigfoot, sasquatch as many prefer, will take a very serious turn. And, I’m sure you will be happy to have been kept up-to-date on these claims from a man that hoaxed a dead body in 2008. Remember, that hoax made CNN. So we must keep our skeptical stance until this story comes to some sort of end. I’ll keep writing about it until we know for sure.

A couple of points about the body that I find interesting, if it can be believed, the dead bigfoot had a double row of teeth, top and bottom, except the front teeth which were single rows (this from Rick Dyer). And Musky Allen, one of a very few people that claims to have seen the body, says it has hair between its fingers.

Readers, I want you to be aware that according to many sighting reports, this species is not always docile. Just glimpsing one of these animals can send a person into shock. A grown bigfoot can appear to be ten feet tall.

We hikers, campers and forest users desperately need to know how to conduct ourselves when coming across this species. Since I’ve never seen a bigfoot, I’ll just bet when I do see one, my brain will yell at me to “run” but my feet will not move. And what’s more, I’ll probably not get them to move. So what do I do? When I do find my voice, should I yell at him? Okay, I know I keep going over this material, but to me it is so important.

One commenter on a Youtube video, that I posted, wrote that soon fences will go up around our forests, not to protect bigfoot, but to protect us from bigfoot. That’s a scary thought!

Readers, it is time to start “talking bigfoot.” Tell your friends and family about your sighting. If your sighting made you feel threatened in anyway, I think calling your local TV newsperson would not be out of the way. Doesn’t that just sound like the right thing to do?

Until next week, Linda and Christopher Perry

Youtube Very Short

All bigfoot encounters are not uneventful--sometimes ...
"... I think we were food."
The title of the video is "Unknown Man recalls Terrifying Experience with a Sasquatch" and is by Sasquatch Watch Canada (This video is very short. You just see and hear the man say above. The man is unknown and Sasquatch Watch Canada would like to know the man's name.) Click Link to go. And do comment.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Not a Lot Going On

How's things with you? Heard anything on Rick Dyer? I will not listen to his radio programs because of the nasty language. So I hope you will keep me informed. Comment please. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Read Sightings

Find  and click the sightings photo in right column. We have 70 plus bigfoot sightings where the being was actually seen by someone. The list is in order received by Ballyhoo. For the most recent scroll to bottom. Enjoy and comment.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Youtube Video You May Enjoy

"Russia's Killer Ape Men-Genetically Engineered Bigfoot"
(An older TV Program)

This video is 44:37 minutes long. If you wish to know about animals and humans cross-breeding (man engineered), you may learn a few things. I watched every minute of it. I'm a woman of faith. I watch this sort of thing so that I can reason with ones on creation.

I believe Heb. 4:3, Every house is built by someone. And He that built all things is God.
Each Bible translation words this scripture a little differently.

Click the link to take you to the Youtube. Keep learning. Have a grand day. ... Linda Newton-Perry


Have you seen the limping bigfoot?

Some think the old limping bigfoot of Douglas County, Oregon, might have died. Have you seen it lately? If so please comment. Thank you.... LNP

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rick Dyer

He STILL claims to have a dead body. And a documentary will be out the end of April. (He claims.)  The youtube video is 10:41 minutes and just a couple nasty words. Please don't feel that I'm on this man's side. If, however, he has a body, this time, the world of bigfoot discovery will change. I intend to keep up with what's going on in his camp.

Click link to go ...


Monday, March 25, 2013

If this animal exists ...

Photo: photoxpress

Why not bigfoot?

New Sighting South of Powers, Oregon

Linda Perry, I’ve had the most unsettling experience happen. I find myself looking for an answer elsewhere. My story will start on Monday, March 18, 2013 at 6 am.

I would first like to say that I enjoy good health and I'm not influenced by rumors or unseen fears. Well on with it!

That morning I was stopped and just sitting in my pickup at China Flats, south of Powers, waiting for a person from the Roseburg area to meet me so we could go up the mountain together to look at a select timber sale on Barlow Mountain.

It had just become light enough to see without the headlights. I had the door to my truck open drinking a cup of coffee and I was enjoying a few moments of silence in the forest. I spotted something large move in the distance across the old campsite clearing.

Thinking it was a black bear, I watched to see if it had cubs with it. The problem is it wasn't a bear. It walked out into the clearing and then apparently spotted me. It quickly turned towards the river and walked off on two legs. This was something completely unknown to me and most others I’ve talked with.

After it walked off, I was filled with a strange panic feeling and felt that it was watching me from the hillside above the river. I have to admit this thing filled me with uncontrollable panic. I could hear it snapping brush as it walked up the steep hillside.

I started up the pickup and tore out of there heading for Powers. Down the road I met the person I was waiting for. I pulled off the road as he stopped and came over to my truck. I told him what happened and he said, "JESUS!”

I told him I wanted to go to Powers to get someone to return up there with us to look for sign of this animal. When we reached Powers, we pulled into the district ranger station and waited for someone to come open it up. At 8 am the first guy pulled in and I blurted out the sighting at him.

We went in and made a report out in his office. To my amazement, he already knew what I thought I saw of this animal. He asked me, "Was it a large manlike creature, covered in dark hair and walking upright with two legs and two massive arms?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“OK, thanks for coming in,” he remarked. I have never in my life been so upset over the way he merely told me what I saw. Well I guess, I’m just anther person that claims to have seen this mysterious creature─Bigfoot.(#72 in Bigfoot Ballyhoo’s Archives)


Thank you for this exciting bigfoot sighting. And so soon after it happened. Thank you. ... LNP


I received a sighting from a man that observed a bigfoot-like being at China Flat Monday, March 18, around 6 in the morning. He reported the sighting to the Powers Ranger Station. I called to confirm and the woman that answered the phone said they had no record and she being at the office all business hours does not remember a man coming in and reporting it. ... What is your opinion on this, if you will respond please? ... Linda Newton-Perry


Sharon Emery-Williams has left a new comment on your post "ATTENTION MR. BILL EMERY,":

Linda, I sent a text to dad this morning about the sighting on Monday. I told him I read it on you site. Here is the reply:

I'm there now. Got report Monday 11th and have interviewed xxxxxx and xxxxxx.   No surprise on response from PRD. 

PRD won't let any info out on any reports. Man thought was right thing to report. OK with me but seems to be the  same thing repeated over and over regarding reports.

Same answer as no report-Bear instead of bigfoot. No doubt something was here and trailed westward into Johnson-Barlow Mountain Drainage. 

CS (Cole) cast one print on west side of river. Not Clyde. 16 1/2  inch track. Think it's smaller one seen over at Buck C. 

Tell Linda I asked man to report the sighting to her site. He is very much believable. does not want name used per employement issue. Dad [Bill Emery]

Thank you for sharing this information Sharon. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Rick Dyer?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sighting from the Past, Oregon

Greg has emailed a sighting that a friend had in the 60's in the state of Oregon. Please go to the Archive box in right hand column and scroll down to number 71 where you can read it.... Thanks Greg

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mike Whirlingmerc Guest Editor

I asked Whirlingmerc from my Youtube video to keep us informed on Dyer, the body and any documentaries. Here is his response:

Comment on your video: The Next Newspaper Bigfoot Column,
 The short film is owned by the BBC and there is a date for showing in Canada in April. It's supposed to show the shooting and rolling the body to the truck.

Then after that there is supposed to be a documentary about the autopsy that is separate... I think. International Documentary festival April 25 though May 5... so... in a month

We will see soon enough, I think likely real, but we shall see.

Newspaper Column for Week of March 25, 2013

Have you had a sasquatch sighting in Douglas County or somewhere else? If you have, it would be good to write a few paragraphs about it and email them to me so that I can include them in Bigfoot Ballyhoo’s Archives (lnewtonperry@hotmail.com). You may also drop it off at this newspaper’s office on State Street, Sutherlin.

If Rick Dyer has indeed shot dead a sasquatch and a 90 minute documentary about it has been made, when released, both body and film, things should dramatically change in “the discovery of sasquatch.”

You may wonder what changes I look forward to where this subject is concerned. The one change I will enjoy to no end is that finally the laughter will stop. Since the beginning of this column, I’ve always taken sasquatch seriously and I’ve never completely understood why people laugh or at the very least smile broadly when sasquatch or bigfoot is mentioned. I just don’t get it! What is funny about a huge, tall, broad and hairy being that comes across as one that could easily rip a person’s head off? Oh, I know when spotted he usually runs for the trees, but there have been encounters where people have been picked up and thrown over embankments and the like. There have been many reports of rocks thrown, people chased, followed and watched.

I was happy to see last week, Betty Klopp of Sutherlin, Oregon, shared her family story of a bigfoot sighting with the local TV news station, KPIC. Six years ago her story was one of the first I reported on for this column. Oh yes, I met Klopp, touched the hair and heard first hand the story of her parents hitting a bigfoot years ago on Hwy 42. (Sightings are still being reported from this area.)

I believe it is good that KPIC be prepared and kept updated on the possibility that a bigfoot body may at this moment be in storage in Nevada. If it is true, and there is a chance it is not, changes in reporting information about the species will instantly be put in place. What the changes will be, we do not know. One thing is for sure, the laughter will stop. Many people that have observed this being firsthand find no reason to laugh. As a matter of fact, often the observer is stunned by the reality of such a huge being that keeps hidden, keeps to himself in the forests of this planet. ... Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry

Friday, March 22, 2013

News of the Day

What has anyone heard on Rick Dyer's claims? You know, on his killing a bigfoot and the movie/documentary that is supposed to come out.

I placed a short video on Youtube asking these questions because frankly I'm tired of  listening to the filthy language of Dyer. I don't intend to listen to his radio broadcasts anymore. They are too long and vulgar.

The following comments are from that video, answering my questions.


April 30, it will premiere at: Hot Docs. The Canadian International Documentary Festival. A 90 minute film that is hinted to have the shooting at the last 3 minutes. It is suspected that the ppl. at FBFB did see the body. And in their home page, they have an open letter to the public. And it hints at the Rick Dyer story, to be TRUE !

Jason Judd
Only somewhat....Ricks' expedition was paid for by Minnow. The video has all the legal rights to exploit it's production as "first." Rick got in trouble for posting the 'tent camper" video on YT. Once the body was picked up, a day later because the moving truck company was closed, it was taken to be scientifically studied (xrays and DNA, etc). After the initial release at the "Doc's" in Canada, then the study/body will be released to the public. BBC will exploit its investment as well worldwide.

A Request from a Reader

Below is  a request for more infomation on an older post. If you know where one can go to find this information please comment that info. Thank you.

Hello. I would love to know any specific, verifiable details - including eyewitness accounts - of Senator Wyden and Representative DeFazio clamping down on any government agency talking about Bigfoot. Thank you. on "Hatfield and McCall both believed in bigfoot."

Thursday, March 21, 2013

What do you think?

We've decided to return to our old header photo. We enjoy the depth of field of the older photo that the new one did not have (not as much anyway). ... Linda Newton-Perry

Guest Editor:Blogger bearking

Linda this is bearking; I have put 8 trailcams within a 10 mile radius in different locations here in southern west Virginia near Logan. I've put different bait in each location. If I find anything out of the blue I will let u know.


That would be great. Have you seen a bigfoot? I hope you haven't told me if you have or not. I deal with so much information on this site.  Have you photos you can share of yourself and the forest? We'd love it. Thanks and best regards, Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What a Washington Woman Knows About Bigfoot

Guest Editor: Barbara Shupe

Here is what I know about bigfoot:

Although they all have similarities as a species, they are all individuals. Like all creatures, age, gender, life experience and wired in temperament dictate behavior. They learn quickly. They are capable of complicated thought processes.

The 'squatchlets"  are extremely fast, in the trees or on the ground and maybe looked after by older siblings. They panic and vanish at the drop of a hat. They have very little self control.

Adolescents have more self control, but they struggle with curiosity. They'll watch from a close distance and then panic and run. They could very easily remain hidden by staying still.  The older bigfoots are more confident and much less curious. They are more likely to be seen in the open and less likely to bolt.

Each bigfoot has particular areas and trails they like to use. This is some of what I have learned about my big, hairy neighbors.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Attention Nosey Me

Nosey Me, just a short question:

How are the roads in Buck Creek, Eden Ridge area? Once in a while readers will go to these places mentioned on Ballyhoo. I want to warn them if the roads are bad and to take plenty of gas. We don't want them to get stuck or run out of gas. Thanks ... Linda Newton-Perry

Nosey Me has left a new comment on your post "Attention Nosey Me":

The 3348 road is technically open but people need to use extreme caution. Snowmobilers were the ones with the last sighting. The road is experiencing snow drifts past Buck Creek but can be drove with 4 wheel.

Attention Nosey Me

(This animal is not Big Clyde.
It has for years shown up on the
Internet. I'm just showing it
here so that Nosey Me can
tell me if it looks anything
like Bill Emery's  bigfoot,
Big Clyde.)
Does this animal look like Big Clyde, Emery Team's Bigfoot?

Monday, March 18, 2013

London Oregon Tracks Not Far

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nosey Me, Is This Better?

YOU'VE GOT IT. Yes that's what he looks like. No I haven't seen one but have felt something was watching me from time to time. Did see the tracks of him on Onion Mountain in 2009. I will keep you informed of anything new.

Yes please do comment from time to time. And if possible tell us of other sightings in your neck of the woods. Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry

Nosey Me has left a new comment on your post "Big Clyde? (ESP Team's Bigfoot)":

Almost perfect. Little longer hair on head with kind of a peak on the back of the head on top. Black hair of course. You ought to be a police profiler lady!!!. Anyway that's what the picture looked like. The Sasquatch was enormous in size. A tree in one of the pictures we used to get a scope of the size. It pointed to a 9 or 10 tall creature with massive body build.

Yes we did a little investigation ourselves. We found some big tracks but no bigfoot there. In all fairness to ESP we looked over a week later after the photos were taken.

There is no doubt in my mind the bigfoot was real and in that area at the time Emery claimed to have seen it,then got the pics.


Big Clyde is 9 to 10 feet tall and very dark. This information by commenter Nosey Me. Thank you. And Nosey Me have you seen one of these species?... These three sentences  by Linda Newton-Perry

Big Clyde? (ESP Team's Bigfoot)

Just a thought ...

To Mr. Gibbs Moorehead,

I will not post your comment. Every last word of this blog that I have written about Bill Emery and his team is the truth. You just can not recognize the truth when you read or hear it. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, March 16, 2013

To Nosey Me,

Is this a little more like Big Clyde?

Dear Mr. Emery,

Okay, Okay, I won't ask to see the photos anymore. But do tell us what you've been doing in your field research. Are you still trying to get a video of it? (Just trying to be on the light side of a weighty subject!) ... Linda Newton-Perry

Newspaper Column

Friday, March 15, 2013

Christopher Perry to Add His Voice

In time I expect Christopher to voice more of his opinions on the subject bigfoot. Christopher and I do not always agree. As a matter of fact we don't agree on many things. My husband has a mind of his own. AND that as what I love about him. I think you will like him too.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Yes, Linda Handles Guns!

It's beautiful Oregon after all.

What Does Big Clyde's Face Look Like?

In case you do not know, Big Clyde is the bigfoot that Bill Emery and Hank Parchell observed a couple years ago. A fuzzy photo of the animal is in our right side column, just scroll down.

I got your comment, Bill Emery

Thank you for commenting. Please comment from time to time. I still would love to meet with you and view the Big Clyde photos. I've still not seen a bigfoot. ... Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry

Attention Readers,
Mr. Emery's comment is below under Open Letter.

Douglas County's Bigfoot

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Link to Drawing of Dyer's Bigfoot

Musky Allen saw the dead bigfoot body. Here is a  link to a drawing of what he saw (the face). (We at Ballyhoo think this story of a dead bigfoot may be real. But, like everyone else, we will just have to wait and see.)

Click link to take you to the drawing. Scroll down the page once you get there. ... Enjoy


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fun but Serious

Monday, March 11, 2013

Dear Mr. Bill Emery,

An Open Letter

Dear Mr. Bill Emery,
     It has been a long time now since you have commented here on Ballyhoo. I thought I'd ask you if you could fill us in on what is going on with your bigfoot research. There are a few people that still believe that I made up the ESP Team. I don't care what what they think, but I'd really enjoy it if you would talk to us here on Ballyhoo.

Best regards,
Linda Newton-Perry

Color Pages for Children

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Youtube Video Freeman Film

This film is thought to be of real bigfoots by many. The video is 5:22 minutes and posted by Bigfoot Evidence. The name of the video is "Bigfoot Family Filmed in blue Mountains (Paul Freeman)" Enjoy


Sharing Beauty

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Newspaper Column by Perrys

It is difficult to get the facts straight in the realm of bigfoot discovery. Where I get information, the Internet, it, all of it, is suspect. I occasionally receive emails from interesting people containing interesting information. But then, emails are still connected with the Internet and therefore suspect.

I can happily go weeks, believing that certain Internet garnered information is fact only to have it explode as false, in seconds, like matter colliding with antimatter. I’ll not give examples as there are many. As you are certain to know, hoaxes are common in bigfootery.

While hoaxes are common, even more so are the unrestrained, mean-spirited people commenting with the “anonymous” moniker. So what! It’s fun for the commenter and does no harm. You may think. Well, I can tell you it does much harm.

We’ve had valuable information withheld from our online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, because of unrestrained comments, including threats and even more loathsome, private information has been given out, home addresses and telephone numbers. The ones with the information stopped contributing, not because of Ballyhoo, but because of outlandish and often cruel anonymous comments. On our site, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, we could (probably) have displayed at this moment the clear photos of Big Clyde that the ESP Team’s trail camera snapped if it were not for “Anonymous’” rude and even lawbreaking threats.

And then there are those that use their real names, making up outrageous and often false claims to drive readership and accumulate add sales. That’s another topic, for another column. I’ve already used up too many of my allotted word count writing of the Internet.

I’ll return to the subject of bigfoot. Rick Dyer still has not been proven a hoaxer, for the second time, in his claim of killing and now possessing a bigfoot body. So, we have the resolution of that information to look forward to. The Brian Sykes bigfoot DNA study is still ongoing. We are sort of sure of this because it hasn’t been published on the Internet yet. And well, you know the perils of information gleaned on the Internet.

It may come down to believing only what you can see where bigfoot is concerned. Oh, say, the sight of the animal pacing and rattling the bars of his heavily reinforced cage. Just so you will know, there is now talk on the Internet of bigfoot being darted and caught alive.

Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry

Friday, March 8, 2013

Well, about Rick Dyer ...

I keep telling myself I'm not going to watch his videos. But I keep going back. I keep thinking between the nasty language he'll tell us when we can expect to get a look at the bigfoot body he is supposed to have.

He claims to make money when he keeps people riled up. Money is important, sure. But does he really have to be so obnoxious?  Have a grand day and do comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, March 7, 2013


This person's Youtube video channel was recommended to me. And now I'm recommending it to you. Barb seems to know where some bigfoots are. I believe it will be ones like Barb that will help "science" learn about bigfoot. Enjoy and have a grand day, Linda Newton-Perry


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Few of my Bigfoots

These are just a few of my bigfoots I've drawn over the years. Enjoy and feel free to use any of them. But, please do give me credit. Thanks ... Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

You Will Laugh. Youtube Video

Just .07 seconds by vanessamann123 and titled "Crazy Monkey." You will love it. Give it a go! Click link to go.


Youtube Video to Enjoy

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry

A guy sees a bigfoot up close. Click link to take you to a 9:54 minute presentation by Jack Barnes Jeff Andersen. The name is "Ontario Bigfoot Sighting 11/09 Dale sees a Sasquatch at very close range."


Monday, March 4, 2013

See What Happens When You Don't Participate!

Great Youtube Video

Above photo taken from Youtube video and dallied with by Befunky

I really enjoyed this 48:24 minute video. This woman tells of her first sighting at  four or five. She continues to have sightings and spends much time researching the animal. The video is long but it keeps ones interest.  The name of the video is "Documentary__Bigfoot The Evidence--Wild Man, Bigfoot Sasquatch Tracks and ..." by Worlddoki


Looking for sasquatch or at least his prints!

Why would I take you to a boat ramp? Bigfoot is a  night animal. Across the road from the river is a steep mountain, where a bigfoot could live.  At night he would find his way to the river for a drink. And why walk through the brush when there is a perfectly good boat ramp to walk down? 

And do forgive my use of the word beautiful. It is difficult to come up with brilliant words as I'm filming and watching where I step. (I've fallen into the river way too many times not to take ... Well, you get the idea.)

Please reward my efforts with a comment.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Perry's Newspaper Column Week of March 4, 2013

Right now, lambs aplenty dot brilliant-green Oregon pastures. When I see these lambs feeding in a field at the bottom of a forested mountain, I wonder if bigfoot snatches them.

It is believed that bigfoot is an omnivore. He eats both vegetation and meat. How difficult could it be to walk up to a lamb and grab it? The times I’ve tried to snap photos of sheep, they are quick to run off. I assume lambs would be the same.

Last week was exceptional for me. I actually got out in the field a couple of times, looking for bigfoot tracks. Why don’t you look for the animal? you ask. Well, I do watch for bigfoot, but I don’t kid myself. I’ll probably never see one, but its footprints, maybe.

I’m not an expert in animal behavior, but I believe if you see a bigfoot during the day, something is keeping it awake. It’s probably unwell or having some difficulty. Most people that claim to know about bigfoot seem to think he’s out prowling for food at night and sleeps during the day.

Anyway, it was great fun spending time in our Oregon forests. We, my husband and I, had lunch overlooking a rushing creek, with near logs and trees covered in velvety green moss. (We have folding chairs and a small table we set up anyplace that looks inviting for a picnic experience that no amount of money can buy.)

Rick Dyer still claims he has killed a bigfoot. No one has proved it is not true. Dyer says a movie must be released before the bigfoot body can be shown, or even photos of it. So we wait. The waiting is difficult because we, or I do anyway, wonder what path my writing will take after bigfoot is labeled a real animal. I expect the public to always be interested in sightings, so I can write about those. But sightings happen so seldom.

The next step, it seems, in “discovering bigfoot” is the actual capturing of one. So, perhaps the excitement is just beginning. A couple of bigfoot trackers are already talking about drugging and throwing a net over one and hauling him in. Several people claim that bigfoots visit their property regularly, so it may be possible to catch one of them. What a great TV program that would make, trying to catch one. I believe I’d travel quite a distance and pay a lot to see a live bigfoot.

Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lunch Time

This is where we set up our table and two chairs and had lunch today. We looked for bigfoot prints. We found none. If the animal has an eye for beauty then for sure he's found this beautiful spot. Oregon is so beautiful. ... Please comment.

Newspaper Article Tomorrow

Got things going on today. I'll post the newspaper article tomorrow. Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry And please do comment.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Bigfoot Country

A Youtube Video You May Enjoy

Photo from Video and Dallied With by BeFunky

Author Tom Burnette explains his experience with Sasquatch even a baby one! He invites the public to come to his property for a tour, camping sites available ( package small fee). I think I'd go if I lived closer. Title of the video Tom Burnette Discusses His Unreal and Unbelievable Experiences with Sasquatch. 11:19 minutes and by SasquatchwatchCanada.
Click to go ...