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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bigfoot Shot Dead a List

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by BeFunky

A List of bigfoots shot dead by humans on site: Beyond 
Highbrow--Robert Lindsay

Click link to go.

Sierra Kills (Mother and Youth) Is it true?

Photo taken from Video

It appears a documentary is being made on the
 Sierra Kills. I thought everyone understood that
 the two bigfoots killed was not true. Click link 
to take you to a video titled "The Rogue Bigfootah
 talks Sierra Kills with Carl ..." The video is by Bill
 Brock. Enjoy. It really is difficult to keep up with 
the truth on all these kills, sightings, etc. Don't you
Guest Editor-Blogger:
Sierra Tahoe Bigfoot Research has left a new comment on your post "Sierra Kills (Mother and Youth) Is it true?":

All my sources have told me that it is true. I was hoping that it wasn't, but it is. The kill happened only 30 miles from the area that me and my group do our research in. Very disturbing.
Thank you for the comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Great up close sighting

Photo from Video

Click link to take you to  a 17 minute  Youtube interview. "Guy"  tells us about seeing a bigfoot in Oregon  up close.  This sighting was in the 70's and near the Emery Team's  bigfoot.  The video interview, has a few illustrations and photos, by Jack Barnes and Jeff Andersen. Enjoy.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Where'd you come from?

Someone asked me: "You believe in DNA but not in evolution?"

Yes I believe in DNA. And I believe that it is so complicated that it took a highly intelligent mind to create it and or to even think of it. The world believes that evolution is a fact. People believe it is a fact because we have been told it is a fact by scientific minds. Evolution is a lie. It has not been proven. Scientists can’t prove it. And what is more important, scientists can not prove that an all-wise intelligent Creator didn’t  make this world, space and all that is in it.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Columbus Day Animal

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry

Thomas has left a new comment on your post "Columbus Day Animal More Information":

I have no photos of the body. Dad showed me one autopsy photo but returned it with all other property to the state medical examiners office. Now I wish more copies could have been obtained. I was aware that the agency did not want to have this body shown in public or displayed because of the nature of the unknown body might have sparked public fear on what it was or where it came from. No I don't mean UFO or alien fear. What they feared was more along the line of how many more of these are out there and where? Are they dangerous to humans? Do they carry some illness or bacteria that we cannot deal with? This is how our government thinks when something like this comes into discussion.

Thank you. If you can think of more to comment, please do. Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry

Columbus Day Animal More Information

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry

Thomas has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor:Blogger on Columbus Day Animal": 

My father was one of the medical examiners that did work on the initial find. Though I was still in medical school at the time and had learned from dad on the discovery of the body I was interested in the results of the examination. He passed in 1981 but did leave a private record to me on the strange body they had examined. I moved to Canada in 1965 to become a ME for the government. I believe the animal was in fact a bigfoot and have privately discussed my feelings about it for years. 


Did you get photos? Being from Canada perhaps they can be shown. Just a thought. I'd like it if you'd talk more about the animal. Is it your understanding that the bones were sent to the Smithsonian?

Bigfoot Sighting

Photo from Youtube/Video Introduction and dallied with by Befunky

A mother of three tells what happened when she sees a huge bigfoot early in the morning after her husband has left for work.  The video is 5:59 minutes long and titled "Linda's Bigfoot Encounter." The video is by Sasquatch Watch Canada. Click link to go. Enjoy

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Guest Editor:Blogger on Columbus Day Animal

Thomas Parker, Baltimore has left a new comment on your post "Another Newspaper Article '62 Animal":

It has become very apparent that the forest service has been hoodwinking the public for decades about the truth on this matter.
According to head supervisor of USFS in Oregon in 1971 a gorilla was found dead in southern Oregon in the early sixties.

This statement was a flat out lie because he knew as did others at that time of the discovery of the remains it certainly was not any species of gorilla or primate known to date.

The estimated time of death was around 10/12/62 and even with severe degradation of the body the animal still topped the scales at 648lbs. and 7.3 in total length.

The autopsy showed the animal had sustained massive damage by crushing weight. Death was thought to be instantaneous.

With no DNA in thouse years it was only possible to type match in which no BT was determined.

It was checked for human and known animal type and nothing was ever matched.

Though it been many years since I last checked the remains were sent to Smithsonian Institute for later research.

The skeletal remains were positively there in 1997.

After 2001 the feds removed thousands of files or skeletal remains of anything there prior to 2000.


Thank you for the great comment. May I ask you how you know this about the bones being in the Smithsonian? Would love to hear more about this information. Please feel free to comment more. ... LNP

Newspaper Column

Bigfoots do not have tails. The fact that they have no tails makes them great apes. Chimpanzees are great apes and so are gorillas. I mention the gorilla because some types of gorilla are huge like bigfoots. But I wish to write about the chimp and “science’s” claim that humans and chimps share almost in whole the same DNA. The few percent differences, however, make a huge difference. For one thing, when chimps have tried to be taught to use sign language, they’ve failed miserably. So, these experiments “actually prove that chimps are incapable of even the most rudimentary forms of human language.” (This from the book Life─How did it get here? By evolution or by creation?) By comparison, a very young human can learn as many as six languages, if not more, and this at the same time!  The book The Brain: Mystery of Matter and Mind states “The power of speech, … , uniquely sets humans apart from animals. Yet, the origins of language remain one of the brain’s most baffling mysteries.”

Why am I writing about language this week? One bigfoot field-researcher claims he’s captured the sound of two bigfoots talking. I’m sure he believes this and perhaps the animals are mimicking human speech, (we know that some animals and many birds can do this). What language did he believe he heard the animals speak?  That would be Spanish! One or two sightings that I can remember mentioned bigfoots observed mimicking forest workers, road crews and lumber jacks. So, if these observations can be believed, bigfoot takes an interest in us humans and at times mimics us.   

While driving through the forest, I’ve many times looked up at the mountains and wondered what bigfoot thought of the moving cars and trucks below him. Does he think of them as we think of a column of ants? If he’s been close to the road, he, of course, knows otherwise.  

I’ll be so glad when “science” tells us that bigfoots exist. Why? Well, for a couple of reasons. One, I’ll be glad for the laughing to stop. (Many of my friends don’t even know that I write about bigfoot or believe the animal exists. I trust this information with very few of my friends and acquaintances.) Second, after “discovery” funds no doubt will be allocated to study the animal by science. At that point solid information could be expected and we and the animal will be better off. This is my opinion. Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry with Christopher Perry

Sharing Beauty

Photo: photoxpress

Bigfoot's World 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Another Newspaper Article '62 Animal

Guest Editor-Blogger: Polly

Polly has left a new comment on your post "Newspaper Articles '62 Columbus Day Animal":

11-3-1962 . Officials from Oregon State are not commenting on the unidentified body found in Southern Oregon. Though several people present at the site said it was no known animal or human to be in existence. The body was said to be a giant hair covered creature that died from a toppled tree in the wind storm that slammed Southern Oregon on October 12th.

It is somewhat a mystery on where the remains ended up though it was believed by bystanders that it was hauled away at the request of the local forest service. source/ Lake County Star 62/3/11


Thank you Polly for this information. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Have you seen a bigfoot?

Share ! Comment! (Please)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Photo: photoxpress

Just Sharing Beauty

Newspaper Articles '62 Columbus Day Animal

Reprint of Columbus Day Storm Articles

The Three Newspaper Articles About the '62 Columbus Day Animal


(1st Newspaper article)

As of yesterday there is still no identification on the strange animal found on Dew Ridge in Southern Oregon on November 8th. The creature is something still unidentified but is said to be some kind of a mutant human gorilla type. It was found deceased by a crew of men who were clearing debris from nearby roads. It was apparently killed by a Douglas Fir tree in the massive windstorm of October 12th . Officials from United States Forest Service are not commenting on the find. A unnamed source said the creature was covered in dark hair and was not any known animal to any of the people present at the site. People nearby in Cave Junction claim it is the creature in Indian legend known as "SASQUATCH". Indians claim for hundreds of years these creatures roamed the deep forest of America. The name for the creature means "Wildman of the Woods" according to Johnny Duncan a Klamath Indian. The animal was removed by Forest Service officials and was sent to a lab in California according to the locals in town. The Forest Service spokesman wound not confirm or deny the animal. Story by Clayton Lewis chief reporter for The Independent Daily

(2nd Newspaper article)

Amity News Source November 14,1962. CREWS FIND LEGENDARY BIGFOOT. A logging crew contracted through the US Forest Service found what some say is the legendary bigfoot. The being is a large manlike hominid according to local wildlife biologist Kirk Hansen. The name bigfoot gained popularity in 1958-59 when a contractor in Northern California found large prints of a unknown animal on a narrow dirt logging road. The bigfoot found by the crew is said to be female in sex and very heavy in build. The animal was badly decomposed state but was still in tact enough to identify as a species not known. A call today to the ranger station produced no information on what the being or animal might be. Though several pictures of the animal are circulating about in the surrounding area the forest service said no information nor identification has been made.

(3rd Newspaper article)

On a clear and cold November day of last last year the crew of Griffy and Laird Company were looking for trees blocking the road from O'Brien to Greyback on the Oregon California border. What they found was nothing short of astonishment when approaching a large downed tree. At first it appeared that a very large black bear had fallen victim to the windstorm of October 12th. Upon closer examination of the animal the crew saw a foot and a left arm and hand protruding from under the tree. No known species of animal could explain the body as any known animal that is native to the Pacific Northwest. It was like a large hair covered man only with features somewhat like a prehistoric human or neanderthal but larger than any known to exist. Apparently the animal had been crushed by a large tree blown over in the storm. The proper authorities were quickly dispatched to the scene and took the animal away for further examination by forensic experts. No further word on what the examination found but in a curious turn about face the Forest Service is now saying no such animal was found, removed or shipped anywhere. In the meantime many of the people in the area have seen pictures of the dead animal and are accusing the Forest Service of trying to hide the animal from the public .

This article from March 1963 from The Valley Times. All the names from the district office of USFS were blacked out from this article.

More on Columbus Day Dead Bigfoot

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Youtube Video

If you enjoy the subject of bigfoot, you should enjoy this 19:39 minute video titled "Unsealed Conspiracy Files S01E08" by bensonchuhk.

A blood sample of bigfoot was taken. Why? How? By Whom? Find out by clicking on link. Enjoy


Monday, January 21, 2013

Sharing Beauty

Photo: photoxpress

It is easy to believe that a bigfoot might any second come ambling down this draw.
Don't you think?

Finally Clear to Me ... LNP

Why is it important what I think of the "freezer hoax"? Well, I repeated and wrote about one of the lies Dyer launched. I believed it. Now I can see where I was taken in by the lie. Just wanted you to know. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, January 20, 2013

More on Columbus Day Animal

I've put the Columbus Day Storm Bigfoot (dead body) video back on Youtube. I want everyone to know that there has been a bigfoot body "found." In the next couple weeks, I will read comments about this animal that have been collected from comments on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Some of the comments are from people that were there, or a family member was. Just remember when you here someone say, "If bigfoots exist, Why hasn't there been a body found?" You can with confidence tell them there has been one found!

(If you've been following "the discovery of bigfoot," you know that through the years many bodies have been reported found and taken away. I just happen to have information on this one. To read for yourself about it, type in Columbus Day in the search tool. Happy reading.)

Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Youtube Interview

We found this video very interesting. It is 16:40 minutes long and very informative. The title of the video is "Bigfoot Researcher Interview, Ontario Canada. Enjoy. Click link to go.


Newspaper Bigfoot Column

We live in an age of information, perhaps too much information, some claim. The Internet comes instantly to mind.  Even as the Internet and computers became common in homes around the planet, we were sternly warned to be careful of the information found there. One reason for the warning:  it was now possible for any and everyone to contribute their opinions, their expert knowledge─whether expert or not.  And, the ease and ability to publish under the moniker Anonymous has added greatly to the unreliability of Internet gleaned information.

And so, with Internet information we are burdened with the added responsibility of time-gobbling research, just to get to the truth of a subject. I’m guessing most of us do not take our valuable time to do it. And where does this leave us in regard to this amazing tool the Internet and its information fount? If I were to guess, I’d say, we each believe what we want to believe. And so, since we all have our own beliefs on all subjects the world is NOT a more enlightened place because of it. (I think!) I would like to say, at this point, if a subject is important to you, please do the necessary research to find the truth. Do not let others do your thinking! And here’s a good one: Don’t believe everything you read!

My husband and I author an online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com). I search the Internet for information on bigfoot and its impending “discovery.” I’ve received many bigfoot sightings which have been archived for all to read on the site. For a time, I was privy to follow and communicate with a bigfoot discovery team (ESP Team) as they worked in the forest to film and see firsthand a huge bigfoot that they’ve named Big Clyde. Last week a member of this team, Cole Saxton, gave a presentation to a class of seventh graders. Two students of this class sent Ballyhoo  reports which were published. Both students enjoyed the presentation. Saxton let them compare their feet to the plaster cast of a bigfoot and shared photos with them of a bigfoot (not Big Clyde). Evidently, Saxton believes that bigfoots can be dangerous if shot at or threatened. He recommended to always be aware of ones surroundings when enjoying the forests and woods. And this, readers, sounds like good advice, information that is not to be doubted even though published on the Internet. Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry with Christopher Perry

Friday, January 18, 2013

Youtube Video

Attention Ashlee and Tyler,
     I've made a video of me reading  both your reports of Cole Saxton's classroom visit. The video is on Youtube. Click on link to go. Thanks so much. ... Linda Newton-Perry


Oh Really!

When can we retire this little quip?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why Not Bigfoots?

Photo: photoxpress

If this animal exists (and we know it does), why not bigfoots?

Thanks Tyler and Ashlee

Seventh grader reports on school visitor: Cole Saxton

Guest Editor-Blogger: Tyler Williams (7th grader)

Mr. Saxton talked about his dad and the long years of looking for bigfoot. He said his dad never did see one but was positive that they were real.

He told us of the day his dad found the huge footprints on a dirt road he was building. That was what started his interest in Bigfoot. Mr. Saxton looks like the picture of him in the cowboy hat sitting next to a campfire. He brought pictures of Bill Emery,his father Dale and the old Hank that was a member of the sighting in the mountains. You have pictures of them on this blog site.

What I really liked was all the tracks they had collected. All of different sizes. He put down the cast of the Sru Lake prints on the floor and let us put our feet inside the cast and illustrated the size of the creature that made them. My foot was less than half the length and far from being as wide. 

Miss Norton said that she calculated the creature to be near 10 ft and 900 lbs. They said the creature is a large male and most likely not scared of people. It was on One of the ESP Team Speaks at School


Thank you Tyler for the great comment. I wish I could have been there. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

One of the ESP Team Speaks at School

Ashlee has left a new comment on your post "Attention Ashlee":

Hi Mrs. Perry.

Yes, Thursday Mr. Saxton came to our school and gave a presentation on Sasquatch. Mr. Saxton brought casts of prints taken from different areas around Coos, Curry and Douglas Counties.

Also, he had hair samples and what the retired biologist with him from the U S Forest Service said was no match to any known animal in the Pacific Northwest. She was nice and explained why she thinks the government knows of the animals. Ula Norton was her name.

Also, we viewed a letter from the former supervisor of the Siskiyou Forest in our region explaining that he had received reports of the animals for 28 years but was not allowed to go public with them because of rules.

Mr Saxton told us about the Sasquatch he and two others cited in the forest south of Powers and showed us some still shots of the animal.We were not able to view the photos taken of the Shrew Lake animal because he explained they are locked up and not being shown yet.

 He also learned that that animal can be a danger to people in the woods if they get too close or shoot at it. He showed us a legal document from the government that's preventing the pictures to be shown because of land right issue and other problems with the government.

We are not allowed to have cell phones in class or use them inside school property. It's time for homework now, bye


Thank you for this great comment. For all those concerned, this is the Cole Saxton that is a member of the Bill Emery Team. The team that I was supposed to have made up. Bill Emery is a well-known business owner. The third man, Hank, is now dead.  

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Attention Ashlee

Original photo by photoxpress

Talking Bigfoot

A Youtube Video to Enjoy

Photo from Video and BeFunky Altered

A great video today on Youtube. Click link to go to this 9:04 minute video titled "Sasquatch-Creepy Canada" by Sasquatch Watch Canada. Dr. Bindernagel is one of my favorite bigfoot researchers. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sharing Beauty

Photo: photoxpress

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bigfoot Newspaper Column

Have a certain field researcher’s claims to have killed a second bigfoot been proven? The short answer is, No. Bravado aplenty comes from his quarter, but nothing yet has been presented in the way of solid evidence. In my opinion, something seems a little “off” in his behavior if indeed he expects to have his name for all time attached to the “discovery of bigfoot.” How so you ask? Well, the man has released at least two Youtube, red-in-the-face, videos last week. I’m assuming he is mimicking a Youtube Maine researcher. 

The Maine researcher yells, flaps his overcoat and in general calls the whole known, bigfoot research population a bunch of ignorant idiots (my words, the last two). I know if it were me on the verge of announcing to the world that beyond doubt bigfoots exist, I’d present myself in a more dignified light.  I’d check my business wardrobe, see that it was well-pressed and scrounge around for my briefcase. But, that’s just me.

I enjoy the snippets of old bigfoot films that are being posted on Youtube of late. It is my opinion that there are many Youtube videos of real bigfoots. It is just difficult to determine which are real and which are hoaxed. And absolutely all of them are too far away from the creature to get a good look.

Once the animal is said to be real by science, many believe that photos and videos will be common, numerous even: because we know bigfoots exist, we will look for him while we are enjoying the forest and snap a photo.

I learned last week that fall is rutting season for bigfoot, the same as deer. Fall is hunting season. I’ve always felt it is best to stay out of the woods and forests if you are not hunting. Even hunters are accidentally taken for a deer by excitable riflemen and shot. Every once in a while it happens in Oregon.  This information on the rutting season of bigfoot was presented on one of these older Youtube videos I mentioned above.

I’m hoping that if and when a bigfoot body is delivered to “science” they will take whatever tissue is required and then allow the body to be stuffed. I’d like to see the bigfoot body be the core of a traveling exhibit. I believe I’d pay a big chunk of money to see a bigfoot body. Wouldn’t you?

Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry with Christopher Perry

A comment came in that primates do not have "rutting seasons."

Searching for Bigfoot

Dressed to search for bigfoot. This was a photo for a new fashion bigfoot blog, but there just isn't time enough in the day to work on another blog. Besides... it is just tooo cold in Oregon to go into the forest today. Have a grand day and comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Friday, January 11, 2013

Bigfoot Running 1963 Youtube Video

You will enjoy this video. It looks like the REAL THING! Click link to take you to the video. The title is "Bigfoot Film: Oldest on Record from 1963, Louisiana." It is by Jack Barnes and Jeff Andersen and is 4:40 minutes long. Enjoy.


Please have a look at the video

No new blog

I've decided not to do another blog. I just don't have time for it. But feel free to send a photo of yourself all dressed up to beat the bush for bigfoot. I'll post it here on Ballyhoo. Have a grand day. ... Linda Newton-Perry 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Sasquatch Has Been Caught 1884

Snowing in Oregon

Out my front door  

A Youtub Video to Enjoy

Photo taken from video
Charles Branson a retired U.S.Forest Service veteran explains that the Forest Service and the government knows about these animals. He says, "I don't try to sell it to nobody, 'cause its real ...."

He goes on to say that fall is the animal's rutting season. I enjoyed this 6 plus minute video by Jack Barnes and Jeff Andersen. The title is "Bigfoot in Honobia, Oklahoma." Click link to go. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Note to ...

Dear Lou Dunham, Internet LCC,
     Thank you for the note. I don't want to "get anyone." I just want the person to take down the lies about me. I don't like the idea of clicking in my name, on bing, and the first thing that comes up is a lie that my blog, including the ESP Team has been hoaxed.

    He's said he will not take the information down. So the next step according to bing is to get a lawyer for a court order. And then bing will remove the information.

 Again thanks, Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Youtube Video You May Enjoy

The title of the video is "Bigfoot Eye Witness Interview" and it is 6:46 minutes long by Sasquatch Watch Canada. Click link to go.


Monday, January 7, 2013

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Beautiful Winter Scene

Photo: photoxpress

Enjoy for we are simply sharing beauty. 

Beautiful Day in Oregon

I enjoy painting as well as the subject bigfoot. My husband is getting ready to retire and we expect to do more bigfoot searching, painting and more. Have a grand day and comment. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A question for Ashlee

Ashlee, Please get a photo of Saxton next week and write a few words about his presentation. Email it to me at lnewtonperry@hotmail.com. Ask him if it is okay if I put it on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry

Newspaper Column

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Youtube Video You May Enjoy

Does Washington State or at least this town, on video,  in Washington still have an ordinance to protect bigfoot? If you know please comment.

The video mentions a town in Washington State that has laws in place to protect bigfoot. Shoot one and you are in a world of trouble. This is  a portion of an older documentary.

Click link to take you to a short, 7:50 min., Bigfoot documentary by Shastametaldetecting.


Bigfoot Caught and in a Box?

Photo from Youtube

Is it possible that bigfoot has been caught? Guess we will just have to wait and see. Go to the link and play the video above for more information.


If this link does not work, go to Youtube and type in bigfoot. Click today's videos and look for the above video. I don't know why it isn't working as it should.

Message for Ashlee

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Body From the Past

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What to expect of a bigfoot? Any and everything?