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Monday, December 31, 2012


The article credit below: Title of article is "The Top New Found Species of 2012" and is by Kara Brandeisky. Enjoy.

New Species 2012

Photo from Article

Just Look at That Face!
Click link to go to more new species "discovered" in 2012.
We must not be working hard enough!

Bigfoot Question

What do you, dear reader, think? Comment by clicking no comments just below. Can't wait to hear what you think. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bigfoot Column

On Youtube many videos could very well be of real bigfoots. But it is difficult to determine which ones are legitimate. There are just so many videos claiming to be of the animal; and so many people, both young and old, that delight in trashing the subject with silly and hoaxed videos.

I understand the excitement that children find in bigfoot, especially if they live on the edge of a forest or woods. It’s children’s nature to play, to build forts, to hunt and generally run wild in such fantasy environments. And, of course, children love to dream of being discovered, becoming famous. Walking stick and phone camera in hand, it seems an easy plan to search for bigfoot, snap a photo and let the News media rocket one to fame (thinks the child).

There are many, many such videos of children stomping through the brush whispering and swearing. And swearing the loudest while claiming a bigfoot sighting, camera shaking to the point that the viewer can not even make out something so large as the wide, blue sky. Adults aplenty do the same thing. But I worry most about the children. But don’t we all balance worry with our wish for them to spread their wings and master all that they set their hands to?

We know or can guess why children dream of discovering bigfoot, but why do so many adults find such pleasure in shooting a few seconds of so-called bigfoot footage, publishing it on Youtube and swearing with all their worth it’s the real thing? I’m thinking, for adults anyway it must hark back to thinking the whole subject “funny.”

And why and how did laughing at the mere mention of bigfoot come about? Well, for one thing (simple as it may be), humans laugh when they want something not to be taken seriously or they don’t believe something. Perhaps it is a natural tendency like blinking or holding our breath when under water. Who knows!

For all those people that have been scared out of their wits when they’ve seen a bigfoot, you can be sure that it is no laughing matter. It’s been reported that in some cases a doctor’s help is required to settle a person back to a pre-sighting frame of mind.

That said, here is a Youtube video that may very well be a real sighting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU1zefwApXM Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry

Youtube Video to Enjoy

This video is what you would think he, bigfoot, looks like. I hope it is real. Give a look. Click link below. The video is titled "Bigfoot Sighting in Idaho" and is 41 seconds long.


Thanks Reader Prouty

Mr. Fletcher Prouty,
     I don't think you have my best interest at heart, but I did take the photo you mentioned down. You have a great day. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Friday, December 28, 2012

Sharing Beauty

Photo: photoxpress

Guest Editor-Blogger

Sam Lewis has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot: When did the laughter begin?":

With the passing of time I feel no laughter for the Sasquatch stories. Almeda, Sixes River and Chetco River are a large distance apart but show the same results when men and bigfoot mix.

 My family settled in the Agness area in 1894 and became well aware of the mountain monsters though talk from neighbors and talk of the weird happening up at the Azalea lake area in the 30s and 40s.

Most of the men back in those years backed rifles with them and shot at the strange creatures when they appeared. Just last October a friend and me hiked into Azalea lake . My friend thought he spotted a huge bear track along the lakes edge. After we looked at it close we discovered it was a manlike print only mush larger at 18 inches long.

The track was made months before we found it. By the track we found bones from what we think was a small deer at one time. We scouted around and found 5 more prints of the same animal in different places along the lakes edge.

Back in the 70s the forest service went up there and burned all the old cabins down from Coos Bay Lumber's logging camp. They claimed people were using the cabins to party in but one guy told me the real reason was to discourage people from staying there overnight.

The lake is only accessible by walking in. No roads anymore. Last week a couple and their kids reported a large black upright creature on the top of Agness pass #33 in the snow walking into the treeline.


Thanks for such a great sighting and information. ... LNP

Is it true?

Could a Quantra Team have a live bigfoot in a box? You can see the video by going to Youtube, click in bigfoot and go to today. I would put a link here but for some reason the whole thing isn't working well. Have a grand day and let us know what you think. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bigfoot: When did the laughter begin?

Did the Laughter Begin Here?
It is my opinion that this is where the laughter started when these animals were mentioned. (See article below) The owners and managers of these companies probably laughed  like hyenas when they were questioned about the events. They laughed no doubt to shame the one asking the questions. The questions stopped. After all, who wants to be laughed at.
Dr. Issac S has left a new comment on your post

(December 24, 2009)

The Sasquatch legend is as old as the history of the Oregon Territory itself. But as a few miners of Almeda Mine, near Galice, Oregon found out in 1922, the legend turned out to be a nightmare. Early in the spring of 1922 the Almeda Mine was a constant source of ore for the hungry ING Mining Co. of Denver.

They employed over 230 men to mine the ore. Some of these miners decided that maybe they could find their own ore deposits on down the river.

One morning five of them set out to try their luck. The miners headed into the vast forest of the Rouge River Wilderness.* After looking for two weeks some of them decided that prospecting wasn’t for them. They left to return to Galice in hopes of getting their jobs back.

Somewhere along the trail , something took place that most men can only imagine. One of the miners returned to Galice to tell of his friends being attacked by giant forest monsters. The miner insisted that three of his comrades had been killed by two giant ape-men looking creatures.

A search party was quickly dispatched to the area to stop the flood of wild tales that would certainly spread and make miners quit by the scores. After a week of travel the search party found two of the three missing men dead of an apparent savage attack on them from some unknown animals of the forest. The third man was no where to be found. Only part of his pants and hat were still present at the site. The ground was moist and showed footprints of enormous sizes all around the men’s bodies. After looking for the missing man the search party returned to Galice with the packs of the dead men.

The foreman at the mine told the men to keep quiet about their find or lose their jobs. The searchers went back to work in the mine and nothing was ever said. The man that returned with the story disappeared and thus the story was hushed until Zane Grey a resident of Galice wrote about it in a magazine.

* At one time the Rogue River was spelled this way.


What do you think? When did the laughter begin when these animals were mentioned?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bigfoot ... Funny?

Why be interested in bigfoot/sasquatch?

Talking Bigfoot is what this site is about ...

Original photo: photoxpress

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Concern

Monday, December 24, 2012

And so we wait!

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry

Could it be true? Guess we will just have to wait and see.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Newspaper Column

News is last week, Rick Dyer claims to have killed another bigfoot. Another bigfoot? you ask. We thought, you continue, that the first time he claimed to have killed a bigfoot (freezer hoax) it was proven a hoax. If I have Dyer’s story straight, and I believe I do, he killed a bigfoot, the government took it and he devised a hoax to cover-up the confiscation. Now again he claims to have killed a bigfoot. This would be the bigfoot we’ve all seen on Youtube, the one seen through the tent screen. So, there you have it: Rick Dyer claims to have killed two bigfoots.

Dyer hasn’t said where the body of the bigfoot is being stored. We can only hope it is where “science” can examine it and determine once and for all, bigfoot exists. And, of course, we hope Dyer will share some of the photos of the animal with us.

It seems in most cases as this that hands are tied by agreements of silence or no-disclosure until a documentary is released. We are forced,to hear with great anticipation, of what’s to come, of how great the photos are and we wait and wait for the film to be aired.

The only thing I can think of to salve our collective need-to-know-wound is to say that we have all probably seen a bigfoot. The Patterson-Gimlin film is most likely real.

I’ve been writing about and researching bigfoot for just short of five years now and nowhere have I read that the film has positively been proven a hoax.

It is frustrating since we bigfoot enthusiasts have kept the flame of interest burning high. And now, so to speak, a bucket of cold water has been thrown on that flame by asking us to wait for information. But, the cold facts are─this is the way of the entertainment industry.

Money must be recouped for expenses and so on. While we wait for science, at a crawl, to publish results and film companies to release documentaries, let’s “talk bigfoot.”

Remember, when the dust of discovery has settled, if you’ve seen a bigfoot, you will be part of a very select group. Be proud of your sighting and talk about it now before the animal is proven real. You know how it is; if you wait your motives may be questioned. Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry

Friday, December 21, 2012

A Great Bigfoot Older Sighting

Photo above from video

An older in depth sighting from Maine. The name of the Youtube video is Fisherman Encounters Bigfoot Watching Them From Shoreline (Down East Maine)

The video is 12:30 minutes long and by SnowWalker Prime. Click link to go to the video.


Has Rick Dyer killed a bigfoot for the second time?

Rick Dyer Radio Confirming Kill

In case you would like to hear the radio broadcast where Rick Dyer admits he shot the "tent" bigfoot here is the link. It is a long video. You can drag the moving dot forward to skim through the video if you don't want to invest the time. The video is titled Rick Dyer Radio Show-Confirms Dead Bigfoot and is by zombietom69.


He does sound convincing. What do you think? ... LNP

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Bigfoot Killed?

Comment Please.

It is snowing in Oregon's Bigfoot Country!

Photo: photoxpress

When viewed larger this photo is beautiful. To stay on this site enlarge your screen view to 200%. If you click on the photo to make larger it will take you away from Bigfoot Ballyhoo.


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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bigfoot killed?

Here is the link to the Youtube video that claims Rick D killed another bigfoot.

Hats Off

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Mild Rant

Monday, December 17, 2012

Guest Editor-Blogger JLB

Hello Linda,

Why do you think we are all so desperate for Bigfoot to be proven to exist? Do you think its:

a) so the rest of the world will know that we are not just a bunch of fruit cakes

b) because we are enthralled to hear of the discovery of a new species

c) because we are enthralled to hear of the discovery of a new species that has very human characteristics

d) because we feel that Sasquatch can teach us so much about how to live on our planet

Or maybe....I sometimes wonder if really, deep down, I don't want Bigfoot discovered. Maybe the excitement would be lost?

Hhmmmmm....how would / will you feel if BF is proven to the world?

Great Britain

Thank you for such a great comment. My first reason is none of the above. It has simply to do with safety! If this animal exists, and I believe it does, and if the government knows about it, and I believe it does, we have a right to know about it. Here in this country the Forest Service puts ads on TV encouraging us to take our families to the forests. Even if they come off sounding as if they are not sure about the animal, they should be obligated to tell us what they do know. People have claimed to have been chased by it, followed by it, and stones thrown at them by it. And one of the most disturbing of all, it seems to have a fondness for watching children, and who knows what else. Again thanks for the thoughtful comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Bigfoot Ballyhoo's Visitors Today


High winds in Oregon
Part of the fence blew down
I'm sleepy
The Smithsonian threw away or lost the bigfoot bones file
AND they didn't find bigfoot on

wHAt Do yOU tHInK?


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Sunday, December 16, 2012


I do this online bigfoot magazine to "get people talking bigfoot." Where is the "talk" if you do not comment? If you are on this site, then, you've probably been on others. What are those "other" sites saying about bigfoot? More importantly, what do you say about bigfoot?

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Newspaper Column

It is extremely difficult to write this column in view of the school shootings on the East Coast, last week. Bigfoot/sasquatch seems unimportant right now.

Just to enlarge upon that thought, I’ve always believed this subject is of little importance, considering the problems that face citizens of this troubled world. For some reason, however, this hairy animal has captured the interest of people from all over the planet, including my interest. Perhaps it is just one of many diversions we can cling to in order to combat our sense of helplessness. At any rate, I am obligated to write this column for the weekly newspaper in our area. I’ll do the best I can.

A Youtube video this week mentioned that Dr. Brian Sykes agreed with Dr. Melba Ketchum that bigfoot does indeed exist. It turns out that this was not true. Dr. Sykes’ research isn’t anywhere near to being completed, according to Dr. Jeff Meldrum. So, this announcement was hoaxed. Does this surprise anyone?

The only good thing about having to tell you that this information was untrue is the fact that so many doctors are involved in the research and discovery of bigfoot/sasquatch. I don’t know about you, but just knowing that these learned men and women have the reigns confirms that it is a subject worth getting the straight of. Indeed, many doctors of this-and-that have long been interested in this subject.

Again, I would like to remind everyone that a bigfoot body has been found. The argument that if bigfoot exists why hasn’t a body been found seems to always come up with the subject of bigfoot. The one explaining the absence of bodies will, without fail, begin with one of several arguments, one being that the earth with the help of animals and insects disposes of dead bodies in no time flat. And that is true.

But why not answer the question: Why no body found? with, There has been a body found! This body would be the Columbus Day animal of 1962 with its bones now stored in the Smithsonian. I’ve been emailing the Smithsonian about these bones and so far have nothing positive to report. They claim no numbers exist for the file I give them. Does the Smithsonian destroy files, bones? If they don’t,where are the files?

Linda Newton-Perry with her husband, Christopher Perry, has been writing and researching bigfoot/sasquatch for close to five years. Occasionally the couple takes to the forests of Oregon to search for signs of bigfoot. Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry with Christopher Perry

Friday, December 14, 2012

We will take a day of Quiet.

Photo: photoxpress

We have come to a sad time when we can not protect our children! In view of those lives lost at the East Coast school shooting, we will take a day of quiet at this blog.

When will bigfoot be considered "real"?

Dear Anon, Your question about bigfoot, I did not find funny. The way you phrased the question and the end of the world part, was funny.

All I know is science is slow when it comes to discovering new species. So it will probably be much too long for most of us. Thanks again for commenting.

Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Funny Comment

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "We would love to hear what you have to say...":

Can you predict...just a rough prediction...when Bigfoot will be proven to exist?

...go on...the world is supposed to end next week so what you got to lose!


Great comment!

We would love to hear what you have to say...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Comment

DR SELLTON has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot Ballyhoo Report":

A very simple answer to the questions about why the so-called Bigfoot of 1962 has not been classified as a Sasquatch. In 1962 there was no control sample of a known Sasquatch.

In 2012 we do not have a category for Sasquatch because we have no evidence that the beings people claim to see or the bones from 1962 are in fact a Sasquatch. We cannot merely give something a category until we have sufficient evidence that can hold up to science.

DNA samples are worthless because of no control sample. Saying it came from a Sasquatch doesn't cut the mustard. The sample may have been degraded or mixed with something else. No mentions of the source and who collected it makes me very suspect of any findings.I realize some people want to cut past science to get the Sasquatch/Bigfoot classified anyway possible but it doesn't work like that.

 First we need a body for intense examination of body fluids, bone structure and a battery of nuclear tests and then complete documentation of the entire body mass. Nothing short of this will be excepted. The bones from 62 would only leave more questions than answers. Medical forensics in 62 was far below the threshold now required.

 Thank you for your great comment. ... LNP

Bigfoot Ballyhoo Report

This is the number I speak about on the video #USFS/33058-45333-2944734-AB. The AB stands for animal bones. A USFS employee gave me this number and said the bones were in the Smithsonian. Debbie the lawyer that was working on getting the closed file open also believes this file is with the Smithsonian.

Comment anytime you like, Debbie.

Guest Editor-Blogger

Larry Morris says,

Interesting video! There are few discussions on this topic. Since there is virtually unlimited resources which some has certainly been used to gather statistics and facts by any number of departments of the government, they probably know a lot more than the public.

This leads to more questions of course. Such as, is there any strategy or reasoning behind government actions relating to sasquatch habitat within public lands?

Regarding video link below on Reasoning on bigfoot.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I don't wish any credit!

Monday, December 10, 2012

More on 1962 Dead Bigfoot

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Where's Bigfoot?

Often, while sitting  and looking out over the far, tree-covered mountains, I've  found myself wondering, Where is the nearest bigfoot. Have you ever done this? I wish we had some way of knowing where these beings are at any one time.

Leave a message, coment please. Click the word comments just below.

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Photo courtesy of  Linda Newton-Perry

Photo courtesy of Christopher Perry

I found this while hiking today. At first I thought it was a piece of wadded stake-plastic. It was so bright and didn't seem to fit in. I'll show the video I took today, tomorrow. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Newspaper Column

Rumors are that Melba Ketchum’s peer reviewed research has been rejected. You know, she is the veterinarian from Texas who announced last week that bigfoot/sasquatch is part human, according to her DNA research. It is also claimed that these animals slip into her horse corrals and braid the horse’s manes. And even more bazaar, she claims the sasquatch/bigfoot DNA reveals angel DNA. Mind you, I haven’t read or heard this from the woman’s lips, but since I don’t believe the animal is part human, I tend to discount much of what the woman claims to be “scientific.”

And folks, something else I don’t believe in: evolution. I do not believe that long, long ago nonliving matter simply sprang to life. And what is more, no scientist has seen this either, ever! (Oh sure scientists have produced, in perfect lab conditions, an enzyme or two, but it takes untold numbers of these to produce proteins.) And please be advised, there is no fossil record to back up a slow evolution of any living thing, including man! I believe in an all wise Creator. He made the animals, including humans, in kinds that are not able to cross, that is to produce offspring that can keep on reproducing. Evolution is based on the lie that nonliving matter sprang to life spontaneously. In short, I believe that bigfoot/sasquatch is an animal and nothing more.

Did you know that Canada recognizes sasquatch? (Canadians refer to this animal as sasquatch.) I researched this subject for a few minutes on the Internet, but didn’t find their official stand on the subject. If you know the particulars on their law, please comment on Bigfoot Ballyhoo (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com).

Now, if Canada recognizes the animal, why doesn’t the United States? We certainly have our share of sightings. I wonder how many countries recognize this animal?

My husband and I plan to spend some time in the forest today. The sun should be out after the mist and fog evaporates. We will stay on paved roads since several slides have been reported in our location of Oregon. Just this last week, boulders the size of cars have tumbled down rain-soaked mountainsides, so caution is needed. Cameras and field glasses will be close at hand. We will share our photos with Ballyhoo readers. We never expect to see a bigfoot, but if we do ...

 Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry with Christopher Perry

Friday, December 7, 2012

Bad Things May Happen When You Report a Sighting...

(Dawn could be a woman TV reporter. )

A Youtube Video You May Enjoy...

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry

Reasoning on Bigfoot:

This .44 second video titled "Definitive Proof the US Government Knows Bigfoot Exists" has a point (s) to get you thinking. (My opinion) ... Click link and enjoy.

If you were there ...

If you or a family member saw this dead bigfoot, or a photo of it, why not comment here on Ballyhoo.
My point in all this is to make it clear that a bigfoot body has, since 1962, been found, has been examined. If you know anything about the file that is in the possession of the Smithsonian, please tell us about it.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "More on Columbus Day Bigfoot Body":

In 1962 I was discharged from the USMC and came back to Crescent City to restart my life as a civilian. In October of that year I was working for Simpson Logging out of Smith River CA.

We worked in the area known as Greyback in the first week of that month. When the storm hit it devastated much of the standing timber in the area because of the updraft wind through Cave Junction at over 110 MPH.

After a couple of weeks crews were hired from nearby logging companies to start the removal of the vast amount of downed trees on the roadways. I was assigned to work for Griffy and Laird #4 to help with the removal in the area in between Cave Junction and Crescent City.

That day when we came upon the dead animal under the big fir we didn't know it was a Sasquatch. I didn't know it till 1968 when I learned of the Patterson film. After watching the short film I had realized it was the same type of thing we found in 62.

I can't think of any reason why the story had been silenced. Lots of people had taken snapshots of it before the forest service ordered it removed. I do remember the talk of an ape escape but that was told by the forest service not the crew. It was certainly no ape as we know apes or gorillas.


Thank you so much for the firsthand report. ... Linda Newton-Perry 

More on Columbus Day Bigfoot Body

From Debbie M

Debbie M has left a new comment on your post "Debbie are you watching?":

Hello Linda, as far as I know the files that pertained to the 10/12/62 body have been removed from the DOI now DOA.

It is interesting to me that these documents are not public information. Though there may be some reference in the reports about the animal in question it seems strange as to why the Department of Interior has classified them as closed.

Much time has passed since the unusual find  and has far surpassed any chances of any personal actions either criminal or civil against any persons from that initial time frame.

I'm really at a loss to try to explain what could be in that report and autopsy finding could warrant the action they initiated. What the numbers mean is:4377 is the written report along with 4377-A (autopsy report) included.

I find no reference to them on the DOA physical items list. Best wishes to all and happy holidays.


If you have a moment, will you please tell us how to "begin" to get the file opened to the public? ... Linda Newton-Perry 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Debbie are you watching?

Where would you suggest one start? It would be good to know what you think since you put so much work into it. We are so thankful, Debbie, that you tried. ... Linda Newton-Perry

More on Columbus Day Bigfoot Corpse

New File Number

Read paragraph below and you will see that the DOI offered to have a limited viewing of the bigfoot Columbus Day File. Notice a new number:  DOI File 4377-4377A. If Debbie was able to get this offer perhaps someone else may as well. Debbie is the lawyer that was working for free to get this file opened to the public. She changed jobs and had to quit helping us. Can you take up the cause? Know someone who can?

Tomorrow the 10th May 2010 will send a formal reply to DOI on their offer to have a limited viewing of 4377-4377A I will decline the offer as stated in their return fax. I will inform them that nothing other than full disclosure and viewing of ALL Photos, etc will be accepted. They will pull the offer immediately and we will move forward with filing a conplaint with the FOIA folks for full and unconditional access.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bill Emery

As a matter of fact, friends, Bill Emery has seen a photo of the Columbus Day Storm bigfoot. And so has Buck Hamilton. Hamilton is the man whose family, little girl, was scared at Sru Lake a couple years or so ago. He, Hamilton, said the photo looked much like the animal that he saw at the lake.

Columbus Day Bigfoot #2

Attention: Ghostman52

I'm answering your comment. I wish to see one of Emery's good, clear photos for myself alone. At one time he promised this blog the photos. I followed his team as they searched for bigfoot. I believe they have these photos. I'm not begging them, I'm simply asking to see one of them.

Since Emery will not comment here, I must ask others to comment about him. And, I would like to be in the loop to get info when the photos can be viewed and where. When my husband retires, we will be able to travel in search of bigfoot. Thank you for the invitation. ... Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, December 3, 2012

Bigfoot Bones in the Smithsonian, Maybe!

Correction: The bigfoot body was found several weeks after the storm.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bill Emery, Anyone?

Anonymous has left a new comment:

Hopefully he will hold all of his evidence until this thing blows over with Dr. Ketchum (spelling?). Now you see what happened when you try to bull ahead without the scientific community behind you.

If Bill Emery has or had the best pictures that the world has ever seen of Bigfoot they will still hammer him on it. Hopefully he knows it's gonna take a full dead body before any changes will take place in the eyes of science.


I know, but I'd still like to see one of those photos of Big Clyde. Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry

You are sure to enjoy ...

Photo from Video

Mike from the Bigfoot Discovery Museum talks about a possible Patterson Big Reel documentary.  Click link to take you there.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Enjoy the Sightings Archive

Click on Sightings Archive, top right, to enjoy the sightings that have been sent to us by Bigfoot Ballyhoo's readers.

Newspaper Column

Readers: You need to know that if you file a bigfoot sighting report, a sighting that you’ve had while driving a vehicle, with any police department in Oregon, there is a good chance that you can be charged with filing a false report. And where that may lead is unclear. We thought that this practice had ended.

From information we’ve just received, whether you are charged can depend on the police officer that takes the report. What explanation is given for this false report charge? The state of Oregon does not recognize that the animal bigfoot exists. So, you are filing a false report if you insist on filing.

It seems that citizens aren’t told the consequences of filing a bigfoot report. In the past licenses have been suspended, mandatory head doctor appointments have been required and the like. Many licensed drivers have met with unexpected expenses and inconvenient circumstances simply because they filed a bigfoot report. It can affect your car insurance, we’ve been told, and this treatment of licensed drivers is occurring in several states.

If I were to see a bigfoot while driving or otherwise, I would consider it an event of a lifetime. Wouldn’t you? If we are to believe the news of bigfoot on the Internet, it will not be long before the animal is substantiated as real. Those that have seen the animal are sure to think it’s about time.

Last week Dr. Melba Ketchum, a veterinarian from Texas, announced DNA results that she’s been working on for the past five years. She claims the animal is real, part human, and needs to be protected. She is being criticized because her work has not been peer reviewed and published. She’s prematurely released her work, which may according to some cancel her efforts. The scientific community has strict guidelines on presenting new information to the world. It seems that these guidelines have not been met in Ketchum’s case.

With all that is going on in the world, bigfoot seems to be such a small subject to take up precious time. Some of us bigfoot enthusiasts, however, latch onto all the latest news and revel in it. I guess I should speak for myself. If I didn’t write this column and the Bigfoot Ballyhoo blog, I probably wouldn’t be so concerned. I wouldn’t spend so much time reading about the animal. Hmm... Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry