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Friday, November 30, 2012

Youtube Video

Photo from Youtube Title Page

"I hope some good comes out of this ..." Smeja

I found the man believable. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Click link to take you to the 48:41 minute Youtube video titled "Special Presentation" Justin Smeja "The Man Who Killed Bigfoot." The video is by 25thHourRadioShow.


Guest Editor-Blogger

Clark Watson has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

Well basically we have given police the power to oversee our lives. In some ways it's good but like other things it can be bad for the public too. No law enforcement officer should be able to determine that someone needs medical help after a report of a unusual type sighting.

Police officers are different from person to person in how they deem to handle a sighting. The facts are people have seen these creatures for hundreds of years. So what I'm thinking is Oregon is discouraging reports by turning the sighting from the Bigfoot to the person that reported the sighting.

Oregon does not officially recognize Bigfoot as real so they make a stink with someone that reports a non existent animal. They use the DMV as a tool to punish people for reporting.

Also the money thing is involved so its good for business they believe.

I contacted David House of the DMV in Salem Oregon and asked him about the ongoing practice and he denied it but said other laws may be broken when the police feel the person has made a false report which is unlawful.


Thank you so much for your comment. I really thought that Oregon had quit this practice. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Jill adds more to her sighting ...

(Read original sighting by scrolling down page.)

Jill has left a new comment on your post "Be careful who you report a sighting to in the sta...":

Since I last commented I have taken and passed a polygraph test. What I witnessed was a creature covered in black hair about 7ft in height and several hundred pounds.

The creature walked upright like a human but with a larger stride. The creature's hair was longer on the bottom part of its long arms than the upper part.

Its head had longer hair on it but not to the point of covering its face. The face was very deep jawed and something in between human and ape. The upper body was husky and broad like a weight lifter would be except it was covered with a growth of hair also.

It was raining and the wind was blowing but I got a very good look at it. It came out on the road about 10 feet in front of my car. It looked my way and went up a bank out of sight.

It was getting towards dusk so I went on down the road until I finally found a place that my phone would get out. This sight of the creature left me nervous and almost in a state of panic.

My client had minor surgery and was sleeping in the back seat so my concern was for his safety and mine. I am a caregiver for him. This road is the shortest route to Roseburg and back to Dora so I use it often when transporting him from the VA to home.

I have never seen anything like this creature before. It was no bear or anything I know to live. I found this website from a newspaper owner that was aware of it.Thank You for your sight. I have looked through your older sightings and had no idea there were others so close to this area that have seen one.


Thank you for keeping in touch. Let us know how it works out for you with license suspension etc. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thank you...

 To Whom it Concerns: We appreciate the additional information on the recent sighting. We will not use it. Thank you.

Be careful who you report a sighting to in the state of Oregon.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Guest Editor-Blogger

Bette has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

According to my contacts Oregon slowed this practice but but never truly stopped it, instead it was quietly revived after the legislature failed to put a stop to it.

Where the problem arises is how it is handled by off record or a physical report.

It depends on the police officer handling the report. If the officer does not believe in bigfoot then you've got a problem.


Thank you for your comment. I really thought they stopped this behavior. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Guest Editor-Blogger

Guest Editor-Blogger: Bette the former DMV gal has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot Sighting":

Oregon is like most states when it comes across Bigfoot reports. They automatically think the person is a whack or ill.

We will never stop this kind of state abuse till Sasquatch is documented as real.

I feel bad for this lady but could have told her the battle was uphill for her. They will determine that she needs to be re-evaluated and put her through a battery of test.

She even could potentially face criminal charges that she faked a police report even if she passes the lie detector test.

Please folks beware of your law enforcement people that you report too. They are all different on the way they handle these reports.


I thought that this sort of thing was no longer being done? Thanks for the comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

And...Why Not Bigfoot?


Elephants exist. So why not bigfoot? What is your opinion? Comment your reply. (Click no comments below to comment.)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bigfoot Sighting

Guest Editor-Blogger: Jill
Attention: "Oregon still not that friendly about Bigfoot reports."

I am a female, 49 years old and in good health. Last Monday while driving from the VA hospital in Roseburg, Oregon, I caught sight of a very large hair covered animal or wild human or both.

I was on The Coos Bay Wagon Rd. heading west for Dora to my clients home then home to North Bend.

I clearly viewed the "creature" as it walked upright on two legs across the road and up a steep bank. I called the Douglas County Sheriffs Office then the OSP office in Coos Bay as per instructions. I explained to them what I saw and told them that I did want to make a report.

Well, almost right away I was treated like a nut job. The game officer that contacted me ask if I was on some medication that would cause me to see such a thing as I reported. My answer was and still is NO. I KNOW WHAT I SAW. The officer told me I needed to come in and talk!. OK I did that, but somewhere along the talk it turned to ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO PROCEED WITH THIS STORY?

I repeated my sighting but to winking eyes at the other patrol present and muffled laughter. Will you take a polygraph test? he asked. Yes I will I informed him, and it was there when he said I WILL HAVE TO REPORT THIS TO SALEM DMV.

I don't know what they are going to do but I will not be bullied into telling them it was some other animal that I mistaken for the "Creature."

I called the TV station in my area for a possible interview and asked them if they would follow with this report. The answer was maybe if our director will allow it. Still no answer. The people who claim Oregon is not harassing people over Bigfoot reports clearly don't know what the facts are.


Thank you for this information. If you've been reading this site for a while then you know at one time Oregon suspended drivers licenses when a driver reported a bigfoot sighting that they'd had while driving. Please keep us informed as we were told that this is no longer the case.  We would love to hear more about the sighting. Anything you can think of would be great. Was it  night or day? How big etc. Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry

I made a Youtube video of this sighting. I read your comment. Go to Youtube and type in sasquatch or bigfoot for today and you will see it.

A Place to Start...

Photo taken off computer screen of article mentioned below.

Just so that you can keep up with the latest on this subject,
click link to take you to an article titled "Bigfoot is
 part human, DNA Study Claims" by Benjamin Radford.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Enjoy This Youtube Video

Take a break and enjoy these beautiful scenes of Washington and Oregon. The name of the video is "Washington/Oregon Beauty." The video is 4:56 minutes long and by Johannes Courtens. The music is wonderful as well. Refresh yourself! Enjoy. (Bigfoot loves it here!)



Bigfoot Country

Photo by Linda Newton-Perry

Bigfoot could be behind any one of these trees, swaying slowly back and forth to get a glimpse of a human. Or, he could be rolled up on the ground with a big hand covering his nose and eyes. Have you seen a bigfoot? Tell us about it. Comment.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Simple Question

I deleted the question. After thinking about it, I felt it was in bad taste to leave up. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Bill Emery's Blood Samples

You may enjoy reading the following information given to us by Bill Emery. If you will remember Emery along with two other men ... Well anyway, enjoy. He writes about blood sample results that he collected.


(From Bigfoot Ballyhoo's Archives)

Chimpanzees and Humans

This photo from Photoxpress

When you are reading these DNA Studies, please remember, "Science" claims that chimpanzees and gorillas are our closest relatives. THEY ARE A LONG WAY FROM BEING HUMAN!

Information You May Enjoy Reading

"SASQUATCH: Bigfoot DNA Has Been Sequenced In A 5 Year Long Study

'Bigfoot' DNA Sequenced In Upcoming Genetics Study

Five-Year Genome Study At DNA Diagnostics Yields Evidence of Homo sapiens/Unknown Hominin Hybrid Species in North America" ( < Word for Word From the website Sierra Tahoe Bigfoot Research)

Click link to take you to article.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mike Rugg Interview

Click link to take you to a 9:25 minute Youtube video by thebigfootreport. The title of the video is "Researcher Mike Rugg talks about his Bigfoot Sightings and Academic Bias." You will enoy it.


Newspaper Column

I'm Not a Bigfoot Researcher!

I want to make it clear that I’m a bigfoot/sasquatch enthusiast. Because I’m an enthusiast, I write about the animal.

I’ve done a little prowling the forests, looking for bigfoot, but hiking and enjoying the forests would be more accurate. Where bigfoot is concerned chance-encounters are the norm. Seldom, it seems, does deliberate searching reward one with so much as a glimpse.

I for a short while mustered a little bravery, took my camera and by myself looked for bigfoot. I was scared several times, not by any animal, but by humans. I did carry a handgun, but the whole while I was thinking if someone wanted to take advantage of me, a lone woman, it would be easy enough to do. You know the routine: the culprit is friendly, gets too close and overpowers the woman. All the time the woman thinking that never would such a kind-appearing individual hurt her. So, I quit going to the forest by myself. I only go now when my husband or son accompanies me. I suppose men can have the same thoughts and fears, especially if they are unarmed.

One of the times I deliberately went searching for a bigfoot was at the Oregon Caves. I was with my son and felt safe. Hikers, we understood, were not supposed to carry a weapon and so we left ours in the trunk of the car. I can honestly say that I’m thankful we didn’t see a bigfoot on this particular hike. For one thing we, hikers in general, weren’t supposed to be on this trail. It wasn’t open to the public yet.

Because we were in a hurry and wanted to get our hike in, we just breezed by the Oregon Caves’ office. I will say there were no signs on the trail indicating that it was closed. There should have been a sign! The three hour hike took us five hours to complete. We ran into deep snow covering the trail. We slipped and fell often. One of the times, I fell through while on a snow-bridge that spanned a rushing creek. One leg went through. I lost my shoe and was sliding down toward a drop-off that would have landed me in the creek twenty or thirty feet below. My son rescued me. He jumped the bridge not knowing whether he’d fall through or not, reached back with a walking stick and pulled me to safety.

If we’d any time glimpsed bigfoot we would have been scared out of our mind, and probably been hurt in our haste to finish the hike.

Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry

Friday, November 23, 2012


Guest Editor-Blogger: Don

After 35 years of hiking and camping in the deep mountains, I was surprised one day by a creature or animal I didn't really believe in the existence of.

The encounter happened back in 1977 up on a ridge line 16 miles from Noti, Oregon. I was sitting on a downed log eating lunch when this animal came up behind me and threw a chunk of wood towards me.

I turned around and quickly sighted a large gorilla-type creature walk from one stump to another on 2 large feet. The creature was not an ape one might see in a zoo, but quite different looking. As I remember the creature was something of a mixture between ancient man and gorilla.

I know this sounds incredible and not believable to most but its true. I was in complete panic because of its actions towards me. It began beating a large rock into the stump looking directly at me. Its eyes seem to burn into mine.

After a short time the creature then bound off into the thick woods. I got the feeling from this creature that if I would of stood up or made any movement towards it I would regret it.

The body of this thing was massive. At 6"2 and 239 pounds I [was] dwarfed [by] the size of it. Never again was I ever to see such a sight as that day. Now I believe that Sasquatch is real but small in numbers.


Thank you, Don, for the great sighting. ... Linda Newton-Perry 

Older Sighting You May Enjoy

Drawing by Linda Newton-Perry, effects by BeFunky
26 Thrown over embankment

(Clarence Bosch)
May 5, 2010)

... I found myself in the target of one of these animals in 2008. My ordeal was in Northern California, twenty miles from the Oregon border. I was assigned to do a survey for the California Department of Forestry.

In the late afternoon, I was packing up the pickup with the survey tools when I heard a low grunt somewhere behind me. As I kept on with my packing I found myself being picked up and thrown over the steep embankment beside the truck. After being dazed a moment or two I went into shock.

I could hear some thing above me literally tearing the equipment apart in the truck bed. I remained very still hoping this animal would not attack me again. As I became more conscious I realized I was bleeding from a bad cut on my arm. It finally became silent up above at the truck so I slowly crawled up the bank to the pickup.

It was then I saw a huge upright male bigfoot eating three oranges, peelings and all out of the destroyed cooler in the back. Then this giant animal let out a cry or scream that I will never ever forget. It was so loud it seemed to shake the trees.

He soon left taking huge strides with each step. I was able to crawl into the pickup and go down the mountain calling for help on my cell phone. The dispatcher told me the EMTs would meet me at Lower Tandy Creek Campground. It was about a half hour when I came across a couple coming up the road. They took me to the EMTs and I went to the hospital in Crescent City.

Right away the BS started about what had attacked me. After some discussion the forestry people announced that I had been attacked by a black bear. I was told under no circumstances was I to repeat to anybody that a huge bigfoot was really to blame if I desired to keep my job.

This is why people do not tell the authorities about dangerous encounters with bigfoot.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Reading the paper...

Here I am reading the paper my column comes out in each week. The paper covers all of Douglas County Oregon. If you've seen a bigfoot please "comment" your experience. Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Reasoning on bigfoot ...

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bigfoot Country

Photo by Linda Newton-Perry
Sharing Beauty

Are you a bigfoot believer?

We have been publishing this site for almost five years now. We enjoy getting comments from you readers. And I'd like to see you join as a follower. Scroll down to left hand column sign up area. Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Youtube Video You May Enjoy.

Click link to take you to the Youtube video: The Erickson Project Documentary Trailer. The trailer is 4:31 minutes long and by Bigfoot Evidence. Enjoy.


Newspaper Column

The TV program Finding Bigfoot is current and back on the air. The program seems to be very popular. On Youtube now, you will find several video snippets of the Finding Bigfoot Team being interviewed, singularly and as a group.

An example: Bobo, the tall longhaired one, was on the Conan O’Brien show where he talked about the huge amounts of money he feels will soon be pumped into proving that bigfoot/sasquatch exists.

He made this statement after mentioning that a man in California killed two of these animals and a steak-size piece of flesh was cut from one of the bodies and is now being analyzed. These samples, hair, blood, flesh, believed to be from the animal, in the past, have always come back as unidentifiable, not from a known source.

In other words, there is an unidentified animal thrashing through the forests of this world, just as unnumbered humans know full well from their personnel sightings.

Much controversy exists as to whether this man from California actually killed two bigfoot/sasquatch. If Bobo from the Finding Bigfoot TV program believes it happened, then I do too. Certainly these men and women from the program should have resources to determine if the story is true or not.

Changing the subject: Cliff Barackman, one of the Finding Bigfoot Team, posted on his website that a great place to look for bigfoot evidence might be below bridges. Why? It has been discovered that deer caught on a bridge when traffic looms will jump over the side not knowing that they are jumping into air. Bigfoot/sasquatch, reasonably and probably, prowl these areas for sustenance.

It is good that bigfoot/sasquatch “talk” is becoming commonplace or more so anyway. Several of my friends, last week, mentioned to me that there is a lot about bigfoot on TV, lately. Considering that our world is fraught with turmoil, it is amazing to me that anyone gives much thought to this animal. But, there you have it; a few people are interested in this giant of the forest. One person said last week, on TV or Internet, that what makes bigfoot/sasquatch so interesting is the ever-present controversy. Oh yes, there is controversy. But remember, it was difficult at one time to convince doctors that infectious germs exist. The proof came only when they observed for themselves these germs in the lens of their microscopes. If you’ve seen a bigfoot report it, or at least talk about it. Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry

Friday, November 16, 2012

Video with Finding Bigfoot's Bobo

Original photo from video: effects Befunky
Click link to take you to the 1:47 minute Youtube video "Bobo Has Perfected His Sasquatch Call." There are longer videos of this same Conan O'Brien TV show. The video is by Sasquatch Watch Canada. Enjoy.

On one of the other videos Bobo talks about the two bigfoots killed in California. Sounds like Bobo believes this really happened. I'm glad to know this.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fiction Story

You are invited to read the story "The Hairy Men of the High Mountain Forests" by Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry. The following is the preface. Please scroll down to the above illustration in right hand column to go to story.

(Story for adults and older teens.)


In North American Indian lore, there have been uncountable stories told of certain tribes leaving their unhealthy children for the hairy men (Bigfoot/Sasquatch) of the forest to rear.

In part, this story is of such a boy. When finally his father made the decision to take him deep into the high mountain forest, the boy seemed to do little else but cry. He ate little, walked with much effort and had not learned more than three or four words.

The opinion of the Chief of this tribe was that if the boy were his, he’d place the child into the hands of the ancient hairy men of the mountains.

The handsome and much loved two-year-old was the couple’s first child. The young parents, however, were convinced by the tribe’s elders that their child would soon perish if he were not allowed to walk freely the good earth and to breathe deeply of the wide sky, which only the hairy men of the deep forests and high mountains could provide, could oversee.

(The Hairy Men of the High Mountain Forests is a work of fiction, as are the characters in the story.)

Youtube video to enjoy.

Origingal photo from video

Click link to take you to a 1:29 minute video by aol. The name of the video is "You've Got Matt Moneymaker & Cliff Barackman." The two talk about what bigfoot is. And more.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Have you been to the forest lately? Tell us about bigfoot/sasquatch sightings in your area. You do not have to use your name. We simply enjoy talking bigfoot here on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, November 12, 2012

Talking Bigfoot

Here is a video on Youtube you may enjoy.

Click link to take you to the video "cryptozoology" by CBSNewsOnline. The video is 7:19 minutes lone. Enjoy.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Visit Bigfoot Country

You can  just about smell the ocean air in this beautiful Youtube video of the Oregon Coast. The name of the video  is "Video Neahkehnie Mountain--Oregon Coast." It is 3:45 mins long by flyingfish747. Click link below to enjoy.


A Word From Bigfoot

Photo effects by Befunky

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Youtube Video to Enjoy

Click link to take you to the Youtube video entitled "Bigfoot Captured Video At Mink Creek, Idaho 1212 by thebigfootreport. The video is short, just 1:52 minutes long and features Dr. Jeff Meldrum. Enjoy.

It really looks like it could be a sasquatch. See for yourself.


Newspaper Column

The caldron of bigfoot discovery is bubbling, almost to the point of boiling over. Many believe this interest, this movement, is good for the public. Why? Well, for a couple things, the subject bigfoot/sasquatch is not one whit funny to those who have witnessed the animal for themselves. And, of course, it isn’t funny to those who have studied the subject and are convinced these beings exist.

It seems documentaries and TV series are rumored daily to be in the works. And on Youtube videos, real and hoaxes, are plentiful. And how does this frenzied, knowledge-spewing activity of late affect citizens of planet Earth? It’s been reported that more and more people are taking up hiking and camping as a result of forced frugality (loss of jobs, etc.). If this is a fact, then, bigfoot/sasquatch falls into the realm of information needed, required, as never before.

This is off subject a little, but here goes: A few decades ago my young son was swimming merrily in an Oklahoma lake. His grandmother and I were sitting in the shade watching him when we spotted a cottonmouth swimming straight at us. We moved quickly from our perch and ordered Rob out of the water. I was stunned to see the huge snake, but since it is a fact cottonmouths can be found in Oklahoma, not that stunned. We didn’t say, “It’s just a common old ....” No, we knew exactly what sort of snake it was and we took the correct action.

Now, if we see a bigfoot/sasquatch on one of our hikes, or he thumps on the top of our tent, what are we to do? Should we yell at him? Should we bolt from the tent and make for the trees? Should we chase him with a stick? Should we hunker into a ball and hope he goes away? The point is, we don’t know what to do when we encounter bigfoot.

Remember too, the Forest Service has ads on TV encouraging us to take our families to the forest. Did you know that a few Forest Service employees have reported seeing bigfoot? Did you know that policemen have seen and reported seeing bigfoot? So, unofficially these agencies know about bigfoot/sasquatch. Perhaps all these TV programs, Youtube videos, blogs and so on will prove to be a positive thing, positive in that when we snap our TV’s and computers off, we will at least wonder about the animal. No doubt we will have questions and one will be: Can it be possible that such an animal exists?

Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry with Christopher Perry

Finding Bigfoot to Start Sunday

The TV Program Finding Bigfoot will start this Sunday. Click link to read more.


Friday, November 9, 2012

Sighting: Bigfoot Gathering Mushrooms? #68


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Just thinking ...":

#69 Archives

Linda, I have had two encounters right here in the valley near Alpine-Monroe area and one while I lived in Ohio while in a tent camping at the Salt Fork state park area that you see on the Finding bigfoot show.

Each time it is a very scary time as I know each one has got to have a different personality and the belief that they will never hurt you should never be reported to the John Q public, like these shows you see on Television.

The last encounter was the worst as far as scared because I was hunting mushrooms and wasn't even giving it a thought that it was possible to see one again. I was just coming over the top of the hill and was just about to go over  and go down, when I got this feeling something was looking at me; the hair stood on the back of my neck.

I know this feeling and if you are ever in the woods and you get this feeling, don't ignore it and start looking around. I looked down the hill and there he stood about 50 yards away, coming uphill. He hid behind a slag pile and was stomping his feet for some reason and let out a roar that to this day, still will wake me up at night.

He then started making a noise like a chattering sound and it sounded like a person behind me was trying to say something in words but I could not understand it, nor saw anything. He could have come up that hill in three steps if he had wanted to and did me physical damage.

I did not want to be between him and his family, so I went down the right side of the hill on a newly made logging trail. I was shaking so bad when I got to the truck that I swore I would never go into the woods again, at least by myself, but have been out there many times since.

I love your site and try to read it everyday if possible. Wish more people would comment and wish I could see the one at Sru Lake. I would love to hear from others that would like to go camping there to see if we could lure that mean, not scared of people damaging sucker out. We'd have proof then.

Thanks again Linda and have a great Holiday.

Thank you very much for your great comment. Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Youtube Video to Enjoy

This video shows several bigfoots that many consider are the real deal. Mainly the video examines the head and face of the tent-window  bigfoot video that's been on Youtube for a few weeks now.

Click on link below to take you to the video entitled "#2 of 80 Camper films Auburn Bigfoot Twice Galaxy Note" by Jack Barnes Jeff Andersen


Just thinking ...

This message is to my readers that have been coming to this site from the beginning. Since this site is mainly for "talking bigfoot/sasquatch" I'd really appreciate it if you'd do just that. It only takes a second to type a comment. I spend a lot of time on the site and ... You get the point! Join in the "talk." Let's hear what you have to say. Thanks, LNP

P.S. Marcy are you all right?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Another Bigfoot Sighting Read By LNP


Why do you believe in bigfoot? Comment an answer and we may highlight it as an article. Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, November 5, 2012

News Article

Click link to take you to the article Scientist Wants to Search for Bigfoot Using Blimp by Laura Auckerman of Reuters.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Linda Reads Newspaper Column for this Week

Friday, November 2, 2012

Guest Editor: Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "An Older Newspaper Article You May Enjoy":

Gordon is right on the mark about the Bigfoot migrating up and down the state. A case in point was the Bigfoot dubbed "Big Clyde". By its description it is the very same male I encountered back in 1977 over on Bear Camp road in July of that year.

 The animal was a full grown male and had only one eye visible to me. It was clear to me the animal at some time had some sort of trauma to his face and missing eye. This was years before the stories up a Sru Lake came out. At that time I made a full and complete report to fish and game about the encounter. I was no more than 100 ft from the Bigfoot standing on the road.

That's why I get so mad when I read that the Sru Lake sightings were proclaimed hoaxes by some individuals that have never seen him and want to make news anyway they can with accusations of some fraud.

If you do the work, you can see where that same bigfoot may very well have been the one seen near the Oregon Caves.  If it's not the same its very near the size of the one I encountered.


Thank you for your sighting and great comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

An Older Newspaper Article You May Enjoy

This article from an Oregon newspaper, The Sentinel, Nov. 22, 2000.

To the editor:

For many, many years now, people in Coos County and surrounding areas have reported seeing an ape-like creature while hunting, fishing, or at work. This simply can not be put off as a “bunch of nuts” having hallucinations.

If you read about the history of Coos County, you will find references to many of these sightings. I can give you some data on sightings within the last 50 years. Of course we are all aware of the legendary wild man of Sixes River back in the eighteen hundreds.

More recent sightings include ten loggers in 1958 on Mink Creek and in 1965 several sightings by a ranch east of Myrtle Point. In 1972, four river boat rafters saw what they thought was an ape man-like creature standing on Chandler Bridge above Dora.

In another case, a road crew building a logging road on Baker Creek just north of Powers observed a creature walking down a ride line from the road. This was in 1978. The road was being constructed for the Murphy Logging Company out of Mapleton.

In1983, an off-the-road log truck driver for Weyerhauser spotted what he described as a giant hairy animal standing on two feet. This was at Twenty-Two Mile Bridge on the Dellwood side. Another story of a BLM timber cruiser along with a timber buyer from a mill in Coos County described a similar creature just last year on Deadhorse Road above Sitkum.

Are all of these people nuts? Are they all having some sort of breakdown? Or are they simply the unlucky ones who have seen a “yet to be discovered” species? Remember doctors, lawyers, police officers, forest service personnel and many other people from all walks of life, people who have absolutely nothing in common with each other, have been ridiculed and called nuts by the general public. It is no wonder that more people do not come forward to help solve this mystery. I feel sorry for the three people who recently had an encounter with two of these unknowns. I hope it does not ruin their lives like it has so many others.

V.L. Billings


D.S. submitted this article. I don't have permission to use his name so will just use his initials. Thank you, D.S.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Short Youtube Video you may Enjoy

Photo from Video
Click link to take you to the video entitled Les Stroud's Bigfoot Encounter by BigfootEvidence. It is 1:52 minutes long.