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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Read the sighting for yourself. (Video Below)

photo: photoxpress

Go to Bigfoot Ballyhoo Archive Site, Column Top Right. Click and scroll to number 65. Enjoy.

Sighting Read by Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Believers that worry... WHY?

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry

Are you a bigfoot believer? Do you believe we should worry about the animal? Will it survive? Do you believe all the TV programs helps or hurts bigfoot? Comment. We would love to know what you think. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, October 27, 2012

From Good Morning America Archives

This photo from the video.

Click link to go to the 6:20 minute Youtube video entitled "Bigfooter Paul Freeman on Good Morning America." (From the Michael Dennett Seattle Archives of Skeptics.) Enjoy.


This week's bigfoot newspaper column

The news circulating on the web is that Spike TV will be filming a new bigfoot series. Several teams will be searching for bigfoot and the team that proves the animal exists will win ten million dollars. For those of us that believe bigfoot exists and actually go into the forest looking for the animal this is exciting news. Is this what it will take for the animal to be “discovered”?

The money is certainly an incentive to get a person’s feet wet, to possibly endure poison oak or poison ivy. But will a group of people thrashing through the brush really have a chance to snap a good photo or video of bigfoot? I only know of one team that was successful in photographing bigfoot.

Two members of the ESP Team spent the night hidden under thick ferns and forest brush to get a glimpse of the animal they named Big Clyde. A bigfoot had been observed in the area so the team decided to simply hide and wait. It worked. Photos were taken, but the good clear photos are yet to be seen by the public. You can view one of the team’s fuzzier photos by going to Bigfoot Ballyhoo on the web. The photo is in the right-hand column of the site. Bigfoot Ballyhoo’s web address is www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com.

Some readers might wonder if Chris and I have been asked to be part of the bigfoot series. Well no, not a word or invitation from anyone. But, perhaps the invitation was one of the emails I didn’t dare open, fearing it might contain a virus. You just never know about these things. I would no doubt be very difficult to work with. I’d be too pushy in my opinions and for a certainty I’d not allow just any and all photos and videos taken of me to be published. I only publish flattering photos of myself. So, you see, even if I were asked to be part of the TV series, I’d have to turn them down. I would, however, like to mention that I know of several places here locally where a bigfoot has been spotted. Okay let’s move on to another subject.

I’ve been reading aloud the bigfoot sightings submitted to Bigfoot Ballyhoo and from the newspaper column. I’ve also compiled them in written form.

Again, go to Bigfoot Ballyhoo and click on the archive box at top right. (Go to Ballyhoo or Youtube to view them being read.) I’ll soon be through reading the sightings, so if you have a sighting please email it to me at lnewtonperry@hotmail.com. You do not have to give your name. I read only the sightings where the animal was actually observed.

Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry with Christopher Perry

TV Segments about Bigfoot

Click link to go to  Youtube video "KATU Local TV Bigfoot Segments" by Matthew Crowley. The video is 7:33 minutes long. Enjoy.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bigfoot Sighting #64

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sighting Read by Linda Newton-Perry #63

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sasquatch has a question...

Bigfoot Sightings

Check out our list of sightings. Click on top right-hand column for list. The sightings are in order submitted to Ballyhoo.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Youtube video you may enjoy.

Scott Carpenter explains why bigfoot does not come near an infrared trail cam. Click link to take you to the video tittled "The Bigfoot and Infrared." The video is 4:56 minutes long.


You will enjoy this Youtube video...

Photo taken from video.

Click link to take you to the Youtube video "Dr. Jeff Meldrum On The Falcon Project and Bigfoot DNA" by BigfootEvidence. The video is 6:38 minutes long. Enjoy!

Barry, it is really a sad situation that we will not get to see the documentary, for who knows how long! And the remaining photos of Big Clyde, I guess we will not be able to see them either.  This really is upsetting. I do thank you for your comment. ... LNP

Guest Editor-Blogger

Barry Holten SOBS has left a new comment on your post "Anyone know about Bill Emery?":

Ive been hearing things regarding ESP. As far as the latest, the company that filmed the video has had funding problems according to Shasta-Trinity Co founder Larry Wilder and a close friend of mine.

Rogue Wilderness is based out of Ashland and recently had a court case against them that they lost. Larry stated that the holding of the small Co is now in probate.

I haven't heard anything new about any of the ESP team. You did know of course they stopped bigfooting during the summer because Emery went to Alaska for 2 months.

Then again a person that knows Saxton said the ranger district was not happy about the release of something in the doc. Most of the stuff I hear is from other people talking. I did see Emery up at Buck Creek in May but I never talked with him. He was with another person that does work in that district.


Thank you so much Barry for your comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Newspaper Column

There, without question, have been an increased number of sasquatch conferences, get-togethers and so on in just the last five years. What does this mean? It means the public is interested in this animal.

The TV programs that reenact sightings do an excellent job of prodding our imagination. Superb illustrations, animated and still, allow us to peer into misty forests to glimpse the shadowy forms of these animals. Most of us can not spend time hiking the forests at night, nor do we wish to. So, these programs, web sites and so on do us a great service. It is safe to say that most of us will never see a sasquatch in the wild. We simply have to rely on amateurs and scientists to film and document these animals.

The consensus is, right now plenty of videos and photos of this animal exist. It is just a matter of sorting through the hoaxed material, material that’s in reality dark tree trunks and so on. We mention this to ward off the amateur camera buff, looking to make a million with just that perfect photo. It goes without saying that great clear photos of the animal will always be needed and welcome. But don’t plan on landing your retirement fund with this endeavor. The odds are, it is not likely to happen.

It seems we are nearing the time, if we aren’t there already, that the men and women educated in the subject of new species should step forward and take the lead. There seems to be more than enough quirky, edgy-amateurs blowing their own horns in this arena of sasquatch discovery (our opinion completely). If you love the idea of helping in the discovery of sasquatch, and you are determined to spend time in the forest, you would be wise to collaborate with an expert. You would then be grounding your efforts in solid science.

With fall here and winter fast approaching do be careful while enjoying the forests and the hiking trails. Fall leaves, as well as remote hiking trails, can be slippery. While you enjoy your time in the forest do take time to check the tree line, take note of the smells and watch for subtle signs of sasquatch. But, of course, you probably do that already, since you are reading this column. Until next week, have a grand week.

Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry are the authors of several bigfoot children’s books and a Viking Age Novel, Forced Blood The Norseman.

Friday, October 19, 2012


Perry reads sighting report #62

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sighting, older, read by Perry

Read this report by clicking on top of right hand column and scrolling down to number 61.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Anyone know about Bill Emery?

Another sighting, older, ...

This sighting is number 60. If you would like to read this sighting, click on top right colmn and scroll to 60. Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry

Sasquatch Sighting ...

Monday, October 15, 2012

Help to find bigfoot ...

Click link to take you to the article by Science on NBCNEWS.com entitled "Bigfoot Research Gets Lift From Stealth Airship."


How did Perry become interested in sasquatch?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Want to see something really cute?

A tiny bear just can not stay awake! Click link to take you to Youtube video by BigfootEvidence. It is only 55 seconds long.


Read sighting below...

The sighting Iron Mountain read below is number 59. You can read it for yourself by clicking at top of right-hand column and scroll down to #59.

Reading, sighting Iron Mountain, older

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Youtube Video

Photo from Youtube Video

Click link to take you to an interview of the late Richard Stubstad who is said to have cracked the code on DNA bigfoot research. The video is by thebigfoot report and is 15:53 minutes. You will enjoy it and learn much.


A Youtube Video "Bigfoot DNA?"

Click link below to go to a 1:05 minute video by Animal Planet: Finding Bigfoot: Sasquatch DNA Found?


Newspaper Column...

We, my husband and I, hiked about one half of the trail around Cooper Creek Reservoir last week. We found it easy to hike. But, please be careful when wet as the trail is not rocked or mulched. One could easily slip and fall.

 We snapped several beautiful photos of the lake peeking through the trees. Fall colors added much to the beauty of the trail. The leaves of one tree were translucent pink. I named the photo I took, Venetian-Glass Pink. It is wonderful having such a beautiful trail to hike so close to home. We intend to use it often.

While on the trail I looked for sasquatch tracks in the powdery dirt and along the edge of the lake. I found nothing indicating the animal had been there. I did stop often and scan the trees just in case he was peeking at us from behind one. We didn’t smell or hear anything to indicate a sasquatch was near.

A couple of years ago, east of Cooper Creek, in the hills above Plat K Road, a sasquatch might have been observed. No one can say for sure, but an animal was observed in a clear cut. A local couple watched through field glasses as a large animal scrubbed its back on a tree and then walked off and out of sight on two legs. Do remember, we here in Douglas County, Oregon, share our forests with all kinds of glorious animals, and that may include sasquatch.

In November, the TV show Finding Bigfoot will begin its third season. I watch the show. My husband doesn’t. Chris feels it is always the same, with nothing much to learn. But, it’s all we have and I like keeping informed on the latest news of sasquatch “discovery.”

I still feel it is only a matter of time before the animal is proven real. Of course, I felt this way almost five years ago when I first started this column. I try to stay positive as much light has been shed on the animal’s behavior from the snatches of information contained in private Youtube videos and the many sites and blogs on the Internet. If you’ve had a sighting let us know. Write this paper or comment on our online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo (www.bigfootbally.blogspot.com).

Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry.

From our hike...

We didn't see any signs of sasquatch on our hike. But, the colors of fall were glorious. It's hunting season so be careful hiking the trails of Oregon. The area we hiked has been closed to hunting for many years, but still we heard  a rifle report far off.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Sharing Beauty...

Photo: Linda Newton-Perry

This view of above photo does not reveal the beauty of the pink leaves. I've named this photo, Venetian-glass Pink. Click on the photo for larger view. If you do click on the photo it will take you away from this site.  I took this on our hike yesterday. ... LNP

#58 Bigfoot Sighting

Our Hike

Photo by Linda Newton-Perry

We hiked around this lake yesterday. What fun. Tell us about your hikes, especially if you're watching for a sasquatch.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Going hiking and watching for signs of bigfoot ...

It's hunting season in Oregon. Where we are going today hunting hasn't been allowed for years. Perhaps bigfoot knows this as well. A bigfoot (a possible bigfoot) has been seen in the general area. Chris, my husband, and I love to hike. I'll share photos later today. Please comment, and tell your friends about our site where we encourage the viewers to "talk bigfoot."

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thank you.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Comment Please.

My biggest joy is when I get comments. Even if all you say is Hey! This site is and always has been a place to "talk bigfoot." In order to do this we need you readers to TALK! Thank you for considering my request. ... Linda Newton-Perry

To comment click the  word (1) comment at bottom of this post.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Path of a sasquatch.

Photo courtesy of Cole Saxton

A sasquatch was seen here. Do you know where this is? This is an older sighting, but I thought I'd see if you were paying attention. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, October 7, 2012

If these guys exist ...

Photo: photoxpress
Why not sasquatch?

Comment from Youtube Video

I read the Columbus Day Storm newspaper column on Youtube and this is a comment from that reading.

... But, There is a story of a family who found legs with the feet attached, here in Arizona, and not belonging to any known animal.

Fish & Game took one of the legs, never returning, when they said that they would, with results from testing.

The other leg was buried and never found again.

Fish & Game know about bigfoot, so the government knows.

100% Guaranteed!

AzBirdDog 5 hours ago

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Newspaper Column

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Columbus Day storm of 1962. Any alive today that witnessed the storm, still talk about it. It did billions in damage.

This Pacific Northwest storm’s high winds killed 48 people and one sasquatch. People remember the storm, but few remember the decaying sasquatch found under a fallen fir. The animal was found by a clearing crew on Dew Ridge Access Road on Greyback near O’Brien.

The clearing crews were instructed to report anyone found dead. This huge furry “thing” under the fir raised questions. No one knew for sure what it was. The facial features were human-like. It appeared to be female and possibly pregnant. We can only imagine the curiosity aroused to any fortunate enough to actually have laid eyes on this rare sight. Did they nudge it with the toe of their heavy work boot? Did they stroke its fur? Did they count its sausage-thick fingers, its thick hairy toes? Probably all of the above occurred.

And what is more exciting, photos were taken of it. How do we know? For one, these photos were rounded up by those in charge. It was claimed that it was against policy for any to keep photos in such an event. It was hinted, if not actually said, that to keep a photo could be breaking some vague government law. But a few of these photos were not turned over to those rounding them up. They remained with those snapping the photos. And now these photos are yellowing in their photo albums or those of their families’.

Many folks can recall seeing one of these photos tacked to the door of a cafe/pub in the area. It was on the door for many years until a fire destroyed the establishment.

When we first mentioned this animal on the online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, a family offered to email one of these photos that had escaped the photo roundup. But, again, this breaking of a law reared its head and we declined the offer. It was a difficult decision, since it’s rare to see one of these animals in the wild. At this time, however, unnumbered photos and videos can be viewed on the Internet. But, always we wonder, are we looking at the real thing. For some strange reason hoaxes are common where sasquatch is concerned.

We encourage those that have seen a sasquatch to talk about it. You will find many sites on the Internet where you can report your sighting. On Bigfoot Ballyhoo (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com) we do not consider your sighting an official report. We simply provide a place to “talk bigfoot.” You are not required to give your name. We believe “talking bigfoot” is a good thing. And now, in closing, Do you remember the Columbus Day Storm?

Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry

Friday, October 5, 2012

More on Camper Screen Video

Click link below to go to Youtube Video. The video is by Jack Barnes and Jef Andersen and is 12:15 long.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sighting #56

Go to top right column, click and scroll to number 56 to read this sighting for yourself.

Another Bigfoot Hoax

Click link to take you to the article.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sighting being read, #55

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sighting Read by Perry

It's fall ...

photo: photoxpress

Be careful out in the woods. It is hunting season.