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Sunday, September 30, 2012

What do you think? A suit?

It's Sunday. Not a lot going on. The more I look at that sasquatch video taken through the camper window, the more it looks a little too perfect. I do hope it is real. So many movies, videos are being made these days, could it be a sasquatch-suited man for one of these? Just thinking ... What do you think? ... LInda Newton-Perry

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Newspaper Column

A couple of exciting things happened last week in the world of sasquatch discovery. On Youtube a video showed up of a sasquatch being observed through the screen of a tent camper. The video, head and top of the shoulders, was sharpened and slowed so that the animal could be better viewed. Some believe that a baby can be seen in the video, clinging to the sasquatch’s back.

I must admit, the footage looks real. But, of course, we must be cautious where sasquatch photos and videos are concerned, because hoaxes are common. This fact disappoints those of us that take sasquatch discovery seriously. There is talk of a news conference, but isn’t that exactly what one would say if he wanted the world to take him and his video seriously? It was mentioned that more photos and videos were taken at the time.

Guess we will just have to wait and see. Hmm, odd combination this excitement and skepticism: excitement for sasquatch’s discovery and the disappointment coming from being a forced skeptic. But, if one did not mention the possibility of a hoax, and it proved to be so, there would be an onslaught of every conceivable claim from naiveté to fraud.

So, I will cover all the bases and say we will just have to wait. And we will find out soon enough if the photos and videos are real or not.

The other exciting thing that happened last week, Oxford Professor Brian Sykes has decided to take on the study of sasquatch DNA. Why is this important? Professor Sykes is a well-known author and researcher in DNA studies. And, he is well thought of in the scientific community. When and if he finds DNA that does not belong to any known animal, he will publish the results. He will be taken seriously. This could be the break that sasquatch discovery requires.

Why did Sykes take on this challenge? It was reported that he was tired of the whining and complaining of sasquatch researchers, in that science did not take the of subject sasquatch seriously. While the man has said that he doubts a new species will be “discovered,” isn’t it reasonable to think that the subject intrigues him?

From what we can glean on the Internet, Sykes will at no cost accept twenty DNA samples. He will test them and if just one points to no known animal, he will publish the results. We believers know that often this result has come back from DNA testing. So hang on, we could be at the beginning or end (depending on how you look at it) of the “discovery of bigfoot”!

Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry

Friday, September 28, 2012

Could this video be real?

This video does look as if it could be the real "thing" (sasquatch). Click link to go to the Youtube video, Enhanced Images of the Alleged Camper/Tent Bigfoot Footage. The clip is 3:08 minutes long and by Joecam1968.


Bigfoot Report #53

If you wish to read the report read below go to top right column, click and go to number 53. Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry

Sighting Read by Perry

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Down any road ...

photo: photoxpress

It's fall. This photo looks as if it could be down just about any country road.  If you find yourself on such a road while hunting, keep a look out for sasquatch. And please tell us if you think you've seen one. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Youtube Video you may Enjoy...

"Today Show Covers Yeti DNA Project" published by zombietom69 and less than five minutes long. The video explains that Oxford Professor, Brian Sykes, will help with the DNA to get to the bottom of the yeti, bigfoot, sasquatch subject. (It seems he doesn't believe that he will find a new species.)  Click link to go to video. Enjoy.


Sighting Number

If you would like to read this report, the sighting's number is 52. It can be found by going to the Sightings, top right column and clicking.

Perry Reads Older Sighting

Sasquatch caught on pphone?

Above photo taken from the Youtube Video "Camper Film Squatch on iphone."  Click on link below to take you to a 4:51 minute video of a possible sasquatch caught on an iphone. The video is by Squatch Watch Camera.  Many have looked at the photo and believe it is the real thing. But, it is fuzzy. Have a look.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Thank You

Guest Editor-Blogger:

From Missy Cabic:

I had two experiences. And I don't think they are the "same ole, same ole" like the other ones you were talking about the other day. LOL! I think it was in the spring of about 1998-99, my ex-husband woke me up at about three in the morning. We lived in Atlanta, Michigan at the time, which is about half way between Gaylord and Alpena.

He woke me up and was visibly shaken, he was telling me "Come here to the back porch, you gotta hear this". I went with him to the sliding glass door on the back porch and heard the most God-awful sound I have ever heard in my life. We had 40 acres on a corner lot and this was comming from the state owned woods to our south-west. It sounded like someone or something was dying. It was terrible and it went on every 30 seconds or so for almost an hour. I have heard the other animals in the area before....bobcat, coyote, fox, birds, etc., this was nothing like that! It was very eerie and haunting.Whatever was making that howl/scream/noise had to have a HUGE lung capacity!

Also, that following summer when I was comming home from work, I was comming down one of the many dirt "back roads" to get home and I saw, what at first I thought might be a horse, running very fast through some VERY THICK swamp. I turned to look at it and I saw that it was not a horse, but something on two legs and about 8 or 9 feet tall. I have never seen anything move that fast! Especially through a cedar swamp! I glanced at the road to make sure I was not going to crash and when I looked back, it was out of sight.

I don't know if it had run out of my field of vision or had stopped and was hiding. I think it might have decided to squat down and hide. In hindsight, I wonder if it was running to protect or hide a juvenile...? I had to continue on my way home and the whole way, I was terrified that it would come running out of the woods and cut me off on the road. I was in a little GEO Tracker with a soft-top and as big, tall, fast and muscular as this thing was, it could have opened my car like it was tin foil and there wouldn't have been a thing I could have done to prevent it! I did in fact make it home and I never saw the creature again.

Another thing that happened, that I think (now that I look back on it) that may have been Bigfoot related was; I was staying at my Dad's cabin in Munising in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This cabin is WAY out in the woods with no electricity or running water. We went for a walk out in the woods surrounding the cabin (there are NO trails or anything, it is just all thick hardwoods) and at one point we felt like we were being watched. Talk about a creepy feeling! And then we came upon this log where it looked like someone had been sitting on the log collecting mushrooms. There was a very neat pile of mushroom caps on the log and all the stems of the mushrooms were on the ground by the log. At the time, I didn't think too much of it. But looking back at how remote the area is and how there are NO people up there around this cabin for MILES, I am thinking that this could have been a Bigfoot out gathering mushrooms and we came along and interrupted it.


Thank you for taking the time to share these experiences. ... Linda Newton-Perry 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sighting Being Read by Perry

I forgot to tell you that Lake Marie has a hiking trail all the way around the lake. It takes about twenty minutes to a half hour to walk it. And the sighting is #51. Go to top right column and click to read the sighting.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Top Scientist to Look Into Bigfoot DNA

Click link to take you to Episode 210 Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show


Sightings and sasquatch tracks

Go to sharing beauty below and click on its comments to read of John Melland's sightings. Thank you John, and please do write more of your forest adventures. Send a photo if you like.

Good Weekend Out of Town

We passed by several places sasquatach has been spotted, but couldn't stop. We were experiencing  truck problems. How was your weekend? Did you hear of a sasquatch sighting? Did you have one? Comment so that we will know what you are thinking.

From now on, I plan to use sasquatch instead of bigfoot when talking about the animal. I tried to do that one other time, but it didn't last.

I feel that calling the animal bigfoot only adds to the "laugh" factor when one mentions it. So I'll try to do better. Have a grand day. ... Linda Newton-Perry (and Christopher Perry, that would be him in photo above reading.)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sharing Beauty


No wonder bigfoot keeps to himself! Just look at his home. Have a great weekend. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Bigfoot Newspaper Column

The bigfoot researchers that I follow on the Internet and Youtube are not publishing as often. And the comments on my online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, have slowed. So, where am I supposed to get the information for this column?

At one time, a very short time, I went by myself into the forest looking for bigfoot tracks. I thought that this would be an interesting subject for people to read about. Maybe it would have been, except I didn’t stick with it. I quickly exhausted the areas I felt safe to hike in alone. The odd thing was, I was more worried about human encounters than bigfoot encounters. And, one really should have a truck for the forest roads (at the time I drove a car). I now have a truck, but it is hunting season; I’ll have to wait to “hunt for bigfoot tracks.”

I’m still reading older sightings from Ballyhoo. The readings are in the form of videos. I failed to put together a list of these sightings in an easily accessible location. I’m working on that now. There is nothing official about the sightings. Readers of Ballyhoo have simply told us about their experiences in the form of comments. I’ve only included sightings on the “list” where a bigfoot was actually seen.

I believe that science will use all such sightings to determine the habits of bigfoot. So, I thought I should get a written list together. The list can be used by anyone to learn about these animals. If asked, even I could list a few seemingly consistent habits that these animals exhibit, all from these comments.

My son has had some time on his hands lately. If I’d known how much time, I’d have pressed him into helping me snap a photo of bigfoot. Through my online bigfoot magazine, I’ve often been told where bigfoot has been spotted. Several of these places are not far from where I live. We could have, my son and I, with ease spent much time watching for bigfoot.

But, here’s the thing about bigfoot: the animal scares the living daylights out of me. So, my sighting would have to be just of the right sort. You know, not too close, but not too far away. I’d want to see its face, but I wouldn’t want it to see mine. Why you ask? Well, it probably would realize that I was really scared. And that could lead to all sorts of unpleasantness!

Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry

Bigfoot Sighting Number 50

The sighting below is number 50. Go to the right hand column and click the sightings link to read the sighting. Thank you and do comment.

Older Sighting on the Rogue

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Was it a bigfoot?

Guest Editor-Blogger: Stephen Pike

Western Montana 1973

I was visiting some friends in a log cabin, a couple of miles from where I had the other encounter (while building my own cabin). This was a year prior to that experience.

My friend had shot a grouse-type of bird, cleaned it in a garbage barrel outside, and we had eaten the bird for dinner. Sometime later in the evening, their dog became agitated and was looking at the back door of the cabin, towards where the barrel was. Every few days, the contents of the barrel were burned in an effort to get rid of the garbage since we were about 15 miles from the nearest highway, and much farther from any disposal service or place.

But on this night, something very large is messing around in the barrell.

So, the dog's all antsy and growling, it's really dark outside, and Bruce doesn't have a decent flashlight, but he has a Coleman lantern, so he takes it outside to see what is going on, and I follow along. A Coleman lantern puts light out in a circle, so the light in your eyes is just a bright as the light you're trying to see with.... not the best of situations. He has a black powder pistol in his other hand, and is talking loudly into the darkness, saying something to the effect that "If you're a human being, speak up, because otherwise, I'm going to shoot"! Nothing responded, so he let fly with the pistol into the night. He was aiming fairly high, so as to not actually shoot who/whatever it was. Now a black powder pistol puts out a fairly bright fire-ball when it goes off, so for a fraction of a second, it was daylight. Really loud, and really bright.

Whatever it was that had been going through the stuff in the barrel (I assumed that it was a black bear - there were some in the area) went crashing through the brush and down the hill farther into the trees.

In hindsight, it would be odd to me that, if it was a bear, it would crash that much brush in it's haste to leave. They can run off into the night and make very little sound, if any at all. I don't know. But this sounded like a couch being thrown through the bushes. It recently occurred to me that it could have easily been a Sasquatch. Of course they can move silently too, but when provoked, they are reported to do the branch breaking thing, so there are times when quiet is not a priority for them.

We went back inside, locked the door, and eventually turned in for the night. In the morning, the barrel had been gone through, and all the bird innards were gone.


Thank you for the great comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

You can read this sighting ...

Click on top right column and go to #49. Enjoy and comment. Thank you. I wish the Emery Team would release their photos and tell us when we can expect their documentary.

Sighting 1919 Oregon

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

You may read this sighting ...

The sighting on the video below can be read by going to sighting number 48 (find this at top of column at right). 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sighting Read by Perry

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bigfoot on Porches

Listen to Mike Rugg describe a couple of sightings in his area of California. Click link to take you there.

Going hunting?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bigfoot's Home

photo: photoxpress
Enjoy  for we are sharing beauty.

Newspaper Column

It is deer hunting season in Oregon, both archery and rifle (rifle starts Sept. 29). It is not a safe time of year to thrash through the forests looking to spot a bigfoot. If you are, however, hunting be mindful of bigfoot and watch for him. And do remember that hunters are shot once in a while by overeager fellow hunters. It has been said that to a bigfoot a rifle report is the same as a dinner bell. If you can’t find your deer maybe a bigfoot took it.

I spoke by phone last week to Irvin Thrush. He said he’d seen a blue wolf. He lives in southwest Oregon. I did some research and didn’t find anything on blue wolves. It is true, Oregon’s wolf population is increasing. Mr. Thrush does not believe that bigfoot exists.

Last week a young couple mentioned to me, when they found out I was interested in bigfoot, they knew friends that had seen the animal. I don’t know that the couple believed in the animal or not. But anyway, they were not one bit reluctant to “talk bigfoot.” I consider that willingness a good thing

With each passing day we are getting closer and closer to science taking this animal seriously. That is, if it doesn’t in the waiting, go extinct. That is certainly a sad thought. Here is something to think about: “Every year, between 18,000 and 55,000 species become extinct. The cause: human activities.” (This quote by the United Nations Development Program.)

If you do see a bigfoot, talk about it. Don’t be ashamed, be proud. When people talk about their sightings it often prompts others to talk about their sightings and experiences. Who knows how many people are just not talking for fear of what people will think. What “people” need to think is that bigfoots exist. It upsets me when ones say that bigfoot is a bunch of hooey. Often these people have not looked into the matter, but simply voiced an uneducated opinion. We only know what we’ve been educated to believe or have seen for ourselves in the case of bigfoot. If you’ve seen a bigfoot, do the world a favor and tell someone. Go on record as one who knows these animals exist. There are many places on the Internet to submit a sighting report. On Bigfoot Ballyhoo we do not consider shared sightings official reports. We just consider them sharing and “talking bigfoot.” Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry

New Bigfoot Encounter

Stephen has sent us this encounter.

In 1974, I was building a small log cabin on some private land in Western Montana, next to a mining claim that I owned. I was using dry, dead logs with no bark on them. I would cut the logs to length, and then lift them up into position, one end at a time, where I would measure and cut the notches. I had a Homelite XL-12 chainsaw, and a hatchet. I was working on the wall about nine logs high, cutting the notches with my chainsaw, and chipping out the chunks with my hatchet. Chop....chop....chop.... The noise of the hatchet was carried quite a ways by the dry logs. Actually, the whole wall became an amplifier of sorts. It was late August, and late in the day. The sun had set (on where I was), but it was still in the sky. I would guess that it was about 7 or 7:30 PM. Suddenly, to my left, off in the trees was the most blood-curdling screaming sound imaginable... Actually, it was past imagination. I have tried to figure out how to describe it, and all I can come up with is a distress call of an elephant, a horse, a mountain lion, five howler monkeys and a bull elk, all done at the same time, starting very low, and reaching an incredibly high pitched ending.

There is no comparative sound in our scientifically known world.

It was quite lengthy, (several seconds - memory would estimate about 12-15) and my reactive thought was that something was getting killed, and was screaming it's last. But then it repeated, note for note, sound for sound. I had played music by ear for over 20 years, and could recognize a melody. And this was P A system loud. When it repeated, I somehow knew that it was a call, done with intention. Less than a minute later, a friend (the owner of the land that I was building on) came up out of the gulch to my right, white as a ghost, and said "What was that"?. I told him that I had no idea what it was. We armed ourselves with everything we had, got in his pickup and went off in search of whatever it was that could make that kind of a sound. We had both been in the mountains long enough to be able to track and smell etc, so if there was something that had been killed, the scuffle would have been obvious. There was not one pebble disturbed. Nada. Nothing. We looked and looked.... no footprints, no odors, no broken twigs. Zip.

I finished the cabin, and moved in... there were many noises in the night after that (as well as before) but nothing that would indicate anything bigger than a coyote. I had no knowledge of Bigfoot/Sasquatch at that time.... it was 14 or 15 years later, when I was watching a program on Discovery or A&E or one of those channels (about 1988 or 89) when I heard a recording of a supposed Bigfoot that I realized what had probably happened.

I had been visited by one of them. The chopping sound of my hatchet on the log was very similar to a method of communicating that they are reported to use, where

they take a large stick or branch and knock it against a tree, as a way to tell each other where they are. My guess is that the one who stopped by and changed my life forever with it's scream was warning others that this was not one of them doing the knocking. The dual purpose of the scream is to scare the living-be-jeepers out of anyone around so they would go away and leave the big guys in peace. But, ignorant of their existence, I stayed and lived in the cabin for a while. I moved out in less than a year, and never saw or heard anything else like that, so my assumption at this point is that it was migrating through, rather than taking up residence there. I have gone back and tried knocking in the area, with no response. My conclusion is that it would not be advantageous for anyone to grab the camera and the night-scope and head for the spot. I simply got lucky enough to have an encounter with one that was passing by.

Thank you, Stephen

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sighting Read Below in Video

47. Hiker followed by bigfoot

(March 10, 2011)

Some members of my hiking club recently was asked what they would do if approached or confronted by bigfoot. The answers might surprise a person if they think it’s not a no-brainer.

In 2010 an older member of this club came almost face to face with what he said was a giant ape man or bigfoot. He had been hiking the deep woods for 30+ years and had never seen this beast or one like it.

The large being was standing behind a big fir tree watching the man walk the trail. The first site of it brought complete panic to the hiker. The sheer size of the beast was overwhelming to him. The hiker turned quickly and ran back along the trail and the bigfoot followed him. The hiker ran as fast as possible and he said the bigfoot wasn’t even winded. The beast followed him for three miles or so before breaking off down a vertical incline.

The hiker told us that the bigfoot made several deep grunting sounds but never actually tried to catch him. He was so unnerved by the supposed mystery being that it took him several months before returning with other hikers to the place he sighted it. It was his belief that bigfoot was not a real creature. The sighting was in southwestern Oregon in the summer months but I do not want the location of the sighting to be published. The sighting was reported to the United States Forest Service but no follow up was ever done with the hiker.

Trying for Funny

Photo: photoxpress

Bigfoot Sighting Read by Perry

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sighting Read

Monday, September 10, 2012

Read the Sighting ...

If you would like to read the sightings in the video below go to the Archives in right hand column, top. Click and scroll down to numbers 43 and 44. Thank you for viewing Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Linda Newton-Perry

Another bigfoot sighting read by Perry

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Where to sell a photo of bigfoot.

Okay, say you take a photo of bigfoot. To cover your expenses you feel you should be paid well for the photo. Where do you go to sell? If you know please tell us. You can reply to this post at lnewtonperry@hotmail.com. I do not have a photo. But I'd like to tell my readers where they can sell their photos.

Who knows what "they" are thinking.

In Africa gorillas are  hunted for food by a few people. I find this interesting. What do you think?

1870's Newspaper Article

I just came across this video on Youtube. A sighting you may enjoy. Click link to take you to the video.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Newspaper Column

On our bigfoot online magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, I’ve been reading older bigfoot sightings submitted to the site by its readers. These readings are in the form of videos. Someone commented that the sightings all sound alike. I agree. They do. So, what does this likeness of sightings reveal about the animal? Isn’t it reasonable to believe that by a careful study of bigfoot sightings, one could determine the animal’s behavior when it encounters humans? But, here is where we have a problem. In these sightings the animal has exhibited behavior from submissive to aggressive.

We bigfoot believers are convinced that it is just a matter of time before bigfoot is added to the rolls of known animals, by science. So, science, what are you doing to familiarize yourself with the body of knowledge available to you on this subject, bigfoot? There must be numerous scientists that are intrigued by bigfoot. Are you one of them? Are you quietly collecting information that will be helpful to those of us that may run upon a bigfoot in the wild? Shouldn’t you be concerned for our safety?

If you’ve read my newspaper column for any time at all, you know that I believe we should be told of the existence or possible existence of bigfoot. There is not one valid reason that overrides our right as citizens of this earth to know of this remarkable and possibly dangerous animal. Sure, nothing solid (a body for example) is available to prove the animal exists. That’s okay, if you must, preface bigfoot’s existence by the label “possible existence.” We don’t care how you scientists go about your work in a situation as this. All we “earth dwellers and users” require is consideration for our safety, our families’ safety!

So getting back to the scientists who keep to themselves their interest in bigfoot, I implore you to do the “world” a favor, a big favor, and tell us of your work. Open your files, and publish what has happened when bigfoot and man have come in contact. What is your scientific advice on what we should do? Should we turn and run? Should we wave our arms and shout? You see, we don’t know. We simply wish to enjoy, in safety, the forests of our beautiful planet. Is there something we can do to help you in compiling information on bigfoot? We forest lovers, users, are eager to know what animals exist, breathe the same air as we do, as it were. Step forward please, give us an educated hand in this quest of “finding bigfoot.” Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Mistake, Mistake ...

What I meant to say was gorilla at the end of the video below. We don't know how we should behave when we come upon a bigfoot. There needs to be a study of these animals. Perhaps sighting reports will be studied in the future. ... LNP

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Comment, please!

Sighting being read

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another Bigfoot Sighting (older)

Would rather read comment.

For some reason this site has been getting more people visiting  of late. I reasoned it was because I've been reading past sightings submitted to this site. I got a comment this morning saying that they'd rather read the sighting. So maybe I'm wrong. What do you think?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Reading a Sighting

On the Today Show

Click link below to take you to an interesting Youtube video by BigfootEvidence. It is 3:15 minutes long and titled Dr. Sykes-Using DNA to track the mythical yeti.


Share your bigfoot sighting

Few people have seen bigfoot. You should be proud of your sighting. Please share.

Monday, September 3, 2012

So many places to hide ...

photo: photoxpress
Enjoy for we are simply sharing beauty.

Sighting Read by LNP

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

To the Randy Lee Tenley family, we are sorry for your loss. (If you noticed I spelled loss wrong before, it is because my proof reader was out of the house!)

Newspaper Column

Soon Fall Colors

photo: photoxpress

Enjoy, for we are simply sharing beauty. (Click on photo for larger view.)