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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reading Through Bigfoot Ballyhoo's Old Posts etc.

Since Bigfoot Ballyhoo's beginning, we've collected the comments in three binders. I'm almost half through reading them. I'm reading each comment that I've saved. My mission is to collect the bigfoot sighting comments. I'm just counting the ones where the animal was actually seen. I'll make a list and share it with you.

I'm just now around Aug. 8th, 2010, where Emery and the late Parchell observed the bigfoot. It is good to read Emery's words voicing his confidence in this site. I wish to remind Emery that if he wishes to email me I'll not mention it or put any of it on this site. I would think by now you could trust that I do what I promise. Anyway, I'd like to get back to the same footing we had before. You can email me at lnewtonperry@hotmail.com.  This goes for any of the team that is still working with Emery.

My husband is nearing retirement and we would love spending time in the woods with the hope of catching a glimpse of bigfoot and of course reporting to the readers of Ballyhoo of those adventures.

Please comment. LNP

Monday, July 30, 2012

Guest Editor: Blogger

Food Cooking May Have Led to Attack

Comment by Derik Wheeler: May 4, 2010 (from old posts of Bigfoot Ballyhoo)

The story goes like this: Gary and Sondra Ellison were living in an old campground on Sanders Creek, a tributary to the Illinois River and around 25 miles from Agness, Oregon. The couple had been living around the area because of a recent downturn in their income. One day in December of 2009 they were given a gift of Salmon from a local person in Agness.

That afternoon they began cooking the fish in a skillet on an open fire at the camp. It was then the couple claims to have had a very large creature, walking upright on two legs, come into camp and start throwing very large rocks at them. They retreated into the motor home to watch the hairy monster take the cooked Salmon off a plate and eat it.

Then they reported the creature turned on the motor home and began shaking it. The creature then broke out a side window at the door while Gary and Sondra were on the floor in the back bed area. Then the creature walked around the motor home looking into the camper. After ten minutes or so the two-legged creature walked back into the heavy woods.

The couple waited for some time to make sure the creature was gone before gathering up their belongings outside and then leaving the campground. Sondra sustained a broken shoulder blade from one of the large rocks thrown.

The couple reported the attack to the XXXXXXX only to be ridiculed and laughed at. It was noted by XXXXXXX that large rocks and broken glass were found at the site along with some big footprints.


Mr. Wheeler if you have more to add to this sighting we'd love to hear about it. ... LNP

Cook Bacon in the Forest!

Want to see a bigfoot? Cook something that really smells good and you may have a sighting. Going back through the old sightings on this site, I've found that a few of the sightings have included food cooking.

But do be careful, attacks have happened as well. I'll post such an attack later today.

Comment if you have an idea on how to spot a bigfoot. ... LNP

Guest Editor-Blogger

(Casey is answering my question from post below this one.)

Casey has left a new comment on your post "Old Comment, April, 2010":

Hi Linda. Things have been busy with us over the last year. I have been down in Coos-Curry counties helping with the ongoing sightings there. Kirk tells me two new sightings have come in from the Toledo area.

Yes, we are working close with Bill, Cole and Jim on every piece of info we receive. Bill will retire soon from his tree felling and intends to make bigfoot his full time hobby.

 It's a time consuming thing this bigfoot hunting is! Hope you will view the documentary on Bill's trek in the Siskiyous ("A Morning To Remember") when its FINALLY released. It will be available through Amazon I believe in the late summer or early fall.

The producers Wild Rogue LC. had some technical and legal trouble getting the final 40 Min's done. What a summer its been.

Please do let us know when the documentary will be available. And please tell us about some of the sightings you've been checking into.

And will this documentary have the three photos that are said to be very clear of Big Clyde? Please let us know..

Thank you. ... Linda Newton-Perry 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Old Comment, April, 2010

What has happened to this group? Are you still reporting to Emery on sightings? We'd love for you to tell us about what's been going on with your group if you are still active. ... Linda Newton-Perry

NWOR has left a new comment on your post ... Friday, April 30, 2010

I would like to take a little time here and tell people of our new group. My name is Daryle Sims and along with Casey Austin and Kirk Pierce we will be giving reports on this blog. We were formed when Bill Emery asked us in January to think about joining the search for bigfoot.

All of us have deep beliefs in this animal from our fathers seeing these things over the years. Bill cannot cover all the area he wants to map for further research. We met with him on three different occasions and became convinced that we are needed in this field. We are based out of Newport so we will be looking into the bigfoot stories and sightings in an 80 mile radius around Newport and the coast range mountains.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Guest Editor-Blogger

Photo: Sru Lake

Gary D has left a new comment on your post "Counting Sightings":

Every since I got interested in Bigfoot people have claimed on various occasions that the Bigfoot was a lost race of humans. Now every bit of the evidence points to a separate animal from human.

A sighting that really got my attention was the Hamilton case in Southwestern Oregon. I read the encounter right here on Ballyhoo from the man and his family who reported the sighting to USFS.

The reason I was so interested in that case is because nobody ever mentioned Mr. Hamilton is a minister and boys camp director. I was fortunate to meet Buck and hear his families sighting first hand.

He showed me photos of Emery and himself standing where the bigfoot was watching the small kids throwing pebbles into the lake. It must have been terrifying to see the bigfoot that close to the camp.

The family was able to make a positive ID on the same bigfoot that was viewed over at Foster Bar (Agness)and also by ESP guys.

I was able to talk with a ranger that told me they took that incident very serious but was prevented from ever posting warning signs by a supervisor.

He told me his biggest fear is that someone's going to get too close to the animal and maybe bring on trouble.

I asked just how many sightings have come in over a 5 year period in and around the area and his answer was multiple times.


Thank you for the informative comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Newspaper Column

If you read Bigfoot Ballyhoo, you know I’ve been spending time going back through the comments from Ballyhoo that I’ve printed and stored in three large binders. I’m reading the posts as I go along, but the main thing I wish to do is count the sightings that are recorded on Ballyhoo.

Many of these are recorded no place else, and many are recorded in several places. I’ve always regretted that I’ve not kept a list of sightings on the blog; eventually I’ll set one up.

In reading the comments stored in the Ballyhoo binders, I’ve come across great posts that I will always be proud of, such as the short encouraging comment from Dr. Jeff Meldrum. I fear he doesn’t read Ballyhoo anymore since the uncalled-for war that was waged to destroy my credibility at the time of the Emery Team’s early morning run-in with the bigfoot they named Big Clyde. (Photos were taken that we all would love to view.) I especially enjoy reading the simple thank you comments from readers that enjoy the site.

Not much of importance happened last week concerning bigfoot, that I know of anyway. There are always a plethora of silly videos on Youtube that I watch, and once in a while I’ll mention and put a link to a video from Youtube that I find interesting or entertaining. I possess little humor for the silly side of the subject, bigfoot.

I am, however, adamant in encouraging readers of Bigfoot Ballyhoo and of this newspaper column to “talk bigfoot” and to share their sightings, (for readers of Bigfoot Ballyhoo go to following address and comment, www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com and of this newspaper write to, Perry, P.O. Box 334, Sutherlin, Oregon, 97479).

I’m looking forward to the third season of “Finding Bigfoot” on Animal Planet. One can reason that it must indeed be very difficult to find bigfoot since we take for granted that a TV production would have the funds to purchase the latest and best gadgets to search for the animal and has not found it yet!

What about paying to have a satellite aimed at a bigfoot hotspot? And I don’t see what is wrong with asking the producers of “Finding Bigfoot” to put up billboards along interstate highways advertising their bigfoot series.

We should cut the laughing and silliness where bigfoot is concerned. This animal was created, as all animals were, for a special niche in our planet’s balanced ecosystems. He’s big, so his place may also be as big, as it is important. Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry with Christopher Perry.

Counting Sightings

A photo of the three binders

Do comment, it keeps me excited about bringing you interesting things to read about bigfoot. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Friday, July 27, 2012

Counting the Sightings on Ballyhoo

I've been spending some time counting the bigfoot sightings on Ballyhoo. I've printed out the sightings and put them in a binder (3 binders). The binders include more than just sightings, but anything we decided that was interesting. We have one comment from Dr. Jeff Meldrum. He just said to keep up the good work. Go back through the posts, yourself. You may find it very enjoyable reading. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Bookworm, Please explain, if you will, more about this statement.

"I found that the Oregon State Constitution protects "Bigfoot" from us."

(I did go to the link below and found the information. Readers please do the same. It seems it is true we can go searching for bigfoot but we can't harass it. If we do and get caught, our fine is two days of picking up litter along an Oregon highway.)

We look forward to more information from you, Bookworm. ... LNP

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sighting Youtube Video: Bigfoot

Enjoy the Youtube video entitled "Interview With Ray." The video is 30:10 minutes long and by poka513. Click on link to go to the video.


Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

BookWorm here, Got an idea. We base our scientific classification of species on Pliny the Elders "Natrual Histories" volumes. Did you know he actually noted them in his work? So, there is already a known classification for them. Someone could site his work in conjunction with our current Crypto Zoology and create the class just like we did earlier this century for other known, but not confirmed mammals.

Pliny the Elder listed them as a humanoid ape-like mammal. The term he used to class them was, Satyroi Nesioi. He recorded several different types and cited accounts of the time, i.e. eye witness reports. Alexander the Great noted a village of "Ape Men" who lived in "villages" and worked together to sustain their needs.

Some historians argue that Pliny was referring to Great Apes, like the Gorilla. However, I believe this may be a bias or an unwillingness to read Latin. The text remains untranslated to this day. If you can read Latin you can learn a lot about this mammal.

Pliny noted behavior that is not modern ape-like in his descriptions of the Satyroi. He gave them very human behavior when noting them. Here is a link that may help and I will search for an online version of Pliny's classification of them and post that latter.



What a great comment! Do you read Latin? ... LNP


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

Bookworm again,
Yes, I have a basic understanding of Latin after a couple of terms during college. Still looking for the Pliny info. However, I found that the Oregon State Constitution protects "Bigfoot" from us.

I have also been told by a friend that many state constitutions either, originally, or have been amended to protect bigfoot.

Perhaps a "legal" definition of the species can be "assumed" until proof can be obtained.

Jeff Meldrum has DNA samples
Thank you

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Participate Please

On average, 100 visitors come to Ballyhoo each day. We encourage you to participate. What are you thinking about this subject, Bigfoot? "Talking bigfoot" needs to become commonplace. Do your part. Comment on this site and  on all the other bigfoot sites. ... Thanks, Linda Newton-Perry

Watch for Bigfoot

Photo: photoxpress

While you are having fun, don't forget to watch for bigfoot.
(Comment by clicking on no comments  or 1 comment or how many comments there are, just below this post. We enjoy hearing from you.)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Newspaper Column

Did you know that in the United States every state except Hawaii has reported bigfoot sightings? Sightings happen all the time. But how many are being reported? How are we to know how many bigfoots there are if no one reports seeing one?

If you know of a sighting, it would be good to get it on record. There are many sites on the Internet where you can post a sighting, including the site affiliated with this column, Bigfoot Ballyhoo (http://www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com/).

You do not have to give your name to have your sighting or one that you know of listed on Ballyhoo. We would like to know in which general area the sighting took place and the year.

If you do not have a computer, please ask someone that does to report your sighting for you. Since bigfoot is good at keeping himself hidden, these sighting lists may be very important to scientists when the animal is stamped real.

Currently on the Internet we find several claims of bigfoot visiting ones on a regular schedule, and in some cases for years. So why haven’t these people contacted others that can verify this? Perhaps some have, but why hasn’t it been reported to the public? If the public knows bigfoot is out there, they will look for it and report it.

Here is an idea. Why not pick up the phone and talk to a local TV newsperson. You can ask them if they can remember a bigfoot sighting being discussed on the news in the area. Tell them you are interested and would like to hear about bigfoots locally.

Yes, the subject of bigfoot is an interesting one. In Douglas County, Oregon, over the years, there have been several sightings of the animal. If one could list all the counties and all the sightings in Oregon alone, what would be the number? So far, it is impossible to know because as we found out last week from a reader of Bigfoot Ballyhoo, many government agencies discard bigfoot sighting reports. What a shame.

If you find bigfoot an interesting subject, why not make an effort to “talk bigfoot” among your friends and associates. You might ask the question: “Why can’t we know about this animal and still keep our forests open for business as usual?” Since, after all, the animal has existed for centuries and knows how to take care of himself just fine!”

Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, July 19, 2012


You've seen a bigfoot? Well, why not talk about it? You know someone that has seen a bigfoot? Well, why not ask them to come to this site and talk about it? ... Thanks... LNP

About Bigfoot

A tree on the Umpqua River, Oregon
Bigfoots love Oregon because the state is so beautiful. They like it also because not many people believe in bigfoot and they can go about their lives without worry of being reported.

This site is for "talking bigfoot." It may be that "talking bigfoot" will be a way of protecting the animal without shutting the forests down, once the animal is "discovered." Why? And how is that? you ask.

Well, if we share the sightings we know of--bigfoot's true number may become apparent; and the animal may not be thought of as endangered.

What do you think?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sighting on Youtube

Click link to take you to a bigfoot sighting. Sharon Lee interviews a man that had a sighting in the '90s. Not much on Youtube these days but this one you will enjoy. The video is 12:42 minutes long.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Is bigfoot really endangered?

Force people to talk bigfoot. Put up billboards and maybe more people will report their sighting. If we know about all the sightings then the "world" will know that bigfoot is not endangered. Just a thought. What is your thought on the subject?

What about barns along busy roads?

Bigfoot Bones?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "More from Daryle":

What a interesting blog site. I was fortunate enough to work with Debbie mentioned on this blog on a case file from 1980. And she was so very valuable to my work. She is a top notch person to get our government shook up. I had gotten wind of a sighting on Weyerhaeuser land in Washington state. She helped me uncover the report and remaining skeleton parts from May 1980.


Great comment. What has happened to the bigfoot bones? Do you have photos? We would love to publish them on this site. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, July 15, 2012

More from Daryle

Daryle has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

(Daryle a BLM employee for 40 years)

It was and is my meaning BIGFOOT SIGHTINGS yes. Thank you for the correction. The best report and physical evidence I personally handled throughout the years was the (Sitkum) report from eastern Coos County. This report was filed in 1993 by a very reputable couple that got very closeup details of the creature.

A camera was used and if my memory serves me right 5 excellent photos were turned over to us. It was my thoughts then and now that no such photos could have been hoaxed. It depicted a very husky apelike creature on a dirt logging trail dragging a fresh killed deer by the horns into the timberline.

The creature in the pictures was male in gender and had a very dark brown coat of hair on it. Very large dark eyes were also apparent. By examination of the treeline we estimated the creature at 9ft 2 inches. Several details clearly showed its face, chest and torso area; its legs were moving in a manor not used by man.
The movements were much like movements that might be made with larger strides on a larger scale.

The report was forwarded along with the pictures to the Portland office. Again like many bigfoot reports this report contained vital evidence that was never filed or cataloged for further investigation. We simply were not allowed to ever catalog these reports and sightings.


Again thanks. It would be great if that couple could share those photos. Were you ever tempted to copy and keep some of these photos, etc.?

Guest Editor-Blogger

Daryle has left a new comment on your post "Newspaper Column":

Your column is always interesting. Now to the point, people that report bigfoot sightings will continue to be put under a clouded microscope because it's the only way authorities can explain away sightings of these elusive creatures.

During my 40 year career with BLM, we took unknown numbers of sightings but wasn't permitted to enter them in a database. The reason is that until one is examined we can't specify what it might be.

Cougar sightings are different because the animal is accepted in science and has large numbers throughout America.

Between 1965 and 1995, I received over one hundred such sightings with good physical evidence to back up the oral report. [Bigfoot sightings, right?] Still it was never entered into any database because no database exist for the sasquach/bigfoot /wildman as of my retirement.


Thank you for this great comment. It is good to hear from ones that know about these reports and what has been done with them. ... LNP 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Newspaper Column

Someplace in Oregon last week a cougar was seen walking lazily through a pretty, landscaped mobile home park. An elderly woman troubled with insomnia, was sitting on her front porch late at night when she observed this big cat moving down the middle of the street as if it owned the place. We know cougars are plentiful in Oregon. Why? Well, it seems that not much time elapses between sighting reports. So, we know there are plenty of them. And because of the sighting reports the animal is not considered endangered.

Could this work for bigfoot? What if everyone that has seen a bigfoot or sees a bigfoot, reports it? Soon the government agency responsible for such animals would be aware of their true number. The animal would not be considered endangered because of the many sightings, right?

Just as you would not hesitate to report a cougar near your home, why not report bigfoot when you see one? There are so many guesses as to just how many sightings over the years have not been reported. The number of guesses might surprise you. And just where does one report a bigfoot sighting? Please let us know where you’d report. I’ve often thought if I saw a bigfoot, I’d take the information to the local TV station, and to the local paper.

An ongoing stigma lingers where bigfoot is concerned. What stigma? you ask. That would be the laugh in your face stigma, with just the mention of the animal. Once bigfoot is on the list of known animals, the laughing will stop. It will stop abruptly. And some believe that harmful problems, hit you in the wallet problems, will materialize. For example, forests may be closed and not just in Oregon, but across the US.

Doesn’t it make sence to report bigfoot sightings, considering the consequences? Why not endure a few uncomfortable minutes of smirking and head shaking from the person taking your bigfoot report to get to the truth about these animals, to get their true number? I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that bigfoot may in fac,t be few in number. Whatever the case proves to be, the truth should be revealed. As citizens of planet earth, it should be our right to know about all the animals that exist, including bigfoot. Remember bigfoot may seem funny to some, but in reality . . . Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry

Beautiful Oregon

Photo courtesy Robert William Perry

Can't you see, in your mind's eye, bigfoot enjoying himself in this refreshing river? What is going to happen to our access to rivers and forests once bigfoot is "discovered"? What do you think? Click on photo for larger view.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Attention Big Josh,

Big Josh you said you were going out last weekend to look for bigfoot. How did that turn out? And what do you think is going to happen to our forests once bigfoot is "discovered"? ... Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why Not?

Dear Readers,
It's time to ask the hard questions. What will happen when bigfoot is "discovered"? What do you think will happen? Will the forests be shut down so no one will be able to make a living? Will we not be able to enjoy the forests? Come on start asking the questions that will require an answer. We know the animal exists. What's next? ... Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sighting Location on Map

The sighting below as shown above is near Merlin, Oregon. This area of Oregon has had many sightings over the years. What do you think will happen to our forests once this animal is stamped real? Will they be shut down? Will they ... What do you think?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Having Fun


Photo: photoxpress

If this beautiful animal exists, why not bigfoot? Click on photo for larger view.

Bigfoot Sighting/Experience

Gloria Stinnitt has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot Online Magazine":

My husband and I was talking to a ex ODF&W gentleman in a coffee shop last week. He was telling my husband and I about one of the strangest Bigfoot stories Ive ever herd of.

It seems this family was camping in the high mountains between Grants Pass and Gold Beach,Oregon when this occurred in 2009. The family had went to bed about 11:00 pm and at 1 am small rocks and fir cones were hitting the tent.

The family inside listened for over a hour to gibbering type sounds from near the tent. I guess around 2:30 am the wife wanted her husband to go outside the tent to see what was making the ruckus. He did.

According to the ODF&W man the husband walked out the entrance of the tent right into a giant hairy manlike thing standing near the tent. He said the Bigfoot creature shoved the husband into the side of the tent then turned and walked off on two legs like a man.

The husband could see from the dim light of the coals in the fire that all together there were three creatures. One of them was only around 4 foot tall with the other two over eight feet in height.

They went to the nearest place to report the nights action. The man that was telling us this story was the one who went to the camp and found over 23 footprints of enormous size and 14 smaller ones. The prints were of a humanlike bare foot with five toes.

Also the tent had been ripped apart and all the food in the camp had been ate or carried off. The man took pictures of the camp site, cast the prints and collected a large amount of scat and turned it over to the OSP for further examination.

He said as far as he knew nothing was ever found to match either the prints or scat. The man said he absolutely believes these creatures were a family of Sasquatches.


Thank you for the great comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bigfoot Online Magazine

If you've read something interesting about bigfoot and its discovery, please comment here. This site is a blog, true, but we run it as a magazine. In your comment tell us where the information was found and exact words from that source must be in quotes " " . It would be good if busy people came straight to this site to get their daily news of bigfoot. Thank you. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Newspaper Column

Last week on Youtube I came across a video on bigfoot-type apes that were encountered by our soldiers in Vietnam. One name given for the animal was rock ape. This was the first time I’d heard of bigfoot in Vietnam. Mind you, I could have forgotten, since there is such an abundance of information available on bigfoot. And researching, for almost five years now, that information for this column and my online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, I’m sure I’ve forgotten at least as much as I have retained.

I’m not claiming that these Vietnam Apes are exactly like our U.S. bigfoots. Research material tells us that in forest areas around the world, these animals exist. They vary in different ways, height and weight being two of them. If you should know of a Vietnam sighting, please tell us about it. If you are reading this column in the local paper, and do not have Internet access, write a letter to P.O. Box 334, Sutherlin, Oregon. You can go to www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com to leave a comment on the online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo. We look forward to hearing from you.

Family responsibilities have kept me busy the last couple of weeks. I fear that I will be preoccupied with them, for some time to come. I will endeavor to add new information to Bigfoot Ballyhoo as often as I can. If you enjoy this site, I would appreciate well-written comments so that I can use them as short articles. Bigfoot Ballyhoo is meant to be a place where enthusiasts can come to read and talk freely about bigfoot. Remember, we do not allow rude or accusatory comments. And it is a waste of my time and the readers’ time to keep going over past information that was submitted, published and proven to be untrue. There are simply people out there that wish to cause trouble. And because of these people we no longer publish photos that are submitted to the site. What a shame. Bigfoot Ballyhoo could be so much more interesting, if this were not necessary. And do remember, I am not an expert on the subject bigfoot. I’m a writer and a bigfoot enthusiast.

Linda Newton-Perry, along with her husband, Christopher Perry, has been published in several non-fiction publications, and at one time this column was in three local papers. Also the Perrys are authors of a Viking Age Novel, and five bigfoot fiction books, four for children, and one for adults.

Friday, July 6, 2012


If you are interested in bigfoot, you probably have read much about the animal. What keeps presenting itself as far as behavior, places sighted and so on.  I can think of a couple things to begin a list. 1. big 2. smelly 3. keeps to himself

Help add to this list.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Out of the office

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry

I've been taking care of family matters and away from my computer and office.  Now that I'm back It would be good to see a few positive comments. One reader said he/she was going out last weekend searching for bigfoot. How did that go?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Special Thank You

If you are from Russia, please comment.

Why does bigfoot excite people?

Perhaps it is just simply unbelievable that a bigfoot-type animal exists in our woods and forests. What do you think?