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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Newspaper Column, "Bigfoot: A Matter of Time"

Considering the reports of bigfoot sightings, what, if anything, have they in common? What behavior has been mentioned more than once? Why do I ask these questions?

I believe the study of sighting-reports will be an important activity that scientists will engage in to understand these huge, mysterious animals.

It is possible, that once science takes the “discovery” of these animals seriously, they will break out sophisticated tools, known only to scientists, to locate animals they can study. Maybe they will use satellites to track bigfoots. (Hmm, maybe I should spend some time on Google Earth, watching for bigfoot.)

Back to the topic of what do the sighting reports have in common. I can think of a few things: Bigfoots have been known to chase people, but most often we hear of them turning unconcerned and striding back into the forest; Bigfoots have been known to lay branches in paths they use; they throw stones; they rinse plant material and arrange it carefully in a pile; they seem to be more interested in children and women than men. The list goes on. Again, I’m convinced there is merit in studying sighting reports.

This week, June 8th, will be the twenty-second month since Big Clyde’s photo was snapped by the ESP Team’s trail cam. This will be the last time I mention the anniversary, unless I get new information on what is going on with the team.

I tried to set up a meeting with Bill Emery, but a reader of Bigfoot Ballyhoo pretended to be my contact. The pretender turned my request down flat. I withdrew the meeting request. None of us needs the hassle. It has become a matter of trust. No one will argue that the Internet is a helpful tool. However, it can be a frustrating one in that it is difficult to know who to trust.

So, I’ll request that those that know about the ESP Team and would like to share information, please do. I don’t know how much I’ll share, since I don’t have a foolproof way of deciphering truth. I do believe that one day the team will present its photos and findings to the public, or at least tell us where we can find the information.

I’ll close for this week. You can view many bigfoot sightings on the online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Use the search tool or scroll back through older posts (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com). ... Linda Newton-Perry

Comment please. Your comments make my work on Ballyhoo worth the time. :-) ... Linda Newton-Perry


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should honor your original promise,and close this silly website down!Maybe then you would regain a little of the respect you lost by knowingly or unknowingly helping to perpetuate a hoax.

Linda Newton-Perry said...

Well, there you have it. The minute I decide not to mention the ESP Team, I get these comments that think it is proof that I'm a hoaxer. Well, I AM NOT. THE ESP TEAM EXISTS. The team has valuable information and photos of a bigfoot. Just, please, give them time to reveal their information. The Internet has proved to be a bloodletting enemy to the team. I said if and when the team itself is proven to be a hoax, I'd close the site.(That has not been proven!)It never will be because the team is real. The site stays.

Sparky Delrepple said...

Yes indeed these people are real. Ive known Bill Emery since 85 and know him to be a fine person. Every piece of false information on other website is just that, FALSE. Bill is a hard worker and enjoys his privacy like everyone. Just because he doesnt want to be on radio and TV people have listened to the head honkers about this hoax BS. Bill actually is one of my competitors in business and I still like him. Like I said, stirring the pot is all some can do because they wont get out and search for themselves about truth. When I first found out Bill had joined the bigfoot hunt I really thought he'd lost his mind. I don't think that now. No, I've never seen bigfoot but I've seen the prints he leaves behind. I'm a believer because I work every day in the forest and know somethings out there. I've talked with over 12 older loggers that have seen one while working in different places. I give LP a A+ for not bowing to the wackos. I wish Bill would defend himself against these troublemakers that have blasted his name over the web as a fraud. I guess its like he told me.CHEAP SHOTS ARE JUST CHEAP SHOTS.

Linda Newton-Perry said...

To Sparky Delrepple, Thank you for such a great informative comment. I too wish he would defend himself. You may know that my reputation has taken a beating as well. (I do hope you are the real Sparky Delrepple.)

peter koenig said...

Re-Google Earth search for BigFoot, I've thought of this too, but remembering that the arial photos are not live,nor do you know when the sections of photos are refreshed, nor can you download any of the photos, just the map. I only seen one photo that was supposedly of a BigFoot and that was de-bunked as being a shadow of a tree.