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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bigfoot Sighting

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot Sighting":

I saw the smaller version about 6 foot tall when mushroom hunting last year in the shadows of the trees, and like a juvenile it made sounds that I have never heard in all my years in the woods.

I was never really able to get a really good sighting on it, but I do know the later it got, it started a calling sound that something big and you could tell it was big by the sounds it was making, started heading our way.

I have never been scared of anything in the woods, but this thing scared me just with its vocals and sounded like King Kong coming through the woods. I jumped in my vehicle and got out of there with my picking crew being scared out of their wits.

I just want to say that if someone goes looking for this animal, I believe you are in for a shock and maybe a encounter that will not turn out good.

I'm serious, I had a handgun as I always do when I mushroom hunt, and I knew it was not enough fire power to protect my crew or myself, not that I would ever think about using it against a creature that I respect and needs protected.

Please I'm not writing this as a joke and hope everyone heeds this warning. This is a big whatever and I feel it will protect it's kind,and I know the sounds it made coming through the woods that day had 6 people totally freaked out.


Posted as received. Thank you for the great comment. I didn't change anything on your comment. If I had, it may not have been what you meant at all. So, I left it alone. Thanks again. ... Linda Newton-Perry


Terry K said...

Very good advise. On my sighting I saw the Bigfoot rip up a large tree limb with on snap. People that claim your in no danger when coming on a Bigfoot plainly dont know any facts about what one will do. So many site say their docile and will not harm you. I would never give out advise on something like a wild animals behavior. The one Bigfoot I saw would have attacked anyone or anything in front of him. I wasn't looking for it, just came on it by bad fortune on a two day hiking trip in the southern coastal mountain range of Oregon last year. I believe it was a full grown male and it wasn't happy with me. Pepper spray nor a pistol would not have ever stopped him.

Linda Newton-Perry said...

Thank you, Terry K, for the comment. I would love to see a bigfoot, but I doubt that I ever will. I'll be glad when someone gets a good clear photo of one, or releases one.... Linda Newton-Perry

Anonymous said...

linda, I'm the one that sent the warning and am so happy that you printed it and hope people take heed. If someone got hurt, I would never br able to forgive myself if I hadn't written this warning. I hum when out in the woods and someone once told me they feel at ease around the area that I am in and they seem to be a docile bunch, but until one gets captured and studied, I am in the belief that like anything else in life, there is good and bad in every mammal that ever walked the earth.If you ever want to catch a glimpse of one this summer and of course it is not guaranteed but a better than average chance, as I have had all kinds of things happen to my crew every year in the same area,as well as see some photos I have, please leave a good email and I will get in touch with you and we will go out and see what going on in this one area near Alpine, oregon. Thanks for printing this warning again and I hopr people don't run into this whatever because I have a feeling it does not care for humans too much.

Linda Newton-Perry said...

Alpine isn't far from us, and please keep the invitation open. Once my husband retires we will travel more in search of bigfoot. I'd love to see your photos at this time. Would it be possible for you to send them to me. I will not use them and will send them back. I really would love to see a bigfoot. We do have a fuzzy photo of Big Clyde on our blog. (He's top right column on Ballyhoo.) As we gather information for our bigfoot books we will need information. Thanks for the great comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

jlseagull2004 said...

I believe it's sound advice to be cautious of these animals. And any animal for that matter. Hunting for bigfoot is not a game,not a sport,Android certinly not for the faint of heart. Most novis woodsmen &women just arent really prepaired for what is waiting for them in the woods.it takes years to really see in the woods. Most experenced hunters go out in the woods with a pre concievd idea of what a deer will look like. Do we really know what to look for when looking for biggie? My guess is most of us just arent properly prepaired to see a 8 foot tall huminoid lurking behind a tree, for that matter we arent prepaired to see the tree their hiding behind. It takes a lot of experence to quote "see the forest for the trees". It'not easy to make sence out of the jumble of trees And bushes. And all matter of stuff laying about. Wan to see a bigfoot? First learn to see the forest, then maybe just maybe you'll see what you seek. And. Be safe,don't take chances you might regret.