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Friday, June 22, 2012

Bigfoot and Public Saftey

I am presently working in the XXXX’S District of USFS. Last week we had a meeting with some upper officials inside this agency on the potential threat of the animal coined "xxxxx xxxxx" to the visiting public in this forest district. This meeting was to lay out facts on the safety concerns about the unknown danger and risks of this animal.

Over the last two months three people have had a close brush with the same animal. Separate descriptions given to us verify this. I believe we need to come clean and alert the public on the behavior of this individual animal. We listened to XXX XXX’s thoughts that this problem is going to turn even more dangerous as the summer season starts.

I for one agree that we need to post warning signs in the areas of concern. We have great concern that small children might be in extreme danger if the animal approaches them.

The meeting never addressed what exactly we're dealing with as far as a classification of animal. At the end of the meeting the upper officials decided not to alert the public and to try to downplay any danger. Also they want to continue the claim that people are simply seeing a bear and taking it for a bigfoot.

Thank you for your interest in public safety. The vast majority of us believe we are dealing with a new found animal or some form of mountain ape not yet confirmed. We can only hope that the visiting public can get information from an outside source other than USFS.

You may publish this letter without any names of anyone mentioned here for the visiting public safety in our forest.

Thank you for your comment.... Linda Newton-Perry


Anonymous said...

I wish all gov employees were so public minded.

Anonymous said...

Linda, Hi! and welcome back. This is the person from the Alpine area and would love to have you join me this summer and will do my best to accomodate your wishes to see one of our big friends. Now back to this story on the USFS meeting and the pure ignorance that they keep having with the bear issue, and not Bigfoot. Whether you believe or not, if posted with signs it takes all the liability off of them, and puts it on the individual that camps there. Can you tell me something about the three instances in the last three months and why are they not public knowledge? What about the people that don't use the internet to know about the dangers and take a innocent child into this dangerous place and gets hurt or killed? I couldn't live with myself knowing I could have went there as a volunter to try to do something to eliminate this problem using discretion and hopefully without having to eliminate the problem. If we are discussing a creature with one eye that resides around Suru Lake, this thing is dangerous, and needs to be shown once and for all that yes we will hurt you if you come to injure or scare us and that we all can live together as we have for a long time.I believe this is on a migratory track to the north to find food and that could be the problem. If they want someone to come in and try to take care of the problem with a positive approach and try to come to a good ending in eliminating the problem, and make this area safe again, please tell them I will come in and camp and take care of this problem, They cam e-mail me at ghostman52@comcast.net and soon please, before someone gets hurt, especially a child thats innocent.

Tom said...

We are not talking about a creature that will listen to reasons why it should move out of a certain area. In fact the people are encroaching on its home. If warning were posted every nut in the world would be up there trying something stupid. It very simple to solve the problem. CLOSE the area to the public. Statistics show Sru doesnt have more than 19 campers a year. I only reason they haven't done it already is they feel that closing it would suggest Bigfoot is real and present in these type places. Would ghostman 52 like to tell us how he will take care of this? I would like to hear his suggestion on making this area Bigfoot free.

Anonymous said...

Actually USFS has no liability on any wild animal attack anyway. When we venture into the forest we are under no rules pertaining to USFS safety.

Anonymous said...

Tom, In answer toyour response about how I would try to make this animal, and I say animal until I have the reports of the supposed encounters where I can read them and keep them confidential to see what we are dealing with here. I do know that a bigfoot is a nocturnal creature, even though my last encounter was in broad daylight and I'm glad it was for this creature was angry and I could see him and the way he acted and at night when he can see us and we are at the mercy of spotlights, he has the upper hand. I do know they do not like lights and I believe if you were to come in and put large lights up in the trees where they could not be messed with and then put a device out in the woods away from the campsite that could either be stepped on or triggered to go off with movement at a distance from this and any campsite up there, these creatures like any others, learn that if you come anywhere near this area at night or dark, this intense lights will go off and you will be seen, giving us the equal hand at night, they like any other wild animal will avoid the area and must be trained to do just that.I don't believe in shooting any creature unless it is in total self defense and is a case of kill or be killed.Why should a wild animal be able to keep people who have a love of the outdoors from enjoying the great outdoors without fear for the safety of themselves or their family. If there is a cougar spotted in Honeyman Park should we close it because that is his habitat and make people who love the park stay away? No, you either reprogram this creature to be able to coexist with humans in their own way at a distance or you eliminate the wild animal before he kills a innocent human being,with traps, rubber bullets, load noises, any kind of deterrent including lights which they hate.I hope I have answered your questions and I have compassion for these creatures, but I also know that these creatures are very much capable of killing you and I, and the one eyed creature near SRU, is one of those creatures and should never be trusted. ghostman52