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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Weekly Newspaper Column

There is good news in the field of bigfoot research. According to an Associated Press article published last week on the Internet and titled “Wanted: Bigfoot hair samples for study,” Oxford University and Lausanne Museum of Zoology plan to use the newest genetic tests on hair, saliva, blood and skin. When the project is finished, the reports will be submitted in a paper for peer-review.

Even if results point to an unknown being, it seems to me, if kept on record, they will prove valuable for further testing of hair, etc.

As most people that are interested in this field of bigfoot know, many hair samples have been DNA tested and have come back marked unknown species. I have had the privilege of seeing and feeling a hair sample with a tiny patch of skin attached.

The sample was later DNA tested. The lab reported that conclusive results were impossible: the sample was human contaminated. And I, of course, was one of those that contaminated it. I was allowed to stroke the three-inch long, reddish-brown hair before testing. (It was soft and had an undercoat.)

The sample came from a small trailer that had hit a bigfoot many years ago in the Ten-Mile area of Oregon. A family member had kept the hair for decades. Isn’t it reasonable to think the family believed the sample was bigfoot hair? Because, otherwise, the sample would have been trashed when first plucked from the trailer nail, right?

So let’s believe this interest in bigfoot by Oxford and the Lausanne Museum of Zoology will be the beginning of the scientific community taking the “discovery” of this animal seriously.

Again, I’ll mention that I believe research on bigfoot, initially anyway, will be done by reviewing the many sightings that are already on record. My online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, has many of these sightings posted.

I do, eventually, intend to put together a list of these, so when the time comes we can contribute to science’s study of bigfoot.

Bigfoot Ballyhoo (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com) has been published since 2008. Many of the sightings reported are only on Ballyhoo. When visiting the site, do scroll back through the older posts. You’d be surprised at what you will find out about bigfoot.

If the reports can be believed, bigfoots have been seen walking and holding hands. Lovers? Who knows, and how will we ever know? Nobody can find these animals, to watch, to study. Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry


Do comment. I get the greatest pleasure when you readers voice your opinions and concerns about the discovery of bigfoot. ... LNP


Bill Sheridan said...

What could you possibly contribute to research from this website?The sightings are all regurgitated from other websites.Are you going to submit "Team ESP"'s photos of Clyde?What a hoot that would be.Let me inform you of something,if you think the ridicule you received over the ESP hoax was bad,you will wither under the what the press will throw at you.You should just stick to reposting things from other sites and coddling the few mental midgets who believe the crap you wrtite.I am just trying to save you from more ridicule and bad publicity,you don't seem to handle it well.

Linda Newton-Perry said...

Mr. Bill Sheridan, Bigfoot Ballyhoo is and always has been "a place to talk bigfoot." As far as the ESP Team is concerned, yes, I will post photos of Big Clyde, if they ever give them to me. I often ask myself toward what end am I working with this blog. I don't know. There are many sightings that have only been reported here. I've quit doing things children may enjoy. Since I've stopped, I get better and more serious comments. This site is going on five years now. I thought bigfoot would have been "discovered" by now. Anyway, everyone has an opinion on bigfoot, and it makes for interesting listening and reading. Don't you think? ... Linda Newton-Perry of Bigfoot Ballyhoo

Bill Sheridan said...

What I think is that everyone is entilted to their opinion including you.While I thoroughly believe in my heart of hearts that you helped fabricate the whole ESP debacle or you at the least knew it was all BS,and(along with 99% of the BF community)I feel that you did some damage to the field of BF research,I still think you have a right to do what you do.That being said please don't getinvolved with research unless your seriously prepared for the extremely powerful microscope you will be placed under,

Linda Newton-Perry said...

Mr. Sheridan, Your heart has led you wrong. End of story. I've made nothing up. The ESP Team is alive and well. Got to go. Linda Newton-Perry

Linda Newton-Perry said...

I had to leave quickly. You do know that Hank Parchell has died. He was one of the ESP Team. They have another member now, but I can never remember his name. Time will tell on this ESP Team deal. Agin, Linda Newton-Perry

Linda Newton-Perry said...

Oh yes, Mr. Sheridan, Can I count on an apology from you when the ESP Team presents its findings? As far as the photos sent to this site that I published, at the time I allowed all comments and photos. And as the photos Mr Emery sent in were discovered to be not from his trail camera, I explained how it happened, just as it was written to me by email and comments,from Emery, to this site. Each step of the way was explained. I'm sorry that you simply choose not to believe the truth. LNP

bobtheskeptic said...

As I said when I first commented way back when, I'm a skeptic until real physical evidence is presented by the scientific community. I don't need more blurry pictures, footprints, sightings or speculations about the life of bigfoot. I hope there is a bigfoot. I think it would be a more exciting world is there is.

There is a reason I never believed in what the squash detective said about Linda making up stories--he offered no proof. All he is doing is guessing All he published was similarities in writing styles between commentators. That's proof? Not in my eyes. To be fair, If I'm going to demand more proof about bigfoot, I'm also going to demand more proof about comments such as his.

On the other hand Linda, I think you have worked yourself into a corner. Even if the ESP team is a hoax by someone(s) else, you have set yourself up to take the fall because of your absolute insistence that they are real. And if they are real, who needs enemies when you have friends like that? Their are a number of ways they could have proved their existence without revealing a single thing about their project. They could have met with you and have a picture taken or they could have a picture taken of themselves with a current newspaper in their hands. Why they would not do that to someone they value as a friend is a mystery to me.

Byron Sykes is a qualified DNA researcher and if he discovers DNA of our boy, then I will accept the results. But remember, he can not show there is no bigfoot; you can not prove a negative. There might be one somewhere that we won't discover for another 100 or 200 years, so you can go on believing for ever in it's existence. Secondly, it is not good enough that he describes the specimen as from an unknown animal. The problem is we don't know what that means. It could mean, he doesn't have all current animals in his database, or that the sample is contaminated, or that it could come from an unknown animal that's eight inches tall and not eight feet tall.

What's the best DNA evidence where the verdict was from unknown animal? What's the one case amateur bigfoot researchers site all the time in this regard? It is a sample tested by the very same Dr. Sykes a few years back. He declared it unknown via a press release from Oxford University but not many people remember that shortly after, it was proven to be hairs from a Brown Bear (Unsus arotos) and a Asiatic Black Bear (Unsus thibetanus) by a researcher in his own lab! They didn't put out a press release about the new results.

Oh, and by the way, I assume that you and your readers who denounce other researchers that publish books or in some way profit off their work, will be as critical of Dr. Sykes, the author, and founder of his own DNA Laboratory.

The last thing I have to say, Linda, is that they will not be using some secret weapon only known to scientists. The purpose of a scientific paper is to publish EVERYTHING which includes methods that would allow other scientists to duplicate the results.

bobtheskeptic said...
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