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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Youtube Video

Click link to go to "Bigfoot Found in Idaho." The video is less than two minutes and you can see something big moving back into the trees. The video is by etbadboy23.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mary's Comment

To Mary,
Thank you for getting right back to me about the awful comment. I must admit, I've been in shock all evening. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Message From Linda Newton-Perry

I’m sorry guys, if you feel as if you should be privy to each and every comment on this site. I guess I would understand your feelings if I were a reader of this site, but I’m not. I am the author and owner of it.

At one time all comments were allowed, all photos were posted. I guess I don’t have to tell you how that worked out! It didn’t. In the very near future, my husband will retire from his job of 40 plus years. I’m endeavoring, when that takes place, to have in place exciting things for us to do together (maybe bigfoot, maybe not).

For my own satisfaction, I wish to get this ESP Team “Cloud” that hangs over my head settled. What do I mean? Aug. 8, 2012 it will be two years since the team’s trail cam snapped photos of a bigfoot that they have named Big Clyde. (Two of the team members observed the animal.)

The team assures us that three (?) of the photos are very clear. I would like to see the photos and discuss with Mr. Emery how and when he will allow the public to be informed of his “discovery.” (I will not request a copy and will only take up 20-30 minutes of his time.)

Mary, please tell us what is going on with our request for a meeting.

Later, Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, May 28, 2012

Thank you, Mary

Mary, Thank you for taking the time to write a comment. I understand completely. I know only my experience with this situation. It has not be fun. I can only imagine what grief it has caused the three families involved. I'm at a point where I don't know what my goal is with my site, my writing, etc. I'm a writer. Writers accept speaking engagements. But I need to know when or how Emery's photos will be made public, so that I can get on with my plans. As long as there is this belief that I've made this whole Big Clyde story up, I can not move ahead. I enjoy the subject of bigfoot. Will I have to switch my interest, my writing subject? I'm working on five years with the newspaper column, and almost that with Ballyhoo.

I'll not publish your comment. I feel that it was for my eyes only. Again thank you. ... Linda Newton-Perry
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Weekly Newspaper Column":

The explanation was that the film was in the custody of someone else while being processed and that person or someone related to him tampered with the film.My question is as the photos were quite obviously digital and every trail camera made is digital, why was someone having to process the film?
I'm just guessing here but I would  think what they meant by processing is producing hold-in-your-hand prints. And of course digital can be made sharper, darkened, lightened, etc. ...LNP

A Message to the ESP Team

Soon it will be two years since Big Clyde, the bigfoot, was caught on your trail cam. For most of this time I and this blog have in some circles been infamous, because of our reporting on your encounter. I’ve been called a liar, a hoaxer, and a whole lot worse.

You gentlemen know that I have not made you up, etc. I would like to appeal to you for help. I need to put this business behind me, remove the cloud, as it were. Perhaps we can meet for thirty minutes or so. I and my husband would like to at least see the three clear photos of Big Clyde and learn of your plans to reveal the photos to the public. We would be happy, on any weekend, to travel to your town for this meeting, or anywhere you say.

If you can think of a way to help with this situation, I’d be glad to hear about it. Please think it over.

Best regards, and one of your most faithful fans, Linda Newton-Perry

A Good Word for Ballyhoo

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

What a mouth full of truth from Yost! So many people out there thinking their the real deal. This person that keeps coming back to Ballyhoo for his/her empty thoughts can't seem to stay away from the site he/she proclaims as terrible.

My thoughts on it are it's the same person using bogus names to get the comment published: Mr. Sheridan, Bill Cody, Albert Ostman etc. Life can be boring if you choose to make it a negative experience.

As far a research goes, anyone--anytime can do research on what ever they want. Making threats that you can not handle the stress of mean-spirited people is only in the head of the person that makes a threat. What are the goals of these bottom feeders? [Is it]to confuse people that want to learn about Bigfoot from reading sightings that have the human factor in them?

Along with many, it's hats off to Linda Perry for not letting the space-cases take the knowledge this site has provided to many off the web.


I do so appreciate the good word from you readers. I almost struck out "bottom feeders" (above) but I let it stand. Just so you will know, this site enjoys over one hundred readers each day. It takes much of my time. I started this site to get information for my newspaper column. It is a joy to work on Ballyhoo each day. And it is so much more enjoyable when I here from appreciative readers. Thank you... Linda Newton-Perry

Time for You, a Poem

Fly the “easy” kite.
Not the one with all the strings.
‘cause you’ll have more time,
More time to laugh and things.
Fly the easy kite--in all you do:
There will be more time to be

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Guest Editor-Blogger

W Yost has left a new comment on your post "Weekly Newspaper Column":

Over the years I've looked into available information on the Sasquatch legend. With so many websites you would think that positive information would be available at your fingertips.

Most of the sites are selling books from the author and website owner. This is of no value to research yet many claim to have the "smoking gun" on Sasquatch knowledge. They fall short of what is needed to fully investigate the subject with the most important piece of the puzzle, the eyewitness.

I have found that people writing their own experiences down with a site like Ballyhoo blog is the best way to get to understand what they went through with the sighting they alone experienced.

So many sites want rock-clad information about the person reporting on a sighting. I've always felt that people tell it best without help from some person they don't know or necessarily have trust with. For the most part the comments and sightings on Ballyhoo are what I look for, because people, each and every one, is unique in the way the actual person explains a situation they have been exposed too.

The "bigfoot community" as some like to boast about is really not functional towards a final solution in which Bigfoot/Sasquatch is proved real. Snide remarks from individuals show it's certainly not a team effort to work together in the interest of knowledge.

In every subject in this life we have the cracker barrel experts trying to throw cheap rumors and innuendos. Bigfoot is certainly the same.

I would like to thank you for the information you provide to the readers without the expert commentary so many bigfooters believe they hold.


Thank you for the great comment.  I appreciate it when busy people  take time from their hectic lives to comment. ... LNP

Reply to comment ...

Mr Sheriden, There is a short reply to your comment, found under Newspaper Column, below.

Second reply to your comment, found under Newspaper Column, below.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Cow on Two Feet, Carrying a Deer

Could a person reporting a bigfoot sighting to a policeman really have seen  a simple old cow carrying a deer, instead of a bigfoot? ... We will talk later about this.


In the past the state of Oregon suspended drivers licenses of ones that reported a bigfoot to the police. The sighting had to have taken place while driving a car. This is no longer the case, as far as we know. I'm mentioning this now because I just got a comment on the following March 15, 2010 post. (We still don't know what happens to policeman that report seeing a bigfoot. If you know and are free to tell us please do.)

The Comment of March 15, 2010, by Anonymous:

It is the old familiar story with me on sighting bigfoot on 4-8-2009 near Lincoln City, Oregon. I was delivering packages for /// and saw the big thing walk across this old farm pasture. The thing was walking on two legs and carrying a small deer under its right arm. I phoned the cops and one came out. He started this crap about I'd seen a cow (ON TWO LEGS?) NOT A BIGFOOT. A few weeks passed and then it came; A NOTICE OF SUSPENSION, you know the one that the state never did. The pattern was the same as the others, doctor visit, re evaluation and a reinstatement fee.

After that if I see anything not emergency related it's NO CALL for me.
(The above comment has had no corrections etc. It is just as written and received by Bigfoot Ballyhoo.) LNP

Weekly Newspaper Column

There is good news in the field of bigfoot research. According to an Associated Press article published last week on the Internet and titled “Wanted: Bigfoot hair samples for study,” Oxford University and Lausanne Museum of Zoology plan to use the newest genetic tests on hair, saliva, blood and skin. When the project is finished, the reports will be submitted in a paper for peer-review.

Even if results point to an unknown being, it seems to me, if kept on record, they will prove valuable for further testing of hair, etc.

As most people that are interested in this field of bigfoot know, many hair samples have been DNA tested and have come back marked unknown species. I have had the privilege of seeing and feeling a hair sample with a tiny patch of skin attached.

The sample was later DNA tested. The lab reported that conclusive results were impossible: the sample was human contaminated. And I, of course, was one of those that contaminated it. I was allowed to stroke the three-inch long, reddish-brown hair before testing. (It was soft and had an undercoat.)

The sample came from a small trailer that had hit a bigfoot many years ago in the Ten-Mile area of Oregon. A family member had kept the hair for decades. Isn’t it reasonable to think the family believed the sample was bigfoot hair? Because, otherwise, the sample would have been trashed when first plucked from the trailer nail, right?

So let’s believe this interest in bigfoot by Oxford and the Lausanne Museum of Zoology will be the beginning of the scientific community taking the “discovery” of this animal seriously.

Again, I’ll mention that I believe research on bigfoot, initially anyway, will be done by reviewing the many sightings that are already on record. My online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, has many of these sightings posted.

I do, eventually, intend to put together a list of these, so when the time comes we can contribute to science’s study of bigfoot.

Bigfoot Ballyhoo (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com) has been published since 2008. Many of the sightings reported are only on Ballyhoo. When visiting the site, do scroll back through the older posts. You’d be surprised at what you will find out about bigfoot.

If the reports can be believed, bigfoots have been seen walking and holding hands. Lovers? Who knows, and how will we ever know? Nobody can find these animals, to watch, to study. Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry


Do comment. I get the greatest pleasure when you readers voice your opinions and concerns about the discovery of bigfoot. ... LNP

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Great Article: You will enjoy!

The name of the article is "Wanted: Bigfoot Hair Samples for study"
Click link blow.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Great Article: Bigfoot Photo from Oklahoma

Click link to take you to an article published May 22, 2012 by Fox News.com. Could this be a real bigfoot in the photos.  Article titled, "Scientists seek big genes of bigfoot." This link came from the site Bigfoot Hunter @The Bigfoot Field Reporter.


It seems that Cliff Barackman of the TV Series, Finding Bigfoot, is taking the 60 plus footprints he found seriously. It is good to know. I've received several comments to this site claiming the footprints/tracks were a hoax. Oh his site North American Bigfoot he's written an article, with photos, you may enjoy. Click the link above. Enjoy

Monday, May 21, 2012

Jackie and Don has left a new comment on your post "Directions to Rock Pit":

My friend and I follow the blog and live in Reedsport so we thought a trip up to Canary was in order. We followed the directions of Ted and turned off on Grant Creek. He warned of a rough road and he wasn't kidding.

We had the Ford truck with us so we went to the end of Grant Creek passing the old campground called Hone Camp on the way. After 1/1/2 hours of up and down back and forth we reached the old rock pit.

There is a old rusted heavy steel gate across the road so you have to walk into the old pit site. I can see why Bigfoot would want to be there. The pit is in a valley with 3 sides nearly vertical up and down covered with timber. On the east side a creek runs down off the mountain into a man made lake or pool.

The timber is virtually untouched back there covered in moss and definitely old growth. We found no tracks around the soft earth near the lake but did see where branches of trees had been broken .

We kept in mind the encounter the commenter made about coming face to face with the Bigfoot so we didn't wander into the forest. The pit itself is covered with small trees and vegetation now but you can plainly see it was a rock pit years ago.

On our way back we stopped at Hone Camp and I'll tell you I wouldn't camp there. It was built by the CCC back in WW2 for a logging camp according to our information.

The trip cost us $80 in gas but was well worth it as we seen wild wild beautiful country.

Thank you for the great comment. I'm sorry you didn't at least see some tracks. ... LNP

A Link: You will love it!

Click  link below to go to http:primatology.net/ where you can watch an orangutan cooling himself with a washcloth. He dips it in water, wrings it out and washes his face with it. Look for the video, "Orangutans Cooling Off."


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Directions to Rock Pit

These are more photos and videos of our outing across the tops of the mountains to Bigfoot Country by helicopter. Enjoy and comment.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Viewing Bigfoot Country in a Helicopter

Newspaper Column: A Matter of Time

On Tuesday, May 15, I along with my husband, Christopher Perry, chartered a Robinson R-44 Raven II, helicopter, piloted by Cody Reck, CFI, of Florence, Oregon. (The name of the helicopter business: Apex Helicopters.)

Our objective for this fieldtrip was to get as close to the rock quarry out Canary Road, south of Florence, as we could in the allotted time. This quarry area has been the site of at least two bigfoot sightings, that I know of.

Following are the directions we had to get us to the rock quarry by road: (south of Florence) Leave 101 at Honeyman State Park on Canary Rd; go 19.5 miles to North Ridge Rd.; go 5 miles and turn onto Crystal Creek Rd.; go 13 miles to Hone Camp and then continue on until you reach the end of the road (35 miles) and the rock quarry.

While the pilot warmed up the helicopter, Byron Devries, also a pilot, explained they failed to locate the rock quarry on their maps or Google Earth. He observed, “From the instructions to the quarry, it could possibly put us near I-5.”

I had done my own research on Google Earth and hadn’t found the quarry either. The roads are numbered, not place named on Google’s maps. (Does anyone have instructions to the quarry starting at the Interstate, I-5?)

And so, it was decided we’d go out as far as our time allotment allowed. Rather than fly just over thick, pointy-topped trees, we took the scenic route. And what a breathtaking route it was. It was easy to see how bigfoot could thrive and stay hidden in his tangled forest home.

Thank you, Apex Helicopters, especially pilots Reck and Devries, for making our bigfoot fieldtrip one that we will talk about for a very long time. Oh, yes, I did tell Reck that if he should see a bigfoot while out and about in his helicopter to call me and I’d be right over. I mean that!

Good fun. You can view videos and still photos of the outing on Bigfoot Ballyhoo our online bigfoot magazine at www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com.

Linda and her husband, Christopher Perry, are the authors of several bigfoot children’s fiction books (one adult, fiction, short stories) and a Viking Age Novel, Forced Blood The Norseman. Check out the books on Amazon.com or Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Until next week ...

Friday, May 18, 2012

We're Back!

Here we are in the helicopter working our way east toward the gravel pit out Canary Road, Florence, Oregon. I have videos, but just got back and am very tired. I'll tell you more later.

P.S.  You're right, I will not post your insulting comment. Yes, it is a coincidence that in the documentary that you mentioned there is a Hank Parshall. Our Hank is Hank Parchell. Coincidences abound in this life and this is one of them.

 And, we have time after time explained the bogus photos that were claimed to be the Emery Team's photos of Big Clyde. I don't intend to keep going over it. Read the old posts if you truly wish to get the straight of it.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Newspaper Column

And why can’t there be an animal, bigfoot, when we know exist, oh say, proboscis monkeys? You’ve seen photos of them. The males have flabby, pair-shaped noses. And to not bite their nose they have to hold it to the side when they eat.The animals, both male and female, have huge protruding stomachs.

I often, on my online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, post photos of exotic animals to reason with readers and ask the question, “Why not bigfoot?”

Really, we have a world teeming with fascinating wildlife. Why is it so difficult to believe that bigfoot is just one of them? However, for those that enjoy the subject of bigfoot and spend time researching that subject, it isn’t at all difficult to believe in the animal.

One day next week, Chris, my husband, and I intend to charter a helicopter and fly over the sighting area of several bigfoots. When we travel, we take a car and this prevents us from taking it on narrow, back roads. And, I’ll tell you, no matter the vehicle you are driving, when you come upon a loaded log truck barreling down on you with no where to pull off the road, it can be a hair-raising experience. So a helicopter it is.

The helicopter charter service we’ve been talking to knows the area of the gravel pit out Canary Road, east of Florence, Oregon. The receptionist said that they’ve taken at least one other client to that area.

It is believed that bigfoots sleep during the day. I’m thinking a noisy helicopter may wake one and we’ll get a glimpse. Who knows, we’ll see. We, of course, plan to take video and photos. Do watch for them on Bigfoot Ballyhoo at http://www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com/.

What I’m going to mention next is off subject, but I believe it is very important. CNN (a news channel) broadcast last week that a young girl lost limbs to a flesh-eating bacteria that she’d picked up while recreating in a lake, river (?). I can’t remember which. She’d had an accident and suffered a deep puncture. I had no idea that this bacteria lived in our beautiful lakes, streams, and rivers.

Why do I mention this subject? I assume Oregonians love the woods, its streams, creeks and rivers. And what hiker hasn’t been tempted to dangle hot blistered feet in a cool creek. Until next week, keep “talking bigfoot,” Linda –Newton-Perry

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thank You and Comment

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Guest Editor:Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "ESP Team News":

Dawn said it best! People need to know the bigfoot is still there and IS NOT AFRAID OF PEOPLE. Just because the forest service wants to be quiet they put campers at risk of a encounter.

If the agency doesn't believe in bigfoot then why did the supervisor tell KOBI last year "He thought the bigfoot might be the same one that was seen at Oregon Caves in 2000 then retract it?

No, we do not want a bunch of nuts up here hunting bigfoot, but people still need to know when the animal is close by.

A man that doesn't want his name in print because of ridicule and possible disciplinary action from his bosses told me the forest service is thinking a family of these animals wonder between Northern California and the Siskiyous.


Thank you for your comment. I too believe the public has a RIGHT to know about bigfoot. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ESP Team News

Dawn has left a new comment on your post "ESP Team's 21st Month Anniversary":

I don't know if you want to post my comment or not but Powers isn't the same without "The Fountain Cafe." It was the talking place in our small village. When it closed after 90 years it left a hole in our hearts.

 It's said the PRD USFS is fighting to keep the pictures out of circulation.They don't want the Sasquatch that the ESP Team took photos of to become a "Open house in the woods" with Bigfoot hunters behind every bush as Gloria told it to me.

The district is under new management and the lady that runs Powers RD is worse that Linderman was as far as telling people about Bigfoot sightings. There was a new sighting of the same Bigfoot near Eden Valley last week. The Bigfoot was seen near the falls by a California couple camping at Daphne Grove.

They said the large Bigfoot had one eye missing with a white-glassy film where the eye was. I realize they were scared because they claimed the Bigfoot was 10 feet tall.

My friend Frank said Emery is still working in the area of SRU Lake and Agness. He talked with Cole Saxton at Cougar Lane Store on Friday.

I don't want to bring the guys any new trouble from the people on the web but it's important news that Clyde is still about.

Frank says Cole and the others still read this blog but will not comment because of the trouble they brought to your website.

I have herd nothing but good about Emery so I think he will honor his promise to you when he can. I also know they don't want the pictures to be copied by website thieves with only their self in mind.


Dawn, I'm so pleased that you took the time to comment. I hate it that the ESP Team doesn't comment. It was so enjoyable when they shared information with us. Perhaps some day they will again. Again, Thanks. ... Linda Newton-Perry

ESP Team's 21st Month Anniversary

It is the 8th of the month, again. This is the 21st month anniversary since the above team's trail cam snapped a photo of a bigfoot in southwest Oregon. Two of the men, Bill Emery and the late Hank Parchell actually saw the animal.

We are waiting to see the photos taken. If Bill Emery  still plans to let Bigfoot Ballyhoo post a copy of a clear photo, will someone tell him we are waiting. I'm wondering if he got to take a video of Big Clyde? At one point, a reader said that, that was his plans and possibly a documentary was in the works. Please let us know if you are free to do so, the activities of these men where bigfoot is concerned.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

I also wanted to tell you that I'm the blogmaster for my son's gold prospecting online magazine, THE GOLD ANGLE. You will see some beautiful river scenes of Oregon, if you go there. The address is www.thegoldangle.blogspot.com Thanks and have a grand day. Comment please. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Click link below to take you to Youtube and SnowWalkerPrime's video, "Bigfoot Field Trip." It's 24 mins. and very informative. A great lecture on the wild, the forest.


Newspaper Article: Bigfoot, A Matter of Time

Since writing this column (going on five years), I’ve often read in my research about huge skeletons being unearthed in the United States. Could these have been bigfoot skeletons? Or, were these bones simply large human remains?

Of course, it is difficult to say, to determine, since at the time of the “finds” DNA science didn’t exist. How tall do humans grow anyway? Most of us have heard of the Masai of Africa. The men of this tribe reach seven feet and the women six.

And then there are Pliny the Elder’s reports of an Ethiopian tribe standing twelve feet. More on this at this Internet website: http://www.theoi.com/Phylos/Syrbotai.html.

And then there is David’s Goliath from the Bible, and again the Bible’s angels that came down from heaven to marry the beautiful daughters of humans. They married and produced freakishly large offspring. When Noah’s flood came upon the earth, the materialized angels dematerialized and returned to heaven. These giants’ sons and daughters were drowned along with mankind in the flood waters. Perhaps these bones are some that have been found. It shouldn’t be too difficult to believe since dinosaur bones were pre-flood and we find them.

But, since I’m a bigfoot enthusiast, I’m more inclined to believe these large skeletons, in the United States, are those of bigfoot.

In last week’s newspaper, The Sentinel, an article was published about Elmer Calkins’ 1931 discovery of an enormous skeleton at the mouth of the Salmon River. He unearthed it while plowing. The article’s topic was pirate treasure and titled “Giant skeleton find recalled legend of pirate treasure at Salmon River.” The author, Finn J.D. John, is an instructor at Oregon State University. (The sources of John’s article are Portland Oregonian, “Large skeleton found,” 2-21-1931, “Finding of old skeleton hints at early tragedy,” 4-05-1931, and “Buried treasure sought,” 5-19-1974; Hult, Ruby, Lost Mines and Treasures. Portland: Binford, 1975.) Contact phone for John is 1-541-357-2222. The full article may be on the Sentinel’s website at www.thesentinelpaper.com.

Aug. 8th will be the two year mark since the ESP Team, their trail cam, snapped photos of a bigfoot. It is difficult, granted, to keep enthusiasm high since it’s been so long. At first the team kept us informed on when we would see the photos, but the last few months the team has been silent. Actually, the only team member that talked to us at all, is now deceased, Hank Parchell. We wait. Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry


What do you think about these skeletons? Comment please...LNP

Friday, May 4, 2012

An Answer, Opinion, from Guest-Editor, Grant

Grant has left a new comment on your post " Jerry Raafe has left a new comment on your post "...":

What he means by double standard is the people that claimed Bill Emery wasn't real still follow old Bobby Gimblin around like he's a god to them. Look at it this way, if Patterson was interested in buying a suit for a film, then, isn't it strange he came up with the only moving film of Patty one month latter?

Talk about blind people! Granted he seemed to have pulled off the biggest hoax of the century but real science isn't buying the film and still needs a real bigfoot for study.

They need not kill one. They can track the animal by GPS and learn more about the movements and food sources of the animal.

They need to show the animal is flesh and blood not inter dimensional like some believe.


Thank you for your  definition. I appreciate each and every comment. I, however, have always leaned toward Patty being "real", but who knows. ... LNP 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jerry Raafe has left a new comment on your post "Searching for Bigfoot Prints ...":

I was watching YouTube last night and found the video of Phil Morris that claims he sold the suit to Patterson for $435.00 in 1967.

I have to say, the man is pretty compelling, because he knows all the little details about the costume and Patterson, along with a receipt from the money order in Sept 67.

If this is true, then why are some people still protecting Bob Gimlin as some kind of super Bigfoot king?

People have claimed Bill Emery has done great damage to the Bigfoot community by not releasing the photos he holds.

Talk about double standards! If the film is fake then the damage from the two Yakima men will forever shadow any thing to date regarding Bigfoot.

Why doesn't someone look into what Morris says and find out if Patterson did have a suit in 67? If he did then it's a no-brainer: the film is a hoax. (I guess you meant is.)


Yes, I wish these claims could be cleared up as well. All I know about the Emery Team's photos is that Emery has bigfoot's interest first in importance. It will soon be 21 months since they got the photos. If anyone knows anything, please comment. Thank you for the comment. ... LNP

P.S. Could you explain the point about double standards. I don't understand. Thanks

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Searching for Bigfoot Prints ...

in the Oregon Forest. There was rain. There was sun. There was wind. BUT IT WAS FUN!

To Kill or Not to Kill Bigfoot.


Click the above link to take you to a Youtube video by toddster45. The video is about six minutes long and very interesting.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bigfoot print?

I don't know if this is a bigfoot print or not. If it is a print, it's a very small one. I had a great day out in the forest. Thanks for all the great comments today. ... Linda Newton-Perry

In the woods/forests today.

I'll be out looking for bigfoot prints today, deep in the forest. To make it clear, I do not intend to kill a bigfoot. I would only shot at one if I felt threatened.