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Monday, April 30, 2012

Should One Bigfoot be Killed for Science?

My opinion. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Carla Johnson, UOW has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot Discovered? How?":

This will no doubt spark anger among the bigfoot believers but here it is. We will need a dead body for examination and nothing short. Since it is unlikely we will get a natural death specimen.

Then the guessing will stop, the wild speculation about missing links, mixtures of ape and human. The body will yield DNA, bone structure and physical features.

With this information we can classify the creature into one category. I feel that taking the life of one creature will ultimately save the remaining creatures from certain stress related extinction.

We have never at anytime in the past recognized any living organisms without examining the specimens under science guidelines for identification and protection if warranted.

Thank you for such a well thought out response. This is my belief as well. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Bigfoot Discovered? How?

How is this going to end? How's it going to play out? Is bigfoot going to go extinct before he's "discovered"? Will it take a body? What do you think? We love to hear what our readers think/believe. Comment.

 So far, 2012 has proven to be an interesting year in  the discovery of  bigfoot. We have good reason to believe that the government knows about this animal. So, how is it all going to play out? What's your best guess? Let us know your thoughts on the subject. The readers of this site enjoy reading the comments. So, comment away. Thanks, Linda Newton-Perry

Friday, April 27, 2012

Newspaper Column

So, according to an anonymous comment on our online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com), the Forest Service and BLM employees have instructions on what to do and what not to do if they should see a bigfoot. (It was unclear if the instructions were for sightings reported to them.) In short, they were not to put the report to paper.

Well! No wonder people in these agencies find it difficult to believe in bigfoot. But wait a minute; some employees themselves have seen the animal. It must be frustrating to stand by while all those around you are laughing at the mere idea of bigfoot when you’ve seen the animal.

But to our delight, once in a great while, an employee or someone close to an employee will slip and tell us exciting things about the animal and the policies of the Forest Service and BLM concerning bigfoot. This happened last week. We were asked to take off a comment having to do with one of the agencies’ reporting rules on bigfoot. We took it off. We wish to cause trouble for no one.

So, in the last two weeks, we’ve learned two important things about the Forest Service and BLM (if it can be believed). The first thing is, these agencies evidently have plans in place for protecting bigfoot when the animal is declared “real.” The second thing is, these agencies have written rules for taking or not taking reports of bigfoot. From these two revelations, it is easy to see that bigfoot is a topic that is discussed, at least, behind closed doors at these agencies.

I believe employees of these agencies and the world at large care little about bigfoot. The subject intrigues only a small percentage of the world’s population. And a smaller yet percentage cares that some of us believe bigfoot can take care of himself even with his world shrinking. It seems from sighting reports that the animal keeps out of sight of humans. He will keep with this routine no matter the size of his territory. He will simply change his route from one place to another.

He’s said, again, according to sighting reports, to be smart. So, let’s resolve to not worry about bigfoot. Let’s live for the day when we will not be looking for him behind every tree, because we know he exists! Science, at last, has looked at the evidence and is telling us that ... Well, who knows what they will tell us?... Linda Newton-Perry


I'll be away this weekend. But do comment. Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Guest Editor-Blogger

NO NAME PLEASE has left a new comment on your post "Newspaper Column, Bigfoot":

This is how FS and BLM employees must handle a sighting. As you can see it is better to not report.


What does HSA mean? Thank you for the comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry
I was asked to take the above comment off. I do not wish to get anyone into trouble. So I've handled the "take off please" request in the above way.

Guest Editor-Blogger

Connie has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

Dewey's right when he said "watch your surroundings." Limb throwing is a clear message from bigfoot that you're not wanted here. If the miners/loggers down at the Chetco back in the early 1900s would have paid heed to the limbs that were beaten on the machinery then two may have not been killed.

Instead they chose to run the offender off and thus the rest is history. Same thing in the Sixes story. The miners repeatedly shot at the bigfoot and in turn several humans were killed over a period of months.

My grandpa was a mail carrier for the state down at Gold Beach in the 1900 to 1915 and traveled by mule and horse to Agness once a month. Several times he saw places where the bigfoot had ripped limbs lose and smashed them against trees. He knew to give them wide birth. He once saw one snap a limb that he described as about 8 inches threw. Can you imagine the power it took to do that?

He always went out of his way to travel far around the bigfoot when they were in a certain area.


Thank you. I believe this is how we are going to learn about bigfoot. That is to study the sighting reports. Again thanks, ... Linda Newton-Perry

Guest Editor-Blogger

Dewey has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

When a person is walking in the forest and they feel something is wrong, they need to pay attention to their self defense instinct. The broken limbs on the trail was a warning for people to stay away from the area.

You ask how I know this? In 1971, while working on a logging job, I had the same thing happen to me. I was living on the site in a camper. One morning, I walked to the landing only to see a hairy, heavy and upright creature peering at me from behind the yarder.

It was a very large Bigfoot. For several nights, we had limbs and large rocks thrown at the machinery, and we chose  to take it as a sign of danger. As it turned out, we never finished the job because the vandalism became extensive.

Yes, the word (?) can mean something other that human caused. We were not wanted in this area and the creatures made it clear.

Thank you so much Dewey. Did you mean work where I put the question mark? At any rate we know what you mean. See, we've learned something about bigfoot: if we see broken branches on the road out in the middle of nowhere, bigfoot could be near and would like us to stay out! We have two sightings where the branches were observed on the road. Dewey can you tell us where, in general area, that this sighting took place? ... Linda Newton-Perry


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Guest Editor-Blogger

Kyle has left a new comment on your post "Newspaper Column, Bigfoot":

People say "I want to see a Bigfoot." That was always my answer, when ask the year before, but not now. November 2, 2011, I was camping with my family at Hone Camp, a few miles up Canary Road off Oregon 101. In the afternoon we took the Jeep and went into the back country to look for ferns.

The road we took was in terrible shape with the road nearly closed in several places from old landslides. I decided to walk back up a trail that I once hiked some years ago. I told my wife to meet me down the road at a old shack used for log scaling in the 60s. As I proceeded up the trail I had noticed the trail had been littered with broken off branches from the trees lining the trail.

I should have turned around right then and went back to the road but I didn't. It seemed to me that something wasn't right, but I walked on. As I reached the fork in the trail it was apparent that something was coming up the trail right behind me. I started to turn when a deep sense of danger rushed me.

Within 15 feet stood the massive shape of the animal. The only thing I thought of was to run. The Bigfoot was in between me and the way out so I ran up the trail a few yards only to see what looked to be the end of the trail because a big log was down across it.

I looked again and the Bigfoot was gone. I thought maybe I had scared it as bad as it did me. After a minute or two I slowly headed back down towards the road. The Bigfoot was off the trail but I could hear it walking a few feet inside the treeline snapping limbs.

When I finally reached the old road again my wife was only one curve up because another tree had fell across the road. I told her to move over and we left the area.

I have never went into the woods again without a partner with me. The Bigfoot had brown hair covering the body with huge black eyes that seemed to burn into mine.The body of it was at least double my size at 245lbs.

I never want to go through that ever again.

Thank you Kyle for a great sighting. Nov. 2011, we were eleven miles down/up Canary Road. We were in a car and so decided not to go any farther. We were there because of an earlier sighting report. Again thank you. ... Linda Newton-Perry

An animal with human-like feet?

Youtube Video

Photo taken from Video

Click link to go to the Youtube video "Day Trip-Return to Bigfoot Discovery Museum" by poka513. Several bigfoot sightings related on this video. You will enjoy it. It's about eleven minutes long. Enjoy.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Youtube Video by Squatch Sighting

The title of this video is "Squatch Sighting On Vedder Mountain Road, BC Canada. You will enjoy it. It's about 12 min. long.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Newspaper Column, Bigfoot

Do not believe that all bigfoots are docile and will flee when approached by humans. If sighting reports can be believed, there are enough encounters to be concerned. Bigfoots have seemed to follow or even chase individuals.

Last week a reader of Bigfoot Ballyhoo, our online bigfoot magazine, reported such an encounter. The following is from that report:

     “My friend and I were so absolutely shocked and surprised that we took off running down to the water’s edge. I looked back at one point and it was right behind us. Here we were running for our lives and this thing was just walking and still keeping up with us. It then turned and walked back up the bank and disappeared.”

The simple fact is, one can not be sure how these animals will react when surprised by humans. The animal needs to be studied. But how is one to study an animal that can’t be found? To be safe, should we lower our eyes and stand our ground? Should we run? The thing is, we just don’t know how we should act when we are face-to-face with a bigfoot.

I believe that “science” should, at this moment, be studying the sighting reports to insure our safety. I’ve not kept account of the number of sightings reported and posted on Bigfoot Ballyhoo (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com), which is a grave fault of the site. However, anyone can scroll back through older posts and easily find them. Online sites, such as Ballyhoo, that keep these sighting reports could be a prime source for scientists to study.

We learned last week, through a comment on Bigfoot Ballyhoo, that government agencies already have in place plans for protecting bigfoot once it is stamped “real.” Whether this is true or not, we know that many Forest Service employees have seen bigfoot. They know the animal exists. I’m wondering what the higher-ups of the Forest Service tell their men and women to do when they see or come upon a bigfoot.

Anyone in the science community is invited to study the reports on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Many of these reports have been posted only on this site. Studying the vast pool of sighting reports can result in knowledge that can be found in no other way.

After all, bigfoot will not walk out of the woods and just give himself up to be studied once he is considered a real live animal. Until next week... Linda Newton-Perry

Comment on the Columbus Day Bigfoot

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

Let me play the devil's advocate here. Yes, the government did find a Bigfoot dead in 1963. OK,  it is the function of the government to protect the citizens. They didn't know what it was or if it carried some disease that they couldn't cope with.

Just maybe they thought it was a one of a kind mutant, possibly dangerous to humans. This I'm just guessing on my part but seems to be sound thinking.

Also, a few years before 1963, Bigfoot was named in 1958 in Northern California and the government stated it was impossible for such a being to be undiscovered.

This may be the reason why they don't want this incident well known. It was rumored that after the 1980 eruption of St. Helens 3 remains of the same looking type creatures were found and again removed from public eyes.

So maybe it's possible that the feds know Bigfoot is alive, but doesn't want the public to know because of fear to go into the wilderness areas.


It is still "our right" as occupants of this planet to know about the animals of our world. No amount of "reasoning" should be allowed to take this right away (my opinion). Thank you for the thoughtful comment.  ... Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Guest Editor-Blogger

Sam from CJ has left a new comment on your post "For New Readers":

Wanted to check out what I could about the 1963 animal. Since I live in Cave Junction and knew some old timers still around I wanted to hear their side of it. They remembered the animal being found but somewhat different on what road it was found on.

One put me in contact with Dotty the former owner of the JUNCTION CAFE. She lives in Selma now but still remembers the picture that hung on the wall at her cafe. I asked her if she had a copy of the photo and she replied that she never knew who finally took it down or what became of it. It belonged to a patron of the cafe that was on the scene of the dead animal.

Her recollections of it is that the pictures were some kind of a wildman ape mixture. I asked if she had seen the Patterson film and if it looked like it in anyway. She said the body of the "beast" was so decomposed that you could not tell if they were the same type creature. With that said, she remembers the men talking about the hands and feet on the body as being human only much larger.

She said it was her understanding the animal was female in nature. I asked her if she now believes it was a dead bigfoot and she said that there was no doubt in her mind that it was a bigfoot.

Then again, she told me of government type people rounding up what photos were taken by the crew that found it. Her recollection is that the body was removed by the forest service within a day of the find.

Thanks for reporting this as I had never talked with anyone that told of the dead bigfoot before. I did find out the beast was found on the road near O'Brien that goes over the mountain into Happy Camp Calf. The road was named DEW MOUNTAIN RD in the 60s but now is forest service marked only and called Greyback Rd.


What a wonderful comment. Thank you for sharing. Let us know anymore that you find out. We do know that a few people have photos of the animal, but there is some problem of publishing them. The "problem" has to do with the government not wanting them published ... Linda Newton-Perry

For New Readers

In 1963 a bigfoot-like animal was found under a fallen log after the Columbus Day Storm. Photos were taken. The government confiscated them. The animal and its files were sent to the Smithsonian and other places. Finally it ended up "a closed to the public file." Debbie, below, tried to get it opened. She is a lawyer. Use the search tool to read more. It is a very interesting "bigfoot/government" story.

Reply from Debbie

We can't count the comments from Debbie, they are so numerous.
Thanks Debbie, for your hard work in our behalf!

Debbie has left a new comment on your post " Dear Debbie, I was going through my papers a...":

Hi Linda,

No, I have not worked on the files for some time. I am with a private law firm now. It was my understanding that the files would be examined again by DOI to see if they could be opened to public view.

People need to understand it takes government years to do even the simplest things. I did look at the current status. It is still not open.

Some questions remain inside DOI as to what the corpse (creature) was that was recovered in 1963 according to the last correspondence I had received.

I can't say for sure but would make a guess that they will not open them until bigfoot is recognized as real and science classifies it as a certain type species.

I do read your blog on the weekends.


Thank you Debbie for answering this inquiry. I'm glad to know that you still look in on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. I believe you are right about   the above mentioned file not being opened until bigfoot is stamped "real." And then, of course, the file will be of little importance.       

It is my belief that future research by science will be done through the sighting reports compiled through the years. Even with a body, that is all they will have. They will not know its habits                     just dissecting the body. So, it's my opinion, sites such as Ballyhoo will be valuable to the science world concerning bigfoot. Thanks again, Debbie, and do comment once in a while. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Friday, April 20, 2012

Dear Debbie,
     I was going through my papers and realized it had been a long time since we have heard from you. I do hope you look in on Ballyhoo from time to time. I guess you stopped working on getting the Columbus Day File opened to the public. We would still enjoy hearing from you.
     If anyone knows Debbie, please tell her to comment.
Best regards,
Linda Newton-Perry

(For our readers who do not know Debbie, she is the Debbie mentioned under the large photo at the beginning of this page, second down.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Grayden Answers Questions About the Patterson Bigfoot, Patty

Grayden has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

( One of my questions to Grayden: Did your bigfoot look like Patty? Sighting below)

In some ways its body does and some ways it doesn't. The creature we saw was more dirty and tattered looking. The hair on the Patterson film is well groomed.

The bigfoot we came across had large black eyes and the body was covered in hair but not as course as the Patterson film. I can't say if the Patterson film is real because I can't see the face very good.

The one we saw had a flat nose and large mouth with yellowish teeth showing. One other difference is the bigfoot we saw was male. No doubt about it because it urinated some on the log when it first saw us.


Thank you Grayden for the additional information.  I'm very happy you decided to share your sighting with us. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Guest Editor-Blogger

Grayden H has left a new comment on your post "Youtube Video on Patterson-Gimlin Film":

I think I might be able to finally tell my sighting now after 3 years of silence. Oct 14th 2009 I was hunting with a close friend up near Agness, Oregon. It was a plan of ours to walk from Foster Bar camp up the river to Fawns Flat.

6am came and went while we were getting the packs together. We set out at 6:30 and walked a couple of miles up the riverbank. As we came to a place where the bank was cut away from previous highwater, we headed up the side of a rock cliff just enough to get on up the river.

Suddenly from nowhere it seemed this giant hairy black creature walking upright went beside a old log laying down and stopped to turn towards us. We didn't think it saw us because the sound of the rushing river was loud.

Apparently it did because it hurled a large rock at us and made a motion with its long arms like "get out of here." My friend and I were so absolutely shocked and surprised we took off running down to the water's edge. I looked back at one point and it was right behind us.

Here we were running for our lives and this thing was just walking and still keeping up with us. It then turned and walked back up the bank and disappeared. We were terrified at what had happened so we hurried back to Foster Bar and left the area.

We now think we might have accidentally got between the creature and a young one because of the way it came at us. We'll never forget the face on that thing. Like many say it looked "human but with apelike features."The creature must have weighed 7 to 9 hundred pounds and over 8 ft high.

Until now we have never discussed the sighting with anyone because of the type work we do. It could spell trouble for us. But I feel I can tell this sighting now without fear of ridicule.

Thank you so much for your sighting. We appreciate it so much. Did you watch the video about the Patterson-Gimlin Film below? If you did, what do you think? Is the creature real or not. Did Patty look like the animal you saw?... Linda Newton-Perry

Youtube Video on Patterson-Gimlin Film

Click link to take you to a Youtube video titled "bigfoot proof.flv by hhgdjg a1.
Will we ever know if this film is real or not? This video is about ten minutes long and the first half is about bigfoot. Was someone in a bigfoot suit/costume?


Monday, April 16, 2012

Freeman Bigfoot Film

Since we have had comments that the BLM and Forest Service have been giving talks on what will happen to the forests etc. when bigfoot is proclaimed real,  I thought you readers would enjoy seeing this video of what could be a real bigfoot. Click on the link to take you to Youtube Video, THE EXTRAORDINARY a Paul Freeman Bigfoot Video, by TheSAB8SAB8.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

I went to a Roseburg Forest Products meeting just last year. We had a speaker from BLM address the endangered species act. She said that BLM and the USFS has made closure samples in the event this Bigfoot thing comes to light as I believe it will very soon.

It was scary what she said about the amount of public and private land that would be closed to logging and some recreation. It would effectively shut down all of the pacific northwest because they would be on the endangered list in a heartbeat if the population is guessed under 7,000.

Nobody in their right mind would want this. This is the main reason government doesn't want Bigfoot to be designated as real. Some would say we can live together without all the protection but it doesn't work that way.

Remember the spotted owl and marble murrelet? Just think what a small number of 600 to 1,000 pound primates would do for our economy. Anyone wanna guess?

Thank you for the comment. It is good that the BLM and Forest Service is talking about what will happen when bigfoot is proclaimed "real." ... Linda Newton-Perry

Could this be a white bigfoot?

Click link to go Youtube video. The bigfoot is down on all fours and runs across the screen. The name of the video is "M.K. Davis discusses white Bigfoot video.mp4 by Greenwave2070fb. I think you will enjoy it.

A Great Youtube Video


Click above link to go to the British Columbia, Canada, video filmed by Sasquatch Sighting. The title of the video is "Sasquatch Sighting At Chillwack River." You will enjoy it. (You will not see a Sasquatch, but it is still a great video.)

Guest Editor-Blogger

Will has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

I spend four days a week in the woods. I'm a surveyor for USFS. What you are talking about here is pure speculation not even based on one ounce of scientific evidence.

I have read the preliminary on the DNA samples. It doesn't address what it is only what it might be. And then again she [Ketchum] has no control samples to start with.

Yes, this is just my opinion on bigfoot. I need the same evidence that any good scientist would need to show the bigfoot to be anything other than lore.

Sure, I've seen things in the deep forest I can't explain. Sure, I've heard sounds I couldn't identify. I've even seen large human like tracks but it doesn't mean it's bigfoot. Tracks have a way of being deceptive in nature.

What it will take is nothing short of teeth and bones. If bigfoot were proved to be alive then millions of acres of forest will be shut down from harvest. That economic impact will be devastating to many states. We need to be positive we are sharing the forest with some unknown hominid before we act.

Wonderful comment, thank you. Yes, many of us worry about what will happen to access to forests once the animal is stamped "real." ... Thank you again, I so appreciate these thought provoking comments. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Guest Editor-Blogger

BPB has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

In response to Wes Randall, I have to disagree with you, sir.There are many animals that we know exist in large populations and we have little or no fossil evidence of their existence.

As for illness, I'm sure BF's get sick, but as I stated before when this happens they find a secure, secluded place to die, like most animals.There is some evidence that has lead researchers to believe they may even bury their dead.

I suggest that you get out in the woods, where there is a history of BF activity and do some research yourself before forming a opinion.This discussion may soon be moot anyways.

Dr. Melba Ketchum has a white paper out at this moment being scrutinized by many, many scientists. Once they release there findings I think it will be widely accepted that there is a large, undocumented hominid roaming the forests of North America.

Thank you for your comment. It is so enjoyable to have readers speak their mind. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Newspaper Column "A Matter of Time"

How does bigfoot survive the winter? It is my opinion that these animals have been given, by our Creator, all the necessary instincts needed to survive all seasons.

There are so many examples of food for one animal that are deadly to another that I will not enlarge upon the subject here. And bigfoot is certainly clothed with heavy hair or fur. (I’ve never understood the difference.) I feel that bigfoot is like a big, furry dog, think of the sled dogs.

These dogs are safe and sound with the wind howling and snow flying. They just tuck their noses under their paws and sleep soundly. And, of course, dogs pant to keep cool in hot weather. Perhaps bigfoot has the same ability.

I believe it is not necessary for us to worry over bigfoot’s ability to take care of himself in his wild home, the woods, the forests, the mountains. Just like many animals in this fantastical world, bigfoot probably has only one enemy to be concerned with and that would be man.

It seems many people enjoy the subject of bigfoot. I’m certainly one of them. Many animals, however, I find just as delightful, such as the giraffe and zebra. Again, I’ll not continue because the list is just too long for the space allowed here.

I will say that even the microscopic world has myriads of life forms that could awe us and scare us, if they lived in our larger-scaled world. Who hasn’t seen these little beasties, shown under a microscope: armor-plated dragons, monsters of all variety? Maybe, just maybe these numerous and fascinating creatures are one of the reasons our scientists are not taking seriously this big, lumbering, biped. After al, they have plenty of animals to study from the breathtakingly beautiful to ... Well, you get where I’m going.

While I enjoy bigfoot, writing Bigfoot Ballyhoo and this column, I enjoy even more the interchange of ideas allowed by readers commenting on our online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo.

I spend much time each day scouring the internet for interesting videos and articles that I can link to for my readers. Occasionally, someone will tell us of a bigfoot sighting which makes all the work worthwhile.

So, keep it up. Let’s continue to talk bigfoot so that one day it will become commonplace. (You may write to the Perrys at P.O. Box 334, Sutherlin, Oregon, 97479.) Until next week, Linda and Christopher Perry

Guest Editor-Blogger

BPB has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

This comment is in response to Rich and Paul. While your certainly entitled to your opinions, your arguments do not hold water. First of all, it is a statistical fact that the majority of BF sightings occur in the summer, this leads some researchers and scientist to the opinion that BF, like bear, hibernate during the colder months, or at least hunker down in a protected,warm area.

Several scientists and wildlife biologists have done studies (most recently John Bindernagel in the Pacific Northwest) have found there is more than enough food to support a breeding population of large (500 to 1000 pounds) primates.

ON the subject of finding bones or remains, I have spent quite a bit of time in the woods, and I have to say, animal remains are rare.Sorry,let me re-phrase that,remains of animals that have died of natural causes are rare. Usually if you find remains the animal has been killed by humans or by attack from a predator.

When animals become ill they find a place to hide.They know they are weak and vulnerable so they hole up and that is usually where they die.Even when a wild animal dies somewhere in the open, it is usually only a matter of days before the carcass is decomposed and everything is eaten and scattered by other animals.

All the evidence we have points to BF's being very intelligent and mostly nocturnal.They have been observing humans for a long time and know that we are dangerous to their survival.Because of this many researchers believe that they make efforts to hide from us and if you are lucky enough to see one, it's because they made a mistake or they wanted you to see them.

Another interesting fact is that we think they are capable of producing infra-sound.Wildlife Biologists have determined that many animals are capable of producing this. Humans hear sounds at a certain decibel range, infra-sound is noise produced at low decibels that we cannot hear. Even though we can't hear it, these sounds can affect our bodies in different ways. It can make you sick or even scared.This is why so many witnesses talk about feeling ill or disorientated right before seeing a BF.

All in all there is plenty of good evidence to support the existence of these creatures,unfortunately most people either don't read it or they choose to ignore it.


Thank you so much for this detailed comment. It makes one wonder how in the world will science ever be able to examine this animal if they ... Well ... Again thanks and comment often. I love doing this blog, and it is so much more enjoyable when readers talk to me by commenting. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Friday, April 13, 2012

Guest Editor-Blogger

Paul has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

Richard is right on. Bigfoot must be very rare indeed. If they are living animals or primates, they get sick like everything does. Without some defense against medical problems they certainly would be near extinction.

That's why the show "Finding Bigfoot" cannot be taken for anything other than amusement. Moneymaker said on one of the episodes that thousands of them are running around the country. This cannot be taken serious. I do believe they are alive but only in some very remote forest and at a very low count.

They simply can't survive the cold wet snowing wind without eating a very large amount of high vitamin food witch is not available year around.

We know hard winters kill huge amounts of deer, elk and bear so it's a no brainer that sasquatch would be subject to death from harsh conditions.

Yet we still find no bones from them. That is the big question. Why don't we find one body part from bigfoot. We routinely find carcass of other dead animals.


Thank you for your comment, Paul. I believe, just me mind you, that bigfoot has been given all the protections, health etc., that he needs. Our creator knows what we need and what the animals need. How many there are? Who knows. Your guess is as good as the next.
Just something to think about. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Guest Editor-Blogger

Rich Soddert has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

I've been wondering for years now just how the bigfoot can find food in the winter. It seems it would take a enormous amount of food to sustain one bigfoot each day. As a hunter familiar with Oregon I can't see where they might get it between November and June.

Also another bothersome question is why we don't find a sick bigfoot down on the ground too weak to move from lack of vitamins and such. Apes need a sustained balanced diet along with humans so why would bigfoot be different. Also the illness part of it. If bigfoot is out there he/she gets sick with virus and things that need medical attention. Without medical help the kill rate would be over 60% of them from natural illness alone.Put in the varieties of pneumonia and chronic illness it goes to 90%.

I can't believe anything other than if they are out there they are extremely rare only numbering in the range of less than a hundred.


Thank you for the great comment. You bring up some excellent points. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Guest Editor-Blogger

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People in general can't afford to go into the woods with $4.10 cents a gallon. My husband's personal cost for diesel and gas has exploded to 4 thousand a month for him and one other employee working on road repairs in the Siskiyous.

This comes out of his personal account for travel. He says there's plenty of BLM, USFS in the mountains because the taxpayers pay the bill for them.

What a sad state of affairs were in. No body's looking for bigfoot because of the gas prices.

Thank you for your comment. And we might add, it has been so cold and muddy to be on the forest roads. ... LNP

Youtube Video Link

Click link below to take you to a Youtube video titled "Habituators Exposed" by SnowWalkerPrime
I believe it is sound reasoning. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Newspaper Column

On April 8th of this year, it will have been 20 months since the ESP Team observed and their trail cam snapped photos of a bigfoot that the team named Big Clyde.

Two members of the team, Bill Emery and the late Hank Parchell, actually saw the big animal. The two men decided to spend the night hidden near their trail cam and saltlick. Early morning, April 8th, the animal, in an unhurried manner, walked down the trail toward them and picked up the saltlick.

The late Parchell said he thought he saw the animal lick the salt. Bill Emery said he gave thought to snapping a photo of it with his camera, but worried it would charge. (The third member of the team is Cole Saxton, the late Dale Saxton’s son.)

At the time the ESP Team observed bigfoot, we were on speaking terms. We exchanged many emails and comments on the blog, Bigfoot Ballyhoo.

At that time we allowed all comments and any photos we received were published. The team, in good faith, emailed us photos that they believed were of the animal. Later, they found out that the photos were not photos taken with their trail cam.

The ESP Team did everything they could think of to safeguard the trail cam photos, but still, the photos were tampered with. The photos were published on Ballyhoo. Soon it was apparent that the photos were not from the trail cam.

Nasty hate mail flooded Ballyhoo. The ESP Team was threatened and hate calls were made to their homes. Finally, Bill Emery decided not to comment on Ballyhoo and withdrew his offer to show us the photos of Big Clyde that were authentic.

Ballyhoo has been charged with hoaxing the ESP Team’s discovery of bigfoot. Some believe that I, Linda Newton-Perry, made up the whole team, members and the Aug. 8th discovery. I’ve made up nothing!

So, each month on the anniversary date, I remind readers we are waiting for the announcement of their activities concerning this “discovery.” If you know of any news of the team and its activities, and you are free to tell us, please do.

Linda Newton-Perry along with her husband Christopher Perry is the author of a Viking Age Novel, and several bigfoot children’s books. Please comment on Ballyhoo and you may write to this address: Perry, P.O. Box 334, Sutherlin, Oregon 97479.

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Link to a Youtube Video

Click link to go to a Youtube Video: The Sasquatch Files-Tall Tales by TeamTazer Bigfoot. It is a wonderfully read history of sasquatch. I enjoyed it very much. ... LNP


Searching for Signs of Bigfoot While on an Outing ...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A New Member of the Ballyhoo Team or the Other Way Around!

Rob Perry has his own online prospecting magazine, The Gold Angle. Check it out. www.thegoldangle.blogspot.com

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Youtube by SnowWalkerPrime

Should we be afraid of bigfoot? Is the animal just one species? Find out what SnowWalker believes by going to the link below.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

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Did some checking on Ed's Story. I believe him now. The construction did start in '56 to '58 and list Crew and Ed Baxter on the bulldozers.

Something that also caught my eye was the name Will. Only someone there would know that Wilbur Wallace went by the name "Will." 

Ed stayed at Louise Camp with his wife and child at the bottom of Bluff Creek in '58, according to my sources.


Thank you for the comment and research. ... Linda Newton-Perry 

Newspaper Column for week of April 3, 2012

“I'm 92 and still hunting deer and still live in Willow Creek, [CA]. Over the years, I’ve seen over 100 tracks of different size and shape.”

The above came from Ed as part of a comment on our online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo. This is the rest of his comment: “In 1956-58 I was working on Bluff Creek along with Jerry Crew about 1 1/2 miles apart. We operated TD24s from mile 4 to end of road at MP 11. Many have said that the Wallace Brothers were the source of the tracks found around the Cats. I really doubt they were doing it. Ray was a joker type, but Will was nose to the ground. Many other happenings there beside tracks: tires, barrels and cable were thrown over the side. Years later, when again I was working for Block, I saw the same kind of tracks up Deer Creek some 49 miles from Bluff Creek. If Wallace was doing them too, he was wasting his time and ours because nobody ever said anything about the ones on Deer Creek because of the interruptions on Bluff Creek.”

We enjoy the comments from those who know the woods and that have been around for awhile. We thank you Ed for your comment.

Last week I spent a few days near Glide, Oregon. I was with my son who is into gold prospecting, but I took the opportunity to watch for bigfoot and hand out a few bigfoot business cards. I reminded a cook and waitress as I presented my card that over the last couple of years several sightings had come from their area. The cook agreed and said, “Yes, I’ve heard that.”

I repeated the one sighting I could remember off the cuff: fishermen in a boat on the North Umpqua observed a bigfoot dash from the woods onto the bank of the river, scoop up a fish that had been thrown on the bank and race back out of sight.

On this short trip, we stayed overnight in a Yurt, my first experience, and I managed to fall belly-down into the rain-swollen North Umpqua. I fell into a shallow area so was in no danger. I’d like to say it was the first time I’ve fallen into a river, but there was that time on the Rogue, so I can’t.

Please let us know if you’ve seen a bigfoot or know of someone that has. You can comment on Ballyhoo or send a letter to Perry, P.O. Box 334, Sutherlin, Oregon. Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry