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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Guest Editor-Blogger

Charley Weller has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":


Today, Kerby and I came up on a small lake of water just west of "Old Mule Mine" in the valley of Eden Meadows. Kerby discovered strange tracks of a man that seems to indicate that Indians are about in this area.

 We measured the tracks and come to the thought that the tracks are not of a man. They are of great size and look somewhat human but measures 17 inches and show steps of about sixty inches between tracks.

Earlier this day we came upon a half ate deer that we found to have a broken neck hanging in a crouch of a cedar tree. The deer had a sharp tree limb stuck in its shoulder. Around the deer were many of these tracks I wrote above.

Kerby believes these tracks are of a creature the Indians tell of called hairy man of woods. Though Kerby beliefs are not mine, I cannot put the strange tracks to anything I know.

I have heard of talk over at Ekley about some monster-like man animal that some men have seen but thought the men were only keeping others out with the talk.

We are four days ride from the village of Agnes where we hope to sell our furs. We plan to head south and west and trap over in Medicine Meadows.  Hope the snow will quit soon. Makes it difficult for the mules to navigate the steep terrain.

NOTE FROM SON:I believe my dad was in the area of Eden Valley when this was written.The talk he refers to is certainly Sixes River.


Thank you for the comment. ... When was the above written? ... Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Guest Editor-Blogger

Ed has left a new comment on your post " jlseagull2004 has left a new comment on your post...":

In 1956-58, I was working on Bluff Creek along with Jerry Crew about 1 1/2 miles apart. We operated TD24s from mile 4 to end of road at MP 11.

Many have said that the Wallace Brothers were the source of the tracks found around the Cats. I really doubt they were doing it. Ray was a joker type but Will was nose to the ground.

Many other happenings there beside tracks: tires, barrels, cable were thrown over the side.

Years later when again I was working for Block I saw the same kind of tracks up Dear Creek some 49 miles from Bluff Creek. If Wallace was doing them, too, he was wasting his time and ours because nobody ever said anything about the ones on Dear Creek because of the interruptions on Bluff Creek.

 I'm 92 and still hunting Deer and still live in Willow Creek. Over the years, I've seen over 100 tracks of different size and shape.


Thank you so much for the great comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

jlseagull2004 has left a new comment on your post "Newspaper Bigfoot Column":

Hello Linda, my name is Frank. I have lived in Oregon for some 40 years, and I've have had two bigfoot experiences that I know for sure of.
I've made reports to BFRO. I'm 66 but still have a bit of kid left in me, which allows me to have a very open mind. I have followed bigfoot since Jerry Crew first reported finding footprints at his construction site near Happy Camp.
Many things have happened to me over the years while in the woods that I can attribute to Biggie but at the time went unconnected. It is only recently with the advance of more information that I can reflect back to those incidents.
Thank you for keeping the Bigfoot Lore in the forefront, so people like me, and others, can see that  [these] things are real and not just in our imaginations.
Thank you so much for the comment. Please don't mind that I've corrected spelling etc. And do tell us more of your experiences. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Kathy Bigfoot":

Mrs Perry, I heard the London Oregon tracks are fake. My husband works for LCSD and said two pranksters did them. Have you heard anything?

Thank you for your comment. I have heard just as you've written above.  Your comment makes the second one saying that these 100 plus footprints are not real but made by a couple of men to show how easy a hoax can be put together.  Again thanks, Linda Newton-Perry

Kathy Bigfoot

A Link

Skunk Ape Sighting in Florida
This is a Youtube Video by BigfootBeliever2012
Click link below to go. I enjoyed the video. You may also.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Puzzle Differences

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Song

What is different in these illustrations? Find them.

Click on illustrations to make them larger.

I'll show the answer illustration tomorrow with arrows to the differences. Have fun. ... LNP

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Newspaper Bigfoot Column

Often when I hand out a business card I will add, “Now don’t laugh.” Most of the time, the recipient laughs anyway. On rare occasion I’m surprised with “Oh, I’m not laughing. I’ve seen one of them.” I then stand in an “I can’t believe what I’m hearing mode” and just hope I can find pen and paper to record the sighting information.

This situation is exactly what happened to me, Thursday, March 22. A Roseburg, Oregon business woman, between customers, answered my questions. Where did you see the animal? I asked. “It was at the Toketee Airfield, Camas Meadows up the North Umpqua about twenty years ago.” She said. She held my business card, glancing down at it from time to time, as she told me her sighting.

“We were in the area with the children, camping and looking for arrowheads. It was summer, late afternoon. I was alone when I saw the animal. It was standing in the middle of the road about 300 feet in front of me. I don’t know if I was looking at its back or front. It turned sideways and walked off the road into a flat area.

" All I could tell was it was big, dark in color and with gray patches. I don’t know if it saw me or not. I later examined the area where the animal stood in the road and had walked upright into the field. I found no tracks and I didn’t see the animal again.”

I failed to ask her if she felt frightened. The above words are not the woman’s exact words, but as near as I could remember. And by the way, this area, east of Roseburg, Oregon, has had several sightings in the last couple of years.

If you’ve read this column for awhile, you know I also write an online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo. I routinely publish on this blog things that children may enjoy. I allow no profanity, so the children can safely read it. I’ve found in my research that few children have actually seen bigfoot.

One young girl did see a bigfoot at Sru Lake, Oregon. I would like to invite her to write comments as often as she wishes. She had quite a scare and has been in the care of a doctor since her sighting. Perhaps writing about her feelings and sighting will help.

Bigfoot Ballyhoo’s web address is www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com. Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry

Friday, March 23, 2012

Linda Talks to Punch the Bigfoot Puppet

The Umpqua River, Oregon

Photo by Linda Newton-Perry

Today, March 23, 2012, was a perfect spring day in Douglas County, Oregon.The Umpqua was running high and fast. Even bigfoot would probably think twice before sticking a toe in.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Guest Editor:Blogger

Bigfoot Sighting

Ashley has left a new comment on your post "Roseburg Woman's Sighting":

I want to tell of a sighting that occurred in 1993. My dad was a log truck owner and operator all his life. He never believed the stories of the Bigfoot because he claimed he would have found tracks in all the years he traveled the mountains of southwestern Oregon.

 In April of 93, he was working in the Tenmile Creek area just west of Camas Valley. It was 7 am when he stopped on a gravel turnout on the Panther Mountain to tend to nature. As he let himself down out of the truck he noticed across the road something had just went up the hillside because small rocks and dirt were falling into the ditch.

At that same time he heard a chatter of some sort from the trees lining the road. He then noticed a small figure of black moving through the treeline. He thought "bear" right away but was shocked nearly to pieces at a very large and heavy "manlike ape creature" of some sort grab up the small one and take off at lighting speed up the mountainside.

He could see it from time to time when it hit thin places in the brush as it walked on two legs. Dad was never one to tell stories. He believed to the day he passed the "apelike man or woman" was most likely a Bigfoot.

He never talked about it again. Nor did he ever tell his friends. He told Mom about it but told her to never talk about it. He left his diary to me when he passed in 2000 at age 83 and I found 4 pages in the diary where he wrote down the experience.


Thank you Ashley. I've touched hair that we believe came from a bigfoot in that area. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Roseburg Woman's Sighting

Roseburg Woman's Sighting

Sighting on Video Above. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bad Day for Bigfoot the Puppet

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Talking Bigfoot"

Sharing Beauty


Monday, March 19, 2012

Regarding Video Below: An Opinion

Tammie has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot Community: Linda Newton-Perry speaks out.":

I'm like you. The bigfoot community is mostly a bunch of crying juvenile acting neanderthals. They don't want any new people looking into bigfoot. They believe Sasquatch is only legitimate if they are telling of it.


 These hate comments you get are from unstable people thinking the subject belongs ONLY to them.You’re making a real difference in “bigfoot talk.” People read your blog and some are no longer afraid to speak out on the bigfoot subject.


     I'm sorry I couldn't leave in part of your comment. The person you mentioned is a friend of mine. I hope you understand. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Bigfoot Community: Linda Newton-Perry speaks out.

A Bigfoot Question

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Here is the New Children's Bigfoot Story

“Quiet, Ray!” Bug Braden whispered to his younger brother. Sharp pebbles and dry fir needles poked into their knees.

“Where they coming from?” Ray whispered as he whipped around and leaned against the tree, sitting now. He picked the matted weeds from his bare knees and rubbed them hard. Another rock bounced off the fir just a foot above Ray’s head. “Bug! Another rock.”

“Stop talking.”

“But Bug,” said Ray as he turned again onto his knees, positioning himself directly behind his older brother.

“Listen Ray, shut up. We could be in a lot of trouble here.” Bug turned his head just enough so he could whisper into his brother’s ear, “Could be Roy and his gang out there trying to scare us.”

“Well it’s working. I’m scared.”

Bug laughed. Seven-year-old Ray comprehended subtle points very quickly, faster than himself, but he was three years younger making him all but a baby. And baby boys required watching out for, a lot of watching out for. “I’m going home,” Ray sobbed in a loud voice. Bug grabbed hold of Ray’s belt and pulled him down before he got to his feet. A bigger rock landed within inches of the tussling boys.

“Now you’ve done it. You little creep!”

“Stop calling me that! Mom said ...”

“Shut up!” Move around the tree. We’ve got to get out of the line of fire.”

“I’m going to tell Mom!”

“Listen here! ... What was that?” Bug pulled Ray closer and pushed him flat to the ground. Bug was trying hard not to think of the harm Roy had done fellows he’d caught out in the woods. He hated that his little brother was seeing him act like a coward. At least Ray would think that when it was all over, cowering as he was here, behind this fir. Before he knew it he was on his feet. “Stay here. Don’t move.”

Bug broke a dead branch off as he stepped from behind the tree. He held it pointed end out. A rock ricocheted off the tree and landed with a thud on a near mossy log. “All right you *%#%’s, come on out or get out of here!” He waited. Nothing. Nervously he swayed side to side, weight shifting from one foot to the other. He pounded the branch into the palm of his hand. He waited.

“Bug!” Ray screamed. “There in the tree!” Ray stumbled to Bug’s side. Bug looked to where Ray pointed. He could see nothing. But then the trunk

seemed to be moving. Something, a bear maybe, was coming down it.

“Let’s get out of here! Run!” Bug shoved his little brother ahead as he glanced back one last time before pushing down hard on his bike pedal. There stood a drooling sasquatch, huffing and slobbering. All Bug could think about was he wished it had been Roy throwing the rocks. And he was so glad his little brother didn’t see the face of that thing, ‘cause for sure he’d have nightmares. Forget Ray having nightmares, Bug was sure he’d have them for a long time after seeing an animal that is not suppose to exist. “Hurry up, Ray, let’s get out of here!”

It was many years before Bug Braden told his story. Even then he really didn’t want to tell it. But a TV crew was coming to town and Molly, his sweet wife, wanted to be at the town hall meeting. So before he knew it he was telling his story, but he left out the years and years of nightmares he had suffered. He was hoping the nightmares would not start again. But, he guessed they would.

                                             The End

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Newspaper Bigfoot Column

It’s very satisfying when people are willing to “talk bigfoot.” I give out bigfoot business cards as I go about my day-to-day activities. And often I’m rewarded with a great experience. And sometimes not! But you know, I do believe I’m detecting a little less smiling and chuckling at the mention of bigfoot. (It could be that I just think there is less. Who knows?) If it is true, I believe that this is good, great in fact.

I’ve never believed this subject to be funny. I just don’t “get it” when those that have seen bigfoot are laughed at and made to feel ... Well, I don’t know what they are made to feel like. I guess, what happens depends on the character and interest level of the one listening to the sighting.

I will say that on Youtube I detect the same number of stupid bigfoot videos as always. So, I can’t be sure if people in general are taking bigfoot more seriously or not.

Often, I shake my head and can’t believe I’m in the middle of this bigfoot subject. At least I think I’m in the middle of the subject. I don’t wish, here, to argue my place in the bigfoot world.

There are those that have gone to great lengths to make it appear that I am a hoaxer with Ballyhoo my format. And because of the claims, I’m not taken seriously by many. It is understandable since few people in the bigfoot world know me personally and probably never will.

I want to make it clear that I will keep publishing Bigfoot Ballyhoo at least until the ESP Team’s bigfoot information is published. My name will then be cleared of these ridiculous hoax charges.

I know this means very little to those in the bigfoot world, but to me it is very important. I mention the Team often because I don’t want them forgotten. I want to be able to say, whether I actually say it or not, “I told you so.” And I will expect many, many apologies. Of course, it will not happen, but ...

How does one, out of the blue, so to speak, come to write about the subjec,t bigfoot? Well, I simply needed a subject to write a newspaper column on. The subject needed to engage my interest, which bigfoot does and always has.

The name of this column is Bigfoot: A Matter of Time. And yes, I still believe it is just a matter of time before someone presents proof that it exists. Until next week. ... Linda Newton-Perry

London Oregon Bigfoot Tracks

(Not the London Tracks)

Anonymous left a comment regarding all those tracks found near London, Oregon. He/she suggests that they are not real. If you've heard anything, please let us know. ... LNP

Youtube video: My Bigfoot/sasquatch/yeti story by lcafilms1

Photo courtesy Robert Perry

Click link below for a childhood bigfoot sighting.

Friday, March 16, 2012

It's almost spring!


Consider the above photo a thank you card for visiting this site.  We here at Ballyhoo wish to keep the subject bigfoot/sasquatch  a dignified one.  Do help us with comments that all bigfoot enthusiasts will enjoy. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Youtube Sighting


Click above link to go to a Youtube sighting report. The video title is M2U00059 and by oregonsasquatch. So much detail in this report. Sitting at night around a fire the man describes in detail his sighting. I enjoyed it very much and I think you will also. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Four Years

Bigfoot Tracks Near London, Oregon

I was asked to take the video off of the London, Oregon bigfoot tracks. There are those that do not wish to be associated with this site. You can view the video by going to Youtube and typing in bigfoot for the last week.

It is too bad that people believe the lies that have been told about me (Linda Newton-Perry) and this site.

I can assure you, I have hoaxed nothing. Have a grand day. ... LNP

Monday, March 12, 2012

Youtube Video: Baby Gorilla takes first steps by NewScientist

I wonder if a bigfoot baby looks like this baby gorilla?


So, you believe in bigfoot?
It's okay to be different!
Proves you're a real thinker; you're your own man/woman!

Sharing Beauty


Could be anywhere. Could be bigfoot country!
It makes it so much more fun when YOU comment. Click comments on line below to do just that.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Sru Lake Bigfoot Prints":

Yes, plenty of snow all around Sru and 3348 road leading over to Cow Creek and Galice. Weather reports say heavy snowfall for area over this week.

 I think a population of Sasquatches inhabit the area from Cow Creek to Port Orford in the Siskiyous. It's incredibly wild land up there and would be prime for bigfoot. Thanks for a new track and bigfoot sighting.

Thank you for the comment. Please, everyone, be careful if you are going out looking for bigfoot in the snow. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Sru Lake Bigfoot Prints

Sru Lake

Guest Editor-Blogger:
Lesley has left a new comment on your post "Newspaper Column, "Bigfoot: A Matter of Time"":

My name is Lesley Welburn. I'm a native of southern Oregon and a reader of Bigfoot Ballyhoo and other Bigfoot sites.This last week two friends and I went to Sru Lake and camped for 3 days.

The weather was somewhat tempered: snow showers and thunder storms two of the three days and nights. The reason for the trip was to eyewitness what the country up there is like.

The forest is incredible with huge stands of Port Orford Cedar and Douglas Fir. The lake itself is small but deep and is surrounded by timber.

We walked the area around the lake to look for tracks of animals. Deer, Elk,and plenty of Coon tracks were visible. On day two we hiked up the side of the mountain southeast of the lake. The snow was around five inches on the nearby old logging trail.

We hiked to the top of a steep rocky ridge to look down into the surrounding valley. On a very narrow game trail we came across tracks in the snow 18" long by 7" wide.

Not knowing if someone had made the tracks we scoped the entire area with field glasses. I will say if someone did make the tracks the question would be why,when and where did they go without leaving signs of leaving.

Nobody knew we were up there. Why would someone go up into snow country and walk a game trail with big cast on their feet? The trail is only accessible by hard hiking and there was no sign of anyone before us.

My conclusions is Bigfoot had walked the path just hours before we did. There's no way anyone can explain these tracks away as hoaxed or some other animal. All in all I'd say that the area around Sru Lake is strange and yet so beautiful


Thank you so much for such a great comment. I was wondering if snow was on the ground up at Sru. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Bigfoot Sighting

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Newspaper Column, "Bigfoot: A Matter of Time"

My neighbor, sixty-four-year-old Aubrey XXX, knocked on our door early evening March 9, to tell us about a possible bigfoot sighting he’d had that day.

He and a friend were west of Riddle at the historic town site of West Fork, where Aubrey’s friend fished and he hiked. Aubrey caught a glimpse of what he thought could have been a bigfoot. “Looked like a big gorilla,” he said.

The animal was at the side of the road apparently positioning a foot carefully for its first step down the steep bank to Cow Creek. A bush hid it from the waist down. It was light brown with enough gray hair to be noticeable.

Aubrey said the animal’s back was body-builder cut, the muscles very apparent. He observed the animal from, he guessed, eighty yards and near noon. “I can’t,” he said, “swear it was a bigfoot, but I can say for sure it wasn’t a bear.”

Aubrey considers himself a knowledgeable woodsman and is a longtime hunter, longtime meaning he was introduced to the woods and forests at age four. He’s seen in the wild anywhere from thirty-five to fifty bears and a few cougars.

I tell readers the locations of bigfoot sightings so they can watch for the animal. So few actually get to see it, that I feel I should help in this way.

The above possible sighting was again, located where the town of West Fork once was, located on lower Cow Creek at the confluence of Cow Creek and the West Fork of Cow Creek. Not a building of the once bustling railroad town is left now.

Aubrey noticed several people enjoying the hobby of gold panning along Cow Creek. So, if you are at this area from time to time, glance around, for it may be that you will glimpse bigfoot.

As the crow flies, Cow Creek is not far from the ESP Team’s oft-written about, early- morning glimpse by Bill Emery and the late Hank Parchell of the bigfoot they’ve named Big Clyde. J. Whitsitt commented on Bigfoot Ballyhoo that the team’s documentary is now finished and should be available some time this year.

March 8, 2012 makes nineteen months since their discovery. If you are like me, you can hardly wait to hear more about it. Any information about the team is appreciated. You can “talk bigfoot” and share sightings on the online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo.

The Internet address is www.bigfootballyhoo. blogspot.com. Until next week ... Linda Newton-Perry

(Comment by clicking on the word comment on the line below.)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Possible Bigfoot Sighting Today March 9, 2012, Oregon

Longtime woodsman and hunter Aubrey XXXXX shared an experience he had today. He thinks he might have seen a bigfoot. He said, "I'm not positive it was a bigfoot, but I know what it wasn't. It wasn't no bear!"

His sighting took place at the old town site of West Fork, Douglas County. The site is located on lower Cow Creek at the confluence of Cow Creek and the West Fork of Cow Creek (west of Riddle).

Watch for more on the siting tomorrow, including what the animal looked like, time of day and so on.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

ESP Team's 19 Month Anniversary

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

About the Emery Team ... What They Have Been Doing...

J. Whitsitt has left a new comment on your post "19 Months Since ...":

After attending a meeting last month, it looks as if the United States Forest Service is out of options on how to deal with the oncoming slot of real evidence on Bigfoot.

 Some of us have seen cam photos of what people call Bigfoot from Emery/Saxton and feel that USFS will be forced to admit that this animal in the 3 cam shots is not any known animal with any classification.

For the hair samples and fecal matter seem to indicate that the animal is a positive branch of primate but not as ape or monkey.

Their documentary has been filmed and will come out for viewing this year.

I want to be clear that I'm not giving anything away on what's happened. This is only my own knowledge of events as of now.


Thank you so much for giving us this information. Please feel free to comment often. I do hope Emery will tell us when and where we can view the documentary. ... Linda Newton-Perry

If this animal exists ...



Irene Sue-Neil sits in her office, with space heater at her bare feet, moving her head side to side. So, this is what she’s come to, videoing herself as a negative-blue, crazy-looking woman, talking bigfoot and in the end eating a fake bird.

She reasoned it was a bit entertaining. She, after all, was getting a few hits on Youtube. Was it though worth appearing silly? And, was it worth all the trouble keeping up the online bigfoot magazine?

The blue-woman’s thoughts wandered back to when her bigfoot sight was targeted by a few over-zealous bigfoot enthusiasts. The attacks certainly took the enjoyment away from reporting on bigfoot.

The attacks followed soon after a team of bigfoot field researchers from Oregon took to the forest searching for the animal. Over the course of several months the men shared their field research. They camped, attached trail cams, hiked the woods, put out food and waited.

Neil’s site, at the time, accepted all and any comments. Many of the comments were derogatory, vicious even. Photos of bigfoots were submitted that were from bigfoot movies and one footprint was submitted along with a story of how the submitter got the photo. Turned out, the footprint belonged to a Florida bigfoot field researcher.

A deluge of comments swore that Neil was making everything up on the site. The proof, these people said was that she was a writer. She makes things up. Makes sense, right? they asked.

Neil nudged the space heater a few inches from her feet and turned the knob to a lower setting.

She smiled to herself, remembering the excitement of the days leading up to two of the men of the team actually seeing the animal. And the fantastic claim they made, that their trail cam had captured at least three clear photos of the animal.

The worst and blurriest of the three was sent to Neil’s site. It was posted. The head of the team promised to share the good clear photos with Neil’s site as soon as they could arrange copyright protection.

Neil drew in a deep breath, sipped the last of her cold coffee, and folded her hands. The bigfoot site and newspaper column she wrote were at times, both pleasurable. She enjoyed the comments that encouraged her to keep on with the site. And there were those that wrote they enjoyed that no profanity was used or allowed.

She sniffed louder than required, shook her head and fought back self-loathing because of the blue negative videos. She was asking herself were the videos brilliant or simply common? artless?

It was odd that the bigfoot researchers who attacked her site, seemed to be doing okay. That is after the character attacks, they, it seemed, had kept a high standing in the bigfoot research arena.

The reality was that nothing they claimed was true. She’d made up none of what was on her bigfoot site except the fiction stories.

Neil checked the comments on the site. A new one had just come in. It was a sighting report, and a great one at that. “Ah,” she said to herself, “just what I love to read.”

She knew she’d keep publishing the site, keep writing the newspaper column, after all, what could be more fun than researching “the bogyman” that her mom warned would get her when she was a child.

Little did she know, it would be the researchers of this unknown being that would try to get her and that she'd have to look out for!

                                  The End

19 Months Since ...

Tomorrow will be 19 months since the ESP Team saw and photographed Big Clyde the Bigfoot in a forest in Oregon. Hank Parchell one of the members has since died. If you've followed this site, you know that on the 8th of each month I talk about the team and often come real close to begging for some information. If you know anything, that you can talk about, please tell us.

One of the last things I heard about the team is that they were going to try to get some video of a bigfoot and possibly do some sort of documentary.

We don't wish for anyone to tell us things that they've promised not to, but we sure would like to know what is going on with the team. Information on the new member would be great as well.

The photo,top right column, is a poor photo of Big Clyde.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bigfoot Country, Right?

Click the photo to enjoy a larger view. (Just sharing beauty.)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bigfoot Short Story: Fiction

Original photo:photoxpress

What would Wright find at the end of the lane? Tornadoes had struck. Would his home still be there?

Bigfoot believer Frank Lee Wright, March 2, 2012, drove the narrow lane leading to his rustic cabin, tucked under the skirts of three squat fir trees and one old cottonwood.

Tornadoes this day had swept through the county. Wright lived alone and so didn’t know if at the end of the lane he’d have a home or not. When he turned from the main road onto the lane, his mailbox was gone and the fence behind it for twenty feet, gone as well.

His thoughts now were that he probably didn’t have the comfortable cabin and old but newly roofed hay barn.

Bing, his mutt dog, recognizing the lane, moaned and whimpered with paws on the dash of the old ‘89 Chevy truck. Bing’s stub tail wagged crazily now. Wright tried to pick a burr from the tail, but gave up. The dog wouldn’t be still long enough and he had to stop the truck, a tree blocked the lane.

The tree was a young cottonwood, six inches in diameter, so he moved it easily to the muddy ditch and out of the way. Bing jumped the ditch and took after a brown hen that shouldn’t have been in the field, two miles from its coop.

     “It isn’t looking good,” Wright said aloud to Bing, both now back in the truck, moving again. Bing barked her agreement as she jumped and quivered, paws mudding the rear window. The dog didn’t stop barking. Wright stopped the truck meaning to try and sooth his pet. “It’s okay, girl.” Wright was thinking the dog was picking up on his dread and apprehension.

Wright turned in his seat and reached for Bing. The dog moved to avoid being caught, still barking crazily. “Settle down, Bing. Come here, girl.” No use, she wasn’t going to be coddled. He turned the key, and slowly drove the last third of the lane to his home.

The dog continued to bark at unfamiliar cows along the road and one dirty white horse munching grass along the fence line. It wasn’t looking good, Wright thought again.

The truck’s tires crunched on the newly spread gravel along the tiny patch of brown grass that was the front yard. The cabin still stood as well as the barn. Bing flew off the seat of the truck. The spotted brown animal sprinted around the cabin, making for the chicken coop, Wright guessed. He guessed wrong!

He slammed the heavy truck door, stopped and stomped his boots hard before planning to step onto the short sidewalk leading to the front door.

     “That dog!” he said to himself. “Bing come here!” he yelled. The dog barked nonstop now. Bang! came from where Bing still made a fuss. Uncommon, the animal never took on so.

Wright turned, heavy boots pounding toward the rear of the cabin. Bang! came again. Wright stopped, nearly toppling over, the stop so abrupt. There at the coop a bear was helping himself to the panicky chickens.

Again moving, he grabbed up a broken cottonwood branch meaning to chase off the bear with it. Bing still barked, bouncing in short bursts with all four paws off the ground at times.

     “Get out of here! Bing get back!” Bang! the coop door slammed again. The animal, two chickens in its massive hands, growled at Bing and glanced unconcerned at Wright and the cottonwood branch. The animal had no reason to be concerned. Wright stood frozen, mouth hanging open, marveling at what he was seeing. He was looking at an animal that was not supposed to exist─a bigfoot.

The bigfoot bent, reaching for Bing. “Stop, get away!” Wright unfroze and in loud bursts at the top of his lungs, shouted, “Get away!” The little dog ran to her master.

This time she allowed herself to be picked up. Both man and dog, nonstop, each in his own way, loudly blasted warnings for the bigfoot to get from the yard.

Not that it made much difference. Not seeming concerned, the huge, hairy bigfoot slowly turned, still with the two chickens, now under one arm, and scooped up the twelve-foot-long pig trough as he rounded the coop out of their sight.

Sitting now on the front porch of the still standing cabin, Wright held Bing. His eyes swept the yard and barn. He was thankful the tornadoes hadn’t done damage to his property, and also thankful in an odd sort of way to have finally seen a bigfoot.

     "Strange times, wouldn’t you say, Bing?” Bing barked and smiled in dog manner.

The End

Difficult to get serious ...

With all the pain, deaths and destruction from tornadoes, in the news, it is difficult to "talk bigfoot."  I did, however, wish to put 
at least one post on the site today. I hope you are safe and if not we are thinking about you. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A "New" Bigfoot Site

The above is a new site to me. Do read back through the older posts. It's a great read.
Click link below to go.

Newspaper Column

“Nonsense,” you say, when bigfoot is mentioned in conversation. Or, you may be one of the few to say, “I know they exist, I’ve seen one.” Then again, you may know of someone you love or trust that has seen a bigfoot and so you believe.

I use none of these reasons for my interest in bigfoot. Four years ago I had to come up with a subject to write a newspaper column on. How did I settle on the subject of bigfoot?

Well, I enjoyed quipping with the editor of the local paper about bigfoot. She’d roll her eyes, shake her head, and do a great impression of pretending to feel sorry for me and my interest in bigfoot. Granted, my interest was mild and I didn’t know if I believed the animal existed or not. But, within a year of writing the column, Bigfoot: A Matter of Time, I had become convinced that these majestic animals live in our forests.

Once I concluded the beings existed, I knew that they were some species of animal and not some kind of primitive man. And why are my beliefs on this rock-solid?

Simply put, I’m a woman of faith. I’ve spent much time contemplating the Bible and studying it in depth. The result of study and prayer is that I believe God made humans and the animals. Adam was made fully-grown and, in fact, he named the animals. (If you read carefully the first few chapters of the Bible, you will see this first man had the work of studying the animals and naming them.)

Now, it is anyone’s guess as to whether bigfoot was one of the first animals created or it came about by selective breeding, brought about by living conditions and so on. For a reasoning point, I give you the example of the dog: Probably, when created there was just one or two “types” and look now at the many breeds.

And what’s more, I don’t believe Noah had on the ark the great variety of dogs we now have that man has taken great effort and time to breed. I believe the same is true of bigfoot, that is, Noah did not take onto the ark all the different apes, but just a few types.

In the end, whether correct in determination or not, science will label what species bigfoot is. Let’s remember, science believes the chimp to be the nearest human relative. Wow, what a huge gap a little difference in DNA makes. Right? ...

Linda Newton-Perry

Friday, March 2, 2012

So you think you've seen a bigfoot?

You know, I love the subject bigfoot. You must too, or you wouldn't be visiting this site. I do wish more of you readers would comment. If I post your comment, I will reply. Let's make this site one where we can "talk bigfoot." Have a grand day. ... Linda Newton-Perry
On the line below, at the end where it says Comments, is where you click and add your comment. Let's hear what you have to say.

Down Any Forest Road ...

A Poem

In my soul I know it's true, bigfoot lives on mountains world 'round.
He keeps to place as we all do, though instinct he's bound.
Will we ever know "his" truth? Will he ever be "found"?

Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Bigfoot Print: It's a cookie!

Today is the first day of March. I'm glad for it. The older I get the less I like winter. One positive thing about winter is bigfoot prints are easier to see. As you know over a hundred bigfoot prints were found near London, Oregon, last week.

 I believe I've seen one bigfoot print. I found it at the junction of 138 and Mill Creek Road, the turnoff to Loon Lake. We were passing by soon after a sighting had been reported at that location;  I found the print a few feet off the road, Mill Creek Road. 
I've spent a good part of today reading old accounts of bigfoot sightings. For the life of me, I don't know why these accounts can't be used as proof of this animal. Many of these people that have sighted the animal have taken lie detector tests and passed. How can that be outdone? topped even?

Anyway, it makes me feel helpless in this search for bigfoot. One guy, today on Youtube, was ranting about the Finding Bigfoot TV Show. He all but called us names for enjoying the show. He freely used profanity until I stopped the video.

I know bigfoot's discovery is just not important in the grand scheme of things. But, still, it interests me. I consider it my hobby. I enjoy hiking and while on the trail I watch for bigfoot. And since it is March perhaps the sun will shine more days in row, now. Perhaps it will be easier to throw a jacket and cap on, grab the camera and head for the hills--so to speak.

Please comment. I enjoy the give and take of comments. ... Catch you later. ... Linda Newton-Perry

What are bigfoots?

What do you think bigfoots are?

(I think they are animals, clear and simple! ... Linda Newton-Perry)