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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Video From Youtube You May Enjoy

The title of this video is #12 of 67 Harlan Ford Films Sasquatch in 1963 in Lousiana Bayou by TeamYin. Enjoy and comment.

Scroll Through Older Posts for

Readers, there are several stories for children on this site, plus pages to color. Scroll through older posts to find them. And older posts contain much information you may enjoy reading. Have fun and comment. ... LNP

Monday, February 27, 2012

Where Bigfoot Prints Were Found

The red dot shows where the 120 plus bigfoot footprints were found last week. London is south of Cottage Grove and east of the freeway about 15-20 miles (just south of Cotage Grove Lake).  Remember to click on the map to make it larger.

Sharing Beauty


Click on photo for larger view. 
Happy Monday to you all.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Youtube Video by Hager4374

Saturday, February 25, 2012

More Information and Photos of the London, Oregon, Prints

Click link below to go to site North American Bigfoot.blogspot.com. Enjoy.

Newspaper Column

Last week, bigfoot prints, 120 of them in a row, were found near London, Oregon, Lane County. (This information came from The Lunch Club, a bigfoot Internet site.) You can bet that discovery was exciting for all involved.

The long line of bigfoot prints reminds me of my adventure on the Big Tree Trail at the Oregon Caves. I didn’t know at the time that I was hiking a trail that no one was allowed on. In fact, it was closed to the public. We didn’t realize that hikers were required to check in at the office before taking the trail.

If we had checked in, we would have been told the trail was closed. Anyway, we happily forged ahead on the winding trail until we came to snow, covering the trail. I didn’t think much about the footprints that were in the snow, and there were many, until after the hike. Since I didn’t know the trail was closed, I believed the prints were those of hikers.

I wish I had investigated the prints for toe impressions. Perhaps some of the prints were bigfoot’s. And mind you, I was at the Caves to look for bigfoot. Why? I knew about Dr. Johnson’s sighting and wanted to experience the Big Tree Trail for myself.

I might add, in the area the doctor saw the animal, I did smell for a few seconds an unfamiliar odor and soon after heard a huffing sound, somewhat like Dr. Johnson described he heard.

Dr. Johnson’s two children and his wife were with him, but the children didn’t see the bigfoot. It’s my opinion that not many children have seen bigfoot.

I do, however, know of one young girl that saw one, Shawna Hamilton. Her encounter took place at Squaw Lake, now Sru Lake, Oregon. Peeking at her from behind a tree, a huge bigfoot watched her throw rocks into the lake. I asked her if she would comment on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. She did.

The encounter left her shaken and under the care of a doctor. It was very enjoyable reading of her experience in her own words. She’s been invited to share anytime, her thoughts on bigfoot. You can read what young Shawna wrote on Bigfoot Ballyhoo at http://www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com/.

Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry

120 Footprints Found in Oregon

Click link to go to Bigfoot Lunch Club and read about the bigfoot footprints found in Oregon.


Color Page for the Children

This little bigfoot is offering a flower to his mother.

Copy and paste page to your computer, print out and color away.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Youtube Video by BigfootMuseum

Mike talks about what he thinks will happen after sasquatch is proven real. I always enjoy his manner. I think you will too. I'll give you a hint of what he thinks: IT WILL NEVER END!


Sharing Beauty and a Little Information


Want to see a photo of a bigfoot's back? Looks real. Who knows. Click link and go to Sierra Tahoe Bigfoot Research Site.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Guest Editor:Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Just remember ...":

I like this site! Good stories and many excellent older ones too. I'm a new fan of Bigfoot and love to read stories of sightings and such. This site keeps it clean and without cussing and demeaning of others.

Lots of sites are negative and down right misinforming. As I was returning from Eugene yesterday I spoke with a lady at a Scottsburg store. She said they haven't seen the old Bigfoot for some time making me believe like her that the old guy died or moved on.

Ive been trying to get information on the Bohemia Mine monster that raised a ruckus in the 60s. It was very interesting about the miners from Almeda. Somewhere I read about it in the 70s in some magazine but can't remember what the magazine was called.

I bet the Bigfoot stories were around long before it became popular in the late fifties. They just called the creatures something other than Bigfoot.

Thank you for the great comment. Well, I hope the limping bigfoot hasn't died. I enjoy the reports of those that have seen him. Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry

Have you tried this? View video.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sharing Beauty


Just remember ...

You should remember, if you're going searching, to get a peek at bigfoot that this is a huge wild animal. It may be "peeking" at you and you not even know it. I have not read recently of bigfoot chasing people and the like, but there are many accounts written of this behavior  from the past.

 It makes one wonder how this animal will ever be studied if its image can't even be captured  in a good clear photo. (Please if anyone has a good, clear photo share it with us. I will not put any photos on this site unless I'm sure from whom they were sent.)

Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Here's a Bigfoot Story by a 10-Year-Old

Remember, we will be doing things that children may enjoy all the time now, not just on weekends. This is not just a kid's site. If you would like to have your video on this site, put it on Youtube and use no profanity. Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry

Video titled "The Tale of Sasquatch" by pegglefly

Monday, February 20, 2012

It's Monday

I enjoyed the tv show Finding Bigfoot last night. Isn't Kentucky beautiful? The program brought out that Daniel Boone shot a bigfoot. He called the animal, yahoo. And I enjoyed seeing the group put a crying baby recording in the woods at night. I think that might also work in the daytime. It may wake bigfoot up. Comment. I enjoy reading your thoughts on bigfoot. Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Original photo:photoxpress

Fiction Story

Original photo:photoxpress

The Man at the Watering Trough

Bell Davies still couldn’t sleep through the night. And she knew why. Butch, her husband of ten years died a year ago. For the last three months she has forced herself to sleep in their bed. She moved from the guestroom on the north side of the house to their shared room on the south side.

Not one night of the last three months has she slept straight through until morning’s light. Each day after lunch, she battled with herself not to nap on the couch. When she did give into the urge, she would wake that night even before midnight, and not go back to sleep.

This was one of those nights. She was reading now. Her eyes kept shutting and she’d doze for a few seconds, but then when she snapped the lamp off she’d just stare at the slash of moonlight on the ceiling. Sleep simply would not come.

During this particular day, Bell noticed Rose, her house cat, had not been underfoot as was her nature. Rose was expecting kittens anytime now.

     “Ah,” Bell said aloud, “she’s probably had the kittens.” She swung her legs around from Butch’s side of the bed and felt around with her bare feet for her slippers. She stopped herself, thinking it was silly to go looking for Rose’s litter in the middle of the night, and it raining. Her mind flashed images of Rose’s last litter.

What she could do, she thought, was go through the box of photos she kept under the bed. In the box were all sorts of farm animals, newborns and mature animals, and of course photos of Butch and herself. She paused, took in a deep breath and kicked the slippers off. No, she couldn’t do it. She couldn’t torture herself with images of Butch, in the middle of the night.

The reality, which she was thankful for, was that Butch was fading from her mind, a little. She knew this because Andy Baker, the owner of the local feed store often came to her mind, making her smile. And this more often than she thought appropriate given Butch had been gone for one short year. And then she’d think, “a year can be very long.”

She pulled the fuzzy red blanket, torn in shreds along its edge on Butch’s side, to her chin and snapped off the table lamp. She poked her fingers through the tears in the blanket, bit her lip and let hot tears flow. When finished with her cry, thoughts of Andy brought smiles and happy tears. She laughed now.

She was thinking of the last time she’d been in the feed store. Andy had walked from the back of the store, waved a gloved hand and stopped right in front of her, no more than a foot from her. Her eyes went to his hair where tiny chick feathers peeked from blond curls. It was all she could do to keep herself from raising a hand and plucking at least one of them from his hair.

Did he know how she felt? She simply didn’t know. The huge, kind man was friendly to everyone that entered his store. She’d seen him chase after a tiny white mouse for a young boy one hot Saturday afternoon. He didn’t catch it. Most days the mouse scurried across his computer keyboard and desk. Everyone, of course, always asked if the mouse was a pet.

It was easy to see that Andy considered it so, because often he’d be petting it when Bell checked out at the cash register. He’d just pretended with the boy to try to catch the mouse. The boy wanted to take it home.

But each time the kid came in, spotted the mouse, Andy would make a pretense of chasing it down. Yes, it was clear Bell Davies was falling in love with Andy Baker.

The wind was coming up, the windmill clattered and creaked. Rain softly pelted the bedroom window. The full, early-morning moon slipped from under a cloud. Tea, the barnyard dog, yelped and pulled at his chain. Bell tugged the bedroom curtain aside, eyes searching for Tea.

It wasn’t Tea her eyes rested on. A huge man stood at the watering trough under the windmill. Andy! It was Andy! Of course it could be him. She lived on his route,  home to work. A shiver shot through her. He does care! What should she do?

The dog still barked. The chickens were stirring, clucking wildly. Bell let the curtain drop back, turned and decided to dress, in case he came to the house or in case she decided to walk to the watering trough. Hair combed and jeans and shirt on, she carefully applied a smear of pink lipstick.

Rain now fell softly, and the warm wind blew her straight black hair. Tea quit barking as she walked past him. The chickens were still clucking. The moon disappeared behind a bank of low clouds. Wind swept her hair in a tangle across her face. After she pulled the hair into a ponytail and looked in the direction of the watering trough, Andy was gone!

She hadn’t heard a motor start up. How odd. The rain stung now, as it pelted her face and bare arms. Puzzled, she ran back to the house. Bell spent the remainder of the early morning in the kitchen, sipping tea, daydreaming about Andy.

She reasoned he left when he heard her stirring in the house.

When it was light enough, she walked to the watering trough, thinking she’d look for his footprints, truck tracks. Oh, she didn’t know what she was looking for. She just wanted to stand where Andy stood last night.

The mud was churned to soup at the base of the trough from the cattle drinking. But about ten feet out from the trough, three huge footprints caused Bell to hitch her breath. She was looking at footprints with very clear toe impressions. A few seconds later she was on the phone to Andy.

Andy laughed after Bell explained the tracks, “I hope you don’t expect me to chase that thing down.”

Bell thought of the white mouse and Andy  chasing it for the young boy. She laughed her reply, “No, I don’t want bigfoot for a pet.” She wanted to add that she thought it was him at the trough last night, but that would be awkward.

He said he’d come right out as soon as his part-time helper showed up. After much thought, Bell decided she’d take a chance on appearing foolish. She would admit, that she thought it might have been him at the watering trough, last night. She'd smile silly. You know, just see how it played out.

The End

Watch for new story ...

Kids Looking for Bigfoot

After watching the video below, I've decided to put things of interest to kids every day of the week on this site. It is rare to find such a cute video. Enjoy. Click on the title of video on video. This will take you to

Youtube where you will have a larger picture.

Bigfoot Activity. Ruby Mountain, Nevada

Click link to take you to Sierra Tahoe Bigfoot Research. Read about activity in the Ruby Mountains. Playing a drum after dinner at camp seemed to draw the bigfoot in.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

An Answer from Shawna Hamilton

Shawna's Reply:

Mrs Perry, you ask if I would talk about seeing the Sasquatch. I will tell you this. The day my mom and me saw that huge thing looking at us from behind a tree my life has changed. You see, I know what it is to see something others say isn't real.

I have not been blessed by seeing it. Quite the contrary, it's been a life changer for me. I've really become scared to go with family and friends into the woods. I see a nice lady for anxiety and nightmares, and she tells me one day the dreams will fade away. I hope they do.

The day I saw it, I was terrified because I didn't know if it was going to try to grab me. It didn't but the look on its face still is in my head. Now I know it was just watching me throw rocks in the pond. After seeing it, a lot of my friends laughed at me in school.

They don't know what it is like to find out that it's not always like you've been told about wildlife and what is and what isn't. Through my therapy I've learned that nothing is impossible in our lives. Thank you for your blog for us younger people.


Thank you Shawna for your reply. Feel free to comment anytime about your feels on bigfoot, especially if you think it will help. As I said I don't think many young people have seen bigfoot. This is off subject a little but did you get to see the photo of the ESP Team's Big Clyde, the bigfoot? I know one or both of your parents were shown it. Thanks again, Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry

Picture yourself ...


Enjoy, for I am simply sharing beauty. Wouldn't you love being here?

No More Kids' Stuff

Newspaper Column

Could it be that the limping bigfoot seen at the Elkton Tunnel and Scottsburg Park has quietly died? I’ve heard no news of it for several months now. If you live near Bob’s Market, Scottsburg, perhaps you can ask what the latest news is on the animal.

 Not too many months ago, someone wrote on Bigfoot Ballyhoo that the talk was, it must have died, since there were no current sightings of it. (Bigfoot Ballyhoo is an online bigfoot magazine that Linda and Christopher Perry own, (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com).

There are those that believe Douglas County couldn’t possibly have a bigfoot living within its borders. I feel it must be a form of the “Not in my Backyard” syndrome. It is the only thing that makes sense to me, since Douglas County covers forests from Diamond Lake to the Pacific Ocean, thirteen miles of coastline, in fact.

So, why couldn’t these animals live in our forests? We have forestland that is so steep and rugged that only animals could traverse it. We have deer aplenty, for food. Water ... (I could go on, but I will stop.)

Readers, I believe if we were to speak out on the subject of bigfoot, more people would feel comfortable to relate their sightings and beliefs. I scratch my head often, wondering why people get such a kick out of making fun of bigfoot.

Of late, it’s difficult not to notice an increase of bigfoot costumed individuals on Youtube, videoing themselves doing outlandish things as well as mocking bigfoot and its researchers. (I’m sure the costume companies enjoy the additional sales. So, I guess, there are a few pluses to even the raunchy side of the bigfoot discovery world.)

March is almost here. I think of March as early spring. Spring to me says, hiking and enjoying the beauty of Oregon. And, of course, since I believe that bigfoot exists, I watch for the animal while hiking.

While bigfoot has been seen in the daytime, most researchers will tell you the animal sleeps during the day. If you hike during the day and wish to see bigfoot (small chance I might add) make lots of noise to wake him up; this as you know will keep bears away, as well.

Noise will not only wake the animal, but may draw him out to see what is going on. Some think bigfoot is curious that way. Oh, how will we ever know what this animal’s habits are if we can’t even snap a good clear photo of him, not to mention capturing him?

Keep “talking bigfoot” ... Linda Newton-Perry with Christopher Perry

Bigfoot Message

Original photo:photoxpress

Friday, February 17, 2012

Some people think...

One person on Craigslist was just sure, just positive that bigfoot does not exist in Douglas County, Oregon. He was also sure that the Forest Service wouldn't think of keeping proof from us that bigfoot exists. I guess it just boils down to WHAT WE EACH KNOW, WHAT WE EACH BELIEVE, and WHAT WE EACH HAVE RESEARCHED. ... Have a happy day, and comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ah winter!

photo: photoxpress
Enjoy the photo. I am simply sharing beauty. Oh, but, I wish spring were a little nearer! How about you?

Have you news?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bob Gimlin tells us how to glimpse a bigfoot, MAYBE.

Click link to take you to this Bob Gimlin Interview. This is a Youtube video tittled "Bigfoot: Interview With Bob Gimlin." Enjoy and comment.


How to Glimpse a Bigfoot, MAYBE

Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Attention Dr. Issac":

Most people who know of this attack claim the same tribe or group of bigfoots were responsible for the Chetco and Sixes River killings. They were said to be incredibly vicious. Nowadays people claim bigfoot is not dangerous to people but I'm not buying it.

Like some wild animals or persons an attack might come for numerous reasons and to say they all are peaceful is foolish.


Thank you for your comment. ... LNP

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guest Editor-Blogger

Vernon Smith has left a new comment on your post "Attention Dr. Issac":

I don't know who Mr Issac is. But I was born in 1927 in Canyonville and heard the story of the Almeda miners in 1942. My father and older brother worked at Almeda in those years of the 20s and said it was true what happened to the men.

 The missing men were Adel Simon,Gerry Weller, Walter Grimsby and Sten Hoat. Grimsby was never found, the other bodies were recovered and buried near Indian Mary park. If you contact the old historians of Josephine county and ask about Buck Trevelin they can help. Buck was a foreman at Almeda from 1896-1938. He lived next to Hellsgate bridge on the graveled path on the left side as your going to the park from Merlin.

After the mine closed in the late 30s he became a fixture around the park for visitors.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Attention Dr. Issac

Guest Editor-Blogger Dr. Issac S has this to say:

The Sasquatch legend is as old as the history of the Oregon territory itself. But as a few miners of Almeda mine near Galice, Oregon found out in 1922, the legend can turn out to be a nightmare.

Early in the spring of 1922 the Almeda Mine was a constant source of ore for the hungry ING Mining Co. of Denver. They employed over 230 men to mine the ore. Some of these miners decided that maybe they could find their own ore deposits on down the river. One morning five of them set out to try their luck.

The miners headed into the vast forest of the Rouge River wilderness. After looking for two weeks some of them decided that prospecting wasn't for them. They left to return to Galice in hopes of getting their jobs back.

Somewhere along the trail back, something took place that most men can only imagine. One of the miners returned to Galice to tell of his friends being attacked by giant forest monsters. The miner insisted that three of his comrades had been killed by two giant ape-men looking creatures.

A search party was quickly dispatched to the area to stop the flood of wild tales that would certainly spread and make miners quit by the scores. After a week of travel the search party found two of the three missing men dead of an apparent savage attack on them from some unknown animals of the forest. The third man was nowhere to be found. Only part of his pants and hat were still present at the sight. The ground was moist and showed footprints of enormous sizes all around the men's bodies.

After looking for the missing man the search party returned to Galice with the packs of the dead men. The foreman at the mine told the men to keep quiet about their find or lose their jobs. The searchers went back to work in the mine and nothing was ever said.

The man that returned with the story disappeared and thus the story was hushed until Zane Grey a resident of Galice wrote about it in a magazine.
(Oregon Trail Magazine, 1925)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Youtube Video: Me Bigfoot Meets Pinky Kids. mov

This video by bigfootlivesinoregon. Enjoy

A Question for Mr Hamilton

To Jack Webb:

To Mr. Jack Webb:
     No I am not insane. I do believe the ESP Team Exists. I do, however, wish that they would produce their clear photos of their bigfoot. Thank you for commenting and this site is doing just fine, thank you. ... Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bigfoot Newspaper Column by Linda Newton-Perry, Oregon

I really missed the TV show Finding Bigfoot last week. The show’s sponsors probably didn’t want to compete with the Super Bowl.

Speaking of Finding Bigfoot, I’ve been contacted twice now by the staff of this show, asking me about information that has appeared in this column and my online writings. The latest question was about Zane Grey and a magazine article he wrote in the Oregon Trail Magazine, 1925.

I believe the information contained in this article originated the winks, sly smiles and fun-making, promoted even, this reaction when one mentions bigfoot.

I’ll briefly relate what this article was about. You will quickly see why I believe this. Grey’s article tells about a mining company that suspected it had lost, had miners killed, by ape-like creatures. The Almeda Mine, 1922, hushed up the incident, thinking they’d lose miners in “droves” because of the threat of the wild ape-like men.

According to Grey’s article, the mine owners, threatened the men that knew of the deaths, with job loss. Now here is where my idea kicks in. I believe when the miners that knew the story moved on to other jobs, they felt free to talk about it. As these men’s stories got back to the Almeda Mine owners, they probably laughed about it, calling the men insane and who knows what else, laughing at them, at even the whole idea of ape-like beings in the forest.

 Remember, this is just my idea, when laughing at this animal’s existence began. (If you have an idea about when it started, then share it by commenting on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com.)

If you would like to read Zane Grey’s article, you can find it on Ballyhoo (use the search tool and type in Oregon Trail Magazine, 1925). Grey lived on the Rogue River for a time. Following is a comment to Bigfoot Ballyhoo about Grey’s article, you may enjoy:

“William wrote: I remember this story way back. It was written by Zane Grey. Zane Grey had cabins at Galice and Agness, in fact they’re still there to this day. To see the Almeda Mine, you simply drive south on Interstate 5 to the Merlin exit and then drive the 25 miles from Merlin to Galice. Just past the tiny town of Galice drive another 4 miles on down the river and you'll find the Almeda Mine on the right next to the Rogue River.”

Until next week, “Keep Talking Bigfoot.” Linda Newton-Perry

A Youtube Video: "JLMT Showw: Bigfoot ontdekt!"

I thought this was cute. If the kids are using profanity please tell me and I'll take it off.  The video is by JLMT show

Kids! Got an idea for a fun video? Put it on Youtube.

Just filming yourself talking about bigfoot can be enjoyable to kids as well as adults.

Kathy Bigfoot

This is Kathy Bigfoot. She comes in the office on weekends and helps with things children may enjoy. Why does she have the hat on, inside? She claims she is having a bad hair day. And she reminds me it it okay for ladies to wear hats indoors. I don't know what else Kathy Bigfoot has in mind for this weekend but keep checking back and comment. You can comment by going to the bottom of this post and clicking comments. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

A New Site to me. You may enjoy it.

"Bigfoot videos on one easy to locate web library

Bigfoot Vids is a collection of informative videos about the subject of Bigfoot/Sasquatch on one easy to locate web video library. This library of videos is meant to counter the unfortunate trend taking place on video hosting sites where, for every sincere video which attempts to convey useful information about Bigfoot, there are countless other joke videos about the subject matter, in addition to thousands of videos tagged 'Bigfoot' that have little or nothing to do with the North American hominoid. Not only are these videos a waste of time if you are someone looking for legitimate information, they also bury more interesting videos on the subject matter and make them largely unfindable. This site is a small attempt to remedy this imbalance"
(Above paragraph the introduction from the site.)
Click link below to go to Bigfoot Vids.


(You probably already know of this site. I just found it and I really enjoy it. ... LNP)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Youtube Video

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry

Click link to go to a short video and an article on Youtube. The name of the video is "Bigfoot: Does the Ape-Like Cryptid Live in Bexar County [TX]?!"


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Share What You Know About Finding Bigfoot

I've read about a few sightings that took place when a vehicle breakdown occured, at night. I've often thought it would be great to get together a group of people and each in his own vehicle drive mountain roads at different places and see if a sighting came about. Or each could drive to a mountain spot, stop and wait for bigfoot to come exploring. I'd be willing to participate. What about you?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

18 Months Tomorrow

Can't someone tell us what's going on with the team. We would love to know when we can expect to see the photos of Big Clyde.

Young Boy Attacked by Cougar

Click link to go to article. A six-year-old boy was attacked in a Texas park. When will we hear of a bigfoot attacking a hiker? Isn't an attack by a bigfoot possible? A bigfoot could be surprised as bears are and attack. This is another good reason we need to know about the animals where we hike and camp.


Not feeling very well today, but will answer all comments. (a cold)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Regarding Rick's Comment below.

Jerrmee Cloudmaker has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

I know this place, it's Zeek Walkman's cabin on Iron Mnt. FS RD. He is buried about 50 feet from the cabin's old remains. He died in 1914 from a "supposed bear attack". Though no one  believed a bear was the cause then or now.

 My grandpa told me it was the same tribe of wildmen that killed the loggers/miners down at the Chetco. Also, the group of wildmen killed some miner over near Graves Creek.

They were described in looks the same as Sasquatches are. I did research on the area in 1978. Also, a log truck collided with a Sasquatch in the area of Graves creek in the early 70s. I don't know if this accident report is still open. http//www.us/or/josephine/rbslagle /report/


Thank you for such a great comment. ... LNP

Should we believe that two bigfoots were shot?

Click link to go to Youtube video "Two Sasquatches Shot and Killed (Part Two): Derek Randles Interviewed." (Could be true according to this video.)


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sharing Beauty

Photo: photoxpress

Click on photo to make larger. Is there any wonder bigfoot keeps to his beautiful world? Not to me! Do you have a thought you would like to share?

A Children's Bigfoot Story

(Best Read to Your Younger Child)

“That’s it!” Silver Sue Needles huffed with loud voice at her older brother, Ray. “I’m not cleaning up after you ever again.” Ray whirled around, smiled and patted his sister’s head. On the oval rug by the front door long smears of cat feces stained it, smelling rank. Ray had stepped in cat poop and brought it into the house.

     Silver’s stomach was “delicate,” her grandmother often said, as if it were something to be proud of. And it was true, she couldn’t stomach unpleasant odors. Why, she couldn’t even watch animal or human throw up without her gagging and often throwing up as well.

     “Look, Bunny Face, I’ve got to get to work. Clean it up, okay.” He tried to pat her head, missed and caught her ponytail, tugging gently. “Here take my quad this afternoon. Clean my shoes too, okay? I’ve got to shave.” Just as Ray shut the bathroom door, Gleason, the small family dog, sniffed gleefully the shoes and rug, then set to lapping them clean with a long, pink drippy-tongue.

     Silver was thankful her brother had not seen Gleason’s work. He would have taken the quad keys back, since she had not done the foul job of cleaning as agreed.

     Fifteen-year-old Silver, bounced the quad keys in her hand while she shoved her feet into her boots. Gleason whimpered crazily. He was hoping he’d be allowed outside. “Okay come on.” Silver patted her thigh as she held the front door open. Gleason, shaking all over with doggy happiness, followed and then bounded ahead.

     The well-maintained quad roared to life. Gleason jumped on the platform behind Silver. The dirt road to the barn and pasture beyond was spongy from the dirty slow-melting snow left from last week’s blizzard. The temperature was hovering near freezing. Crackly-thin sheets of ice covered shallow puddles, breaking with a crunching noise as the machine raced through them. A dark bird launched itself skyward from a moss-topped fence post as the happy pair passed.

     Silver’s own quad was in the shop. It had been for several weeks now. Ray had never before today let her take his machine. A Black Angus calf bellowed just ahead. She couldn’t see the animal but could hear it. Something about the situation didn’t seem right. The hair on her arms and back of her neck stood up. Silver stopped the quad and went looking for the animal.

     She, with Gleason far ahead of her, walked the wire fence line. Still she couldn’t find the calf. Tall weeds circled the pond just ahead. Deep mud sucked at Silver’s boots. Gleason barked wildly. The calf was on its side all four legs deep in the mud at pond’s edge. It looked as if it had intended to drink from the pond, got stuck in the mud and fallen to its side.

     Silver clicked her tongue at Gleason, meaning for him to come to her. She could see that the two of them might just as easily as the calf, get stuck. She turned, pulling her boots from the mud, and carefully made her way back to the quad. She searched for a rope to pull the calf free. She found none.

     The quad leaned to one side. It could be stuck, she thought. The ground was ruffed up as if something had circled the machine several times. She had not walked around the quad. Strange, she thought to herself. When she’d gotten off the quad she’d gone straight to the calf where Gleason barked.

     The little dog barked frantically now. He sniffed the quad and took a low stance, his belly in the mud. Barking madly, he rose abruptly and ran back down the path toward the barn. He was running for home.

     Where the calf was stuck, the tall weeds swayed and splashing water was loud, drowning out the calf’s bellows. Good, the calf was fighting its way out of the mud, Silver said aloud to herself.

     She called for Gleason to come back, turned and parted the grass to return to the calf. There it was high, on the pond bank, standing free of its mud trap. Grayish-black mud dripped from its legs and belly.

     Just as Silver laid a hand to the top of the animal’s head a black blur caught her eye at the other end of the pond. Something huge, a bear she guessed, scrambled up the pond bank into the tall weeds and trees beyond.

     Silver snapped photos with her phone. She wasn’t surprised to see a bear near the pond. But what did surprise her was the one huge, human-like footprint in the smooth mud on the north side of the standing calf.

     She ruffed up the footprint. Oh, she had heard of bigfoot all right, but she didn’t intend to tell anyone. It was obvious to her that the bigfoot had rescued the calf, pulling it from the pond. But she was also thinking of her best friend, Lilly and how she without fail pulled unbecoming faces each time bigfoot was mentioned in conversation.

     Lilly May Smith was the most popular girl in Silver’s grade. Silver sure didn’t intend for silly smiles and sly laughs to be directed at her because of an unknown, undiscovered animal. Life was difficult enough, being the second most popular girl in the ninth grade. She would keep the photos of the bigfoot and look at them once in a while.

     Since she now knew that bigfoot existed for sure, she’d be the one to smile knowingly when next Lilly honked out an un-lady-like laugh at the mention of bigfoot. Oh, Silver would laugh all right, but her laugh would be aimed at Lilly and the circle of smug friends that thought they knew it all.

The End

The Bigfoot Song

This is a Youtube video by AndyLaugh67.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Guest Editor-Blogger

Rick has left a new comment on your post "Newspaper Column":

I would like to tell of a strange ordeal my brother and wife went through Oct. 15, 2011. They camped in a area of southwestern Oregon known as Iron Mountain near Agness Oregon. This campsite was at a old abandoned cabin left by someone many years in the past.

The evening of the 15th was just like any other night they had spent there. After supper they walked to the creek to get 2 gallons of water in milk jugs. My brother was bent down collecting water when his wife said "look over there." He raised his eyes to the trees across the creek and watched a huge black upright figure walk from behind one tree to another like a human would.

My brother wasn't sure what he had really seen. They gathered up the jugs and went back to camp. After a discussion about whether to leave the site or not they decided to stay that night. At 9 pm they heard the sound of someone or something coming through the brush next to the far end of the camp. It was at that moment they noticed a pungent smell in the air.

They got in the pickup and left the camp and all the gear behind. After about 1 hour, they drove back into the camp. Nothing was disturbed except something had taken the bacon and a box of "Hostess Cherry Pies" out of the cooler and turned it over on the ground.

As they gathered up the gear they said something seemed to be near the camp because the smell was still strong in the air. My brother and his wife believe bigfoot was responsible for the smell and the lost groceries.

The day before this happened they found limbs broke on a tree like someone tall had reached up and pulled them off. He didn't believe in bigfoot but does now.

Unfortunately the figure was too quick and the forest too dim to really get a good look at what it really was. They know no other humans were camped around them for several miles.


Thank you for such an interesting sighting. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Newspaper Column

I made it very clear on our online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, that I don’t think there is anything funny about the subject, bigfoot. And what is more, I believe that as citizens of this planet we have a right to be told, to know, about all the animals. It is as simple as that, we have rights. It seems that there are those that don’t believe that it’s a God-given right to know about all the animals on this earth. That’s their opinion and I have mine.

Bigfoot is not a new subject. In this country the Native Americans have stories that go back centuries. These Americans have successfully kept the being’s existence hidden. If they’d openly talked to the settlers of the land about bigfoot, this knowledge would be common.

And today, we would have even more reason to visit our forests. Who wouldn’t enjoy glimpsing a bigfoot through the early morning mist or lowlight of dusk, going about his daily activities?

If only we’d been told of its existence when the settlers had first contact with the Native Americans, perhaps there would not be those now that believe a dead animal is the only way to prove it exists.

Perhaps this subject would have, all along, demanded the respectful attention of our scientists. But, let’s not forget that there are photos, very good photos, of this animal in existence.

It is now eighteen months since the ESP Team encountered a bigfoot on the morning of Aug. 8, 2010, in the vicinity of Sru Lake, Oregon. The team claims to have at least three very sharp photos of a large bigfoot. One of the team members, Bill Emery, has made it clear he wishes to protect bigfoot.

It seems to me that these photos, made public, could go a long way toward that end. Perhaps once the photos are released the circus atmosphere surrounding the subject will cease and thoughtful “discovery work” can begin. To satisfy our need for truth, we who are interested in bigfoot have dubious and often alarming information presented to us.

Here are a few examples: a bigfoot researcher insists he is going after a bigfoot to kill it; a very popular TV show, Finding Bigfoot, verging on silly, some think, entertains us each week; at least one bigfoot researcher has decided to search out hoaxers rather than continue his work of looking for the animal himself. And there are more books on the subject than I can count and more being published all the time.

Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry

Photo by Photoxpress

Back to the 50's: Man-Animal

Should be Bigfoot Discovery Museum

Click to go to Youtube video. Mike shows us an old scrapbook of bigfoot articles. You will find it interesting. 

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About Gum: The Rule of Gum


To be polite one should not chew gum in public. One should not snap his gum. One should wrap used gum in a piece of paper and put it in a trashcan. Never, never stick the gum under a table, chair or the like. And never pry a piece of gum from one of these places and chew it yourself. Most mothers, fathers, teachers and so on have made this clear, but if you've slipped by without hearing this, consider yourself TOLD!

Punch the Bigfoot Puppet: She Just Can Not Stay Out of Trouble!

Lions and Bears

Just Reasoning!

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Sharing Beauty

Photo: photoxpress