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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just an Opinion: Bigfoot

This site is dedicated to Dale Saxton, the late Dale Saxton. He died two years ago this February. If you would like to read more about him click the link above. Saxton was a bigfoot believer but he never saw one. His friend and fellow bigfoot researcher, Bill Emery did get to see a bigfoot (Aug. 8, 2010). And Saxton's son, Cole Saxton, didn't see the animal but was involved in the Aug. 8th sighting. He didn't get to join the two men that did see the animal because of a cough. Use the search tool to read more about the all night stand that Emery and the late Parchell took to finally see the animal they named Big Clyde.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Just Watched the Show

P.S. We all wish to be liked by everyone. In this life/world it just isn't going to happen.  Keep "talking bigfoot" and please do comment. Thanks, Linda Newton-Perry

Why not bigfoot?

Photo: photoxpress

If this big beautiful animal exists, why not bigfoot?

Youtube video: Bigfoot Hunting in Washington State

This video is by socallucas. Beautiful area where bigfoot has been seen.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sighting to Enjoy

Click Link to read a Missouri Sighting reported to BFRO. Enjoy.


Find the 5 Differences in These Photos. You can click the photos to enlarge. Have Fun. Answers in comment below.

Follow the Trail to Ms Kathy's Forest Home

You can click the illustration to make it larger. You can also save it to your computer, enlarge it and print it out. Ask an adult to help you if you don't know how. Have a happy day.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Answers to Quiz

You may have to stand on your head to see the answers. (Just kidding!) Make the illustration larger by clicking on it.

True or False

1. Bigfoot’s feet and hands look the same? T F

2. Bigfoot is always one color, black. T F

3. The science world now agrees bigfoot exists. T F

4. If you go into the forest you are SURE to see a bigfoot. T F

5. Bigfoots have never been seen in a town. T F

6. A tiny bigfoot was seen on the back of a pink butterfly once. T F
Answers in illustration of Punch above.

Remember on weekends we do things for kids.

Newspaper Column

In the first week of February, 2012, it will have been four years that Linda Newton-Perry along with her husband, Christopher Perry, began writing this column. How does one decide to write a bigfoot column? It certainly wasn’t a lifelong interest for either of us. I grew up in California and Kansas and didn’t hear of bigfoot until I was living in Oregon. Christopher, as well, can’t recall being aware of bigfoot until after our move. We moved to Oregon in 1969. As you know, the Patterson-Gimlin bigfoot film had been in circulation since 1967, and a lesser known bigfoot “discovery” was the dead bigfoot found under a log in Oregon after the Columbus Day Storm of 1962, where photos were confiscated and the bigfoot body sent to several agencies, including the Smithsonian. Information, however, of the 1962 “find” was never shared with the public. It has been said that a photo of this dead animal was tacked to the wall or door of a local cafe until it burned down. So, who knows how many people have viewed that photo? If you would like to read more about the Columbus Day animal go to our online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo and use the search tool to find many articles about it (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com).

To our surprise, we found the state of Oregon was steeped in bigfoot lore, from its Native American population, to its rail-line workers and its city dwellers who enjoyed the mountains in leisure pursuits. So, four years ago, when we gave up our interest in the local paper, I wanted to keep my hand in writing for it; this required a subject to write about. The editor of the paper, Jean Ivey, did not believe in bigfoot. As a matter of fact, she rolled her eyes each time I mention the animal. Ivey soon sold the paper. Becky Holm, the new owner, needing columnists to fill the “white space”, allowed our off-the-wall column. For a short time this column was in three local papers, including Jean Ivey’s paper she was affiliated with, The Coquille Valley Sentinel, now The Sentinel.

A few months after we started the newspaper column, we began the online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo. The blog was put in place to help with information for the column. The blog and column work well together. We appreciate all the comments on the blog, letters and greetings. Till next week, keep talking bigfoot.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

How I'd Try to Catch a Glimpse of Bigfoot

On the TV program Finding Bigfoot last week, the team used a fake deer to entice bigfoot to “come out, come out.” I was thinking if I were to try to fool bigfoot into showing himself, what prop or ploy would I use.

Well, we think we know bigfoot sleeps in the daytime. I say wake him up, make noise. We’ve been told that he enjoys watching children and women. I think I’d make some stick figures of a woman and a child, clothe them and play a video of children laughing.

 I’d hide and watch for the big animal to see if it wakes and goes searching for the voices. If this worked,  I’m sure he would be lurking behind trees and darting from one to the next, getting as near as possible to the stick figures.

I’d do this in the daytime. I’m hardly ever out in the forest at night, so this plan would work best for me. What do you think? Think it would work?

Linda Newton-Perry

About Comments on This Site

A so-called fact that seems to prove that Linda Newton-Perry makes up many of the comments on this site: People comment on comments that no one but the one commenting sees.

I (Linda Newton-Perry) will occasionally comment on a comment that I have not allowed to be posted. I have been known to take off a comment by a reader after giving it thought.

And then there is the ongoing claim this whole site is made up by Linda Newton-Perry.  The truth is▬I do not make up comments. I do not make up people or groups of people. And that is “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”  (This post is addressing a comment that I did not allow on the site.)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If Bigfoot were ...

If bigfoot were a tiny animal, who would care about him? Let us not forget that bigfoots begin life small, and maybe even tiny. In our forests and woods, must live young bigfoots. How many? No one knows. If you are like me, you can not wait for "science" to take these animals seriously.

One report I remember reading is where a person came near to stepping on a young bigfoot, sleeping near a hiking path and  covered in leaves. Some believe young bigfoots look like chimps. But again, who knows. Maybe what the hiker observed was a chimp.

What do you think? How important do you believe the discovery of bigfoot is to the world? to you? to anybody? Comment please.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My opinion about our right to know about bigfoot...

Monday, January 23, 2012

If this animal exists, then,

Photo: photoxpress


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Guest: Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "What's Your Opinion?":

Some might say that not telling the public that Bigfoot is real constitutes putting the public in danger. I would disagree with that for the following reasons. We don't know what Bigfoot actually is. We don't have a number in population.We know nothing about the temperament of the animal. And last but not least,we don't want people to think everywhere they go one or more of them might be present.

Being a long time hunter in the state of Oregon, I've only seen one Bigfoot and it never approached me.With regards to the forest service telling people this animal is out there--it simply will not happen.

 Employees of the government have no right to divulge what they know about Bigfoot. We have enough problems with people on federal land now without telling them that Bigfoot is real.

Protocol is clear inside the government concerning Bigfoot. If one of us in the forest service sight one then we report it to our superior and let them decide on any actions.


I thank you very much for your comment. But, still, I think we should know the animal exists if the government knows it exists! ... LNP

Those that have photos of bigfoot...

I, Linda Newton-Perry, believe for everyone's saftey that those that have photos should make them public. We shouldn't be caught up in this make-fun-of environment that goes hand in glove with the subject of bigfoot. There is not one thing funny about a huge animal  that lives in the forests that we occupy, recreate in. And it is not one bit funny that we've been made to believe  that it  does not exist. While the animal's saftey is important, human saftey goes far beyond that of the animal. (Just venting here. But, I believe every word, I've written.) Have a great rest of the weekend. ... LNP

What's Your Opinion?

Best read to children under seven.

Fifteen-year-old Houston Reed couldn’t quite puzzle out what he was looking at. He set his soft drink down on the side table by his grandfather’s recliner and moved to the sliding glass doors leading to the back deck. What sort of animal was he looking at? Was it an animal at all? Could it be a person dressed in an old brown coat and hat?

     And why would a human be rummaging through the trashcans? The Reed's neighborhood, Glestway Estates, was a retirement community and upper class at that. No one at the Estates would go through his neighbor’s trash. The metal cans no longer clanged together. The animal or person must have left.

     Houston sipped his soft drink, soon forgetting the whole thing. The smells of dinner drew him into the kitchen where Granny Reed stood tearing lettuce for their dinner salads. “Some cheese on the counter, Houston,” she said, pointing a piece of lettuce at the small clear-glass platter where toothpicks bristled from cheese squares and a variety of vegetables.

     Houston helped himself to a green pepper slice. He watched as his grandmother placed the finished salad in the fridge. His thoughts were again on whatever was going through the trash cans behind the garage. Should he say something about it to Grandma Reed? Before he could decide on whether to talk about it or not his grandfather banged through the door leading to the garage.

     “What a !%# mess I found behind the garage: All the cans were dumped out, paper and cardboard strewn everywhere. ... Newspaper even in the neighbor’s cottonwood. The tree looks bad enough without the newspaper shreds hanging from it.” He huffed.

     “What’s that?” Granny Reed pointed and took her husband’s arm, shoving him to the window in front of the kitchen sink.

    “What? Where? I don’t see ... Oh! A bigfoot! It’s a bigfoot!”

    “Where Gramps?” Houston wiggled between his grandparents. And what he saw made his knees shake. It was a real live bigfoot.

   “Camera, Mary, get the camera!”

     Click, click. “Turn the video on, Mary!”

     Houston took the camera from his grandmother’s shaking hands and ran onto the deck. The animal turned its massive head toward Houston just as it jumped the fence.

    “Don’t go any closer, Houston dear. Stay back! Don’t go ...” Grandma Reed had to be helped to a kitchen chair by her husband.
   “Sh, Mary. It’s okay.” Ben Reed comforted his wife. Then bolted through the sliding glass doors to where his grandson chased after the bigfoot. Mary Reed and her husband heard tires squeal and people yelling.

    Click, click, Houston filled the camera card. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. A truck had hit the bigfoot, knocking him flat on his back. He sprang up and limped into the woods. The photos Houston took were as many bigfoot photos, fuzzy, blurry. They proved nothing.

     But for years after, a limping bigfoot was seen in the area. Houston and his grandparents were of the fortunate few to observe this remarkable animal. The three always talked about their sighting when visiting. It always remained a subject of “wonder” and delight, for these three know that bigfoot exists.

The End

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Bigfoot to Color

Copy this drawing to your computer and print. Ask an adult for help if you need it. Enjoy!

Newspaper Column: A Matter of Time

Last week it was a real hoot when one of the presidential candidates mentioned bigfoot, even if it was a gargantuan putdown. It seems the subject of the big, hairy animal is becoming commonplace in all levels of conversation (in the above mentioned, a debate).

One can only hope that irreverently bandying about the word bigfoot in a presidential debate is a positive step for the animal’s discovery and protection. (You know, the power of the press, advertising and so on.) Oh, and did I mention that the candidate used the vile word hoax in the same sentence as bigfoot? Overall, I’m leaning toward the incident not being in bigfoot’s best interest. But, wasn’t it fun?

I write this column most weeks on Saturday. It’s often difficult on Saturday to keep my mind on serious bigfoot goings on. Why? Well, on our online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, we try to do a couple of things each weekend that the children may enjoy. So, often my mind wanders while writing the column, wondering what in the world am I going to do this weekend for the kids.

I have a large bigfoot puppet, Punch, that I enjoy photographing and videoing. I’m trying to learn to be a ventriloquist. So far it’s not working. But, I’ll continue to practice. If you haven’t checked out, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, please do. The Internet address is www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com.

Last week, no sightings to Ballyhoo or to this column were sent us, but I did happily hear of one. One of my son’s friends told me about his grandfather’s sighting many years ago. (I’ll not use his name. Why cause the man trouble?) What’s more, the friend’s grandfather shot the animal.

The incident goes this way: Along about dusk, the grandfather, just home from shopping, was mounting the porch stairs to his forest cabin, arms full of packages. There in front of him loomed a huge silhouette. He knew the being was not a bear. Evidently worried that he’d be attacked, he shot the animal. It screamed and jumped from the porch into or across a deep ravine running along the porch. It disappeared into the forest. It was never seen again. The above mentioned friend’s mother was inside the cabin. It must have been terrifying to hear the shot and the piercing scream of the bigfoot. This took place many years ago near Bakersfield, California. (This is a good reason you should not dress up in a bigfoot costume and scare people. Don't you think?)

If you have a sighting, please share it. Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry

It is the weekend on Bigfoot Ballyhoo

Photo: Photoxpress

We do things on  weekends that children may enjoy. Return often.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sighting: Oft-Told Family Story

Photo: My son's friend
My son and his friend were working at the house today. After finding out from my son that I’m deep into “bigfoot” the friend let it be known that he also believed in bigfoot.

He recited the oft-told family story of a bigfoot observed by his grandfather on his cabin porch. His grandfather had just arrived home (at dusk) and was walking up the front porch stairs, arms full of packages.

There on the porch,  just a few feet away was a huge silhouette of something moving. He was sure it wasn’t a bear. He shot it. It screamed and jumped from the porch into or across a deep ditch and disappeared into the woods.

The friend’s mother was in the cabin. She heard the animal scream after being shot. One can only image how surprised the young woman was to hear a gun shot and then a scream.  

This was many years in the past, about fifty miles from Bakersfield, California. Several times in the telling of this sighting, my son’s friend said, “Yes I do believe in bigfoot!”

Oregon "Forest Winter"

Sharing Beauty
Use search tool to find more information on Brummett Creek Landing. Click photo to make larger.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bigfoot Ballyhoo

As of 11:29 AM, Jan. 19, 2012, Bigfoot Ballyhoo has had 119,529 visitors and 2,792 posts. Debbie mentioned above, no longer comments. She did all she could to get the Columbus Day Bigfoot files opened to the public. She's since moved on to a new position. Debbie, if you wish to comment please do. We appreciate all your hard work on this project. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Bigfoot Makeup

See more of the below artist's bigfoot costumes at this link: www.wherethebloodcomesfrom.blogspot.com.

Great Looking Bigfoot

This is a Youtube video titled Sasquatch Makeup by rlmotorcycles. Enjoy. It's very short.

Patterson Bigfoot: Was it a Hoax?


Click above link and go to Youtube where Rick Dyer speaks out. Remember Rick Dyer was one of the men that claims he had a real dead body of a bigfoot and the government took it away. (Their own hoax followed, bigfoot in freezer.)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Heard of a sighting? Share it.

(Photo Not real)

If you do see a bigfoot, it will probably be an accident, on the bigfoot's side anyway.  I don't believe I'll ever see a bigfoot in the wild. I will not, however, stop looking. I do hope to see a good clear photo of one. If you have a clear, sharp photo email it to me. I'll not put it on this site, but I'd sure love seeing it. The Columbus Day bigfoot was for years tacked to a door of a cafe. This tells me that there are copies out there of it. If you have a copy, again, email it to me. I'd love to see it. And I'll not post it on Ballyhoo. Comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Have you seen a bigfoot?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Looking for Bigfoot Tracks

Photos by Linda Newton-Perry

I thought the top photo beautiful and so snapped it. I did see deer tracks on the left side of the photo leading into a field. The bottom photo simply reminded me of "bigfoot country." No bigfoot tracks sighted today, but I'll keep searching. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snowing in Oregon: Sharing Beauty

This video is a Youtube video titled Snow Storm Blows in on Overlook Trail Portland (2012) by smithshaun. Enjoy.

Punch the Bigfoot Puppet Watching the Snow in Oregon

Click the illustration to make it larger.

Kathy Bigfoot Has Something to Say:

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bigfoot Premise, ESP Team, Linda Continues to Read

Punch the Bigfoot Puppet: She Must be Bored.

"You should see what she does when sitting on my desk chair, round and round and round ... Guess she needs some outside time." Linda Newton-Perry

Remember Joey Bigfoot?

Do you boys and girls remember Joey bigfoot and his wife? Well, last week they stopped by for a short visit.  They were not happy living in the dollhouse in my garage. Or, let's say his wife was not happy living in the dollhouse. She longed for the real forest, the smell of moist-rich soil, decaying logs, wet grass. Well you get the picture.

 "I'm a wild being and I require the wild to be happy. You understand don't you Ms. Perry?" Joey bigfoot's wife asked.

And, of course, I told her I understood how she felt. The couple is doing fine. They plan for a new baby bigfoot soon. I offered to let them spend the night in the dollhouse, so our visit could be longer, but Joey's wife, as soon as I mentioned the dollhouse, started collecting their belongings and moved toward the door.

Joey bigfoot quickly followed.  As  Joey moved toward the door, he explained that he loves his wife and little one so much, he doesn't desire to be away from them more than he must. I was pleased that Joey was such a good husband and father.

I waved good bye to my bigfoot friends and asked them to come back as soon as they could manage it.

I’m enjoying the program, Finding Bigfoot. According to Animal Planet, this program is one of their most popular, ever. Are you a “closet” bigfoot believer? There must be many of you. Why do I say this? Often, when asked straight out, if he/she believes in bigfoot, there is a long pause with a silly smile plastered on his or her face. So, I can only guess that many people just don’t feel comfortable admitting that they believe in bigfoot or are even interested in it. I, for one, do not find anything funny about a huge, undiscovered apelike animal that lives in the woods and forests of this world; and especially is this true since the animal, at times, has been reported to be both aggressive and inquisitive toward humans.

How and why has this situation developed? I would guess, it’s the pranks, it’s the hoaxes, it’s the ridiculous bigfoot suits, now numerous, out there in Internet and Youtube land. Let us hope that one of these hoaxers in a bigfoot costume does not get shot. We have come to the time when certain men in the bigfoot research realm claim that their mission is to kill a bigfoot and deliver it to the news media.

That aside, I want to remind the readers of this newspaper column and the online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, that our mission is to “talk bigfoot.” I’m encouraging you to share your sighting as well as sightings that you’ve heard of. You may do this, column readers, by writing a letter of your experience and mailing it to: Perry, P.O. Box 334, Sutherlin, Oregon, 97479. The readers of Ballyhoo may comment on the site.

When I began writing the newspaper column, A Matter of Time, I wasn’t sure of bigfoot’s existence. I’ve not seen the animal myself. But through sightings shared in the column and on Ballyhoo, I’m now convinced that it exists. I do hope one day, and soon, stations along highways will be provided where we can observe these animals from afar as we do elk and other animals.

Linda Newton-Perry along with her husband Christopher Perry, is the author of several children’s bigfoot books. Until next week.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Yowie Hunter Hit by a Yowie

Click to go to a Youtube video titled Australian Yowies by Yowiehunters. Dean Harrison is hit by a Yowie; the animal charged down a hill and hit Harrison in the chest with its elbow (Jan. 2009).


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eighth Reading from Bigfoot Premise: ESP Team's Encounter

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sharing Beauty

Photo: photoxpress

Monday, January 9, 2012

Finding Bigfoot: My Short Opinion

Yeti Crab?

Nothing new "under the sun." You say. Well, you would be wrong, that is, if you think all animals etc. have been "discovered."  Click link and have a look at a Yeti Crab just discovered in the deep ocean.
 The photo shows the crab yellow, but I believe it is snow white. This is a Youtube video, titled Yeti Crab and by stanley526. Enjoy. ... LNP

Bigfoot Question

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Color Me Page

Copy the Color Me Page to your computer, enlarge it and color the bigfoot. Ask an adult if you need help. Happy coloring. ... Ms Kathy Bigfoot

Find the bigfoot faces.

Can you find the five faces, like the bottom illustration, in this tree photo? You can click on the photo and make it larger. You can also copy and save the photo to your computer where you can really make it larger.
As you know in real life, bigfoot is really, really difficult to find. So go bigfoot searching.

FIND WHERE FACES ARE IN THIS TREE PHOTO: Scroll down through older posts until you come to the tree photo. The faces are enlarged on the photo so you can find them. Happy bigfooting. By the way, this puzzle was Ms. Kathy Bigfoot's idea. She is working and thinking very hard to get back on Linda Newton-Perry's good side. THINK IT WILL WORK?

The new year and dieting. Fun for the kids.

Yes, it is that time of year when we that pack around more weight than we'd like often decide to do something about it. You know-- DIET! Above is a character on Bigfoot Ballyhoo that is doing just that, dieting. (I have a  new camera and I'm enjoying it very much. I wish I had the app where the cat talks.) ... Bye for now, Linda Newton-Perry

17th Month Anniversary

Today, Jan. 8th, marks the 17th month anniversary since the above ESP Team observed  a bigfoot and their trail cam snapped photos of it. If you can tell us anything about their activities, please do. ... Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kathy Bigfoot is back. Maybe...!

Wow, Kathy, by the way you look and sound  those bigfoot twins really tired you out. We hope they and the mother are doing fine.

Newspaper Column: A Matter of Time

When this column is published in the local paper, the seventeenth month anniversary of the ESP Team’s “discovery” will have passed, Aug. 8, 2010. In the days following the “discovery” we all held our collective breaths, waiting for photos of bigfoot to be emailed to Bigfoot Ballyhoo (an online bigfoot magazine) where they could be viewed by the readers.

We were assured the photos were clear and sharp. And, as you know if you are a reader of this column and Ballyhoo, we are still waiting. Seventeen months can be a mighty long time for breath holding and sitting on the edge of our seats, waiting.

We still get comments on Ballyhoo claiming the ESP Team was a hoax. It was not. The team was real. The only way to prove to the readers of Bigfoot Ballyhoo that the team and its “discovery” are real is to keep them informed on what we know of the team’s activities.

We will be on hand to report their “discovery.” We do hope the team will allow Bigfoot Ballyhoo at least one of the clear and sharp photos to be posted. And we would be honored if Bill Emery would again start posting comments to Ballyhoo.

An anonymous comment came in last week to help readers reason on the ESP Team’s existence. He/she wrote that the general area in which the team observed the bigfoot has been a hotbed for sightings. In fact, as far back as 1987 a couple from Utah observed a bigfoot near Coquille River Falls, which is less than seven miles from where the team was working.

If you are intent on traveling to the area of the team’s sighting, please be very careful. Water-soaked high mountain roads have been known to crumble and slide down the mountainside. This experience is not good if it happens behind you. I know of a family that this happened to. Until I was told of their experience, I never gave thought to the possibility.

A change of subject: I envision some day that viewing stations will be set up, where the public can watch bigfoots through telescopes as they walk through their territory. That would, of course, be far enough away so not to bother these awe-inspiring creatures.

Linda Newton-Perry along with her husband, Christopher Perry, is the author of several bigfoot children’s books and a Viking Age Novel. Bigfoot Ballyhoo’s web address is www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com.

Youtube Video

Matt Moneymaker of Finding Bigfoot is interviewed by John Miller. The name of the video is "More than one "Bigfoot" out there?" The video is by CBS. Enjoy


For the Kids

"Punch can be sooooo rude!"

Friday, January 6, 2012

Reading from the day the ESP Team observerd a bigfoot, Aug. 8, 2010.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A BFRO Report

Click on link to take you to the BFRO site where you can read of a woman, walking early morning. She watches as a bigfoot jumps from the woods and grabs up  a snake.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot Premise Reading, Aug. 7th, 2010.":

During that time frame in August, I was made aware by a fellow employee that the men you talk of on your video was apparently doing a search in the area of Illahee Quad [2] Sru Lake-Bald Mnt Lookout. And now know there were pictures obtained of a creature with no documented species.

 I wonder if the forest service will allow the permits obtained for camping outside a designated campground to be viewed.

 If ESP made all this up why is it I first became aware that one of the bigfoot type animals was seen over 5 different times in 1990s in that quad.

I have traced back to 1987 and found a sighting that seems to be the same animal reported by a Utah couple while hiking at Coquille River Falls. The distance is less that 7 miles from the later sighting and written report.


Thank you for your comment.  ... If you have some "pull" with the Forest Service could you try to get them to at least admit there were permits. Thanks, Linda Newton-Perry

Bigfoot Premise Reading, Aug. 7th, 2010.

7th Reading from the material that was turned into one book of the ESP Team's Adventure. All that is being read can be found on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Use the search tool and search names, dates etc. and read for yourself.

A Party at Cliff Barackman's

Click link to go to a New Year's Eve Party at Cliff Barackman's home. Barackman and guests talk about Finding Bigfoot-NY Episode. You will enjoy it.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where Bigfoot Has Been Seen in Southern Oregon, Just a Few Locations

Monday, January 2, 2012

Great Video

A Youtube video of a Radio Program: Protecting Bigfoot by Boomdaddy01. Click link to go. This video is pretty long but you can drag the bar symbol to make it go faster.


Sixth Reading from Bigfoot Premise

Dr. Jane Goodall and Bigfoot

Click on link to go to the  Youtube Video: Dr. Jane Goodall's Belief in Bigfoot by mike44920.
We've linked this video before but it's always good to hear it again.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Group of Teen Boys Search for Sasquatch

Please kids do not taste animal feces. This video is 10 plus minutes and has no swear words. Good fun! This is a Youtube video: Search for Sasquatch-Episode 1 and by MarcelloMarlow. Enjoy.

Things I wished would have happened in 2011

I wish the ESP Team would have commented more on Ballyhoo.  I wish the Team's findings had been made public. I wish Debbie had been able to get the government files opened on the Columbus Day Storm animal.  I wish someone had snapped a photo of the limping bigfoot in the Douglas County Oregon area.  I guess I could go on and on. I'll stop. Do comment.

A Short Video For the Children.

"I walked into my office and guess who was at my computer? Well, you will see if you watch the very short video. Thanks for checking in this weekend with Bigfoot Ballyhoo." Linda Newton-Perry