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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Short Trip to the Umpqua River

We looked for bigfoot tracks, but didn't find any. The clouds and mist covered the top of the mountain at right in video. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Guest Editor: Blogger

D. Gadall has left a new comment on your post "A note to FB":

Can anyone provide information on the sighting over the weekend on the South Fork of Sixes River. Many of us in Port Orford have heard that a large Sasquatch was seen near a campground by 5 people on Saturday the 26th. The thing was said to be over 8ft tall and black with some grey streaks around its head and back. I'm interested because i'm currently writing a book about the man that spent a night in his disabled work truck and claims to have seen two Bigfoot's around his pickup that night. The area he was in is within 4 miles of this recent sighting. I have gathered much information on his sighting over the last 6 months. If anyone can help please comment. The story about this man is in your back comments from last year I believe.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A note to FB

Dear F Beck,
     I appreciate your comment. I sense what you wrote you believe. While this ESP Team “discovery” played out, I was there (Aug. 8, 2010). I was there in that I was at my computer and was emailed and received comments from the three men. All three members communicated with me.  I still believe that the Team’s work will come to light when they give the okay. I’m a nobody in the bigfoot discovery realm. I’m simply a writer and a bigfoot believer. I keep reminding my readers of the above date because one day I and Bigfoot Ballyhoo will be vindicated. I wish for nothing more than to clear my good name. Each day over 100 people visit Ballyhoo. I am happy for that. Please do keep checking back, because one day you will be very surprised. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot wanted us to do this video. So, we did. Ms. Kathy likes throwing her weight around. AND there is a lot to throw AROUND! (That was suppose to be funny.)

Enjoy Snow in the Smoky Mountains

This video is by GreatSmokyMountains. The title is "First Snow Fall in Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains".  Enjoy

A Bigfoot Story: Fiction

Roland Ray Baker looked forward all week to the time he’d spend on his second floor deck perched off the kitchen of his vacation home. Thud. He pulled the door shut on his old gas sipping Honda. Not much of a car to look at, but her keep-on-going ability made up for what she lacked in eye appeal.

He’d removed the back seat of the car so he could carry anything he required, from bags of groceries to small pieces of furniture. The aroma of  Ruth’s Cafe coffee filled the little car’s interior. Baker cranked the wheel to begin backing. He paused to let a massive drab-green truck, pulling in off Deer Creek Road, stop. Misty, the name of his little car, jerked and finally reversed far enough to allow him to see past the end of the truck. The big double-cab truck shuddered, jerked and then stopped. Inches from Misty’s passenger front window a hairy leg and massive foot now dangled off the end of the truck’s flatbed.

What was he looking at? Misty stalled. Baker turned the key. The engine caught and Baker backed up, swung wide and parked about thirty feet away. He turned in his seat, so he could watch the truck and driver. The driver, cell phone pressed to ear, sprinted into Ruth’s Cafe. Less than two minutes later he was back, coffee in hand.

Was it possible he was seeing a bigfoot’s leg and foot? Baker shook his head and gulped the last of his coffee. The truck turned south. Baker would have turned north but decided to follow the truck. His plan was to snap a photo of the leg and foot with his cell phone. He got the shot and turned around, heading for his cabin. He stopped at Ruth’s to use the computer and send the photo by email to Richard Boyd, his employer and best friend. Both men enjoyed the subject of bigfoot and spoke often of whether the animal existed or not.

Baker got the photo sent. Thud. He shut Misty’s door. Was that the truck with the bigfoot coming back? Baker backed between two travel trailers, stopped and watched the truck. The leg and foot were no longer hanging from the flatbed. Oh no, he thought to himself. Did the driver know he’d seen the leg and foot? Probably did, he decided. So what? What’s the big deal?  

The driver of the bigfoot truck paused at the door on exiting the cafe. Baker ducked down without giving it thought; shouldn’t have done it. The movement caught the truck driver’s eye. He was now banging on the window at Baker’s shoulder for him to roll it down.

“Hey, you the same guy that followed me just now?” He swung his arm south.

Baker said nothing.

“Listen man, you saw nothing. You understand?

Baker let his chin dip. The man hit the car door with a balled fist, pointed his finger and repeated “understand?”

“I understand. Quit hitting my car!” Baker growled with more confidence that he felt.

The driver stalked off, turned and pointed a gloved index finger at him. Baker guessed the man was making his point. His point was, he expected Baker not to tell anyone about the bigfoot leg and foot he’d seen.

Heart thumping fast and swooshing in his ears, he remembered the emailed photo to Richard Boyd. There was absolutely no chance that Boyd would not put that photo on Youtube. Baker turned south for home. Once there, he flipped on his computer found Youtube and the photo of the bigfoot leg and foot. To his astonishment the truck’s license plate and number were visible. Baker drew in a deep breath and slowly let it out, for on the plate a state seal was clearly visible, clearly recognizable.

 He called Boyd. The only thing they could think to do was beat it down to the police station and tell them what they knew, that they’d been threatened and that they’d put the photo on Youtube.  The police officer that took the report watched the video, laughed and told them not to worry about it. But, they did worry about it.

They went straight to the local TV station. The story made the more popular evening news programs. The result was the dead bigfoot was shipped to a university. The university agreed to allow the evening news programs to keep up with the findings on the amazing animal.

 After several months, the university announced the official name of the new species we have for long years called, bigfoot. Happily, Roland Ray Baker and Richard Boyd were given many opportunities to talk about their part in the discovery of bigfoot.

 Baker is now retired and working on his third bigfoot book. He relishes the part of most days that he sips his favorite beer on his second floor deck, perched off the kitchen of his vacation home.

 The End

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Newspaper Column "A Matter of Time"

Timbergiantbigfoot, on the Internet has published a video on Youtube. The movement, a dark speck, may or may not be a bigfoot. It is simply too far away to be certain of what one is observing. 

Timbergiantbigfoot lives in Canada and just recently came into possession of a high definition video camera. The video is clear enough. He was just too far away to get the convincing shot. Isn’t that the way with “discovering bigfoot”?

I find it hard to believe that bigfoot will ever be captured alive so that “science” can study the animal. (I could be wrong. For a certainty, I’ve been wrong about plenty of things concerning bigfoot.) I guess the point I’m making is that each and every photo taken of the animal should be precious. And, of course, it is to bigfoot believers. 

I wonder if bigfoot will not become extinct before science takes the animal seriously.

Could there be right now a Jane Goodall-type living and quietly researching this animal? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? On the Internet there are many individuals who claim to have repeat encounters with bigfoot. What if it’s true? Well, that would be outstanding. Why not, if it’s true, tell us a about it. 

To me, many of these people that are interviewed come across as a little “off.” Perhaps, if I lived deep in the woods, I’d come across as a little strange to others as well. I have to remind myself that these people do not have need of business attire, nor do they speak as our local news commentators.

I spend time each day on the Internet, Youtube  and blogs, looking for information for this column and my online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo (wwwbigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com).

 I, for a short time, published timbergiantbigfoot’s videos on my site. It wasn’t long before he asked me to stop. Why? He was concerned about the negative remarks he was getting about my site and me. I’m not even allowed to comment on his Youtube channel. I was unhappy about this as I believe timbergiantbigfoot is one of the most believable of the amateur researchers.  

Often, amateur researchers will stop publishing because of the attack of their readers on their character. What a loss to bigfoot research. I believe, as many do that an amateur researcher will be the one to deliver that great photo of bigfoot, since the science community is not beating the bushes for bigfoot, so to speak. 

Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry 

Beautiful Country: Could it be Bigfoot Country?

This restful video was found on Youtube by nmplaces. The name of the video is "Bluff Springs Waterfall, Cloudcrofty, NM. Enjoy a bit of quiet time.

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot is back in town.

Ms. Katy has whipped up a little something for breakfast. If you will remember Ms. Kathy is the children's editor on weekends. But she has been out of town and so hasn't done much with Ballyhoo. She has some ideas for a little fun. So, check back once in a while. ... Glad to have you back Ms. Kathy.

Friday, November 25, 2011

A New Bigfoot Story for Adults and Children

Roland Ray Baker was  looking forward to a relaxing weekend. He just wanted to sip beer and enjoy the view from the deck of his forest cabin. But, on no, it wasn't to be...

Watch for the story this weekend. 
Comment Please.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

"Talk Bigfoot" by commenting.

Timbergiantbigfoot Has Released Video of Bigfoot


The title of video is November 21 Bigfoot Sighting Frames. ( It may be a real bigfoot. Enjoy) Click above link to go to Youtube video. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Visiting Bigfoot Country

A Link to timbergiantbigfoot. He says he has a video of bigfoot.


Click link to go to Youtube. 

Feel Like Going to the Forest This Morning?

This video was found on Youtube by starmix195 and named 2011billtreecam.wmv.
If you will notice a few of the deer seemed to know they were being filmed. Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The Limping Bigfoot

Has anyone heard news of the limping bigfoot in Douglas County, Oregon?... Photo by Linda Newton-Perry

I had planned to search the creek bed for bigfoot prints, but the bank was too slick. So, I just enjoyed the beauty of the area. Enjoy the short video and do comment. Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Answers to Puzzle Below.

Sorry that you have to stand on your head to read the answers. 

Puzzle Find Additions

Things have been added to the photo below. Can you find them? This photo is of Ms. Linda Newton-Perry. 
Everyone at the office knows when she is having a bad day. How? Well, she looks just like the top photo. And mean! Wow, you don't want to be in the same town, when she isn't feeling her best.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bigfoot Column: Newspaper

Not everyone has the Internet. So, I try to keep the readers of this newspaper column informed on what’s going on with bigfoot on the web. 

We have, however, time and again been warned about all the false information that the Internet delivers. And believe me, the web can be a cesspool. Armed with good sense and shod with sturdy boots (so to speak), one may maneuver through and around the misinformation so prevalent on the Internet or not!

 Plop! Was that plop noise you or me falling for some brilliantly presented falsehood disguised as new-found truth? It’s happening all the time on the Internet, so research carefully.

Last week on our Bigfoot online magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, we received a comment including a full name. This in itself is something to be applauded as most people do not give their name. The full-name commenter said that he had viewed the ESP Team’s clear photos of the bigfoot, Big Clyde. They were indeed clear and he believed they were of a sasquatch.

It was no time at all after posting this comment from full-name that a comment came in claiming full-name couldn’t be believed. The doubter, of course, didn’t bother giving us his name. (I’m just saying ...)  Do please check in from time to time on Ballyhoo and this column to follow the ESP Team’s revealing of their information gathered on Aug. 8, 2010 and thereabouts. (Ballyhoo’s web address is www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com)
I chuckled when one day last week the local news, weather section, showed a photo of a snow-covered road with big footprints clearly running along side it. The weather girl smiled and said “bear or some animal.” Let me tell you, those prints looked like bigfoot prints to me. But, I did think to myself, why would bigfoot walk along the edge of the road? Wouldn’t he walk down the middle? I’d walk down the middle, especially with the deep snow on the road. Well, that’s just me. Who knows the mind of a bigfoot?
Please be careful if you visit the snowy peaks looking for a fun outing or a fun adventure. Remember, most people who get lost often first get stuck in the snow. So in conclusion, don’t believe everything on the Internet and do be safe if you’re going to the mountains.

 Linda Newton-Perry and husband, Christopher Perry, are the authors of several children’s bigfoot fiction books and a Viking Age Novel, Forced Blood The Norseman. 

Bad Night

Just for Fun

Found on Youtube:Taia Hunts Bigfoot! by kievkirby

Friday, November 18, 2011

Remember Weekends Have Things of Interest to the Young Set

A Great Article on The Bigfoot Field Reporter. Enjoy

"Please keep in mind Sharon I am a Special Forces Trained Solider as a Force Recon Marine and Air Force Combat Controller and have three tours in combat there isn’t much that get the hairs on my neck to stand up but in that moment, it’s hard to explain but I was on edge." (From "Incident at Boiling Springs Campground, Idaho, located on The Bigfoot Field Reporter at below link.)


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Killing of a Yowi

A Youtube video: Local historical research 1-Killing of a Yowi by Australopithecine

Interesting Video

Video found on Youtube: Bigfootpart 1 by NewsbyBenLatham.

Click on the title on video for better viewing.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Not Much Going On...

Not much going on in the bigfoot world that I have access to anyway. These are my two notebooks. I carry them with me to keep track of my day. As you can see I'm always drawing bigfoot.

One person commenting today, said I should stop writing about the Emery Team. Well, if this were his/her blog, then, that call could be made by he/she. 

As it is, this blog belongs to me. I'll put on it what I please. 

Thank you for reading this site. I do so much better when readers comment interesting material. So, comment away.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Not Much to Say Today ...

It's  our wedding anniversary. I will not say which one. ... Comment on what is going on in the Bigfoot World, if anything!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Talk to me!"

Beautiful Illustrations of Bigfoot


Found on Youtube by BF Research SE. The title is Two Talented Bigfoot Artists and the Stories Behind the Art. This video has only the illustrations. Click the link above to go to Youtube. Enjoy.

New Children's Bigfoot Story: Fiction

The Wild Woods
(To be read to your child.)

     “Come here Frisk! Bad Dog!” Joey Brown yelled at the top of his lungs in the direction of the barn.  Out poked the little white dog’s head from the second floor window of the barn.

     “Ruff, ruff,” he answered.

     Each day it was the same. Twelve-year-old Joey yelled first thing when he got up mornings and Frisk barked back in quick yelps a few feet from his warm cozy hay den.

     Most of the time Joey called his little dog Frisk, Bad Dog. When he received the dog as a gift two years earlier, he wanted a huge big bad dog. But, his mother chose little Frisk. Oh, Frisk is a fine dog. Everyone says he is, anyway. But still, Joey wished the dog was bigger, meaner appearing.

     Bad Dog bunks in the barn because Joey’s mother will not allow him in the house because of the new baby, Rose. Joey’s mother claims the little dog is dirty, too dirty for a clean house and a newborn.

     Joey called Bad Dog again. Next thing, he was scratching at the back door. Today is a Saturday, no school.  The pals were off to the woods, to explore and climb the big ancient oaks that stand thick in the mossy woods near the farmhouse and buildings. Bad Dog danced on his back legs as Joey teased him with a small piece of bacon.

     “Good dog, Bad Dog.” Joey laughed, bent and patted the animal’s soft fluffy, tight-permed looking head. Joey laughed each time he said “good dog” to Bad Dog, believing it was ever so funny. “Come on, Fluff Ball.” Oh yes, Fluff Ball was another name he called the little dog.

     The little animal sniffed the air all around the boy’s knees. He loved the bacon smell. It, of course, came from Joey’s unwashed hands, fresh from the breakfast table. Joey was doing some sniffing of the air himself. Bad Dog didn’t smell very good. Actually, he smelled a little like a skunk.

     “You have a run in with an old polecat?” Joey laughed as he threw a mossy twig for Bad Dog to fetch. The dog yipped ecstatically. The twig broke when it landed at Joey’s feet. Snap, snap, a branch fell to the leaf strewn ground beneath the massive canopied oak the pair stood under. More branches fell. Bad Dog’s bark grew faint. He was running toward home, his den.

     “Bad Dog, you get on back here!” The air was thick now with skunk. Joey glanced high up in the shadowed canopy. Something was moving. He determined the snuffling sound he was hearing was a bear. Whirling on his heels, he lit off in the same direction as Bad Dog. He sensed the bear was following him. It was. Whoosh, whoosh, came from the massive animal’s mouth.

     Joey stumbled. His head hit a rock. Next thing he knew, water was blurring his eyes or the skunk smell was doing it. But no, the bear, THE BEAR, was dribbling water onto Joey’s face from a furry hand. The huge animal dipped his cupped hand again and again into slow moving Elk Creek. The sun was warm on his face, the water cool. Finally Joey came to his senses enough to lay a hand on the wrist of this being that was administering aid. The long fur was warm just as warm as his little white dog’s soft belly, when Joey blew playfully on the tight white curls and placed his cheek to the pink skin.

      Joey moved his head to take in the size of the animal. It was humongous. It surely must be a bad dream. He heard in the distance, someone screaming. How annoying. They would not stop. Joey turned onto his knees and got to his feet. When he whirled to lay eyes again on the animal that had helped him, he just caught sight of it running into the dark mossy woods. Finally, he realized that the screams were coming from him.

     He walked back slowly to the farm. His head was still throbbing from the fall.  The sun teetered and wavered at the top of the near hills. Before he set foot on the narrow animal trail leading to the barn, he had decided that the animal he’d encountered was one of the illusive bigfoots people around this area of Oregon often spoke about.

     Bad Dog yipped from the second floor window of the barn when he recognized Joey emerging from the woods. “Ruff, ruff,” he barked excitedly as he scampered down the ramp and met his master, now smelling not just of delicious bacon but of an odd combination of skunk, of road kill and of the wild woods.  

The End

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Talk Bigfoot: Comment

Children's Story Tomorrow

Watch for children's story tomorrow. Fiction to be read to your child

Answers to Puzzle Below.

Nothing is easy in life. To read ... Well, you will figure it out.

Something for Children

The top illustration has three things that the bottom illustration does not. Can you find them? Click the photos to make them larger. Happy hunting!

Newspaper Column "A Matter of Time"

Things are Happening in Bigfootery!

Walt Rolens sent this comment to Bigfoot Ballyhoo
 ( www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com):
“I don't want to fuel any fires with the "Emery Haters" but feel a very strong need to comment on the photos. I have been very privileged to view the clear photos of the creature caught on cams Emery had installed or placed on that date. I do know the photos are being analyzed by an expert in wildlife together with biologists from back east. I do know that copies of the originals have been sent to DC for reasons unknown to me.

 “I do not know Emery personally but have talked with people who have interviewed him. There's much more details in the story than just photos.
I've been told Emery will not talk about what happened up at the location. I believe he's doing the right thing by letting science conclude what that creature might or might not be.

“Yes, it's a large Sasquatch to my eye, because I believe in the existence of such a creature, but to science I can't comment what they deem it to be.
One thing is for certain. Some people will be eating their words one way or the other. I hold no animosity towards anyone on the web that has made remarks about this. I only comment on what I myself have seen.” 

I found an interesting video on Youtube. Some folks at BLM released an unofficial video.  This information was added to introduce the short video: “The BLM does not necessarily believe in the existence of Bigfoot. However, if you're looking for proof you might try one of the outstanding BLM recreation sites spread throughout Oregon and Washington.”

I received a letter from reader, Ray Cox. I thank you for sending the article. Dr. Meldrum has commented on my online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo. And yes, he is well-known in the bigfoot community.

L. Surface has captured a being on a video cam. The being appears light in color with short-cropped hair/fur. You can view the video at http:/bigfoot-evidence.blogspot.com/2011/11/bigfoot-video.html.

It has been an exciting week in bigfootery. Please comment or write a letter to  Linda Perry, P.O. Box 334, Sutherlin, Oregon 97479. Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Video from Youtube

Spending the night with Bigfoot is a video by News 10tvl1. It features Dr. Matthew Johnson  and News 10's Dave De Rurange. If you recall, Dr. Johnson is the one that observed bigfoot at the Oregon Cave's Big Tree Tail. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Walt Rolens has left a new comment on your post "Another Anniversary Month":

I don't want to fuel any fires with the "Emery Haters" but feel a very strong need to comment on the photos. I have been very privileged to view the clear photos of the creature caught on cams Emery had installed or placed on that date. 

I do know the photos are being analyzed by a expert in wildlife together with biologists from back east. I do know that copies of the originals have been sent to DC for reasons unknown to me.

 I do not know Emery personally but have talked with people who have interviewed him. There's much more details in the story than just photos.

 I've been told Emery will not talk about what happened up at the location. I believe he's doing the right thing by letting science conclude what that creature might or might not be.

 Yes, it's a large Sasquatch to my eye because I believe in the existence of such a creature, but to science I can't comment what they deem it to be.

 One thing is for certain. Some people will be eating their words one way or the other. I hold no animosity towards anyone on the web that has made remarks about this. I only comment on what I myself have seen. 

Thank you very much for this information. ... Linda Newton-Perry

A Link


Click link to go to a post (an article) by Craig Wooleater on Nov. 10th, 2011. The title of the article is Dr. Jeff Meldrum Presents at the Utah Valley University. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Informative Video

This video is from Youtube. Its title is The Bluegrass Sasquatch in Kentucky by 7cybersandy. Enjoy. (Click title on video for a better viewing experience.)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Copy of Bigfoot Premise

 I had the blog Bigfoot Premise made into a book. I did this in case it disappeared from the blog.spot archives. The blog was just about the ESP Team. Bill Emery asked me to shut it down soon after the photos were taken of Big Clyde.

All information in this book is included in Bigfoot Ballyhoo. You may read about the Team by going back to July, Aug. and Sept. of 2010 on this blog. (Scroll back through the pages or use the search tool.)  ... LNP

Another Anniversary Month

Today, Nov. 8, 2011, is the 15th month since the above team captured photos of the bigfoot they've named Big Clyde. This is one of  the photos at right, top. The team claims to have at least three more photos of the animal, all better than the one here. We would love to hear any news of the team. So, if you have news, please share. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

It seems this video came from the BLM

I would think that this video is very important in that BLM is "talking bigfoot" and giving locations to look for the animal. (Click the title on video to go straight to Youtube. You will get a better and larger view. Enjoy.)

Great Link

I snapped a photo of the above off my computer screen.

Click link for some great bigfoot reading. http://www.thomsquatch.com/2011/11/new-york-times-goes-sasquatch.html?showComment=1320682173126#c2634232728893526948

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bigfoot Sightings

Click link above and go to Episode 191: Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show.
Mike talks about two sightings. 
     "... something standing by the tent."
     "... a family of these things."
Great stories

(A Youtube video by BigfootMuseum)

Who ya going to call?

What are your plans, if you should see a bigfoot?  ... Oh, come on, share!

Kids Having Fun, Subject: Bigfoot

A group of kids enjoying themselves filming a video. They talk about sasquatch. It's funny in that they all laugh so much that not a lot is really said about our furry friend, bigfoot/sasquatch. The name of the video is BLOOPS-Squatch Hunters:Louisiana and is by Chastizer777.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kids, Look at This. It's so Cute!

An Animal From Bigfoot's World
A Youtube video by Shasha10. The title is Baby Squirrel-Back Scratch. 

Newspaper Column "A Matter of Time"

So, you say to yourself, “I hate the idea of bigfoot. I hate it that an enormous, un-researched animal may actually live in the woods and forests where I often hike, hunt and expect to experience a little peace.” 

You’re not alone. I believe many people feel this way, me included.  Not that I hate the idea of bigfoot; what I hate is that those people who take care of the forests and woods do not tell us about this animal that many of their own number have seen.  I could go on and on using the word “hate.” I’ll stop. Why? Well, because I simply love the forest, its smells, and its calming balm
Love and hate, are indeed, a couple of the most deeply felt emotions. And, of all things, I’m talking bigfoot here. I’m applying these two potentially soul wrenching emotions to an animal that may or may not exist (in many people’s opinion. I’m not one of them. I believe in bigfoot.) 
Why should the existence of bigfoot matter?  There are many good reasons to confirm its existence. For one, since the animal has not been researched, studied, we don’t know how we should behave if we do encounter one. Remember, people do see these animals; our safety is at stake! Do we stare it down? Do we lower our eyes and back away? Run?  I believe, as many do, this animal should be recognized by science and scientists should get on with their research. 

Encourage science to take up the study of this animal: if nothing else, why not demand that science work at clearing up the mystery of bigfoot─prove whether it exists or not.
Fall is my favorite time of the year. I’m taken with the colorful leaves, the crisp coolness of the air and the wood-smoke smell of fireplaces ablaze.  In Oregon, it often rains this time of year, a lot! I immediately think, “Great, I can find bigfoot’s tracks in the mud.”  That’s true, but I can get my car stuck as well.

Soon the high mountain roads, especially off the main roads, will have snow on them. Please be careful if you “love” to drive these back roads, taking in nature (perhaps watching for bigfoot). These narrow, rain-saturated roads have been known to simply fall away, and that’s without the weight of big off-road rigs.
If you’ve had a sighting, do talk about it. The more we “talk bigfoot” the more commonplace it becomes. Be proud that you’ve seen one of these amazing beings. Please share.

I like this video. You may also. ... LNP

94,617 people watched this youtube video by rave x28. The name of the video is actual big foot footage.
It's just for fun. You can share it with your kids. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Weekends Have Things of Interest to Kids on Bigfoot Ballyhoo.

Photo: photoxpress

Got something children may enjoy? Something about bigfoot? Tell us. (Where bigfoot is concerned, we may all be children at heart.)

I found this Youtube Video Interesting...

A Youtube video Sasquatch Researcher by CHEK 365. Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Here is another 'man of age' helping to Discover Bigfoot.

A Bigfoot Song to make you feel...good.