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Saturday, October 29, 2011

When I began writing a bigfoot column for the local paper, I soon after  began an online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo. I did this to get original information for the newspaper column, A Matter of Time.  (At one time the column was in three local papers. The papers were sold and the new owners had no interest in bigfoot. And so the column is just in one paper at this time.) I’m happy to report the strategy worked.

 We, I’ll change to we now, my husband and I, have received a constant flow of information to keep us interested in the subject of bigfoot and plenty of information to include in this column. Without the support of my husband, Christopher Perry, both this column and the online magazine would not exist. He is my official proof reader and advisor.  Often information is excluded or included with a strike of his red pen or after a long discussion.

 Like me, when we first started this column, Christopher was not at all sure that the animal existed. It wasn’t long before we were both “bigfoot believers.”  And now when we hike the trails of Oregon, we both watch for the illusive animal, bigfoot. I don’t know if we would have taken up hiking so seriously if we hadn’t been introduced to the curious subject of bigfoot. So, thank you, bigfoot.

I would like to remind our readers of this column that on weekends we include articles, puzzles etc. that children may enjoy on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. (This is the web address www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com.) And you may like to know that any day of the week children can read and enjoy the content. We do not allow profanity on the site.

Another comment came in about the Canary Road area, southeast of Florence, Oregon, on Ballyhoo last week. I enjoyed reading it very much. I may be getting two comments tangled, but one mentioned he enjoyed the site, Ballyhoo, because it was free of profanity and offered many sightings of years past. And another commenter told of a family member, years ago, telling people about the hairy creatures that he knew roamed the mountains southeast of Florence.

And we had one reader say he knew, he thinks, Bill Emery years ago. I included a photo of Bill Emery on Ballyhoo and he confirmed that the man he knew was the same as the man in the photo. Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry. 


Ronda said...

Good reading! I'm at a loss why Dr Matt Johnson hasn't appeared on finding Bigfoot. His sighting must be one of the very best in recent years. Getting to Bluff Creek is easy. Why they rode the horses I don't know unless for only for show. You can drive to within 200 ft the 67 film sight. Its just a walk down to the creek bed. I really doubt there's very many of them left in that area. Lots of sighting north and over the border as of late. Willow Creek is my home and I kind of think that BFRO made a monkey out of themselves when they came here but that's my opinion only. Many of us here believe the those animals move from place to place where it is impossible to run into humans and roads. Yes there's many places left without roads here and along the border with Oregon. Living here since birth Ive heard the stories but have never seen even a track. I hunt ,fish and camp all the time and still nothing ever found. I think these animals are very clever and can smell humans for miles away.

Linda Newton-Perry said...

Thank you Ronda for the great comment.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Matt Johnson will not appear on Finding Bigfoot. Matt Moneymaker has a questionable reputation at best. He has been acqused of fraud. He will not post research from other websites and give credit to any of them as this website does.

Will said...

I'm very happy to hear Dr. Johnson will not sink to the level of Moneymaker. I watched the TV reports when it happened to the Johnson family and believe they did run into Sasquatch. Johnson seems to be a honest {non star} man and is really facing his fear with looking into Bigfoot without TV shows that claim every sound in the woods is bigfoot. "THAT WAS A SQUATCH". "THIS IS REALLY A SQUATCHY PLACE" O dear how many time is that group gonna say that!.