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The Perrys have lived in Oregon since 1969 and consider it their home. They both had a hand in writing their Viking Age Novel, FORCED BLOOD THE NORSEMAN. They have been published in several magazines: OREGON, OREGON COAST, PROPELLER and more. For a short time they owned part interest in their local weekly newspaper. Linda Newton-Perry wrote for three newspapers a bigfoot column lasting three plus years. AND then this site has been published by the Perrys since 2009. Can't forget- the couple has also published several children's bigfoot books, one or two of interest to adults as well.





Monday, October 31, 2011

Finding Bigfoot: Birth/Legend

Bigfoot illustration above, near where the PG film Oct. 20, 1967 was filmed.

I watched the TV program Finding Bigfoot: Birth/Legend this morning. We recorded it. Christopher, my husband, wasn't interested in watching it. He thought it would be just more of the same. It was. But I still enjoyed it. 

Late May when my son and I traveled to the Oregon Caves, I thought about going a little farther south and looking for where Patterson and Gimlin filmed Patty. We decided not to go. We had already spent five hours on a dangerous hike and were pretty much bigfooted out, as it were. I expected this area where Patty was filmed to be roped off and an easy walk to get to it. But it isn't so. Gimlin had to take the crew of Finding Bigfoot to the off road overgrown site.

So, I was very happy to see the area on this two hour TV program.  Can't wait for the second year series to began. ... LNP

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Children's Bigfoot Story

     “Come here, Brian. What do you see?”

     Twelve-year-old Brian squinted and wrinkled his thin nose, concentrating on the side of the barn where Mike’s finger pointed. “What am I supposed to be seeing, Mikey Boy?”

      Fourteen-year-old Mike frowned and jabbed harder at the barn. “There, did you see it?” Brian moved his head from side to side, not seeing a thing. 

     Mike shoved his bare feet into his running shoes and motioned for his little brother to dress and do the same. “Come on let’s go. It’s a bigfoot! I saw a bigfoot!”

     “You’re crazy! I’m not going chasing after a bigfoot. You go by yourself ... .” BOOM ... CRASH...─The noises interrupted Brian. “What was that?” Brian joined Mike at the window.

     “Bigfoot! Airhead! He knocked down the metal shed! Now come on, put on your shoes.”
    “I don’t know. Aren’t you afraid?”
   “Course not.” Mike waved his metal baseball bat, with a silly questioning expression plastered on his red-excited face, like he was saying “Who’d question his reasoning, with a bat and all.”

     Brian laughed. He really thought a lot of his older brother. Mostly, he loved him because he was a funny guy. Mike got a big kick out of making people laugh.

     “Come on kid, let’s go.” They both eased through the front door and stepped onto the squeaky wood porch. A piece of firewood rolled from the stack in the corner. The brothers both jumped and tried not to laugh at each other’s jitteriness. A neighbor’s rooster crowed.

     Young Brian was feeling scared. The sun wasn’t even completely up. From inside the house, the brother’s dad yelled for them to keep the noise down. “Mike, I’m going back to bed. You go.”

     “Ah, come on. What if it gets me? You got to protect me kid.” Mike had both hands around his neck with his tongue hanging out. Brian smiled and followed his brother to the barn.

     “Mike look.” The bigfoot was swaying from side to side near the fir tree inside the garden gate. The boys froze where they stood.
“She’s got a baby on her back. Look Mike, you see it?”

     “Yeah, I see it,” Mike whispered. “Look, at what’s in her hand.”

     “Where?” Brian squinted hard, looking where Mike pointed.

     “Near her knee. It’s another baby. It looks dead. She’s looking mean!”

     “Let’s get out of here. If she’s anything like a bear, she might come after us.”

     Just as Brian finished speaking the neighbor’s big, mixed- breed dog leaped the garden gate and barked crazily at the bigfoot. The mother bigfoot dropped the baby bigfoot in its hand, grabbed the dog by the neck and flung it at the boys. When they again focused on where the bigfoot and dog had been, nothing was there. They raced to the spot and caught a glimpse of her as she disappeared into the dark woods.

     The brothers examined the infant bigfoot until they were satisfied that, that was what it was, all right. They spent the rest of the morning burying it and hauling the dog back to the neighbor. It was a hard sell convincing the neighbor that they’d just come upon his dog dead.
     Mike and Brian, while burying the newborn bigfoot, decided not to tell anyone about their sighting and especially about where the baby bigfoot was buried.  They were longtime savvy readers of the Internet and knew they didn’t want to drag themselves and their family into the strange world of “discovering bigfoot.”

The End

Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Children's Bigfoot Story

Little Girl Having Fun in Bigfoot Costume. Enjoy

This bigfoot video found on youtube. The name of it is Dancing Bigfoot and is by mskeens. 

I'm Putting This Video on Again for you to Enjoy.

A youtube video: Jim Kocher "Living in a Bigfoot World" by BigfootSongs04

Everyone, now sing, "We're living in a bigfoot world." What fun. ... LNP

When I began writing a bigfoot column for the local paper, I soon after  began an online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo. I did this to get original information for the newspaper column, A Matter of Time.  (At one time the column was in three local papers. The papers were sold and the new owners had no interest in bigfoot. And so the column is just in one paper at this time.) I’m happy to report the strategy worked.

 We, I’ll change to we now, my husband and I, have received a constant flow of information to keep us interested in the subject of bigfoot and plenty of information to include in this column. Without the support of my husband, Christopher Perry, both this column and the online magazine would not exist. He is my official proof reader and advisor.  Often information is excluded or included with a strike of his red pen or after a long discussion.

 Like me, when we first started this column, Christopher was not at all sure that the animal existed. It wasn’t long before we were both “bigfoot believers.”  And now when we hike the trails of Oregon, we both watch for the illusive animal, bigfoot. I don’t know if we would have taken up hiking so seriously if we hadn’t been introduced to the curious subject of bigfoot. So, thank you, bigfoot.

I would like to remind our readers of this column that on weekends we include articles, puzzles etc. that children may enjoy on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. (This is the web address www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com.) And you may like to know that any day of the week children can read and enjoy the content. We do not allow profanity on the site.

Another comment came in about the Canary Road area, southeast of Florence, Oregon, on Ballyhoo last week. I enjoyed reading it very much. I may be getting two comments tangled, but one mentioned he enjoyed the site, Ballyhoo, because it was free of profanity and offered many sightings of years past. And another commenter told of a family member, years ago, telling people about the hairy creatures that he knew roamed the mountains southeast of Florence.

And we had one reader say he knew, he thinks, Bill Emery years ago. I included a photo of Bill Emery on Ballyhoo and he confirmed that the man he knew was the same as the man in the photo. Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry. 

Fun for Kids

This trailer The Legend of Sasquatch 2006 Official Trailer by elton31t0n was found on youtube. Enjoy.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Remember Weekends we Have Things of Interest to Kids...

This photo is from photoxpress

A Head Scratcher ...

Click link to take you to the video Bigfoot and the BLM by BLMOregon.

Another Video on the Russian Research of Yeti


Click link above to go to a less than five minute video: Bigfoot:unfound and unfounded. It is very interesting.

Want to go bigfooting at night? Here is your chance.

This video is by tcsjrbigfoot and the name is October Research--The Closed Area.

To get a better view, click the name on the video.

Oh, Beautiful Day...

Photo of road off Canary Road, near Florence Oregon (Sign on gate said No Trespassing, we didn't) 

A Little Poem to Share

Whatever roads we take
Whatever friends we make
Whatever words we say
Think first and sweeter the day!
 Linda Newton-Perry

You will enjoy this sighting...

Click link to go to The Bigfoot Field Reporter where you can read The Bruce Barraclough Eyewitness Account which took place in Georgia. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Guest Editor-Blogger

This is the best photo we have of Bill Emery.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Please ...":

Good comment from Pete. A lot of people have trouble telling what had happened in the past because of the culture in this country. I do know one thing for sure. I have been to this site often and find it very interesting. So many sites today are negative and down right vulgar.

I knew of a Bill Emery in 1989. He was a logger I believe but I can't say 100% the Emery mentioned on this site is the same man. He looks to be but 1989 was a while back. I'm no longer in the logging business so I lost touch with many guys through the years.

Anyway thanks for the great sightings from the past.


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Please ...

On the subject, Bigfoot, it seems information is very slow today. Have you heard anything? Have you read anything worth sharing? Then do! Thank you for reading Bigfoot Ballyhoo. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Guest Editor-Blogger

Pete has left a new comment on your post "Newspaper Column "A Matter of Time"":

Talking about the country behind Canary brings back memories to me. For 32 years I drove log truck for the Murphy Co. Many days in those years I hauled logs out of the mountains behind Canary. As many of my fellow drivers knew this was a weird place to work. 

On many occasions while driving the deep backwoods I had seen big cats, elk, deer and a host of other critters; but, on this one morning, [I saw] some weird hair-covered animals that looked like human and ape mixed (2 of them). That dark and windy morning around 4am, I was heading up to the landing to load when I made a sharp bend on this road and something large, dark and walking on two legs crossed in front of my lights and then a smaller one.

 I was dumbfounded on what they were, so I started asking other drivers if they had ever seen these two leg walking beings before up there. I was surprised that several of them had seen what they thought were wild big apes or wild men.

 A while back a person had wrote on this site about the Weller-Glenn rock pit. That sparked some interest with me because my brother Albert had worked up there till '78 when they shut it down. He had been telling people for over 10 years that a number of giant hair covered wildmen lived in the upper reaches of that area. Through the years many of the loggers talked about the large tracks these beings made during the night on soft dirt logging roads. Several of the tracks were casted and showed to different people without a final conclusion on what they were made by.

 The forest is just that--a forest. Nobody can know for sure what lives in the mountains and valleys of this country.

Thank you for such an interesting comment. I appreciate your taking the time to  write it. One day I hope to see one of these animals. I expect it will be by accident when I least expect it--if it happens. ... LNP

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You will enjoy this video...

Click link to go to: Scientists in Russia Claim to Have Found Proof of Yeti. October 10, 2011 (in Russia).

Read information below video. It is in English.

Link to Bigfoot Video

Episode 187 Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show
"Mike talks about the local Ohlone tribe and their experiences with bigfoot."
This is a youtube video under BigfootMuseum and is 7:47 minutes long. Enjoy by clicking link below.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Found Art

Beach Art
Bigfoot has been observed on Oregon beaches. Do you have a sighting you'd like to talk about? We are waiting. Just comment it.


Arrived home not feeling well (a cold or flu). I don't feel like doing much but relaxing. So comment. I enjoy reading comments. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Click to go to North American Bigfoot...


The guys (one female) of Finding Bigfoot talk about Bigfoot, the Russian Yeti information of late and much more. Click above link. 

A Bigfoot Story to be Read to Your Child

Story by Linda Newton-Perry 
with Christopher Perry
(Illustration effects by beFunky)

Baby Ray loved stationing himself in front of the sliding glass door early mornings chewing his buttered toast. He’d stand up and then fall back on his padded diaper, leaving long buttery finger marks on the glass. He’d never tire of up and down until the toast was all eaten. Often he’d waddle back into the kitchen, pleading with huge smiles for more toast.

Baby Ray is thirteen months old. On the other side of the sliding glass door is a rustic wood deck. From where Baby Ray stands, he can see to the edge of the dark woods at the end of the fenced yard. His puppy dog often yelps and barks and licks at the buttered toast Baby Ray smashes against the glass.

This morning, with Baby Ray’s happy baby laughter and the puppy’s barks, whines and yelps, Baby Ray’s mother did not hear the fence rails when they shattered. One post was pulled from the wet ground and flung in the direction of the chicken house. Crash! Boom!

But she did feel the deck shake when a huge dark form stepped one huge foot and then another onto the flimsily constructed wood deck. Next, a bigger even, crash boom when the hairy animal, Baby Ray’s mother thought a bear, broke through the deck. Baby Ray waved his plump arms, laughed and giggled. He laughed so hard he dropped his buttered toast. He teetered and fell down on the buttery mess. It now was stuck to the back of his diaper.

Baby Ray’s mother laughed at her bare topped little boy with the buttery toast stuck firmly to the back of his diaper. From where Baby Ray’s mother stood she could see the bear, now fighting to free himself from the porch. As he pulled himself up, Baby Ray’s puppy snapped at one of the animal’s huge feet. A big hand brushed the little dog off the porch. Baby Ray cried out for his puppy’s safety.

Baby Ray’s mother scooped him up and held him tight. Baby Ray twisted around to keep watching the animal free himself. Another huge foot shot from the hole in the deck. Next the animal was on his knees crawling toward the edge of the deck.

Such large feet, Baby Ray’s mother thought to herself, and large hands. The animal has hands!

The animal now stood upright. Baby Ray’s mother could not see his head. The roof of the deck hung too low, not allowing her to see it. In just a few long steps the animal disappeared into the dark woods. But, Baby Ray’s mother got a good look at the animal. It was a bigfoot! And for a certainty there would be footprints in the wet yard.

Baby Ray’s father would enjoy this story. He didn’t believe in bigfoot, but with the big hole in the deck and footprints, he’d be a believer now, Baby Ray’s mother thought to herself.

Baby Ray’s mother pulled the buttery toast from the front of her blouse where she’d held Baby Ray tight. She cleaned the butter smears from the glass door and then snapped shut the blinds. Several times that day she lifted the edge of a blind and searched the yard for the bigfoot. It was one of the longest days of her life, waiting for her husband to return from work.

The End

Fall, Loon Lake, Oregon

Take Mill Creek Road, off Hwy 38 to Loon Lake, Oregon. You will find people eager to "talk bigfoot." The area is beautiful this time of the year. Be careful because this is hunting season and one hiker in Oregon has been killed so far this year. He was thought to be a bear by the shooter. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Could it be a bigfoot print?

Heceta Lighthouse Trail on the Oregon Coast, near Florence

What looks like sky in photo above is the Pacific Ocean. I doubt the print is from a bigfoot. It did, however, look like one. It is always fun to look for them. This area just screamed-"BIGFOOT COUNTRY."

Deer and a Kitten

Cute Youtube video by jimhausman. Enjoy

Newspaper Column "A Matter of Time"

We took a few days off last week to enjoy the fall colors. We hiked and watched for bigfoot tracks. We talked bigfoot when appropriate. One print we photographed appeared to be or could have been a bigfoot track.

A week or so ago a reader of our online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, told us about several tree knocks his hunting group heard during the night. The area, Siuslaw National Forest, is several miles inland beginning at Canary Road, just south of Florence, Oregon. We were in a car so didn’t venture as far as we’d have liked. 

When we did occasionally glimpse the distant mountains between the thick roadside trees, the area certainly had the appearance of bigfoot country (you know, long ribbons of wispy mist, mountain ridge after mountain ridge, and a lacy moon just visible, although day). 

We took several photos and enjoyed just being in bigfoot country. I’m often disappointed when trying to take photos when deep in the mountains, because nine times out of ten there is no place to park safely. And there is this additional concern: logging trucks.  During the five days we were away, we met with many loaded logging trucks barreling down narrow mountain roads, the drivers trying to keep with tight schedules. 

You do not want to be parked on a narrow mountain road when one of these trucks makes its appearance.  So, there you have a couple more reasons bigfoot photos do not abound: roadside parking, lack of, and fast moving log trucks.

On our way home, we took Mill Creek Road to Loon Lake. We wanted to check out the area for an upcoming overnighter. Loon Lake, located inside Elliott State Forest, is a jewel of a lake and in places 150 feet deep. The young gentleman, Michael, we spoke with was happy to tell us about the bigfoot tracks that are regularly found on the mountain roads above the lake cabins.  So we have planned to rent one of these cabins, stay a couple nights and go searching for bigfoot tracks, and, of course, enjoy the lake area.

Linda Newton-Perry along with her husband, Christopher Perry, is the author of five fiction bigfoot books, four children and one adult, and a Viking Age novel, FORCED BLOOD THE NORSEMAN. The Perrys also write a weekly bigfoot column for their local weekly newspaper and an online bigfoot online magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry

Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm back in the office...

Loon Lake, Oregon
by Linda Newton-Perry

While away I talked to many people and handed out several bigfoot business cards.(I'll talk more about it later.) Remember the weekends we post things of interest to children. Thanks for reading Bigfoot Ballyhoo. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm away from my desk ...

But I do read the comments here and will reply if appropriate. We drove Canary Road (11 miles out yesterday. Didn't see or hear bigfoot, but saw some great (bigfoot) country. ... LNP

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I take it back...

We will not set out to prove the team exists. We here at Ballyhoo are positive they exist. So we will leave it at that. ... Linda Newton Perry

Monday, October 17, 2011

Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Dear PPPLLLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEE":

Mrs.Perry, I totally understand how you must have felt and isn't that even more of a reason to put ESP under the microscope instead of rejecting your readers comments? I mean ESP had much more to gain by attempting a hoax than us readers accussing them of one!

I'll be the first one to defend anyone who comes forward with credible evidence, but there have been so many hoax attempts over the years, every shred of suppossed evidence has to be scrutinized now.We, the believers, have to police ourselves or the skeptics will never believe anything.

As it stands now (because of all the hoaxes) the scientific community at large will probaly not believe any evidence short of a dead body, and that is the last thing most of us want to see happen.

 I'm sorry, but if you truly did not have anything to do with ESP's hoax attempt, then the only way for your reputation to be redeemed in my eyes, is for you to acknowledge the facts about ESP's so-called evidence, which point to a hoax.

I think for you to look at both sides is a reasonable request, for those of us who read and followed this blog before the whole ESP debacle, to make of you, don't you?


I will not "look" at the lies told about this blog, me, or the ESP Team. That is a waste of time. I will, however, launch a campaign to prove the team exists and that they are busy now straightening out the evidence of their "find."

And to that end, any help from friends and family of the members of the team will be appreciated. If we discover the team and its claimed "find"  a haox, I will be the first to admit it. Please think about how you can help in this campaign.

And Emery Team, I especially ask for your help. Please send information you have to this address. Perry P.O. Box 334 Sutherlin, Oregon 97479. Thank you.

I will be out of the office until Friday afternoon and so will not be posting on this site until then. ... Thank you... Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Answers to Puzzle Below.

Puzzle Find Additions

Make illustrations larger by clicking on them. Have Fun.

Watch a Bigfoot Movie Trailer


Link will take you to the blog, The Bigfoot Field Reporter, where you can watch a movie trailer about a gentle bigfoot, Letters From the Big Man.  Being "gentle" he, of course, will need to be protected. A great looking movie for those of us that believe in bigfoot. ... LN

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Newspaper Column "A Matter of Time"

The leaves in southwest Oregon are just beginning to turn golden. Hunters have been in the forests for a couple of weeks. Early morning air is cooler, laced with more fog. The rain has come and stayed for three-day intervals. Rooftops spiral smoke from fireplaces and wood stoves. With this evidence we can be confident that fall has arrived. If we lived in the forest with no calendar, no Internet or TV, we would know what season is upon us. 

We can reason on many subjects in this vain, but when it comes to bigfoot, reasoning seems to be nonexistent.  Oh, but we must remember we are dealing with a subject that has not been substantiated by science. This puts a different slant on matters, bigfoot matters.
When talking to people about bigfoot, the same questions and objections are heard over and over. So for a writer of a bigfoot newspaper column and bigfoot blog, it is a simple matter to repeat my same canned answers and often. I change them only when a more satisfying point comes to light in the bigfoot research world.

 You might like to know that a great percentage of field researchers are amateurs. I’ve read often that since “science” will not take researching bigfoot seriously the amateurs are doing it for them. And, we expect that when a good video or photo is taken of the animal, the “science” community will jump on board, as it were, and nudge the discovery up the ladder of knowledge and respectability.

 Precious few scientists have risked their careers on this subject, bigfoot. We are thankful that a few of these men and women have stepped forward and at least are helping add respectability to the subject.
I’ve said it many times, my newspaper column and online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, are simply places to “talk bigfoot.”  (Bigfoot Ballyhoo’s address: www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com) I’m continually derided for my simple tactic. But, it is what it is.

I enjoy nature. I enjoy hiking and photographing it. When hiking, I appreciate all forest animals that may show themselves. If you hike, or hunt, then you know that these animals do not deliberately step into one’s path wishing to have their head stroked (wouldn’t that be wonderful, depending on the animal?). 

All animals have innate qualities that allow them to thrive in their assigned part of this world.  And so it is with bigfoot. All the “signs” are there, in the forests, that he inhabits his assigned place, or so, I believe. Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry

Video you may enjoy.

This video was found on Youtube by BigfootSongs04. Enjoy

Bigfoot Dancing is really funny. "He moves!"

This video is by crazyoperation found on Youtube. The name of the video is Crazy Bigfoot Dance. I've put the video on before, but I still find it great fun. Enjoy. Remember to click on the name on video to get a better view. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekend's almost here! ... It means ...

Click on illustration to make it larger and easier to read.

Weekends mean that Ballyhoo puts a few posts on that kids may enjoy. Join us tomorrow and Sunday. We love to hear from you kids, so comment!

Do you feel like a walk in the woods today?

Video found on Youtube by joeblack1963: Close Encounter of the Four-Legged Kind

Breath-taking! You watch and think the deer will bolt and run at any moment. ... LNP


illustration by linda newton-perry 

Thank you for visiting once in a while. Again, and again, and again, I will say that the ESP Team is not a hoax.  I sat right here at my computer one evening and had an interesting conversation by email and comments to this blog with Bill Emery. The only reason I continue to keep track of the passing months is that I want it remembered that I am no hoaxer. If I don't keep writing about it, the team will be proved real and I only remembered as a hoaxer, which I am not.

I don't allow all comments on Ballyhoo. Some are very  negative. I wish Ballyhoo to be an upbeat experience for its readers. After all, Bigfoot is an exciting topic ... Linda Newton-Perry

Following by Bill Emery concerning hair and blood samples from his field research, summer of 2010 
7/29/10. After weeks of analysis the blood and hair samples collected by me have came back. They are baffling to me and unexpected. Conclusion: The hair follicles are similar to human structure but with 14 unfamiliar markers clearly not human related.: The blood samples collected show 2 known strands to human but have major difference in shaft size and DNA makeup: Conclusion: Human, No positive match: Primate :No positive match: Animal,No positive match: Final conclusion: Unable to identify as any known species. Reasons may be: Possible contamination in samples.Possible degradation of samples

(This hair and blood results were prior to the Big Clyde sighting. Bill Emery hiked several days by himself and came upon an area he thought could be a bigfoot bed. In this bed he found blood and hair. Use the search tool on this site to read about the Team's adventure. The team took the ESP name after Big Clyde.)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hunting? And you haven't seen a bigfoot? Or have you?

Tell us about your sighting. 

Soon it will be 4 years.

Collage by Linda Newton-Perry
(Made from local paper.)

In a few short months it will be my fourth anniversary of writing a bigfoot column for our weekly paper. I had not heard of bigfoot until my husband, Christopher Perry, and I moved to Oregon in 1969. I was slightly interested in the subject when I started writing "A Matter of Time."  And, I didn't know if I believed in it or not. 

In just a few months, I was a believer. I researched the existing sites on the Internet for information. I was sent emails on sightings and readers commented their sightings on my online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo. 

One reader, Dale Saxton, now deceased, became a reader of Bigfoot Ballyhoo. He contributed to the site by commenting often. Saxton was a bigfoot field researcher. He died before he saw a bigfoot. His good friend and member of his research team, Bill Emery, however, did see bigfoot. Photos were snapped of a bigfoot that the team named Big Clyde. We that believe the team exists wait patiently for the good clear photos of the animal to be released. (The team claims to have a few  clear photos.) 

It would be good if the team started commenting again. Our readers really enjoy the team's comments. There must be some way we can get news of your activity without giving away information you don't want us to have. Please think about it. Thank you. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Yeti Proof?: The hunt for the yeti

This video is from Youtube and by ITN News

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Guest Editor-Blogger

That's where my friend saw it when he was a young boy. He was from LA, but was visiting friends with his family near the Oregon Dunes. He and all the other kids went for a walk to the beach for tidepooling. The beaches are wide there and the walk was through forest and dunes.

 As they neared the beach there were vast piles of logs and trees piled up above the high tide mark from all the winter storms (anyone who has toured the wild West Coast has seen them). 

A Sasquatch stood on the top of the log pile and screamed at them. They freaked and ran. He remembers it picking up huge logs and tossing them about.

 They ran all the way back to the house and told the adults. The people who lived there said it was not dangerous. And, congratulated them for seeing a bigfoot.


This comment came from craigslist forum, creeksnpeaks. Thanks you.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Seen a bigfoot? Tell us about it.

Playing With Punch

I've always loved puppets. I'm trying to learn ventriloquism. We'll see how that goes. Like everything else, it takes a lot of practice.  My puppet Punch is a  girl bigfoot. Comment please. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Do Russian Researchers Have Proof of Yeti?

Click link to go to The Bigfoot Field Reporter's site and read article Pay No Attention to That Man Behind the Iron Curtain.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Ready for some bigfooting?

Click on link and join TheSquatchmaster in the woods. This is a Youtube video. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yeti Joke

Joke by Monster Tales

How did the yeti feel when he had the flu?


Got a joke you would like to share. Comment!

Answers to Puzzle Below.

Please remember this site is an adult bigfoot site. On weekends, however, we post things children may enjoy. If you are new to the site, scroll down and read older posts. You will find much to like. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Find the 9 Differences

Click the illustration to make it larger so you can find the 9 differences. 

Newspaper Column "A Matter of Time"

What bigfoot news did I hear, last week? Two individuals wrote of their adventures on our online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com). I’m always appreciative of hearing about sightings, wood knockings etcetera. (While in the woods, I’ve been known to clunk a piece of fallen branch against a tree trunk and listen intently for a reply knock. It’s not happened yet!) 

The first adventure I will recount happened to a party of deer hunters on the first day of hunting season, near Florence, Oregon, (Canary Road, “far behind,” RF wrote.). The day was windy, rainy, and just plain dreary according to RF’s comment. Around 10:00 PM wood knockings from three different locations were heard along with some unidentified gibberish. A recorder was produced and these noises recorded. 

On Monday the recording was played to a BLM “person.” The “person” decided that the recording might be of an elk moving about. RF said it was a disappointing audience with BLM and he said he was happy to have Bigfoot Ballyhoo to write of his experience and vent. He thanked us.  And you Sir are very welcome. We do very much enjoy a  firsthand bigfoot adventure.
The second comment was of an actual sighting. Anonymous wrote (most readers do not give their name, signing anonymous) in 1977 he/she witnessed a bigfoot walk across a mountain meadow in southern Oregon. This comment was prompted by my asking for a few positive comments on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. It seems lately that the comments have all been negative. I’ve even been criticized for asking for comments. 

But, I ascribe to the old thinking that some things you get only if you ask for them; after all, the world can not read minds (it went something like that). If you haven’t enjoyed the online magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, please do. On weekends we put things on the site that children may enjoy, but anytime children are welcome to read the articles and comments. We do not allow profanity and demand civility.

In the next few weeks, we, my husband and I, plan to travel to Canary Rd. (above mentioned), take a few photos and report back to the readers of Ballyhoo and this paper. RF, if you can give us more details of where you were, I’d appreciate it. Is it off the paved road? We will be in a car, so we need to know. 

To all our readers, please do comment on Ballyhoo and call this paper if you wish to talk to me by phone. Until next week, keep your cameras near if you’re going to be in the woods. Linda Newton-Perry