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Friday, September 30, 2011

Information on the TV Show Finding Bigfoot


Click above link. It will take you to The Bigfoot Field Reporter. You will read about the Ohio Town Hall Meeting where information is being gathered for the next season of Finding Bigfoot starting in Jan. 2012. 

But where is BoBo? The big guy is missing from the meeting. Why? Go... Find out!

Article on Bigfoot

Art work by Linda Newton-Perry

The National Examiner has an article about bigfoot in its Oct. issue. Thought you would like to know. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Two Bigfoot Experiences: Washington State

Click on title of video to go to Youtube. You will get a better viewing experience. 

If you want interesting "things" on this site: participate!

Dear Readers,
     You comments are what keep me, Linda Newton-Perry, going. So the price of admission to Bigfoot Ballyhoo is one simple comment. Let's talk bigfoot. What do you know about the subject? What would you like to know about the subject? (Should be a reader that can answer your question.) 

best regards,
Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

If this "thing" exists... well,


If this crazy insect exists, then why in the world couldn't bigfoot exist? (Click photo for larger view.)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Video you may enjoy.

Click on link to enjoy this Youtube video by saultrain and titled The Bluegrass Bigfoot: Sasquatch in Kentucky.

Comment please.

There will be "snow on the pines soon."

Photo: photoxpress

It rained in our part of Oregon last night.
Have a happy Monday, and do comment.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fun Video-Kid Goes Into the Wild Searching for Bigfoot

A Youtube video by warriorofthegeats and its title is Finding Bigfoot with Lance Foreman Episode 3: Into The Wild.

Four Teens Search for Bigfoot

This video is from Youtube by AGumptionProduction. Its title is The Creature From Suggs Creek. Clean language and enjoyable to watch. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Newspaper Column "A Matter of Time"

Last week, no bigfoot sightings were brought to the attention of Bigfoot Ballyhoo or this newspaper column. I spoke, however, to several people about bigfoot. If appropriate, I always ask the one I’m talking with if he/she is a bigfoot believer. (Bigfoot Ballyhoo is an online bigfoot magazine. Here is its address: www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com.)

 If you are a bigfoot believer and read the copious information available, especially on line, you know that most bigfoot sightings are not reported. What a shame. Readers, if you talk about your sighting, it may very well make its way to the various sites online. On many of these sites a name is not required. I would suggest telling your friends not to give your name when retelling the sighting. Or if you’re a brave soul and don’t mind being known as a bigfoot believer, shout it from the rooftops. We need more of your kind.
What’s to be gained by everyone knowing bigfoot exists? What are the ramifications? I certainly don’t know. I’m just very interested in the animal. If bigfoot exists and I believe it does, I’d like it announced by whatever agency announces such things. Once we are told bigfoot exists, we can watch for it. The snickering and snide remarks will then vanish. The subject and our interest in the subject will finally become honorable.
  Fall is here and more people will be in the forests. We know hunters are out there, but another group may be out as well. And what group is that, you ask? Gold panning is very popular now that gold hovers around $1,800 an ounce. So if you are enjoying the hunt for the shiny stuff, watch also for our furry friend, bigfoot. You never know where the gold is and you never know when bigfoot will wake from a nap and scare the living daylights out of you. Whether you are searching for bigfoot or gold, find either and you’re in for a heart-pounding experience.
Tell your children that on the online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, weekends have things of interest to children. The magazine prides itself on wholesome, child-friendly articles and videos. I might add that it is becoming more difficult to find clean videos on Youtube. What is alarming is the number of profanity-laced, child-produced videos.
Linda Newton-Perry along with her husband, Christopher Perry, is the author of several children’s bigfoot fiction books, and one Viking Age Novel. Until next week. 

Weekends Have Things of Interest to Kids on Bigfoot Ballyhoo.

Click link to watch a bigfoot snowboarding. Lots of fun. Enjoy. (Video by sasquatchsimon and named The Snowboarding Sasquatch.) 

KIDS, let's hear from you. It's the weekend!

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Video You May Enjoy

Click link to take you to the site, The Bigfoot Field Reporter. The name of the video is Encountering Bigfoot trailer 1.


To Janet Lowman

I would loved to have put your comment on, but it would just make me look like a hypocrite. And besides, there would be a few that would claim I wrote it. Thank you so much for sticking-up for me. I know I have many readers that enjoy this blog. It would be good hearing from them, just a little more. ... LNP

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Interesting Youtube Video

This may be a bigfoot taking down a tree. Click link to go to Youtube: 
"Very Important Footage: Sasquatch Live"
 by TheSquatchmaster

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Thoughts

I guess I'm getting worn down by the hateful remarks of a few readers of this site. I am losing interest in bigfoot. I believe the animal exists. And most of all I'd love to see a good photo of the animal. I don't intend to spend as much time as I have in the past on Ballyhoo. I do hope you will continue to comment. I will check the site often. Happy bigfooting to you all. ... Linda Newton-Perry

An insult, first thing...

I'm quite aware I do not know everything. But, you, need to brush up on your manners. 
This message to the person that left the un charming comment this morning. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall is almost here...

photo: photoxpress

Watch for bigfoot as you hike into fall.

Wild Bigfoot, an Opinion

Harker has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

I would have to say this about Bigfoot being dangerous: Sasquatches are massive in build compared to the human. We need to remember that the Sasquatches are wild. Most bear attacks occur when people get between the cubs and the mother but not always.

 The same with cougars or any other wild animal. We have no clue what Bigfoot will do from time to time when people encroach on their homes. There's times they might attack for reasons of their own. 

Only someone stupid would stand there and try to feed them peanuts. Until the day comes, if it ever does, that we can communicate somehow with them,  it's better to consider them very dangerous. One ounce of common sense goes along way in personal safety. 

Thank you for the well thought out comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Police and Talking Bigfoot":

I have been visiting your site for some time now.  I am sensing more and more that you feel these animals are dangerous.  I am wondering where you are getting this idea from. 

In the last 100 years there have only been a handful of reports where a Bigfoot has been accused of trying to harm someone.  And in most of those instances the Bigfoot was shot at first. That's out of thousands of reports.

There are also many reports of Bigfoot helping lost or injured people. This creature only wants to remain hidden and left alone and I feel you are creating a false feeling of fear based on little or no information.


We should be careful around all wild animals. Thank you for your comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry 

No bigfoot yet?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

This guy exists...

So Why Not Bigfoot?

Video you may enjoy.

New Bigfoot Video on Youtube


Bigfoot Tracker Rick Dryer and Jeremey Ware on KX11 at Crytid Fest

A Youtube video by RDYER678 

Click link above to view this Youtube video.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A link to Todd Neiss's encounter.

A Youtube short video: less than two minutes. Put on Youtube by Bigfootinternational. Enjoy.

Newspaper Column "A Matter of Time"

I attended the Rock and Gem Show at the Fairgrounds a couple of weeks ago. I handed out bigfoot business cards and spoke to several people about bigfoot. I reasoned that these people spend much time in the forests and would have an opinion on bigfoot. They did. I enjoyed myself.

 Those individuals that believe “something is out there” are often happy to and ready to talk about it. Several bigfoot sightings were told to me. I encouraged all those that believed in bigfoot to pick up the local paper and read my column and look in on the online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo.  

I found that about 10 per cent of the booth owners didn’t believe in bigfoot. The most often heard reason was that “I spend a lot of time in the forests and I haven’t seen the animal.” I understand that thinking. They may have just wanted me to “move along” so they could watch over their rows of exposed beautiful jewelry and baskets of raw gems. (I was very careful not to interfere with any monetary transactions or get between the proprietors and their customers.)

 I had a great time looking at all the “gems” to be found on our beautiful earth with just a little effort. I paid to be shown the correct way to pan gold. I found three flecks of gold in my pan, which I was allowed to keep. If you’ve ever tried to separate gold flecks from the sand in a gold pan, then you know it can be quite a challenge. And now I know how to do it.

Now, if it were only so easy to find this “gem” of an animal, bigfoot. It seems many people are out there in our woods and forests seriously engaged in looking for it. And then, we hear from many researchers that the animal has been found, been discovered.  The problem remains of pressing the scientific community into serious research. And so round and round we go!

It is hunting season again. I do hope you will keep your cameras at the ready for capturing a photo of bigfoot, if you should come upon him. I’ve often wondered if hunters are seeing bigfoot when they think they are seeing a bear. Several years ago, I read that when a bigfoot hears a rifle report, that to him it is the sweet sound of a dinner bell. Until next week, keep “talking bigfoot.” Linda Newton-Perry

Weekends Have Things of Interest to Kids on Bigfoot Ballyhoo.

Kids having fun. Click the name on video for a clearer video viewing experience. Video by UnknownwI, Youtube. Very short video. ''

Youtube Video of Interest

George Schaller explains why, if bigfoot exists, it is so important to man for the animal to be researched. The video is less than two minutes long. It has been put on Youtube by Bigfootinternational. Enjoy

Friday, September 16, 2011

Information to keep you busy for days on bigfoot.

Bigfoot Shootings

We are always looking for interesting links on bigfoot. Enjoy this one.


Tom Ayers has left a new comment on your post "Question":

I would guess the DMV man didn't tell the whole truth. There is no law saying exactly "If you report Bigfoot you're gonna get suspended," but: Falsifying a police report is definitely a suspension grade misdemeanor. In fact it is a class A misdemeanor to report something that the state does not justify as real. This is where people get into trouble.

They claim the animal was definitely a Bigfoot and not some other type animal. When the officer has to write the report he or she must put exactly what was said to him on that report. Then in many cases the state will notify you that a re-determination is needed.

I've seen where Oregon denied this but lady it is fact they did this for many years. Whether they still do is still debatable. I would also guess that the folks that claim this does not happen really don't give a damn if someone gets in trouble or not. 


Thank you for your informative comment. ... LNP

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "To the policeman that just commented:":

Who is Paulides? Why would she/he notify the DMV that people are giving reports? Is it that big of secret that Bigfoot are seen while driving? Here in SD you can lose the right to drive if you report a Bigfoot or flying saucer from your automobile. My state calls it falsifying a police report and is punishable by suspension of driving privileges. I would guess that other states may do the same.

Yes and Oregon was one of them until recently. David Paulides is an author of bigfoot books and a field researcher. He wrote the DMV head, asking if it was true about drivers getting suspended drivers licenses if they reported a bigfoot while driving a car in Oregon. You can research the information by using the search tool on this blog. Thanks for the great comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Police and Talking Bigfoot

Bigfoot is an exciting subject. But one thing I adamantly believe in and that is -somewhere in the "law of the land" it must state, written or implied, that we should be told about all big potentially dangerous animals that could run across the road at night and cause an accident. ... LNP

A beautiful video. You are Sure to enjoy it.


Bigfoot from the Native American perspective.
(Video from youtube by bamabuckster1)

To the policeman that just commented:

First, thank you for taking time to comment. Isn't there some way you can tell your story without giving your name, without being found out by the police department? On this site we've had several comments by policemen telling us of the "trouble" they ran into "at the office" because of their sighting. 

What I run into here on Ballyhoo is some readers just will not believe what is written. That is, they will not believe that an officer can be punished for reporting a bigfoot sighting that he himself has had.  

Again, thank you. Strange world we live in. Don't you all think? ... LNP 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just Bigfoot Believers Here!

What happens when a police officer reports a bigfoot?

An Opinion

Photo: photoxpress

"I think bigfoots are like dogs. Because of their thick fur/hair they can sleep anywhere."... unknown

You are in good company ...

Photo: photoxpress

Yesterday 131 people visited Bigfoot Ballyhoo and several people commented. Thanks for reading this online bigfoot magazine. ... Comment... Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

If you're looking for pretty ...Well,

You will enjoy this bigfoot sighting...

A bigfoot on an Oregon beach strolls by couple  near their tent. Click link which will take you to The Bigfoot Reporter and the article.

I will not let it die until I'm proved innocent ...

Innocent of what, you ask?

     I get many comments and emails advising me to stop bring up this ESP Team and the charges that I'm a hoaxer. If I quit talking about it, I will forever be thought of as a hoaxer. So, until the team lets the world know about their discovery, I'll keep reminding my readers of what happened. I will not let them forget. I'm innocent of these charges. 

     If you know of sites we can link to, please let us know. You know--sites about bigfoot that are interesting. I spend a lot of time each day looking for articles etc. that my readers will enjoy. Youtube is often a waste of valuable time, but I keep at it. 

     And I'd like to remind you to comment. I know it seems like such a small thing, but it keeps me going.

     Thanks again for reading Bigfoot Ballyhoo. ... Linda Newton-Perry

How? How? How?

Watch for bigfoot...

while picking Oregon blackberries. Bigfoot loves them!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Photos: Area where bigfoot has been seen in Oregon.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Face!

I'm not afraid to "show my face." I accept speaking engagements locally and have no desire to attend a Bigfoot Function. If and when I speak at one, I'll probably be hosting it. Not saying I will host one, but you just never know! ... Thanks for looking in on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. ... Linda Newton-Perry

When and if I host a bigfoot function, the ESPO Team will have revealed its information to the public and all doubt will be removed about me and Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Keep "talking bigfoot" let's make it commonplace. 

What Some are Still Saying:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "News Paper Column, "A Matter of Time"":

This site is still a joke! Esp is a lie, pure and simple! I swear I stay away from this stupid site for months and I check in and you're still trying to pass off that stupid hoax----get over it! You got caught, move on!!!!!!! 


I would appreciate a little more input from the ESP Team, but ... Thanks for commenting. ... LNP

And Here is the Other Side: Those That Believe We Lie!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

#1-Where are these "good" photos that ESP got? They certainly were not the photos posted on this website.
#2-Why won't Linda post the TRUE facts that myself and many others have sent to her?
#3-It was not a small number of Bigfooters who cried foul about ESP, it was virtually the whole recognized Bigfoot community.
#4-Because of #3, Linda knows she cannot show her face at any respectable gathering of Bigfooters.
#5-If ESP is real, why don't they come forward like every other reputable and even un-reputable bigfooter does despite the critics?
#5-If ESP really has evidence, why dont't they make it public,what are they waiting for?
#6-Those of you who want to stick your head in the sand and ignore the truth,keep believing what Linda tells you,but those of you who can think for yourselves-get off your butts and do some research,don't believe me,do your own little investigation(like I did) and you will find that this whole "ESP"was a hoax to drum up publicity and sell some books!

Dear Anon, 
     The ESP Team was not and is not a hoax. Eventually the "word" will be out. ... LNP

A Bigfoot Story

Best read to your child. Enjoy... Linda Newton-Perry

The sap-encrusted bigfoot, Green Limb, sits with legs sprawled wide apart. He has the habit of sitting and picking at the leaves and limbs sticking to the patches of sticky sap all over his hairy body. He is busy doing that right now.

The time of year is summer. It is hot even though it is very early morning. Green Limb plans to hunt for blackberries when he is done picking burrs from a patch of sap on his right ankle. During the night as he slept, these sharp burrs scratched a deep cut into his left ankle when he positioned the right ankle over it. At last, he worked  all of the  burrs out of the sticky tree sap. Green Limb dearly loved the smell of tree sap, but he did not like its stickiness. Without giving it thought, he rubbed his sticky fingers into the fine dirt at his knee and then rubbed a fistful of it into the sap where the burrs had been. Now the spot on his ankle was just a little less sticky.

Finally, with grooming finished, Green Limb rose to his big feet and ambled down his favorite trail to Bright Creek. When he took this particular trail he was never sure who he might meet at water’s edge, lapping up the green liquid.  Never did he come upon deer, for they were afraid of him. As well they should be, for he’d quickly make a satisfying meal of them.

Brushing aside a fir limb, he spied the broad back of Amos, a happy local bear sitting with rear paws dangling in the cool running stream. Green Limb slowed his decent, thinking he would play a trick on Amos. This bear sitting in the hot morning air was a brown bear. He was a very mild-tempered brown bear and so Green Limb didn’t worry that a trick would go wrong. In fact, Green Limb chuckled to himself as he formed his plan in his bigfoot mind.

Green Limb slowly and quietly lifted his right foot. He carefully placed it in the deep track of the well-used trail. Both feet now were painfully wedged into a narrow crack. Before Green Limb could throw out his arms for balance, he crashed forward. His massive chin grazed Amos’s shoulder. Green Limb laughed as hard as he could to reassure Amos that he meant the bear no harm.

     “What’s going on, Green Limb?” Amos puffed out in astonishment.
     “I was planning to sneak up on you. Guess that didn’t work out.”
     “Oh, you silly bigfoot, I knew you were back there. I could smell you from the time you came over the top of the ridge.” Amos laughed good naturedly, rubbing his shoulder where Green Limb hit it. “Come on and sit with me.” He patted the spot next to himself. “The water is cool and pleasant.”

Bigfoot’s chin was numb from his fall. But, it didn’t keep him from jabbering in great animation with his good friend Amos the brown bear. Green Limb touched a foot to Amos’s. He knew at once that he’d made a mistake. Neither bear nor bigfoot laughed now, for they were stuck fast together.

     “Pull hard,” Amos shouted out in pain.
     “I am pulling hard. Stop shouting, you little runt.”
     “Now there’s no need for such harsh words, friend bigfoot.” Amos whimpered. His feelings were hurt.

     Both forest animals swiveled their heads around to better see what was coming down the path. Preston, it was Preston the mountain lion. He was coming for his morning drink. In their predicament they were at the mercy of this strong animal.

     “Quick, roll under that bush.” Green Limb whispered. Over and over they tumbled until they both were hid from Preston’s view. But Preston had whiffed Green Limb’s putrid odor. He knew the bigfoot was near.

     “Green Limb, where are you? I can smell you. Come on out.” Preston shouted, between purring contentedly and sniffing the air.

     “What are we going to do?” Amos whispered into Green Limb’s ear.
     Green Limb grumbled something inaudible.  Just as he turned over, his ankle came loose from Amos’s ankle. “Good, we’re free of each other. Let’s get to our feet and swim across to the other side. Preston will not think it worth the effort of getting wet just to harangue us.”

     Preston heard the splash as the two mates hit the water running. Oh he thought of chasing the pair, but he didn’t. It was hot and he required a cool drink of water. Lapping with much eagerness, he with a jolt stopped. He was in terrible trouble. A hairball saturated with sap stuck to the top of his mouth. He coughed. He sneezed. But the sappy ball of hair stayed put. While Preston the mountain lion worked himself into a frenzy, Green Limb the bigfoot and Amos the brown bear ambled into the forest taking separate paths.

 They took with them an exciting story that they repeated whenever appropriate during their long lives. They never saw each other again, but they never forgot each other, because of the exciting adventure they shared at Bright Creek.  
The End

New Children's Story

Come back later today for a new bigfoot children's story. Good friends "stick" together. Whatever does that mean? Return and read "A Sappy Bigfoot Story."

Guest Editor-Blogger

Shayla has left a new comment on your post "News Paper Column, "A Matter of Time"":

#1 First and foremost that team did capture good photos of Bigfoot.
 #2 Some people out there don't want any photos of Bigfoot displayed for public view.
#3 All the negative comments made on this site were from a very small number of Bigfoot followers.
#4 These same people are still beating the drums
.#5 Others in the same field have received the same treatment from the same small minded group
.#6 Getting a photo documented as real is like pulling teeth with tweezers.
#7 By clouding the truth might be popular with some, it hurts the real intent of getting Bigfoot recognized as live.
#8 A designation of a endangered animal in the pacific northwest would have dire consequences on logging and recreation.
#9 this is why land and timber holders such as WEYCO, GP, BOSIE CASCADE and others do not want Bigfoot in the picture.
#10 The government has known for many many years Bigfoot is real and took steps to hide it from the public. Many more reasons exist why Bigfoot must remain a mystery to the public. 

Thank you for such a great comment. We do appreciate it. ... LNP

Saturday, September 10, 2011

News Paper Column, "A Matter of Time"

Science believes that the chimpanzee is man’s closest relative.  Crossing the chimp and man has probably been attempted. Why do I say that? Well, given all the things we do know “man” and “science” have done, why not say it? Why not believe it? So, I believe if it were possible for these two species (together) to reproduce, then, we’d know it. Don’t you think? 

Given the fact that the Bible informs us that man and the animals were made by the same creator (same father) then, in that sense we and all the animals are related.

Why am I discussing this subject? It seems that there are those that want to ban the medical experimentation of chimps. Why?  They reason that when bigfoot is proclaimed a species, he also will be protected, being that bigfoot would probably fall into a primate slot. I would think the fact that the animal is obviously rare would protect it from too much scientific probing. Isn’t that sound thinking? (I don’t know about you, but I’d just appreciate viewing a good clear photo of bigfoot.)
It is now thirteen months since the ESP Team recovered from their trail cam, photos of a bigfoot. If you will remember, it was claimed by members of this team that they had good, really clear photos. Bigfoot Ballyhoo was promised a photo, soon after the Aug. 8th, 2010 acquisition.

Why haven’t we received that photo? And why hasn’t it been posted for you to view? For those of you new to this blog, this column, here is what happened: Photos were innocently submitted to Ballyhoo that were not photos taken from the ESP Team’s trail cam. All the world’s bigfoot critics (it seemed) rained down abuse and spoken filth by way of comments. Because of this abuse, the team withdrew its offer to give us a sharp photo of Big Clyde to post. The team agreed that it didn’t need the uncalled for, shabby treatment and Bill Emery withdrew all contact with Ballyhoo. 

We now wait for any word we can get on the subject of the team and Big Clyde. Rumor has it that documentaries and the like are being produced.  How wonderful the day, when these works come to light (we wait, admittedly, with little patience).

Linda Newton-Perry is the author, along with her husband, Christopher Perry, of five bigfoot fiction books and a Viking Age Novel, FORCED BLOOD THE NORSEMAN. You may view Bigfoot Ballyhoo at www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com.


Please comment. Comments are what makes this site interesting, at least to the editors!

The Three Singing Bigfoot, So Fun!

These guys just live down the road from Bigfoot Ballyhoo. This video is found on Youtube and named Me Bigfoot. The channel you will find it under is bigfootlivesinOregon's Channel. And you may click on the three in the column at right for more videos.

Youtube Video: Three Kids Film Bigfoot


Seems "real." Enjoy. Click link to go to Youtube video.  This video was on the SquatchWatcher channel. 
(Kids are playing outside when they see what may be a bigfoot.)

Friday, September 9, 2011

The weekend is just about here!

The original photo by photoxpress.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Beautiful Photos of Bigfoot's Home

A Youtube video by danmcgrath1969: "marble mountain madness..." We think you will enjoy this video. 

More on What Happened With The Bigfoot Body in Freezer, 2008


This video found on Youtube. Title: Rart 3 of 10 of What Really Went Down in May of 2008 Bigfoot Not A Hoax By: RDYER678

The guys involved explaining ...

Thirteen months today!

It has been, today, thirteen months since the Emery Team photographed Big Clyde. The photo of the bigfoot is the top photo of right-hand column. We look forward to seeing their work. Does anyone have news they can share? 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Forest Video: Oregon

This video found on Youtube. Title: Jacksonville Oregon Forest Park By: nwmountainhaven

Monday, September 5, 2011

Conversation with a retired police officer.

Recently,  I had an interesting discussion with a retired police officer. I believe he worked in Oregon. He doesn’t use the internet since he is advanced in age. (And he doesn’t believe in bigfoot.)  I decided to talk to him because I was thinking he just might say something like, “Oh, yes, I remember a time or two ...”

What I spoke to him about was what has happened in the past when an officer reported a bigfoot sighting (if it can be believed). It seems from the posts on Ballyhoo, that when this occurred in Oregon, the officer was asked to take a leave of absence until he could be checked out by a head doctor. One post, I remember, the officer had to lie and say he didn’t see the animal, before he could go back to work.

Well, we spoke amicably for a few minutes and finally he blurted out, ending the conversation: “I don’t believe a word of it!”  ... Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Punch and Linda Newton-Perry getting along just fine.

Photo effect by BeFunky

So you will know, Punch, the bigfoot puppet in the above photo, is trying to get on this blog as a regular. 
She, yes Punch is a she, is doing fine on the grueling tests she must pass to get on the blog. She does have a habit of using nasty language to prove a point. She must change this behavior. If she can go a week or so without using these the awful words, she may actually make the grade. We will see. Thanks for coming to this blog. A comment is always appreciated. ... Linda Newton-Perry

New Children's Fiction Bigfoot Story

Bigfoots, Snakes and Manners
  (This story best read to your child.)
 “Hi, is Pepper there?”  On the phone, Ms. Kathy Bigfoot asked for her nephew.

     “He’s in his room. Wait just a sec. ... Is this Auntie?”

     “Yes, I’m sorry I should have given my name.” A pause. “How are you Berry? Are you glad to be starting school?”

     Ms. Kathy waited as her sixteen-year-old niece turned down the music she had blasting in her room. Finally Berry said, “I guess. It will be good to see my friends. I haven’t seen any of them this summer. Dad took us off for a long old boring vacation to some park in Alaska. I hated it. Here’s Pepper.”

     “Hi Auntie.” Ten-year-old Pepper threw himself onto the living room couch, displacing the mean family cat, Mr. Mugs.   The huge cat rose on tip toes, arched its back and shot off the couch in a typical Mr. Mugs’ hissing drama. Pepper laughed. He simply said into the phone, “Mr. Mugs.”

     Ms. Kathy Bigfoot knew exactly what had happened, for Mr. Mugs had several times done the same thing when Kathy had seated herself on the couch Pepper was on now. Ms. Kathy visited often with her niece and nephew, so knew the cat’s habits well.

     “Pepper, what’s going on?” Through the phone Ms. Kathy could just barely hear Pepper enjoying himself apart from their conversation.
     “A green snake, Auntie. Mr. Mugs left a green snake on the couch. It’s still alive.” Pepper giggled, screeched and evidently fell off the couch.

     “Pepper! I don’t have long to talk to you. Pepper!”
     Ms. Kathy now heard Berry in the background laughing and screeching. Both of the children seemed to have forgotten that Ms. Kathy was still on the phone. But at long last, Pepper placed the phone back to his ear.

     “Auntie, did you hear we have a green snake here? Stop it Berry. Leave it alone. Quit! Don’t do that! ... Auntie, Berry’s pretending to eat Mr. Mugs’ snake. NO! She just stuffed it in her mouth. Spit it out Berry! Spit it out now! B e r r y! She won’t spit it out. No, no, no!” The phone clattered as if Pepper had tried to place it in its stand, but missed;  Ms. Kathy could still hear the goings on. “She’s chewing it! Berry, I hate you.”

     Ms. Kathy could now hear an adult Bigfoot talking sternly to the children. The adult evidently noticed the phone out of its stand and put it back. When Ms. Kathy found a free minute in her busy schedule, she called again and asked for her nephew, Pepper.

     “So, Pepper, did Berry really eat Mr. Mug’s green snake?”

     “Yes, Auntie, she did. I’m so mad at her. She ate every bit of it. She wouldn’t even give me a little  bitty b i t e. She’s not a very good sharer. I hate her.”  A long pause. “I wanted to eat the snake myself, Auntie.”

The End