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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Interesting Plant

Photo by Christopher Perry

We came across this plant while searching for bigfoot tracks on Mill Creek Road. Click on photo to enlarge it. 

Oregon Map

The video below was taken on Mill Creek Road, Oregon.  This is the road going to Loon Lake, just off hwy 38, leading to the Oregon Coast. We enjoy stopping at this area because bigfoot has been seen several times here. The video shows a track that may or may not be a bigfoot track. It was found on the bank of Mill Creek leading down to the water. Use the search tool and read for yourself about the activity of this area. Thanks for viewing Bigfoot Ballyhoo.  (Mill Creek near the pink X.) Comment please. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Searching for Bigfoot Tracks

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gone Until Monday

Linda Newton-Perry and Ms. Kathy Bigfoot will both be out of the office until Monday. Have a great weekend. Comment please. 

Newspaper Column "A Matter of Time' (Early this week.)

Remember the Bigfoot in the Freezer?

With our “world” seemingly “swirling the drain”, how interesting, how important, really, is the discovery of bigfoot/sasquatch? Odd as it may seem, plenty of people are interested in the subject. How do we know? For one, the first program “Finding Bigfoot”, on the TV channel, Animal Planet claimed that channel’s highest program rating in its history. And if you were like me, you just couldn’t wait for the two guys from Georgia’s CNN Announcement in 2008 (you know, the guys claiming to have a dead bigfoot body in a freezer). How important the discovery of bigfoot will be, remains to be seen.

 Will the discovery result in a negative impact on an already floundering economy when and if vast swathes of pristine forest lands are set aside for the animal’s protection? No small number believes this is exactly what will happen.
You may, however, find this interesting: These same guys from Georgia are back and still claiming that they did indeed have a bigfoot body in a freezer. The men are publishing videos on Youtube endeavoring to explain what happened to the body. And, most amazing of all, why they felt they needed to devise the hoax, the joke on us all.

 No matter how you feel about the men and the 2008 hoax, the retelling of what happened by them is compelling. If the men are telling the truth, do you really want to be the one to discover a bigfoot body? They claim, with straight faces, that they were threatened with prison and more. 

And that a group of men in black suits knocked on the door and demanded to be let in to one of the men’s homes. In a room of the house, a meeting of all the men involved in the retrieving of the animal was in progress.   Thick folders containing photos of the men’s families, some or all the men, it wasn’t clear on the video, were thrown down with great drama. Threats ensued and the men’s plans of being the discoverers of bigfoot evaporated.

 So, to save face, to explain their claim of a dead body, the men came up with the idea of a hoax. After all, hoaxes were common where the discovery of bigfoot was concerned. Isn’t that right?
If nothing else, the discovery of bigfoot is entertaining. Don’t you think? 

Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry

Beautiful Oregon Forest

Elk Creek Falls, Siskiyou National Forest by plogankelly on Youtube. This is about ten miles south of Powers Oregon. Enjoy
(Click on title on video for better viewing experience.)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Remember the two policemen from Georgia and the bigfoot in a freezer?

Click the link and view their videos. They claim to be telling the truth about what happened. It is interesting!

Please comment. Thanks ... LNP

Robert Quarry has left a new comment on your post "Article about the "Life Forms" on this Earth": 

This entry in my dads diary is interesting to those that know of the Azalea Lake missing men from the 1940s. 13 May: I'm at loss to explain what may have been the fate of the two timber fellers of late xxxxx xxxxxx. 

Word had began circulating that they were victims of these large humanoid type animals seen in the area of Rock Creek And Eden Ridge camp 5. These stories seem to have merit for reason. We have had several instances of these hair covered animals throwing rocks at crew members. 

 Management is getting very uneasy about these occurrences. While I myself have not seen these animals I have seen the tracks they leave. These tracks or prints are much larger than a size 14 boot and do indicate great weight and size. 

17 May: More trouble from from the large animals it seems. Several barrels of Salt Pork have been packed away by the large printed animals and found broken open over a mile from camp. The ground was said to be littered with these manlike large tracks.

 Sandy Madden is talking about hiring a group of hunters to get relief. Though CBLCO. -doesn't want this to become known because of the constant need for new workers for these area.

 End of page: I cant be sure if he was talking about bigfoot or something different. His death in 1971 left a host of information on those days in Oregon near Powers.


Thank you so much for the interesting information. This is the sort of comments we love here on Ballyhoo. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Article about the "Life Forms" on this Earth

Click link to take you to Wild world: Millions of unseen species fill Earth by Washington (AP)
The article says it could take up to 500 years to find and document the undocumented life forms still on this planet.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Video from Youtube you may enjoy.

Click link to go to Youtube and the video "Bigfootville Oklahoma Bigfoot Footage 2/5 by NewEnglandSquatch. 


Monday, August 22, 2011

Bigfoot wants to know.

When you come for a visit to this site, the polite thing to do is comment. Say something. ... A quick "Hi" will do. Please.  And Thank you. ... LNP

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Make words from the word bigfoot. The one that makes the most words from the word bigfoot will win one of the Perry's  bigfoot children's books. Here are a few examples: got, boot, fig. Send your list of words to the Contact address in the column at right. The contest will close midnight of the last day of Aug. Kids, put on your thinking cap and enter.

Ghillie Suit Hide and Seek

This video was found on Youtube by 3434lacrosse3434. A boy hides in forest settings and you try to find him. This is a good example of why it is difficult to see bigfoots/sasquatches in the woods and forests. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Newspaper Column "A Matter of Time"

It seems that on just about any internet site that covers bigfoot, and there are a myriad, the subject eventually gets around to bigfoot’s origin. If you believe the Bible and if bigfoot is a pure species, then folks, he was probably a passenger on Noah’s Ark.  An intriguing thought, isn’t it? (And by the way, I do believe the Bible.) 

I use the word probably above, because it could have been bigfoot’s ancestors on the ark. It is reasonable to believe, for example, that Noah did not take every known type of canine at the time of the flood, but took just a few types to insure its survival into the new earth. Canines interbreed. Thus they can produce all sorts of beautiful and varied animals. And couldn’t the same be true of bigfoot’s linage?
To address the ongoing theory that bigfoot is an ancestor or lost link of the human family, here goes:  Again, using the Bible as a guide, humans were forbidden to mate with animals, punishable by death if found out. And if they did “mate” they did not and could not produce offspring.

 How can I be sure? Well, if animals and humans could produce offspring we would indeed have some strange appearing creatures on this earth and lots of them. And besides, if the Creator doesn’t sanction animal/human breeding he certainly would not allow a precious life to result from the act. I know, you are probably saying, that this reasoning is just too simple.
Yes, it is simple. I’m not a scientist and probably you are not either. What good would it do to wade into subjects in this short column most of us do not understand and that have taken men and women years of study to get the straight of? The Bible has been given to man to answer his most basic questions, to satisfy the longings of a spiritual heart, and that in a manner that humans can easily understand, granted with effort.
At this time in human history, we have the right to believe as we wish on such things as the origin of man, etc. The Creator is not happy about these beliefs that mislead humans, but, he has his reasons for allowing for the time being, this situation. Let’s try to enjoy the road to bigfoot’s discovery without being dogmatic or judgmental. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Do You Believe In Bigfoot/Sasquatch?

Answers to Puzzle Below.

Correction:  You will find only 6 differences. Thanks 

Can you find the 7 differences in these pictures.

Did she see a bigfoot?

Photo: photoxpress

The forest can be a wondrous place. And if all the talk is true, bigfoot may live there. Keep your cameras handy, and do look for bigfoot. Even if you don't see one of these beings, you might see any number of great forest animals. Why not start a scrapbook of your adventures in the forest. Comment please. Thanks

It's the Weekend and we have things of interest to children.

Here we have two kids exploring Bigfoot Trail, Bandon Oregon. This is a Youtube by rafraser2. Ms. Kathy Bigfoot our children's editor liked this video and think you will too

Friday, August 19, 2011

Article by Autumn Williams

Click link and go to The Bigfoot Reporter where you can read Autumn Williams' article on collecting and processing DNA samples. She gives a "timeline" from  Dr. Farenback to Dr. Ketchum. The article is very informative. ... LNP

Sleeping Sasquatch?

Clink link below to go to the website, Bigfoot Encounters. You will view a photo of what is said to be a sleeping sasquatch and a newspaper article about the Erickson Project. Enjoy.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bigfoots or Bears: More Controversy!

Click link below to go to The Bigfoot Field Reporter site where you can see and hear Mike Rugg on the Sierra Kills. Very interesting. Very informative. 


Please comment. Thank you.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bigfoot: Don't we have a right to know about it?

In my words:

A Radio Interview

You may enjoy this interview by Abe del Rio for MN B.R.T online radio: Sasquatch Language:  Scott Nelson and Ron Morehead. This is a youtube video in radio format by impossiblevisits,  Click link to go.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's Something You Can Do

Article you may enjoy.

I enjoyed this long and informative article: Latest News from the Bigfoot World on the Robert Lindsay site.
(Be warned some of the comments are offensive.) Click link to go to article.

Monday, August 15, 2011

ESP Team

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A Special Anniversary!":

I cannot believe you are still supporting these hoaxers. I have kept my opinion to myself thru all of the controversy, but I must say now that I have fell off the fence.You cannot be so stupid as to think ESP actually has real proof! If they had anything they would be coming out with it, because after Nov., when the Erickson Project comes out, there will be no need for anybody else to present evidence.The Esp incident was a hoax,please move on or I will be forced to stop visiting this site!

Dear Reader,
      I appreciate your comment. But I know that this team and their "discovery" is real. In time we will see the results of that discovery. It seems to me that the project to "discovery bigfoot" should welcome all the help it can get. I too wish the team would declare their discovery. But, I can like everyone else just wait. And wait I will. Thanks again for viewing this blog. ... Linda Newton-Perry 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Bigfoot Story for Children: The Visit

by Linda Newton-Perry
with Christopher Perry

All week Ms. Kathy Bigfoot and her husband, Burt, have been expecting a visit from her brother, Max. They have cleaned the house, tidied the spare bedroom and worked out a menu for a very special late evening supper. Max’s visit, however, had caused big trouble between Kathy and Burt. Why? Well, for some reason that even Burt could not explain, he didn’t like Max very much.

The whole week long, the married pair discussed Max. Kathy’s brother seldom was a topic of conversation around this happy bigfoot family home. As far as Burt was concerned the topic was becoming stale. He enjoyed talking to his wife. Max just ruined that enjoyment.

Oh, Max was a good looking bigfoot all right. Perhaps that was it, Burt often told himself, and maybe he was simply jealous of Max. But, Burt felt he, himself, was no slouch; so, how could jealousy be the reason he didn’t like Max.

 A raven had been delivering messages to Kathy and Burt from Max. Each time the raven came with a message, Max’s visit was becoming shorter and shorter. He wouldn’t be staying long. He would not be staying overnight in the just cleaned spare bedroom. Kathy groaned over all the work she’d put into the room getting it ready. But still her sister’s heart yearned to see her brother, and so she quickly forgot about the hard work.

And now the raven was saying Max may not even stay for a meal. Kathy cried a few tears as she thought of all the time she’d spent planning a meal that her brother would love. And not to mention the time Burt had spent searching several paved roads for road kill. “Oh my, Oh my,” Kathy said out loud. Her husband heard and lumbered to his wife’s side.

     “What is it Red?” (Red is Burt’s pet name for his wife, because her hair is a beautiful auburn color.)
     She sniffed hard and raised her hairy bigfoot chin to look into her husband’s big black bigfoot eyes. “I’m worn out for all the planning and work I’ve done. And you’ve done,” she quickly added.
     “I know. I know,” he said while patting her shoulder. He was finding himself even more upset  with his brother-in-law.

     The raven again delivered a message from Max. He could only stop for a few minutes. And he wouldn’t do that if he didn’t have in his possession a squirrel he’d found on Route 4. And he’d hollowed out the squirrel and filled it with fat plump blackberries. He had to drop them off or they’d go to waste.

     When Burt heard this news he snorted and said to himself very naughty words that he never said aloud when his wife was near.
     The raven couldn’t tell the couple exactly when they could expect Max. He could tell them only where he was when the raven last spoke to him. So the couple tried to forget about the visit and go about their everyday affairs with as much joy as they could work up.

     Since the spare bedroom was spic and span and the fixings for a great bigfoot meal were at hand, Kathy decided to invite bubbly Ms. Sparkles to spend the night and enjoy a small feast. Ms. Sparkles accepted the invitation, and happily so.

     Just as the three were enjoying their fine supper on the back deck, Max announced himself by bellowing long and loud on the front steps of the little forest home. This had always been Max’s way of beginning a visit.

     Ms. Kathy Bigfoot’s hand flew to her heart and she raced through the house to greet her brother. Indeed, Max simply handed the round blackberry stuffed squirrel to his sister and whispered into her ear the explanation for his not being able to spend the night and enjoy a meal with his sister.  He whispered because peering now over Kathy’s shoulder was his brother-in-law, straining to hear what the brother and sister were saying. Max liked Burt, but was a little embarrassed for him to hear what he had to say to Kathy.

     Kathy, hand to heart, walked with her husband back to where Ms. Sparkles sipped daintily, blackberry tea. Once settled at the table, she related why her brother couldn’t stay for a visit.  “Burt, Ms. Sparkles, my brother is on his way as fast as he can go because his wife in north county at Baker Creek has just given birth to three babes, two boys and a girl. And, as you could easily guess, his wife is feeling weakly, but so very much wants him at her side to name the new children.”

     Burt pursed his bigfoot lips and nodded approval. Ms. Sparkles clapped her hands excitedly. And the remainder of Ms. Sparkles visit was spent talking about the new bigfoot family. Disappointment had turned to happiness. And now Burt and Kathy Bigfoot were planning a visit of their own to see the two nephews and niece. 

The End

Ms. Sparkles Visiting Ms. Kathy Bigfoot and Husband

In a few short minutes you can read the story "The Visit."  All week Ms. Kathy Bigfoot and her husband, Burt, have been expecting a visit from her brother Max. Find out what happens, when the pair, wait and wait for Max to arrive. (For best results read the story to your children.)

Video on Youtube you may enjoy.

Bigfoot Man or Beast 37 Youtube by NewEnglandSquatch
Click link to go to Youtube.

Interesting Article by L. Surface

Click link to go to L. Surface's blog Bigfoot-Evidence and the article The New Reality. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Remember Ms. Kathy Bigfoot is to entertain children on the weekend.

Photo effect by BeFunky

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot setting the table for her brother Max's visit. The raven did deliver news that Max scooped up a large squirrel from the road. It must be said that all bigfoots enjoy roadkill. Burt, Ms. Kathy's husband, is right at this moment in the woods searching for more roadkill. Bigfoots have large appetites. 

Newspaper Column

On the internet, claims are circulating that four bigfoots have been shot and killed (the states of California and Texas). In any number of bigfoot books one will also find such claims. The information available on bigfoot/sasquatch in books and on the internet is staggering. In both the newer California and older Texas alleged killings, the men involved worry, still do, that they will be in difficulty with authorities if they should be found out or come forward with their claims. 

     Why? In both cases the facial features of the bigfoots were so like those of humans, the men worried that it might be proved that these animals were so near to humans in makeup that they’d be charged with manslaughter. In the California incident the bodies, in one account, had been left where they lay when killed. In the Texas account they were buried.
     If in both these cases the information was to be hushed up, how is it the information is now circulating for all to know? It would probably be safe to say that this subject of bigfoot/sasquatch is so enthralling, so interesting, that the men involved couldn’t help but leak the news. And what results from this shady leaking of information? This questionable, unsubstantiated information simply further adds mystery and in the end doubt as to the animal’s existence.
     The consensus is this animal will be substantiated by science only with a body to examine. And it is believed, since no scientists of number, at  any rate, are stomping through the forests searching for the animal, that it will be an amateur bigfoot researcher, a hunter, a hiker or a log truck driver that discovers this body so badly needed.

      Here is something to think about: In many cases, when a body was reported to “authorities” it disappeared, never to be heard of again. So, what’s a person to do? I would think photos of the animal would be good. Perhaps one should notify TV and newspapers, if there is time before the “authorities” swoop in.
     In the California bodies mentioned above, one version of the story has it that the men that killed the two animals sliced tissue from them. Some of this tissue is being examined by a DNA expert. And that information is rumored to be included in a documentary of some sort in the near future. Are we close to hearing that, indeed, bigfoot/sasquatch is a real live animal that lives in our forests?  Sounds like it. Maybe! Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry

It's the weekend and we have things of interest to children.

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot has her nose in one of her favorite cookbooks. Her brother, Max, is paying her a visit this weekend. He has promised to pick up a little something (roadkill) to share with Ms. Kathy and her husband. Ms. Kathy enjoys the art of cooking and so here you see her making plans for a special meal. So that there will be plenty of good food Ms. Kathy has sent her husband out looking for roadkill. 

Ms. Kathy has not seen her brother for two years. She is excited about the visit. Burt, Ms. Kathy's husband is  not excited. He doesn't care for Max very much. But he has promised his wife that he will be on his best behavior during the visit. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Interesting Video:

Robert W. Morgan & "Bugs" Bigfoot Shooting, a video on Youtube. The video is by xP3AC3MAK3RX

Click on link to view/listen. Enjoy

Share! Please

Thursday, August 11, 2011

From Marcy, Guest Editor Blogger

I just want to thank you, Linda, for the links to several very interesting articles. I appreciate the constant work you do, and the fact that this blog is genuinely interesting to read. 

Thank you Marcy. I appreciate that you keep coming back to Ballyhoo. Keep commenting, Marcy. The comments make the time I put into the blog worth it. ... Linda Newton-Perry, editor and owner of Bigfoot Ballyhoo (along with  husband, Christopher Perry).

T.V. Format Video

Ballyhoo found this Youtube video interesting. It is titled Sightings Bigfoot in Ohio. It is by TheSAB85AB8 and is 2:44 minutes long. Enjoy. ... LNP

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The words on the illustration is, in case you can't read them, "Bigfoot... How important is his "discovery" anyway? ... Comments welcome."

Oh, if the animals could talk!

Photo: photoxpress

Please comment. We at Ballyhoo thrive on your short comments. Thanks for visiting this online bigfoot magazine. ... LNP

Information on the 2011 Oregon Sasquatch Symposium

Click the link below to go to the Bigfoot Encounters site. Joe Beelart shares his, at times funny, experience of the symposium. You can also go to Youtube and find videos, a few, on the gathering. So if you've wondered how the symposium went, here is a great article from one attendee. Enjoy.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Article: Justin Smeja, about his driver and more. (Two bigfoots killed)

Click link for an interesting article on the alleged killing of two bigfoots by Justin Smeja.)


I enjoyed this video. I hope you do.... LNP

This video was found on Youtube. It is by filterthree and titled The Bluegrass Bigfoot.
(Click on title on video for better viewing experience.)

Bear Saftey

In case you get to the woods, stay safe and learn bear safety tips from this video, by GrizzlyBearOutreach. The title of the Youtube video is Bear Saftey 60-second PSA uncompressed.mov

Thinking Bigfoot

I think often about bigfoot during the day. One silly thought that pops into my mind from time to time is: I wonder where the nearest bigfoot is right now. I do hope to spot one of these animals, but I doubt that it will happen. I'm just not in the forest that much. So, if you've seen a bigfoot or heard of a sighting, it would be great if you'd tell us about it. I feel it is important to keep talking bigfoot. The more we talk about the animal the better chance he will be sighted. Why? Because readers of sites like Ballyhoo know that there is a good chance that this animal is real and they will look for it. What do you think? 

Monday, August 8, 2011

A Special Anniversary!

It is difficult to believe that a year has passed since the ESP Team collected photos of a bigfoot that they've named Big Clyde. It has been a rough year. This site and the Perrys have had to endure ridicule since the sighting took place. Why wasn't the whole thing dropped?  Why did Ballyhoo point out each month that passed? It is simple! We will not be remembered as a site and individuals that hoaxed bigfoot news. When the ESP Team makes public its find, you can be sure we here at Ballyhoo will remind everyone that they heard it first on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. 

Now that that is said, do any of you have news you can share about the team and its activities? We are excited to hear any news. Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry

Not fun! Searching for bigfoot news on Youtube.

Searching through the new Youtube videos each day gives me a pounding headache. Such a waste of time. But I look for videos that the readers of Ballyhoo will enjoy. Please comment. Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bigfoot in New Jersey?

Found this video on Youtube by nyrocksme and titled: Bigfoot in New Jersey. Enjoy. 

Our Children's Editor: Ms. Kathy Bigfoot

Here you see Ms. Kathy Bigfoot doing a little light reading. She sits on the rail of her little forest home enjoying the early morning air. The birds are singing and a mild breeze is blowing her beautiful auburn hair. She has gone to much trouble making her face beautiful because her husband is not far away. He too is enjoying the morning. He's reading the local paper. Soon, they plan to walk to a near cafe and enjoy a huge Sunday morning breakfast together. Ms. Kathy enjoys getting comments. So please comment. 


When Ms. Kathy returned home a raven sat perched on her porch roof. He was not a very nice raven. He complained that he had to wait and wait on the Bigfoots return from breakfast. Finally, he said he had news for them from Ms. Kathy's country cousin, Max Bigfoot. The news was that he would be visiting them for a short time.

 Ms. Kathy finally got out of the cranky raven that a short time simply meant that he'd be at their home for one quick meal, and he, Max would bring it.  Since he was traveling by foot along a few busy roads, he'd just scoop up a choice roadkill or two. And he knew where he could gather some skunk cabbage. 

Ms. Kathy asked the raven why Max didn't want to spend at least one  night with them. The raven said Max just didn't  want to have to take a silly shower. He much preferred dunking himself in a cool fast running creek. And he hated the idea of sleeping in a bed with sheets. The raven said Max wished strongly to remind his cousin about the last time he slept in that little guest bed. It broke and Ms. Kathy's husband was very angry about it. (Ms. Kathy knew that her husband was still angry about the broken bed. Well, Max didn't offer one word of apology. "Rude, rude, rude," Mr. Bigfoot said then and many times since.) 

So, now Ms. Kathy must think about the quick visit from her cousin all week. And what if he doesn't find a roadkill to bring for lunch?  Blue blazes! She will just have to go searching herself for something freshly killed on the road. "Oh bother!" she said out loud, not meaning to. Her husband heard the "Oh bother!" He asked what was wrong. "Nothing dear. Everything is just fine.... Wasn't the eggs done just right this morning?"

Mr. Bigfoot smiled and said yes they were done just right, and did she have any of that double black wing pudding left from last night's meal. Again he smiled and said, "You know, my beauty, you are the best cook in the whole forest." She hurried off to cut her love a huge piece of double black wing pudding. Just to make her husband even happier, she drizzled a line of clover honey across the top of the freshly warmed dessert.   

Kids You Will Like This

We found this on Youtube by Kid on Vacation and titled"  Kid On Vacation Finding Bigfoot at Bigfoot Bash-Michigan Magazine-BFRO" Click title on video for better viewing experience. Thanks, Ms. Kathy Bigfoot

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kids Having Fun in the Forest

Found on Youtube by Seven Awesome Kids. The name of the video is "Let's Play in the Forest, While the wolf is not around." Enjoy

Cute, the kids should enjoy.

Found on Youtube by evilejfan and titled "Bigfoot Found." 

Newspaper Column

Slow week for bigfoot news, but the topic is always enjoyable. I can not believe it has been a year (Aug. 8, 2010) since the Emery Team snapped the photos of the bigfoot they’ve named Big Clyde. I’m still being called a liar by some readers of the online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com). A liar about what, you ask? 

This would be about the team, itself.  A big deal was and still is being made that I, Linda Newton-Perry, made up the team and even made up all the comments on Ballyhoo about the team. I assure you, nothing on Ballyhoo pertaining to the team is a lie. However, it is very disappointing that we have not heard much from them, the team. 

Every once in a while a member of the ESP Team will comment, and for that we are  grateful. Why? Well, it is very exciting. That’s why.
On the internet exciting revelations are being espoused all the time about DNA results and imminent announcements. This, of course, keeps bigfoot enthusiasts nailed to the internet.

In private conversations we wonder, when bigfoot is substantiated as real, how will this affect sightings and reporting of those sightings. Will there be more of them? I think this will be the case. Why? Well, since we will know that the animal is real, we will be looking for it. And the result of watching for it will be more photos and more sightings. It makes sense, doesn’t it? And to be able to “talk bigfoot” without embarrassment is almost worth this long wait.
I know that several of my friends read this newspaper column. I just wish to make clear my thoughts and beliefs about bigfoot. I believe bigfoot is simply an animal. An animal our creator made to occupy the deep dark forests of this world. Why I find the subject so interesting is a mystery to me. 

Perhaps it is because the subject is a mystery (just as some people question God and refuse to believe in him). I’ve done a long and deep study of God and the Bible. The result of that study is a strong belief in him. And I’ve also studied bigfoot. And I believe it exists. Study and research are the keys to any subject if you wish to understand it. Until next week, keep “talking bigfoot,” Linda Newton-Perry

Couple of Little Boys Having Fun

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot got a chuckle from these two boys. She thought you would as well. Enjoy (Found on Youtube under Bigfoot: ajmcgarry2002-Has nothing to do with bigfoot, but it's fun.)

Friday, August 5, 2011

It's almost the weekend, KIDS!

Original photo: photoxpress 

Bigfoots Howling

Larry Surface of Bigfoot-Evidence has posted on his site what he says are two bigfoots howling. Click link and listen for yourself. Now if we could just see one!

A short fiction story. Enjoy.

   “%#!#! (curse word), what is that smell, John.”
     Long pause. “Stepped in something, I guess.”
     “%#!#!, it’s on your shoes.  %#!#!.” She purses her lips, shakes her fists and pantomimes a scream. Very long pause.  “Do you know how hard I work to keep this carpet clean?”
     “Course, Baby, I know. I know,” said in kinder voice than usual.  He couldn’t believe the stench; and worse, he couldn’t believe he didn’t notice before entering the trailer.
     “John, something’s moving. Something’s crawling off your boot. Oh, #!%&!! Oh #!%&!!”
     As the two scrambled to remove the six-foot-five’s slimy, smelly footwear, the noisy forest around their camp trailer fell silent. They easily determined the strong-smelling mess was scat of some sort. Bev’s eyes filled with hot tears. She dashed them away before John noticed.  The big man felt helpless when she wept and so he hated it.
      She worked to keep the trailer as clean as the day it rolled off the sales lot. And now the green carpet was probably permanently stained with foul-smelling #@%!.
      “#$%!,” she said, loudly. She stamped her bare foot, making not a sound.
      “Bev, Baby, now stop it.” He laughed, while scraping  the scat and  shiny beetle into a pile with a sharp-edged flat stone that he’d just retrieved from the ground outside in stocking feet.
     “Yuk! Yuk! It stinks.” She was now also laughing as she handed him a  sloshing bowl of soapy hot water, with a tattered  rag to scrub the dirty spot.
     “@#$&!. Great, I need to level the jacks. Why’s the  trailer shaking so much?” 
     “Something’s out there, John! Look! Something’s at the window. Lock the door! John, lock the door.”
     The thick glass broke and flew inward as a hairy black  hand pushed through the opening. A stream of blood ran down the inside wall from a deep gash on the hairy forearm.
      “Hit it with the frying pan Bev!”
     “No, you do it. Here.” She threw a large black iron pan at him.  Warm bacon grease left a line of dark drops across the light-green velvet couch that was under the broken window. “Oh, the couch. %#!#!,” she whimpered. Bev would often look back on this frightening experience and wonder why she bemoaned the ruined couch when a monster was breaking into their trailer.
     Cursing nonstop, John hammered the grimy hand and hairy arm, breaking bones. The animal made no sound that they could determine.
      Again and again, the iron skillet clanged down on the narrow metal window sill and thudded softly when contacting with the animal’s flesh.  Finally, whatever it was withdrew its arm, caught the edge of the window opening and rocked the trailer.  Fearing the trailer would tip over, John drew back and heaved the pan at the grayish face, so manlike. They ducked below the window, thinking the pan could be hurled back at them.
      No noise came from outside for a time. The married pair rose cautiously. From the jagged glass-edged window opening, they watched in disbelief as a bigfoot pounded off into the deep shadowed forest, on all fours. Thick drops of blood trailed behind the animal. That evening, they both several times asked the same question: “Think it’ll bleed out?”
    Pointing to the blood on the wall, John said, “Lot of blood, Bev. We’ve got enough to have it DNA tested. Might be some flesh here on the glass.” He examined the sharp shards still sticking from the window opening.  
    Later, when the moon came out John said, “Come here, Baby. Look.” He pointed to the edge of the forest. There stood two adult bigfoots, one holding the hand of a much smaller one. Bev grabbed their camera and filled the memory card to its limit.
     With scat, with blood and skin, and with numerous photos of the bigfoot family, the Rayburns became well known the world around for their part in “finding bigfoot.”  John Rayburn now allows his wife the luxury of a good cry once in a while, for she’s the one that snapped all those great bigfoot photos. If she hadn’t had the presence of mind to grab the camera and snap the photos, for a certainty he’d now be the one with the weeping habit. As it is, both Rayburns laugh easily these days. The photos made them wealthy. And unlike before, they are now bigfoot believers. 
The End

Sylvanic Bigfoot Documentary: The first 10 minutes with new Sasquatch stills

This video found on Youtube by toddster45. Enjoy. Click on title of video on video for better viewing. Thanks ... LNP

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Short Story

Original photo of man and woman by photoxpress.

Watch for this short story. Camping? Who knew it could be so hair raising! Comment please. Your comments are what the readers of this online bigfoot magazine come here for.  So let's hear what you have to say. (Please!) ... LNP

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Want to go for a walk in the forest?

We found this video on Youtube by AroundSalemOregon and entitled Dark Mossy Wood, Hidden Refuge, Blair Witch Style (Minton Brown Island Park-Salem Oregon)