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The Perrys have lived in Oregon since 1969 and consider it their home. They both had a hand in writing their Viking Age Novel, FORCED BLOOD THE NORSEMAN. They have been published in several magazines: OREGON, OREGON COAST, PROPELLER and more. For a short time they owned part interest in their local weekly newspaper. Linda Newton-Perry wrote for three newspapers a bigfoot column lasting three plus years. AND then this site has been published by the Perrys since 2009. Can't forget- the couple has also published several children's bigfoot books, one or two of interest to adults as well.





Sunday, July 31, 2011

Down This Road

Photo by Christopher R. Perry
Click on photo for larger view. 

Christopher quit fishing to take these photos. Fishing seemed boring compared to searching the area for great photo shots. We here at Ballyhoo hope you are enjoying your summer. ... LNP

Wow! So, you've seen a bigfoot?

Tell us about it. Since most of us realize we will probably never see a bigfoot ourselves, we want to hear about your experience. Please tell us about it. Use the comment tool. Thanks...

Girls Having Fun

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot thought this video was sooooo fun. Hope you enjoy it. The video is from Youtube by Erio08: Messing with sasquatch (webcam)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bigfoot Column: Newspaper

Have you seen the ads for the new Planet of the Apes movie? I have. It appears this movie will be nothing like the 60’s version. I read the book Planet of the Apes. I was disappointed in the movie. We will most likely view this latest offering for, as my husband, Christopher Perry, said, “It’s a movie a bigfoot believer might be interested in.”  Well, maybe so. We will see.
In searching the videos on Youtube, I came across a video by one of the guys that hoaxed the bigfoot kill in Georgia. You remember, the bigfoot in the freezer? the CNN announcement?  He explained that the two, indeed, had killed a bigfoot and planned to put it in a freezer. But, before that happened government representatives of some sort showed up at their door and confiscated the bigfoot body.

 He claims they were threatened. So, to make the whole debacle make sense to the public who were already told about the bigfoot, a hoax was planned and carried out. And now, they are prepared to tell the world about what happened to them, traveling the world even. And they have written or are writing a book. Well, I must say, this is an interesting twist to that entertaining event.  And just think, it’s not over, it’s ongoing. Don’t we just always have something to look forward to where bigfoot is concerned? (The bigfoot world just gets weirder and weirder, in my opinion.)
Not long ago, I received a comment on Bigfoot Ballyhoo stating that if I should ever attend a bigfoot conference that I’d be wise to wear a disguise. It was his/her opinion that I’ve embarrassed myself and the bigfoot community. How? In the fewest words possible, by publishing Bigfoot Ballyhoo (website address, www.bigfootbally.blogspot.com). 

I’d like to add that I’ve found that in most cases just talking to someone about bigfoot, out of the blue, is embarrassing.  So, I find it ironic that the subject “bigfoot” often embarrasses me. But there you have it. I’m entrenched, for now, in bigfoot’s world. I, along with my husband, Christopher Perry, write a bigfoot newspaper column. We have written four children’s bigfoot books, fiction. And we’ve written one adult/teen bigfoot book, fiction.  And what’s more, I don’t have  plans to attend a bigfoot conference, now or in the future. If I should attend one, you can be sure, I’ll be the one sponsoring it. Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry

Children's Voices: The Sounds of Summer

We took a little trip to the country looking for bigfoot tracks. We didn't find any but stopped by a swimming hole on the Umpqua River. What fun listening to the happy sounds of children swimming. We hope you enjoy the video. Please click on the title of video, on video, for a better viewing experience. Please comment. ...  

A Sweet Little Girl "Talking Bigfoot"

This is a Youtube video by gutshavoc and is entitled, The Riley Channel-Looking for Bigfoot. Click on title of video on video to get a better viewing. Thank you, Ms. Kathy Bigfoot


Friday, July 29, 2011

2008 Two Men From Georgia and Their Hoax


Rick Dyer one of the hoaxers, explains what happened in 2008. He says they indeed had a body of bigfoot and the government took it away. Watch the 10 minute video for yourself on Youtube under RDYER678, Rick Dyer Tell All Bigfoot. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Enjoy a bit of Oregon.

This is a Youtube video by 7muktar: Oregon Forests. Enjoy. 
To view a better version of the video, click title that shows on video. This will take you to Youtube. And you can view more of 7muktar's videos. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

An Opinion

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "More on Two Bigfoot Shot and Killed":

I don't think much of the XXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXX  site. The language is vulgar and they make crazy claims. If it was true the two hunters killed the two Sasquatches we would know it,  believe me. A carcass from one animal will bring over a million dollars from any university of anthropology.Who XX XXXX XXXXX XX XXX XXXX anyway?

I'm sorry I had to X out some words. I appreciate your opinion, but I don't want to start a war. I found your comment very interesting. Do you know this about the million dollars or are you just guessing? Thank you for the comment. ... LNP

Searching for Bigfoot

This video is from Youtube. The title is Possible Bullroaring and is from TheDoc199. Enjoy. The video reminds me of my hike at the Oregon Caves. The hike was fun and terrifying. We here at Ballyhoo hope you get to spend time in the woods. Remember, that bear you think you see could be a bigfoot. Just saying ... LNP

Clay talks about the Columbus Day Animal of 1962

Clay has left a new comment on your post "Link to The Bigfoot Field Reporter":

I this some new news that forest officials know about Bigfoot. Heck yes they do. They have a dead one from 1962 that was killed by a blown over old growth tree in Southern Oregon, Northern California. My dad viewed the creature after it was removed and sent to a lab down in California. He said it was a ape-man like female creature with two feet and hands. The lab was never able to identify just what it was. Later in the 60s the Patterson film came out and dad said the creature was nearly the same except the dead one was a bit larger and was lighter in silver with brown in hair color than Patterson's. 


Thank you Clay for your comment. (I would fix the first line, but I'm not sure what you wanted to say.) 
There is much information on Ballyhoo about this animal. You can use the search tool and read more about it. Many people saw the animal and took photos of it. Type in Columbus Day Storm, 1962, etc. This is the animal Debbie was working on getting the file opened to the public. She no longer works for the same firm that she did when she started her effort. We don't know if much will happen there. But we keep waiting. 
... LNP

Monday, July 25, 2011

Link to The Bigfoot Field Reporter

"Part of the Good Lord's Creation." ... Charles Branson (From The Bigfoot Field Reporter's site.)

Read article Retired US Forest Service Ranger Claims Sasquatch is Real. And view video. Click Link to go to The Bigfoot Field Reporter.

Thanks for Reading Bigfoot Ballyhoo

We at Ballyhoo look forward to your comments. In fact, your comments keep us excited about the subject bigfoot. Tell your friends about the site. Tell them that it is a great place to "Talk Bigfoot."

Cooper Creek

Photo courtesy Christopher Perry
Sharing Beauty
Where Bigfoot Could Walk. Don't you think?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

This is what I'd do if I really, really saw a bigfoot.

This is a Youtube video by MissMarianaLee. Enjoy.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

More on Two Bigfoot Shot and Killed

Read this interesting article by Derek Randles. It seems it may be true that two bigfoots were shot. Click to link to The Bigfoot Field Reporter where you will find this article. 


Cute Photo

Photo: photoxpress

Keep the child in you alive, "talk bigfoot."

Was the Limping Bigfoot in an Accident?

From time to time on our online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, we will ask a question about the limping bigfoot that is spotted once in awhile in Douglas County, Oregon. The question is: Has anyone heard news of the animal?  Last week, a reader of Ballyhoo said that there was scanty news of an accident on hwy 38 near  Scottsburg Park.

 A large truck was reported to have swerved to miss something in the road and drove off the road in its attempt to avoid whatever it was. If you know more about this accident, we would appreciate that information. 

The readers of Bigfoot Ballyhoo, and this newspaper column, enjoy any information about bigfoot. You can leave a comment on Ballyhoo, write a letter, or call this paper and leave a message for the Perrys. (Ballyhoo’s web address is www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com. You may write a letter to Perrys P.O. Box 334, Sutherlin, Oregon.)
      If you are a reader of Bigfoot Ballyhoo, you know that on weekends things of interest are included on the site that children may enjoy. I don’t know if children are truly interested in bigfoot or are scared witless at the thought of such a large animal in our forests.

 What I do know is that parents should discuss with their children the possibility of  bigfoot’s existence. And that is especially important if the family enjoys recreating in the forest, since it has been noted by a few bigfoot researchers that bigfoot is drawn to the musical voices of children. It is certainly normal to be cautious of bears, mountain lions, some snakes and several smaller animals that we know exist in the forest. If this huge animal, bigfoot, exists, then, it is very important that all forest users be told about it. 

Generally speaking, bigfoot seems to be leery of humans and the consensus is that bigfoot keeps to his place in the deep forests. 

However, from the many and varied stories accompanying these sightings over the centuries, anything could be possible, if the sightings can be believed.
If you think you’ve seen a bigfoot, please tell us about it. We encourage you to be proud that you’ve seen a bigfoot, for very few people have. The rest of us will have to be content with your experience, so don’t be stingy, share!

(Linda Newton-Perry, along with her husband, Christopher Perry, is the author of several children’s bigfoot fiction books, and a Viking Age Novel. Copies can be ordered on Amazon.com.)  

Comment please. ... LNP    

Bigfoot Facts For Kids by infobme, Youtube

Click title of video on video for better viewing. This will take you to Youtube. Thank you. Ms. Kathy Bigfoot


There are nine differences in these two illustrations (see illustration below). Can you find them. Answers in column at right. Have fun!

Friday, July 22, 2011

As close as I'll get to a bigfoot print, a cookie!

Photo effects by BeFunky

I take it back. I do believe I've seen and photographed a footprint of the bigfoot seen at the Loon Lake turnoff on hwy 38 (Oregon). In the photo above,  I'm holding a  bigfoot cookie I made. I do love the subject of bigfoot. Remember weekends we try to put things on Ballyhoo that children will enjoy. So, check back often on the weekends. Thank you for reading Bigfoot Ballyhoo. ... Linda Newton-Perry/Bigfoot Believer

Thursday, July 21, 2011

More from L. Surface

Lost Evidence: Part Two
"Here is a more recent account of a finding and cover-up of evidence, occurring  just a couple of years ago in the southwest. This was an analyzed by anthropology students but covered up by their superiors."

Click link below to go to the article. 

An answer to question below about the limping bigfoot.

Violet has left a new comment on your post "Anybody hear more of the ...":

I am aware on no more sightings of the old bigfoot near Scottsburg. I live here and have not heard of any new sightings. Some  here believe the bigfoot moved on or died. While shopping at Bob's I always hear the latest sightings. A rumor was about that last month that a semi hit the bigfoot at 2:30 AM near the park but nobody ever confirmed it or denied it.

 There was a bad accident near the Scottsburg park last month involving a big rig but nobody ever found out what the driver was trying to miss on the highway. The truck swerved and lost control and hit the steep bank but the driver wasn't hurt according to a local LEO person. It was later said that something large crossed the highway right in front of the truck. 

Thank you for this information. ... LNP of Ballyhoo

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Anybody hear more of the ...

Photo effects by BeFunky
Has anyone heard news of the limping bigfoot in the Elkton, Loon Lake turnoff, Scottsburg area?

Youtube video: Bigfooting

Watch a group of men  bigfooting in the Marble Mountains of California. It is a series of videos, available now. You are sure to enjoy them. Search under TheDoc199

More information about Bear Tracks

Thank you Larry for the illustration. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So many bigfoot "hunters" in the field.

For a short time, I went out into the forest, by myself, searching for bigfoot tracks. It was fun and I loved it. I made videos and put them on Ballyhoo and Youtube. I don't go out on a regular schedule anymore. Why? Well, it seems that so many people are going out these days, looking for bigfoot.  It just isn't newsworthy even if I'm a woman and alone. 

Now what? Well, we, Ballyhoo, will fall back on our tried and true formula and that is to encourage "bigfoot talk." I'll still go out in the forest from time to time, because as I said, I love it. I know I'll probably never see a bigfoot, but I'll keep trying.  

Please keep talking bigfoot and comment. This site is all about the readers commenting. 

Thank you for visiting this site. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, July 18, 2011

"Wouldn't it be wonderful! If...

If every single bigfoot video was serious on Youtube. We could learn so much. But as it is, 90% (or so) of the bigfoot/sasquatch videos are pure T R A S H! What a waste of time trying to find something of interest. Just needed to vent. ... LNP

Exploring Power Lines 4, a Youtube video

"Sasquatch, you're more than welcome to come out and say hello."
by SouthJerseySasquatch

I mentioned in my last video that bigfoots have been seen at these clearings under Power Lines. I found this video and thought you might enjoy it. ... LNP

P.S. Remember for a better video click the title on the video. This will take you back to Youtube. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Sam Akins, Port Orford,Oregon has left a new comment on your post "This is not just a kids' Site":

A story from Elmo Fry of Gold Beach, September 1994:

Logging owner and operator Elmo Fry reported to USFS that late on the evening of the 6th of September, he and two crew members spotted a monstrous size creature on two legs run across the road near Barklow Mountain. 

 The men described the creature as some mix between man and ape covered in a black with silver coat of hair. Fry and his crew had just left the job site on a spur road to Johnson Mountain heading for Elk River Road when the creature appeared ahead of them running across the road. 

The men reported the sighting when they reached Port Orford. The apelike creature was decribed as over 9ft in height and very heavy in build. 

 This is one of many stories to come out of this region near Squaw-Sru Lake and the China Flats area in the 90s. 

Thank you for this great sighting information. This is, of course, the general area the ESPO Team is at work in. We do hope to hear more about the area and the team's activity. ... LNP

This is not just a kids' Site

Just a reminder: Bigfoot Ballyhoo is not just a kids' site. Weekends we put things on the site kids may enjoy. We do not allow swearing. And that goes for adults as well. You can feel safe in allowing your children to read Ballyhoo any day of the week. Thank you, Ms. Kathy Bigfoot

From Youtube by 20CenturyFoxSuper

Clayz Show-Bigfoot.wmv Bigfoot is sensitive about his big feet. Some violence but clean, no swearing. Enjoy

Color Bigfoot

Drawing by Linda Newton-Perry
Have an adult help you copy and paste so that you can color bigfoot. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Great Article by L. Surface of Bigfoot-Evidence

In the past, large skulls have been dug up in  Kansas. Could they be the skulls of bigfoot?

Click link to go to L. Surface's site.

"I have a secret!"

photo: photoxpress

"Ms. Kathy Bigfoot told me in private that she doesn't mind asking for comments, but she does wish the  results were better."  How can you help? Comment! It is just simply easier to keep up the enthusiasm when readers comment. 

You can not "Talk Bigfoot" here, if you don't comment.

It's a Great Day in Oregon to Look for Bigfoot Tracks.

Photo: photoexpress

It's raining. And it's easy to see footprints. Be careful and search with an adult if you are a child. And if you are an adult take along a child. Ms. Kathy Bigfoot says that you will be making memories that will never be forgotten. And we agree. ... LNP

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot, Bigfoot Ballyhoo's children's editor,  loves crafts. She made this pin from flour, glue and salt. She wears it with pride when out of  her office. Aren't crafts so much fun? Do you have a craft you would like to share. Ms. Kathy is especially interested if it has to do with bigfoot. Please post a comment. 

Bigfoot Newspaper Column: A Matter of Time

We were disappointed that no one posted a bigfoot sighting that they’d had over the fourth. Although, it is better that no sightings were reported than made-up ones posted. I spend a good deal of time each day on Youtube looking for content for our online bigfoot magazine, “Bigfoot Ballyhoo.” I, Linda Newton-Perry, take the subject of  bigfoot very seriously. It puzzles me that there are so many “trashy” videos about bigfoot. Even the children, and we know children will have fun, often ruin what could be entertaining videos with swearing. 

If you are wondering what children have to do with Bigfoot Ballyhoo and bigfoot, on weekends we post things of interest to children concerning bigfoot. It is our experience that children love to hear and see children talking about subjects they share in common. 

This next subject is a little “off subject” where bigfoot is concerned, but here goes. The August National Geographic magazine has a lengthy section on the white Spirit Bear. These rare animals have been photographed in beautiful, moss-thick rain forests on British Columbia’s north coast, Princess Royal Island and Gribbell Island.  As I read the articles and appreciated the photos, I kept saying to myself, “If only these were of bigfoot.”  Most people, as much as they desire it, will never glimpse the spirit bear in the wild; I, likewise, believe that this is the case with bigfoot:  the majority of us will observe bigfoot only in print and photos. 

 I believe that we already have photos and videos of bigfoot on the Internet, in books etc. But the weeding out of the authentic from the dark-shadowed blobs that resemble these animals and the many deliberate hoaxes seem to be an impossible challenge. Indeed, the Patterson film is still to this day being debated as to whether it is real or a well-devised hoax.  
 Do you find yourself thinking as I do about bigfoot?  That would be, “Why am I so interested in the animal?” A day does not go by that I don’t ask myself, “Why do I even bother with my newspaper column, my online bigfoot magazine, my books.” (Please do remember, the column, the blog and books would not be possible without my husband’s help, Christopher Perry.) 

I do know one thing, and that is the natural world is a fascinating place. And don’t we appreciate those that take to the wild with camera and share their photos? Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry

Information on Video Below:

This video is from youtube. The name of it is "Cute Little Girl Wants to Meet Bigfoot" and under malouskids

A Little Girl's Thoughts on Bigfoot

Friday, July 15, 2011

From youtube: rodbo's channel

Enjoy this peaceful video: Walk in the Woods

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Youtube Video by SusanFarns

The title of this video is "Bigfoot Sightings From Susan Farnsworth.wmv"
Susan describes an encounter/sighting of a bigfoot. At first she thinks it is someone showing off a bigfoot costume. But now she believes it was a real animal she saw. Enjoy

New Species Discovered, one every three days! Where?

Amazon River basin is where! Why? It's one of the world's greatest biodiversity areas. So, the world is still discovering new species at an amazing  rate. The one new species discovered every three days does not take in all the insects being discovered in the area, which is sizable. 

What does this have to do with bigfoot? Well, He is still to be discovered! You know it. I know it. The scientists know it. And since the scientists have left the "discovery of bigfoot" (at least the field work) to amateurs, we need to get to it. When driving through or hiking through the forests watch for the animal. Remember you may not be seeing a bear at all when you spot a big dark animal moving on all fours or walking upright. Watch carefully and snap a photo. 

Click the link to find out more about the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Amazon River basin. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bigfoot Country

Enjoy and comment. For best viewing click the title on the video. This will take you to youtube. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Bigfoot ... How Important is this subject anyway?

When I find myself face to face with someone "talking bigfoot", I will somewhere in the conversation invariably mention that in the grand scheme of the world's problems bigfoot is not very important. But, here I am, "talking bigfoot." I know the animal is not very important. I'm simple intrigued;  I believe the animal will always be able to care for himself no matter how much forest is cut down. These are my opinions. And, they  may be only important to me. 

I get much pleasure writing this blog, along with my husband. What I most enjoy is the comments from you readers. When I first started this blog, I allowed all the comments to be posted. It got so that many were vulgar and mean spirited. And I was sent photos that were not what they claimed to be.  So, now I have to sift through the comments and allow the ones that add to the site and not tear it down. 

Please tell me of interesting information on the Internet that Ballyhoo can link to that is of interest to Bigfoot enthusiasts. 

Please help me shake this feeling of "silliness" that once in a while washes over me just because I enjoy the subject bigfoot. How can you help? Comment. Let's hear what you have to say. ... LNP


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bigfooting: Something of Interest

Bear photo from photoxpress

I just learned that the back paws of a black bear, minus the claw marks, can look much like a bigfoot's track.
So, we should be looking for the claw marks and front paws, which are different than the back. Reader, do you have any more to add on this subject. Thanks, LNP

Monday, July 11, 2011

Could These Sounds be Bigfoot?

This file of sounds sent to Ballyhoo by Larry Surface of Bigfoot-Evidence. Thank you. Click Video Title to get a better video. It will take you to youtube.

Your thoughts are always welcome.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Studying Bigfoot"

Bigfoot-Evidence: Link to an interesting article on  bigfoot study. An Ohio bigfoot researcher gives his opinion on how scientists will be studying bigfoot.  Do these scientists understand how to go about studying this animal? Will "science" be pressured into taking on a study of bigfoot? Enjoy...

Enjoy! Kids Playing at Video Making... Finding Bigfoot

Youtube under "finding bigfoot" and mtzbraves11: Good job kids! ... Ms. Kathy Bigfoot

Ms. Sparkles' Pie and Recipe

Recipe: Lemon Pie

(Ms. Sparkles recommends that you wash everything that you will use to make your pie. You know the pot for cooking, the grater, the pie pan. Why? Well often in kitchens, roaming about, you will have ants and other bugs, or even mice. Now, these little guys are dirty and can carry disease. So soap and water everything. And here is something you might not have thought of: Wash your hands after cracking eggs. Eggs can be dirty as well. SO MANY THINGS TO REMEMBER! But, we want our family to be safe. And that goes double if we've made a treat for them. Isn't that right?)

Now, if you are under, say 10 or 12, you should bake this pie with an adult helping you. Ms. Sparkles wants you to be safe. 

Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of cornstarch
                  2 tablespoons of flour
                  (enough cold water to dissolve the corn starch and flour)

                  2 cups of boiling water 
                  2 cups of sugar
                  1 tablespoon of butter or margarine
                  grated rind of 1 lemon
                  juice of 2 lemons

                  4 egg yolks ( whisk them to a froth or a little whisking: or in other words, stir them)

Have on hand one pie crust either store bought or homemade. (Ms. Sparkles uses this recipe for pie crust: 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup of butter or shortening, dash of salt and 1/4 cup of icy cold water.)

Now back to the pie. 
           Dissolve by whisking the cornstarch and flour in the cold water. Add the 2 cups of  boiling water in a pan with the cornstarch and four. While it is boiling, add the sugar, lemon juice, lemon rind, butter and boil for five minutes. Let the lemon mixture cool and add to a cool pie crust. Let set a couple of hours before you treat everyone. You can put a meringue on top if you like. Ms. Sparkles family does not like the fluffy white stuff so she didn't bother. 
           Enjoy the happiness of giving of your time to those you love. Our world is a happier place when we are generous and share. ... Ms. Sparkles  

What's Ms. Sparkles doing today?

She's making a lemon pie in Ms. Kathy Bigfoot's kitchen. Well, of course, she knows how to do more things than just tell and read bigfoot stories. Comment, please. Ms. Sparkles and Ms. Kathy Bigfoot love to get comments. 

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot's Hobby

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot makes pencil toppers. If you've made one and would like to share it, please do. Put it on youtube and we will put the video on Ballyhoo. Please no nasty language. ... This message from Ms. Kathy

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Youtube under yatirnitzany

Title: The only Authentic genuine Yeti (Abominable Snowman) footage

(It sure looks as if it could be the real thing.... LNP)

Having Fun ...

And I took this photo at the local food mart! ... Just kidding. ... LNP

This week's newspaper column

Has Two Bigfoots Been Killed?

What is one to believe about the “talk” of two bigfoots being killed? Most of the “talk” boils down to this: If the killings are true, then it’s an outrage. In my opinion, a killing in self-defense shouldn’t be thought of as an outrage.  We have a right to protect ourselves. And, of course, if the body is turned over to science, the animal could be stamped once and for all as “real.” If the killings are true, we should in time hear about them from reliable sources.
     Eleven months have now passed since the ESP Team, now ESPO Team, snapped photos of a bigfoot they’ve named Big Clyde. The months are just flying by. It seems I just mentioned in this column that it had been ten months since Clyde’s debut. I’ve had several comments on Ballyhoo, our online bigfoot magazine, wondering why I don’t just quit mentioning the team. I can’t do that. Why? The moment the news is out on the Team’s discovery, I and Ballyhoo will be vindicated. If you have been a reader of Bigfoot Ballyhoo, www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com, you know what’s been going on. I’ve been called a liar, a fabricator of stories, and worse. I’m proud to live my life by strict moral standards. It pains me when this is not recognized. But, alas, that is life. But, that is also why I keep reminding the readers of the paper and Ballyhoo of the anniversary date each month of the Team’s Big Clyde Adventure.
     That said, I would like to address the ESPO Team: I and my husband, Christopher, would still like to see those photos. It would be great if we could view them on the one-year anniversary. Please get back to me. We would be happy to travel to where ever you wish for a meeting.
     The farmer’s Market booth went well. The ones that engaged me in conversation were bigfoot believers. The booth is well-marked.  I intend to use my time at the booth, each week, to “talk bigfoot” and gather information for Ballyhoo and this newspaper column. So please stop by for a chat at the Book’s Gallery, Sutherlin, Oregon, parking lot Wednesday twelve to four. Do you have an idea for a booth? The space is free. Ask at any booth for information. See you there, and until next week, bye. Linda Newton-Perry

Weekends Have Things of Interest to Kids

This video found on youtube under "Bigfoot Sucks-At Build A House and is by bigfootunleashed2. It's funny and clean except for the "sucks" scattered through.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Rumors or is it True?

Has two bigfoots been killed? Click link and read more on the subject at Bigfoot-Evidence.



Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 8th is eleven months since ...

It has been eleven months since the Emery Team caught on film a photo of a bigfoot they have named Big Clyde. Is there any information the team can share? We are eager to hear it. Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry

What did she hear? A story still to be told.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Had a grand time!

Great time at the Farmer's Market. I interviewed a woman but it didn't turn out because of street noise. We will try next week. Here's something to get you thinking. "A bigfoot inside a house, late at night, and the owners home!"  We will video it again, maybe inside the book store. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Busy with booth...

Above: My bigfoot banner.
Sorry, I haven't done much with Ballyhoo. I've been gathering my items for the booth  that I'll set up at the Farmers Market. I haven't done much because I couldn't find anything to link to or a video worth putting here. Many of the videos are interesting except for the nasty language. Even the kids are using filth...

I anticipate an interview or two, today. I'll share with you this evening. Do comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Young Andrew explains his Yowie Sighting to Dean Harrison

This is a youtube video under the name of Yowiehunters.

Story: Little Brave

(To be read to the child)

Little Brave’s belly rumbled. He shot from his pallet, dove through the teepee’s door flap and raced to the trees. Once he took care of nature’s urgent requirement, he watched as a blue-white cloud floated dream-like across the face of the full moon. Insects, frogs and an occasional owl sang their night songs.

The full moon always captured the young brave’s imagination. For one thing, he could walk at night along the edge of the forest, the moon lighting his way. The blackberry flowers waved in a gentle breeze, white as snow, with just a bluish color to them. His mouth watered as he thought of plucking the plump warm berries and popping them into his mouth come end of summer.

The owl said “Whoooooo, whoooooo.” Little Brave stopped. What else was he hearing? It was not just the owl he heard. It was not the far off crying sound a cougar made. What was it? The strange sound seemed to be near. He kept still. He breathed as quietly as he could.

“Oh no, oh no!” he said aloud. Belly noises rumbled and the familiar pain struck. “So much for me keeping quiet,” he grumbled to himself. Once again he tied the leather drawstring at his waist, and straightened his leather britches. He made sure he stepped away from where he squatted so not to step in the smelly stuff.

A puffy cloud blotted out the light of the moon. And, he’d just stepped into the deep shadow of a low to the ground pine tree. The darkness was that of a cave. Something was following him. “Run, run!” his inner self shouted. But, no! He could not make himself run, for the sound was also of something crying, wailing even.

Next, a fuzzy, sticky, pitch-sticky, animal embraced his bare legs, a powerful hold it had on him. Little Brave lifted with much might, first one then another hard stubby finger from his sore flesh, but his effort did not work. Whatever the animal was, it was really strong. The two of them now, stood out of the shade of the pine; the full moon again shown bright. Finally, he could determine what had him caught. It was a baby bigfoot! And it wailed still. From Little Brave’s right, a huge dark shadow emerged. In a rushing-air “swoosh” it snatched up the young sniffling bigfoot and broke several short-whippy trees to splinters as it rushed headlong into the black forest.

In awe, Little Brave walked briskly in the direction of his family’s tepee. It was his intention to tell whomever he would find awake of his adventure. To his delight, here coming to meet him was one of his cousins. But instead of stopping when she reached Little Brave, she raced on to the privacy of the forest, clutching her rumbling belly.

Little Brave laughed and patiently waited for her to return.

The End

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Watch for "Little Brave and the Full Moon" Sunday.

Newspaper Column

Seen a Bigfoot? Report it!

June was a great month. On our online bigfoot magazine (blog), we had at least three bigfoot sightings. Evidently there is a bigfoot in the Glide area and one in the Elkton area, general areas. The blog’s address is (Bigfoot Ballyhoo) www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com. On the site you will find a search tool, which can be used to pull up sightings, or one can scroll to the bottom of each page and click older posts. If you are new to the blog, it could be fun to start at the beginning and work your way forward.

I’ll always remember June of 2011 for another reason: the Oregon Caves. This, if you will recall, is where Dr. Johnson in 2000 spotted a bigfoot watching his family. I traveled to the Caves with my son and the children’s editor Ms. Kathy Bigfoot (made up). What fun we had! We stayed in the Chateau, which I heartily endorse and had one of the best meals that I’ve ever eaten in its dining room. Our troop enjoyed its adventure on the Big Tree Loop Trail and tour of the caves. If you enjoy the great outdoors, you will love the Oregon Caves.

Here’s a thought: Could those that are thinking they are seeing a bear really be seeing a bigfoot? Since we know for sure that bears exist, the first thought that naturally comes to one’s mind is that it’s a bear. It might be good, if you are not too close to the animal, to take a closer look. And then, please talk about your sighting. There are many great sites on the Internet to report a sighting. Decide if you wish to be contacted or not and then file your report. On Ballyhoo we do not contact those that talk about their sighting. Some of the “other” sites keep records so that the number of sightings is well documented. You can always post your sighting on several sites. The more people that admit they’ve seen one of these rare and wondrous animals, the more common the “talk” will be.

Starting Wednesday, July 6, 2011, I’ll be at the Sutherlin Farmer’s Market. I’ll be there with our bigfoot books and eager to “talk bigfoot” if you want to stop by. Think about a booth of your own. It’s free, as of now. Ask at any of the booths for information. ... Linda Newton-Perry