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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why are so many people interested in bigfoot?

Cliff Barackman of  the TV Show "Finding Bigfoot" said that one of their shows was the most watched Animal Planet production. Wow, that says a lot. Of course, I believe it's a good thing that so many people are thinking and talking about the animal. When I ask people about bigfoot, however, not many will admit that they believe the animal exists. It's the same old thing about why aren't remains of the animal being found. And some don't think the animal is being seen very often.

He is being seen. These people just don't hear about it. They don't know where to look for the information. You can help by telling people about all the information on the Internet: this blog and a host of others.

Keep "talking bigfoot," and do comment. ... LNP

Below: Click on Video Title for Youtube Site

You will find the video quality much better if you click on the Video Title on video. It will take you to youtube. Thank you. LNP

Video from youtube: SasquatchWatcher

Think you are seeing a bear?


Going to be out in the woods/forests over the fourth? If you should see a "bear," look again. It might be that you are reallying seeing a bigfoot. Who knows. Just a thought.

Interesting Video on Bigfoot Field Reporter

Robert W. Kryder explains video of a bigfoot-appearing black shape on top of mountain. Great read. Click link below.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The guys in the office need you to do one thing:

Youtube Video: Bigfoot in Colorado? under taklandrock1

After looking at this video, I ask myself, "Why can't we get bigfoot signs in Oregon?" Does your state have them?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New This Weekend

Weekend Fun on Bigfoot Ballyhoo

Goodness, I see you can't read the red writing on the above illustration. So, here it is:
"Ms. Kathy has invited Ms. Sparkles to join the weekend fun on Bigfoot Ballyhoo."

So, kids, don't forget to spend a little time here. Got a video you'd like to share. Great , because we'd love to see it. Just keep with the clean language and it may appear here on Bigfoot Ballyhoo.

Update on the Two bigfoots killed ...

Setting the matter straight. Read more information by clicking link below.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Interesting Article on Bigfoot Field Reporter, click link below

Two bigfoot bodies? ... Read about it. Click Link.

Video: Bigfoot and Barns

I will post later this afternoon.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Newspaper Column

The small Oregon town that my family has lived in for over 40 years is turning 100 this year. I’m sorry that I will and have (for the newspaper readers) missed the festivities the weekend of June 25th. Ms. Kathy Bigfoot, Bigfoot Ballyhoo’s children’s editor, would have loved to have marched in the parade, thrown sweet kisses and red hot peppermints. But a prior commitment makes (made) it impossible. Sutherlin, please accept Ms. Kathy Bigfoot’s apology for not being able to attend.

I’m writing this column early this week, and still we have not heard any news of the 2011 Sasquatch Symposium. The Symposium was held last weekend, June 17-19. If anyone has news of the event please comment on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. The Internet address is www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com.

Has everyone been enjoying the “Finding Bigfoot” series on Animal Planet, Sunday night? I’m enjoying it very much. But, then, I love anything broadcast on the subject bigfoot. Often, I take a step back and wonder why I’m so interested in the subject. In case you’ve wondered, I’ll explain it again. (It helps to remind myself once in a while, why I have this interest, considering the world’s problems seem to be spiraling out of control.)

Approximately three and a half years ago, my husband and I gave up our small interest in our local paper. Once no longer obligated to be in the office everyday, I felt I wanted to keep my hand in, writing for the paper. At the time, I was mildly interested in the animal, bigfoot. I had written a couple articles about it, and by a few people was known as “the bigfoot lady.” At that time, our local paper and two other local papers were owned by the same individual. So, my column, “A Matter of Time” was published in all three of these papers. I was elated, but it didn’t last. One of the papers was sold and the new owner was just not interested in bigfoot news. Another of the three, the editor not a bigfoot believer, dropped the column;

I believe she still thinks anything bigfoot is nonsense. I began writing a bigfoot blog, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, to acquire information for the newspaper column. Being that I and my husband are writers, we quickly wrote five bigfoot books, four of these for children. There you have it: the whole story and in few words. If you are reading this blog or column, you must be at least a little interested in the subject. Please tell us why. Comment on Bigfoot Ballyhoo or leave your telephone number with this paper, and I’ll call you. Thanks for reading this column and/or Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Linda Newton-Perry

Internet Search

Has anyone news of the  Oregon 2011 Sasquatch Symposium?

(Okay, you can find  information on this event by typing in "2011 Oregon Sasquatch Symposium"  in your browser search tool.)

Do you know?

Does anyone know which end of the Elkton Tunnel that the limping bigfoot was sighted? I don't believe it was made clear. This is  not a new sighting. I just need the additional information. Thank you, LNP

(Dec 17, 2009

She stated that while driving to Portland from North Bend to pick up her daughter and grandson she glimpsed a very large creature cross the road in front of her eastbound car at Brush Creek, near the Elkton Tunnel. ...)

From the above sighting, I assume it was on the Elkton side of the bridge. Would that be correct?

(You can find out more about this sighting by typing in Elkton tunnel, limping bigfoot etc. in the search tool. )

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sharing Beauty



Does anyone have information to share on the 2011 Oregon Sasquatch Symposium? Or can you tell us where to go on the Internet to find that information?

Bothered by a bigfoot? This might help.

Found on Youtube under Yowiehunteres. The name of this video is "Dean Harrison talks infra red and the Yowie." Enjoy and comment.


It's supposed to reach 91 degrees in our part of Oregon today. Today is the first day of summer. I guess the bigfoots in this area will be cooling their feet in some creek. I'll not be out in the country today, and so will not see them. But if you know of a sighting or have had one yourself, we would love to hear about it. Thanks for visiting this site. Do remember, Bigfoot Ballyhoo is all about the comments, your comments!... Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, June 20, 2011

So! ...

Is it possible that we bigfoot believers come across as having a shortage of brains? What do you think?

A Bigfoot Track by redchun on Youtube

Click name of video on screen to take you to Youtube. The video will be larger.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Children's Bigfoot Story

Ward's Farm and the Visit
(Written to be read to children)

by Linda Newton-Perry

Grandpa Bill watched as Willy, five, finished his bowl of homemade white-monkey ice cream. Much of the ice cream covered the front of his blue batman pajama top. He was now sucking noisily on a wet glob of it. He’d caught it just as it threatened to slide off onto Gramp’s bear rug. He sat with his legs straight out and under the glass coffee table. They were bare and he sure didn’t want the sticky ice cream on them. So with tongue dancing he slurped happily and loudly.

“Need some help there fella,” Grandpa Bill laughed. Willy knew his Gramps didn’t require an answer. He continued to suck on batman’s cape where most of the ice cream still was. “Will son, I can get you some more, if that’s what you want.”

He shook his head meaning “no.”

“Well, come on let’s get dressed. We’ve burned enough time for breakfast.”

Willy scrambled his naked legs to upright, overturning the coffee table, ice cream bowl, and big silver spoon. The spoon dangled on the nose of the bear head. Grandfather and grandson laughed until Grandma Bess yelled from the bedroom wanting to know if everything was all right. And why hadn’t they left to fish “already!”

They both hollered back that everything was good and for her to go back to sleep. Just as the coffee table was put back in its place, the big silver spoon put back in the red shiny bowl, a crash-bang came from the front porch. Willy flew to his grandfather and clasped tight with both arms the older man’s knobby kneed legs. They both watched with saucer eyes the porch window. Still more bangs and clatters. Sassy the cat howled, screeched and banged into the aluminum, glass-paneled front door. She wanted to be let in the house.

Willy started for the door. Gramps grabbed his shoulder. A finger must have dug into a nerve, because a sharp pain shot up the boy’s skinny neck and stood his hair straight up. “Stay here, son!”

“What is it? ... Gramps, what is it?” ...Willy whined from behind his grandfather’s legs.

Grandpa Bill’s hairy toed, boney foot took one step toward the door, when a huge hand flattened itself on the upper glass panel. He stepped back nearly trampling Willy. “What in Sam Hill ... Get behind the couch and keep down and be quiet. You hear me?”

Larry, the yard dog, yelped out piteously from behind the tractor. Bang, bang, the side of the house shuddered as the hand evidently hit the house when whatever it was lumbered off the porch. One of Grandma Bess’s decorative plates crashed to the floor.

The big yard light, high on a pole, popped on and illuminated the front yard and front of the big red barn. Grandpa Bill sucked in a deep breath of moist morning air as he stood but ten feet from a bigfoot. The animal did not see him; he looked to be concentrating on catching Larry, now cowering under the tractor.

“Hey, get on out of here!” Grandpa Bill yelled. And the animal did just that. But, not before kicking the side of the tractor, knocking loose a headlamp.

And how Grandma Bess slept through the whole spooky ordeal was a mystery to both grandfather and grandson. This story, bigfoot's visit,  was kept private, between the two, to trot out at every visit they shared until Grandpa Bill died at the age of 99. And then Billy, William Ray Ward, at 33 told their story in a well-received book, entitled “Ward’s Farm: The Visit.”

The End

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kids . . .

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot is in her office until 9 PM Pacific Time. Got a question? Want to comment? Go for it!

Watch Sunday for new kid's bigfoot story by Linda Newton-Perry

Straight to Youtube

Attention: You can view these videos from Youtube directly by clicking on the title of the video. It is larger and often sharper. Thanks. Ms. Kathy Bigfoot

Quest for Bigfoot Youtube video by billyboy 638


Some feel that the dog sniffed bigfoot. What do you think? Great video.

Newspaper Column

The readers of our online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, have already heard about our road trip to the Oregon Caves. But I’ll repeat it here for the readers of the paper. (Bigfoot Ballyhoo’s web address is http://www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com/)

I’ve always wanted to go to the Caves, but just never had the opportunity. So, when all looked good for a short trip, I jumped on it, so to speak. The reason I was drawn to the Caves is, in 2000 a Dr. Matthew Johnson spotted a bigfoot watching his family. He and his family were hiking the Big Tree Trail above the Caves when it happened. The animal was below the family off the trail. Rather than risk encountering the bigfoot by turning around and going back down the trail the family completed the one and a half hour hike. Dr. Johnson never saw the animal again.

 Shaken at the thought of his family in such danger, he reported the sighting to the office at the Caves. He broke down crying as he retold the incident. Johnson did not believe in bigfoot before this encounter. You can read more about the man and what he did by searching the Internet. (Again, this is why we forest users should be told about this animal. Bigfoot evidently is an animal, and could attack as animals will at certain times and conditions. Isn’t it our right to know?)

Now back to my visit to the Caves. I watched. I looked. I searched. I did not see a bigfoot. I should say that “we” searched. I was with my son and our Children’s Editor of Bigfoot Ballyhoo, a made up bigfoot, Ms. Kathy. The sign at the beginning of the trail said it would take from one and a half hours to two and a half hours to complete. We were tired and so decided to walk one half hour in.

One half hour slipped by in no time and the trail was so other-worldly and beautiful (something fantastic to see around every bend) we agreed to continue on until we could see the big tree, anyway. To make a long story short, and it is long, it took us four and a half hours to make the loop. We ran into snow covering the trail. I once fell through a snow bridge over a creek and had to be rescued by my son. (I consider him a true hero.) One point I would like to make is that we saw no signs indicating that this trail was closed. And we did not know to check in with the office before hiking the trail.

We did get a sighting sent into Ballyhoo, last week. It was 1999 and west of Glendale, Oregon. A bigfoot walked into camp late at night, snatched the grill off the barbeque and walked off. I’m out of space, but you can read about it on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry

Ballyhoo Encourages Children to Comment

Photo: photoxpress

Bigfoot Joke

Why do bigfoots have such gigantic nostrils?
Well, just take a gander at their enormous fingers!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Taken at Oregon Caves

Photo by Linda Newton-Perry

Remember weekends on Bigfoot Ballyhoo we have a few things for children. Do you have a story to tell about bigfoot and a child, something they said? Saw? Comment it please. Thank you, LNP

Ballyhoo Found This Video Interesting

Found on Youtube under "Bigfoot Territory Up In Smoke.wmn" and user name SUSANFARNS

ESPO Team's Big Clyde

I'm sorry it was so difficult to find this photo on the search tool, but here it is. To make the photo larger just click on it. I've been assured that this is a real bigfoot. One day we will get to see better photos of it. Thanks for reading Bigfoot Ballyhoo. ... LNP

Dear HP

Thank you for the great comment. I think I will post it. You didn't say if I could post your comment, so I didn't. Much success to all of you. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Could this be a bigfoot?


This video found on Youtube under "Bigfoot Video exposed" and the user name mattelius. The being looks as if it is holding in its hand a plant or something. Ballyhoo finds the video very intriguing. Enjoy.

Dear ESP Team:

It is difficult for my readers to find the photo of Big Clyde with the search tool on this site. Would you mind if I posted it? I've put it up twice for a few minutes and then took it down. I do not wish to make the Team angry. Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sighting! Sighting!

Sheryl Amen. has left a new comment on your post "Let's "Talk Bigfoot"":

Id like to relay a Bigfoot sighting to the readers of Ballyhoo. This sighting occurred in 1999 near Glendale,Oregon on the night of August 24th. My family and friends from college had all went camping west of Glendale for a weekend of church meeting activities. After a day of meeting with old friends we all set up the barbecue for hamburgers and corn on the cob.

After dinner we decided to sit outside the tents because of the heat. Around 10 pm we heard something on the hillside make a knocking like sound. The knocking sounds repeated every few minutes seemingly from different areas around the camp. We all thought "woodpecker" of course. At 1 am we were awakened by a loud noise in the camp. Several in the group got up to see what was happening outside.

When they emerged from the tents a foul smell filled the air and became very pronounced. Several in my group sighted a very large manlike animal walking off with only the cooking grill part of the barbecue from the now cold barbecue outfit. They all watched with flashlights as this thing walked off on 2 legs covered with blackish brown hair all over it.

Several guys shouted at the thing as it disappeared into the forest. After a moment  all was again quiet. The odor of this animal was such that it made some sick to their stomachs. We contacted the local camp host and the men explained what they had encountered. To their surprise the host had had other reports a week earlier on the same thing.

In that case the animal had made off with a loaf of bread and a bag of apples. The host told the men that this animal had been seen inside and around the campground since June. The host had called the local law agency and each time the police came by the animal was never around. The host called the animal a Sasquatch.

 I was never a person to believe in Sasquatch or Bigfoot until I read more information in books about them. I still think of that night and believe Bigfoot was the animal that visited our camp.


Thank you for this great comment. ... LNP

Let's "Talk Bigfoot"

illustration effect by beFunky

Have a sighting to tell? Know of a sighting? Have you had an interesting conversation about bigfoot lately?  Ballyhoo would love to hear about it.

The last two people I gave my bigfoot business card to, didn't roll their eyes (thinking I was insane) quite so severely. But there was on each of the faces a silly little smile that told me that they thought they were way too smart to believe in bigfoot.

Okay! Okay! Isn't it going to be great when bigfoot looms TRUE? I can hardly wait. ... LNP

Dear VC,

Thank you for your comment. I can not post it. It would for a certainty start a new firestorm of crazy comments regarding the Emery Team photos (those in western hats). We at Bigfoot Ballyhoo know the photos appearing on this site are of the ESP Team.  We wish to have nothing to do with those ... Well, I'll say no more. Let's talk bigfoot and leave the infighting to those that enjoy that sort of thing. ... LNP

Kid films Bigfoot in woods of Northern Illinois Youtube by Team Yin


Could be real. What do you think?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dear Mr. Emery of the ESPO Team,

If you are still reading this blog, can you please tell me about the shadowy photo of Big Clyde in front of the huge stump.  It is my understanding that this is one of the photos from your camera on the morning of Aug. 8, 2010. I understand, as well, that it has not been tampered with. Is that right?

If you do not feel you want to comment yourself, perhaps someone else will for you. (I do hope you will start commenting again.) You can be assured if you comment and tell me not to post the comment, I will not.

Thank you,
Linda Newton-Perry

We did get an answer. I can not tell you from whom. But readers, you can be certain the shadowy photo of Big Clyde in front of the huge stump is a photo, such as it is, of a real  bigfoot. Eventually the better photos will be available. We will just have to be patient. Thank you so much for answering my question.

If you haven't seen the photo of Big Clyde, type in Big Clyde in the search tool for Bigfoot Ballyhoo. ... LNP

Patterson/Gimlin Film Location, found on Youtube under mattpruittonline

On July 7, 2011, I and my group almost drove down to this area when we were leaving the Oregon Caves. I knew it would look different and to be blunt I had had enough of looking for bigfoot. If you will remember we took the Big Tree Loop Trail at the Caves. We found out after we finished the hike that the trail was closed. It took us 4 and a half hours to finish it. I almost fell though a snow bridge into a rushing creek. As I was saying, on July 7th  I was tired of looking for bigfoot. It is my belief that you will see a bigfoot only by accident ( for lack of a better word). ... LNP

Dear Debbie:

Please let me know how it all works out. As you know from reading Ballyhoo that we have suffered greatly from .... Well, you know. Thanks for your comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And why not bigfoot?

Photo: photoxpress

If this guy exists, why not bigfoot?

Columbus Day Bigfoot

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Don't Forget ....

Watch Animal Planet's

"Finding Bigfoot" tonight.

Kids Having Fun with Bigfoot

Kids, if you wish for your bigfoot fun videos to be posted here on Bigfoot Ballyhoo, we insist that there be NO SWEAR WORDS. PLEASE KEEP THEM CLEAN. ... Thanks, Ms. Kathy Bigfoot

Big Tree at Oregon Caves

You can see on the ground at the base of the tree to the right, snow. The snow was not too bad on our way down the trail until we got to the stream. We just don't know how we missed that the trail was closed.  Please ask if you are headed for the Oregon Caves, the trail was dangerous last Monday, June 6, 2011.

Sru Lake, Oregon

The green X is close to Sru Lake. Use the search tool. Type in Sru Lake and you will see photos of Sru. Sru Lake was called Squaw Lake before Sru. At one time on youtube there was a video of a scout group camping, but I didn't find it today.  (Larry Smith's photos are great of Sru.) Thank you for your comment. ... LNP

Bill Emery's Country, Bigfoot Country, Near Powers Oregon

Found on Youtube under plogankelly: Coquille River Falls, Siskiyou National Forest.

"The 1/2 mile trail is an easy walk down hill, however climbing back out will tend to warm you up. The falls are located about 30 miles south of Powers Oregon. Travel south on Forest Service Road 33 to Forest Service Road 3348. Travel about 1.6 miles to the trail head." (This information taken from the Youtube info.)


This trail reminds me of the Big Tree Loop Trail at the Oregon Caves. ... LNP

Last Laugh!

Photo: photoxpress

I have a couple of readers that insist that the ESP Team  does not exist. I do not post their comments because it is insulting to this blog. This team is real. They  photographed a bigfoot. They observed a bigfoot. One day the information will be available, somewhere. And then, WE WILL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH!

If you know anything about the men on the team, please share with us. We will not post anything that is private. Any interesting information will be appreciated. Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Guest Editor-Blogger

Laurie has left a new comment on your post "ESP Team's Anniversary":

I waited on Bill Emery at Safeway last week. He was buying several cases of canned food. I told him I was a reader of ballyhoo and he smiled and said "I'm glad people read that site."

He looks a little older in person compared to the above photo. The first picture you had of him is much more like he looks now. He told me he's getting ready to head off on a hiking trip. I told him I have been following bigfoot for 4 years and have seen his picture online. Seems like a real nice guy to me.

Thank you for your comment. ... LNP

ESP Team's Anniversary

photo effects by beFunky

Another Anniversary!

June 8th it was 10 months since the ESP  Team  (now ESPO Team) photographed and observed a bigfoot in southwest Oregon. The people that have seen a photo of Big Clyde say it is great. And now we wait. If you have news, please let us know. The news, of course, would be when will we, the public, get to see the photos. Just added this so you, the readers, wouldn't think I forgot. I did mention it in the last newspaper column. ... LNP

Weekends we have a few things for kids.

Illustration by photoxpress

Kids, enjoy the site and comment.

Fun Video

Found on Youtube under phxgeigers2 and the title "Sasquatch (Movie Trailer)

No column this week.

Last week I sent the wrong article to the paper, so this week last week's will be published. Last week's column was successfully published here on Ballyhoo. Please comment. This blog is "all about" the comments. Thank you so much for reading this site. ... LNP

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot's Visit to the Oregon Caves

(photo effect by befunky)
Ms. Kathy: Her Adventure at the Oregon Caves

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot will now tell you her side of the “Adventure at Oregon Caves.” Where was she when Linda almost fell into oblivion as she broke through the ice bridge over a swift flowing stream? How did she manage to overnight in the Perry’s room without being discovered?

It was a beautiful day, to me that is. (Linda Newton-Perry and her son, Robert Perry, both complained that it could have been a little warmer, a little sunnier.) The drive to the Oregon Caves was uneventful, except that I was crammed into the backseat of the gas efficient rental car. It was politely explained that since I could neither drive nor read the directions on the roadmap that the backseat was the ideal spot for me.

The drive seemed to take no time at all. We took the freeway south and cut across at Grants Pass to Cave Junction and then made our way up the mountain road to the Oregon Caves. Robert Perry drove and did a fine job of it, I might say. We argued only once when I required a stop to “make water.” It was either stop the car or the backseat would be flooded. And then, of course, the rental agency would charge for a thorough cleaning of the car.

(If you are wondering how I hid the fact that I’m a bigfoot, well, I wore a sweatshirt with a hood and covered my pretty chestnut locks with it whenever it was necessary. I did this on the whole trip.)

We arrived too early to check into our room. So off we went on our hike. We breezed up the steps and smartly took the trail named Big Tree Loop Trail. I at once, enjoying the smells and sounds of my mother environment, fell behind to take it all in. Linda reminded me to put the hood up if we should meet hikers. I nodded in her direction as I stepped onto a patch of spongy moss (ah, pure heaven to my big ole bare feet).

It was agreed that we would hike the trail for one half hour, since the sign at the begining of the trail said it would take at least one and a half hours. But when the half hour limit arrived, we all decided to hike on. The trail, we three agreed, was so enjoyable and we were not a bit tired. I fell farther and farther behind, finally I lost sight of mother and son as they hiked ahead.

The only reason that I came on this road trip is that a Dr. Matthew Johnson, July 1, 2000, observed a bigfoot on this trail that we were now on. I was just warm and fuzzy content to be in the same area as one of my own kind had been. And I was giddy with excitement, (well, my nose would not stop quivering), at the mere thought of catching a whiff of a fellow bigfoot, not to mention the possibility of actually seeing one. Oh, my senses were on a knife’s edge.

We were now so high up the mountain that snow covered the trail for twenty-thirty feet at a span. I several times heard whoops and shouts from the Perry’s, but thought they were just having a grand time. When we talked after the hike, I told them that I too thought we would never reach the Big Tree, never start our decent. (The hike took us four and a half hours!)

Finally, the big tree loomed in front of me. We took several photos and hiked on. At last we started down the mountain. I again hung back to enjoy the quiet of the trail. I enjoy my friends, the Perry’s, but in the wild I prefer no human voices.

So, in short, I missed the drama of Linda almost falling through the snow into the rushing stream. When I arrived at the troublesome spot, I simply took a running leap and cleared it, without thinking about the danger. Indeed, it was no danger to me. I could see that the mushy snow was bridging the stream and if I walked across it, I would fall in.

After we found out that the Big Tree Trail was closed to the public and we shouldn’t have been hiking it, we spent our evening wondering how in the world we escaped knowing this. There was not one sign to tell us, that we could see. All three of us were hot with anger.

I regret that I did not keep up with the Perry’s on the trail. I could, of course, have been of help to my friends. But, Robert Perry proved a level-headed thinker and to his mother he is a genuine hero! And about this we spoke much, as well.

The End

(Ms. Kathy Bigfoot is not real. She is a made up bigfoot. This type of story is called fiction.)

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot at the Oregon Caves

Here you see Ms. Kathy Bigfoot at the Oregon Caves. In an hour or so, her experience will be posted here of her Big Tree Trail hike.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot at the Oregon Caves

Weekends have things of interest to children on Bigfoot Ballyhoo.

Tomorrow you can read about Ms. Kathy Bigfoot and her adventure at the Oregon Caves. Where was she when Linda Newton-Perry almost plunged through the snow bridge spanning a rushing creek? How did she keep everyone  from knowing that she was a bigfoot? It will all be explained. Come back tomorrow.

Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

Searching the Internet for bigfoot has brought me across sites that claim they have proof this site has used the ESPO story for hoaxing. In every case not one shred of evidence is there or forthcoming on their ridiculous claims.

It is as plain as it can be that those sites are looking for readership not bigfoot. My hat is off to this blog for not bending to the conspiracy nuts. Bigfoot is the real story not self appointed detectives, bigfoot sleuths, and TV stars.

Thanks Linda for not falling to the level of some people who think tossing out claims of wrong doing is the right way of life only to further their own interest.

You are very welcome! ... LNP

Bigfoot Ballyhoo is all about

Illustration by photoxpress


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Guest Editor-Blogger

J Olsen (Retired USFS.) has left a new comment on your post "On Big Tree Trail at the Oregon Caves":

Was Dr. Johnson ridiculed by the Internet like most of the people who see Bigfoot? Yes. It seems so many people are trying to discredit people that come forward with a sighting. These very people claim to believe in Bigfoot but still find problems with virtually every sighting.

The fact that people view events differently when looking at a unknown being/animal doesn't make them any less credible. The forest service suspects these creatures exist but still refuse to mark trails and inform people that Bigfoot has been seen in a area because of upper management inside the agency.

 I believe many Bigfoot sites actively play down these sightings because they want to cash in on the Bigfoot mystery themselves. When I was with USFS we never promoted reporting a sighting to any Bigfoot organizations because we knew the outcome of such a report.

 A case in point was in 2007 near Indian Mary Park in Oregon. A group of hikers reported a Bigfoot following them for over a mile on a trail. When the Bigfoot organizations got hold of the report they claimed it was a complete hoax. Then someone came forward with excellent physical evidence that supported the groups claim.

This is a primary reason Bigfoot is not reported to these people. The trust is broken and word spreads that the investigator cannot be trusted. So it's a losing situation to not check out the organization before you file a sighting with them. Remember many are looking for TV time and noted fame from someones terrifying experience with Sasquatch.


Thank you for your comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

One of the trails at Oregon Caves

Found on Youtube by tmthymllgn: Oregon Caves National Monument

On Big Tree Trail at the Oregon Caves

Here I am at the Oregon Caves, on the Big Tree Trail. This is the trail that Dr. Mathew Johnson observed bigfoot, 2000. We ran into some difficulty. The trail was closed and we did not know it. There were no signs that we could easily read telling us this. We were newcomers to the area and didn't know and were not told at the check in desk to ask about the trails. I fell several times due to snow. The last time I fell was through the snow over a snow bridge spanning a rushing creek. I lost my shoe. My son was a real hero in rescuing me and my shoe.

We had a wonderful time, looking for bigfoot. We did hear what could have been the animal. I smelled a musky odor for a time, but we did not see anything. A great place to go. Spend the night, hike the trails, take the cave tour, dine, but do ask about the condition of the trails. There are shorter trails to enjoy. The snow should be melted soon and the longer, Big Tree Trail, opened.
We took this trip with Ms. Kathy Bigfoot and will let her tell about her trip this weekend.
... Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dr. Johnson and his sighting at the Oregon Caves

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Bigfooting at the Oregon Caves

Oregon Caves

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot wished to spend time on the Big Tree Trail at the Oregon Caves. She was watching for the bigfoot that Dr. Johnson saw in 2000. She and her group did not see the animal, but they had a wonderful time. More will be said about the "hike" later.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Road Trip

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot will be on a road trip and we at Bigfoot Ballyhoo will tag along. She will be searching for bigfoot tracks and will share her adventure when she gets back. She should be back by late Weds. or Thurs. of this week. Do comment.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

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Remember, the weekends  have things of interest for children on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Have children? Have a comment children may enjoy? Does your child wish to comment?  Keep "talking bigfoot" comment!

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Sasquatch (School Film Project)

Weekends: Things of Interest to Kids

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot got a chuckle out of this video. Maybe you will too. The video is on Youtube under JSUCocks14.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot

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Ms. Kathy Bigfoot is still working on her project. She's thinking about a road trip and we are invited to go along. She'll tell you more about it later, if it happens at all.

Guest Editor-Blogger

Guest Editor-Blogger: Marcy

The Seminole Nation has been dealing with Skunk Apes for centuries. The creatures they describe are not gorillas. And their descriptions go back before the Civil War.

Here in Georgia, the Cherokee Nation described the same creature centuries ago. It grieves me that so many people steadfastly refuse to acknowledge the oldest sources of information.

Bigfoot Column

New Bigfoot Sighting

The following sighting was sent to Bigfoot Ballyhoo on June 2, 2011:

“Holiday Weekend: Sasquatch seen near Steamboat: For the second time in a month, a couple camping near Steamboat reported seeing an upright, hair covered being walking near the Twenty Two Camp on Oregon 138. The couple reported the sighting to the manager of the campground and then to local National Forest officials. The being was said to be over 9 ft in height and several hundred lbs in weight. Some men fishing near that area reported the same type being three weeks ago. The men were fishing the North Umpqua in the earlier sighting, in the same general area.”

When I speak to ones about bigfoot, I often get the response, more or less, “I just don’t hear of many sightings anymore. I thought the subject was dead.” The subject is not dead! Sightings are coming in all the time on Ballyhoo and the numerous bigfoot sites on the Internet. These sightings are recent and past. There are several men and women who video their outings into the forest and put them on Youtube for bigfoot enthusiasts to enjoy. And “Finding Bigfoot” is a new show airing on Sunday night (Animal Planet). So, evidently, interest in bigfoot is alive and thriving.

If you are reading this column, you are at least mildly interested in bigfoot. Lately when handing out my bigfoot business card, I’ve been saying, “I don’t know if you believe in bigfoot or not.” I pause while they look at the card and then add, “It doesn’t matter, because if the animal exists, it exists! That’s all there is to it.” And I walk away, unless they wish to talk. I’m always ready to “talk bigfoot.”

Again, readers, I would like to remind everyone that on June 8th it will be ten months since the ESP Team (now ESPO Team) photographed and observed bigfoot in southwest Oregon. If anyone has information that they can share with us about the team’s activity, please let us know. In August, 2010, Bigfoot Ballyhoo had the privilege of communicating by comments on the site with the team as they searched for bigfoot. You can use Ballyhoo’s search tool and read about the exciting adventure, (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com).

Linda Newton-Perry, along with her husband Christopher Perry, is the author of several bigfoot fiction children’s books and a Viking Age Novel, “Forced Blood The Norseman.” The books can be ordered from the bigfoot online magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Feel free to talk bigfoot on Ballyhoo or write a letter to the editor of this paper.

Friday, June 3, 2011

New Sighting

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "More Photos From Bigfooting for Prints May 31, 201...":

Holiday Weekend: Sasquatch seen near Steamboat: For the second time in a month a couple camping near Steamboat reported seeing a upright hair covered being walking near the Twenty Two Camp on Oregon 138.

The couple reported the sighting to the manager of the campground and then to local National Forest officials. The being is said to be over 9 ft in height and several hundred lbs in weight. Some men fishing near that area reported the same type being three weeks ago. The men were fishing the North Umpqua in the earlier sighting in the same general area and reported the same type features that the couple described.
Thank you for the sighting. ... LNP

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More Photos From Bigfooting for Prints May 31, 2011

Another animal print (two top) while out bigfooting (searching for prints) below. Something had slipped and slided down the  bank of the road.  Not saying it was a bigfoot, but it could have been. ... Comment!